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The Instruction of Finishing Instructions For Form I 130 on the Internet

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youtube video

Instructions For Form I 130 Request Guide

[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].hi everyone my name is Abhishek reek and.welcome to immigration vision I am an.immigration attorney based in New Jersey.and today I'm going to be talking about.filling out form i-130 petition for.alien relative this is the form you.would submit if you the petitioner are.either a US citizen or a u.s. permanent.resident and you have a qualifying.relationship with an alien relative so.first part here is for USCIS use only so.we can go ahead and skip that and move.on to the second part this would be.completed if you have an attorney or.accredited representative so if you do.the attorney would be required to submit.a form g28 so you would click this box.and enter their information here if you.do not have an attorney you can skip.this part and move on to part one part.one relationship so in this case you the.u.s. resident are the petitioner and.your relative is the beneficiary so in.this case let's see what the qualifying.relationship would be number one I am.filing this petition for my spouse.parent brother sister child so for the.purposes of this example we're going to.assume that our petitioner is filing for.their spouse number two if you're filing.this petition for your child or parent.select the box that describes your.relationship since we're applying for a.spouse here none of these would apply so.we can go ahead and skip this if you are.applying for a child or a parent you.would have to select one of.these boxes number three if the.beneficiary is your brother sister are.you related by adoption since this does.not apply to our case here since our.petitioner is applying for his spouse we.would skip number three number four did.you gain permanent resident status or.citizenship through adoption so you.would have to select yes or no in this.case our petitioner did not so we're.going to hit no Part two information.about you the petitioner again that's.the US citizen or US permanent resident.filling this form out number one.alien registration number a number your.alien number can be found on the front.of your green card if you're a US.citizen who has been naturalized into.the u.s. the alien number would be at.the top right hand of your certificate.if you were born in the US and are a.natural-born citizen you can disregard.this part as you would not have an alien.number number to USCIS online account.number sometimes people prefer to fill.their forms out and submit them online.so if you do have a USCIS account number.you can fill it out here otherwise you.can leave a blank number three u.s..social security number if you are a u.s..permanent resident or US citizen you.would have a social security number.which you can enter here so for the.purpose of this example our petitioners.name is Ravi Patel so when I'm typing in.the island xxx form I prefer to use all.caps so we'll enter the last name.and then the first name if our.petitioner had a middle name we would.enter it here but in this case he does.not so we leave it blank moving on to.page two here this page also continues.with information about you the.petitioner in this box five a through.five see if you've ever had any other.names including maiden names nicknames.and aliases you would enter it here our.petitioner has never used any other name.so he would leave a blank other.information number six this is where you.would enter the petitioners date of.birth place of birth and gender so we.will say that our petitioner was born in.New York in the USA and for purposes of.this example the petitioners date of.birth is January 1st 1990 and he is a.male mailing address this is where he.would enter the address that you want.all of your documents mailed to this can.be different than your physical address.so for example if you would like all the.notices and all of the physical cards.mailed to a different address than the.physical address then you would go ahead.and enter that address here so in ten.eight and care of we will enter the name.of the petitioner and then the address.we want all of the mail being sent to so.we will just put a mere address here 100.West 89th Street.apartment 20 B the city will be New York.the Steep will also be New York and the.zip code will be 1 0 0 0 2 XI the.province would not die since this is a.u.s. address and neither would the.postal code these are for foreign.addresses only and the country is USA in.11 you would indicate whether your.mailing address is the same as your.current physical address so here it is.yes but if it was no you would enter.your physical address in 12a through 13.B now moving on to the the petitioners.physical address history so before the.petitioner moved to his current address.he used to previously live in New Jersey.so we'll just go ahead and enter that.address.okay so I just entered a sample in.Jersey City address I'm not even sure if.this is the zip code but this is just to.show you how you would enter in your.address history and so USCIS wants your.physical address history for the last.five years so the petitioner moved to.this address on January 1st 2013 and he.lived there till December 31st 2018 and.he's been at the current New York.address from January 1st 2019 onwards.okay your marital information number 16.how many times has the petitioner been.married so for this example one current.marital status so since he's applying.for a spouse he's obviously currently.married if you were divorced widowed.separate annulled and single it would be.applicable if you were applying for your.siblings children or your parents and.you would indicate accordingly.date of current marriage so for the.purposes of example will have their date.of marriage be January 1st 2020 where.did they get married.so mr. patel's spouse lives abroad so we.would show that he travels to get.married to a spouse and then returned.back to the u.s. to file for him I 134 a.consular process so we can show that he.got married in Mumbai Maharashtra in.India here the state wouldn't apply.because the drop down menu is for us.deeds only so if your marriage took.place in the United States.you wouldn't enter a province but simply.a state here name of all of your.spouse's so this information is a.continuation of your marital history.provide information all your current.spouse if currently married first and.then list all your prior spouses this is.at this example the name of mr. Patel.spouse is Pooja Patel so we'll go ahead.and enter her last name her first theme.and again she has no middle name but if.your spouse does you would enter it here.since pooja and Rebbie are currently.married.number 21 would not apply date that the.marriage ended since this is a current.marriage if your petitioner had a.previous spouse you would enter that.information here and indicate the date.that the marriage ended moving on.information about your parents parent.one's information full name of parent.one here you're entering the information.about the petitioners mother and father.so go ahead and enter the last name till.and the father's first name again person.does not have a middle name date of.birth January 1st 1955 he is a male.country of birth in two.and he currently resides in New Jersey.so we'll put the city and the country of.residence which is us a parent choose.information here in 30 a you would.indicate the second parents information.so in this case it would be mr. patel's.mother's information so again no middle.name for her date of birth her gender.country her first and where she.currently lives now additional.information about you the petitioner.number 36 I am a US citizen or if you're.a lawful permanent resident you would.indicate that in this box if you're a US.citizen complete item 37 my citizenship.was acquired through select only one box.so mr. Patel was born in the United.States however if Ravi was naturalized.he would have to complete the following.items number 38 have you obtained a.certificate of naturalization or a.certificate of natural disease of.citizenship here the answer would be no.if mr. Patel was naturalized you would.indicate the certificate number which.again can be found on the top right hand.corner of your naturalization.certificate place of each issuance and.the date of issuance which are all.available on the certificate itself.if you are not a citizen in a lawful.permanent resident you would skip this.entire section and answer questions.48 onwards so if you are a lawful.permanent resident please complete items.40 a 241.so in 40 a you would indicate your class.of admission which would be indicated on.the front of your green card date of.admission which would be indicated on.the green card as well place of.admission so where did you first enter.the US as a green card holder and the.state 41 did you gain lawful permanent.resident status through marriage to a US.citizen or a lawful permanent resident.you would indicate yes or no employment.history provide your employment history.for the last five years whether inside.or outside the United States provide.your current employment first if you are.currently unemployed please type or.print unemployed an item number 42 so.for this example we'll say that mr..Patel works for my firm so the employer.is law office again the province in the.postal code would not apply here since.this is a u.s. address and mr. Patel is.a paralegal.and he started working here January 1st.2015.since this includes his five year.employment history.you can skip over employer to.information however if the petitioner.has two jobs at once or had previous.employment in the last five years you.would indicate it here if all of your.employment history does not fit within.the given area you can always go down to.the last page of the form in additional.information and indicate the page number.part number item number and list out the.history here whether it's your address.history or employment history so we'll.just go back here so we left off at part.three biographic information nope.provide the biographic information about.you the petitioner so again this is.still about mr. Patel.number one ethnicity select only one box.Hispanic or Latino not Hispanic or.Latino so please indicate accordingly.race select all applicable boxes so here.mr. Patel is from an Asian descent.height is six feet and he weighs 200.pounds I color select only one box hair.color select only one box part for.information about beneficiary so from.this point onwards all of the.information that you provide on this.form will be about the foreign alien.that.are applying for so in this case mr..Patel will fill the information out for.his spouse since his spouse pooja lives.in India she does not have an alien.registration number.USCIS account number nor does she have a.u.s. social security number because she.has never been to the US herein.beneficiaries full name go ahead and.enter the name of the person you are.applying for.in this next field provide all other.names the beneficiary has ever used.including aliases maiden name and.nicknames so here you would enter all.the names of beneficiary has had here.pooja has only used one name her entire.life so we would go ahead and leave this.blank other information about the.beneficiary so here you would enter the.beneficiary's place of birth date of.birth and gender so she was born in.Mumbai in India and her date of birth is.January 1st 1991 and she is a female.number 10 has anyone else ever filed a.petition for this beneficiary so here.has anyone applied a form i-130 or it.could be a form I won 40 for the.beneficiary so you would indicate yes/no.or unknown here is the note select.unknown only if you do not know and the.beneficiary also does not know if anyone.else has filed a petition for the.beneficiary so make sure you ask the.beneficiary if they know of any filed.petitions.the past for the case of our example no.one has filed a petition for the.beneficiary if the beneficiary lives.outside the United States and a home.without a street number or name leave.items 11 a and 11 be blank so the.beneficiary's physical address is 24 a.street the city is Mumbai and here.because this is a foreign address we.would not use 11 t and 11 e but rather.enter the province and the postal code.in the country I believe there's an.extra number here so Indian postal codes.have six numbers other addresses and.contact information provide the address.in the United States where the.beneficiary intends to live as different.from item numbers 11 a through 11 H if.the address is the same type or print.same in item number 12 a so since the US.address where puja plans to live is.different than the foreign address here.currently her address is in Mumbai India.but she plans on living with her spouse.mr. Patel in New York City so we'll go.ahead and enter his current address.next provide the beneficiary's address.outside the United States if different.from item numbers 11 8 through 11 age if.the address is the same type or print.same in item numbers 13 a so here the.beneficiary is foreign address is this.India address so we would just type same.in this box and then skip items 13 B to.13 F however we will provide a telephone.number here so we would enter the.country code all right and then if she.has a mobile number you can enter it.here and then an email address so for.the purposes of this we will just put.her email address as peat Patel 1 1 9 1.at gmail.com beneficiary's marital.information how many times has the.beneficiary been married.so here pooja has been married only once.so you would indicate that in this box.number 18 current marital status would.be married and the date of current.marriage January 1st 2020.place of the beneficiary's current.marriage which is the same as the.information we had put in earlier about.the petitioners marriage so it would be.in my state would not apply here since.this took place in a foreign country.name of the beneficiaries spouses please.provide information on the beneficiary's.current spouse if currently married.first and then list all the.beneficiaries prior spouses if any so.here who has only been married once so.we'll go ahead and enter the petitioners.information here the marriage is still.ongoing so 22 would not apply if the.beneficiary has been married more than.once you would indicate that in the.spaces provided here now information.about the beneficiaries family provide.information about the beneficiary spouse.and add children so this may seem.redundant but we will have to put it in.the petitioner spouse's information.again here so we start with the spouse.from a Patel no middle name date of.birth and the country of birth now if.huija had children you would enter that.information in the following boxes under.person 2 and person 3 here pooja has no.children so we can skip on through to.beneficiaries entry information number.45 was the beneficiary ever in the.United States so here Buju has not.visited the United States.mr. Patel and her met in India when he.traveled there so we would indicate no.however if you're applying for an.adjustment of status or your spouse.currently lives here and you still plan.on filing a consular process because.they'll be moving back to their foreign.country later on you would indicate yes.and then if the beneficiary is currently.in the u.s. which is most likely the.case if you're applying for an.adjustment of status complete items.number 46 a 246 d so here you would.indicate their class of arrival their.form i-94 arrival departure record.number if you do not know where to.locate your I 94 number it's actually.available electronically on the.department of homeland website which.once you open the i-94 it will have your.date of arrival it would also state the.date of authorized stay in the US so all.that information can be found on the.i-94 number 47 passport number so again.you would enter the passport information.here even though puja has never come to.the US she does have a passport number.you would just go ahead and enter that.here number 48 travel document number.since we already entered a passport.number she has no other travel documents.so we will skip number 48 country of.issuance for passport its India and what.is the expiration date for the passport.or travel documents so here it's.December 31st 2025.in this box you would indicate the.beneficiary's employment information so.provide the beneficiary's current.employment information if I clickable.even if they are employed outside of the.United States if the beneficiary is.currently unemployed type or print.unemployed an item number 51a so here.mr. patel's spouse pooja is currently.still a student so we would indicate.that she is currently unemployed we move.on to additional information about the.beneficiary number 53 was the.beneficiary ever in immigration.proceedings.since pooja has never been to the US we.would indicate no but if your spouse.husband you would indicate yes if you.answered yes you would select the type.of proceedings and provide the location.and date of the proceedings in the.following boxes part four is a.continuation about the information about.beneficiary if the beneficiaries need of.written language does not use Roman.letters type or print his or her name.and foreign address in the need of.written language here this is not.applicable so we would just write n/a.and leave this blank if filing for your.spouse provide the last address at which.you physically live together if you.never live together type or print never.live together in item number 59 a so if.you are applying for a spouse and you.both have live together or started to.live together recently you would.indicate the address that you live.together the date it started and if.you're currently still living there you.would write present here.here since the petitioner lives in the.US and poojas in India they have never.lived together so we would indicate that.here moving on the beneficiary is in the.US and will apply for adjustment of.status to that of a lawful permanent.resident at the USDA office in if you're.applying for an adjustment of status you.would indicate the city and state that.has jurisdiction over your case so for.example I am located in Edison New.Jersey so cases that are filed with a.physical location in Edison New Jersey.would go to the Newark office in New.Jersey but here huija.lives abroad so the beneficiary will not.apply for adjustment of status in the.United States but she will apply for an.immigrant visa abroad at the US Embassy.or US consulate in so since she's in.Mumbai the consulate that has.jurisdiction is Mumbai Maharashtra and.the country is India part 5 other.information have you ever previously.filed a petition for this beneficiary or.any other alien so if you filed an i-130.form for anyone else previously you.would indicate that here here mr. Patel.has actually filed a petition for his.sister so we would go ahead and enter.that information here so if you entered.yes please provide the name please the.deed of filing and the result so you.would enter the sister's name.where was the application file so he.filed from Newark New Jersey he filed on.January 1st 2010 and the application was.approved if you're also submitting.separate petitions for other relatives.provide the names of and your.relationship to each relative so if.you're applying for for example a child.that you had with the US citizen or a.stepchild you would have to file a.separate I 130 form since you are a US.citizen and you would have to indicate.the name and the relationship for each.relative you are filing for here USCIS.provides a warning that USCIS.investigates the claimed relationships.and verifies the validity of documents.you submit if you falsify a family.relationship to obtain a visa USCIS may.seek to have you criminally prosecuted.and the penalties that would be.applicable by law you may be imposed for.up to five years or fined two hundred.and fifty thousand dollars or both for.entering into a marriage contract in.order to evade any u.s. immigration law.in addition you may be fined up to.$10,000 and imprisoned for up to five.years or both for knowingly and wilfully.falsifying or concealing a material fact.or using any false document in.submitting this petition.so just so you know immigration fraud is.a crime and the warning and penalties.are laid out here in the forum itself.part six.petitioners statement contact.information declaration and signature so.here you would indicate one of the.following boxes here mr. Patel.states that I can read and understand.English and a half read and understand.every question and instructions on this.petition and my answer to every question.if mr. Patel needed an interpreter you.would indicate one B and the interpreter.would have to indicate in what language.they've read all of the form to to the.petitioner if you have an attorney in.this case you would hit number two at my.request the prepared named and blank.prepared this form for me based only.upon the information I approved or.authorized enter the petitioners contact.information here add an email address.that you can be contact on please read.the petitioners declaration and.certification before you go ahead and.sign in part six a here and date the.form here.USCIS advises note to all petitioners if.you do not completely fill out this.petition or fail to submit required.documents elicit instructions USCIS may.deny your petition so when you're.filling eylem 30 out please read the.instructions for any and all portions of.the form that you have to fill out and.all of the supporting documentation that.must be submitted for example if mr..Patel is filing for his wife pooja and.fails to send.and the merit certificate his petition.could potentially be denied by USCIS.in part 7 if mr. Patel needed an.interpreter that interpreters contact.information would have to be entered.here in part 7.if someone helped mr. Patel prepare the.form for example an attorney the.attorney's information would have to go.here as the preparer and they would have.to indicate whether I am NOT an attorney.or I am an attorney and signed.accordingly the last part of this form.is part 9 the additional information so.as I mentioned previously if there is if.you need additional space to enter your.address history or your employment.history or you need to attach any.additional information that you couldn't.fit into the form space provided above.you can go ahead and include all that.additional information in part 9.make sure you indicate and reference.back the page number part number and the.item number and try to follow the same.format that the question provided.earlier in the form if you're filling.out form i-130 for our spouse you also.have to fill out form i-130 a so make.sure you fill out I won 38 along with I.won 30 with your submission I hope you.found this tutorial helpful if you found.it helpful and would like more videos.related to filling out immigration forms.please leave me a like below and hit.subscribe onto my page thank you and.have a great day.

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Instructions For Form I 130 FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Instructions For Form I 130 are:

Need help? Contact support

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

Will they suspend my B-1 visa if my husband fills out an I-130 form?

Usually no. Typically your B1 is not affected if any relative, including a husband, files a I130 Form. There is no system to notify officials with authority to cancel a visa that a I130 has been filed. An interesting point is that a relative, including a husband, can file an I130 petition without the consent of the beneficiary and even without the knowledge of the beneficiary. Therefore it is entirely possible that a B1 visa applicant can be asked if an I130 has been filed on their behalf and can truthfully answer ““not that I know.” Ignorance can be bliss.

What's the best way to get users to read a set of instructions for filling out a form?

Short of sitting on their heads until they recite them back at you, there is no way to guarantee that users to read any instructions, ever. Therefore the best solution is the one that requires the least reading on the part of the user.

How can I take my child (16yrs) to the U.S if my immigrant visa is approved? My husband, a US citizen, filled out form I 130 for me and mentioned this child as migrating in future.

Apply for green card and she will get it hopefully before she turns 21. Ask him to apply as citizen. Not sure why he did not apply for both of you at the same time.

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