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thousands under.nad a to with everything working we're.going to go through this unit after we.sell it folks we go through a very.extensive checklist cover some major.systems and off certified RV Tech's will.make sure everything on that checklist.works like it's supposed to.if you want a copy of that checklist.just call my non-commissioned.salespeople they're more than happy to.fax or email you a copy of it so you can.see for yourself what all it covers now.I can't make it brand new for what I'm.selling for obviously but I will make.sure that everything on it works that's.listed on that checklist let's take a.look inside this 3500 es gofer 27:9.motorhome folks believe me you can do a.lot worse inside this thing is clean.there's no smoke in no pet odors and of.course we go through that checklist make.sure everything on it works and you're.not talking about a 40 50 point.checklist like other used RV dealers.before and we're talking around 120.point inspection by my certified RV tech.so rest assured that I don't think.you're going to find a problem with it.but rest assured everything will work.like it's supposed to on that checklist.up here in the front like I said you got.74,000 miles cranks up great there's no.check engine lights no warning lights.and the ABS lights believe it or not - -.there's cold and that's funny because.I've got a 2008 model myself at $70,000.motorhome and the - sure doesn't work on.it because nobody ever uses them.including myself but this one actually.has been kicked up enough that the - air.works and of course the backup camera.works.of course I know on the video it looks.like a lot of squiggly lines but that's.just an optical illusion caused by the.camera and the CRT monitor for the for.the Voyager backup camera system but I.will guarantee you that it works.perfectly in person when you see it with.your naked eye.you've got the HDTV upgrade I've got a.fluorescent lighting throughout the.entire RV got the sound deadening.material and the carpeted headliner you.know I always lock this carpeted.headliner because one you can really.tell how somebody's kept this RV up by.the condition of the headliner if you.see if you ever seen these RVs that have.a this carpeted headliner and the.filters have not been changed on the air.conditioner you're going to see a black.residue around the vents you can't get.that black residue off without using.bleach and bleach of course will create.a bleached out spot in the headliner.around the vent where this thing was so.if you go into an RV and you see that.black residue or you see bleach spots.around the vents then you know that.somebody hasn't taken care of this RV.like it's supposed to but you can look.this headliner over there's no water.stains no marks no no black residue or.no bleach spots.the previous owners at one time or.another did take the carpet out and put.this little Aeon floor in which is very.easy to keep clean you just sweep it mop.it you do have the all original.upholstery it's got a queen sized.sleeper sofa table booth does make a bed.got the nice light fixture this is one.of coachman's top-of-the-line units and.i love the way the hallway kind of.curves to the side this gives you the.ultimate privacy that you can get in the.back bedroom now folks you may notice.the lights going down a little bit.cutting in and out that's obviously a.bad sell in one of the house batteries.which we replace the batteries on every.RV we sell anyway so that's going to be.taken care of but that's what's causing.the lights to kind of dim on and off as.that dead cell in the house battery here.and of course you've got the nice.residential style sink and this is how.it came in folks we haven't cleaned it.up yet got the nice sprayer the nice.residential style.faucet Moen faucet soap dispenser got.the nice countertops and I solid wood.cabinets plenty of drawer space got a.countertop extender let's see what we.got here this is a little different you.can see the stove top hasn't hardly been.used which many people don't cook in RVs.anymore.not me I could go use a heck out of my.kitchen when I Marvine got the Dometic.RV refrigerator freezer and I just cut.it on a little while ago so it has not.had time to get cold but we actually run.this refrigerator when we check this.thing out Marvy techs do we run it for.12 hours on gas 12 hours on electric so.we simulated overnight use to make sure.everything that it works without any.problems got a nice cold air conditioner.this thing is blowing icicles as you can.see we're blowing 30s out of the vents.and that's pretty cold folks especially.considering that it's hot muggy outside.and we're in the middle of a gravel.parking lot with no shade of course it's.got dual units one in the front one in.the back and now like I said I love this.hallway this is really neat you don't.usually see this but this gives you a.lot of privacy because nobody can look.directly back into the bedroom so and.you do have a curtain right there you've.got a bathroom that you can enter from.the bedroom or the hallway Plus this.gives you this little corner cuddy cabin.storage or Cuddy still we're out here I.guess you would call it let's walk to.the back bedroom you got a clean Island.east-west bed Kurt's cold back here got.a little bench right there a little.getting ready area it's already had the.TV updated to an HD TV you got more.storage and of course the bathroom which.is neat because you know I know there's.different types of bathrooms and.everybody's got different tastes for.what they like me personally I've used.RVs for over 20 years I prefer a.bathroom that's completely enclosed.don't get me wrong the walk three.bathrooms are great because you get a.bigger bathroom but.and this is what I've run into before.when you're in the restroom taking a.shower getting ready when you're in a.walkthrough bathroom you pretty much.block access to the rear bedroom and.you've got several people in the RV that.really gets in the way but I like the.fact that this one's all enclosed it's.out of the way so if you're in the.restroom getting ready everybody else in.the RV has complete access to everything.so that's one thing I do like about a.side bath over walk through of course.it's not as big as a walk through but.you know a lot of times convenience is.is better than size right here folks.you've got a skylight you can see.there's no water stains around it and.that's another thing you want to check.two skylights and notorious for leaking.and if it the briefs not serviced and.like it's supposed to every year and.they don't service the skylight reseal.it then it's gonna leak that's just.pretty much a proven fact but obviously.there's no water stains around it.there's no soft spots they've obviously.serviced this roof like they're supposed.to and if they have it serviced it you.would see water stains around that.skylight of course this is actually a.little tub which is great for kids.this RV sleeps up to six people got a.medicine cabinet really nice lavatory.area.your storage underneath the bed and this.is a big bedroom slide too you know I.know a lot of 2001 models and have a.bedroom slide just have the bed in the.slide but this one for a no.1 model it's.got a huge slide because you've got this.whole closet area too that slides out so.this is actually probably a 10 to.12-foot slide out yes the nice RV folks.we're going to go through it make sure.everything on our checklist works which.is a pretty extensive checklist I will.tell you right now though just from.cranking it up crank of the generator up.besides the dead cell in the house.battery I haven't found anything that.doesn't work.you know there's a couple of lots I.couldn't get to come on but that's just.because I couldn't find a light switch.for which my RV takes we'll show you all.that but all-in-all folks for 27:9 this.is a nice Motorhome a great way to get.into RV if you're their first-time buyer.because this is something that's going.to be worth what I'm asking for it for.the next two or three years you can pull.the NAD a up if you want to it's.thousands under nad a book value and.it's a clean RV and that's the main.thing it's been taken care of I don't.care how low the RV is priced if it's.not been taken care of you're just.inheriting somebody else's problems but.obviously from everything I've seen I.mean you know other RV dealers they.don't like to show you the headliners.they don't like to show you the floor.but this is a nice motor home folks.somebody has really taken care of it and.that right there makes it work a lot.more than your average used RV that.hasn't been taken care of even the - air.works heated power mirrors a CD stereo.backup camera I mean folks it's even got.a manual point satellite dish it's got.so many extras forward for only 27 nine.and I want you to get online I want you.to look at motorhomes in this price.range with two slides with all the.amenities that this one has in the.condition of this one in compared to.what other other units are out there for.this same price you're going to find.there's no comparison this is going to.make somebody a nice motorhome it's.something if you just want to start out.an RV you don't want to waste you don't.want to spend a lot of money a great way.to get started keep it for a couple of.years and you can easily resell it get.your twenty seven nine back out of it if.you keep in the same condition and then.buy you a diesel or buy you a different.size over here or whatever your needs.might be versus going out and buying one.for sixty seventy thousand dollars.that's going to lose twenty grand the.first year you own it.you know it's just this is just one of.those motorhomes you can buy it with no.risk and it's going to come with that RV.inspection by my RV techs all for twenty.seven nine will trade financing is.available interest rates as low as 3%.the extended terms available up to 144.months with approved credit.hey like I said folks you can go out.there you can look at what's out there.for 27:9 prepared to this there's no.comparison and we're not like other.dealers you know we've been in business.48 years we're family owned and operated.we sell over 500 used RVs a year third.generation family owned and operated.and when you've been in business that.long there's three key points to make.when you've been in business as long as.we have or you don't stay in business.for almost 50 years one you got to sell.the bargain well folks you can get on my.website Parkway RV Center calm you can.compare my RVs the same make and model.with any dealer in the country our.process or thousands less so there's no.compare thats why we sell five hundred.used RVs here and that's why we sell.them all over the country because people.save thousands of dollars and it's they.save enough that it's worth them.traveling to Ringgold Georgia to buy an.RV so that's again that's your first.point second point is staying in.business forty-eight years you've got to.sell nice are these and folks we've been.in business we have the experience to.get the nicer RVs before the big dealers.get them and they put their big dealer.markup on it which is twice or three.times what ours is because they have a.lot more overhead and they have a lot.more bills than we do because they owe.on everything they sell so you know.that's one reason why our prices are.lower and you can compare them with.anybody and we have the nicer RVs.because like I said folks we've been.doing this 48 years we've got.connections everywhere we're the dealer.that other dealers call will they get.stumped on a problem because we probably.been through it before ourselves in the.past in three to be in business as long.as we have you got to treat your.customers right.you can go to my ebay feedback I'm a.certified power seller on eBay with.hundreds and hundreds of positive.feedbacks from people who bought RVs on.eBay and let me tell you some obey.shoppers or bargain shoppers for them to.buy a unit on eBay it's got to be.cheaper than you can buy anywhere else.and that's why we sell so many RVs on.eBay because our prices are so much.lower than everybody else and you can.check our feedback we've got hundreds of.positive feedbacks from people who.bought RVs from all over the country.we're the only certified top rated.seller that I know of that sells used.RVs on the on eBay if you want to go to.my Google+ page I've got dozens of.customer testimonials who also bought.RVs from all over the country talking.about how much of a stress-free.experience they had how much money they.saved well worth the drive or the flight.down here to buy an RV.and you can check that out as well and.what I'm getting that folks is those.three points is why we've been in.business for as long as we have 500 plus.used RVs a year is what we sell and.that's no bull folks that's a lot of RVs.we sell more than dealers in four times.our size every year and the reason why.is our prices our customer service and.the quality of our RVs give us a call.seven oh six nine six five seven nine to.nine evenings and Sundays and please.note both these numbers pour two three.six oh five six seven four seven we got.over 160 used RVs in stock just expanded.our lot so we're adding even more of.that second number I gave you now folks.let me first give you that second number.again let me explain that we're.multi-million dollar RV dealership we're.one of the most successful and oldest.independently owned family-run used RV.dealerships in the country we're not.franchise deal or anything like in how.many dealerships our size do you see.that actually gives you the company.owners personal cell phone number and.all of our advertising will folks that.for two three six oh five six seven four.seven is our company owners personal.cell phone number that's how confident.we are in the quality of our RVs the way.we treat our customers and how low our.prices are that we give you this phone.number now you might find a mom-and-pop.dealership that may have ten or fifteen.RVs on their life that'll give you the.owner cell phone number but you find one.that's our size with 160 plus used RVs.and stock but that's willing to disclose.the owners personal cell phone number.there's not any other dealer out there.that will do that family owned it.operated 48 years since 1968 we've got.generations of family who only buy from.us some only a thousands of miles away.we don't charge dock fees we don't.charge print fees we don't charge any.extra fees of any kind these other RV.dealerships folks you're gonna pay ten.fifteen thousand dollars more for the.same RV because a they use commissioned.sales people so they got to mark it up.an additional 25% to cover the.salespersons Commission and B these.other dealers because they've not been.in business as long as we have they owe.on.everything they owe mortgages for their.property they owe they have to borrow.money to buy units to sell and they just.passed those the interest rate from that.along to you in the form of higher.prices so that's one two reasons why our.prices are so much lower but these other.dealers have learned a long time ago.that they can charge extra fees to make.extra money dock fees print these dealer.fees all of those fees are 100% dealer.profit and it's just a scam these other.dealers used to pick you to make you pay.extra money without realizing it some of.these dealers charge you two or three.thousand dollars in fees another way.that we help save you money is on.financing you know we have the same.financing you're going to get the big.name RV dealers our interest rates are a.lot lot less and I'll tell you why other.RV dealers have learned to exploit RV.buyers who need to finance RVs and what.they do is they'll get you approved at a.very low rate just like we do but they.won't disclose the rate in any of their.advertising or they train theirs and.they train their salespeople never.disclose the rate when they're working a.deal with you the reason why is because.well they mark the interest rate up once.they get you approved for financing.sometimes double what what the bank.approves you for it should be illegal.but it's not well folks it Parkway RV.Center we don't believe in exploiting.our customers that need to finance RVs.our rates start as low as three percent.and I'm promise you you can't even go.buy a brand-new RV and get a three.percent interest rate because again they.mark the interest rate up over what the.bank approved you for three percent.interest rates terms available up to a.hundred forty four months on this RV get.you a very affordable payment and even.if you're a cash customer folks that 3%.interest rate is very attractive to most.cash customers because a you get to keep.your money in your pocket which is worth.a lot of money in itself and B allows.you to get a nicer newer motor home than.what you could afford to pay for cash.and an only three percent interest rate.it's just going to cost you a few.hundred dollars in interest and you get.the motor home and the.- still in your pocket so keep that in.mind and we offer that option that 3%.interest rate and like I said you can go.to you can call brand-new RV dealers.give me your credit info they're not.going to get you a rate that low on a.brand-new RV that costs five times with.this one cost just another way we save.you a lot of money and just another.reason why we've been in business for as.long as we have folks subscribe to my.youtube channel you're gonna love it.I post videos every day I'm going to be.doing a lot of motorhomes the next week.or two so you're going to see something.different every single day posted on my.youtube channel you can go to our.website Parkway RV center calm or.net.it's mobile friendly very easy to use.I've got pride I'm not like other.dealers that put call for price or all.that junk folks we have prices on offer.advertising we know we're proud of the.fact that we have the lowest prices on.the internet so we have our price listed.several times in our advertising give us.a call seven oh six nine six five seven.nine to nine and again that owner.cellphone number please only call in the.evenings or on Sundays is for two three.six oh five six seven four seven let me.tell you something folks we don't have.Commission sales people that I know I.kind of touched on that earlier but let.me go into detail about how that saves.you a lot of money we have sales people.here but they're on salary only they get.paid the same whether you buy a motor.home from us or don't buy a motor home.but a commission sales person or what.the other dealers used to keep a large.sales staff on hand at any given time.and they don't have to pay them they.don't have to pay them hourly they don't.have to pay them salary they only pay.them when they produce a sale so they.can keep us law to our size they can.keep 30-40 salespeople on staff at any.given time well folks this creates a lot.of competition among the commissioned.sales people because you may one person.maybe all they talk to you all week and.they don't get paid unless they produce.a sell so they're going to bring on all.this sales pressure all these gimmicks.all these games that everybody hates.just kind of reminds you of a of a used.car salesman and folks that's just a.system that's that's decades out-of-date.you know we've been doing this 50 years.almost 50 years we only use salary based.sales people this way everybody works.together there's no competition among.the sales people everybody is here to.help you instead of the other way around.we're a commission sales person is only.in business for themselves because they.want to make that twenty five percent.commission and my guys they get paid the.same whether you buy a Motorhome or.don't buy it so it doesn't matter to.them you know there's there doesn't.there's no reason for them to putting.your sales pressure on you because they.don't get paid to sell they get paid to.answer your questions they get paid to.take you take care of your trade-in or.your finance needs and to help schedule.deliver your pick up top they don't have.to say well because I have the lowest.prices on the internet I know that for a.fact folks and you I'm sure you will too.once you start googling 2001 coachmen.santería 3500 es and you see what these.things are bringing at other dealerships.and you're going to see for yourself we.have the best price out there so folks.that's just our buyers love it that way.and it saves them money too because.these other RV dealers have to mark.their prices up an additional 25%.because that's what they pay this.salesperson they get the sales person.that makes Commission the industry.standard commission rate is 25% of the.gross profits so you're having to pay.thousands of dollars more for the same.RV that you can buy here less just to.pay their Commission in other words RV.dealer doesn't pay their salespeople you.do by paying more for the unit folks.that's not how you're supposed to buy.our RVs that's not the way we do it and.it's not the way we'll ever do it we'll.never do it that way granted I don't.have I can't afford to keep 30 40.salespeople on staff I've got three.full-time salespeople and a couple of.part-timers but you know folks if you.call in one of my guys will help you or.if they're busy with customers or.appointments they will call you back.answer any questions you have you can.email them at sales at Parkway RV Center.calm now folks I'm not in sales I'm in.marketing so I don't take.cause but you're welcome to email me.directly I'll help you out anyway I.can't you know when you get to the point.where you're ready to buy of course I.forward you to one of my sales people.but I always only take I don't take.calls you can only reach me by email.beau at Parkway RV Center dot-com that's.Bo at Parkway RV Center calm I've got.twenty plus years of experience I've.owned several several RVs all shapes all.sizes all types I've delivered them all.over the country I've worked on them.since I was a kid other words I know my.stuff folks and I'm not saying I'm the.smartest person in the world when it.comes to RVs but I promise you I know.more about RVs how they're built how.they operate have years of real-world.experience probably more than 90% of the.people you're going to talk to you at.any other RV dealership so you're.welcome to email me directly Bo Bo with.Parkway RV Center com I get several.emails a day and of course I will get.back to you answer any questions you.have and if you do ask me something I.don't know I will find out for you thank.you for watching my videos you know I've.got I'm tell you I've got over 2600.subscribers to my youtube channel I want.to thank each and every one of you I.know it's just kind of a pride thing to.me I know it doesn't really mean nothing.money-wise or anything like that but the.fact that I've got 2600 people that get.emails every time I post a video to me.is pretty humbling and I like to thank.each and every one of you that subscribe.and I'm gonna continue to do my best to.bring you the videos that I do you know.I'm not you know I try to be as genuine.and honest as I possibly can be in my.videos I don't sugarcoat anything I.don't hide anything I'll give you my.honest opinion about anything I post.online and.and you know maybe that's refreshing to.some people I don't know I know there's.a lot other guys out there that do video.tours and but they just don't have near.the following that seems like that I do.so anyway folks in thank you so much.again for watching my video subscribing.my channel you know if you're ever in.this area even if you're not in the.market for an RV stop by even if you're.just a subscriber and you're not in the.market right now to Bob but if you're.around this area stop by at least I'd.like to shake your hand introduce myself.you know I you know my subscribers.that's that helps make this company what.it is today thank you for watching my.videos and hope to see y'all soon and.beautiful Ringgold Georgia.

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  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

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Ds2001 Form FAQs

Discover answers to questions about Ds2001 Form. Check out the most popular topics and more.

Need help? Contact support

Can I fill out the NEET form since my DOB is 10/7/2001?

Yes of course you can fill the form Acc. To my knowledge the age criteria is that” the candidate have to be minimum 17 years of age by 31 December of that year in which neet is conducted “ But for your satisfaction wait uptill the NEET 2018 brochure is out.

Is it okay to pay visa fees before filling out the DS-160 form?

No you can’t make visa fee before submitting the DS-160, because once you submit the DS-160 form, it send a email to you with submission confirmation number which is important to synch the payments under your application. Bother how will they ever know who paid for which application.

During a B1/B2 visa interview, I was asked to fill out the DS-5535 form introduced recently and was told to send it back by email. The interviewer gave me back my passport (needed to fill the form). What experience have people had with this form?

It is a little bit on the privacy invasive side but nobody is forcing anyone to fill it out. If your visit to the US is important and you have nothing to hide, you just have to fill it out. If not, you chose not to travel to the USA.

How long does it take to get interview after DS 260?

It looks like it can take approximately 3 weeks for the office to review your documents: Step 6: Submit Documents to the NVC . They’ll then update you on the next steps. *I am not an attorney. Please do not misconstrue the above as legal advice.*

What is the purpose of DS 260?

You are perfectly entitled to travel on a valid visa as long as you have no immigrant intent at the time that you make that visit, but fully intend to go home again to file the DV paperwork. Of course, you’ll have to convince the CBP officer at the port of entry of that.

What is the purpose of DS 230 form?

DS 160 is an online nonimmigrant visa application form which is used to apply for the temporary travel and for K fiancé visas in the US. for more details visit DS 160 Form - Online Nonimmigrant US Visa Application

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