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The Check Lists of Personalizing Va Entitlement Calculator Worksheet Form on the Laptop

Look up and draft the perfect Va Entitlement Calculator Worksheet Form in the CocoSign template library to increase work efficiency and minimize the risk. If you are still wondering how to fill out Va Entitlement Calculator Worksheet Form , you can check out the below guides to start.

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  2. Next, read the form and find out the required instructions.
  3. Then, you can get under way to put down the data in the blank form.
  4. Mark the check box if you are entitled to the condition.
  5. Review the form once you customize it.
  6. Include your esignature at the bottom.
  7. Pick the "Done" button to save the document.
  8. Download the form in Word document.
  9. Call the support team to get more information to your worries.

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CocoSign's Directions About Personalizing Va Entitlement Calculator Worksheet Form

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How to employ The Va Entitlement Calculator Worksheet Form ?

um so I am super excited to show you.these tools um and hopefully you can.hear me and so i think i'm going to.start I've got to UM worksheets to show.you today um can you just let me know if.you can hear me looks like Jerry study.could please oh thank you please excuse.my horrible voice I'm battling a cold.I'm and do my best not to cough on all.of you um I'm gonna start with the VA.entitlement worksheet just because it is.a super it'll be pretty quick so I'm.going to touch on that and then we'll.get to the San worksheet so this is the.VA entitlement workbook these are both.excel workbooks and they're both macro.and abled workbooks so and that just.means it has macros functions like these.buttons to push that perform multiple.functions so when you open them you have.to make sure that the macros is enabled.so the first thing when you open the.workbook you may see this yellow bar.across the top that says enable content.be sure to click that enable content.button or else um the functionality.won't work you won't get the full.functionality also when you go to save.the workbooks make sure that you're.saving as Excel macro enabled workbooks.so I put these instructions on the.entitlement workbook on the instructions.tab here at the bottom they apply to the.Sam worksheet as well I didn't put.things I didn't put an instruction.page in the Sam worksheet because there.was no way to will no easy way to keep.it from printing with that workbook and.I didn't want that to happen so I'm.going to go over the functionality here.and i'll record this and you know maybe.i'll do a separate instruction page for.the San worksheet but this here is the.VA entitlement worksheet and this tab.has the instructions so just go ahead.and check out these instructions you.have purchase loans and cash out.refinance a--'s and this will give you.basically you're required twenty five.percent guarantee entitlement coverage.you're twenty-five percent coverage and.invade available entitlement and.guarantee the maximum allowable base.loan amount your funding fee and your.total loan amount and all you have to do.is complete the fields and orange and.make applicable selections from the gray.fields so let's go to the purchase first.purchase and so any orangefield you need.to fill out and any gray field you need.to make a selection so and this applies.to loan amounts based loan amounts over.144 force because you know under that.you just have your basic entitlement and.this is your additional entitlement so.let's let's consider a sales price let's.say just 200,000 and then let's just say.our praise allah ke min 2000 short so.it's going to tell you right away you.have a required two thousand dollar down.payment due to the appraisal shortfall.so now I need to select my state and.county so you just click in here there's.a little drop down I'll select Colorado.and then I will select a rapaho that.will give you the county limit for that.applicable county and then of course the.twenty five percent guarantee then you.see.little tests over here well first let's.make our veterans selection obviously.we're looking at extended guarantees.already use some so we're gonna go with.let's just say he's regular military.subsequent use so this will give you the.funding fee for that type of veteran and.it will also calculate based on your.down payment so as the down payment.changes let's just say they put down.twenty thousand extra that gives us at.least a ten percent down payment so then.your funding fee goes down um so up here.let's just say he's used 36 well let's.just say 42 he's 42 thousand of his.entitlement already so his remaining.available in taunton guarantee is right.here and you can see that he does not.need any additional down payment from.guarantee shortfall because he's still.between the two of these he still has.the twenty five percent but let's just.say he's used 65 so now we've got a.little bit of a shortfall 84-84 hundred.and twelve dollars and fifty cents is.his required down payment due to the.guarantee shortfall so then the down.payment is required down payment and the.available entitlement guarantee should.always equal 25% and then the required.down payment and the base loan amount.the max LTV down here should equal one.hundred percent because that's the mess.and then this gives you the total down.payment faith between the appraisal.shortfall the additional and the.required with all of that considered.down here we have our maximum allowable.based loan amount which is just the max.one hundred percent minus the down.payment from the.t shortfall and then that same max ltd.would be the same base ltd same base.loan about but they were going to put.down an additional see 20,000 for some.reason some crazy reason our down.payment goes up and this is our max but.this is going to be our base loan amount.after that twenty-thousand-dollar down.payment um then it has your funding fee.which carries over here and then base.loan amount plus funding fee is your.total loan amount so then if you want to.go ahead I'm not going to listen is.anybody have any questions about that if.you don't have questions let me just.show you the cash out sheet real quick.so you can use this for cash out over.144,000 as well so same thing it just.has a few less fields um but it's the.same thing and then if you want to start.over you can just come back here and hit.this button clear all input fields and.it clears everything excuse me um so.that's pretty much it for the.entitlement worksheet and same.functionality on both of those okay um.and yes if you once you complete this.worksheet you definitely want to add.this to your loan file so you can just.print and that's what it's going to look.like when it prints got a nice little.legacy logo and you can just print it to.Adobe yeah so depending on whichever.sheet you're on just print upload to.your file.so there you go excuse me moving on to.the Sam worksheet all right so this.one's a little more complex but same.instructions apply you want to complete.any gray fields on this worksheet and.you want to make sure that you are.enabling the content so that all the.macros functions work and you want to.save it as a macro enabled worksheet.workbook hmm so these are all the tabs.along the bottom and these are all of.the different types of self-employed.income the summary the 1040 the 1065.1120s and 1120 and you want to start on.the summary on the summary all you're.going to do is look for the gray fields.and I put little pop-up notes a little.pop-up comments on this as well so.you're going to enter your borrower's.name here you're going to select your.applicable here here here and here if.you're only using one year just select.not used from the drop down for this one.for this little example would use two.years and this was kind of an easy.calculation so it's not going to really.show you all the good stuff but these.numbers you don't enter them here you.don't enter anything on this page except.borrower name and your years and any.comments down here once you're done if.you want to add them and then you're.going to start on the 1040 page so every.one of these lines i added pop-up.comments about the type of income and.kind of so basically what the Sam.worksheet notes say to do for these and.for this one this guy paid himself a.little salary so I've entered his self.employed wages here only and that gave.me a little total and I didn't have.of any 2106 or schedule c schedule ii or.schedule f so the rest of this sheet is.blank but i will show you that i kind of.simplified it to i didn't include any.schedule be a lot of stuff that would.just be calculated separated separately.anyway i just tried to keep it simple.but i did add multiple businesses but.for the purpose of simplicity i made it.to where it will expand as you go along.so if you have multiple schedule sees.for the same borrower you can put um you.know my business number one and if you.put that that will carry over to the.summary page there's my business number.one we just entered for Schedule C.number one then if he's got another.business you could click this button to.add a Schedule C business number two and.when you click that and add that second.business then it opens up a schedule.seed business number two here and then.you can put other business number two.and that will carry over as well all of.your business mates when you type them.there and you should type in there so.when we look at the summary page we know.what's going on and then if you entered.a bunch of stuff here and you're like a.i entered the wrong business there let.me go ahead and clear out schedule seed.business number two you can just click.this reset button and it clears out any.data you entered in Schedule C business.number two if you want to remove it.click remove Schedule C business number.two and it will go away and it will also.reset all the fields so if you just want.to remove it and remove all the data and.everything then you can just click.remove because we're moving resets all.the fields and removes it so you can add.up to 10.schedule see businesses here and you can.click you can just click keep you can.keep adding as you need to if you had.them all added and you need to remove.them all this button here remove.schedule see businesses number 2 through.10 will remove all of the ones that you.added and take you back to this business.one then you have schedule ii and.there's a little notation here to.calculate rental property use the net.real income calculation so don't use.your rental income here this is just for.royalties royalty income that would be.on a schedule ii and also to calculate K.one income use these other worksheets.because the k-1 sections are in these.other worksheets so this guy like i said.he only had 12,500 that he paid himself.in salary i also want to show you the.depreciation rate for mileage as the.years change will change the formulas in.here but gosh i'm so sorry keep coughing.hang on one sec.okay if you change the year on the.summary page let's just say I changed.out to 2013 then the depreciation rate.will change along with it so it was 23.cents per mile for 2013 but 22 cents for.2014 so we'll go ahead and keep that.updated so you don't even have to know.what the depreciation rate is for the.mileage and just remember to check these.notes if you have questions about the.line item and they're just pretty brief.so it's just least something there so.this guy had 1120 sk1 income so i went.to the 1120 1120s page and he just had.one i entered the business thing here.which carried over to the summary page.and also you can see that when I removed.all those Schedule C businesses they.were removed from here as well so this.guy he had in 2014 almost 60,000 and k1.income and about 76,000 and 2013 had.some small adjustments for the business.so this is the K 1 section and this is.the business return section and it will.calculate them separately here and.thanks to Rick Byrne box valuable some.requests I made any item that is.subtracted in red so you can see that.that is a that should be a negative item.and I tried to put the instructions the.pluses minuses all out here to the side.so for any light item line item you can.see how that value is treated for each.line so some of them can be plus or.minus and so you'll enter them as a.positive or negative and then the ones.with just a plus you just need to enter.the value the ones.just a minus you just need to enter the.value and if it's in red it's being.subtracted automatically you don't need.to enter a negative item as a negative.item unless it's on a plus or minus wine.so this guy had just a little bit of.appreciation he had some mortgage notes.and bonds payable and also these little.green we also we have the pop-up.comments but the green lines here tell.you where on the form on your 1040 or.your business return or your k1 where to.look for that information if it says.like lime 19 from attached statement let.me pull up the skies return.so it says line 19 and from a touch of.state the touch statement so why 19 is.other deductions and it says see.statement 1 so you have to go down to.that attached statement is what that.notation means so here's statement one.from 119 and there's no amortization or.casualty loss listed there so you can't.put anything on that line item but then.you'll enter you'll either the figures.you'll enter the percentage of ownership.and it'll calculate all that for you and.then if you needed to add multiple.businesses again you just click add.business number two mad business number.three all the way down I put ten.businesses on each of these which if if.we use all these up I would love to see.it I would love to come pick you like.have one and we can always add more and.if you want to remove those extra.businesses click the Remove button so.this guy didn't have any 1065 or 1120.income but those pages at the same as.the others you have you can add up to.ten businesses on each one just by.clicking the buttons in completing the.information and as you add the.businesses and complete the information.it will carry over to the summary page.also if you have data on any page and.you want to clear out that data you at.the top of each page there is a reset.this page button so you can click that.to clear out any data on any page as.well so let's just say we didn't want to.use the 1120 so I'm going to.you set this page and then that removes.the 1120s income then also at the top of.the summary page there's reset all pages.so you can use that as well to clear the.entire workbook to start over from.scratch so once you've entered all of.your information added any business that.you need to add and you'll come back to.the summary page and there are some.instructions here so this does say.complete the borrower name in applicable.years on this summary sheets complete.the 1040 tenses 511 20s and 11 20 sheets.as applicable if you're not using it to.your average be sure to select not used.from one of the year dropdowns so that's.because down here we have the total.annual income for each year and the one.year average monthly income and then the.two year average monthly income well if.we are not using a two year average you.don't want this figure to calculate so.just change the year to not use and it.will just na out those values.also if there was an item that you added.that you know for one business or.something they had a you entered a.Schedule C business for 2013 but they.didn't have that business in 2014 you.can still enter it but then you could go.up to that business and click exclude if.you click this check this box it will.exclude any line item so you can exclude.one line item or you can exclude the.whole total and of course this that.would be the same thing in this instance.additionally when you come to this page.you need to enter the number of months.that the income is calculated over.because it's not always going to be 12.most the time it should be but won't.always be but you can change this number.of months say it was only 48 or.something then you need to change it in.both places so let's see um change that.back to 12 so you can exclude it you can.change the number of months you can use.one year or two years you can come down.to the comments so you can make any.comments here regarding how you.calculated your income so in this case.there was a seventeen percent decline.from 2013 to 2014 so be so to be.conservative I only use the most recent.year in my calculations um now that was.just something I've put in there but.let's see what else okay so then once.you're all done calculating once you've.got everything on your summary the way.you wanted wait.to be everything's entered you're going.to want to print this for your file so.you're just going to go to print and.again it will have the legacy logo and.the headings but you want to when you.hit print it defaults here in the.settings to only print the active sheets.so that means it's only going to print.the sheet that you were on when when you.hit print so in order to print all the.pages you want to change this to print.the entire workbook and then that should.change to a minimum of five pages if you.added more businesses it may be more.pages but it's always going to be a.minimum of five pages so first page will.be the summary then you'll see the 1040.part one and then the 1065 part 2 1120s.part 3 and 11 24 part 4 and you may not.have information on all these pages but.that's fine and everything's in letter.and portrait view except for the summary.and that's an illegal still in portrait.view let's see so I'm just going to.click reset all pages and that should.clear out all the data except for the.years I didn't make it clean up clear.out the years but it could clear out the.borrower name and all the data from any.page.I believe that's about it any questions.on the same worksheet where do we find.these calculations okay so i will send.these out and then we'll also get them.uploaded to the intranet and so that you.can use these immediately and this the.entitlement yeah you can use them.starting immediately the sam worksheet.would be your alternative it's an.alternative to loan being so if you.prefer this over loan beam you can use.it and just make sure that you do print.the entire workday workbook and you.upload it to your loan beam bucket.inning compass so that you don't get.that hard stall and also you know if you.have any questions let me know and I'll.I've recorded this as well so i will.give you access to that and what else.any other questions from anyone.annuities recurring investment interest.or dividends from a trust via a form.1041 so those would mostly be calculated.separately you know so i didn't include.those in this worksheet but you know you.could just do a standard calculation for.that information because that would be.kind of a more simple calculation and.you know we can always build if there if.we need more forms for that we can.always add on to this workbook or do.separate forms and yes when you print.this um be sure that you are printing to.PDF or saving as a PDF but make sure.that it's the entire workbook because.you can't upload Excel to encompass and.yes i will send i have the I'll just.let me show you that real quick so all I.also have this schedule ii analysis um.net rental so this is super easy to use.too so you can use a one-year or.two-year as needed you can enter the.property address here and it had it'll.take up to six properties in this book.so sheet one has two properties sheet 2.as two more sheet 3 has two more but we.can add more but this is super easy.because then you just go to schedule ii.for your rental income enter the year.and then just enter these values it will.calculate your total adjusted gross you.then you plug in the number of months.that the property was in service and.then you plug in the current full piti.HOA and it will calculate your net loss.and then you can just plug that in to.your vom and encompass what you can also.do is plug in this value here I mean.I've seen different underwriters want it.different ways and you can just force.you can lock down the net rent and just.force that this line 12 in or you can.actually enter this line 10 number as.the rental the gross rental amount and.that will automatically as long as you.have your piti in there correctly it.will automatically calculate your net.rental as long as you use a hundred.percent of the rent instead of 75.percent because of course this.calculation already considers that so.i'll make this available to if you guys.would like that and let's see any other.questions.okay awesome if you have any follow-up.questions just let me know and we'll get.this stuff out to you guys thank you so.much y'all have a great day.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Va Entitlement Calculator Worksheet Form online

CocoSign is a browser based program and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the most efficient method to e-sign their Va Entitlement Calculator Worksheet Form .

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Va Entitlement Calculator Worksheet Form FAQs

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