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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to key in Morrisons Online Application Form

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Morrisons Online Application Form Demand Assistance

in this video we're going to look at the.five most common questions that are.asked in Morrison's interviews and I'm.going to help you plan fantastic answers.that land you a job with Morrison's.let's start with a question that.Morrison's are pretty much guaranteed to.ask which is what shifts can you do and.this question is problematic and a lot.of people completely screw up this.question so I'm going to show you how.not to screw up and also remember that.this question usually is one of the most.important questions for determining who.gets a job so first thing you do is make.sure you're honest there's no point.lying about your availability because.that's not going to help you when you're.offered the job and then you start.refusing all your shifts and they get.rid of you so to be successful in this.question once you go over the hurdle of.making sure you're honest at the start.you're gonna show off as much.flexibility as you possibly can and.you're going to show that you're.committed to Morrison's and that you.take your job very seriously the way.that people screw this question up is.they start listing all of the times they.can't do and then say I can do all the.other times which is the wrong way to.approach it you will be sure that you.can do this and you can do that and.these times are great and showing that.you're totally committed and that you're.going to be there when they need you so.some things that Morrison's really like.to hear they like to hear that you can.work evenings and this list just start.drilling these off say these things and.you will see the person interviewing you.kind of nodding and being like this is.someone we probably want to give the job.to so you got evenings weekends.especially on Sundays definitely worth.mentioning when the store opens early in.the morning if you're fine with getting.up early that's normally your thing say.I've quite happy to work very early in.the morning right when the store opens.and for certain stores that are 24 hours.or petrol stations which can run 24.hours saying that you're happier work.night shifts is also a really great.asset to the company so by seeing the.times that are difficult to staff your.chance of getting the job goes up.significantly so really what you try to.do is you try to show Morrison's a.can-do attitude and the chances are.you're gonna reel off flow to times that.you can do and then go on to the next.question.unlikely to ask you about can you work.Thursday afternoon because why would.they be so interested in that specific.time slot but if you say I can't work.Thursdays you just brought up the.negatives so show them a can-do attitude.and you'll be successful in this.question and this question often does.massively decide whether you get the job.or not let's move on to the next.question which is what can you tell me.about Morrison's and they may not ask.this question directly in that way but.they are going to be interested in your.knowledge and also if you can get some.of these points in during your interview.it shows that you've done the research.and you've done your hard work so if.you've worked hard preparing for example.watching this video and you go into your.interview and you can show that then.they're going to think this is someone.that works hard and probably should give.them the job because they're going to be.prepared and trustworthy so let's look.at some key facts that you should get in.you know they've took oversee Safeways.that's how they grew the business the.Morrison's family have substantial.influence and ownership in the company.you can talk with some of the brands.that they've got so they've got the M.brand the Morrison's own brand.you've got nutmeg which is their.clothing brand Morrison's generally.operates in very large stores you don't.get very many Morrison's convenience.stores a lot of those were pretty much.shut down so you're talking about big.format stores they are big on value they.manufacture a large proportion of their.own stuff so a lot of the stuff that's.stamped with Morrison's is actually made.by the company themselves so that's what.we call vertical integration so from.producing the food to selling it they're.working all the way through that and you.can also mention just a good fact is.that it's a food c100 company which.basically means it's a very very big.company in the hundred largest on the.stock market and getting in these facts.wherever you can is really useful and.shows that you've done your preparation.and you know what you're talking about.and my top tip is read Morrison's annual.report you won't find better information.about Morrison's in more detail with.more up-to-date and relevant information.anywhere else just search out.read of it and you will know so much.about the business let's go on to a.question that also comes up all the time.in retail which is how would you deal.with an angry or upset customer and if.you work in retail for a long time this.is going to happen to you so the first.word that you're gonna get in your.answer is the word de-escalation just.say that word and they immediately know.that you've kind of got the right idea.you're then gonna talk about how you're.gonna stick to Morrison's policies just.because you're angry and upset doesn't.mean that there's a totally different.returns policy for you you still have to.follow the company's procedures but.while you're doing it you're always.going to be showing empathy and empathy.is another great word to get in your.answer but I'm going to show empathy.towards customer I'm going to be.listening to them I'm trying actively to.resolve the situation and remain in.camera at all times and the last thing.you wanna say is that throughout this.interaction you're gonna make Morrison's.look good there'll be other people in.the store that are looking at this.because they've heard the noise for.example and they're gonna be looking.straight at the Morrisons employee to.see how they are dealing with it and are.they being professional and so you're.going to show the best face of.Morrison's and that face of.professionalism and if you do that.you're reassuring the person.interviewing you that you know what to.do and you're gonna behave appropriately.the last thing to make absolutely clear.and just see this flat out that you will.never ever argue back or raise your.voice and if you do that you're.reassuring them that you're gonna behave.appropriately so get those ideas into.your answer and you will absolutely.succeed on that question so let's look.at the next question which is strengths.and weaknesses and again this is one.that sometimes is asked directly whereas.other times it's worth learning anyway.because when you get the opportunity.you're going to make sure you mention.your strengths and if you're asked about.a weakness you're gonna have to have.something prepared that's one that you.can screw up so when we think about.strengths you're gonna start with.something that is totally genuine you.have to actually have that strength.because when you're quizzed on it later.if you don't really have that strength.you're not going to stand up to.questioning very well the next thing.you're going to do is you're going to.make sure that it's supported with.evidence if you've got evidence of that.strength it is so much more powerful and.in an interview and the last thing and.the most important is that it must.actually be relevant to Morrison's.there's no point saying how amazing you.are doing so Dooku's they don't care so.make sure is something relevant so.here's an example I have experience of.supporting and mentoring new employees.which was commented on by my previous.line manager in my reference so there's.the evidence from the reference and a.really great fact that Morrison's can.immediately see how that would be useful.so it just has to be something perhaps.working with customers customer.relations some qualifications that you.have anything that is evidenced and.definitely important to Morrison's and.that will get you a successful answer.this question the next one is weakness.and this question is often answered.extraordinarily bad so you should always.go into an interview with this answer.prepared if it comes up you can screw up.the interview if you do it wrong so you.can start by actually giving a real.weakness so the classic thing is people.will say I'm a perfectionist there's.something along those lines which it.said a little rubbish that's not a.weakness and it's just a form of.bragging and it makes you look like an.idiot so don't use a fake weakness so.make sure your example is a real genuine.weakness most importantly you're gonna.actually be doing something about it and.it's also something that is not gonna.bother Morrison's you know that they're.gonna see your weakness and it's not.really going to affect the hiring.decision so if you were to say something.like sometimes I chromic come across a.little rude so you're coming across rude.to customers they are not going to give.you that job so if you say something.that is important to the job as a.weakness that's gonna rule you straight.out so the format for an answer to this.question is the weakness I am aware of.is and then you're gonna say when at.Morrisons I would work on this by so.you've got my weakness is this and then.you take control of the conversation and.you talk at length about what you're.gonna do about it.so what support you're gonna use how.you're gonna learn from Morrison's what.training you believe you need all these.things is so much better than focusing.on I have this weakness and it is soda.dating so focus on what you're doing and.that's a great way to answer the.question let's move on the last question.where do you see yourself in five years.they may ask the five years question.they may say what are you looking for.for throughout your career over the next.few years or some other version of that.but they're probably gonna be interested.in try so whether you're gonna be here.for five minutes or a long time and what.you're actually trying to get out of.your employment so you start by giving.an answer that is credible you're not.going to be talking about becoming the.chief executive in five years or.anything ridiculous so it has to be.sensible and believable you have to have.also thought about what the process is.what you're going to be doing at each.stage you can have a basic roadmap and.you're also going to mention the.development opportunities that are.available at Morrisons and one classic.example is shadowing and learning from.the person that is doing the one level.above so some things you might want to.mention is that you are looking for a.little bit more responsibility in five.years time you can discuss what the rule.is to one level above so take the level.you're applying to now and what is the.next step above and how do you get there.in five years time but you don't have to.be one in progression you can talk about.being exceptional in your current role.in a good example for this is that.you're looking to stay in the same role.but in five years time you might be.interested in helping a new employee.that you would hope to be someone that.management would decide to buddy the the.new person up with to learn the ropes.the way to screw up this question is to.do something that is not credible the.worst thing you can do is basically.insult the interviewer so saying in five.years time I want to be a store manager.when you're being interviewed by an.assistant manager and a deputy manager.it's you're basically saying in five.years time I'm going to be your boss and.above you because I'm better than you.that's not going to go down well and the.worst thing you can do is talk about a.five-year plan that really is not of.interest to Morrison so that you're.gonna go away and become a landscape.gardener well they're not really that.interested in in that and the even worse.thing is to talk about leaving.morrison's that oh i'm just walking to.work here for one year and now i'm gonna.get a real good job or something that's.arrogant and condescending like that so.do not mention leaving even if you only.want to work in grocery for a year or.six months the interview is not the best.time to talk about that you don't.necessarily say I will stay here ten.years you just want to talk about the.skills are going to develop over five.years time and you're looking to get.more responsibilities in general but do.not talk about leaving the company and.so the last thing that I hope will be.very useful to you is I've got some.suggestions of some questions you may.want to ask at the end of the interview.if at the end of the interview you have.no questions to ask that looked very.very bad and in many cases just screws.the whole interview so I would recommend.that you memorize a couple of these the.ones that will draw your attention to is.the one which is on the bottom left what.should a new employee at Morrison's do.to maximize their impact on joining so.this is a good question for saying to.them what would you like someone to do.and what are you looking for an employee.and then when you reply after the answer.you can basically talk about how you're.going to do exactly what they're looking.for.so you've elicited what they want and.then you confirm to them that I am.exactly what you're looking for an N Z.interview and a really strong positive.note and the last thing you're going to.make sure that you do is that you're.gonna be listening throughout the.interview and you're gonna be thinking.up a question and the question that you.ask going to be directly related to.something that came up so it's proving.that you're listening to the person on.the other side you're engaged and you're.interested and if you do that it looks.very good and so finally thank you very.much for watching I wish you the best of.luck in your morrison's interview and I.hope you check out some of my other.videos thank you very much.

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