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hello everyone i'm sarmita the army.retired dane dailey and welcome to this.edition of soldier today podcast.sold today podcast is a product of the.non-commissioned officer and soldier.programs director.at the association of the united states.army sold today's subjects focus on.those topics that are relevant and.needed by our soldiers and their.families.serving in the regular army army.national guard and the army reserve.for our discussion topic today we are.welcoming back the united states army.recruiting command.user wreck user x mission is to recruit.america's best and brightest volunteers.that are able to deploy fight and win.the us army recruiting command is.responsible for manning both the active.army and the u.s army reserve.ensuring security and readiness for our.nation recruiting operations are.conducted throughout the united states.puerto rico.the virgin islands guam american samoa.and.at u.s facilities in germany and asia.today we welcome commands our major john.w.foley who recently became the senior.enlisted leader for the u.s army.recruiting command.at fort knox kentucky command sergeant.major foley assumed responsibility as.the senior enlisted advisor of usurek.on july 23 2020 from our previous guest.on the show.commands our major tabitha gavia.commander major foley is here to provide.us an update on the army's efforts.to man the force during these difficult.times and give us some insight on what's.in store for the future of usurek.as he and the newly appointed commanding.general major general kevin vereen.lead the army's recruiting efforts into.the future command sergeant major foley.congratulations on being selected as.eusterac and fort knox command star.major.and welcome to the show sma daily thank.you very much and it's my pleasure to be.on the show.to join you on the soldier today podcast.well sorry.thank you and i appreciate you taking.the time the recruiting business is a.very busy business as you know you've.had some history we'll talk about that.but we appreciate you taking the.opportunity to give us an update on.what's going on inside user rank so.sergeant major i'd like to.start with a little bit about you.commencement major foley i got a chance.to read your bio and.i would encourage our listeners to check.it out for themselves on user x webpage.and.that is at army dot mil but i thought.it'd be appropriate to highlight just a.few of command's army dr foley's.accomplishments.command's army dr foley is a native of.panama city florida.and enlisted in the us army on july 12th.of 1989 the same year i enlisted star.major.as a 16 tango patriot missile crew.member.command sergeant major foley has more.than 31 years in the army including 15.years of overseas service.and deployment starting with operation.desert shield and storm.through the present conflicts in the.middle east command ceremony foley has.served in.every leadership position from team.leader to division and post commands our.major.and comes to us from his last assignment.as post command sergeant major of u.s.army fire.center of excellence at fort sill.oklahoma commander meter foley is also a.graduate of the us army star marriage.academy class 58 and has an impressive.amount of military and civilian.education as well as awards and.decorations.so that's a little bit about command.star major foley the soldier.commencement foley can you share with us.a little bit about what it was like.growing up in panama city in the 70s and.80s and what inspired you to join the.army.absolutely thank you sma daily on that.and and i'm glad you kept it a little.short.but i'll tell you that you know growing.up in the 70s 80s that was a long time.ago and i was kind of a blur.but my father actually retired from the.united states air force in 1974.and actually everybody in my family.served in the air force.except for me and so living in florida.and actually being moving around a lot.especially around.air force bases as my father retired.from tyndall air force base down at.panama city and then.eglin near the destin fort walton beach.area.but we also moved around too to north.carolina.which is seymour johnson air force base.so you can tell we moved around a little.bit.after he retired and so that was fun and.moving around and.the real thing you'll know about my.family is kind of a family tradition to.serve in the military i chose the army.because you know i wanted to really.serve my country i joined for education.and i just want to accomplish something.on my own and make a difference.and that's the primary reasons why i.joined the army.out of panama city florida absolutely so.many of us did the same thing you know i.initially started my journey in the army.for the same goals i wanted to serve my.country like my father did.and my brothers and my grandfathers and.also take advantage of.the great college benefits the army.offers us right but as.happens to many of us i fell in love and.stayed for quite a long time as so did.you.i noticed your bio that you're a.graduate of the united states army.recruiter course.can you tell us a little bit about your.tour as a recruiter back.in your young nco days yes so my young.nco day so i was actually a staff.sergeant for about a month and a half.when i got selected to be a d8 select.recruiter.at the time i was like uh what the heck.you know so why and so.i moved out actually recruiter school.was in fort bend harrison indiana at the.time.downtown indianapolis i was a 22 year.old staff sergeant.i had about five and a half years in the.army and so i was very young.when i walked in raccoon duty i was.actually stationed in fayetteville.arkansas recruiting station which was.assigned to oklahoma city recruiting.battalion.on a fifth brigade that time it was a.different era obviously.mid 90s this is beginning of 95.error so post-desert storm you know we.had a sniff get drawdown in the army as.you know.coming out of desert storm yeah we were.in some conflicts.like somalia haiti bosnia at the time.but a very different time in our country.and in the army.when i served as a recruiter brand new.detail recruiter.i had great teammates there was actually.three of us that reported on the same.day from school so we were all.had similar backgrounds coming in and.the.college that we were at in fayetteville.was university arkansas.and at that time very prominent track.and field.basketball school got out there in.football.but much like the rest of our command we.had some rural areas i was assigned to.some rural areas that you had to drive.you know upwards of sometimes an hour to.hour and a half just to get.to a place where you need to talk to.potential prospect.and so what i learned about recruiting.is success and failure and really.recruiting duty was really the first.time in the army that i really.kind of experienced failure you know.accepting and overcoming rejection.becomes a regular thing you got to.overcome that you got to.face the adversity and figure out how to.get better so during my time.you know from 95 to 98 we had two.significant events that happened during.my tenure.that you don't ever see them coming one.of them was the okc bombing.that occurred in april 95 and so that.was our.recruiting battalion out of the federal.building in okc.and so that was significant event for us.and then later on that year in october.95 we had a significant government.shutdown.well we couldn't even turn on the lights.in the recruiting station we couldn't.drive our cars.we couldn't even make phone calls.because back then they were a long.distance if you.died outside the area and so we had to.overcome some challenges.back then in different environment.different challenges but you have to.figure those challenges out and overcome.those.and then capitalize on how we get better.as an army and then back then as a.community station.so overall that was a great experience.it taught me a lot my interpersonal.skills.how to approach and engage people and.especially today with our senior.military leaders.and our civic leaders and i.wholeheartedly believe that i would not.be here today.if i did not serve as a very junior.detailed recruiter in the 90s and so.i really cherished those moments and.cherished times i had.in recruiting command during that time.thank you for sharing that.a little bit about your growing up story.sermon and it is important that you have.the knowledge and experience even if it.is back when your staff sergeant.of what it was like the day-to-day work.that it.takes to inspire the young men and women.in this nation to join the military so.i know that we are very blessed to have.you in the leadership role there.with all your accomplishments throughout.your career but highlighting the fact.that you were also a recruiter sergeant.major.speaking of recruiting sermon i like to.transition now when we last had an army.recruiting command representative on.here sergeant gavia.your predecessor what she was telling us.about national hiring days.this was the first virtual hiring.campaign the army had ever done.can you tell us how that went and how it.turned out for you.the first thing i'll do is i want to.recognize major general mutha and.command ceremony gavia.that was a phenomenal command team that.led this organization for two years the.vision that they had.and the planning of execution and the.execution of army national hiring days.you know was phenomenal and as you know.we pulled that off.and about just six weeks of planning.you know it generated more than 21 000.leads.and about 600 different news stories and.600 media outlets across the country.but more importantly that i think is it.created a massive buzz.on social media and so when you talk.about the.impact that our community partners had.in that.event like ausa and uh.helping us create traction on social.media channels.and we could've done this alone because.it takes all of us.to make this happen with army national.hiring days so.all of our veterans all of our retirees.our service organizations.our non-profits they help us tell the.story.of what the army has to offer to our.young people today.we also had an incredible amount of.support from leaders and.all of our units across the army so the.mentality and the philosophy of.every soldier's recruiter and that's.just not during army national harmony.that's.every day of the year we're all.recruiters and we have a responsibility.to tell our story across the army so.bottom line is we had.the entire army focused on recruiting.like never before.but i'd like to share a couple of.successful stories or successful.the times that we had within our some of.our priority cities.and those are our larger cities that.have large populations of people that we.can.connect with so baltimore alone had over.2100 leads central california about.1100..miami 850 and so those are all.challenging markets that we have to be.successful in and.really penetrate and connect with people.but most notably the medical recruiting.brigade.that's right here at fort knox and has.his five.recruiting battalions arrayed across.eusurek.had over 1800 leads so these are.medical professionals that wanted to.join our team.and if you think about that and if you.think about cova and what the impact of.coba did.we had lots of volunteers that really.wanted to help they wanted to help our.country.and they wanted to help the army and so.that's really.what we're looking at and we're looking.at the momentum of taking this in the fy.21 in future with similar events as well.well thanks for that update sergeant.major and you know all of us have been.affected by covenants still are to this.day and probably will be for some time.and.i can imagine the challenges and i can.imagine a young staffs aren't fully.having to deal with the challenges you.talked about.while being compounded by something like.a national and a worldwide pandemic so.hats off to the previous leadership and.now both you and the new cg.for the mission that you must continue.because we got to continue to recruit.our soldiers.and i know our listeners are interested.to hear the effects of how it's going.this year the national hiring days.campaign and all the things that your.recruiters are doing out there i mean.how is this year's mission going well.i'll tell you that.when you look at what congress has.mandated.so congress has mandated a in strength.of 485 000.for the regular army and we get that.through various calculations but.the amount of people who choose to.continue their army career and those.that.choose to separate or retire determines.how many people.or new soldiers we need to bring on into.the army and so that fluctuates year to.year.and you know we're obviously optimistic.that we're going to reach our 485.000 gold for the regular army 50 of our.youth.know little or nothing about army life.so.the iron days helped us raise awareness.and plant that seed.for thought for those going forward.that said you know it's been a.challenging year as you mentioned with.kobit.and then coupled with racial and social.unrest.throughout the country and so the good.news is when i talk about the in.strength that retention.is actually been very very high for the.army people want to continue to serve.our nation.and they want to be able to help our.team and so that's what we're talking.about.for the armies and strength and.recruiting role the role that recruiting.plays.into both of those components absolutely.charmander i think you said it best.earlier it's not just a use-recognition.this is an army mission so and strength.is recruiting retention.and making sure we're taking care of the.soldiers that are in active duty by.keeping them healthy and safe as well.and i know that it is a tough year right.but eustrect's going to continue to push.forward and.i agree you got to get the word out.because america's youth they at least.have to have the choice and.to have the choice to have to have an.understanding of service in our military.so.what a phenomenal campaign to get the.word out make this a conversation at the.american dinner table.of choice to serve in the united states.army or the other branches of service.you mentioned the future sir major and.you mentioned you know moving into fy21.and i'm sure we all know we're going to.have challenges as we.transition to the next year so how is it.looking for fy21 in army recruiting.we know there will be continued.challenges with covid and social.tensions going on in the country.but how are recruiters overcoming these.challenges.so our recruiters are in tune with the.audience and their recruiting.demographic you know those recruiters on.the ground.they know that those areas know.demographics more.than anyone else so many of them already.know what needs to be done to overcome.the coba challenges and.address the social tensions we as.leaders.we just need to listen and learn from.them they're young.they're creative and they're innovative.we just need to be able to listen to.them.and then remove the obstacles so they.can excel.the innovation and creativity is crucial.to the success of this command.and our recruiters shape the army future.and they have learned the lessons from.covet.to continue to evolve in how we do.business and how we.onboard and bring in new people into our.army and so we had to improve some.autonomous recruiting operations.to decrease the reliance on face-to-face.interactions especially with the.covenant environment.and then we actually had to accelerate.some of the plans that we had in the.future.in order to adapt to a change in.environment especially on the technology.side of things.and virtual hiring campaigns allow us to.do that.to ensure our virtual and digital.capabilities are more user-friendly.than ever before and so some of the good.news stories i'll.share with you that really how.recruiters adapted.is they came up with creative ways to.engage the youth online.and so we had recruiters in new england.that hosted.hangman competitions and treaty events.we had.new york city battalion host a virtual.live.dance party if you can believe that we.had the army.warrior fitness team that resides right.here on fort knox.part of our engagement brigade they.conducted daily workouts on instagram.live.that got a lot of hits we also had three.recruiters.in syracuse recruiting battalion that.ran a call of duty tournament.that really produced about 1 000 leads.so if you think of that in comparison to.like the new york state fair.which lasts about three weeks and we.rent some space out there.with some recruiters to prospect that.entire time for three weeks.in that time the fair will get about 200.to 300 000 visitors.and the battalion usually gets about 700.to 900.leads so in three weeks at a new york.state fair.709 are leads versus three recruiters.running a call of duty tournament that.received.1 000 leads and so you can see how.they've adapted.and uh you know just goes to show if we.listen to our young people out there.they have all the creativity and the.innovation us all the folks.that's a little less and a little more.diminished as we get older.yes sir man you know this siege is.perfectly in discussing.what you and the new cg bring to you.surrek you mentioned a lot about the.team and sold and it's important.but can you tell us how you're going to.empower recruiters and get after the.mission and talk about.how your leadership style and what you.bring to contribute to the success of.the next recruiting year.you know i want to make sure our.recruiters are supported in the field.that's the big thing with leadership to.enable our.ncos to enable our leaders not only to.succeed but to excel both physically.and mentally so we talk about our.technical capabilities our access to.equipment and tools that they need in.the field.and then we talk about a mental side hey.we have to be able to take care of our.soldiers and families we've got to make.sure that they're in the best.physical and mental shape so they can.execute and be a high performer.i believe in empowering our leaders.we want them to take on challenges we.want them to.take on some risk and we want them to be.able to learn from their mistakes so.they can learn and grow.so that's how i kind of see things i.really have.three keys to excellence that i kind of.message.throughout my time as a leader and.they're no different in this command.and they're probably more relevant in.this type of command with the.geographical.dispersion of our recruiting force which.spans over 1400.locations globally and so the number one.thing.i talk about is you know be fit be well.trained.disciplined and resilient to be able to.overcome that adversity.when it happens number two is to improve.yourself every day.and always make everyone around you.better.and number three live our values the.army values.every day of the week respect everyone.and treat everyone right.i think if we can do that we will not.only be successful but we will achieve.excellence every day sermon i couldn't.agree with you more.perfectly said i've always said is you.get a physically fit highly motivated.dedicated soldier that's got the right.focus.you can accomplish any mission so i.think your guidance is going to ring.true.and be well received throughout the team.you mentioned earlier that you know it's.it takes a whole army and you also.mention the fact that you need to have.the conversations in the american homes.about.the opportunity to serve right and our.americas you need to know.that there's a military out there that.presents them.all kinds of opportunities what can our.audience or our veterans and retirees.and community influencers do.to help the army's recruiting efforts.particularly knowing the challenge.that we have right now will persist for.at least the short term.obviously recruiting command conducts.the mission for the army.to find qualified highly qualified.people in our best and brightest to.serve in our army.you know that's our mission that's the.army's mission but really where it comes.down to is our veterans and retirees.there's millions of them out there and.they are some of our most integral.voices.to helping our recruiting efforts across.america.being vocal with colleagues with friends.with community partners with civic.leaders goes a long way towards certain.the true narrative of what the army is.and what we can offer our youth today.so some of the things i think our.influences can do.pointedly is share their own army story.good.bad all of it because everybody has.a unique story and no one's story is.going to be the same so the more they.can do that the better our youth.know what the army is about engage with.their friends.engage with other community influencers.and that will spread like wildfire.about what the army can offer the youth.in their area.they can also talk to the local.recruiting battalion commander or go to.a local station.in their areas just to offer assistance.they can share army information on.social media you know social media is.very powerful.and it reaches a broad audience and so.sharing information on social media is.very impactful and then encouraging.young people.in their area about army careers you.know their army careers in the army and.not everybody.kicks in doors and is a combat soldier.you can do in the army with over 150.occupations.and then interviewing with local.recruiters live.or on social media pages and then just.don't be afraid to engage local media.to spread our message so obviously we.lean heavily on all of our veterans to.tell their story.to positively influence our youth and.you know we always say every soldier is.a recruiter.absolutely everyone that sold you for.life uh their recruiters as well.absolutely charm major and you said it.best soldiers for life like you said i.think that.sharing the story is one of the best.calls of service there is it's what.inspired me and.you said yourself to join and serve in.our military.and it's something that our veterans are.very capable and good at doing in.sharing the goodness of service in our.army so.well sir major foley it was a pleasure.to have you with us today and.unfortunately we're out of time but i'd.like to give you the last words do you.have any final thoughts.you'd like to provide our listeners so.you know when you talk about army.national hiring days what we just did.you know the first ever event with six.weeks of planning.you're gonna see a little more of that.in the future actually probably see a.lot more.we're going to start a campaign and fy.21.with some more virtual events as well.and the first one first quarter.is going to be called virtual blitz and.we're going to do kind of the same and.we're going to build some momentum.of what the previous command team put in.place to capitalize.on that environment to capitalize in the.virtual world.and to really dominate social media to.tell our story.and we're going to focus in larger.cities like new york city los.angeles and philadelphia we're going to.see a little bit more than that and.that's going to enable our recruiting.force enable our army.to have a well-trained well-equipped.well-manned force.to be able to fight and win our nation's.war if called upon.it's my pleasure to serve in united.states army recruiting command.there's no greater privilege to be a.leader in our army.and i don't take that lightly and i'll.take that for granted.and i really cherish the servant people.in helping us.achieve our mission sma daily thank you.for having me on and.this has been really fun and i enjoyed.this and hopefully we can do this again.on a later date.really just want to say that the army is.what i love and really what we want to.do and help.our army win no matter what sermon.congratulations again on the new.position thank you for taking the time.to give us that update and we will.invite you back next year to hear about.the great success that the army.recruiting team is doing across our.country.so ladies and gentlemen if you want to.know how you can help and get more.information.please visit recruiting dot army dot mil.or as sermon.foley said one of your local battalions.that are out there in the communities or.even a recruiting station they'll give.you all the information they need.if you want to assist and help with the.united states army's efforts to recruit.the next generation.of soldiers our time has come to an end.to close this edition of sold today.podcast all of us here at the.association united states army want to.thank command sergeant major foley for.joining us today.for sharing his story and giving us a.great update on u.s army recruiting.command and the national hiring days.as army alums i can say for all of us.across the country thank you and the.entire usrec team for what you have done.and all that you will continue to do for.our army.to all our listeners thanks for joining.us be sure to subscribe to the army.matters podcast.on itunes and everywhere podcasts are.found the army matters podcast series is.brought to you by the association of the.united states army.the u.s army's professional association.member supported.army connected visit us at ausa.org for.more information or to become a member.your membership helps ausa continue to.carry out its mission to educate and.form and connect with the total army.our industry partners and our supporters.of a strong.national defense for questions or to.provide topic recommendations.email us at podcast ausa.org.have a great army day huawei.

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You can recieve the app on Play Market, install it, and you are able to start signing documents. These are the key elements to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Choose on '+' to click the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Note the space where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to put down your signature.
  4. Place it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to send the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your colleagues right away. CocoSign is the best way to sign various documents every day, all at a comparatively low price. It's time to forget all about distinct mark on hard copy of doc and keep it all electronic.

Usarec Form 1241 FAQs

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It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

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Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

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