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How to Fulfill the Csd Sup Form 1 Department Of Accounting And General Services in the Folliwng Steps on the Computer?

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so for this session we're going to talk.about home office.branch accounting and agency accounting.so why would an.entity create a branch or an agency so.if an entity wants to explore.towards spanish market it can go to.other geographical.regions by establishing a branch or.establishing an agency.so first let's compare the compare a.branch.in a sales agency.okay so sales agency.uses a branch for a branch a branch.carries its own inventories.and then so if there are customer orders.the branch can immediately fill it up.on the other hand for a sales agency.they normally or.they normally have samples inventory.where the customers could take the.samples.and if they decide to buy they are just.going to fill up customer orders.and sales agency will just forward you.to their home office.so branch maintains its own set of books.it has its own.journals ledgers and other books of a.house.one for sales agency the journal entries.are recorded.immediately in the home office books.what they do.is that they just maintain generally.they just maintain a cash book.in order to to recreate the cash.disbursements.from their cash fund.so as i have said before for um for a.branch.every time a customer places its order.the customer can um immediately.get there or depending upon the stock.the customer can have their orders but.for a sales agency.what they do is that um after the.customer investor.fills up their forms the forms are being.forwarded to the home office and it is.the home office.who will satisfy the customer order so.in this case the customer or the home.office will deal directly with the.customer.so for a branch a branch collects their.own ar.from their customers however there are.times that the branch collects the.accounts receivable.of the home office meaning the home.office made a sale.to a certain customer and then a.customer instead of.paying to the home office paid to the.branch probably because of.um it's near for the customer.sometimes it is the other way around the.home office collects ar.from the branch customer for sales.agency on the other hand.um the sales agency did not generally.collect ar but instead.the collection of air is being done by.the home office.so for a branch they carry their own.assets.they have equipments they have personnel.they have products they have inventories.so it's it's just like um.a small business unit on the other hand.for a sales agency.since he is just an agent he's acting in.behalf of the principal.what they have is just a working um.working cash fund or a revolving cash.point.where in the agents or.the personnel normally around three to.five.depending upon the home office the.agents uses this cash fund.for miscellaneous expenses.transportation expenses.okay so that's it for branch in a sales.agency so.again for approach it's it is like.an actual sole proprietorship business.just a small unit.but for sales agency um the agent acts.in behalf of the principal so here the.agent.or the sales agent only serves as an.intermediary between the customer and.the home office.so we'll start with agency accounting.so for agency accounting as have been.mentioned before entries are made.directly in the books of the home office.so entries are the same with the regular.business.that means every time there is a sale.with debit day or you credit sales.so if your expenses your debit expense.is credited to cash.however since this is a working fund.there are certain rules so if the home.office wants to determine the net income.of each.of its sales agencies separately it will.maintain distinct.revenue and expense accounts let's say.in the name of the sales agencies for.example.you have sales then agency a this.will um segregate.this the sale of agency from the rest.of the sales of the home office or the.sales of other agencies.because entries are being made in the.home office books.the sales of agency a might be confused.or.might will be mixed with the regular.sales of the whole office.so if the home office wants to determine.the performance of a certain agency.the sales or the account titles of these.account titles as well as the account.codes of this.agency will be what will be marked with.agency a.or as the case may be could be agent cb.or agency.or whatever the name of agency is.so that at the end of the reporting.period the home office can determine the.net income of this.particular agency aside from revenue and.expense accounts.um the home office normally.makes a separate account for the cash.fund.which is given to that particular sales.agency.for example a certain cash fund.amounting to 10 000 is.established for agency a then.you debit cash sales agency.or agency a in credit cash.so here is an example a working fund was.established in the amount of one hundred.thousand so as i have said.debit cash agency a credit cash.one hundred thousand so this cash.will still form part of your total cash.and cash equivalents.right this is just being established in.order to.in order for the home office to.determine that this particular.money this has been sent to.agency a for their working fund.samples were sent by home office to the.agent costing ten thousand so debit.samples inventory agency a.ten thousand credit shipments to agency.so this samples inventory agency a.forms part of your total inventory while.this shipments to agency.is the deducted in your course of goods.also in computing your cost of goods.sold above you start with.inventory beginning plus purchases plus.freight and you get total goods.available for sale.minus shipments to agency.you will get total goods available for.own sale.okay because these inventories has been.sent.to the agency that would mean these.inventories won't be available.for sale it's a home office okay.so again i repeat beginning inventory.plus purchases.plus freight in minus shipments to.agency you get.total goods available for own sale for.the sale of home office.unless um in the inventory you get a.password.so so customer orders sent by agency a.to the home office amounting to 25 000..now um so you have.debit ar 25000 credit sales agency 8. so.if you will notice ar is.not labeled agency because um home.office will just.make or perform the collection so it.will not really matter.but for sales in order to determine a.performance.of agency a then your sales.is this um.or a specific account for each.agency is being made.so for example you have um.a customer who went to the agent and.then filled up.the customer order form on let's just.say september 10.and then on september 11.the forms were forwarded to home office.so that the home office can.can fill up the customer orders now.question.when will the sales agents or the when.when will the home office record the.sales will it be on september 10.which is the date when the customer.filled up their orders.or will it be september 11.when the home office actually receive.the customer orders.now in this case the.the home office will record the sale.only.upon receiving the customer order so.that would be september.11. because how will the home office.know.about the about such customer orders.they will know.only upon receiving the customer order.so.if you know this you have customer.orders sent by.agency a to the home office not the time.the customer went to the agency.in order to fill up the customer order.next discrete submit of 5000 out of the.working fund.so if you'll notice no entry there is no.entry.because as you can remember under uh.in your petty cash um petty cash.uh under interest system so we are.fluctuating we have.impress system under impress system you.do not.record any you do not record any.expenses.upon disbursement because.how would the home office know about.such displacement.you will only uh the home office will.only.take um take knowledge of.or the home office will know about such.disbursement.when the agent go to the home office and.ask for the replenishment of the working.fund.so for example let's just say 5000 and.then.the the.sales agent went through the home office.bringing the liquidation.the receipts and everything um for.for uh replenishment that's when the.home office records miscellaneous.expensive credit cash.again you do not make an entry upon.disbursement you only make an entry up.upon replenishment next.is to close the nominal accounts to.agency agency.income so this is how this is how the.home office determines the performance.of a certain agency so.you close debit sales credit.miscellaneous expenses.or uh yeah credit miscellaneous expenses.or various expenses.credit agency income so if you have.several agencies.you're going to to make these entries.separately for.agency so that you can determine the.income for each agency then finally.you close the agency a income to the.income summary account which contains.all the income of home office and other.agencies.now there are times in some problems you.will encounter this.that um.out of the 10 000 worth of some posts.only five thousand were left so ah.five thousand so it could be it could.have been consumed.or it could have been sold by the agent.so at any rate what you're going to do.is that.your debit expense okay could because of.goods.or any expense account miscellaneous or.various expenses.amounting to the difference between.10 000 and the remaining inventory okay.so debit expense your credit agency a.income so.in this for example let's just say.um only five thousand were left.then another another.another debit here would be debit miss.debit.miscellaneous expense or it could be.cost of goods sold.and credited um samples invent 35.000 thereby reducing the samples.inventory to.the remaining inventory in our case 5000.okay let me just move it here.so we will have an example uh later.so accounting for branch operations for.for a branch.a branch maintains its own set of books.so it performs journalizing.for it performs posting preparation of.real balance.and even financial statements so.accounting for branch is very much the.same with assault proprietorship so it's.very the same with soul pro as a single.business unit.so as a business unit it requires.sales expenses the same as a regular.business every time there is a sale.you debit a or credit sales every time.there is acquisition of equipment.debit equipment credit accounts payable.credit cash.credit notes payable every time there is.collection you debit cash.credit aor so it's very much the same.with.budget with uh with a business unit.now though a branch prepare its own.financial statement take note that this.financial statement.is only for internal reporting purposes.only.so um according to the new conceptual.framework the latest one.chapter three so.you have group financial statements.there.consolidated financial statement was.distinguished from a combined financial.statement.so consolidated financial statements is.made if.um you have a parent and subsidiary.relationship however.if a reporting entity comprises two or.more entities that are not.all linked by a parent subsidiary.relationship the reporting entities.financial statements are referred to.us combined financial statement so in.this case a branch makes its own.financial statement but only.for internal reporting purposes.because a branch is not a legal entity.registered.a registered legal entity.it's only an extension of the home.office so.this branch is not required to prepare.an external financial report.meaning a financial statement for public.for primary users purposes it only.prepares.a financial report so that it will later.be combined with the financial statement.the home office so the difference.between.the parent subsidiary relationship and.the home office.in a branches list for a parent.subsidiary.relationship a parent is an existing.entity a legal entity registered in sec.the parent has its own shared holders.subsidiary on the other hand also has.its own shareholders but majority of.which.if not all has been acquired by the.parent but again.this subsidiary has its own shareholders.it is a legal entity registered in sec.so they are both um registered entities.they are both required to prepare.financial statements.but because of ifrs 10 which mandates.ifrs iii and ifrs 10.infrastructure is business combination.afghanistan is consolidated financial.statement.they are required to prepare a.consolidated financial statement because.they are treated as.one entity but again they are registered.legal separate entities for home office.in the branch.the home office in the branch.constitutes one.single corporation so they only have one.set.of stockholders one set of management so.branch is only an extension of the home.office.so when preparing financial statement.they should.prepare one financial statement that's.why they have the combined financial.statement.so the financial statement report.prepared by the branch.is only used to facilitate.the combination or the the combination.in preparing the external financial.report okay.now um so.the way you record transactions between.in transactions of the branch is the.same with um.sole proprietorship except when.the branch transacts with the home.office or the other branches.okay so for um in a branch.in the branch we have.what we call a reciprocal or intra.company accounts.transactions between home office and.branch are reported.using reciprocal or intra company so.these.reciprocal accounts in preparing the.combined financial statements are.later eliminated okay we will have.discussion.for uh for preparation of combined.financial statement.so these reciprocal accounts always.equal.uh to each other so if there are.discrepancies a reconciliation shall be.made.which is the same with your bank.reconciliation book to bank about.so again they are eliminated when the.external financial reports are prepared.so this is in the books of your home.office.you have what you call investment in.branch or in other.books they are called branch current so.in the books of the branch.you have what you call the home office.or the home office.so investment in branch or branch korean.has the same nature.with other investments like investment.in associates investment in subsidiaries.or investment in equity securities.investment in bonds.so investment in branch is also an asset.account.it's an asset account so every time.there is.a return in your investment meaning.branch then your asset account your.investment in branch.will increase if there is a loss then.your branch the investment in branch.will decrease.so if you add money into it.you add cash or you add property to your.investment your investment will increase.if you withdraw an asset out of your.investment like you withdraw.cash you withdraw properties then this.investment will also decrease.home office or home office current on.the other hand.is a capital account so as i have said.before.a branch is the same with.a branch is the same with a single or.business unit.but instead of having their own.capital owner's capital it has this.home office or home of experience so.this has the same nature of a capital.account.so in this case your home office.is like an owner literally an owner.and then your branch is your.sole proprietor so every time the owner.makes investment.you debit cash your credit capital in.this case sorry.in this case you debit cash credit home.office current because this.is now your capital account so when an.asset is transferred to the branch so.you can see.it's like an additional investment so.your branch account or the investment in.branch.being an asset account increases debit.on the other hand your home office.current.uh miscredited so if you remember when.an owner.makes an investment be it cash or other.properties or.other assets you debit cash and credit.the capital account credit this.so if there's a profit of the branch.for example your investment earnings.return you.debit investment in branch thereby.increasing.your balance the other hand if your.branch.of course earns a profit the branch or.the the capital account increases.so credit so there's a loss debit.now you will notice that for every debit.here there is a corresponding credit.here.for every debit profit branch there's a.corresponding credit.for a credit here you will have a debit.here.so they are reciprocal and.because of that they um they should be.equal.their balances should be equal at all.times.so we'll just discuss this and then.later we'll have an illustration.so shipments to branch for shipments to.branch.shipments to branch.so inventories of the branch normally.comes from the home office.normally because the branch is sometimes.allowed.to acquire from outside suppliers.however.depending upon the agreement between the.home office and the branch.the branch sometimes is restricted to.acquire its.inventories from home office especially.if the home office wants to maintain a.certain.quality of product so.if the home office sends inventories to.the branch the home office makes this.journal entry debit investment in branch.credit.shipments to branch so.it's the same with an additional.investment to the branch.so your investment in branch account.increases then you have shipments to.branch.i will show you later where you can find.or.where you will present this shipment to.branch around.on the other hand in the branch box once.the home office.how much the branch receives inventory.from the home office.it debits shipments from home office and.credit.home office now what if there are free.charges.so if the home office pays for the.freight.then you credit cash and then.upon receipt the branch debit shipping.from home office in records freight in.so the one who will debit cash or credit.cash rather.is the the entity who will.pay for the freight so in this case this.is um.freight prepaid meaning the home office.pays for it then credit cash.it's free collect then the branch pays.for it then.the branch will credit cash so.regardless of whoever.pays for the freight it needs to be.noted that.freight um in will always be recorded by.the branch okay however this would not.always be the case.if the branch purchase.inventories from outside suppliers this.is only true.for shipments between home office and.the branch.next apportionment of expenses so.you have the home office and you have.several branches now when the home.office.makes an advertisement it benefits.everyone it benefits the home office.it benefits the branch so it is.um it is just some of the expenses of.the home office would be allocated or.apportioned to.the branches so what are examples of.expenses that are allocated from the.home office to the branch so sometimes.you have expenses increased by the.branch but paid by the home office so.let's just say for example.the branch ordered.supplies and the supplier.came to the home office for the payment.and so the home office paid for it.but again it was the branch we use the.supply so.these expenses would be transferred from.the home office to the branch because.it was the branch who actually used the.supplies.next expense is paid by the home office.in behalf of the branch so same thing.oh and then you have allocation so for.example you have.group or composite method including.depreciation where in.the the assets are all assets are.recorded in the home office books and.then.directory depreciation so for those.equipments or properties so ppe is being.used.by the brands which are recorded in the.books of the home office.the precision will be allocated to that.to the branch the precision of that.trading tpes.or you have share in general advertising.costs.which are shared to other branches.so journal and journal entry.debit investment in branch credit.various expenses so for example this can.be depreciation this would be.advertising expenses so if you will.notice your expense account will.decrease.so the home office expense account will.decrease because it has.transferred this expense around to the.branch.so the branch now since git transferman.because of the the expenses was.transferred from the home office to the.branch.the branch now records its.expenses and credits home office so it's.as if.the the home office pays for the expense.and then transfers.transfer these expenses to the branch.

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