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we're now going to go into a group of.speakers on standards and certification.something that's high on everybody's.mind that's in this field our first.speaker is Earl Lawrence who is the.executive director of the FAA x'.aircraft certification service where.he's responsible for type certification.production approval air worthiness.certification and continued air.worthiness of the u.s. civil aircraft.fleet including commercial and general.aviation activities he oversees a.professional workforce of more than 1300.employees in working at FAA headquarters.in DC 35 field offices across the US and.two international offices located in.Belgium and Singapore before being named.to executive director in 2018 he was the.executive director of the unmanned.aircraft systems integration office.responsible for the facilitation of all.regulations policies and procedures.required to support the safe integration.of UAS into the navs he played a.fundamental role in establishing leading.and successfully operationalizing this.new organization.he was also previously manager of the FA.a small airplane Directorate where he.managed air worthiness standards.continued operational safety policy and.guidance for small aircraft gliders.light sport aircraft airships and.balloons and before the FAA report.Earl's could have longest introduction.he was VP of Industry and regulatory.affairs for EAA here in Oshkosh and.managed the government affairs office in.Oshkosh and DC and before that he worked.for Rockwell Rocketdyne versus a rocket.engine mechanic and then a manufacturing.engineer on the International Space.Station.please welcome Ora Lawrence thank you.all that means is I can't keep a job.it's great to be here it's great to be.in Oshkosh I hope you enjoy this week.it's always a fabulous week to see.everything out there and learn so much.from each other and I think that's what.this is all about and I I really do.appreciate you inviting the FAA to this.this conference if you're going to be.developing these aircraft and being.operating them with passengers on board.I'm your unwanted partner you and I do.mean partner we are a partner but you.know you're stuck with us you have to.take us along the journey and taking us.along the journey can be a difficult.task and I was listening this morning.and they're saying you know yesterday.that ways don't mean to get you down and.this morning don't mean to get you down.I won't get you down today but we will.share a little bit about reality and the.things that we all have to deal with if.we're going to be introducing these new.aircraft into service um we all know.yesterday was a milestone 50th.anniversary of landing on the moon and I.thought it was appropriate one of my.favorite quotes is from Verner von Braun.and it says we can lick gravity but.sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.I represent the paperwork the FAA is is.really used to new technologies I get a.little disappointed sometimes when they.say well the FAA doesn't you know.doesn't understand or doesn't know how.to deal with a new technology if we can.manage to certify a 787 on all-composite.electric aircraft yes it has German.engines but of the whole system's.electric the the everything that went.into that thing was new and unique and.yes we had some issues we had some.issues the partnership in between US and.Boeing but look at all the various.technologies that were introduced and.putting an aircraft like that into.commercial service that is carrying.millions of people every year around our.planet the to say that the FAA is not.used to technology as a bit of a.misnomer we are and when dealing with us.one of the things you really have to.remember is everything is about safety.particularly with new innovations.and you know that's one of the things.that you can do for us and it's been.read back to me a couple of times when I.was running the unmanned aircraft office.there was a certain large international.organization that came in to meet with.me 14 people showed up 13 of them were.lawyers one of them was the ROPS guy I.said next time show up with 13 engineers.and operators and bring one lawyer they.listened they turned it around but I.bring that up to say that really don't.care about your business case don't.really care how much money you're gonna.make it affects how we your operation.affects what we need to look at but.that's what we care about what are the.safety issues that we have to look at to.make sure all the risks are mitigated so.when you come to us start with safety.that is our focus that's what all our.regulations are built around and I'll.say that when I was on the other side.and coming in if you always come in with.safety that's how you're gonna quote win.your arguments it's not about winning.the arguments it's about moving forward.and mitigating risks but there will be.disagreements and if you keep focusing.on showing that your way of doing.something your way of designing a.product will address the safety issue it.will come out for the best for your.interest and and allow you to move.forward with your design one of the new.challenges that we have in this area.really isn't aircraft certification we.know how to certify aircraft these.aircraft aren't that much different as.you're just looking at history we've.been building vertical lift aircraft for.decades we have lots of people on our.staff that understand and have been.working on vertical lift and understand.the problems a vertical lift we know.that's not where the struggle is I said.it's all about safety right well a lot.of the things that you're looking for.and you're coming to us and companies.are coming to us are they're looking for.us to change the way the operation is.conducted we're talking about well I.don't want a pilot to have to have a.getting that certificate.and I'm autumn ating this item and I.want to go operate in this airspace and.I want to move around and it's really.what we liked right lay to talk about.it's it's the safety oven and the entire.system and we are not good at that at.the FAA as I says we we are a series of.what we call titanium silos we have.aircraft certification we have flight.standards we have air traffic we have.airports and we don't talk to each other.very well and a lot of the new.technologies that are coming in are.focused on the need to mitigate risks in.all of those areas not just one area so.my engineers want to mitigate every one.of the risks of your operation all in.the design flight standards wants to.mitigate every single one of your risks.in the pilot and the the operation.approvals of your aircraft air traffic.is gonna put you out and keep you away.from everybody and they'll mitigate all.the risk by not letting you fly over.anybody you can see the trend and having.to bring us all together is really the.challenge so I'm having discussions like.this is is truly a great opportunity to.recognize that and to say that the FAA.is working very hard to make sure that.we are talking to each other and we are.working as a group and I think there's.some really great examples of that so.far one of the things that we've started.to institute Institute is agreements.with companies that come in and are.moving this to commercial viability that.includes signatures of the executives.across every one of those silos so we're.sitting down and we're committing to.working with you as one group and early.and often now this the title of this.this area was standards and.certification things that are very much.to my heart I think a lot of you knew.there's there's several people in this.room that equally will spend as much.time working on our part 23 the new part.23 is not the answer to all your.problems.but it is a good example of where we.want to move forward from a policy and a.regulatory standpoint it is the example.of what are we trying to do what are.some of the key things in in that that.regulation that's been out there for a.couple of years now one we established.risk levels there's one two three and.four now they're associated with the.number of people on board but there was.a lot of time and effort internationally.to figure it out we were working on.things like stall speeds and and you.know crash worthiness there was all.kinds of different ideas of how we were.going to establish a level of risks.actually was eásá that came in and said.it's real simple it's the number of.bodies that are on board that can you.know if there's a fatal crash that's how.that's that's the level of risk we've.extended those level of risks into it.and that's what we call our continuum.and what we are dedicated to part 23.says is we are dedicated to matching our.level of regulatory oversight to the.level of risk of your operation and I.think we have evidence of that for those.of you who fly experimental aircraft we.don't spend very much time on you it's.an experiment go to have your experiment.enjoy your experiment learn from the.experiment as you work up into areas.that the public expects us to assure a.certain level of safety we're gonna have.more involvement and that's what those.levels are about and that was one of the.key things in part 23 and we are.dedicated to expanding that and I know.folks like Wes Ryan have been here.before and they've explained things how.we have various levels of safety in our.approach so if it's completely unmanned.and you're gonna operate it out in a.farm field we're gonna have a lot less.touch a lot less oversight as you work.your way up in the operations and the.number of people that would be exposed.to those risks we're going to increase.our oversight that is something that's.in 23 another thing that's in part 23 is.the ability to use industry consensus.standards and I know I say he's going to.speak a little bit but that is a key.thing for all of us.to recognize the use of industry.consensus standards gives us one huge.benefit we bring in the experts in the.field from anywhere in the world to sit.down and put their memories their.thoughts on a piece of paper and says if.you do it this way then it's gonna be.the best way to address a particular.design issue and a particular approach.that is invaluable to the agency to have.that brain trust and we do participate.in that and I'll tell you now one of the.things that I've changed when I came.into aircraft certification is we are.establishing an industry consensus.standards office with managers about.execs be an executive it was about ready.to be announced I hope in the next month.or so who that will be.but that office will be focused on.nothing but working with groups like SAE.and ASTM and I Triple E and just all the.different groups of folks to establish.consensus standards and making sure.you're getting the support you need.another thing that you know part 23 did.is change the mindset of my staff across.the board to understand that we're.trying to be flexible and I like to.bring this up the strength requirement.the g-load requirement for a light-sport.aircraft is actually higher than it is.for a part 25 aircraft but the level of.oversight that the faa imposes is quite.a bit different isn't it okay and and.you know we wings can't fall off right.that's the key thing that's the safety.issue but it does go back to how much.time do we spend verifying that you know.I can you can put sandbags flip it.upside down put sandbags on the wing.take a picture and we say good is that.good enough for the new what new Airbus.or Boeing no you know obviously we're.gonna spend a whole lot of time the.requirement is the same g-load as it is.for a part 23 aircraft.but again it goes back to how much time.we spend that so keep that in mind when.you're looking at certifying these.things we're going to spend more time in.the areas the higher exposure that there.will be to the people operating these.aircraft and people not just operating.it but under the operation of these.aircraft a couple other things one of.the things that we've done in aircraft.sort of also to help you all out and to.answer questions obviously these are new.things and we don't necessarily have.what we call a cert basis established so.we have appointed a gentleman and he's.here all week Peter white and he is head.of our innovation office and it is his.job and his staff job to work with each.and one of you to discuss before you're.getting to an application of a type.certificate so you don't even know yeah.I'm still I'm more than an experiment.I'm working on my business plan and I'm.moving on but I'm not quite sure yet.ready to you don't assign that statement.and says this is the this is the.aircraft I'm gonna go certify but I have.a whole bunch of questions for aircraft.certification I want to understand that.him in his office and what you can.connect up with him sometime this week.if you're looking to do that is assigned.to do just that and his job is to go out.throughout the FAA and bring all the.right people in to assist you that and.then working with all the various other.associations out there are the things.that we're focusing on I'm getting some.cert basis is established we also work.internationally don't always have the.same philosophy what I just laid out to.you that we we will use a safety.continuum we will not do the same level.of oversight everybody we are not going.to treat everything as a transport.aircraft is not the same philosophy.worldwide and so we're gonna have to.deal with those differences there are.still a lot of folks that want to go to.the highest quote the highest level of.safety what does that mean that means.the most involvement possible from the.agency we're looking to balance out the.involvement of the agency because.remember I said the requirements are the.same but the involvement you'll have.from us will vary lots of pretty.pictures and work and work have been.done and FAA doesn't do any of that and.you'll get to see some of those from.folks but it is our job to put the.interests of the general public into.your operation and to reflect that.remember that is always a continuous.process can any of you tell me what the.acceptable level of safety to the US.public and remember Congress is the.reflection of that of the.representatives of them is going to find.acceptable for a vertical lift over.aircraft over over there they're a.particular district okay zero why I.don't know I'm on the same that's the.the fun job I have to balance out and so.when you're when we're working together.understand that that's where we're.coming from.we appreciate your designs we know you.do the work and that you have the.knowledge behind it we are trying to.balance in what are the expectations of.the taxpayers that we work for and their.representatives as we bring this forward.you save the problems and I think that's.another reason when and I'm glad to see.SAE here and presenting using the.industry bodies as I mentioned is key to.you solving the problems where I see.things slow down is when the companies.decide that they want to keep it close.to themselves and be the only ones that.know how to solve the problem because.it's their market benefit we will.support that that is not a phase role.but the industry will move a lot quicker.and it's a lot easier for us to move.quick.when it's an open process and people are.sharing the information it was asked to.speak for for 20 minutes I think we're.going to do Q&A afterwards are we doing.it as a group as a group afterwards so.those are some of the thoughts that I.wanted to leave you with they come down.to yes we are open for business you've.heard probably me say that and others.have say that in the past the FAA will.does want to support your your project.we have the resources put in place to.support that and at the sometimes the.paperwork is overwhelming and but the.the reason for that I think we all.understand is because we have that job.of representing the American public and.their representatives and in your.project because you will operate over.there their heads and they will be.getting on board your aircraft and.that's the balance we're trying to to.achieve so safety first safety always.and I look forward to getting an.opportunity to fly some of your aircraft.someday I need I'd like to add models.into my logbook so thank you very much I.look forward to the Q&A afterwards and.I'm sure it'll be a fun time all right.thanks.[Applause].

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Rai Publication Scholarship Exam 2019- Rai Publication Scholarship Form 5th, 8th, 10th & 12th. Rai Publication Scholarship Examination 2019 is going to held in 2019 for various standards 5th, 8th, 10th & 12th in which interested candidates can apply for the following scholarship examination going to held in 2019. This scholarship exam is organized by the Rai Publication which will held only in Rajasthan in the year 2019. Students can apply for the following scholarship examination 2019 before the last date of application that is 15 January 2019. The exam will be conducted district wise in Rajasthan State by the Rai Publication before June 2019. Students of class 5th, 8th, 10th and 12th can fill online registration for Rai Publication scholarship exam 2019. Exam is held in February in all districts of Rajasthan. Open registration form using link given below. In the scholarship examination, the scholarship will be given to the 20 topper students from each standard of 5th, 8th, 10th & 12th on the basis of lottery which will be equally distributed among all 20 students. The declaration of the prize will be announced by July 2019. राय पब्लिकेशन छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा का आयोजन सत्र 2019 में किया जाएगा कक्षा 5वी , 8वी , 10वी एवं 12वी के लिए, इच्छुक अभ्यार्थी आवेदन कर सकते है इस छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा 2019 के लिए | यह छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा राजस्थान में राइ पब्लिकेशन के दवारा की जयगी सत्र 2019 में | इच्छुक अभ्यार्थी एक परीक्षा कर सकते है आखरी तारीख 15 जनवरी 2019 से पहले | यह परिखा राजस्थान छेत्र में जिला स्तर पर कराई जाएगी राइ पब्लिकेशन के दवारा जून 2019 से पहले | इस छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा में, छात्रव्रत्ति 20 विजेता छात्र छात्राओं दो दी जयेगी जिसमे हर कक्षा के 20 छात्र होंगे जिन्हे बराबरी में बाटा जयेगा। पुरस्कार की घोसणा जुलाई 2019 में की जयेगी | Rai Publication Scholarship Exam 2019 information : This scholarship examination is conducted for 5th, 8th, 10th & 12th standard for which interested candidates can apply which a great opportunity for the students. The exam syllabus will be based according to the standards of their exam which might help them in scoring in the Rai Publication Scholarship Examination 2019. The question in the exam will be multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) and there will be 100 multiple choice questions. To apply for the above scholarship students must have to fill the application form but the 15 January 2019. यह छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा कक्षा कक्षा 5वी , 8वी , 10वी एवं 12वी के लिए आयोजित है जिसमे इच्छुक अभ्यार्थी पंजीकरण करा सकते है जोकि छात्र छात्राओं के लिए एक बड़ा अवसर होगा | राय पब्लिकेशन छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा 2019 परीक्षा का पाठ्यक्रम कक्षा अनुसार ही होगा जोकि उन्हें प्राथम आने में सहयोग प्रदान करेगा | परीक्षा के प्रश्न-पत्र में सारे प्रश्न बहुविकल्पीय प्रश्न होंगे एवं प्रश्न-पत्र में कुल 100 प्रश्न दिए जायेंगे | इस छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा को देने क लिए अभयार्थियो को पहले पंजीकरण करना अनिवार्य होगा जोकि ऑनलाइन होगा जिसकी आखरी तारीख 15 जनवरी 2019 है | Distribution of Rai Publication Deskwork Scholarship Exam 2019: 5th Class Topper Prize Money:- 4 Lakh Rupees 8th Class Topper Prize Money:- 11 Lakh Rupees 10th Class Topper Prize Money:- 51 Lakh Rupees 12thClass Topper Prize Money:- 39 Lakh Rupees How to fill Rai Publication Scholarship Form 2019 : Follow the above steps to register for the for Rai Publication Scholarship Examination 2019: Candidates can follow these below given instructions to apply for the scholarship exam of Rai Publication. The Rai Publication Scholarship application form is available in the news paper (Rajasthan Patrika.) You can also download it from this page. It also can be downloaded from the last page of your desk work. Application form is also given on the official website of Rai Publication: Rai Publication - Online Book Store for REET RPSC RAS SSC Constable Patwar 1st 2nd Grade Teacher Now fill the details correctly in the application form. Now send the application form to the head office of Rai Publication. Rai Publication Website Link Click Here Head Office Address of Rai Publication Shop No: -24 & 25, Bhagwan Das Market, Chaura Rasta, Jaipur, Rajasthan PIN Code:- 302003 Contact No.- 0141 232 1136 Source : Rai Publication Scholarship Exam 2019

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