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The Information Guidance for Scra Auto Lease Letter Ut Ngb Army

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Instructions regardingScra Auto Lease Letter Ut Ngb Army

what's up guys welcome back in today's.video we're gonna go over the.Servicemembers Civil Relief Act this is.the most important legal protection.guaranteed to members of our armed.forces while they serve today we're.going to talk about the most important.provisions of this act and if any of.these apply to you you absolutely should.exert your rights so that you can focus.on your job of defending the nation okay.guys before we go any further I do need.to say that I am active-duty Air Force.but I am NOT a Jag I am NOT a lawyer I.have never been to law school all that.I've done is done some research online.and I'm just repackaging it for you so.if you do have any specific concerns or.issues or questions you can leave a.comment down below I'll try and help but.otherwise you need to speak to a legal.professional ok the Civil Service Relief.Act was passed in 2003 however it was.basically just a revision of the.soldiers and sailors Civil Relief Act.which was passed in 1940 this law or the.intent of this law has actually been.around since the Civil War during all of.our Wars until the modern times it was.always a difficulty paying soldiers and.then while they were overseas fighting.for those soldiers to then pay their.bills their their mortgage so Congress.has always passed laws to help service.members while fighting in a war meet.their financial obligations or protect.them at least while there while they're.overseas so this this law was revamped.in 2003 and they've added a lot of great.new stuff and we're gonna go through.some of those today and once again the.purpose of this law is military service.may make it difficult to meet financial.obligations so legal protections are.guaranteed by the government who gets.the SCRA protections it's all active.duty service members of every branch.upon entering and up to 1 year after.leaving service however it does not.cover retirees or those on state orders.so if you're in the National Guard or.the reserves when you're activated and.you're.federal orders SCRA protections are.enacted however if you're not on orders.or you're on state orders then you're.gonna have to check with your state to.see if they have an equivalence for.their state laws okay I just want to.start with the most important one in.case you click out of this video but the.the number one benefits in my eyes is.that all debts is reduced to six percent.this is all debt accumulated prior to.entering service and it applies to auto.loans mortgages student loans and credit.cards but it is important to know that.it does not cover any debt that you.accumulate after joining this is only.pre joining debts which is very.important so you must be responsible.once you're in and it must you must.request this you have to opt in credit.card companies banks car lenders they're.not going to tell you about the service.members Civil Relief Act they all know.about it but you have to verbally or in.writing say I'm requesting these.benefits and I want my interest rates.reduced to 6% and they must comply it is.federal law what kind of savings does.that get you though let's let's do a.quick example let's say you you did some.undergraduate but didn't complete it and.then you wanted to serve in the military.let's say you accumulated twenty.thousand dollars worth of student loans.at nine percent and you wanted to repay.that during your four years you would.have to pay 497 a month and the total.interest you'd be paying to your private.lender the bank or whoever would be.about thirty eight hundred dollars.however if you just reduce that to six.percent instead of nine and wanting to.repay it in four years monthly payment.of four sixty nine you only pay an.interest twenty-five hundred dollars.that's the savings of one one thousand.three hundred and forty four dollars.that's that's that's a lot it's it's.significant over a four year period for.someone who's just joined the military.however what if you have credit card.debt and it's at eighteen percent and.you can reduce.two-six the average American has a.credit card balance of around fifty.seven hundred dollars and if it's.accumulating an 18 percent APR you'd.have to pay 167 a month to pay that off.for a total interest of $2,300 but if.you can reduce that to six percent 133 a.month total interest only seven hundred.and twenty five dollars that's a savings.of $1600 so when you look at the APR of.eighteen percent you're saving 1,600 on.fifty seven hundred worth of credit card.debt versus versus nine percent at.twenty thousand it's a it's less savings.but still very significant so reducing.all debt to six percent is an amazing.benefit the next one is your landlord.cannot evict you the the rule for this.is unless your rent is over thirty eight.hundred a month however that that dollar.amount fluctuates year-to-year so.definitely check online but a landlord.cannot evict you without a court order.and whenever they go to the courts they.then have to say yes this person's.active duty and the court is probably.gonna say well we're going we're going.to need to contact this person and then.figure out why they can't pay their bill.are they deployed are the overseas has.something unexpected happened sometimes.people in the military don't get their.paychecks on time it happened happened.to me so you must get a court order.which is difficult to do and your.landlord cannot change the locks on you.or throw away your property and for all.of these provisions anyone who violates.federal law is subject to criminal.charges a bank cannot foreclose on you.they once again they must get a court.order and they can't change locks throw.away any property criminal charges if.violated if you got a VA home loan you.should definitely contact the VA home.loan line to see what kind of.protections or assistance you can get if.you're having difficulty paying your.mortgage if you have belongings in a.storage locker it.not be sold or thrown away without a.court order if you are relocating to an.area without cell phone coverage for.longer than 90 days you can get out of.any cell phone contract this is a this.is actually what happened to me I had.t-mobile and then I moved to North.Dakota and there's no t-mobile coverage.up here so I was able to get out of my.cell phone contract there's no fines or.penalties they just have to release you.they also can free service until you.return if you're going overseas for.deployment or you're going TDY.to a tech school or some kind of a.temporary assignments you can talk to.the phone company and they can just.pause your payment's until you get back.your your telephone number is also.protected you can call your company and.say hey I'm going overseas to serve and.you can be guaranteed that phone number.when you get back all you have to do is.provide a copy of your orders you can.end a vehicle lease if you're deployed.for 180 days or more or you get pcs.orders outside the continental United.States for example if you were to be.stationed in Hawaii or Guam then you can.get out of the vehicle lease you can.also end the housing or apartment lease.this is once again something that I did.when I was stationed in California and.then got orders to North Dakota when I.signed my leases I always try and sign.it for as long as possible for the.lowest rates because I know that as soon.as I get pcs orders they have to let me.out there's no penalty or fine for.breaking your lease agreements if the.military is giving you orders to move.your credit report is protected so any.late payments that you have or any kind.of debts that goes into arbitration.credit car credit companies or banks.can't report this to the credit.reporting agencies so your credit is.actually protected while you serve I've.seen youtube videos and I've seen people.talk about how they got a bunch of.credit cards and then their credit was.destroyed.once again anything any debt that you.accumulate before you go in is protected.however after you join you then have to.be responsible so as far as win this.applies definitely check with a lawyer.if you think that something is.inaccurate or incomplete and you'd like.it removed from your credit history the.Fair Credit Reporting Act also assists.you in this department.you can postpone court proceedings while.serving and you might be entitled to.reopen cases if you if a case closed.while you were serving and then you've.returned to either your home state or.you returned from serving overseas you.can still be taken to court for civil.proceedings like divorce and child.support however you can request a delay.of proceedings - up to 90 days to.accommodate making an appearance and.I've gotten this question before but you.still have to do jury duty being in the.military does not get you out of jury.duty if you don't have a valid reason to.do it while you're serving at a.particular station another benefit is.state tax relief orders to a different.state will not change you or your.spouse's domicile or state of legal.residence meaning that if you're from.for example Texas which doesn't have.state income tax and you get orders to.California which is state income tax a.13.3 it doesn't matter if you have a.house and you're legally residing in.California you can still claim residency.in the state of your choice or your home.state to get that state income tax rate.if you'd like this is a very good.benefit that most people I think know.about but they don't know that it's.covered under the the civil service.members Civil Relief Act however and.this is a big one it does not cover non.military earnings so if you get a.part-time job while stationed in.California at a local restaurant for.example on the weekends.any income that you earned in that state.while living in that states should be.applied to that States income tax rates.real quick I want to mention two other.important pieces of legislation USERRA.uniformed services employment and.reemployment act this mostly applies to.Guard and reservists to help them deal.with problems and stress involved in.switching between civilian jobs and.military service once again I'm active.duty so I'm not very familiar with this.talked to a guard or reservist to learn.more about that and then there's.something called the military Lending.Act which is very new and this was.passed in 2006 and amended in 2013 and.the military Lending Act protects.servicemembers from basically the most.egregious and predatory loans that you.can get out there financial abuses is.the language but it covers payday loans.vehicle title loans tax refund loans.when you look at the equivalent APR of.those kinds of loans I mean it's like.two hundred or even two thousand percent.sometimes so if you invoke the military.Lending Act and you for some reason.we're doing payday loans dealers must.calculate a separate APR for.servicemembers and you'll get a better.deal although you still shouldn't ever.be doing tax refund loans or payday.loans or vehicle title loans but it's.it's just something that you should know.exists and it's to your benefit and I'm.going to end this video by saying that.go talk to a Jag go talk to your base.legal office most base legal offices.have walk-in hours for free legal.consultation about anything going on in.your life their job they're there to.protect you from financial and legal.complications they want to see you they.want to help you now as opposed to you.know it's spiraling out of control and.being a much bigger problem potentially.in the future and I do want to say that.you know if you're experiencing.financial difficulty or finance.trouble or it's one team one fight we're.all in this together and your government.and especially your branch and and the.DoD in general they they want to protect.you they want to help you they want to.make sure that you can meet your.financial obligations support your.family and then succeed in your job to.the benefit of the nation so that's.that's really important to know that.Congress has passed all these legal.protections in order for you to be able.to focus on your job and as far as.invoking these protections do it there's.no reason not to and it's it's always to.your benefit okay guys if you found this.video useful at all please consider.giving it a thumbs up so other people.can find it in addition if you have any.comments or questions or maybe even.stories definitely leave a comment down.below and if I if I can help you I'll.try and give you some useful information.in addition check out my channel.consider subscribing I post weekly about.military and Finance topics and yeah.until next time see you then.[Music].

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