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and you may start.very good good morning i'd like to.welcome you to the august.meeting of the louisiana community and.technical college system board of.supervisors.thank you for joining us today before we.begin i would like to cover a few points.given that we are holding a virtual.meeting of the board.and live streaming to youtube the.meeting is being live streamed.online please be mindful of that those.joining by remote access are each.asked to keep yourselves on mute during.the meeting please use the raise hand.feature.if you have a comment or question when.recognized to speak and mute yourself.give it a few seconds before you make.your comments and then return to mute to.avoid background noise during the.remainder of the meeting.if you are having trouble with your.technology at any point you should text.or call sarah klein peter board services.coordinator.you may view board items via the links.posted on the lctcs website.we will conduct all roll call we will.conduct a roll call.at the start of the meeting and each.motion will require a roll call vote for.approval.members please state your name when.making a motion motions must be made.via sound not gesture public comments.can be made during today's meeting via.open conference call at 877-810-9415.the access code is 6499-146.pound that information is in the notice.of meetings.posted on the lctcs website at lctcs.edu.any public comments received will be.read during the meeting.by the board secretary all public.comments must include an agenda item.number.a name and a brief statement public.comments are limited to three minutes.per comment.and finally this meeting will need to.adjourn.by 12 30 in in order to.complete the meetings the business of.the board today.so with that uh mr chairman i will turn.to you.thank you sir appreciate it good morning.everybody.um i would like to cause me to order the.lctcs board of supervisors today is.august the 12th.2020. uh.supervisor salaife would you lead us in.the.pledge of allegiance everybody unmute so.we can hear you.damn.i apologize i said the pledge but you.didn't hear me would you like me to redo.it.yes please yes please i pledge.allegiance to the flag.the united states of america.republicans one nation.under god the god.very good sir work.uh miss clown peter would you please.call the roll.yes sir i'd be happy to thank you ma'am.supervisor price come here.supervisor mount.supervisor mount are you still with us.[Music].supervisor jackson.[Music].here supervisor bradford.[Music].i'm here.supervisor carter.he's here.miss helen survivor carter are you here.now i am i think all right.[Music].see supervisor roman hardy.[Music].here supervisor tim hardy.here supervisor erica mcconduit.supervisor michael murphy yeah.supervisor joe potts.is not with us yet supervisor stan salah.here supervisor stevie smith.here supervisor mark spears.here supervisor craig spahn.here supervisor stevie tupes is absent.supervisor tara mitchell.hey sarah i'm here i'm having technical.difficulties so if i.if i'm jumping on and off i'm gonna have.to jump on my phone.okay well we see you and hear you very.clearly right now with whatever device.you're using.all right thank you you're welcome.supervisor joshua turner.here great mr chairman we do have a.quorum of the board in attendance.very good thank you man appreciate it.i'd like to get a motion from someone to.approve the.august 12th agenda as presented.so moved the motion by mr spahn.second second by mr tim hardy.we'll do a roll call vote to approve the.august.agenda.she's on now yeah and i want to know for.the record that supervisor mount is with.us for the original roll call.she was on and then dropped off but she.is back here.with us so we'll start roll call vote.for item d.the approval of the agenda price.yes mount.supervisor mount can you hear us yes.perfect.jackson yes bradford.yes yes i'm unmuted.thanks willie carter.here fantastic hearty roman.yes party tim.yes my conduit.yes hear her erica we can't hear you.yes.yes ox.is not here salaf yes.smith yes ears.yes spawn.is a yes okay.yes i thought i was unmuted mitchell.mitchell.may not be able to hear us turner yes.great and members of the board as we do.these roll call votes for the items.if um we are going alphabetical order.for a roll call so if you know.that your name is coming up next you may.want to unmute yourself to.help with that delay.mr price that item is passed and we can.move to item e.very good thank you ma'am uh.also need to get a motion to approve the.june 10th.2020 meeting minutes as presented i.think everyone got a copy of those.so i moved this is willie.thank you the most of my miss mount and.a second.mr hardy is that who i heard.and we will do a roll call vote.yeah christ yes mount.yes jackson yes.bradford yes.carter hardy.yes him party roman.yes yes yes yes yes.my conduit yes murphy.yes potts is not absolutely absent sorry.about that guys.celeb yes smith.yes beers yes spawn.yes mitchell.yes turner yes.and that motion stands approved.okay thank you ma'am uh looks like we've.we're at the park for the chair of the.board report i'm sure everybody's.anxiously awaiting that.i would like to thank everyone for the.vote of confidence i'm.a bit nervous about doing this even.though this is not my first.rodeo as far as designing over a meeting.but um uh i've enjoyed speaking to many.many of you during the last week or two.just to touch.base best i could i will remind you that.i did.send out we did send out the committee.assignments and everyone should have.that if you've got any questions or.concerns please.give me a buzz let me know um i.appreciate your.willingness to serve on these committees.they're very important to the board.uh we'd like to offer special thanks to.helen carter.she's the one kind of encouraging me to.do this and.you know i pushed back a little bit she.pushed back harder and so here i am.you know and uh uh.we're we have we're an extraordinary.times.um with extraordinary circumstances.right now i don't know.nobody knows how it's going to go we.cannot hope for the best.um lsu might be playing alabama in april.who knows but uh we're just going to get.through it the best we can i know we've.got good leadership i know mine is.working.36 hours a day instead of his usual 24.so.we're getting a good turnout from him on.that at least.he's working hard to keep the system.going doing a great job we appreciate.what.everyone's doing so those are my.personal comments at the moment now at.this point i would like to invite.dr renee cintron and emily campbell dr.campbell to talk about.how lctcs will be a snap ent contractor.for the state and what impact that has.for our.students good morning chair price.members of the board i appreciate you.taking the time to discuss this.as you might have heard from other.meetings that we've held.lctcs is partnering with the louisiana.department of children and family.services.otherwise known as dcfs otherwise and.affectionately known as dcfs we've been.working with the group.there over the last few months to get.this initiative and innovative plan.to provide what's called snap ent.employment and training benefits to.qualified students so.people of louisiana who are already snap.recipients who are attending.our institutions are able to receive.uh support in enrolling in and.completing college programs that lead to.how which.a high-demand jobs and with that i'm.going to turn it over to dr campbell.who's going to talk to us a little bit.about the details of that.of this partnership that helps our folks.louisiana families in the workforce and.that provides a benefit.uh to to our students and our.institutions.dr campbell okay thank you dr centron uh.sarah if you could just advance the.slides so the board can have a visual.good morning board members.um so we're really excited to announce.the launch of this initiative and this.will give you just a quick visual of.what this is uh.what this initiative is about so the.usda united states department of.agriculture.sends money to states uh for uh.supplemental nutrition benefits for uh.state citizens and we in louisiana have.uh individuals who receive these.benefits um.and the ent portion of these dollars.that we receive from the feds.which dcfs receives from the feds is.supposed to be spent on.individuals who are snap recipients in.order to get them employment and.training.to help them get off of those public.assistance benefits and so.the mission of snap e t and the mission.of lctcs.are are very very closely aligned as i'm.sure you can see.so we at lctcs will become a contractor.with uh.with dcfs uh for the uh.for snap employment training benefits so.we will our colleges will be able to.receive reimbursement.for some eligible uh program.administrative costs.and then our participants our students.um will be able to receive uh.some some of the cost of their education.um.covered by snap ent benefits and you can.see a list of the types of expenses that.our students.uh can get covered and this year we have.chosen to focus on health care and.construction for the launch of this.because those are two.areas that can lead to high wage high.demand.employment in our state and so we're.focusing on the health care and.construction programs at our colleges.for the first roll out of this and with.that i want to introduce a very special.guest.uh uh secretary of dcfs ms marquito.uh walters who um i know professionally.through lctcs but we also serve on the.board of a charter school in baton rouge.as well so.i know her professionally and personally.and she's a wonderful person so with.that i'd like to introduce.miss walters thank you so much emily and.um board it is so exciting to be with.you i have a few members of my team.on the call and i'm going to introduce.um a couple of them to you to speak but.i also have my deputy terry ricks on the.call.and our communications director.catherine heightman this is.just to show you how excited we are.about this partnership.and we have been working on this a long.time you have had.um a lot of staff from lctcs that have.been.working on this um chris broadwater and.i.actually met josh fertitta that you will.hear from shortly as we all served on a.panel for the workforce commission's.um annual meeting a couple years ago now.or.over a year ago now and um.chris and i both really just kind of.fell in like with josh.and um talked about it and i said.chris said i'm going to hire him if you.don't and i hired him first.and then we took a team from lctcs.and dcfs up to washington state to learn.how they were doing this.program dcfs was doing snap in t.but very very minor league we only had.like five.partners in the whole state and so we.went to washington to learn how they.were doing it.because they were the leader in the.nation and.offered peer review or peer site visits.for other people to learn what they were.doing.and then we met siobhana howard who was.running that program.and chris and i had the same.conversation and he started wooing her.but my wooing skills are stronger and we.hired her first.and so it is with great pleasure.that i introduce her to you and then she.will turn it to josh.so that they can tell you details about.the program so.thank you all so much we're very excited.about this partnership.shavana thank you madam secretary and.board i'm happy to be here and.definitely happy to be speaking about um.snap employment training.um as the secretary shared with you um.in washington state we operated um.a very extensive uh employment and.training program.we partnered with over 50 community.based organizations throughout the state.as well as.all of the community technical colleges.within our state which is a total 34.and we were able to produce some amazing.outcomes.uh we had a over a 64 employment.placement rate.over 70 percent of our students or.of our participants actually enrolled.into our college system the remaining.30 percent um worked with our community.organizations and some.actually um were co-enrolled between the.community-based organizations.and the colleges to provide a whole.holistic performance of services.in washington we served on average about.23 000 students or participants a year.who received services and we really.heard not only from the students who.were in the college system but also.students who were going through.community-based organizations on.how amazing it was to have the support.um not only financially of course with.you know tuition because that can be.just expensive.but also with the type of case.management services that they were able.to provide.so um i was very excited um a little.hesitant.um when the secretary and chris kind of.reached out to me to come and join here.in louisiana but um.i definitely moved by faith and i i took.that leap and i'm happy to be here and.i'm excited.about the opportunity that we have to.partner with you and bring that same.experience and knowledge and support to.louisiana and hoping that we can help.move our students forward and helping.them on their career pathway.so thank you very much and josh will.provide a more detailed update on what.we're doing here in louisiana.good morning supervisors and secretary.uh thank you all for.allowing me to be here today um i.am with uh dcfs as the.uh snap employment and training manager.we are very excited to partner with you.all.this um partnership is valued at.approximately.three million dollars in.drawing down federal dollars to support.programs like lctcs's.allied health and.construction programs at brcc and suella.we are very excited about this.partnership.it's going to transform lives and we are.very encouraged.very good mr chairman if i may i would.i'd just like to extend a thank you to.uh secretary walters and.and to your entire team uh you guys have.been.uh you you put a lot of work and effort.and and uh.recruited some of the best talent we.could have found anywhere in the nation.uh right here to louisiana and and we.could not be more proud.uh the the uh the key point i think for.members of the board.uh is to see that that snap benefits are.so.critically important particularly now in.in the circumstance that families face.all across this country.but it's important also to ensure that.people not only have that benefit but.that they have the ability.to go back to school to get the training.and education they need.and that's what snap ent is really about.i think any of you if you were asked.would you prefer to spend benefits over.a lifetime or benefits in a concise.shortened period that helps someone.to become self-sustaining clearly we.want to help drive.uh folks to a place of being able to be.self-sustaining and that's what.snap bnt is really about there's a lot.of work behind the scenes a lot of.detail.siobhana thank you for taking that leap.of faith and josh.certainly appreciate all the great work.that that you guys have done.uh uh dr cintron dr campbell uh you guys.have done tremendous work.uh i wish chris broadwater were here uh.he's somewhere out there and he can't.speak and it's killing him right now you.know that he is secretary walters.but just could not uh could not ask for.better partners.so uh thank you for your leadership.secretary and and uh.i know this is something that is near.and dear to the governor's heart as well.uh and and he has been very much of a.supporter of this effort so.with that maybe we'll open it up and ask.if there are any questions from members.of the board.okay monty i did not.use the raise hand feed for me.um first of all i think it's an.incredible.partnership so to the secretary first.and foremost i just want to extend on.behalf of the board our thank you for.for the participation in the partnership.shivana uh welcome to louisiana.um now i'm here but um i have a question.for you it was very impressive to hear.you say that you guys serve.23 000 in washington.what's the goal for participation in.louisiana.i think that we are hopeful to have a.slow.increase and the number of individuals.are participating um i think.now and josh could probably clarify him.incorrect i think we're serving over.is it over 2 000 we're serving about 2.000 per year.through our community-based.organizations and we were.through some of the legit programming up.to about 18 000.per year but we're restructuring that.around the voluntary programs.so partnerships like lctcs are going to.allow us to.impact many more louisianans awesome.and erica as i as i shared um.the majority of our participants.in washington were with the college.system.like i said over 70 percent were.actually with the college system and.the beautiful thing about snap ent is.that you do have to be receiving snap.assistance but as long as.you are in the system and you're working.with the snap b t.program you are then eligible for snap.benefits.so it's kind of like a uh you know even.if you're not eligible now because you.don't meet the student status which is.one of those requirements for snap.by engaging in our in our program in.snap b t and the college is saying.if you approve the students for snap.they will.be part of our program students will.then be.eligible for snap benefits.so it it's definitely a uh it helps.increase the number of students who are.actually accessing you know.the needed food benefits that they.that they are eligible for thank you.i i have a question this is chip jackson.how will our students find out about.this benefit it sounds like a great.program how do we.plan to i don't know recruit or how do.we plan to.make sure our students are aware of this.benefit sure i can.i can handle that question um so we are.planning on having a kickoff meeting.with the colleges in the next few weeks.um and part of that kickoff team will be.um the recruiting and marketing folks at.the colleges as well as at the system.office.um and that is a part of our plan um.that we've submitted to dcfs i.we do include marketing and um.and you know recruiting as a part of.this.um we're also planning on i know it's dr.sullivan's vision to make this a part of.kind of the financial aid process.um just like students fill out fafsa.we'd like our financial aid.officers to also work with students to.understand.all of the all of the programs that.they're eligible for not just title four.aid.and so by making it a very systemic.approach that is a part of the financial.aid process.we hope to let more students know about.it.that's great thank you thank you.other questions from the board.it's like a great program to me you're.going to serve a lot of students.we appreciate all y'all's efforts on.that but on our behalf too.really well it's been a tremendous.partnership.thus far and i really appreciate um.dr sullivan dr campbell and chris.broadwater and.um the work that they have done really.behind the scenes this this did not.happen overnight.um you know government is slow and so.we've been talking about.working toward this for a long time and.we're really excited and look forward to.the day when we're not in covet and we.can.do some big ta-da with the governor and.have a signing and.and and um really do something to.to let the world know what we're doing.we truly appreciate the partnership.thank you madam secretary bye bye.bye joshua do you have a question yeah i.had one quick question i'm sorry.my computer is messing up uh.so when is this supposed to roll out for.our system like.to uh because i am a sga president when.can i start.letting my peers know about it um.so it'll be it'll start rolling out this.fall so we'll have a soft launch this.fall.and then we'll continue to escalate.throughout the year but this year.just academic years and we'll start.rolling it out.josh we hope that that as part of our.lctcs.sga leaders meeting we can begin to.inform leaders.because you will be a critical voice in.ensuring the students are aware.of this effort so stay tuned because.this will be an important part i believe.supervisor mitchell also may have a.question.yes thank you dr sutherland i do have a.question good morning.my name is tyra mitchell i'm an sga.president as well.i just want to know will that slide be.made available to the board.dr sullivan or presenter so i can.relate the information on to my board.because.we actually had an event where we signed.our students up.who are interested for snap.so i think this is um some valuable.information.that i can rely on to them and we're.looking forward to the partnership as.well.in the fall excellent that's great.she was asking for the slide if i'm if.i'm not mistaken.money that's absolutely misunderstood.we'll make sure you have these materials.uh just following the meeting.sorry i misunderstood thank you dr.sullivan.if i could get those as well i'd.appreciate it.absolutely thank you all very much.anything else.all right you know thank y'all.appreciate all that you do.and look forward to seeing you again.soon thank you.thank you thank you thank you.emily uh renee anything else from y'all.not for this item okay okay.you'll see us again i'm sure i'm sure we.will.all right well i think that does it for.me on the president's.i'm sorry the chairman of the board.report don't even know what i am.uh dr sullivan i believe it's your turn.yes sir.thank you very much mr chairman and and.uh we have a number of items on the.president's report and we'll try to move.through these uh quickly but please.don't hesitate to.ask questions if if you have questions.or or.would like to make a comment i want to.begin with a.budget and enrollment update as you.recall for those of you on the executive.committee we we had a brief discussion.at our last executive committee meeting.about where we are.in enrollment and budget-wise uh i'd.like to.to turn it over if i can to uh to joe.marine.to to dr campbell and to dr centron.to give us a presentation and probably.begin with dr campbell.talking about the enrollment and where.we stand as of today.as i shared with you a few day a few.weeks ago.we were we were double-digit uh probably.25 24 down in credit hours which.if you think about that in the context.of your own business uh with revenue.down 24.you'd be very concerned we were as well.the work that has gone on by our.colleges to close that gap has been.tremendous.uh and uh we're not there yet but we've.made a lot of progress so.dr campbell i'll turn to you if you'd.like to provide us with an update on the.enrollment front.sure so on the enrollment front you know.when we talk about enrollment we talk.about two metrics we talk about head.count.that's kind of you know each individual.student we talk about student credit.hours.which is the number of classes that a.student is scheduled for um so on the.head count front.uh we are currently down about nine.percent system-wide.uh which as dr sullivan said uh compared.to just a few short weeks ago when we.were in the double digits.that is great news uh we're still not.you know 100 there but we are a lot.closer than we were.so on the head count nine percent um and.then in student credit hours we're also.down about nine percent um student.credit hours.is of course uh what pays the bills um.so.we we like to you know also look at.student credit hours um so nine percent.there.so just to give you a an idea of what.what is nine percent.so in terms of where we were on this day.august 12 last year.versus where we are today we're down.about 44 000 student credit hours.um so if you multiply 44 000 times about.185 dollars a credit hour.you can do the math you can kind of see.where we are.so um so nine percent down in credit.hours.much better than we were but we still.have a big deficit that we're trying to.make up and so i think the.solution for a lot of colleges over the.next few weeks is.work continuing to work to get students.enrolled even once classes start most of.our colleges have an extra week for.students to add classes.so i think that's priority number one.and then also.putting together some other parts of.term throughout the fall semester some.eight week sessions things like.that throughout the fall semester so.that students have other options.to add some more credit hours throughout.the fall semester.so dr campbell uh thank you for the.enrollment update to translate that.for you and to give a little bit of.context uh that is somewhere in the.eight to ten million dollar range.that we are down for the fall semester.fall is the.typically the larger part of the the.total enrollment.uh so that eight to ten million we we.are not in a place today.to to forecast what the spring looks.like.there's so much uncertainty at this.point that uh even with the.the uh wrapping up of the fall semester.registration.uh spring semester is still very much uh.uncertain.so at this point it's uh it's a little.difficult for us to project where we are.with revenue for the spring.uh but we do anticipate continuing to.close that gap.uh and and uh as joe marine can share.with us.uh there have been multiple sources of.funding that is both coming and going.within our institutions both federal.dollars state dollars.fund swaps a whole range of things the.challenge that it creates for us is one.of messaging.because many legislators as an example.many federal.uh members of congress look at the.amount of money that has come to the.state.as a part of stimulus packages and and.perhaps even.additional stimulus that may be coming.our way and they think that we're.good we're flush we have lots of cash.i wanted to make sure that this group.understands where we are.from all of the different sources so joe.if you will can you walk the board.through.where we are with both the state general.fund side the enrollment side as well as.incorporating the federal dollars.yes sir good morning members of the.board mr chairman.so as dr sullivan mentioned we have had.as many of our institutions in all.higher ed have had multiple funding.streams and revenues provided to us.both at at the end of fiscal year 20 and.in the current fiscal year.and and so why do i reference fiscal.year 20 because the reason is is that.these funds.bleed over from from fiscal year 20 into.fiscal year 21..and but i want to caution that these are.not just.dollars that can be used to to plug.budget holes these are dollars that were.provided.for example we had 42 million dollars or.41 million dollars in cares act funding.provided in fiscal year 20.of which half of it was strictly.dedicated to.provide tuition assistance to students.which we did disperse.uh in in june to um.many students so that accounted for 21.million dollars there the remaining 21.million dollars.that we have available to us currently.is is being used for.various reasons and purposes some of.them again being for.tuition financial assistance for.students.others relate to relate to retrofitting.of our facilities to.be coveted compliant as whether it's.related to barriers.uh networking infrastructure.improvements to provide online delivery.of courses.and other other uh purposes for the.cleaning.and the maintenance of our facilities so.in essence these are expenses that we.have incurred that are above and beyond.our normal operating budget they're not.not things that we're just using these.funds and all of a sudden have a.have dollars available that we would.normally use for those purposes.so to that end i want to stress that.these dollars are not.not being used and cannot be used to.buoy.college's financial situations.additionally at the end of uh the last.fiscal year.as dr sullivan referenced we had some.funds provided to us.i believe about 16 million dollars that.were were made available to basically do.what he referenced as a means of.financing swap.this was some creative accounting done.by the state to in essence.prepare us for a 22 million dollar cut.in state funding so they they gave us.funding in fiscal year 20.in essence to carry over into fiscal.year 21.to accommodate uh to to a vast majority.not completely about 90 percent.of a cut that we we received from the.state.so again federal dollars coming in.but in essence it's not a net increase.it actually in the net once we've netted.against our state general fund cut we.are down 5 million dollars.in fiscal year 21 as compared to fiscal.year 22..and what really complicates this is the.only thing we're certain about.is uncertainty on all levels one of them.being as dr.sullivan mentioned on our student.enrollments we are down.slightly but as i've had some.conversations with four-year college.uh presidents i think everybody is.concerned about the economic situation.of the states and its impact.on families and individuals to to be.able to.not only enroll but once they're.enrolled to continue.with their enrollment and and actually.see through their financial commitments.to.to not only our colleges but but also.all their other life issues that they.have to deal with so when it comes time.to paying rent.buying food taking care of your children.or paying your tuition we all know kind.of where.our tuition ends up in that list of.priorities.so that's a great unknown and ultimately.as we as we.phase out of fiscal year 21 with the.potential uh.cut we've been told to at least plan for.in the event that it does happen a 10.cut in state funding.uh going into fiscal year 22 we will we.will definitely have some some.structural issues to deal with.uh because again we that that that.cut in state funding will annualize in.the fiscal year 22 if it does happen.which we all anticipate to what extent.we don't know but one thing we do know.is all this money that we were given for.this means of financing swap.16 million dollars will go away so again.that that's just a compounded.impact to the budget that we have to.deal with in addition to the uncertainty.of.tuition income given our enrollments and.our student behavior.given their financial situations at home.so just to to put a little bit of.perspective to the numbers total budget.of about 290 million dollars that is.both state funds as well as.as tuition and fee self-generating.revenue.that 290 million uh we anticipate that.through the changes that are occurring.in fy 21.20 and 21 the fy 22 budget.will be net down about 35 million.dollars.so that is call it 12 15 of your.of your total budget um is is uh.no longer available uh that assumes that.our spring enrollment is flat.it also makes some assumptions about our.current uh fall enrollment.so at this point uh just um the best way.to.that that that we can and uh.prepare ourselves for this i think is to.look to.the reserve dollars that our colleges do.have which are not.large uh but to be very wise about how.we spend those dollars.because uh the uh the reserve funds.present an opportunity for us to change.the business process.to change structure uh to look at.campuses differently colleges.differently.potentially for changes in business.model etc.to ensure that we're driving down costs.maximizing revenue.so those are the things that our.colleges are spending.uh every waking second trying to find.ways to.ensure that that we're able to maximize.every dollar.you just saw a presentation around snap.ent as an example.we anticipate that will be a financial.winner for us it will reimburse our.colleges for expenses that we did not.have reimbursement for previously.so we're looking to maximize every uh.dollar opportunity that we can.but we certainly want to make sure that.you are aware going into this fiscal.year.that this will very much be a year of.transition.both financially and and in a number of.other ways so.with that i'll stop and and ask if there.any questions.either on the enrollment front or on the.the finance side.dr solomon it's uh roman uh quick.question.so one thanks for sharing the the.financial outlook.and i and painting a picture of some of.the funds or uh.sort of short term it may not carry on.uh i.i think it links in you mentioned uh it.in your in your summary just now that.we need to to really get clear about.where we're rated long-term with virtual.learning.uh as a link to our cost structures.and i think covert has has taught us.that that's going to be a big part of.our future so.how do you see the pathway to get.clarity as a system on what we believe.to be true.so that the board can debate pros and.cons and.fundamentally make changes here so great.question.and and that is that is ultimately where.we're trying to get to right now.uh and to to be frank with you there is.so.little that is certain uh that it's hard.to find.an appropriate set of assumptions so.i'll give you an example.uh we have colleges that are teaching.the entirety of their general education.curriculum in an online environment.that online environment is one that is.uh relatively stable.students are are prepared for it faculty.are prepared for it.and and if we were to have to cease.operations that are colleges.for whatever reason uh coveted related.in this instance.there's no doubt we could continue there.that represents at this point.probably about a third maybe 40 percent.of our total operations.on the other side a welding class as an.example is really not one that we can.teach online.uh at a level of effectiveness and so.there's an entire set of courses and.operations of the college that.will be impacted uh if if and when we.find ourselves in a place where we have.to retract from the college campus.physically again so at this point.we're roughly a third that is that is.totally online.we're roughly a third that is in the.classroom face-to-face.and we're about a third of our classes.that are hybrid and so on those hybrid.courses what we're trying to do is give.those students an opportunity to be.incu in class complete the instruction.that is hands-on.as quickly as possible because we do.anticipate uh in the october november.time frame we will see some type of.resurgence or.the combined effect of covid and the flu.so.those are those are some of the.strategies that that we are looking at.what i would.what i hope for is once we have a better.picture of enrollment.i can come back to the board and present.you with a more definite picture of the.budget.uh particularly because of the.enrollment um take.portion of it we also anticipate and i.had hoped to be able to provide you with.that more detailed picture today.the stimulus package that was.anticipated coming out of washington.uh sort of fell apart as you all know we.now have an executive order.we don't know yet what the impact of.that executive order is.so what we do know is what whatever.comes out of washington we anticipate.uh it being used as a fund swap.by the state so for instance if we are.given 40 million dollars again from the.federal government.there will be an attempt to swap that 40.million in federal funds for state funds.which simply buys down the state dollar.that we have and replaces it with.federal which ultimately is a.is a wash for us the challenge that it.creates is.the state has a long track record of any.time there's a fun swap.they annualize that to the next year.that's how we lost 80.80 million dollars over eight years and.and now we see that.returning here so i i know that that is.not.um the level of detail and the data that.you would like to see at this point.uh but but uh as soon as we have uh.the the um the enrollment data and a.better picture of the federal side.uh we will be coming back to you with.more uh more of.an explanation of what to expect on the.horizon does that.get at your question yeah i think it's.definitely.the near term part of my question i.guess the second part which not really.looking for an answer now let me just a.agreement to work is what's our.vision for five years from now in terms.of virtual work and what is it how does.it cascade.through our uh our financials and our.our building strategies et cetera so.i know that there's a lot of uncertainty.between now and then but i think if we.don't.choose and start hitting the direction.we won't um leverage all this.potential money in the right way you are.absolutely right uh everything from the.workforce.of our own workforce what does the.employment base.of lctcs colleges look like five years.from now.i can assure you it is not larger than.it is today it is very much.smaller and and we we have to begin to.look at the core operations of teaching.and learning.as the focal point some portion of that.you know administrative staff etc is.probably.to be minimized perhaps some of that.outsourced we've seen that happen over.the last seven or eight years.and i fully anticipate that that trend.will continue what we know for certain.is benefits costs on the personnel side.are.absolutely eating our lunch increased.cost in health care.premiums increased cost and retirement.all of those things.continue to rise across time at a rate.that is.much higher than than.even uh you know a cpi or some of the.other.typical increases across time meanwhile.we're declining.in terms of the state general fund so.we're eating into.the dollar that students are paying in.tuition further and further and further.and and if that in this instance if that.enrollment decline occurs as a result of.something like a covet.you can see how there's huge disruption.so.we're we're certainly in a in a.difficult spot.uh supervisor mcconduit.to your earlier point monty.i'm concerned about the colleges that.don't have strong reserves.and you mentioned that being a strategy.that we would utilize in the meantime.potentially what happens to them.so great question one of the one of the.things that we have done building in.some assumptions and.and frankly i would i would love to be.able to share with you.uh the the assumptions and the and the.spreadsheet modeling that joe and his.team have put together.uh the challenge is there's so much.uncertainty to it and it is a.frightening picture.i don't think we're at a place now where.we want to put that out there as a.public document.what it says is given the current.financial condition.and the assumptions that we built in.there are five of the 12 colleges that.will not make it through.june 30 of 2022..that's a reality so what it says.is the fy 21 year which is the one we're.in now.is a year of transition we have to find.ways to find our financial footing.in this year uh because we will run out.of gas in the tank.uh in fy22 so to the point that that.supervisor hardy made a few minutes ago.and to to your question.those institutions will have to be.supported.be it by the board office uh be it by.changes in cost structure.or driving new revenue i think it's.going to take every lever these colleges.have at their disposal.to make it to to make sure that those.colleges are sustained.across time and as a board i think our.focus.needs to continue to be on the things.that you have been focused on all along.which is ensuring the mission.of two-year colleges is available to.every person.within the state of louisiana and that.that.may involve um you know fewer.institutions.i don't know that it will i hope that it.will not uh it.it surely can't mean fewer teaching.locations.we've heard that loud and clear from our.governor we are.a rural state by nature if we wanted to.solve this budget challenge we could go.out and.close all of the rural campuses the.reality is there's not a that's not a.political reality number one.but it's also not a reality for.louisiana given just the very nature.of who we are as a state so this will be.a.a difficult year but as soon as we have.enough information i'd like to maybe.call together.a group perhaps even the finance.committee to look through.these numbers once you have a better we.have a better grip.on them and a little more certainty.thank you.other questions on uh enrollment or.finance.monty i think supervisor smith has a.question survivor smith.yes i do and it's a very simple one we.have a operating budget that's proposed.a few items later in the agenda.and it looks like in that operating.budget we project an increase for this.year of self-generated revenue.i assume that was put together before we.had the same kind of grip on these.enrollment numbers.uh that that's probably i like all.budget that that number is probably.going to change.based on a report we got today correct.uh supervisor smith that is correct and.and the other the other thing that i'd.like to note just so the board is.is is not uh confused by the numbers.later today as you mentioned we do have.a board item before you for action.related to the allocations of state.funds and self-generated funds.and that is strictly a fiscal year 20.to fiscal year 21 appropriated.number and unfortunately does not.include.the the last minute uh means of.financing swap dollars that were.provided to us in fiscal year 20. so.when you look at it.on on a document and for all intents and.purposes all public documents currently.show that the lctcs has a 22 million.dollar.reduction in general fund which it does.however it does not reflect.that means of financing money coming in.on the back side.to to fill it since those dollars were.not appropriated by the legislature.because they were provided at the very.last week of june when session was.wrapping up.very good other questions or thoughts.i think uh supervisor mitchell did you.have a question.there we are yeah i'm sorry i was muted.dr sullivan i have a question um.as sga president.it's my duty to um you know voice.concerns of the students.especially when i come and sit at board.meetings.and we have an app and i've been.noticing like a lot of students.saying that they were going to drop.out from our system because the.institutional aid has not been applied.to their accounts.in which we're supposed to get 600.institutional aid and which it has been.applied to some of our accounts but not.all you know what's the delay.on that and what steps are brcc.um implementing to ensure retention.for the fall semester yeah so thank you.for the question and.and uh the institutional aid for the.rest of the board you may recall that.you put in place a policy.uh a number of months ago that allowed.institutions to be able to.offer institutional aid to buy down the.cost of tuition for students.in the instance of baton rouge community.college chancellor smith.in in a what i think is a very smart.move uh.applied institutional aid of six hundred.dollars for.students who met certain criteria and it.was typically students who are.increasing the number of credit hours uh.that they are.they are taking uh so i i am not.sure what is the what what the challenge.may be in terms of timing.supervisor mitchell but i can go back.and and ask that question and get an.answer.uh for you specifically it as to both.the number of students who have.been awarded and the ones that are.pending and and try to talk through the.the time frame with you to make sure.that you're informed and can answer that.question.uh when students bring it forward but i.very much appreciate you pointing that.out.yes sir may i ask you one more time dr.sullivan because i was taking notes can.you.repeat the thing that you said about.criteria.yeah i'm not sure that i in fact it is.different for every.one of the 12 colleges what we uh what.we allowed for was.we allowed for the colleges to be able.to uh to to.identify priorities individually i.believe that at baton rouge community.college the idea was to provide an.additional 600.institutional aid for those students who.move from let's just say.i don't know that this is fact but.perhaps from 12 credit hours to 18.credit hours.uh these are these are trying to.increase the number of of credits that.students are pursuing.so but we can find out for sure what the.uh what the status is.and what the parameters are and we can.get that to you right dr sullivan just.uh just to reference uh the.the 600 that supervisor mitchell is.referencing is the the uh.cares act institutional funds that the.colleges have that they're using.to do some retrofits uh brcc is using.those dollars as well to provide a 600.um institutional aid to students to.those who.enroll i believe in 15 or more credit.hours okay.what i will do i'll contact the cfo.i'm more than certain what they are.doing is they are putting a a.purge protection on those accounts to.make sure that those students.are enrolled and stay enrolled but i'll.follow up with him as well.sure thank you thank you much appreciate.it.all right uh moving moving right along i.would like to.given given the uh discussion around.enrollment and budget i'd like to turn.our attention if we can.you'll recall for those of you that were.a part of the executive committee.meeting.back a month or so ago we we had an.opportunity to hear from a couple of.chancellors.uh who gave us some background on what.was happening at the college level.as we're restarting the fall semester.what steps have been put in place.to ensure the safety of our students the.safety of our faculty and staff.and the continuity of the operations we.were fortunate to have.some national experts our friends from.gosep the governor's office of homeland.security.the board of regents louisiana.department of health we conducted a.tabletop exercise uh week before last.that that was i think extraordinarily.well done.in fact so well done that the national.consultant from illinois who's working.with five or six states.said i think i'm going to pull my.daughter out of a university i think i.want to send them to a college in.louisiana you guys are more prepared.than anyone we've worked with thus far.and i thought that was just an excellent.vote of confidence to hear from.someone who has that expertise and.shares it at that level.uh the the last time we talked through.this you heard from.uh from a couple of college leaders i.i'd like to bring.supervisor i'm sorry uh chancellor uh.christine strickland and chancellor.willie smith.uh and and allow them to talk through.with you some of the detail.of the plans and preparation that are in.place to kick off the fall 2020 semester.chancellor strickland we'll begin with.you.all right can you hear me.good morning everyone chairman price.president sullivan members of the board.thank you so much for.allowing me to join you today and i am.thrilled to actually be on campus and in.the office.it's nice to be back um i just wanted to.take a moment to highlight.really four areas that fletcher is.actively engaged in.with respect to reopening safely and.continuing to really fulfill our mission.here.the first one dr sullivan mentioned a.little earlier and that is providing.as many options as we can for students.to continue their education.so we are in fact offering courses in.person.entirely online in hybrid formats in.formats we call high flex which allows.students to kind of.pick which days they want to come for.in-person lecture.so we are really working to provide a.variety of different.options for students and this is really.cornerstone to.our ability to reopen because we know.that for our students and for our.faculty and staff.their own personal circumstances may.dictate or require a need to maybe not.be on campus because.of previous health conditions or.concerns or maybe that their learning.style.is that they prefer to be in person and.so we've worked very hard to.not only work and probably put options.out for our students but to work with.our faculty.specifically around what scenarios of.teaching and what modalities.are going to be best not only for their.health.but for their own needs and so i think.we've come.to really a good place with that and.with our schedule.the second thing is really around safety.right we want to make sure that the.campus is a safe one.and we are certainly following all of.the cdc guidelines and the department of.health guidelines with respect to social.distancing and no close contact.putting our classroom setting those up.so that we allow six feet between.students and faculty and each other.hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.and disinfecting sprays in the classroom.and certainly requiring masks a couple.of things i would highlight.is we are i just lost my lighting hold.on a minute.i'm going to roll here there we go.are cost saving measures uh so.um but a couple things i want to.highlight one of them is that we have.purchased an.app and we have uh reduced our entry.point so we have a singular entry point.to each of our facilities.students will be provided an app for.smartphone.both android and apple that will allow.them to do their wellness certification.before they come to campus.and we're referring to it sort of as a.boarding pass so.they will answer some questions about.symptoms.about exposure to anyone who might have.had covet or head.is in a process of testing and they will.get a bar code.um if they are clear for takeoff uh they.will scan.into campus that will also allow us to.have accurate.numbers and accurate identities of who's.been on campus in case we have a need to.do any contact tracing.for students who don't have smartphones.certainly we're going to make.paper forms available at our welcome.centers.but in addition to that we've put some.tree protocols in.decision trees for what happens if a.student or faculty or staff member does.test positive and we've been able to.share those with our community.the other thing i just wanted to.highlight too two other things very.quickly one of them is our partnerships.that we've established.one is with action or health systems so.we are setting up.at each of our campuses telemed.offices so each campus will have an.office where faculty and staff can.step in close the door and have a.private.telemed appointment with a physician.they can also access mental health.counseling.from those offices as well and so.they'll be able to do blood pressure.checks.uh you know temperature checks be able.to actually.sit down like we're doing right now on a.zoom call and meet with a physician.but as a part of that agreement as well.ochsner is helping us with providing us.the latest data and research.on the fight against covid and what we.can do.to maintain safety standards as they.change.they are also helping us with signage.and making sure that.our signage is good and that we are.communicating well with our community.and then lastly they are also providing.us with some concierge services for our.faculty and staff specifically around.covid testing and antibody testing.as well as priority appointments for.faculty and staff if they need to see a.physician in person.i'll round it out with the fourth thing.i think that we're trying to do.to really ensure that we are ready to.roll for the semester is really around.communication.so we've hosted a number of town halls.with faculty and staff.we've hosted a number of town halls with.our students allowing them to ask.questions.we have our plan in place but we've also.put together guidebooks we have a.guidebook for faculty and staff and then.a separate guidebook for students.that really gets into some of the.details about how college operations.will look this fall.and also has a number of frequently.asked questions out there.for us and then of course we're um we're.doing.our website and our social media i would.also like to mention i just forgot to.mention under partnerships as well we.have been working very closely with.our louisiana department of health in.region 3 and they've stepped in.and will be working with us to do any.contact tracing.so that if we do have any exposure on.campus.that warrants some communication then.they will step in and assist us with.that as you know that that is a sort of.a heavy lift.in terms of reaching out to all the.individuals somebody might have come in.contact.with so region three has been tremendous.in stepping in and saying that they will.assist our institution so.that's just a brief highlight of some of.the things we have happening.but i know our faculty and staff are.excited to be back they are looking.forward to it.certainly some folks are anxious and a.little bit nervous.but overall what i'm hearing from.students and from faculty and staff is.they're looking forward to getting back.to um.a little bit more of a schedule a little.bit more of a routine.and and being able to engage with their.students and with each other so we're.excited to start the fall semester and.we start classes on monday.very good very good let's let's turn to.uh chancellor smith and.and perhaps after chancellor smith wraps.up that their questions we can have.those posed to both.answers chancellor all right thank you.dr sullivan good morning chairman price.board of supervisor dr sullivan i think.dr strickland took all my notes.[Laughter].basically we are basically doing the.same thing so i'm gonna tackle this for.different perspective you talk about.reopening we have remain open we have.not closed any of our colleges.we are remain open our people have.continued to arise to the occasion and.work their tails on.to support our students so i'm proud of.the work that all of our colleagues do.and certainly brcc.you can only imagine some of the unique.challenges that we all have faced during.this pandemic.and we were decisive fast and making.sure we provide.excellent services to our students so in.early march and april our code 19 task.force.facilitated uh facilitated the success.we had this summer in our fall.enrollment with early planning.we were able to build schedule recruit.advise.register and teach students in may.semester three.summer sessions three summer sessions.excuse me and now early fall start.for hands-on essential employees if your.evidence that have you seen on agenda.today look at our consent agenda.you have a huge large number item that.brcc.folks have been working during this.pandemic time so we haven't laid sleep.at the wheel uh erlong has retained to.return to work and hopefully opening.early on we recognize.that this fall was going to be.unprecedented or with this health and.safety our community at state.we determined to move all our courses.that did not require hands-on training.to online model we invested in faculty.training credential.and online structure to prepare them we.promoted the live synchronous course.option.so i want to highlight live so when i.talk to parents and students.they say are you just going to be online.where there's no interaction i say no we.are live.you're actually going to have a faculty.member who's going to be standing in.front of you lecturing.while you're on your screen and so i.when we push the button to say.live our enrollment shot up because.people thought we were just going to be.totally online without any face-to-face.or any action we.did not do that so we have an.asynchronous which is totally online.where there's no interaction and a.synchronous and hybrid model but.certainly live instruction.and so one of the things after early.recognition of our concern about the.virus.we moved up our attending education.program start to last.monday august the third part of that was.to help us.uh get more time to fulfill programmatic.requirements.and hours in support of our student.completion early on when the virus hit.in march many of our technical students.had to halt.their level of instruction we were.concerned about that getting around this.fall semester so we decided to move.our technical education programs up the.earth.the early start allowing the college to.operate with appropriate social distance.and modify our course on monday this.past monday august.3rd a week ago we welcome over 200.students back to our frasier.acadian atc and jackson site that.enrollment number is donald folk because.of the social disk requirement.we could not entertain and support all.of our technical students.and we had to limit the enrollment.because of space and because of the.social dis.requirement about a governor offered and.so that remains a challenge.not just for brcc but i would imagine.for all our other colleges.as of today we are working diligently.without any issues there's been no.suspected or confirmed cases related to.covert 19.we remain optimistic hopefully that we.can complete this semester.but more importantly fulfill our mission.providing talent for our global.marketplace.uh doctor strictly alluded to some of.our partners we have.uh want to thank many of our partners.who have gave us a total of 170 thousand.dollars.during this covert period to support our.students we gave them a scholarship we.gave them.technology and we also supported food.and security.blue cross blue shield gave us fifty.thousand dollars senator for the that.philanthropy gave us fifty thousand.dollars.period angela wilson foundation four to.three thousand.capital one twenty thousand and double.chemical twelve thousand five hundred.all of these partners stepped up to.support brcc but certainly.our community and our students i'm so.appreciative of their donation to us to.help us fulfill.our mission lastly we partner with.ochsner.and we're going to provide free covert.19 testing.for all of our employees this friday and.so.so we're excited about the partnership.we developed.even though we're going through some.adjustments you need time but we here.rose to the occasion we're no different.than uh fletcher and other colleges we.do have.a site entry protocol that you have a.monitor security monitor screening check.before you're allowed in the building we.have identified.common areas that we can no longer use.to allow student to congregate.we have our facility team has really.been or everybody in the work they have.done this whole entire team.making sure we were safe our facility.was safe sanitizing and those sort of.things so.uh even though we're going this unique.unique time i think all of our.chancellors.my colleague dr strickland here are.prepared for this thank to dr southern.leadership and.we're going to keep pushing but we're.not close we're open.very good any questions for uh.chancellor strickland and smith.dr sullivan is it possible for me to.talk to my sga.persons on this card i heard something.in the last talk that you guys mentioned.about institutional aid.sure sure before i talk about that tara.mentioned about a brcc app.let me say thank you tyler mitchell for.every time i read that app.i go get on my faculty staff about.things students have concern about.but i also saw her advocating guys pay.your tuition.enroll in this class so i really want to.thank you tyler for.your support to make sure you get that.message out as a retaining institution a.i'm excited to say.we have put out seven hundred thousand.dollars.in institutional aim you're talking.about the swap of budget cut but for.this college to make that kind of.investment.to our student i'm proud of the work.that we're doing.there's no delays i'm willing to talk to.tyra out to see what delays you may have.and so if a student.enrolled in 15 credit hours you're going.to get that 15 credit hour free we're.going to give you six hundred thousand.dollar back.in addition to it you can enroll into.another three hour that pushes you up.to 18 with that 600 if you so.they're not really in the delay of what.have you and if there is tower certainly.i'm going to talk to you about this call.yeah you know issues that the student.may be having but.certainly i'm proud of what we're doing.here look forward to great things to.come from brcc in the future.and appreciate you guys support yeah.because i was gonna request.that we did have a meeting because i.need to.speak with you about some things and let.you know some things that we are doing.as well.so um after this after this meeting is.completely fine with me.thank you very good it's very good any.any questions of the chancellors.as it relates to reopening and fall of.2020.just uh i want to thank both of you for.tremendous work.all of the leadership team and and we.look forward to kicking off this fall.semester and.and if you have questions about any of.what you've heard today don't hesitate.to reach out to.these chancellors in particular or to me.uh glad to glad to walk you through.uh some of that work thank you very much.chancellors well.done thank you thank you if we can i.want to.jump down to uh item number three uh.you will recall that in april may time.frame.back in the regular legislative session.we were successful in in asking for.and having sponsored by the speaker of.the house a study resolution.that required us a study of the.structure and support.of community and technical colleges in.louisiana and.in an effort to try to get at some of.the issues i think.supervisor mcconduit and supervisor.hardy referenced a few minutes ago.we anticipated that this was going to be.a more of a financial challenge.likely than it has been really a health.challenge uh for many of.those in state government and certainly.in higher education and in our system.that inchems report has been uh.presented at this point.uh you have seen a copy of it we are now.in the midst of some work.uh to to present the 90-day report.um dr centron has been uh central in.this.in this discussion he's done a fabulous.job of pulling.uh this group together uh to trying to.to implement the the guidelines in a way.that again.sustains those rural campuses so dr.centron uh if you don't mind take a.minute or so just to hit the high points.as it relates to.the uh inchem study sure thank you dr.sullivan.absolutely i think the in addition to.the structural.and other operational mentions in there.i think it's important to note.that the focus on driving enrollment.especially in our.rural campuses our rural communities uh.the section enrollment council i mean.there's some recommendations in there.that specifically tell us.continue to offer educational programs.at all its current sites and that.to have that assessment from an.organization like inchems in that report.to tell us this is something that we.definitely need to continue to do is.absolutely critical.another one it involves with technology.to be used.to ensure minimum class sizes are met.across our.our institutions across our campuses by.utilizing instruction from any system.site.so things like that that help us.operate as a system of colleges and.continue.to to provide education and training.across all of our sites.so what we're working on is working on.that 90 day report with regents.providing that to the board of regents.and then fund the final report after.after that.we will continue to keep you up to date.and and uh provide you with uh those.those written uh reports as they become.available any questions on the intim's.uh report or where we are with that.all right if if not i would like to to.turn.to uh i think all of you are aware of.the diversity equity and inclusion task.force that.uh we created uh i think all of us are.aware.of the the uh changes and the the uh.the unrest that has occurred in in our.country.the conversation has clearly reached a.different level.uh than it ever has in my lifetime and.and i know.um many of you feel the same and and it.is.it is an opportunity for us to uh take a.look at.our organization to take a look at uh.the.mission of our colleges and to ensure.that that we are operating in a way that.is moving.our people forward uh i've asked quentin.taylor if he will.to speak to the work of that task force.uh.quentin has uh has provided leadership.for that group now over about the last.month and a half.has done a fabulous job of moving the.discussion forward and ensuring that.we are moving as one as an organization.so with that let me turn it over to.quentin taylor.absolutely um thank you dr sullivan.members of the board.um as dr sublin just just set up for us.we've now been meeting.uh as a as a group and we've had three.meetings actually.and our our task force is made up of a.really good cross-section of individuals.from across the state.from each of our colleges uh and.including some lctcs.staff members as well and so um.our mission in short is to really.bring forth data-driven recommendations.to our chancellors and then.ultimately up to the board so we can.influence some change and just real.quickly.uh some of the high points of our.mission is to help facilitate the.system's ongoing efforts to foster a.culture of mutual respect.for students faculty and staff we feel.like we need to attack.i'm sorry attract retain and promote.employees from all backgrounds.perspectives and abilities.enhance improve and transform the.academic and workforce experience.with that within lctcs for our students.and our employees.and then lastly i know the board has.really been committed to all of these.but.in particular this one enhance our core.values.around diversity equity and inclusion.and incorporate them into all aspects of.our work.and then to include to include advocacy.for first-gen students.non-traditional populations uh.communications and vendor selection.and so um this work will continue what.i'm really most proud about is.we didn't have to go out and recruit.people to be a part of this task force.when we made the announcement that we.were going to be putting this task force.together.we received an over uh flow of people.wanting to be a part of a solution.and come forth with strong strategic.ideas i want to commend.uh supervisor turner and supervisor.mitchell they serve on the board.i'm sorry they serve on the task force.um representing students but also as.members of the board and so dr sullivan.with that we're going to continue to.move forward.and it's our hope to bring forward some.recommendations uh here pretty soon.very good any questions from members of.the board.uh no questions i just dr sullivan would.um.offer my support as well you know i.leave diversity and inclusion.for my company so quentin if if you need.any additional support let me know.absolutely we'll do we'll do thank you.for that thank you.very very good all right jump into the.last item for uh for today's president's.report i would like to.uh to turn to uh dr centron.as well as camille conaway uh to to.present to you the reboot louisiana.update if you'll recall reboot was the.the concept that we put forward that on.the heels of.a pandemic the people of louisiana need.education and skills to be able to get.back into the economy.the proposal that was made is one that.our governor.saw fit to invest 10 million dollars in.and uh that we.we have been uh just really impressed.with the level of commitment that we.have received.yes from the governor yes from the state.of louisiana but.as much so also from our our colleagues.the regional economic development.officers.uh from across louisiana as well as our.business partners so with that uh maybe.camille i'll turn to you.sure thank you i think renee is actually.going to kick us off and then.and then i will i will chime in on some.of the occupations.very good thank you thank you that's.sullivan again and then camille.you too uh so you all heard about the.reboot louisiana program.we're rebranding it a little bit to say.reboot your career which is.which is a little bit more clear for.folks to understand what it's about.and the 10 million dollars is designated.to provide adult workforce.uh for lctcs institutions as well as.lsue.and southern university shreveport to.train 5 000.individuals this fiscal year in short.term high demand.programs and that this wasn't done.by ourselves we have a team of lcdcs.folks workforce commission regional.economic development.led and you name it now there's a ton of.people that we've been working with.to figure out what are the jobs what are.those occupations that are in demand.that will boost the economy not only.what those occupations are but what are.those that.can be done in a short-term training.that is 12 weeks or less.and i know camille has been very.involved with with this regional work.and i'm gonna turn it over to to her to.tell us more about those occupations.and the regional demand sure so we.started out with.with the data from the workforce.commission that identifies high demand.high-wage jobs obviously in a covet.economy.there have been dramatic shifts and it's.very difficult to get.real-time data so we worked through our.regional economic development.organizations around the state to.utilize not only their data.and analysis of what's happening in.their region but also their.in-depth communications with their.membership the employer drivers in.different parts of the state.to compile regional uh occupational.lists.of what is not only in demand in the.short term in the covent economy where.we can train someone in a matter of.weeks and they will actually.have a job then but we'll also put them.on a pathway to a higher wage job over.time where they can come back in for.additional training.and be on a pathway to a higher wage.career.over time so those occupations in.general.are not surprising to you they fall into.health care obviously certified nursing.assistants.is something that we can do quickly.there are immediate job openings.um phlebotomists emts the exactly the.type of occupations you would expect are.in demand right now.similarly transportation and logistics.another area.every type of truck driver is in demand.uh warehouse employees forklifting.those types of jobs now that everyone's.getting everything.delivered across the country um i.t.is another sector that there is.tremendous demand as everyone works.remotely.for computer user support specialists.networking specialists.that again with you know an entry level.credential can get.people started on those pathways we are.also focused on manufacturing and.construction.as areas where region by region there.are occupations that are continuously.hiring in those fields so those five um.industry sectors are where we're focused.but within that.very targeted at actual jobs that are.available.but we'll also end up in a higher wage.career pathway and.with that i want to introduce angie.white she's joining us from the north.louisiana economic partnership she is.the regional.edo leader on workforce development in.the shreveport beasure area and across.north louisiana.and we just wanted to have one of our.partners here to give you a quick.perspective.on that work and what's happening in the.economy in their area and how we're.trying to target training for those jobs.angie are you on.i am can you hear me yes all right well.thank you for having me.it's been a really i'll just say this.pandemic has created obviously a lot of.challenges but it's also created some.opportunities.and it's been wonderful to be able to.work more closely with.our i'll just call it our workforce.development ecosystem which includes.many different departments but obviously.lctcs is a primary one.it's not new for me to be working with.our lctcs partners as a regional.economic development organization we.consider.your institutions and our region to be.part of our economic development team.so i just want you to hear that from us.that we value them greatly.and our employers here value them.greatly and frequently they.are the reason that we land deals when.we do.look forward to just expanding upon the.relationships we already have.working on this reboot plan together.just to give you a little bit of.background for how we were providing.information.to your team to complete the reboot plan.we pulled from a lot of different.resources but at the end of the day what.was encouraging was.the the information that we found in.terms of looking forward.was not radically different from what we.had.free pandemic so that gives me comfort.in making recommendations.to the team about the training that we.should be focusing on and as camille.noted.almost every single uh industry or.occupation cluster that she mentioned.was critical for our region.so nothing there was off base.i think it's a good thing that we saw a.lot of.the various regions seeing a lot of the.same need because i think that makes.your job.easier or our job easier.what you know we we started by pulling.information from a software that we use.called.mz it analyzes data from job postings.within a.given territory and it showed us for the.last three years what critical.occupations were in demand.and we pulled out the ones that are in.what we're calling sensitive industries.so.the ones that we've really seen impacted.worst by the pandemic so accommodation.food service retail that's casinos for.our particular region.they've been hit very badly we're not.sure when those jobs are going to come.back.so we removed those because there has.been a lot of demand for those.occupations.but in looking forward we we pulled that.information we compared it with what we.were seeing on the louisiana workforce.commission's.higher job site since may because we.have seen a lot of demand on that.website.we also reached out to leading staffing.agencies in our area.because they have been slammed which is.encouraging.they are having struggles actually.finding enough people to fill the jobs.that they're getting.requests for and then we took all that.information.we compiled it we prioritized.occupations and these clusters and we.reached out to key.employers in our region who.would be needing those people to say.this is what we are seeing.is this true for you and the great part.about that.was it allowed us to have some very good.conversations with employers some of.whom we didn't have a strong.relationship with before.to learn what their plans are going.forward what their needs are.and so the report that we gave to.lctcs was encompassing the results of.all that.so it was it took some time but it was.very well vetted and i feel very.comfortable about the recommendations.that were made.i think that going forward this is.you actually addressed one of the big.concerns i had with the presentation you.made earlier.about the dcfs and snap ent partnership.a concern of mine is that you know we're.reaching out to a bunch of people who.prior to.march didn't plan on changing their.career.and so in appealing to them.it's going to require more than just.letting them know that these scholarship.opportunities exist.it's going to require some of those.wraparound services.that dcfs is so accustomed to providing.and it's going to require more than one.conversation which when you have a case.management team like they do.i think it's going to make it much more.effective in terms of getting.and impacted individuals to make the.decision to go into training.most of them probably did not want to go.back to school they weren't planning for.that.you know just psychologically it's going.to be a challenge at first but i think.that.having them as part of your team and we.are part of your team just so you know.uh is going to be very important i i'm.very supportive of the concept of reboot.i think that.the more we can skill our residents the.better it will be for everybody.the better better it will be for the the.individual looking for a new job.the better it will be for our employers.who need better skilled people and also.from a regional economic developer.perspective the easier it will be for me.to market our region to companies that.are looking.for a place to put a new facility talent.is the number one demand when companies.are making decisions like this now.so the more talent we can show them the.better skilled talent we can show them.the better and so having a plan like.this.is something that we can actively market.and.i think it's also going to be extremely.beneficial for.interaction with existing businesses i.think this is going to give lctcs a.great opportunity.to re-engage with those employers that.already had relationships with but also.to create some new partnerships.because you're going to they are going.to know to come to your doorstep.when individuals are graduating from.these programs.they know that there is going to be a.source for them to capture.people with the skills they need so i am.ready to work with your teams to do that.employer outreach.and make those important connections.we're hosting a webinar.for employers in north louisiana on.august 27th.to talk about ways that we are trying to.help existing employers largely through.workforce support.so how do we get our economy on the.right foot again.we are providing you with the workforce.that you need so.dr centron will be presenting on reboot.and i hope that it leads to a lot of.questions.asking how do we find these people so we.are here to help you.we are very supportive of this plan and.i'm thankful for it honestly.well thank you and and thank you to you.to you angie and to.all of the regional economic development.officers for your commitment.to to reboot from very from the very.beginning you guys grabbed a hold of.this one and ran with it and.we're thankful to have you at the table.in partnering with us uh.i was remiss in not introducing the.newest member of our staff.uh camille conaway and and uh camille is.has been a member of our team for years.but but uh but in different roles in.different organizations and so.uh just it's uh almost as though the.transition was uh was one that i.sometimes forget about camille frankly.but camille is uh serves as vice.president for.industry partnerships uh and policy and.uh has.is in the position that was a.consolidated or collapsed position.previously held by willie smith and joan.davis and so today we have.one leader in that space and as you can.tell.camille's hit the ground running we're.very excited to have you aboard camille.any questions on reboot.all right with that mr chairman we uh.conclude the president's report uh and.and.take the next step toward board.development and i'd like to.just as a little bit of a of a wrap up.or or overview uh remind you that in.october of 2014.uh this board endorsed a plan.that was called our louisiana 2020..now in in 2014 2020 seemed like.miles away uh unfortunately i think uh.what happens.over time is it.things move very quickly and i want to.turn.to dr centron to very quickly walk us.through the results as of june 30 of.2020.uh we have reached the end of our 2020.yep thank you there.mr chairman i appreciate your um your.your.bringing a display piece for us all to.see i think all of you have.a copy of that and dr centron will you.give us the.results of our 2020 plan.certainly that's sullivan thank you.maybe we can jump sarah if we can jump.down to.goal one i'll go through uh each of each.of the goals.keep going and then we'll come back to.the summary overall.all right so as you know we started the.with goal one which is doubling.graduates we started with 19.110 and over the time you can see we.went up and down up and down and uh.we ended up this year 2020 with 33.428. the the thing to to note here as.you'll notice later.is 19 000 students in 2014.represented 12 the graduates there.represented 12.of the students enrolled that year what.we see in 2020 that 33 000 students.the graduates rather represent 22.percent.of the students enrolled so we've done a.really good job at improving the way.that we.train and teach our students and get.them to their graduation point on the.different.pieces and we've maintained our focus on.high-wage high-demand jobs as you can.see.with continuing to have two-thirds over.two-thirds of.our graduates align with four and.five-star jobs uh.go go to the uh go to uh sarah please.oh you know when you can go to dublin.graduates on the the thing to note here.is that this is a year after.so the those 33 000 graduates in 2019.projections for their earnings now in.2020.we were able to get some data up to.march.of this year and that that projection.shows.those earnings with the averages of of.credit students at 45.000 work for students at 50 000 we come.up with one.one and a half 1.58 billion dollars.another thing that happened this year is.we we had a study conducted by old.armenian university.of close to 10 000 folks graduates from.our system.and what they saw is an immediate return.of an increase of of 19.in in salaries of those students that.they studied over time.over the the lifetime of of our 2020.plan up to date.if we go to uh goal three i'm going to.bring a summary page for all of this.at the end so we can have a conversation.if you'll have questions about it.uh so you know goal three is an.interesting one that we've seen.uh uh spike from 2000 in the beginning.i think it's because of the way that we.have redefined what it means to be a.transfer student.which is a student in one year in a year.period.is with us one credit or more and.attends.a university the following year that's.what we're.considering a transfer student according.to the national student clearinghouse.data.and last year we had 12 586.students that were enrolled in.universities in.1920 that were with us the prior year so.that 18-19.year they were in our institutions you.can see the distribution of where.where the the students go primarily over.half of them go to ul.system schools with the top institution.receiving our students being.southeastern louisiana.in hammond let's go to uh go four please.go for student served we started off.with 164 000 students this encompasses.all of our student populations credit.students workforce.and work with eu what we had last year.was 148.000 students in total what we see.is a a shift happening over time.from credit to non-credit we didn't.quite see it this year in 2020 because.of covet 19.having disrupted our operations for.about three months of the.reporting year but over time what we.have seen is a decline in credit.enrollment to steady.credit enrollment now a little bit of.increase last year.but definitely an increase in our.workforce.uh training and uh increase in work.ready you.uh enrollment as well uh and again you.know we had.we had covet 19 affect our enrollment in.credit and i'm sorry in.workforce and work for the eu over over.this year.but other than that we ended the year.with 148 000 uh students.that we're serving in these three.different types.of courses let's go to a goal five where.we can talk about partnerships.over time we started off with our with.our goal.to reach a thousand partnerships with.quadruple in this one.um from 244 to a thousand we far.exceeded that.uh we got really close in 2016 i was.looking.we don't have five more partners uh but.we they have to worry about that we we.finished uh 2020.with a thousand nine hundred and fifty.one uh over.four four hundred forty partners that.are multi.institution partners you heard about one.uh ochsner.this morning from from chancellor.stricknell and chancellor smith.that are collaborating across multiple.uh institutions.so so we've done a great deal with.building out.our collaboration and partnership as you.heard from.from andy white as well working with our.regional economic development offices.this is one that early on we we exceeded.our goal let's look at goal four which.which deals with our foundation assets.and we had a target uh goal six sorry uh.goal six our foundation assets.uh deals with going from 24 million.to 50 million uh in this in this year.uh in the span of this time and we were.able to.exceed that target by 6.7 million and.get into that uh 57 mark.uh with you know with 35 percent growth.in endowment.and endowments from baseline year.50 growth in louisiana-based donors i.mean.you can see the list of state water.organizations like healthy blue.uh louisiana motor transportation.association and.others this is the the kind of work that.happens when we have uh.graduates exiting our institutions going.to work for organizations.uh that become partners with us and and.are also able to support us in our work.through our foundational foundation.assets and.being able to provide students with.scholarship and other other things.so those are our six goals we go to the.next slide i believe that's a summary.slide.and we'll be able to see the beginning.and the end and how we.ended up uh with each of the goals.clearly we've met uh double earnings.quadruple and transfer quadrupling.partnerships and double in assets.and i think we've done a great job at.our graduates with with increasing the.ratio of how many more graduates were.we're exiting.each year and we've done a fantastic.work with our student server maintaining.the level.of the students that we're serving and.making sure that we have access.in areas all across the state i'll pause.here for for questions or comments.thank you renee and and i i want to give.a shout out to our chancellors.just tremendous work by that group uh.and in particular the doubling of assets.uh the the.the uh advancement officers have done an.unbelievable job of raising money across.the state.uh the the performance is there uh.to members of the board when you set.priorities this leadership team listens.and that's what i hope you get from.today's presentation.i look forward to the months ahead where.we can begin to develop.a um the next iteration of where we're.headed.as a system of colleges and on behalf of.the people of louisiana so with that mr.chairman.i'll turn to you so that we can hit the.committee.individual committee reports.okay thank you dr sullivan.um i need to present the uh.correct for uh.excuse me i need to present the.committee of the whole action items for.consideration by the board this is for.the uh.ratification of actions taken at the.july 22nd 2020 executive committee.meeting regarding the approval of.the meeting minutes from may 6 2020.executive committee meeting and the.approval of the lctcs policy number.4.012 measures in response to covet 19..mr chairman this is sarah can i note for.the record.that supervisor spears had to drop off.um and will notify us when he gets back.on if he's able to get back on before.the end of the meeting.thank you sarah and uh thank you mr.chairman and i'm.glad to take this one uh personally just.to move us through this discussion.uh i know that um dr campbell's.available for.questions in case there are questions.but the policy that is before you.is one that comes as a result of the.department of education.uh asking that a process for.the harassment discrimination and equal.opportunity.be spelled out for both students and for.employees.so that there is um some level of of.understanding across those two groups.and this policy guidance came out in the.uh the late may time frame given what.we've been dealing with since late may.uh it is one that that uh we have made.progress on.unfortunately the deadline that the uh.the u.s department of education has.given us is.august the 14th to try to get some level.of policy in place so.what we are asking uh today and the.recommendation before you.uh is to endorse uh.this policy uh with the understanding.that we will come back to you with a.more.comprehensive uh approach to uh to the.uh to the issue and as such i will.dr sullivan yes i apologize we were.actually on item h1.and we did not have a motion for that.yet.um which was we approved policy 4.012.during that.july meeting and i think you're.discussing.um item h2 right now sure apologies and.and um i'm sorry for not catching that.earlier.supervisor price had uh read the.recommendation of the staff.um asking for ratification of the items.that were passed during the july 22nd.2020 executive committee meeting as.presented and those items were the.approval of the may 6th.executive committee meeting minutes and.the policy 4.012 the measures in.response to cova 19..so could we have a motion on item h1.commissioned by tim hardy and a second.by mickey murphy.and we will have to do a roll call vote.supervisor price yes supervisor mount.yes supervisor jackson.yes supervisor bradford.yes supervisor carter.supervisor roman hardy yes.supervisor tim hardy yes.supervisor erica mcconduit.supervisor mickey murphy.yes his sound was off but i didn't read.his lips to say yes.supervisor to laugh yes.supervisor smith yes supervisor.yes supervisor mitchell.supervisor turner yes.thank you that motion is passed and dr.sullivan you can now.read the recommendation for item number.two.yeah i i don't mind reading the.recommendation uh for item number two.um so um as dr sullivan was saying.um the u.s department of education.issued thousands of pages of guidance in.may around title ix.and it has taken pretty much all summer.and then some time for our staff at our.colleges and the board staff.including legal counsel to understand.what these thousands of pages mean.but u.s department of education has put.into place a requirement that.all colleges and universities throughout.the united states have something in.place by august 14th.we still have legal counsel reviewing.some of this but august 14th.is this week so therefore we are.recommending.that the board authorize the system.president to provisionally enact a.system policy on harassment.discrimination and equal opportunity.employment and compliance.with recent updates from the u.s.department of education title ix sexual.discrimination.regulatory prohibitions furthermore the.president is authorized to take such.action necessary regarding existing.policies to implement the proposed.policy.prior to its final action by the board.at the october meeting so you could kind.of think of it as we're asking.to on an interim basis and that's.something to comply with.uh the federal regulations by august.14th.um and we will come back to you in.october to.form to formalize the the actual policy.i move the president be authorized thank.you mr murphy for that motion is there a.second.acceptance second.second by ms mount thank you.i'll do a role play supervisor price.supervisor mount yes.jackson yes supervisor bradford.yes supervisor carter.yes supervisor hardy.roman.oh yes sorry.supervisor tim hardy yes.supervisor my conduit yes.supervisor murphy yes.supervisor salah yes supervisor smith.yes supervisor spawn yes.supervisor mitchell.yes supervisor turner yes.the motion has been approved.very good uh supervisor mount.will now present the academic and.student affairs action item.stupid for consideration.all right academic and student affairs.excuse me mr price that's the item that.we just.um approved that was item number two so.we're now on facilities.a supervisor jackson if you could.present the facilities action items.hey thank you namaste for the day i.apologize.for members we are on page five of that.document i sent you by email.yesterday page 5 of 11 of that document.okay thank you mr chairman facilities.capital outlay request.for physical year 2021-2022.yes sir uh thank you supervisor jackson.um in essence.we are bringing before the board for.final action.the recommended list of capital outlay.projects for fiscal year 2122..we brought it to the board at the last.full board meeting as a preliminary.list as as we normally do we are.bringing it to you for final action.nothing has changed since the final or.the previous preliminary action.so in essence um nothing again nothing.has changed we are.focusing most of our dollars on.uh waterproofing and retrofitting of.campus buildings.as as one priority and there are still.two other projects related to fletcher.regarding the maritime campus and also.related to.precision ag but in essence nothing has.changed since.since then we asked for your approval so.we can move this to the board of regents.for.final action before submittal to the to.the division of administration.okay thank you joe uh you've heard the.recommendation is there a motion.most of them is carter the second second.and i'm sorry sorry.thank you uh is there any discussion.sarah you want to call the role yes sir.supervisor price.supervisor mount yes yes.supervisor jackson yes supervisor.bradford.yes supervisor carter.yes supervisor hardy roman.supervisor hardy tim yes.supervisor my conduit yes supervisor.murphy.yes supervisor salah yes.supervisor smith yes supervisor spawn.yes supervisor mitchell.yes and supervisor turner yes.hey uh thank you sarah the next item is.servitude and right-of-way agreement.from.the lctcs on behalf of delgado community.college to.entergy yes sir as this item pertains to.right of ways that we normally seek.board authorization for for act 360.alternative finance projects requiring.either electrical.gas or water right-of-ways in this case.we are.primarily and strictly only discussing.the delgado west bank.technology center act 360 project.whereby entergy is asking for a right of.way to hook up the electrical.to campus and as such.staff recommends that the board.authorize the president to execute a.right-of-way agreement between entergy.new orleans llc and.the lctcs on behalf of delgado community.college.for a connection of electrical service.to the west bank technology center the.legal description and technical drawings.illustrating the area to be transferred.will be maintained in the office of.the chief operations officer thank you.you've heard the recommendation is there.a motion.don't move question ms carter.second is there a second.i second taken by mr hardy.and a roll call vote supervisor price.yes.supervisor mount yes.supervisor jackson yes supervisor.bradford.yes.supervisor carter yes.supervisor hardy roman yes.supervisor hardy tim yes supervisor my.conduit.yes supervisor murphy yes.supervisor salah yes.supervisor smith yes supervisor spawn.yes supervisor mitchell.yes a supervisor turner.yes um.supervisor jackson matt note for the.record that.items five and six both deal with.facilities items.and we could hear both of the.recommendations if we had a motion.to approve them five and six in globo.okay thank you.miss mount you made that motion to.approve items five and six.at the same time correct.a second by mr salad.and so we can hear the recommendations.on item five and six now.okay uh joe you want to take that yes.sir and i'll package him so the board.understands kind of what's going on so.uh fletcher as.you know has an act was built based on.act 391 funds that were provided back in.2007 and there was a 70-acre.lease agreement with that construction.of that campus.as 360 has rolled around they have they.have a project also out of those funds.uh and also have recently received a.grant um.locally to build a uh to tack onto that.that act 360 project so as such.what we're requesting from the board is.permission to carve out redo the ground.uh lease and facilities lease agreements.for the act 391.70 acres to carve out a piece of that.property for the construction of these.projects and in the meantime also we're.going to come we're coming before you to.classify this grant that we are.seeing as an act 959 project.that the state basically allows agencies.for projects under five million dollars.to self-manage versus running those.through.the regular facility planning process.which as we know can be quite cumbersome.so with that said i'll i will read both.recommendations.staff recommends that the board.authorize the president to negotiate.and execute all documents necessary to.modify the ground lease and facilities.lease agreements.at fletcher technical community college.to allow construction.of a workforce training center using act.360 funds.the lctcs facilities corporation must.approve these agreements.and secondly staff recommends the court.authorized assistant president.and the chancellor of fletcher technical.community college to complete all the.requirements and execute all documents.necessary.to enhance the act 360 workforce.development center project.using the act 959 process approvals from.the board of regents facility planning.and control.and the joint legislative committee on.the budget are required for this process.thank you joe um uh do we have a motion.sir do we already have a motion on this.yes sir we have a motion by supervisors.mount.and supervisors to laugh okay you want.to call the role.absolutely supervisor price yes.supervisor mount yes.supervisor jackson yes supervisor.bradshaw.yes supervisor carter.yes supervisor roman hardy yes.supervisor tim hardy yes supervisor my.conduit.supervisor murphy yes.supervisor yes supervisor smith.yes supervisor spawn yes.supervisor mitchell.yes supervisor turner yes.and the motion to approve items five and.six has been approved.mr chairman that concludes the.facilities reports.thank you uh supervisor jackson now move.on to uh supervisor salive who present.the finance items.uh thank you consideration thank you sir.the finance committee presents a fiscal.year 2021.operating budget for the lctc entities.yes sir supervisor salath and just to.give some perspective this by no means.is the.the action on on the operating budgets.per se.but it is the the allocation of the.state funds and the general fund dollars.or budgets to the colleges to to.basically give the board.uh some information in terms of how.colleges are were appropriated this year.as compared to last year.we will definitely come before the board.at the following meeting.um with operating budgets for the.colleges to act upon again the colleges.are currently closing out the.the pre-prior fiscal year and they will.include that information in their.operating budgets in addition to.budgeting fy 21 i would like to note as.i mentioned before in the board item if.you look at the second page.of the document itself you will see that.again based on appropriated levels.last year as compared to this year there.there's reflected a.21.7 million dollar decrease in.in state funding uh that's on paper.as i said before what you don't see and.really no one sees because it was done.at the very last minute of session.was that we brought in roughly um 16.million dollars.in in federal money to to backfill the.fiscal year 20 budget to.carry those dollars into this year so.just to give you some perspective so.once those dollars are factored in in.essence.most everyone is seeing a a.two well three percent uh decrease in.state funding.um in some cases actually some.additional dollars not much but it's.it's a very.it narrows that spread of of the cut.that you see where you look at this.document you see some colleagues only.get a minor cut and others getting more.the bringing in of those dollars really.narrows that down i know it's a lot of.information but with that said i would.like to just recommend that the board.approve the.fy 2021 application.of the lctcs colleges and the board.office.these are unusual times unusual budget.you heard the recommendation do i have a.motion.i'll move the probe most of my mr.jackson second with mr murphy and before.we go with the roll call vote i think.that represents.i'm sorry supervisor smith has a.question.yeah i do thank you sarah so joe uh.as always both when we have budget.increases in budget reductions the.impact.varies among the institutions i guess my.very general question is.what's the driver for the different.impacts.of this in this case a budget reduction.among the schools and what i mean by.that is some of them are reduced by.15 by 12 by 20 etc.just can you give us a sense of what's.the driver about how different schools.are impacted differently.um some of it has to do with.the non-recurring of dollars that were.provided for example.in the appropriate in the in the in the.appropriations.for the board office as an example it's.showing a two million dollar decrease.for the board office which is huge but.what that.strictly relates to are the innovation.funds the board office was appropriated.at the beginning of the fiscal year last.year.and which were were provided to north.shore.central uh for them for accreditation.purposes.um there are some other other minor.changes among the two.but what i want to stress is that that.these changes they look extreme on paper.and that's all they are really are on.paper.what what you don't see and the public.doesn't see because it's not.in a public document as of this point in.time is when you when.we brought in or the state brought in.these these carryover dollars from.fiscal year 20.that that spread of differences among.colleges.really is a net of of maybe four.percentage points.between all our colleges so whereas in.this document you might see.a 15 to 20 spread among our colleges in.terms of a cut that they're getting to.the state funds.when we bring in these outside dollars.from the federal government that was the.great equalizer.that in essence uh narrowed that spread.so that our colleges really are are.being treated fairly consistently.across our system.so smith if i made just to add to what.joe has said there really are two.drivers.uh behind that one is is just purely how.institutions are performing within the.model.within the funding formula and then the.second component is.uh is the accreditation dollar uh you'll.see.central north shore and northwest.are are buoyed a bit by that 300 000.for each of those institutions the the.federal dollars really.make the issue more cloudy uh if you.will.but you know there's typically not as.broad a range.from one year to a next as what you see.here so.certainly appreciate the question.thank you okay you've heard the motion.we have a second uh sarah you want to.call the roll.yes sir supervisor price yes supervisor.mount.yes supervisor jackson yes.supervisor bradford yes.supervisor carter yes.supervisor hardy roman yes supervisor.hardy tim.yes supervisor my conduit.supervisor murphy.yes supervisor salah yes.supervisor smith yes supervisor spahn.yes supervisor mitchell.yes supervisor turner yes.thank you all right the next item is.professional.services contract between page.up people limited and louisiana.community and technical college.systems yes sir and sarah i'd like to.ask.are we going to be taking any of these.action items in globo.in sections uh joe i think it would be.safe to.hear all of the contract descriptions.and then we could have a motion to.approve.items eight through eleven um as.presented okay dylan might be a good.idea if you want to go ahead and do the.uh.the update on the i.t front overall.prior to.uh that's what i was going to do so.as as some of you are our new members um.i would like to give that.kind of a brief overview of where we've.been and where we are and i'll.try to keep it brief so prior to banner.in fiscal year 11 we.we as a system of colleges were to some.extent on a platform called peoplesoft.not everybody was on it delgado was on.their own.system buzzer was on their system and so.our cc and even those of us that were on.peoplesoft were really only using it.for financials and hr we did not have a.student module.that was operating so as as.brcc delgado and bipsy's.systems were becoming end of life.instead of them making their own.investments in their own systems.we as a system and you as a board uh.thankfully took.action for us to engage in.in a process of vetting vendors to trans.trans.uh basically shift all of us from our.various systems onto banner.uh and with a grateful infusion of an.investment.from the state uh roughly about 20.million dollars.from the division we moved with using.banner as our as our source for.everybody.and in essence in june.of 11 we began.using it for our financials as it.started the beginning of the fiscal year.and in calendar year 12 we began using.also the student and hr modules of.banner.so that in essence and within a six.month period of time.we we trans we basically moved everybody.onto one system.across all our colleges and have been.using that system ever since then.we it makes this a very unique system in.higher education.lsu nor southern nor any of the ul.schools have.the capability that we have in the sense.that we are on a on a single instance.for all our student data our financial.data and our hr data.i literally have been in meetings at the.board of regents where questions have.come.up about certain expenditures and.all the other systems have to say well.we'll get back to you on that and i can.pick up my phone.i've typed an email to my office here to.say run me a query.on this data and within five minutes.i've got an answer.this is a very robust system and to give.you some idea of.exactly how robust it is let me i just.like to throw out some statistics.and you can take them for what you what.you want but some of them even surprised.me.since we've been running banner we have.roughly 22 000 employee records.with 1 million payroll payments having.been made totaling 1.1 billion dollars.we have 1.3 million in accounts payable.records.that we have processed totaling 5.8.billion dollars.in payments on the student record side.we have 1.3 million student records in.our system.and the reason i just want to throw.these out to you is that this this.system is a very.um data database intensive.system uh because while we have one.system.we have separate um accounts.so to speak for each college where their.data they can't see each other's data.they can only see their own data but yet.we have to have some functionality so.that.if a student who is currently registered.at brcc wants to register at.rpcc down the road they can go down.there and then.and very quickly have their student.record pulled up and.and they can carry on with their um.registration.in addition to that we've done some some.improvements to the system.um as tack on items and the reason i.reference that is because we do have one.before you today.um and and in essence.banner is a is a good system um in its.vanilla form.and we are unique in the sense that i.don't believe there's any any.institutions or any system in this in.the nation that really uses a banner.like we use it across.multiple colleges in many cases you'll.find it run by.one college only one single instance and.so what that presents to us as a system.is.it it it does present some challenges.that whenever we.have a need to to facilitate.functionality.while recognizing some unique.characteristics of our colleges.obviously a delgado or brcc.has a different different need than.let's say up at delta.or northwest or central with with the.rural rural the very rural campuses in.terms of their workflow.so we've done these these uh add-ons.um on an as needed basis not many but a.few but but some.to help with the functionality of of the.system so.with that said one of the items we're.bringing before the board today.is an onboarding employee onboarding.uh an employee evaluation system to help.help facilitate electronic onboarding of.employees at our colleges.our colleges use different means and.methods to do this what we wish to do is.to use this as a vehicle by which we can.can enhance the functionality of banner.while providing colleges the ability to.operate within their their resources and.their workflow processes.page up is one of those companies that.that the hr group.uh went through along with a bunch of.other vendors.to to to vet to see who would be the.best.product for our our need and we even had.a few vendors that.had had some prior relationships with.some of our campus some of our colleges.that once the college hr folks saw this.product.actually agreed that this was a better.product than what they had.been exposed to in other in other areas.additionally we're bringing before the.board today.that the next three items strictly.relate to banner.and and its functionality i'm sorry joe.i think stevie smith has a question and.i'm not sure if.he needs to ask it now or can wait till.you review the banner.no no we can wait we can wait we can.wait.okay the next three items strictly.relate to.um the functionality of banner and and.uh what we did what we have done in the.past has entered into.contract agreements with elusion.um as it relates to the maintenance.of modifications some modifications that.we have done given our uniqueness.and what i mean by that is for example.in particular one of them is w-2.reporting.uh tax reporting for our employees who.who many of them are cross-employed.across uh many of our.our colleges some as adjuncts or.as full-time and adjunct positions so.that.they get one w-2 not multiple w-2s and.there's there's other functionality.related to the registration process.so with that said we're bringing before.the board a contract to continue.this is continuing basically a.relationship with illusion to.maintain our our modifications of.roughly at a cost of 145 000 the other.two items were bringing before you are.much.much larger but they're but they're much.more uh important.related to the the maintenance.of of an upgrading of elusion or of.banner as a software.product for us uh we did this winter.contest agreement with them five years.ago.it is coming up for renewal and that's.why we're bringing it to the board.for action today so that we can enter.into this agreement in september.and in addition to that there's an.oracle um.database functionality that we need we.need to enter into a contract with.oracle to maintain.our databases uh for two years as.as i referenced there's a lot of records.millions and millions of records out.there that we.we we juggle among multiple databases.and oracle is the product that we have.been using successfully to manage that.uh going forward so supervisor smith.i'll gladly answer.any questions you may have i know that's.a lot of information coming.very quickly i think also after.mr smith willie mount has a question.well thank you for letting me go first.everybody and uh uh.you know quite frankly not being in this.uh arena.i'm a little confused at multiple items.that appear to relate to.either service or maintenance for the.same system so.and and craig franklin joy as you said.that's a lot of information i'm not sure.that i still understand it even after.you took 10 minutes to explain it to us.but i could i'll try to break it up one.one of them is is.strictly related to us asking illusion.to.to keep up and maintain the.modifications that we not they but that.we.have have asked of them so wait wait so.let me select which one is that.that's the one that's the 145 cost 444.thousand dollar deal.correct correct so so to set a proposal.for the.contract for roughly 144 000 for one.year.is for maintenance of what i'll.generally call some add-ons we ask for.correct modifications that we requested.of them.to use and using banner okay.uh and then the other the other two.items which are.which are one of them is apparently with.illusion and the other one is apparently.with oracle those are.other again i'll just it looks like it's.service and on maintenance items for the.systems.uh that are different from the first one.apparently yes.correct the fir the one with banner in.essence as as with all platforms usually.when you purchase a a platform you you.buy the software.and it's part of the purchase though.there's there's a purchase price for.having rights and privileges to upgrades.to that.to that software the the and we've done.that in the past.with with banner we did we had it with.peoplesoft and we had peoplesoft years.ago.so there's nothing nothing new.necessarily uh.with that in this case we've done it.with banner or illusion for some time.it's running out of its five-year period.so we're asking for an extension of that.five years.going forward the other one is strictly.related to.to us and oracle for their software.for us to be able to manage the.databases that that.that banner operates within so it's not.necessarily.so the oracle service is.i mean again for a person that doesn't.deal with every day it's hard for me to.grasp that the oracle services are.separate and distinct.from what we're already paying illusion.to do.through banner that's a distinction.that's hard for me to make i guess um.uh and quite frankly the dollars are.pretty significant for all of these.right i mean the deal with uh.illusion over five years is 3.4 million.dollar deal and then we're going to pay.oracle apparently another.750 for two years these are very very.significant dollars in the grand scheme.of things these are not small dollars.no they're not and also also i would.like to reference i i forgot to mention.this that part of the cost.for uh pollution of the 3.5 million.roughly about.400 000 of that is is related to.additional functionality that we we use.for a product called degree works.which allows students faculty to.um basically audit a student's.credentials to make sure that they are.on the right path and the quickest path.for getting an accredited and an.accredited uh either.degree diploma or certificate and also.to provide them options with.you know even though you may be.graduating with a degree in and.let's say criminal justice uh if you.take these other courses you can get a.further degree in the business.administration.or even on the technical side so on on.some of that some of that cost you're.right it is a lot.a lot of money but but um it's.it's some of it is related to.functionality that we.um are also using to help benefit our.students.so so all of these costs are uh.it looks like all the costs except maybe.the first one.are uh covered by our enterprise.resource fee i think that's what we call.it is that correct.correct all of them actually will be.covered by it all three.yeah because it that was not i don't see.that reference in the uh.maybe i missed it in the in the first.agenda item the page up people limited.um sorry page up will not be page up.will be actually what will happen with.that is that.the board office is is actually we are.wanting to.support this initiative for the first.year so it's 290 thousand dollars that.we wish to cover on behalf of the.colleges to kind of.begin the the implementation of that.product.and then the other years out years two.and out through.year five it's roughly 170 000.that that colleges will be sharing in.the cost based on the number of.employees as a pro rata share of the.total number of employees in the system.including the board office so so while.we're talking about that item my.question.specific to that one is uh do we have.any cost savings we don't see a note.in the uh in the materials or there.because i mean again that's.a pretty significant cost over several.years but that's a million dollar deal.over.five years right right sure that's.correct and i apologize it's it's there.is there is.going to be a savings from from from.staff.particularly hr offices um using or.from using this product and also our.colleges um.when we think of onboarding normally the.traditional onboarding process people.just envision it being the time and.effort of the hr office.in in higher education for us it's it's.more so than that it's not just.involving the.the higher education the hr offices it.involves.really the the workflow and processing.of that paperwork through.uh the academic deans or department.heads and others throughout the college.keeping in mind that we have colleges.that obviously have.multiple locations throughout the state.not just one location with multiple.campuses.and sub-campuses that paper work has to.flow through.and so what the intent is there will be.a savings from the reduced amount of.time and effort that not only the hr.office.officers have to deal with but more more.importantly probably.from the organization as a whole in.terms of the workflow and time and.effort required by.deans and department heads and others.with processing this workflow and.again it's not just onboarding that.we're talking about it's.it's performance evaluation and and.management of employees.within one process so it's not just the.onboarding.aspect of this that is that is being.automated it's the entire.hr process and and while the i i firmly.believe there's going to be a savings.given the variability and all um i can't.necessarily quantify.the firm number what that would be but i.would greatly.i believe that that would be greatly.offset um the cost of the uh.of the product itself well i'm.i'm supportive of this type of support.that that we provide the system office.provides to the.various schools i mean the the whole.deal with banner and our relationship.with ellucian over the years i often ask.just about every year right if we're.still satisfied.with their performance and the report i.always get is good so i think that's a.good service that we provide.truthfully no other systems do it the.same way we do but that's a that's a.that's a feather in our cap to do it the.right way so.i appreciate the explanation joe thank.you thank you thank you and joe we have.supervisor mount who's got her hand.raised to say something and then also.supervisor roman hardy so supervisor.mount.okay uh joe listening to conversation.uh that you've had with us particularly.with stevie's good.insight so why would we have.uh let's see we have.two two contracts to 25.one contract to 21 and one contract 22.the first question is is it really.good for us to have a contract for that.length of time meaning 25.and more importantly and secondly i.guess is.why would we not have similar uh.dates uh as far as the contract goes.since it all.is intertwined correct it's.it's intertwined and and and.on one hand and not on the other the let.me go to the five-year contract.with with ellucian um or the.for the entire class um.obviously the longer you negotiate a.contract the better price point you can.get.and and you can get locked in uh locked.in prices going forward into the future.which is one reason why why we why we do.this on a.on a regular basis i say right now.you've got it once before.it's just a lock down that price point.uh over that period.uh if we if we did it on an annual basis.and we had to renegotiate that contract.amount it.we just don't know uh or couldn't.guarantee.whether or not we would we would still.keep those price points going into the.future.so it's one reason why we do the five.years.and and obviously with all contracts.there's a there are always clauses for.for getting out of contracts given.appropriation.uh and other other issues that may come.about that allow us to.to terminate those contracts with proper.notice to the vendor.on the oracle agreement for two years.right now it's my understanding from.from our cio.that that there's only a need for that.product.at the moment for for two years as as we.see it currently.um that that as banner develops and goes.forward that we will.at some point no longer need those.services uh to the extent that we need.them.we will need them to some extent but not.completely from from oracle.and that's why he's recommending a.two-year uh engagement with.with them uh regarding your question.about.about the one-year contract for the.maintenance of our mods.um i i in all honesty i don't.necessarily have a uh.have an answer um.[Music].if i if i may on the on the maintenance.front uh the.because there are constantly changing.support that is necessary we we will.for instance we may have a modification.to the software that may require.maintenance that is different than the.maintenance we have in the current.contract.um as we go through time that base.product.negotiating a five-year deal for the.base product makes sense as joe pointed.out because it drives down the price.point.but the kind of service that we're.asking for for something like.the the maintenance contract almost by.its very nature requires that it have a.shorter time frame because of the.changes that occur.uh in that software we chose initially.in fact aleutian pushed really hard.early on when we signed the first.agreement with them we pushed to have.separate contracts for each of these.functions.they pushed to have a common contract.and this was exactly the reason we.wanted to do that because we wanted to.be able to manage the cost.of maintenance separate apart from the.cost of the software itself.so that is that is the reasoning for.having.different timelines right and and back.to money's point i was i was going to.head in that direction on the.maintenance is is again.uh we that that cost may vary because.again as monty's mentioned.uh the software may change but also our.needs may change we may actually add for.further modifications not that we know.of any at the moment.but as as time goes on we we may.actually actually ask for further.modifications which obviously would.would uh necessitate an increased cost.okay i appreciate those comments and.that certainly makes sense.i guess just my follow-up question would.be and i'm assuming you already do this.which would.give us a kind of a.a data report you know way we can.measure.what we're doing as far as the different.contracts the different.number of years and uh the benefit that.shows for us is saving money but being.efficient providing the services.yes ma'am great it's great okay thank.you.thank you.we also i think have a question from.roman hardy.yeah thanks uh joe for the update uh.i'll tell you quick uh.two quick questions so are we.considering i mean.is banner hosting for us are we running.on servers and.is that an option for us to do they're.they're hosting us.actually in in aws amazon cloud.services okay and and you mentioned.customization and the link to the costs.the maintenance costs.is there philosophically any room to.move to.toward less customization using standard.solutions as a way to reduce costs over.time.it could it it could but it would.require um.you know well let me let me say this to.the extent possible we have.always endeavored to have minimal.customizations.made which which which is the reason why.um.as i mentioned before it does allow us.we're unique in the sense that we share.chart of accounts across all colleges.um other information related to student.records hr records and so forth which.has allowed.us to to bolster um each other.each each college when needed for.example if if a.cfo needs assistance a cfo from another.college can go to that college or even.just stay at their office and once they.get their credentials.log into that college's accounting.system with proper.proper approvals and so forth and help.that cfo do work without missing a beat.because they.already are familiar with the system.since it's really one one system so we.try to minimize those modifications.but but you're right there have been.some modifications that we.have done through the years they're.they're minor they are minor.um but but they're done normally to.account.for the uniqueness of some of our.colleges because they just.aren't necessarily one size fits all the.operations at a delgado.are obviously much more different than a.college like like a fletcher.i'm not saying they're better i'm just.saying they're different um.to that end but we do try to minimize.that and again.for for for a system as large as it is.um.you know 145 000 dollars for to maintain.these mods one.some people may think that's a lot of.money but really in the in the grand.scheme of things.um it's it's it's uh.it's it's not i don't mean to say it.like that but um.uh going forward i will say this uh.every time dr sullivan.and dr sullivan i'm looking at you here.you say work day.my eyeballs get big and everybody's.eyeballs get biggs when i when i tell.everybody else about hey.what would you think about us going to.another product and.and even though there was a lot of.consternation migrating off of our own.systems back onto banner.i think now most of us who do deal with.banner are very very.happy with it sure we we don't like all.of it necessarily.if you ask about your online banking.experience i think all of us would have.our own.ideas about how it could be better but.uh i think given all that's been been.invested and all this we've gone through.with it i think people are very.very pleased with its robustness that it.provides us.and uh before before doing anything most.most people probably at our colleges.would look very hard.uh at something before we kind of.migrate easily onto something else.okay yeah thanks for the the response.and maybe the only encouragement.is make sure the customization stays in.the forefront and over time.um mostly which board.and again i i personally take take take.some sensitivity for that issue because.not only are we are we any kind of mod.you do.it requires solutions involvement but it.also requires rit staff's involvement.and and it's a it's a an involvement.that starts and it never it never ends.you have to maintain that support.going forward so i'm very sensitive to.that issue.hey sir you want to call the roll well i.i think joe could you read all three of.the recommended all for the.recommendations and then we will.actually need.a motion and a second because we do not.have one on the floor yet but i think we.need to read them first.and then we could take a motion for all.four of them at the same time.i'll do that um staff recommends the.staff recommend item number eight staff.recommends the board approve a contract.between the lctcs board of supervisors.and page up.people limited to provide software.implementation licensing.and hosting services for an automated.recruitment onboarding.employee evaluation and development.system effective september 1 2020.through.august 31st 2025..item number nine staff recommends that.the board authorize the system president.to execute a contract between the lctcs.and allusion support incorporated for.maintenance services.effective december 1 2020 through.november 30th.2021 item number 10.staff recommends that the board.authorize assistant president to.negotiate.and execute a contract renewal between.lctcs.and aleutian for software support and.maintenance effective october 1 2020.through september 30th.2025 and lastly item number 11.staff recommends the board authorize the.system president to negotiate and.execute a contract renewal between the.lctcs.and oracle for oracle software support.and maintenance effective september 30th.2020 through september 29th.2022. hey thank you joe.okay you've heard the recommendations.for item uh.eight nine ten eight nine ten and eleven.okay we have a motion and several motion.in a second.so moved trouble we have a motion by mr.jackson and a second by mr.miss bradford yes.and we'll do a roll call vote.supervisor price yes supervisor mount.supervisor mount i think you're still on.mute possibly.will come back to supervisor mount.supervisor jackson yes.supervisor bradford yes.supervisor carter yeah.supervisor hardy roman yes.supervisor hardy tim yes.supervisor mcconduit.supervisor murphy yes supervisor salah.yes supervisor smith yes.supervisor spawn yes supervisor mitchell.yes supervisor turner.yes supervisor matt are you back with us.yes can you hear me we can hear you now.yes ma'am do you approve that motion for.8 9 10.11 yes.fantastic the motion has been passed for.items 8 9.10 and eleven without opposition.thank you that concludes my financial.report.hey thank you uh.mr salad uh manu would you uh.i think would you like to comment on.executive session.yes so out of item 12 that is listed on.your agenda the finance agenda now is.pending and potential litigation update.we will postpone that given the hour.and uh and deal with that one at our.next board meeting.and uh we can turn now if you would like.to the consent agenda.uh you see that that agenda uh there in.front of you.uh as as was referenced earlier by uh.chancellor smith there are a number of.of items from baton rouge community.college uh effectively what this.uh this list does and it allows the.college to deliver each of those.programs.in some form electronically or through a.hybrid.delivery format so you see that list and.and so.given that staff recommends that the.board approve the consent agenda which.consists of.of agenda items i1 through i3.the move the motion seconds.on second by ms mount and we'll do a.roll call vote.supervisor price yes supervisor mount.yes supervisor jackson yes.supervisor bradford.yes supervisor carter.yeah supervisor roman hardy.yes supervisor tim hardy yes.supervisor erica mcconduit.supervisor murphy yes.supervisor yes supervisor smith.yep surprise respond yes.supervisor mitchell.yes supervisor turner yes.we are almost there ladies and gentlemen.all right i'd like to now draw your.attention to the uh.updates and i'm going to encourage y'all.to review the information.provided under the updates.is there any additional business come.before the board.yes our supervisor price we have the.annual approval of.next year's meeting schedule provided in.your packet.was a draft agenda for the.2021 board meeting schedule the only.change from what we've done over the.last few years is that we've.added meetings in.march and may.that could be um.at a later date postponed or canceled if.we do not need them so the.recommendation stands staff recommends.that the board approve the 2021.board meeting schedule as presented.meetings are scheduled on the second.wednesday of the month.with no regular meetings held in january.july september or november and meeting.dates.designated in march and may will be.confirmed during the february and april.meetings respectively.yeah you've heard the recommendation is.there a motion.motion by ms carter second by mr turner.okay any discussion.any opposition.yeah supervisor.yes supervisor jackson yes.supervisor bradford yes supervisor.carter.yes supervisor roman hardy.yes supervisor tim hardy yes.supervisor my conduit.supervisor murphy yeah.supervisor salah yes supervisor smith.i think we all have roll call fatigue.yes supervisor spawn.yes supervisor mitchell.yes ma'am i'm sorry i was muted that's.no problem supervisor turner.yes thank you and that motion has passed.and i believe that was just.our last roll call vote for the day and.so i appreciate everyone participating.so eagerly in each of these world cups.and i appreciate you handling them so.well because you always.and then supervisor price i do have one.other announcement.um there are there is still the.outstanding legislative auditors some of.you.need to fill out those those reports.and then if you have not finished uh.your president's.evaluation and board self evaluation.there are.a few of you that have not finished that.also if you could complete those.today that would be wonderful ma'am.thank you do we need a roll call to vote.to adjourn.no sir we just need a motion and a.second to adjourn i bet i can get there.mr jackson oh i'm sorry miss mitchell i.have one question can you um.please email me the driver authorization.form and.i can't find it yeah.up in the fall so let me just go ahead.and fill it up yes yes ma'am i'll send.it to you.all right thanks do we have a motion by.mr jackson to adjourn.is there a second second.second mr chairman your meeting is.adjourned at 12 37 p.m.thank you guys appreciate you thank you.next time.thank you all we are.

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MetroPCS employees have reported that they do not store text messages. I do have a suggestion for you. Use a backup app. I use SMS Backup but there are others. This app backups all your text messages and calls at 2am, or when you choose, to the cloud. It normally keeps 30 days available. If you are anal you can copy the month end backup to another location and never lose anything. This applies to any Android phone. This way you are always protected and don't need other apps to find deleted messages.

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