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How to leverage The Jd Cv 121 Form ?

all right good afternoon traders this.heart bumper coming to you from the.closing print.uh we'll be going uh over these uh.watchlist stocks here.in just a couple minutes let a few other.people get in.here you can check us out.at the.closingprint.com.and we have all our positions here you.can sign up for the.chat room uh live stream.which cv is on every day going over.charts and trades.so you can check that out at.theclosingprint.com or send me a message.and i can get you.set up with that.all right i'm gonna go ahead and start.here uh so basically what i did.is um sorry that's not one of my.stocks here through market smith i went.through the growth 250.and basically just set up a list of the.stocks that were showing the best.relative strength.some that had the best institutional.ownership and earnings.and that's kind of what we're going to.go through i'm going to have it set on.the daily but the weekly provides a.great.um overview during this pullback.and again workhorse obviously we've been.in this.um trading this from the breakout.believe.as actually under the breakout 1767 or.1768 was our entry.um on the friday that i was doing the.live broadcast and this continues to.just show.excellent relative strength and volume.so on.any pullback in this stock i'll be.looking to add or.at least initiate a position i'm just.getting a little stretch from the pivot.area.so a pull back to the pivot it's.actually passed.the profit taking zone that ibd or.market smith suggests here on the.pattern recognition.but a pullback to the pivot or even the.21e.would be a great opportunity to add to.your position or initiate a new position.we see the relative strength line.continues to climb.which is what we want to see we see the.fund ownership increasing no.big funds in this yet so we'll see if.that continues to increase.the next one we're in is zoom which.actually you know obviously showing.excellent relative strength to the.market um our initial entry was 368.and then we added on a position to that.and our average now is 384.so excellent gains on that weekly is.showing.pullback after the eps and then.continues to show relative strength.again this is just a new new issue since.june.2019 which is what we like to have under.a year.disrupting technology institutional.ownership.has almost quadrupled in a year contra.fund's got a small position.but i would like to see this increase.with some more funds.and again that's another position we're.in palestine i'm not in this.or a few people in the room are showing.excellent relative strength to the.market.great volume eps was um.good uh institutional ownership has.increased significantly.on the daily it is forming this flag we.have these kind of two wicks up top here.but i would look at any pullback to the.21e to initiate a position.or initiate on the breakout next stock.we're going to go over tesla.obviously we had a great after-hours buy.on that at 308.posted my entry in the room and then.we've added on to that position i know.some other people.are in this with us also so we've had.just a great move and a great run if you.took some profits.relative strength line is still holding.up well.uh funds are in this obviously so any.pullback to the 21e here.would offer us an opportunity to add to.our position.or initiate a new position draftkings um.just great relative strength and volume.um for the week the rs line continues to.increase.funds are finally getting in this as of.june which would like to see so it's.institutional ownership.so we'll look at that uh going forward i.do not have a position this yet i did.down here.um and took a little bit of profit and.kind of got stopped out and this like.choppiness.um and unfortunately i didn't stay with.it this breakout would have been.um excellent but that's okay.we've had some other ones that we've.looked at.and had great winners on lbgo.i like this it's held the 50-day which.is the 10ma on the weekly.just had a nice pullback full arming a.nice tight consolidation here.pattern recognitions um calling the.stage two kind of flat base.consolidation it looks like.um declined on lighter volume obviously.this week we had eps and quad which so.this volume may be discounted slightly.but.institutional fund ownership's.increasing rs lines holding up.and now we may be heading back to the.top of this consolidation area.um i like this on the.daily here kind of this downtrend.breakout.here above the 21e so any pullback to.the top of this breakout area.around 128.86 would be a great great.area to initiate this.had a little bit of area overhead but.we're working through that at the 131 so.then the top of this.consolidation would be the next area i'd.look for this to move.and then if it decides to break out on.heavy volume.so our prime entry would be down here.um in this consolidation base um we'll.start getting in here and then when it.starts to break out other buyers will.come in.so we'd rather already be in and adding.to our position when this begins to.break out of a proper.ibd buy point flag recognition.um teledoc the same deal.bottom of the base here consolidation.i'd like to see this.at least get above the 50 increasing.volume relative strengths increasing.huge institutional ownership some of the.big funds we follow.are in this including um the columbia.small cap.and the kri mid cap growth so we'd like.to see this go back.to the top of the consolidation area.again i'd rather be in down here.if possible in a starter position and.then add as we get up through here.and then add as we get up through the.breakout on a daily and weekly time.frame so we'll already be ready to be in.a profit.position on that hcmp i was in it last.week.i took some profits on it and i don't.have a position going into this week.though.uh bios got a great bounce on friday.so this is definitely one that is high.on my watch list.i'm going in this week institutional.ownership is great relative strength.lines increasing.only down negative for me would be the.eps.this past quarter it's kind of bounced.around um so that's one thing that.is not you know prime ibd buying but.it's showing relative strength to the.market so we have to.take notice of that um crowd just.another one showing.excellent relative strength to the.market uh anything that's above the 21e.actually is um would be one that i would.look to immediately.even above the 50 50 ma which would be.the 10ma weekly because most of the.growth stocks have broken down under.that.but it's just holding and it kind of.just barely creeping up here.uh eps was excellent institutional.ownership is increasing.volumes increasing so pretty much.everything we want to look for.so this one i'm not in at the moment but.it is at the top of my list also because.we are close to a pivot and close to 21e.so our risk management would be very.simple.even if you're under here at 118.that's a little bit over a 10 stop so.that's a little bit too much for me.um i would give this you know seven or.eight.um depending on what your.size is um you could do a starter.position and give it ten percent but.that would be about a quarter.of your normal size position and then.you could add them to break out above.this.um kind of 133 area up and up into this.area.um emph the um.the solars are number two on the.um groups so it's definitely showing.relative strength.uh again may discount this a little bit.because opex options expiration.but nice pullback to this previous pivot.area um held the 50-day.like to see it get back above the 21 day.and then possibly head up.the only reason i'm really looking at.these is because of the group strength.um so group strength is you know roughly.20 to 30 percent.of the ibd kind of tier system that they.like to look at the market is 50.so we need the market at our back but.fsly.actually is holding the bottom of this.base a nice volume on friday relative.strength line.has not really dropped as this is pulled.back so that has been extremely.interesting to me.um 72 71 72 area is important.but we have to get over this 85.86 moving average kind of flat to down.confluence area so if we get over that.then 99.69 is the next area and then on.up not necessarily a true ibd base at.the moment.it is a big flag here so it's almost a.high tight flag.kind of uh look because.of the move in price so definitely.that's one i have on my.list for next week um apps.were in this just excellent move.just we took some profits on friday just.just a great.stock that showed just crazy relative.strength to the rest of the market.i was pulling back and that's the one we.pounded on and.um just provided us a great opportunity.this week for uh.i believe it was a 15 gain on our.position.close to that maybe so it was over ten.percent so that that's what we look for.there.fvrr again holding up relatively well my.only.problem with this stock is it's a little.bit lower volume but again.uh not really a pattern wreck here for.market smith but.it almost is a flat base for me it just.doesn't.um necessarily follow the flat base um.parameters that i posted in the trend.falling room i'd like for you guys to.print that off.um the flat base has to be a five week.minimum and then 10 to 15.with 30 prior uptrend so that's why it's.not really recognizing that.but again it looks great weekly looks.great there eps was.was great um and the institutional funds.are coming in.so that'd be one we can look for next.week se we were in this for this long.uptrend we took profits and then i got.out of most of my position.i was in it all the way up to here.got out got back in and wrote this up a.little bit higher.but it was just a monster trade in a.long-term account.um relative strength holding 98 here.institutional fund.ownership increasing contra funds coming.in with a small position like to see.that increase a little bit.the volume was a little bit higher on.this pullback than i like to see.and but it is forming this kind of nice.flag real tight price action.so we can definitely see that above 150.is pretty much where.we want to look to initiate a position.and then our stop would kind of be below.here at 142.again amd's pulling back nicely as the.rest of the semi stocks.the reason i'm going to keep this on my.watch this is because of the.volume and then basically this would be.a proxy for the rest of the smh.if amd starts to turn i believe a lot of.the other stocks.will begin to turn also.nvidia again just it's it's holding.relative strength to the market okay.it's above the 50 ma it's a huge growth.stock and then.we have 3 000 funds in it so if this.continues to hold up.and no institutional funds sell off.significantly then that.is definitely one we want to look to add.because we already have a position in.avgo had earnings um just they beat.earnings by.slightly but then the volume contraction.here has been excellent.a little bit higher thursday and friday.on the on the volume but this could be.for opex.but again above the 21e so any pullback.into this pivot.area for me would possibly be a buying.opportunity if it continues to hold the.21e then that's definitely.showing great relative strength um celh.tried to break out on friday.huge earnings institutional fund.ownership is increasing.none of the funds are that we like to.see but.kind of a newer stock that's moved up.lately and then it's kind of gained.popularity.i think in the drink area so um real.page is not what i'm looking at.i'm not sure why that deleted didn't.delete i was looking at brp.um.let's see sorry about that uh.it's not down there so sorry brp was the.other one i was looking at was holding.up.really well oops.brp um good volume this might have been.opex but these earnings.um again are you know that out of the.out of the.ballpark and it's pulling back to the.21e the only problem is.it's in a group that is not necessarily.one of the top groups.um so it's um not not.one that you want to just go right after.considering you want to be in the top.25 groups on that um the other ones i.were.i was looking at let me throw these out.there.um band.i think i looked at that one looking at.my list real quick band yeah excellent.on um blue dot scan relative strengths.96.institutional funds ownership's.increasing and um.earnings are looking good also so this.is one going into next week.uh basically above this 157 error or if.we get a pullback.into this 146. um i'll look at a 60.minute time frame.you know for intraday so look at this.flag right here it's building nicely so.149.and you pull back into there and then a.breakout.uh pretty much above this 159 160 area.is what i would look for so that is what.we can look for going into next week.that was all on my list let's look a.couple people are posting some stocks in.the room.so gfi.um let's see it is in the top.some groups which is good um.11 million interesting volume and eps.and institutional ownership's increasing.so this is in the mining sector.uh pvg was the one i was playing that.was the strongest.uh we had about 20 um trade on that.which was excellent.only i do not like this candle on friday.that's the only candle you see how it.finished in the bottom.portion of the range i would like that.to scene hold up a little better and.then the weekly.see this topping candle couldn't try to.break out couldn't get above this um.consolidation pivot area and then kind.of reject it now it's pulling back to.the 10ma.so i do like the relative strength.though and the eps is great so that's.one you can keep on the list.but uh i would need to see the price.action.get a little bit better into next week.it's just a big consolidation area so.this could pull.kind of close in lower range almost at.the 21 east this could pull back into.this area here.um into the 11 or 12 and 1180 area.unless it just does an about face and.turns around it goes above 14.but that's one uh yeah all the metals in.mining.look good and a lot of the biotechs were.popping up on a lot of the screens.i'll show i'll go through a couple that.doesn't i don't really like that action.on friday as you can see again it's opec.so we can't really look at that but.um it's going back deep into this handle.see this cup and handle on the daily.pattern wreck so that needs to show.relative strength to the market.you know big institutional ownership.there but pvg was the one we traded.which was pretty much beating the rest.of the market.so that's why we took it it was a.breakout here.and then we had this move up here so.that's the one i was in relative.strength was showing was good but again.volume on friday and these look like.they might be failing and pulling back.towards at least here so.um we could put this on alert and pull.back to the watch list.um alexion yep.if there's any other ones anybody wants.to look at alexion i like the look of.this one.uh if the biotechs decide to go um the.rs.real the rs strength is the only thing.that's concerning on this it does have.volumes forming this cup.um maybe form it's stage one which is.awesome.uh because uh the base counts has been.reset so above this 121.uh just definitely looks like this could.move higher.um it's tested it here and then pull.back.so we'll see what the volume looks like.on monday but i love the look at this it.held the 21.on friday so.i'll go to the intraday chart here kind.of big volume on these also which are.nice.not necessarily a defined pattern like.this with the breakout.but i like the look here so for me above.115 would probably be an entry.115 to 116 and then my stop would.i'd run about a three percent stop okay.so you're probably looking at about.three dollars.so down below this 113 area on that.um just because the market conditions.that's why i'm running but roughly in.between three and five percent stop on.these.uh ed yeah they're available on market.smith um.mike weber has left ibd and.is in austin actually doing some hedge.fund stuff but they're all available in.market smith if you click browse screens.here.and you can search.here um and you can pull it'll pull up.all your screens and it'll pull up.anybody that has his name.in there it takes a few minutes because.he has a lot of them so yeah these are.all webster screens here.you can sort by date there'll be other.people that created it or copied it from.twitter.but you can also search by author which.would be mark.mike webster and these are market smith.ones here um.i don't know if if he actually has his.screens left in here.i would assume i would assume they are.um let's see.ryan's another good one uh to follow he.posts.a lot of webster's scans so they may.have changed these to market smith scans.instead of mike webster now oh.i mean his name's on these and these are.the ones um.that he developed so you can look.through those.um but yeah there's a lot of i use a lot.of his scans i use um.there's a couple other guys that posted.market smith that are ibd people.that have excellent scans uh david ryan.screen.obviously he was on the ibd podcast.he is excellent and then if you go to.the market smith stock screens here.these are you can actually go on the.warren buffett screen.if you want that'll show pretty much uh.all warren buffett stocks.or not all of his stocks but stocks that.he screened for.or his screening parameters i guess i.should say so um.again that'll give you the list and then.basically what i do is so we have 39 of.them.so i'm sorry 30 of them so i would sort.these you could sort by volume.um but i would sort these by the eps.rating first okay.because that's earnings that i would.like to see.and then you can sort it like this and.look at the top then you can also sort.it by volume.um and we can just i just cruise through.these real quick and i'll show you.um obviously some of these are probably.going to be thieves on my list also.i guess i didn't add that one but these.should be.holding relative strength to the market.okay just because the parameter c.has set um.so um they should.be holding relative strength to the.market so those would be the ones you.want to look at.i hope that helps gme have a bit left.from a few weeks ago okay we'll take a.look at that one.um but anyway just go through those.obviously you want the best of the best.so that's why i have this screen right.here.and marcus smith is called the best of.the best.and you see there's only 14 stocks on it.okay so if the market's going to help us.out.we would want this to be increasing.and so these are basically the best.earnings the best strength and the best.ratings.and you can flip through those okay p f.s p f.s i has been excellent video has been.excellent jd is actually setting up.really well i like the look of that one.also.um big lots and a few other ones in here.that we have.traded um sale actually looks good also.so um gme let's look at that one real.quick.yeah looking good gamestop um i believe.yep that looks good um institutional.ownership is decreasing a little bit.came out of that base which was nice i.have a bit left.yeah that pullback here i think stopped.a lot of people out.um only thing is this eps down here i.mean they're just not.that the company was almost bankrupt.and i think they're close to still close.to bankruptcy i don't remember what all.of it happened.um but i i understand what you're.looking at the volume and it's breaking.out here.but i want the best of the best okay so.basically i want.this um that is what i want workhorse.which has given us 30 percent gain.counter trend to the market.i want apps which has been giving us a.crazy gain.okay so so what happens is though is you.know 50 of the stocks move is related to.the market.and again gme is showing relative.strength of the market but there's lots.of other.factors and parameters um it has eps.so these can continue i mean when the.market decides.to bounce if and when that happens these.will continue to rise quicker than the.rest of them.all right so that's why i'm in these and.i want to stay in those and those can.continue.to turn into your 100 winners okay.sound good all right that's it for me um.there's a.watch list um going into.um uh next week of about 20 stocks again.we're in a distribution phase um plus.the indexes are.under the 21 or under the 50 so we're.going to have to see that turn around.for us to get a tailwind for any of.these growth stocks.and so i you know most of the most the.people i talk to most people i see are.roughly only in about 30 percent.invested at the moment everybody else is.in cash um.no captain man i don't trade those.um i know a lot of people do and it's.fine.it's just you know i want people to be.in the best of the best.you know let's i mean i'll pull a couple.of them up for you.i mean they're just so volatile man i.mean i understand.what the purpose of them are and they're.pulling back and.if people want to trade him it's fine.but i want to be in things that i know.have institutional ownership.um have good earnings and.i want the 100 winners you know i don't.want i mean even though we got.15 20 workhorse and apps i want the.life-changing.money winners on these and dkng may be.one.and these spacks may be but these are.just short-term trades i mean look at.the volume that.you know it came from over here um you.know and then they had the ipos.and you know these i i don't know if.these institutional ownerships if this.continues to increase then i might get.interested in it.um in some of these um what's the other.one.um i can't remember the other ones.um there's a lot of them yeah i mean.that's fine i mean you know intraday.trading.is fine i mean i have have no problem.with you guys you know.intraday trading it's just i want to be.in the things that i don't have to watch.you know every tick um you know.but there i mean if if you can't if you.can't get.excited about um this thing you know.breaking out.and giving us um over a 30.gain you know from our original entry um.and so what i would suggest is you're.tearing into this thing.and you're increasing your position size.i mean this thing is showing crazy.strength and crazy volume coming in.and on a 30 move let's just say you had.20 of your account in that as you tier.in.or even you get to a 25 position because.there's nothing else in the market.that's doing well.i mean that's just you know crazy crazy.money.without having to really do much.okay and that that's what i want to.preach to people is i'd rather you be in.something that.is institutional owned increasing and.showing.relative strength to the market even if.you're in a small size than trying to.trade a lot of the spec stuff intraday.just because the volatility is a lot.higher right now and you're going to get.stopped out back and forth.so quick and then you're going to get.chopped up so it's just easier to do.these names so.yeah it's it's had a great run um but.again.you know if you read the life cycle.trade this is pro this may just be.getting started.okay so that's that's the that's the.reason i try to get in these.is when the institutions decide to start.getting in them is when the really big.moves happen.you know this 3 to 22 is just kind of.the.the initial phase all right and then we.get this.due diligence phase by the institutions.and then we get the breakout.okay so this is when the institutions.are like okay this thing has the.probability.to go extremely higher okay and that's.how we get.um you know uh an fsly.that goes from this down here.you know doubles in three months okay.and that could possibly be what.workhorse is gonna do when the.institutions decide to get involved.this is what happens all right so that's.why i don't wanna be in at the.at the three dollar range and a lot of.then it's fine if people want to try to.get into that okay but you really have.no idea.yes volume's increasing but this is.still a spec trade.all right and yes you can make good.money here i want to be in the.trade from the base breakout holding the.21e.to when it goes to 100 and i want to.hold that okay like we did.in in shop um we you know caught this.reversal here.base breakout and then we caught this.move up to eight nine hundred a thousand.all right added to our position around.here that's what i want to be in.so i can you know carry that whole thing.the whole time.and just kind of ride it ride it up.that's what i want to be in or the.amazon trade.whichever one i want 100 wonders on that.so.all right okay that's going to do it for.me traders um hope you have a great.weekend we'll see you in the room.uh again we want the best of the best we.want to look for relative strength.um next week whatever's shown relative.strength um hopefully the growth stocks.will start to get a little bit more flow.if not.then we'll just take it day by day and.see what.comes our way all right thanks.

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Be truthful (Honesty is rewarded and interviewer has his/her own way to find it out) Use Highly refined formal language ( You are about to enter the corporate world) Try not to repeat one point for multiple answers (Say for example different questions asking for academic achievement and one greatest achievement) Keep the form clear of any bruises All the best!

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

Am I able to fill advance form if I got 121 in Mains with OBC but I have got 0 marks in maths?

Yaa... The cutoff range for obc this year will be most probably between 69–72…And in JEE(Mains) there is nothing like cutoff for individual subjects... So go ahead and best of luck for JEE(Advanced)..

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

What happens if you don't pay small claims Judgement?

I don't think that it matters what state you are in. But I am not a lawyer. I did spend some time looked ng and not buying foreclosed property. There were houses in gated communities, rich people being foreclosed on because they got behind on HOA dues. So if you have a judgement and the judgement is against real property, it will be auctioned off to satisfy the bill. Call a real lawyer though to get solid facts.

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