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apologize now just how is how is it now.now the time has come understanding the.body for 2 169 250 142 coming in good.and clear there John don't worry about.it Jesus understanding the Bible to 169.250 142 we are getting it in phone.fellowship yeah that's it phone.fellowship this is Ron Saxton with.understanding the Bible's foam.fellowship on screen live true.definitions of Scripture what is it.saying about the true Jesus Christ the.true Christ you want to know what it.means we show it right here on screen on.your device don't forget we're here 12.noon every sunday we're doing the first.epistle the first book of Corinthians we.are I think a little bit over halfway.through right now me and Helena banks we.will be broadcasting every Sunday don't.don't miss us tell mrs. we're all so you.can hear the audio on urban City radio.station calm to see the true facts of.Scripture we're talking to john duran.today he's a repeat guests he's probably.just going to be family now just family.literally passed here on understanding.the bible and we are going to discuss.one world government we're going to be.talking about some first Corinthians.also added you know where as always with.me I love discussing the true Jesus.Christ I want to hear more about the.true Jesus Christ who else is learning.who else is getting his knowledge grace.working in them the knowledge of him.working in you alright so John well we.got today you want to talk about the one.world government system well yeah yes.the reason reason for this is because.are you so usually hear an echo No are.you okay yeah yes.it could be because you probably have.your phone on or another audio source.coming in I got you only running through.11 port here so okay she can finally.check the audio while you're talking.through the team so I'm well well just.go to that she's on a world government.government one world currency and one of.the one of the things that I did not.notice ya like like will will be a.government or a one-world religion but.the thing I want to get at is that that.power is not given until after about I.think it's three and a half years into.the pre-trib I mean into the trial.jubilation time that comes on to the.whole world can you still hear me yeah.you find okay good and so I just wanted.to point that out so the if there is a.one world government or one world.currency scripture in chapter 13 and.revelation verse 5 speaks about that.power given to them at the after three.and a half years of the trial.tribulation time that comes on the.hooker okay how's your echo doing I it.can barely hear it now okay good deal.good deal aren't um yeah yeah well let's.remember now I understand that the one.world system right now this what we know.of this going on it's told its told.about in the Bible I do understand that.one way you can see it is the Daniel 9.and then in Revelation also now take a.look at this okay just let me see here i.would add a little few words yeah i.think this is the right terminology.yeah the BC kingdoms people if you if.you read it correctly it's not a parable.or it's not a symbolism well a little.bit but the angel clears it up he he.says it right here in Daniel 7 he sees a.vision of all these different beasts and.then he asked what it is well he asked.the angel what it is and then he says.thus he said the fourth be shall be the.fourth look kingdom upon the earth with.his kingdom age 44 37 let's take a.listen to the Annunciation and that was.Daniel 4437 mal coo now qu s Aramaic.that's the original word here my kingdom.rain realm kingly royalty rain kingdom.royalty kingship kingly Authority.Kingdom realm reign of territory see.territory and reign of time so you got.that there and that lets us know what is.a kingdom today well that would be a.country you know I would understand a.nation you know that kind of thing so.you got all these different diverse.nations that are coated with animal.symbols okay so if you got the animal.symbols you have to understand this is.this is something that I saw back in the.90s with Ervin Baxter's deal here now he.related to say that they were the.countries that have these symbols we.have and I said okay and he coated them.to the current countries like you've got.the bear well what country is the bear.that would be Russia what country is the.lion that would be great britain what.country is the eagle that would be.America yes from Great Britain then you.got the leopard which is Germany because.they had the leopard tank they had the.leopards on there oh okays and he did.make a distinction according to Irvin.Baxter that.the leopard tanks had three heads for.heads one of those well it says it here.that in the Bible in Daniel 7 it says.that it has multiple heads well he says.he understood according to him that.those multiple heads mean the rising of.power of that country okay so he says.Germany is the only country that has in.our history that we know of that has.attempted to rise to world power more.than once more than one time no other.country has done that that we know of in.our history so it is very possible that.he's telling the truth then you've got.you've got the the lion one head bear.one head and you've got this.undescribable beast okay that's one head.it has ten horns on it and then you've.got the leopard so that the leopard has.to have four is that my missing one I.don't think I just annually right uh.yeah Daniel 7 let's see here I'm looking.at it right on screen concerning the.rest of the beast they had to Dominion.okay let's see let me go back a little.bit and I considered the horns and he'll.okay let's see he starts to talk about.what these beasts he sees yes okay four.great beasts came up from the sea.diverse one from another this is verse 3.1st for the 1st was like a lion okay.that was the first one had eagle's wings.and I beheld the winds were there I've.plucked off and it lifted up from the.earth and it was made to stand upon the.feet as a man and a man's heart was.given to it we'd only country that goes.back and repairs a country after we have.war so we've got two animals showing.there okay behold another beast a second.like to a bear that's raised up on one.side with three ribs in the mouth of it.between the teeth of it and they said.the Sun to it rise devour much flesh.that's to Russia that's what he.understands coordinate Baxter here then.he says behold I saw another like a.leopard.which upon the back of it had four wings.of a fowl and the Beast also had four.head then that makes a total of seven.well it really makes it I'm sorry only a.total of six because the angle the.eagle's wings don't have a head yes he's.noticed that in America has never tried.to rise to power at all to rule the.world never so it doesn't have a head.but it has weak eagle's wings and you.know stood on his own feet as a man and.the heart was given to it so it has.never we have never tried to rule the.world that's you can't find that in.history anywhere so then you got this.other beast that has this you know this.undescribable beast and it has ten horns.so it's got one hand so that makes a.total of seven heads I got the fourth.beast right yeah the fourth yeah the.fourth one is too great and terrible.with it with the as you can see in the.Daniel 7 with the ten horns now if you.notice that's seven hits all right now.in Revelation the seven-headed beast.they show up again together yeah at the.mouth of a lion okay yeah that's in the.revelation I don't know exactly where.does we could look it up if you need to.see it but it has the mouth of a lion.that's the English we know that this is.our court and Irvin Baxter now okay the.lion is the mouth and it's speaking.English the language this is what he.states and he says that that that he.knew that God knew back then that the.main language would be English and right.now and bathe him back then it was true.that you could not you cannot be an.international employee without knowing.English you must know English like a.airline pilot you got no English you.cannot know other language that's.unified but the English language yeah.and if you notice most other countries.the major countries they all know.English so that's what he's desola.cording to him all right.so we know that also here in Daniel 7.this beast goes about breaking and.stamping in pieces so he's taking over.the other kingdoms he's starting to rule.them all right let's see verse 13 I saw.night vision okay and concerning the.Beast they had their Dominion taken away.and their lives were prolonged for a.season Ellen us at it that the little.horn comes up out of this Great Beast.okay and so he begins to be held it.until the Beast and I beheld to the.beast was slamming his body was.destroyed okay that's the that's meeting.the the Lord when they when they.Armageddon battle yeah he'll so we see.them now Daniel season but in John the.patented Patmos he sees them all.together and one of them is wounded.which is the leopard and one of his.heads his rise to power will we know.that the buildin this is courtney urban.baxter berlin wall was put up to hinder.the rise of germany he got east in west.germany but the wall came down and what.was it to 80's yes my vagin I think.regulars yeah so the wall came down and.you know the wound is healed now.everybody's wondering after the.Antichrist so that's what it says in the.Bible then everyone was healed and.everyone's wondering after that I don't.know if that's what the urban urban was.trying to say but that's what he related.to in his in his studies back i believe.it's back in the 80s the end time.studies he still doesn't now but yeah.what you got no no I was just trying to.get at that dad there is a kingdom and.and we can establish that there's going.to be some type of a control of the.world I was just trying to point out.that that doesn't even start until three.and a half years into the seven-year.trial time but I do want to say that I.have.some research and all the way back to.Eisenhower they spoke about one world.government of course yeah and I'm just.pointing that out and uh John F Kennedy.brought it out Bush brought it out and.then Trump just recently brother I was.just throwing that out but I was also.just wanted to point out that when it.does go into effect we're looking at set.three and a half years into the seven.year tribulation time so i just want to.point that out and then whatever you.want to speak about again i think we.were going to talk about something else.as well yeah yeah yes they're gonna that.well if you really really needed to know.the undescribable beast there you know.I'm pulling up here on google yes there.is a book that you can actually download.the new world order book here and you.can see it right here on the screen this.is a PDF link on google and hg Wes book.yeah yeah this book will tell you look.its first published january nineteen.forty end of an age and it's going to.tell you all their plans from all the.way back whenever they begin to even.write this before the publishing and get.together it's going to tell you.everything about that they're trying to.do now in the 80s there's a pop i saw a.place in this book i don't i forgot what.page it is but there is a place in this.book and it talks about America and I.got it from another I got it from.another facebook friend that posted it.on their wall and I looked at it in the.80s by the 1980s they stated that there.was going to be in America the America.would be fully in charge of.manufacturing and in the employment.sector fully in charge they also stated.that there would be what is the multiple.marriage.is kind of marriages when you marry more.than one person in your Mary plug on.polygamy okay it's going to be that's.going to be legal homosexuality would be.legal that they are going to take you.they want the state to raise the kids.they're gonna be able to take two they.want the kids raised by the states oh.they're right now yeah it's all happened.yeah in this book that you're showing.that steps that's in this book that's in.this book let me see if I can handle out.some stuff yeah now this book mrs. H.assistance 1940 1940s 1940 so it says.that it came out in 1989 but by the 80s.they were trying to have this in play.and in America so there are some other.things in there to date they were saying.that they were going to go the religion.no more Christianity they want to get.rid of it they really pointed out.Christianity okay they wanted to be done.and get rid of it and nothing that's.ironic because i read a a one of the one.of the executive orders from hillary.clinton and two of the things was on for.one was on freedom of speech and the.second one was on religious Christianity.we had to change our view the other side.yeah I was like you gotta be kidding and.and it was going to be forced on us it.was actually going to enforce that she.would have won I read it myself it would.have been forced on us yeah yeah um well.they won't you don't change yeah yeah I.didn't get anything ready ready on this.but but uh I it's there you guys you.know you got to do some study on your.own you know that's just a phone.fellowship flash phone fellowship and.we're going to you know there are some.other things local PD here some things.that they I'm sure there's youtube.videos and all this kind of stuff on it.and what they're seeing and what they.what they wanted to do with the.implementing now let's get back I want.to bring that out because I used to.think.beast was the Islamic nation the Arab.nations mm-hmm I used to think it was.but it was too many leaders there it.wasn't ten it was more so assess too.many so it's got to be five to die out.I'm thinking that this is going to.happen and you know and at that decade.of 80s or 90s when I was looking at this.stuff but it didn't fit so this.undescribable beast is probably more.than likely the people that are the.leaders of this new world order system.ok that is setting up all the plans and.what's going to happen and who's get.selected here who runs this who does.that who tells you know the people of.the world this and that knew how are we.going to lead them to get you know to.legalize what we're trying to get done.so that's what I'm that's my opinion on.that you know but they're the system is.still the same because even in the Bible.before the system even you know before.they even got together the Lord has.already told what they were going to do.and you know that Christianity is going.to be the single doubt most it's really.like there too what I understand is that.they're focusing they are I'm sorry yeah.they're focusing on Christianity but.they're telling everybody is going to be.all religions no none of you can have.this you gotta take this one world.religion but they're go really going to.really single out Christianity and those.that are in Christ because of the.Antichrist will wear out the Saints and.he's only appointed he's like the luck.of president he's only appointed or.leader of a country appointed because.they wanted him appointed for some.reason okay so uh yeah nobody gets.appointed to lead a country unless they.allow it you know this this these people.of this this hidden agenda and they also.letting it be known because if they.didn't want this book out there they.wouldn't never published it in the first.place they wouldn't never let people.know about it in the first place oh yeah.there's no there's it's not hidden.anymore they believe that control will.take a take away violence bring peace.and it's not going to do all that we.know.now that scripture that LCD Jesus didn't.come to bring peace to bring a sword and.separate and to bring us away from the.world we said and yeah and it's by his.account it's about his account and.that's what's going to bring the sward.to people but they want to eliminate it.or whatever because you know it's.actually running fueled by Satan and.it's his agenda and and they don't even.know what is with what his real true.agenda is but you know they're pidaras.puppets they've submitted to him.thinking that they're going to get all.this good stuff or good things or.eternity or whatever it is good i don't.know and and they're following him yea.seeing the thing i wanted to point out.to is in in the the ones that are going.to worship the beast it looks like it.when it tries to imply people try to say.well who will be worshiping the beast in.Scripture it talks about in revelation.17 8 it says the Beast that thou sauce.was and is not and shall ascend out of.the bottomless pit and go into perdition.and then it says and they that dwell on.the earth shall wonder whose names were.not written in the book of life from the.foundation of the world you know you.said as revelations 81 that's revelation.17 80 17 17 8 i'm sorry yeah and what.i'm getting at is that we data we that.have Jesus the Holy Spirit ennis are not.going to take the mark of the beast no.will die before that because it's.insinuating or implying that those that.have Jesus won't take it that's what.it's freshly saying and and therefore.when it does come will reject it but the.ones that don't have Jesus when it comes.they can be deceived and I just be out.there working working scripture on.people you know tell people about Jesus.that's what I believe we need to be.doing as well yeah and you know the.father is the father is the D I just see.him now is that he's the main.facilitator of salvation because Jesus.says you know he's not like sitting back.and just Jesus doing everything he's.seeking those that will worship in.spirit and in truth in in Hebrews I'm.going to show it to you in Hebrews it.says that he is doing something in in.the person he is the one that is now the.God of peace that brought again from the.dead our lord jesus see that now who was.that who brought us who brought from the.dead Jesus well that's the father that.great Shepherd of the sheep Jesus Christ.through the blood of the ethyl a scene.covenant Jesus Christ blood being shed.he makes look make you perfect in every.good work to do his will working in you.that is well pleasing in his sight.through Jesus Christ so you see the.father is there and he's working and.he's sealing sealing with his spirit of.his son and us so that's wonderful man.it's a wonderful thing the currency the.religion the the employment the.everything that we're doing the.everything is going to be one on one.agreement one system because the Satan.counterfeits what the father's doing in.the first place cuz that's all he knows.to do he can't create anything oh no it.will be you know where it'll be 11 it's.not i don't believe it'll be one.currency it'll be you don't take the.mark of the beach they don't matter what.kind of currency you have you won't eat.yeah yeah if you don't take the mark.yeah you don't even get yet hard taking.any of that yeah that's so it doesn't i.yeah i'm just saying that the current.the one world government i believe is.coming from our own the people itself.wanting to take over and then I believe.Antichrist will actually do it he'll get.the power to do it yeah yeah yeah so so.so that's that's what I'm seeing there.I'm just I'm just more and more getting.to the level of I'm not you know I'm not.really doing subjects on anything other.than him because I'm learning yeah I.mean people can't even know scripture i.mean people.there's guys that I know that can i can.say i can say strangers for thereby some.have entertained angels and I black I.don't know whether you did like oh.that's Hebrews 13 2 they know it yeah.they know the scriptures and they kind.of you know I know something puff puff.themselves up about because they know.the scripture like that but I say you.know it's no big thing you know you got.to know him you got to have him in you.and acquainted with an intimacy but.being in you and you being in him in.order to have salvation because the.devil knows exactly where that is also.again in every language so that's.nothing special I've known people that.are ministers and they get up in the and.they preach every Sunday or they preach.on Sundays they preach and they have.online ministries and things that nature.but they're not speaking Christ and the.trooper process in order to have him in.you to be sealed you know that stuff and.I'm like okay we're going straight.Christ here we're going straight Christ.that's you know that's where I come from.that's that's what I don't get well it.is about Christ even Apostle Paul said.it's about Jesus Christ him crucified.and resurrected I totally agree I I just.think that some of the script well like.and we can go on to first Corinthians up.15 next but just real quick I believe.that when revelation does go into effect.when the trials do come in like state it.we will know revelation will know who.these are will be able to witness to him.about this was stated before hand I'm.just throwing that out of we're still.here yeah but oh yeah let's go on a.shorter first Corinthians if you want to.do first Corinthians fit yeah yeah let's.not forget people revelation is really.not about all of the different things.it's going to happen to you that's not.really what it's all about it's really.about versatile you know chapter 1 verse.1 reveler yeah yeah the revelation of.Jesus Christ it's him it's got to be.done this is what has to happen so by.the time this thing starts taking place.you know the father is working to seal.those two seal people and you want to.make sure you're sealed not because of.the hell and damnation because it is not.that's not what brings you to the Lord.what brings you to the Lord is the.goodness of the Father but goodness of.God leave a few to repentance which is.turning.to his son that's the goodness hit the.Lord is his goodness you know and and we.got to know that you know we got to know.that you know people don't don't don't.hesitate to remember talking our first.Corinthians 15 we're doing that study.man every sunday at 12 right now and.we're going through then we're going to.jump into the second the second epistle.minute and yell out and see what it's.saying you know see what the Senate and.studies are always there to on.understanding the Bible radio on YouTube.understanding the Bible radio if you.can't find it just type in Google Ron.Saxton SI x tio n understanding the.Bible and you will get all my social.media links on Google you'll get them so.you know subscribe like it share it.whatever have you follow it whatever.it's up to you yeah so were we out here.in first Corinthians 15 you want to talk.about John well I just want to point out.that when we talked about it before.because we did we and then you moved on.with it I'd like to be part of it one.time you know I just wanted to point out.in this verse let me go ahead and read.it so we can get a little understanding.then we can talk about it Toni it's only.12 verse 1 it'll be first printed Shub.1551 245 I mean I'm sorry 54 okay all.right 51 okay and that says okay you.ready yeah go ahead behold I show you a.mystery we shall not all sleep but we.shall all change I'll be changed yeah in.a moment in the twinkling of an eye at.the last Trump for the trumpet shall.sound and the dead shall be raised.incorruptible right we shall be changed.for the for this corruptible must put on.incorruption and this mortal must put on.immortality right so when this.corruptible shall put on incorruption.and the mortal shall have put on.immortality then shall be brought to.pass that saying that is written death.is swallowed up in victory okay and and.seeing then it goes old death where is.thy sting a lot of people are scared of.death you know what I mean they don't.know right on the other side unknown.right yeah and then be unknown yeah and.then this verse here when he talks about.the last Trump he talks about the mortal.see this is not and I don't.I get too much on the where people talk.about the pre-trip what I'm trying to.point out is that these verses is.speaking at the very last I believe.these verses are speaking at the end of.the millennium because here it talks.about a be raised and encrypt of the.dead shall be raised incorruptible at.Jesus's second coming Jude multiple.verses talked about his coming and.bringing the Saints with him ok so that.verse is not talking about what people.used to preach that at his second coming.the Dead will rise first but the problem.is that scripture says that when he.comes back that he brings the Saints.with him yes revelation talks about.those being beheaded in the tribulation.for the ta's other testimony of Jesus.Christ yeah and that they're coming up.to the altar and they under the.alternate saying you know Lord when will.you avenge us avenge our blood and he.says for them to rest because they are.not done coming up yet so that that's.that's the key there that's a key fact.yeah so when only when they're done.coming up it's in the scenes by way of.the scripture that they are going that.he is not coming back until they're done.coming up now when he comes back now.here's a question I have for you when he.comes back at that moment he's bringing.all the saints back with him yes we are.we all know that New Jerusalem doesn't.come down from heaven we all know that.the earth is not remade and all that.good stuff because then there's a second.battle with God the Father steps in with.the fire comes down from heaven so.between the time of Jesus coming back oh.I'm sorry yet the first part is what.Jesus comes back.he speaks out of his mouth and just.slaves everybody that's a revelation.right that will we know the saints the.saints have all come up they've all been.beheaded and killed and then he comes.back with him and he speaks out of his.mouth slays everybody on the on the.earth and then there's an end point.where God brings fire down so there's.still another moment now in between that.moment is the millennium arena said what.we're talking about yeah then we go in.clean those two more nights at the end.of the trial tribulation time right okay.and I also believe even though when.Jesus comes back there's going to be.some that are not worshiping neither.Jesus nor the the false prophet okay and.I believe that scripture points that in.the Millennial there'll be mortal bodies.and inmortal because the ones he comes.back with the Saints they're immortal.they're immortal okay so there's going.to be a mixture in the Millennial and.that's where I believe that that.scripture comes to part because we know.in Ezekiel Zechariah talks about those.that died in the millennial at 120 is.like dying as a baby but it also states.that those that died though there's.asleep they don't be resurrected.angelica end of the millennial and.that's in Revelation as well so.therefore night yeah go ahead but oh.well there's a God have a questionnaire.okay but nobody's probably calling me in.a 2 169 250 142 if you want to call in.um okay so now if if what we're saying.what we're understanding in the facts.about the souls coming up okay yeah.we've got the Saints being beheaded and.when they're finished Christ comes back.with them so Paul saying for we that are.alive or still here we're rising up and.as the Dead comes up first in Christ so.now I'm thinking.hmm something doesn't work out there.with the fact of Revelation saying that.the souls that have beheaded or they.just being specific and pulling out.saying saying wait with the ones that.are alive in the tribulation are the.ones that were that are beheaded and.they're coming up but the ones that are.sleep that are dead in the ground or.whatever have you we haven't collected.those yet and and we're going to collect.them but then that still doesn't make.sense because the ones that are still.here that will rise when he comes back.to meet him in the air okay you see so.I'm like okay that doesn't seem to fit.there and no secret those scripture.references well it does because in the.millennial reign that it is kind of.confusion because in the millennial.reign when we're done after the.thousand-year reign goes like I said.there's going to be mortal and immortal.I believe that scripture says that will.be translated from the Mortal to.immortal I believe that that's what will.happen I also believe there'll be a.separation of the tear in the wheat.because member when Satan is released.he's able to go and gather a whole bunch.of people to come against a city of.beloved City which is Israel and he.comes against it but there's no battle.in this one because as soon as he comes.against that there's no there is no.battle because in the Millennial where.there's not going to be like a bad.violent type of behavior because member.he we get rid of our guns we turn them.into plows and and shares and all that.other stuff so what I'm getting at is.they come to this city st. Joe's he's.released from the bottomless pit and.then God comes down from heaven and this.time I believe its new beginnings and I.believe that he brings at this time.heaven and New Jerusalem with him MMA.and that's when the translation of the.body now let me tell you why I believe.it's there now because Genesis chapter 3.verse 19 speaks about from dust you were.created to dust you will return and.Hebrew.supports that scripture when he says.it's a point of unto men to die once.then judgment okay so we are all.appointed to die Jesus died there's only.two that haven't died since the.beginning of creation and that was a.knock Enoch and Elijah okay but they're.the two witnesses they come but they die.and lay in the street for three days.okay so what I'm getting at is everybody.dies so the only way that that scripture.what we're talking about can come into.effect what had to be when there's no.more law and no more instructions from.God I say that because in Isaiah 64 65.speaks about end times spit the new.beginnings there's no more law and.another thing we won't remember this.earth he says this will never want.remember this no more yeah well wolf.yeah second Peter says everything is.going to be yeah and when I'm getting at.though erased yeah and when I'm getting.at is because his word stands it can.only occur at the end when there's no.more law and the more instruction.because his word is his word if he tells.you me we're going to die then we're.going to die there's a bit ok that's a.physical death yeah well now I.understand basically you know my.question I've just began to understand.something okay go ahead just for those.that are listening all right we got the.confusion on people you know who saved.who's not the millennial reign mm-hmm ok.now the millennial reign after the.millennial reign you made the point you.made a comment you said that there's.gonna be people that won't worship.Christ and not worshipping the Beast.either that that's is still a decision.to be made that's in the trial people a.stir I believe that would be in the.front tribulation time but after but.trial and tribulation ends when Christ.comes back Christ with the Saints comes.back and speak out of his mouth to soar.he violates the armies against him and.that he brings now the millennial reign.he brings down the New Jerusalem there's.a new city mate now in the Millennium.there's also the beast is let go after.the Millennium and he goes out to.deceive others know those others might.be those that don't believe either.Antichrist or Christ okay and they're.coming to gives this new city that he.made let the Saints are in it's not a.new city it's the still same city owes.Israel the new city and I did hear you.say that heaven and earth comes down in.the millennial reign no the New.Jerusalem comes out of heaven in the.millennial reign because because at the.end of the millennial reign when the.when the Beast is let out to deceive.again he deceives the nations and they.all come down against this one city now.Armageddon has already happened yeah see.the thing with the new heavens in New.Jerusalem we can't go in there because.only righteousness can get into the new.Israel though in neutral Saints would.what the Saints would be righteous that.but not on Christ no no I say there's my.nephew everyone in Christ who are calm.is righteous exactly but not everybody.in a bit counter righteous after the.trial and tribulation time there's going.to be not individuals y'all not to the.money I'm not saying everyone I'm saying.everyone in Christ everyone in Christ is.counted righteous let those that are not.like you said you made a point earlier.you said that there's gonna be those in.the industry over a period millennial.reign II don't believe Christ and they.don't believe the Antichrist so worship.in either one well that's why he's going.to teach us the Tabernacles he's going.to teach us how we should have.worshipped him worshiped him because.yeah but he quit enough but but no but.got to make a distinction because we got.people listening so are you saying those.that are not in Christ those are the.ones that are not in him but the ones in.him have they they've been beheaded and.they won up to heaven and it coming back.with Christ that's before the millennial.reign correct right no rain happens.starts to take place.and he's got all of his Saints with him.now he brings new jerusalem down no he.don't bring it on until after the.millennial reign well what is the city.in after millennial reign it's a city.that they're coming against Israel.they're coming against the beloved holy.city and you know I know that because he.comes to a city that has no walls.because what that would Metro that's.because that's because the old Jerusalem.was destroyed well what happens when.Jesus feet hit Mount Olive it cracked.right earth crack but at the same time.scripture tells in Ezekiel and Zechariah.that the walls came down that there were.comes against a city that has no walls.we know that Israel right now has walls.so right it's not as millennial reign.Plus also we take our guns and we.destroy him and it takes seven months in.the millennial reign to get rid of that.stuff and then the righteousness in.Scripture and revelation says that we.can't enter into the the New Jerusalem.and until we we are righteous and that.is going to be ruled with God God rules.with Jesus in the new beginnings and.that is revelation yeah but now the.saints that come back with them they.can't go in is that what you say well I.believe that new Israel New Jerusalem.and new heavens does not occur until.after the millennial reign that is the.new beginnings right so you're saying.that those that are in Christ can't come.into the New Jerusalem no they can but.will at that time the millennial reign.is gone there'll be the judgments come.now the ones that are either with God or.not with God okay because remember he's.going to get released and he's going to.fool people that's when God's going to.get rid of the people that turn against.I'm right there he did Steve destroys a.mall he destroys the armies that come.against Israel and Satan that's when he.throws him into the lake of fire where.the false prophet and the beast is and.what's crazy again and just a quick.nugget here when Jesus does come back he.throws the false prophet and the beast.into the lake of fire.but he throws right that's a bottomless.pit yeah and then he throws Satan into.the bottomless pit until he's released.and then he's cast into the lake of fire.so the lake of fire shouldn't have been.created until the great white throne.judgment but it's already created what.do you looking for my friend I'll help.you I was looking for the annual he sees.the new city well it comes up into.different is revelation 3 this is Jesus.talking us in red here yeah we could be.legal / kind of overcometh will I make a.pillar in the temple of my god and he.shall go no more out and i will write.upon him the name of my god and the name.of the city of my god which is New.Jerusalem yet cometh down out of heaven.from my god and i will write upon him my.new name he that hath an ear let him.hear what the spirit sailing to save.them to the churches so that's.revelations three that's what Jesus is.saying to John of Patmos yes John also.sees he sees it come down in John.revelation 21 alright so now I'm putting.in trying to put the timeline together.here well she that's the thing well.that's the thing I I couldn't I can't.put the timeline that's what I'm saying.and that's where I believe that we as.Christians because we can't put the.timeline we need to be preaching Jesus.Christ crucified we need a no revelation.we need to know all these things right.yeah our main focus should be on Jesus.these are good studies good research I.just don't want people to think that.we're not going through the drama.tribulation time because there's nothing.in scripture that says that we're going.to be taken away or we're going to be.missing out on the trial tribulation.time I don't I don't believe that I.believe he's going to come after the.Saints he goes after the Gentiles saying.yeah well well well yeah he's going to.do that because he's going to include.everybody but he's gonna spoke asst you.gonna single out the Saints oh yeah it.says it in JAMA yeah remember Daniel.says he goes after the Saints no I I.know I'm just sorry you know that so.with with that I mean a person reading.they should know that when when that.said in the scripture that.there will be those that believe Christ.in the Tribulation Period and you're.going to be dying for his testimony oh.yeah headed remember he says they have.the same testimony they have to your.brother and he says your brother and.have to also die remember and the only.time he calls a brother as if they're.saved so so yeah so now I would.understand that the New Jerusalem comes.down when this battle is over this.Armageddon with Christ in the Antichrist.the battle is over okay and the new.jerusalem comes down from heaven that.begins the millennial reign in the.millennial reign though the you know the.the Beast Danny probably the cast into.the bottomless pit the chain for a.thousand years okay that thousand years.is the millennial reign you're so during.it a thousand year time the New.Jerusalem comes down because the old one.is done away with because of the war or.whatever is destroyed whatever have you.there's a new one that comes down now we.know Jerusalem today not New Jerusalem.but Jerusalem it's a day in the country.the geographical location on Earth of.Israel I understand from my studies that.Israel the real Israel is in heaven the.Lord calls it his son his son his son he.says Israel is my son he's now saying.Jacob is my son he's in Israel men in.Romans it talks about you becoming a Jew.which we know you're from Jerusalem.right because you're from Jerusalem.bureau jus so therefore it says you.become a Jew inwardly he's doing working.in you which is the Hebrews 9 14 Christ.purging your conscience from sin and in.Hebrews 13 20 the father working in you.the good works into his well-pleasing.which is writing upon your heart Ezekiel.36 and Jeremiah 31 the New Covenant so.uh in the millennial reign New Jerusalem.comes down that city is there we got the.the the Antichrist beast false prophet.all bound in the.bottomless pit four thousand years then.we have after the thousand-year reign.they're loosed out to deceive who they.can deceive them to deceive a lot of.people because they're going to come.down against this city and that's when.the fire comes down from God the Father.destroying those those armies that have.come against this new city this new.jerusalem that has come down to earth.and then it's all said and done it's.finally over and finished everyone is.judged cast into the lake of fire or.from the book of life you are now.accepted totally one hundred percent.totally okay but let me let me read.juncea it's all done yeah go ahead okay.Revelation chapter one chapter 21 verse.1 through our goal 1 through 4 and it.says when I saw a new heaven and a new.earth for the first heaven and the first.earth were passed away real quick how's.the this earth supposed to go this earth.fire okay and there was no more sea so.in in Jerusalem all land exactly in.Jerusalem there's going to be a sea in.the Millennial it talks about it but in.the New Jerusalem there is none okay let.me continue I John saw the holy city New.Jerusalem coming down from God out of.heaven prepared as a bride adorned for.her husband check it out I heard a great.voice out of heaven saying behold the.tabernacle of God is with men and he.will dwell with them God does not dwell.with man until new beginnings well God.himself okay and they shall be his.people and God himself shall be with.them and be their God mm-hmm okay and.God shall wipe away all the tears and.with there's no more no this bad stuff.and other stuff no more football no more.basketball yes people no more stars and.music and all these movies yeah that's.all gone bro that's all we're not gonna.be thinking about that anyway now.tabernacle it's a dwelling place.now Jesus says in the Gospels I do.believe that he wants to tabernacle with.you now we know in the old testament to.tabernacle was a physical structure okay.was a physical structure yes but now.that Christ has come he's talking about.dwelling with you and in you like now.not as easy covenant not in these.mounted here yet no listen but that's.what I'm saying and I heard a great.north and look at this behold the.tabernacle of God is with women yes and.will dwell with them now that tabernacle.let's take a look and see what the.ancient has to say the ancient.definition has to tell us Strong's g46.33 scan a scan a and Tabernacle.habitation habitation a tent to tent no.no this is one yeah tent tabernacle made.of green boughs or skins or other.materials that well-known movable temple.of God after the pattern of which the.temple at Jerusalem was built mm-hmm.tinta cloth as Strong's really says the.same deal yes yeah I looked at that uh.we get it correct kawai we both agree on.that it's either it talks about a chant.tabernacle but remember New Jerusalem.comes down and he's and this is going to.be what Jesus went and built he says him.in my castle there's many rooms so it is.going to be a an object it's going to be.something that we can touch whereas the.Spirit of God is in us today and he.dwells in us and that that is a dwelling.in us that is the swelling place yes.that's what I understand and under the.New Covenant of this current covenant is.that that's where he is not made with.hands that's in Hebrews yeah that is.right now that's what we're going.through right now that's Jesus is in us.he came he dwelt among us he said yes.but in the New Kingdom and when we.become as angels when we become as.angels and that's in Matthews we become.his angels there's no more.married or married marriage okay what.I'm getting at though Ron is that.because we have when the tears are gone.bro when he says I white shall wipe all.tears from their eyes and there shall be.no more death and sorrow no crying the.problem you have in the Millennial.there's going to still be death you.understand they're still going to be.death because i'ma limit will at the end.at the end but no I'll live without all.through the thousand years there's it I.believe we're going to be old I think.they're going to be living up to 300.years old I do believe that in the.millennial reign but there'll be deaths.because Ezekiel Zechariah they speak of.the death they said if a man dies in the.millennial if it dies in that era at 120.years old it'd be like dying as a baby.it says okay so that's the case then.that's why you're saying after the.millennial reign there's more did.raising there's more dead rising that's.it that's at the end of millennial reign.that's when I believe that that wording.that says the the ones that died in.Christ their resurrected and then those.that are behind will meet the Lord in.the air to ever to be with him forever.to be with him now I believe because of.the fact that we have choice we he's not.a tyrant heave all so wrong that even in.the afterlife in the millennial rent.after the millennial reign new.beginnings I believe that angels are.still can make decisions to walk away.from God because I'm who Lucifer get.Lucifer did yeah he did that Devils.before all Devils before all of this.that was before before before man was.even created oh no I know that I'm just.saying that that it was done once is it.it couldn't could it happen again I mean.based on what we know well that's I want.to say that speculation because if that.was the case then they would be still.doing it but but but they understand it.David from what I would understand they.saw what happened to them and they saw.what happened to The Watcher angels so I.don't think they want to do that because.they know okay well hey we may have had.a question before what.happen if we were bailed now we see what.happened oh I only read it yet but check.we don't want to do it I know that but.check this out look what happens Ron.when Satan is released we're going to be.living side by side with Christ we're.going to look at his face but yet.scripture says that there's going to be.some that are still gonna come against.him after the millennial reign right.because they don't be deceived right if.the deception comes out there gonna be.deceived so it's like another like.another sifting yes lifting of I do.understand because remember there's.going to be flesh mortal bodies but i'm.just getting at this wrong is that it's.just kind of crazy that he's still going.to be able to deceive them in the fact.that we're going to be walking side by.side with him wrong that's the crazy.thing yeah no no here to God in is we.have it but we're going to be able to.touch and feel Jesus yeah I mean well.yeah I mean he's gonna be make himself.known and prevalent in Armageddon so.going into this thousand years it's very.possible I don't I don't know well it's.possible I mean the last Trump could be.at the end of it could be exposing you.but I love when you look at them i don't.see there's nothing after that there's.no more nothing it's his last trunk.right right but I don't know what I.don't what I don't see in this.millennial at the end of the millennial.reign when god the father sends fire.from heaven if there's any Trump or any.any angel sync saying anything you got.anything on that no just the last Trump.and remember I pretty sure people going.to be able to figure out the.thousand-year reign when it will land.within at least 10 years when we're.there that's what I believe so I just.think that it's kind of strange all I'm.putting her it very well may be that we.won't even have a memory of it because.when he comes back and it is not going.to be any need any more need for.scripture at all no integral more need.for laws and you know what we have now.you know you can't speed and all in on.with you no more cars there's not gonna.be no more pavement yellows that's a.thing that gets me too because I.don't believe because he talks about.we're gonna be working on a farm now he.says if you don't come with the tithing.during this millionaire if you don't.come see exact Ryan Ezekiel support says.he says that he'll stop it from raining.on them and producing food I don't think.so in the Millennial because he's.changed everything no he does miss it's.Ezekiel and Zechariah we can get with.that not let's go there because I.couldn't see that in because it doesn't.say anything like that in the millennial.reign here hold on let's go with.scriptures which i use when he go we go.to it hold on gotta Lucy yeah let me go.through the first I gotta go to my book.I don't have it all memorized anymore I.never did one my talk about anymore.because that tithe that tide was given.to the Hebrews the children of Israel a.new under it'll well ya know if that was.even when the law came down I don't you.see that and anywhere in the law but I.see the offering near I see the time.after that but not they'll not only that.don't forget Jeremiah 38 there was a.divorce the husband divorced the wife o.Israel and Jeremiah 38 so let's not.forget that now when a divorce happens.what happens to the Covenant it's over.that covenant is over and done you see.so that's another thing we don't.understand he says I divorced y'all I'm.done I'm gonna make you jealous with my.new wife and and we still have people.today trying to be the first wife and.he's like I don't even deal with you.like that anyway I don't deal with man.that way this is the way that you become.my wife now and well yeah I set that.Jesus had to die in order for to bring.him back into the covenant because he.divorced them and when he divorced him.he they went out and prostituted.themselves the end of the law you.couldn't get remarried to the one that.you divorced if they went out and.prostituted themselves right well if the.husband divorced him the Covenant is.over that covenant when you when you.come into a marriage with him now the.Covenant that he had before with the.first wife that covenant is not an.effect there's a new covenant.now he's saying the husband is doing.this now the husband is in initiation.and of the Covenant so he when a woman.comes to a man or men once he says.listen this is what I'm about this is.the deal this is how this covenant works.do you want to marry me that's really.what he's doing but we've watered what.we've watered it down so much that is.even a race but in the Bible even it.talks about he puts it in perspective.the husband woman marry the man to.accept his covenant of marriage so the.man for you guys either this listing.dude wants to be married to women okay.let me make that clear based on.Scripture you have to have a covenant.already in your heart set forth about.this marriage the woman has to agree to.that covenant okay stop it with the.woman asking a man to marry and she's.got she ain't got the Covenant you have.the Covenant and you're gonna have to.implement that covenant and hold fast.and make sure it's done right into.marriage buzz okay so let's go ahead.well you wish you got Ezekiel one okay.I'm looking for it I can't but I do.fight i did find give me some keywords.you've got a King James some key yeah.okay what was we talk was talking about.the tie you send private eyes rain.falling the feasts feast tight fish if.it comes up yeah yeah those were those.are the under the first covenant now.remember no I know but listen because.because I'm I had a question to a person.to balance it will wait a minute if no.one did the law okay no one fulfilled it.in the Hebrews any of them even Paul.says it in acts I'm sorry Peter Peter.states it in acts when they bring up.when they were going to jetton speeching.speaking Christ well a sect of the.Pharisees came up and said let them he.talked about the Gentiles let them be.circumcised and follow the law okay and.Peter but he has the Holy Spirit now the.Pharisees do not he says look man.paraphrasing yeah and our fathers our.ancestors didn't keep it keep the law.and we didn't either we.that unbearable yoke around their necks.why would we do that they couldn't keep.it and you didn't keep a night and.keeping our ancestors didn't keep it so.what are you saying you know I'm saying.not to mention though that divorce has.happened hundreds of years before those.guys and guess what they're still trying.to be married under that first covenant.and he's like no one still no one's.doing it no one's holding fast to it so.if you have under the first covenant.that if you do this I'll make it rain.you'll have crops units this is this and.that how in the world were they able to.do feasts how were they able to do it.that if that covenant was still in.effect hmm yeah because they shouldn't.have had crops they shouldn't had.livestock to have these feasts.continuing on even though they've really.got divorced they were to put away by.their husband right because the rain.because that was no longer in effect.from God therefore it did rain therefore.they did have crop therefore they did.have livestock because it was over and.he just gave a mercy and said you know.what okay I needed to rain upon the.earth that still got a purpose to do.through the human soul I still have a.purpose so I God they need to eat so.i'ma let him eat I'm gonna let him do it.and and Jesus addressed to tithe even.then he addressed it you you listen.we're not dealing with the money and the.fruits in the in the seasoning and.spices we dealing with the weightier.matters of the tithe Merson in the veil.of I do have some scripture in Ezekiel.about I told you that the walls come.tumbling in the walls the gates they.when at Jesus's return when his foot.hits everything falls down there'll be.no more security there'll be no more no.guns no cops not like that Jesus will be.our security in the Millennial and I'm.gay zekiel chapter 38 verse 11 and I'll.we'll be talking about verse 20 as well.and thou shalt say I will go up to the.land of unwalled villages ok the.villages and i will go to them that are.at rest and do and dwell safely all of.them dwelling without walls and having.neither bars nor gates to take a spoil.and to take a prey to turn thine hand.upon the desolate places that are now.inhabited and upon the people that are.gathered out of the nations which have.gotten cattle and goods and dwell in the.midst of the land okay now stop there.now go to verse 20 and read that one.these are these are descriptions of his.second coming you show so that the.fishes of the sea and the files of the.head of the heaven and the beasts of the.field and all creeping things that creep.upon the earth and all the men that are.upon the face of the earth shall to.shake at my presence and mountains shall.be thrown down and the steep places.she'll fall and every wall shall fall to.the ground and I will call this ward.against him throughout all my mountains.saith the Lord every man's war shall be.against his brother yeah but you see how.he's speaking about an unwashed itty and.all that and that's talking about the.when his second coming is that's what.that scripture you were dealing with.there and I'm looking for where I told.you about they died I should have had.that mark and I don't but if people.aware of its he speaks about people.dying in a time that if you die at 20.years old that it will be like a dime as.a child i'm looking for it and i should.have had it marked and i don't i.apologize and Ezekiel chapter 2 verse 4.also talks about Jerusalem shall be.inhabited as it towns without walls for.the multitude of men and cattle there in.its not talking about today because.Jerusalem has walls.now did this I did this happen before.the walls you know are you sure yeah I.think Israel when it talks about here.says I shall be inhabit times without.walls for the multitude of men and.cattle I know it had that was when it.first started there was no walls let's.see because there's definitely do.believe let's see in Revelation it talks.about them coming against the the new.city yeah there's a more regional that.shakes her or at least yeah let's see.and it is when you go to where he gets.released and that'll be you know where.you know what it is yeah it's chapter 20.verse 7 I believe that's when it starts.all right let's see here blessed and.holy is he that ok a part of the first.resurrection there's one resurrection.such on the second death hath no power.ok but they shall be priests of God and.of Christ and shall reign with him a.thousand years here we go and when the.thousand years are expired Satan shall.be loosed out of his prison and shall go.out to deceive the nations which are in.the four corners of the earth Gog and.Magog and together to gather them.together to battle the number of the.number of whom is as the sand of the sea.and they went up on the breadth of the.earth and come past the camp of the.Saints about and the beloved city and.fire came down from heaven and a guy.okay all right now do we have a.description of New Jerusalem of talking.about this city coming down because if.the city is coming down that mean that.city can't have walls it's just a city.that comes down.but I do believe that there is some.walls of this city whether you're.entering in the gates where the 12.disciples are named on this on these.these gates the pillars ok ok I just.wanted I just thought I'm sure it was.like a and Zechariah chapter Zechariah.chapter 14 verse 16 speaks about growing.up and worship in Jerusalem now and it.says to keep the Feast of Tabernacles it.doesn't talk about the Passover keeping.the Feast of Tabernacles that says.Zechariah chapter was at 14 verse 16.Zach that's like see and I should have.marked all this stuff yeah it says eech.again I apologize for not having all.this time tomorrow sorry you know what.happens at West what we can do it live.on screen yes the real this is what's.really having you know uh but I can't.bring it up I'm missing I'm missing it.somewhere but I promise you this next.time we talk about this I will have my.ducks in a row have so I can go right to.him because I've studied them and I've.read them and I usually mark my stuff.but no is super nyah.I wanted to have this on here with that.I want to see all the books anyway.Zachariah gimme gimme read read out of.their reach something out of the first.give me the first few words at is a.graphical read chapter chapter 14 verse.16 it says and it shall come to pass.that everyone that is left of all the.nations which came against Jerusalem.shall even go up from year to year to.worship the king the Lord of hosts and.to keep the Feast of Tabernacles ze CI.put in cec no seating ec z ec up.something Z Luc okay yeah all right and.[Music].keep the Feast of Tabernacles let's see.and keep reading k-17 get show shows.shall be the plague of the horse of the.buell of the camel in the athlete and.all the beasts and Sheldon shall be the.tents and as this plague assumes display.here's man along it shall come to pass.and that day the great tumult from the.Lord shall be among them and they shall.lay hold everyone on the hand of his.neighbor and his hand shall rise up.against the hand of his neighbor but.that's not our bet that's that's going.to be that new sit that new city s13 now.let's see y'all going back this should.be the Great Plague where the Lord will.smite all the people that have fought.against deaths Jerusalem that's not New.Jerusalem their flesh shall consume away.while they stand upon their feet and.their I shall consume away in their.holes and we know that's that's.revelation we know that's the Lord God.doing that okay and Judah also shall.fight at Jerusalem and the wealth of the.all the heathen around about shall be.gathered together gold and silver and.apparel and great abundance and so shall.the plague of the horses ok son horse in.the camels.beasts and all that they have this play.and it shall come to pass that everyone.that is left of all the nations which.came up against Jerusalem she'll even go.up from year to year to worship the king.the Lord of hosts and to keep the Feast.of Tabernacles and shall be that whoso.will not come up of all the families of.the earth to unto Jerusalem to worship.the king the Lord of Hosts even upon.them shall be no rain and if the family.of Egypt go not up and come not that.have no rain there shall be plagued.where the Lord will smite the heathen.and that come not up to keep the Feast.of Tabernacles this shall be the.punishment of Egypt and the punishment.of all nations that come not up to keep.the Feast of Tabernacles in that day.shall there be upon the bells of the.horses holiness unto the Lord and the.posts in the Lord's house and I'm sorry.and the pots in the Lord's house shall.be like the bowels before the altar yeah.every pot in Jerusalem and Judah shall.be holiness unto the lord of hosts and.all that all David sacrifice shall come.and take them and see therein and in.that day there shall be no more Cana.night in the house of the Lord of hosts.so that's just very very Denison's like.it is a end millennial kind of deal he's.got his name on everything you know yeah.I found that I found when you die in the.millennial it's in Jeremiah Isaiah I'm.sorry Isaiah chapter 65 and it starts in.verse 7 starts earlier verse 17 you can.start in verse 17.for behold I created new heavens and new.earth and the former shall not be.remembered nor come into mind see that.buddy yeah yeah yeah that's right that's.there but me but be glad and rejoice.forever that in which I create for.behold I create Jerusalem a rejoicing.and her people a joy give gone and I.will rejoice in Jerusalem and joy in my.people and the voice of weeping shall be.no more in her nor the voice of crying.there shall be no more than an infant of.days nor an old man that hath not filled.his days for the child shall die a.hundred years old but the sinner being a.hundred years old shall be accursed and.they shall build houses and inhabit them.and they shall plant vineyards and eat.the fruit of them they shall not build.and another inhabit they shall not plant.in another eat for as the days of a tree.are the days of my people and I'll a keg.shell yeahh shall long enjoy the work of.their hands they shall not labor in vain.nor bring forth trouble for they are the.seed of the Blessed of the blessed of.the lord and their offspring with them.these will come to pass that before they.call i will answer and while they are.yet speaking i will hear the wolf in the.lamb okay yeah feed together and the.lion shall eat straw like the bullock.and dust shall be the Serpent's meat.they shall not hurt nor destroy in a.hole in my holy mountain saith the Lord.you notice in that verse you you've read.earlier it said Tabernacles notice.there's no practicing of the Passover.because he is the Passover correct he's.the one correct I totally agree i'm just.doing these things out and is something.to think about because those that die.don't get raised and i got to find that.one and i will.and like I said it's all what's awesome.about scriptures we can continue to.learn Ron yeah it's an always learning.and like I said with with the with the.the doctrinal ones like blood sacrifice.for the mission is saying jesus is our.blood sacrifice we live by faith faith.he's our righteousness he creates in us.he created us for good works when we get.the spirit week we start performing the.good works so i don't get away from all.that you know what i mean that that.can't be changed yeah yeah for sure he's.gonna work it in you doesn't even have.to know you any better know what is.going on the problem is we want to know.everything he's doing and what's going.on in us and he's working at all god.listen he's working it out to to his.he's working it without your knowledge.even knowing that he's working it in you.you just begin to get the right.mentality he's working in your mind to.do his will first and foremost which is.to speak of him and you know I come I.just I've really my activity on these.other posts that I you know and stuff.and social media and discussions and I.man i'm not talking about Jezebel spirit.says I don't have time for that I know.I'm going to talk about Jesus yeah yeah.that's nice yeah you know we've got that.you know what we don't hear we do see it.in the Old Testament lean that to that.understanding well whose understanding.you don't lean too right yet nothing's.changed old test just got it magnifies.there's been some changes don't get me.wrong you know that but he speaks the.truth that from the beginning love thy.neighbor that was in Leviticus that's in.numbers that's in Exodus love thy.neighbor you know it's a new testament.I'm just throwing that out you know it's.all in there Jesus first you know was.safety last run right you know he when.he comes into and he comes and.establishes a new covenant with his.blood being shed establishes a new.covenant there's something new that you.can have in this new covenant you can.have his knowledge working in here you.can see that look at the different.scriptures here casting down.imaginations and every high thing that.exalteth itself against the knowledge of.God the knowledge of God not in just.knowing the old is an Almighty God no.we're talking with the knowledge from.him into us you know.and bring into captivity every thought.to the obedience of Christ not yourself.it's he bringing every thought captive.into his obedience he is the standard.here and he's got this thing that we had.we need to understand that he wants to.work on knowledge in you that's what he.wants that's no problem no problem man.yeah you know if ever you you know you.need to jump off no problem in no.problem that the god of our Lord look at.his feet instead he reveals to Paul.somebody that was Antichrist he was.against Christ specifically okay Christ.y'all was an antichrist okay that would.that the god of our Lord Jesus Christ.this is Paul's writing here to the new.believers the father of glory may have.given unto you the spirit of wisdom and.revelation what look of who he had.knowledge of him right very knowledge.working in you that's what he wants well.he's just three I know I don't agree.yeah we about understand man we this is.what we got to do people this is what we.need to be focusing on give me your.knowledge Lord work your knowledge in me.the law is nothing but its.characteristics house are you gonna love.the God with all thy heart in mind when.your nature is totally against them yo.I'm gonna go and do this I'm gonna do.these works i'm gonna do it and you're.not doing it all cuz you got to do it.all you know the very thought of.foolishness is sin that's why we just.looked at the second Corinthians about.the imagination every thought captive.against that you know taking every.thought captive can make that exhaustion.set against the knowledge yeah and to.know the love of Christ which passes all.look past its knowledge that you might.be filled with all the fullness of God.we are to come into the unity of the.faith of his faith and of the knowledge.of the Son of God into every perfect man.you see that you've got my favorite my.favorite the ones that they don't want.to they don't want to acknowledge they.want to talk about in second Peter 318 0.and talk about oh you can't understand.Paul so you stay away from Paul and.don't read it well you can't understand.any of the scriptures unless you come to.the Lord he takes the veil off of your.mind so you can begin to understand he.can open your understanding that's in.belief second Corinthians but grow in.the gray.which is the influence upon your souls.and in the knowledge is supposed to grow.in his knowledge well I'd hate to say.this because people give me all kind of.flak on it the knowledge of God is not.in the scripture it's in his it's in him.and he wants to give it to you that's.what you supposed to be growing in.growing you up in by way of your.knowledge Jesus opening the.understanding to the scriptures.concerning him is not his knowledge that.he has working in his mind he's got a.mind people and it's not the Bible okay.it's like me writing an autobiography.John about you and in saying this is all.of your knowledge John right here I.wrote this this is all of your now.you're like dude I'm sitting right here.are you serious yeah this is it this is.your knowledge no it's not your.knowledge your knowledge is working.right in your mind and that's what the.father has and he wants to work it in.you and in me that's why we come into.the unity and i agree need to grow is.his first safety last brother that's it.man that's it lets you know we can we.don't know God until we know christ.first that's it we can no scripture all.day devil knows it devil knows scripture.does he have but knowledge is God.working in him no he doesn't have the.knowledge that he has the knowledge of.God God created him no no no he doesn't.he doesn't have an Angels don't have our.God no they don't you know why because.in Ephesians 3 9 through 11 he tells.that you're the purpose for your soul is.not to be here on earth cultivating the.land and growing food the perfect didn't.is going to be people to do that but but.for the ones the Saints they their souls.are going to be used to house his.manifold wisdom and they're going to go.throughout the universe teaching it to.the spiritual rulers and potentates and.angels and demons throughout the.universe that's why I'm not even.focusing on what the earth is going to.be like when it's over I'm going to go.to work Lord God I want to go throughout.the universe spreading your wisdom just.like you said in Ephesians 3 9 to 11.when you do the reverse translation.that's what it states it states that you.your soul will be used to house his.manifold wisdom and teach it to the.spiritual rule it not just angel.the spiritual rulers and potentates that.duck because they don't have his wisdom.it's going to be made by his body which.is the gathering of souls they're going.to have his knowledge that going.throughout all the universe speaking as.knowledge to the spiritual rulers and.potentates and we don't realize is why.because ministers are not talking and.telling us that eternal purpose that the.father purpose in Christ Jesus that his.body do this for him his government will.be spread throughout the whole universe.and that's how he wants it done yes sir.take a look at it features three nine to.eleven take a look at it reverse.translated you will see it believe me.yeah yeah that the earth is not the.final point the earth is not the final.end we think that but who know it says.heavenly places heavenly heavenly it.didn't say anything about earthly.lesions three Jesus revealed that.mystery depaul to tell us this is the.purpose of my father's purpose in me.before the foundations of the world in.purpose maybe next time we talk we could.talk about chum I just lost.concentration uh I did I just had a mind.block I'll remember cuz what you.mentioned it and I wonder god I can't.remember I just lost it hey but that's.why we need to tell him we need to help.people so that he can get into their.soul and again he can begin to work in.them they got to do this again my friend.yeah there it is bearded yeah it's in.our English but you can reverse.translate right on below the Bible org.no problem man no problem anybody want.to call in I'm going to give it a couple.minutes to 169 250 142 and John I know.you got to go thanks for joining me man.thanks for the fellowship will hook up.again yes let me know it I know when I'm.on a Sunday at noon you're in church or.your gravel because you know we're on.different time frame and you start in.Tucson well right you start at 12 i.started at 12 eastern time my time so.the same time we started today isn't it.Stan yeah ten-year time yes so yeah okay.buddy you know but the studies will.always be there and you can check them.out on youtube them like.send them out do whatever man it's up to.you I got it thank you much all right.you got it you guys can call in you you.got it man thanks for joining bye-bye to.169 250 142 2 169 250 142 if you want to.discuss anything here I'm going to give.it a few more minutes now I want to.thank you guys for joining me and.checking it out to 169 250 142 you don't.have to give your name and you don't you.won't be showing your face at all so you.don't have to worry about that but yeah.if we have to grow in his knowledge grow.in his grace which is the influence upon.our souls that's the true definition of.grace it is not just giving you all this.good stuff in the earth that you're.looking for that the ministers are.telling us look up the G 5485 look up.the G 5485 on Google you'll get the blue.letter bible link she'll get other links.showing you the true definition.translated from the kawaii greek into.english this has been hidden away.because they don't want you to know of.course they didn't want you to know.because you don't want you to focus on.it and desire it and once it's done you.but yeah Christ wants to feed his.knowledge and work his knowledge in you.right now today and and on until the.eternities he does and as you can see.right here mentioned Ephesians 39 and to.make all men see what is the fellowship.of the mystery which from the beginning.of the world have been hid in God who.created all things by Jesus Christ the.Lord in human flesh his son to the.intent this is the intention right here.that he wanted to the intent that what.now it didn't say at the end now unto.the principalities and powers in.heavenly places might be known by the.church which is his body of his son the.manifold wisdom of God many-sided wisdom.according to the eternal purpose which.he the father purposed in.Christ Jesus our Lord his son and we.have boldness and access with confidence.by the faith of him not the faith of you.the faith of him working in you that's.what that is wherefore I desire that you.faint not don't give up at my.tribulations for you which is your glory.he's talking to the Ephesians there.about his tribulations he's going.through jail all that good stuff but.that's the that's what he wants to do in.us with eternity do you want to give him.that didn't turn to him give me a call.to 169 250 142 I'm going to end it out.give it a three more minutes and we will.be ending if you don't call but look at.that but grow in the grace the influence.upon your soul turning you to Christ in.the knowledge of our Lord and Savior.Jesus Christ to him be glory for now and.ever amen he wants to give you this.knowledge to see let's see what this one.says a second Peter to 24 if after they.have escaped the pollutions of the world.deception through the knowledge of the.Lord and Savior Jesus Christ they are.again and if they are again entangled.therein what in the pollutions of the.world the deception and overcome well.the latter end is worse with them than.the beginning Paul makes a powerful.statement.he says in Philippians i believe it is.let's see is it that no it's uh no.escalations I am crucified with Christ.nether nevertheless I live but it's not.eyes yet not I it's not i but Christ.liveth look in me that's tabernacle it's.dwelling and the life which I now live.in the flesh in this body I live by the.look the faith of the Son of God who.loved me and gave himself for me that is.what we need to be growing into that.unity the faith of the Son of God don't.forget we're here sunday 12 noon every.Sunday we can do a foam fellowship with.you if you like just send me a message.Ron Saxon just just type in Google run.saxton SI XTO n SI XTO n run Saxton at.Ron textin understanding the Bible type.in those five words you'll get my social.media links you can send me a message on.facebook you can send a message on.google plus you can send a comment on.this study at the youtube page like it.subscribe it follow you know follow it.whatever you want to do fine share it.good deal not a problem i want to thank.you guys so much for joining me i'm.going to see you tomorrow we're.continuing on first Corinthians going.through every Sunday we get it done.every Sunday then we got the book of.Acts at 215 eastern time we're getting.it done.[Applause].you.[Music].you.

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