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youtube video

Get Your Uk Visa Form 2013 2019 Signed In One Minute

[Music].hello friends welcome to my channel I am.mr. Jay how are you.I thought you are fine friends today we.will drill the UK visitor visa form so.this is a standard visitor visa which.are you are going to fear you so now.first I have shown you standard visitor.visa so apply click here so now you will.see the screen button you have to click.here apply now.so we have to select language mostly.people's like English if you want to.select other language you can select.anything for your convenience so I have.to select English we have to go down and.click Next it will be saving select a.country to provide your biometric so.right now I am in Pakistan so I have you.select Pakistan so I have to write down.Pakistan is automatically give you.country so you see here Pakistan comes.so I have to next now they are asking.you check available biometric enrollment.location so you have to say yes I have.checked available biometric and Mormon.mean Narus your cities you have the.location for file actuary office you can.submit there so you have to say I have.checked you do next.apply for you can visit with.before you start yeah they have said.Holly first check what kind of you can.wizard is on to applying if you wanna.apply for family in any purpose you.should check and you can apply for six.month or further is up to you so we have.to go down I just briefly teach you you.can read out if you fall if you want for.your convenience what you want to know.more information so you can read all.here everything so now we have to start.our application start now.start a new application.so they just write an email which email.you have already mean if you have Gmail.or if you have any email you can write.down here so I have the email here I can.write down here I can do email like.travel.and you.you can choose your password and you.have to remember.so you already update here with your.email all right.here already you have email.so now you can start your application.travelin visa gmail.com.this is asking you this is your email or.anyone email if you have you have to.mention if you are using someone you.also have major so I am using someone.say when continue.your email address this is asking you.your email if you have your email then.you can say and you can provide if you.if you don't have so you say just say no.say man continue.so this is asking you your phone number.you can write down your phone number.if you listen asking you that you are.outside of the UK so you can say or it.is your mobile number business number.home number you can say yes oppa number.say Amen continue as I'm showing you.just all of these backgrounds.any other telephone number is asking you.if you have you genius and you can write.down if you don't have you just say no.contacting you by telephone number you.can say yes you can say bye you can.contact me by call or by Arsenal you can.say I can be contacted by telephone call.and text message SMS save and continue.this is asking you know you're all given.names or family names mean at your.password you can see your family name.family name here this is already.explained you that your given name is.your first name at your password you can.see your first name you can write down.here your first name or here your family.name is your son name.all right so here you can write your.first name over here you can write your.given name sorry friends save and.continue.any other name it ask if you don't have.you just say no you also can see your.information if you have anything you can.see if you wanna change you can change.here anytime.let male and female if you are married.single you can select it if you are not.using married if you're single you slap.pseudo-science unselected you single.you can write down here your address for.your convenience.what address you want to mention all.right I can mention here City Hall and.job this promise mentions of you have to.I just click here so you didn't except.he said it's a you must select if this.is your correspondence address postal.code should mention here country.Pakistan.you have to say is this your is this a.trend also your correspondence address.you say yes say I continue it asking you.about this property.how long have you leave at this address.you can say your years 15 days 14 how.many days how many mothers are mean here.you are so you can mention here 15 years.if you are all you have to say I on it.if you are rent you say I am an it if.other so you can measure if you are.living this summer so you have to.explain here everything so I on it save.and continue.sometimes its sides go to disconnect but.it doesn't matter you have already your.email you can be back anytime so back to.application.so once again you can mention here.so it is asking you a possible number.you can write on your boss for number.issue from issue date.expanded.this is just I am telling you you don't.follow while you're writing I'm just.explaining you so how to do this alright.you have to ride on your information.with your document by your documents no.documents what explaining you you have.to follow those documents and you have.to write here everything do not make it.mistake because why you have to pay fees.online so this is asking your identity.card you say you have or you don't have.you have to say if you have you can say.yeah if you don't have you say it just.know save and continue your nationality.country and date of birth.this is asking you so you can say.Pakistan date of birth.place of our Lord.I just enter because of this why this is.a review of yourself it doesn't mean I.just entered the pattern so that's why.you see this red error but this is.asking your date over so you mention.here.[Music].seven continue your other nationality if.you have used you can explain here if.you don't have you just say no.so employment status if you were on your.retire whatever you have you should.mention if your work or your.self-employed you should explain here on.you and employing disclaimer because why.I unemploy I if if I saying yourself.employer or employee or a student I have.to explain everything so I have to tell.you you do not use an employee you have.to explain in these categories if the.person is older he has to mention retire.or he is getting money for mentioned.if you have other in the other regular.income it should explain if you have.saving you also say yes I got saving if.you don't have yes I don't have any.other income of saving because I just.want to reduce my.application so I just don't wanna tell.you about you have to write but you have.to write by your own because this.pattern you have to fill up all but I.just want to review first you have to.lunch and other income edu have you.should mention save and continue.[Music].how much money are you planning to spend.on visit on your visit to the UK.you can mention here I am standing if.you wanna study GPB so you can mention.here 2004 top save and continue.[Music].what is the total amount of money you.spend each month this is asking you.about your financial situation that.everyone how much money you then you can.explain here in Papa P or in GBP you can.explain here.all.we cover so it with all that I mentioned.but it's not.I can change fobia 300 I said so I have.to change here this 300.paying for your visit.this is asking you we are experiencing.technical difficulties with the this.pattern they are telling you about.service updated so you don't you ignore.this thing you don't need to clear you.have to follow this one will anyone be.paying toward the cause of your visit.you say no.your plan travel information you have to.explain eeeh I am planning to travel.22:49 TN o how many how long will you.stay there you can mention here by the.straight up days if you stay months you.have to have one not have one if you.wanna stay just ten days so your to.mention zero and ten save and continue'.a spoken language preferences.this is asking you just the English but.I can speak English.main reason for your visit you have to.expand this is asking or what is your.main reason for is that you can say.tourism or if you wanna visit visiting.family and friend you just should select.this if you want to go for business you.just like business or if you want to go.for any purpose you have to explain here.if other purpose you should mention here.this will ask your tourism.to wrist main reason for your holiday.visit terrorists.in family or friends you can select your.activity.this is asking key details to the main.purpose of your visit.anything else you plan to do on your.trip.you just next then here if you want to.go for tourists so you all meet your.friend you just have.it is you can explain here if any.purpose you are going there you can.write down here because I just want to.do briefly so I don't need to write here.much because is your thought is your is.your application how to fill up so you.have to write here in any purpose you.are going to do any activity in you can.so you should write down here.this is asking you about people.financially dependent on you yes there.now keep to just about your first.pattern you have to explain your parents.or your mother money for your father if.you have so if you don't have you just.you know.here you have to say.I don't have my banister dill salmon.coming if you have you shoot right here.your parents reject if you don't have.then you can say family who live in the.UK you if you have infant and family in.UK you say yes and you can give the.detail all the TEL here if you do yes if.you say no then you don't need to give.travel as a part of an organization.group will you be travelling to the UK.and a bottle organization group if you.wanna if you have any organisation.growth then you have to say yeah if you.know so you just send off say I will.continue travelling with another person.if you are traveling with another person.mean will you be travelling to that you.get with someone who is not your parent.and so he who is not your partner spouse.or dependent this is asking you so if.you are tracking with another person you.have to mention here if you know so it.does just know say.accomodation in the UK so this is asking.you do you have accomodation in the UK.do you have an address for where you are.going to stain so if you have to just.say yes if you have money you said no if.you have no I just say yes because I.would like to teach you so how to do.this here you have to write here.everything for accommodation from which.they to which they you will leave all.right.you have to write here for the person.name or Hotel name you can explain here.accomodation in the UK and you have to.write here address or you have to write.here right here.appear address CTU postal code or from.each day to which day you are calling.you have to explain you get a graph here.so I just go back because so I don't.want to write here I just want to.explain.you to do this so say when continue.accommodation plan in the UK so you are.going to play in the UK so you have to.explain here where do you plan to stay.in the UK you can say here I will stand.up i I will stay in hotel.you care travel history if you have.travel history lost boss past ten years.you can explain if you don't have so you.just say no one continued.oh this is a travel to Australia Canada.New Zealand USA all the European.Economic Area if you have any economic.area European or this country you have.traveled before last past ten years you.have to expand if you don't have to just.say zero say when continuity what travel.history this is asking your world travel.history it's you no need to explain here.world travel history of all these do not.include dessert that you can yourself.cannot ask really amusing in all the.European economy you have to measure.your for example sunland Malaysia UE.Singapore or other so you you do not.mention this country in this area they.have already said alright if you have.you just say yes and the explain if you.don't have me just enough say I will.continue emigration history this is.asking you that you have you ever been.refused a visa refused the entry refused.entry at the border refused permission.to stay this anything you have ordered.if you have it you should write down.here true you don't need to write here.because what they have already your.information if you hide then they will.100-person reject you and also than you.so better you have to explain if you.have if you don't have you just and know.if you have you say yes if you don't.have you know.if you have you can explain and you.should give the correct information.about that so this is a breach of UK.immigration law this is asking you have.it ever in this character is you have it.so you can explain if you don't have you.just say no and continue.conviction and other Plenty's the mostly.very rarely person has this kind of so.you don't need to follow this you just.say no I have never had any or these you.just say seven continued war crying no.have you ever been in war or supported.this is asking your terrorist activities.organization and views no no.see that County.mostly people had this thing very rarely.so everyone has to say no salmon.continued.person of good character this is ask me.we have a power of appointment other.than to take if you feel hear something.about UK and you have before so you can.say yes or even or so just know click no.and save and continue.the employment history if you want to.explain here about his arms force or any.others.so you can click an ex plane here if you.want Jesse I have not worked in any.other any of the jobs listed above.a different function of all your.application this is asking you if not.you just say this is already saying if.you need to add more information about.your application but one not able to you.can write it here if there is no further.information you want to add click the.save and continue button and just one if.you want to write you can write if not.so this is a last check your answer this.is very important you have to check.because why when you have paid the fee.so you are unable to correct you cannot.correct anymore you have correct before.for this and you have to pay the fee so.before they the fee you should correct.you should be doubt your all answer if.you wanna correct you have to correct.here you just go to change or you.practically what number you have room.also you practice or just save and.continue and you will you will be same.here you have to do here everything.before you pay the fee otherwise you.cannot do after pay the fee you cannot.go here you cannot back to here so this.is very important you have to note down.you do not make a dis mistake so this is.everything just I have teach you how to.fill up so the rest next we are going to.continue.so our everything application completed.and how this is asking documents so this.is a ask you the passport or travel.documents you have to click here then.continue.big take time you have to wait for a.while.I'm next we are here I confirm that I.undertake and accept this condition so I.have to check here and save and continue.this is asking you I confirm there I am.the applicant age 18 or over you have to.select here I accept them now this is.asking also asking you once again.declaration I confirm that next it is.asking you how many how many months and.year you would you like to apply two.years five years ten years or six month.you see here and continue so here this.is telling you about.see that standard with a feature which.you are going to pay eighteen thousand.three hundred ninety three rupee or if.you wanna pay parity service me in five.days would you like to get so you have.to pay the fee sixty thousand nine.hundred eighty seven rupee so I have if.someone want a layer so you have to.serve for five days if you wanna pay for.fifteen days you can say 80 I just saved.continue.so this is already saying and this is.telling is the Visa MasterCard and which.power you have my have visa so I will.pay by Visa this credit card you you.should have credit card to pay for this.thing so continue to world pay so.friends the last you are reaching here.this will not find Philip because I am.Telling You the if you want to pay the.fee you have to you have to reach here.so this is your complete application.that I have teach you how to do so you.have to follow like this and fill up by.your own because I have only briefly.teach you big I don't wanna waste much.time and next when you have fill up this.application you will receive the.application form by PDF you have to.download download the video file form.and print out also you have checklist.they will give you you also download.that one and you need the power cord.also you need it same like this one also.explaining all submitted by customer.applying for the standard time one two.four and five or scan they will scan for.you or you can go to VFS to do there.and here this is the bar board you need.nine bar pours.you have to attach with your application.alright friends so this is your complete.application of UK visa form you can do.very easily for yourself or you can do.by your own if you need further.information I can provide you so friends.subscribe my channel and share my video.to your friends and also like my video.so I hope your this video for your very.word phone so Frank thank you for.watching see you again good bye.[Applause].[Music].

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Uk Visa Form 2013 2019 FAQs

Note answers to listed questions about Uk Visa Form 2013 2019 . View the most useful topics and more.

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How do I fill out 2013 tax forms?

You file Form 8843 to exclude the days that you were present in the US as an exempt individual. OPT is considered to be an extension of your student status, so you are an exempt individual for the purposes of the substantial presence test while you are on OPT. Because you are considered to be a student while on OPT, you can claim the benefit of the standard deduction that is available for students under the US/India tax treaty.

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