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now the experienced big change an.unprecedented look that thing at an.American emergency.there was never I could bake the winners.are not as cold for as long happening.right here what's going on why are these.people about to lose their homes that's.how we survive in New York pick up an.Oprah what has lit more wildfires than.ever before a lot of different weather.patterns that noted how are these homes.sinking into the ground right now we're.about 70 feet below the surface we go.underground and above.Alaska state of emergency here's Dave.Malkoff welcome to Alaska since you are.watching this on YouTube you're in for a.treat you can watch the entire special.right here in stunning 4k Ultra HD this.state is known as America's majestic.last frontier but you could just as.easily call it the climate change state.the evidence is all around us to start.off our storytelling let's get you on a.bush plane take you up north of the.Arctic Circle to a community on the.brink welcome aboard.Hagelin 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as tall waves can blow.ice-cold water clear across the island.their lives are changing here as.politicians in Washington debate if.climate change is real.here in Kivalina there was never a.debate you know we just saw these.changes happening and Colleen's dad has.lived here for 80 years his hunting.grounds used to be out there on the.solid blocks of ice during the winter.beautiful well.Muktuk fish McDuck Cougars or Beluga is.hard to come by these days the people in.Kivalina believe changing climate and.noise from a nearby mine has changed.their migratory pattern everything is.gone the ocean is empty like as recently.as the 1970s and 80s village elders.remember the winter arctic sea ice.growing to 10 feet and thickness but.this past year it came down to 3 feet.not thick enough to hunt on and not.thick enough to protect the village even.climate change have caused so much.problem but it's not just the village.elders saying that it's actually the.federal government a congressional audit.and the Army Corps of Engineers have.identified four Alaskan villages in dire.need of immediate relocation they.specifically say climate change is the.problem here and have started to spend.millions to protect this place the Corps.sent the big super sacks these Rock.boxes were Kivalina protection version.1.0 but the storms were still too.powerful it was because the ice was not.there.we use that until the core was able to.come in with this rock that came from.Nome for now the big rock wall is.holding just barely the plan is actually.to move the entire ancient community our.Eskimo dancing and you know the.spirituality is high to our subsistence.lifestyle everybody needs to move off.the island we have to keep my lifestyle.all right.he morena meters is the only one without.money.Wow Lucy Adams is also in her 80s but.almost every day when it's warm enough.her son takes her out on an hour-long.motor boat ride to this stunning field.of green spongy tundra where the wild.berries grow.yeah there right now they're ready deep.Lucy and her son picked blueberries and.these things called salmon berries while.the kids go off and look for animals to.hunt.and remember they're not picking berries.or hunting for fun this is their way of.life this is how they sustain themselves.everything has changed how we how we.gather our food all of it has changed.they've ripened a lot earlier than we.expected we just adapted to those.changes because they were shuttled.even with help from the federal.government building a new kibble inna.with new homes for everybody a new.school for the kids new airport new.roads it's costly 180 million dollars or.more we really won't have 180 million.dollars so for now Kivalina will stay.where it is isolated on an island their.protection and their lifestyle slowly.melting around them.while the ice-melt here above the Arctic.Circle is changing their entire way of.life meanwhile in the center part of the.state the problem is fire.been here for the last two seasons as a.smokejumper.Cael Donnelly doesn't know it yet but.his crew is just about to hear another.fire alarm here at what they call the.jump Shack.this is the plane he will soon jump from.right into the heart of a wildland fire.Alaska is so big look at it compared to.the rest of the country that there is no.other way to fight these kinds of fires.than this a parachute jump into some of.the most remote woods you'll find in.this nation listen for a bit and land.with a hero sent from the sky my god you.learn you're good experts say as Alaska.gets hotter and drier due to climate.change this kind of thing is gonna break.out more often.it already is yeah you know it's still a.lot of large fires out there that are.getting beat down by a little bit of.rain chance of precip pretty low over.most of the state meteorologist back at.the jump Shack says all the rain in the.past few days yesterday's weather but.most of the fires down still unstable in.southeast corner of the state but we.wanted to get a first-hand look the only.way to truly know if fire is worth.sending the smokejumpers is from a seat.in one of these recon planes the.firefight here in Alaska has taken a.6,000 feet above the ground in this.arrow commander look out the windows you.can actually see Denali looks like a.cloud but.actually a mountain beautiful landscape.out there but it's burning right now.possible record levels.up front we've got our pilot and fire.spotter in the back it's Adam Cole I.he's what's called a forestry technician.with the Alaska fire service why can't.you get the information about where the.fires are from satellites oh we can.actually one of the limitations of that.is the we're only getting satellite in.known imagery or the satellite.information every 12 hours and so this.is instant looking out the windows with.your own eyeballs of course in 2015.alone more than 700 wildfires have.burned in Alaska we're talking more than.five million acres torched that's more.wildfire than in California more than in.the American West more in fact than the.entire rest of the country combined in.this one state if we look at the state.right here where are we going in Alaska.okay we're going right here about the.hundred miles southwest of her Bay that.looks right in the center of a lot right.the center of Alaska and there it was.mine lengths up to 50 feet smokes so.heavy you can actually smell it up here.and they're gonna get everyone started.off and close enough to a cabin Kakaako.run to call the jump Shack.and the team they called out you guessed.it so we actually will jump out of the.side door Cale Donnelly and three other.smokejumpers boots on the smoldering.ground we have fire can beginning you.know across the drainage from the cabin.here you know pulling the trigger on.those smoke jumpers is something this.crew takes very seriously once those.guys hit the ground they could be there.for 21 days or more it's just about the.least fun you can have on a camping trip.you will go inside this remote Alaska.fire camp when we return Alaska state of.emergency cheers Dave Malkoff welcome.back we are on the fire line here in.Alaska this crew is returning from the.Agee Creek Fire 31,000 acres burned.started by a lightning strike seems big.but this is considered a small fire in.this wild season here in the state of.Alaska we're already looking at millions.of acres burned this season and experts.we've been talking to say this could be.what we see in the future as well we.went up a hundred fires in like a week.you know in one week a new 100 new.starts and so when that happens it's.basically prioritize which fires are.going to end up actually taking action.on those aren't city names down there.those are fires Alaska has burned.through more acres than any other state.this year 44 million acres in three.weeks.our pie records here go back about the.signior this is one of hundreds of fire.camps set up by a tough group of men and.women who spend up to a month isolated.in deep burning woods Oulu rent has been.on this one for ten days ten days.nothing twenty days with something all.in a state you may think of as cold and.wet that is changing drier earlier than.it normally is up here in Alaska let's.take a look at just the numbers here.each dot represents a year between 1950.and today some years here in Alaska we.have almost no wildfires above a.thousand acres some years there's more.than a hundred but don't just look at.the dots look at the average for some.reason or another that average is on its.way up the trend appears to be more.large-scale fires there's been some work.done by modelers looking at climate that.do suggest that we will have longer fire.seasons and probably larger fire season.here's my seventeenth season we got.sucked in so bad the smoke covered us.and we had an exchange our camp from one.spot to another he's saying they had to.pick up everything all of this gear the.entire campsite and quickly move it away.to a secondary location imagine doing.all that work right in the middle of a.massive firefight.that apparently is the new reality up.north a lot of different weather.patterns that I've noticed we had.fallout from the smoke the last of.hotter and drier think it's a lot of.fires you'd be like this in the future.especially if there's less snow some of.these wildfires even in unoccupied areas.of Alaska can get real dangerous real.fast look how close this burn zone came.to the famous trans-alaska pipeline.eight hundred miles of crude oil going.from the top to the bottom of the state.this is one resource those firefighters.do not want to end up charged this.pipeline down there but there are also.occupied cabins in isolated areas that's.why these elite firefighters are jumping.out of planes more than ever it's the.only way to get to these remote fires.food water and fuel all float down from.the sky those firefighters down there.are just getting started.glaciers in the Arctic moving calving.and melting at exponential rates it's.the most iconic image when you think of.global climate change welcome back to.Alaska I'm Dave Malkoff standing on the.Harding Icefield this is the remnant of.a giant ice sheet that covered this part.of southern Alaska some 10,000 years ago.that's Alaska's history but the ice on.the surface isn't the only thing that.keeps the past alive.there is ice just underneath our feet.that's alive as well.this is Ruth's house well I'm Ruth Becky.Oni and this is Ruth's late husband.Peter December me 30 years since he.passed on the house Peterbilt never had.a chance.much of Alaska sits on a foundation of.ice before we get wavy like this when.that ice Cream's it swallows buildings.stove you can't cook the frying pan.would slide on the stove there's only so.long you can live your life on an angle.you know what your soup pouring over.here where you're supposed to eat enough.here right so what's truly going on here.what is causing Alaska to sink like this.will truly understand that we need to.take you underground.right now we're about 70 feet below the.surface inside of our frost permafrost.is frozen soil and other stuff to heart.of ash older boy probably have a bison a.fourteen thousand year old animal packed.away in deep freeze so my name is Chris.I'm Stroh dr. Heim Stroh works in a.tunnel the US Army carved into the.living ice that sits below Alaska the.ice is pretty easy to find as.temperatures rise this permafrost thaws.out homes where your heart is.well that's what turned Ruth's life.upside down guarding yourself you know.as you walk because it's not level that.thermal environment has been changing.because her house is there and when you.have a pearl frost there which is really.hard ice.yeah it's solid ice and when you thaw.that out it turns into month and it just.sinks down and it subsides yes there's.something else happening here even more.troubling than sinking homes uh-huh you.got you have to do is live in a home I.guess I don't know no Ruth eventually.built a new house but as the frozen.north defrost life in the north is being.impacted really heavily by what's going.on now on the planet permafrost holds.carbon in the ground so it doesn't get.into the atmosphere its history frozen.in time here in this ancient streambed.we found this stick carbon dated at.43,000 years old where you don't want it.to go is into the atmosphere right.that's exactly what it will do if that.stick comes out of this freezer.that's what permafrost is it's a freezer.locking ancient plants and animals away.underground where they can't rot and.give off greenhouse gases even a few.degrees of warming starts to unplug the.freezer it's easy to get a couple of.degrees up when it's at minus two C to.get it to zero and when that happens you.get it thaws out.I remember our friends on the.disappearing island of chipolina our.land started falling away it was because.the ice was not there to buffer the.storm and to protect our Island that.area in northern Alaska sits on.permafrost too and the ocean waves are.eating it away look at this time lapse.have to really watch now because a lot.of changes have taken place quite a bit.with sea ice gone you tend to get more.wave action in that physical action and.that warmer water is definitely.impacting that that coastal surface and.eroding that coastline dramatically.every year each chunk the thaws gives.off a little bit of methane stronger.greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide watch.in the where you can actually set it on.fire this is not man-made carbon from.factories or highways where we're.sitting now is probably close to 30,000.40,000 years old.methane is formed in millions of lakes.around the Arctic where permafrost is.calling and each year these lakes are.emitting already tremendous amounts of.methane just how much dangerous gas are.we talking here NASA is using these.planes to collect it come fly with us.after the break welcome back another.breathtaking morning here in Alaska.where you have those cool nights and the.sunshiny mornings coming over the.mountains you get this beautiful fog.coming off of any lake that you drive by.but there's another gas coming out of.the ground that could be very dangerous.up here for the climate it's something.you can't see but you can smell.this is where you sniff from NASA has a.nose above Alaska.my name is Seth Chazz Knopf I'm an.engineer with the Jet Propulsion.Laboratory we have seen the Arctic.change millions have felt it and this.crew my name is chip Miller in this.custom-built plane the carb c-23 Sherpa.can smell it change we're smelling for.carbon dioxide carbon monoxide methane.collect all the gas stored in these.bottles in the case then ship it off to.scientists who will study it Alaska is.warming fast in the past 50 years.average temperatures are up 3.4 degrees.Fahrenheit twice the national average.the winners are not as cold or as long a.government agency created by President.Bush 41 projects Alaska will heat up an.additional seven degrees by 2050.that's why NASA is flying this five-year.mission to smell Alaska when the frozen.or thawed out in unleashes ancient.carbon that's been in deep freeze in.some cases since the woolly mammoth.walked this land some 2,000 billion tons.of carbon are thought to be sequestered.in the frozen soils and permafrost well.much of that is buried way too deep to.defrost globally around the Arctic up to.20 percent is actually close enough to.the surface to start this massive.exhaust of ancient carbon that could.rival the carbon humans have pumped into.the sky since the dawn of the Industrial.Revolution here we have an instrument.that is looking down through the port.here well that's an open hole of that.that is an open hole in the bottom of.the plane slit alright now here we are.so this is the port through which the.infrared camera looks we're using it to.understand how wet the surface of Alaska.really is as a NASA employee you have.satellites up there but this is just.better resolution so we can see.individual trees and branches as we're.flying along trees breathe in carbon.that's their job but humans and animals.and fine permafrost they breathe it out.we're beginning to see the transition.from more of a breathing in.- actually more of a breathing out the.more carbon in the air the hotter it.gets the hotter it gets the more carbon.comes out of the ground or Harper Harper.works it's a loop that's the problem.that we have and the first Americans to.feel it are right here in Alaska the.Alaskan Natives and the relative.newcomers who live here have adapted to.countless changes over the centuries.looks like they'll have to do more of.the same going forward but they are a.hardy Bunch the folks who live here at.the top of the world in Alaska I'm Dave.Malcolm thanks for watching this has.been occasional co-production.

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