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can.just pick up where we left off in this.sort of portion of Scripture in the last.half-hour we used verses 19 and 20 you.remember but now let's look at verse 21.Romans chapter 3 verse 21 and again that.flipside word even though the law up.there 19 and 20 was only good for making.mankind guilty but now now you see Paul.uses those two words over and over.Asians chapter 2 is another one but gone.and then on chapter 2 verses 13 but now.why because all of a sudden on this side.of the cross on this side of his.resurrection power my what a different.ballgame that's why I maintain that.Christ couldn't preach this kind of a.gospel in his earthly ministry he hadn't.died yet and the disciples had no idea.he was going to even though he knew they.didn't but on this side of the cross now.it's a proclaimed truth that he has died.for the sins of the world.all right so verse 21 now but now the.righteousness of God not man's.righteousness God's righteousness with.out the law is manifested it's put up in.the spotlight and of course we never.throw our old testament away because all.of this that i'm teaching has its roots.back there in the old testament and it.is manifested and witnessed by the law.and the prophets the writers of the Old.Testament verse 22 even the.righteousness of God which is by the.faith or the faith in Jesus Christ see.he is the epitome of our faith system.and it goes unto all and upon all them.that believe plus what nothing nothing.there's nothing more added to all them.who believe for there is no difference.well of course Paul is writing the Jews.as well as Gentiles and of course the.fact that Jews had a hard time.swallowing was that now in this age of.grace there's no difference a Jew has to.be saved just exactly like we Gentiles.he has to come the same way because of.this no difference now then verse 23 I.always call the first step of saving.faith this is where every one of us who.have been.save now forever so long this is where.we all began and that is that we had to.recognize that according to God's Word.and according to God's look at who we.are we were sinners for all not just.some Oh even the best of the human race.even those who are so melona monovalent.and they are so good but their nature is.sin oriented and so all have sinned and.come short of the glory of God no I.think maybe some other translations put.it that all have missed the mark we.haven't hit the bull's eye we're missing.the mark for all have sinned and come.short of the glory gun all right now.let's stop right there man keep your.hand in Romans flip all the way over to.Corinne no chapter five are still in.Romans I'm sorry still in Romans chapter.five just about but confused my mind.with another verse in first Corinthians.but let's use this one Romans chapter 5.verse 12 Romans chapter 5 verse 12.notice what the book says isn't my idea.this is in some denominations idea this.is what God's Word says Romans 5 verse.12 wherefore as by one man not one woman.one man sin entered into the world and.death came along with it and death by.sin and so because of Adam's.disobedience so death passed upon how.many all men not just the worst all men.the whole human race for all have what.sinned all have sinned every human being.black and white rich or poor or an.allure Western makes no difference the.whole human race is included in these.words Oh.death has passed upon all sin has been.declared as part of all and it's nothing.more that we can add or take away that.Adam precipitated all of this curse that.we call sin and death they'll never.forget that by one man Adam sin entered.and with it death came as well well we.could look at some more let me go ahead.and go to first Corinthians where I was.going to go a moment ago first.Corinthians 15 first Corinthians 15.dropping all the way over to verse 45.remember first Corinthians 15 is the.tremendous resurrection chapter but here.again we have to show this difference.between Adam who sent the whole human.race under the curse and under sin and.death as compared to the second Adam.Christ who made provision to bring every.human being out of it as we saw back in.Hebrews all right first Corinthians.15:45 and so it is written Oh got it.first Corinthians 15 verse 45 and so it.is written the first man Adam was made.or created a living soul the last Adam.which is a reference to Jesus Christ was.a quickening or a life-giving spirit see.then drop down to verse 47 the first man.Adam is of the earth he's earthy the.second man is the lord from heaven and.as is the earthy verse 48 such are they.also that are earthy those of us of the.race of Adam but we shall also bear the.image of the.heavenly once we enter into God's.tremendous saving grace and with out it.we are doomed for total separation all.right now until flip back to Romans.chapter 3 because we're gonna spend I.think most this half hour on that verse.that says wherefore he is able also to.save to the uttermost those who come.under gone by him well the only way 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really.deserve it no we're justified freely by.His grace and what's grace unmerited.favor God doesn't justify us because we.have one ounce of dessert he justifies.only because of his grace and that grace.was epitomized it was brought to the.crescendo through the redemption or the.process of buying this back that is in.Christ Jesus.now let's small that over a minute.through the grace of God when we.recognize that we were a sinner God.could come right back immediately he.said that's fine.I know you're lost but I've already.bought you back remember two years ago.your oh my goodness we've been on TV.years do you realize that years ago I.gave the story of the little boy who had.made a boat some of you remember I bet.Sharon does I should tell our whole.television on and Sharon is now doing.our yeah.closed-captioning couldn't even think of.the word Sharon is doing the closed.captioning workforce which is laborious.so she knows I'm talking about because.she's finally been seeing it for the.last several weeks but anyway this.little fellow had made a boat spent.months making this tremendous little.boat so one day his parents took him out.to the seaside and he started sailing.his boat and he was just having a ball.with it but as kids are prone to do you.know his mind was suddenly changed to.something else and he ran off and left.his boat did something and when he came.back it was gone his little boat was.gone and he was just heartbroken but.months later he and his mom were walking.down the street and they went by a pawn.shop and in the window of that pawn shop.was his boat beautiful hadn't been hurt.a bit and he said mommy I gotta go in.here so he takes off into the pawnshop.and he runs up to the fellow at the.counter he says I want my boat what are.you talking about that boat out in the.window it's mine I made it.and the fellow says sorry buddy but he.said I've got money in that boat he said.you can have it when you pay the price.well how much well whatever it was that.little fella went on told his mom he.says I've got to work and so he did he.mowed lawns he raked leaves he scooped.snow he did everything he could until he.finally had the enough money to go back.to that pawn shop and he bought his boat.now you're getting the picture he.he worked for it he lost it and now he.had to do a work so he could buy it back.and as he was carrying it off the door.he said to his mama with tears running.down his cheeks mama this boat that I.made I've bought it back and now it's.mine we see that's exactly what God has.done he made us he created us but he.lost us where when Adam fell now when.I'm teaching Genesis you know I make it.very profound that every human being was.in Adam and because of Adam's rebellion.we all have inherited that sin nature.and that's why we're born sinners and so.God lost us when he lost Adam and now he.has paid the price of redemption through.that work of the cross like the little.boy who had to go and do all the various.menial jobs Christ in turn did it when.he went to the cross and so he paid the.price of redemption but remember.whenever we present salvation to the.human race it's always on the basis yes.it's all done the price has been paid.forgiveness has been declared.reconciliation to be declared but you.cannot appropriate it without coming by.faith it's not an automatic now you know.there are people that try to teach that.everybody will make it sooner or later.because well if no no because God is.demanded that we accept all this by.faith + nothing with no works with.nothing except recognizing that yes I'm.a fallen creature I'm a sinner because.I'm a son of Adam but I believe that.Christ has done everything that needs to.be done and when we do that then God in.grace reaches down and does everything.that needs to be done I guess I've been.putting it on the program in the.mornings lately huh all the things that.God did the moment we believed.oh he justified he sanctified.Laure fun he forgave us placed us into.the body gave us the Holy Spirit and I.think I had probably 15 or 20 things.that God did the moment we were saved.it's done.that's what Hebrews means he saved us to.the uttermost he didn't do just part of.it and say well if you measure up I'll.finish it no he did it all and that's.the whole idea of salvation all right.now then let's move on just a little bit.further here in chapter 3 verse 26 I.want to skip verse 25 because that big.word propitiation might scare somebody.but verse 26 do declare I say at this.time.his not ours his righteousness that he.gone.might be just which means exactly what.it says he's not cutting corners he's.not making a deal he is totally just and.he is the justifier of him who believeth.in Jesus and and and does it know in.that glorious it's so simple no I don't.oversimplify no when I say when we.believe it I mean we totally totally.trust in it now remember a few weeks ago.we were in Hebrews chapter 6 and I made.it so clear that a lot of people make a.flyby at it.they're enlightened they have a taste.but it never takes and they go right.back into their old lifestyle but for.the believer who totally totally relies.on this finished work of the cross then.gone has guaranteed that were his.forever as long as he lives I back up a.page to Romans chapter 1 come back to.Romans chapter 1 a moment another.tremendous salvation verse that I think.we've used over and over through the.years Romans 1 verse 16.Romans 1 verse 60 not well-known verse.for I am not ashamed of the gospel of.Jesus Christ for it is the gospel it is.the power of God unto salvation and.again to everyone that what believer.plus plus plus no to everyone that.believeth and of course it includes Jew.as well as Gentile oh my goodness there.are so many of these especially in.Romans and let's go on a little further.I'm gonna go ahead and use this.half-hour for this because first.Corinthians chapter 1 first Corinthians.chapter 1 verse 17 oh my goodness what a.statement now this is God's Word this.isn't me like I said a moment ago this.isn't from some denominational book this.is from the book and Paul writing to a.Gentile congregation down in wicked.Corinth says for Christ sent me not to.baptize but to preach the gospel the.same one that Romans 1:16 referred to.how that Christ died shed his blood was.buried and rose from the dead all right.so he sent me not to baptize but to.preach the gospel not with wisdom of.words in other words not with smooth.silver tongued.oratory lest the cross of Christ should.be made of no effect now here's the.verse I want you to see verse 18 for the.preaching of the Cross let that sink in.the preaching of the Cross is to them.that perish the lost world yes to them.it's foolishness today they would Polly.say you mean to tell me.that somebody that was on a Roman cross.2,000 years ago had thing to do with me.I can't believe that well then they're.perishing so for those who hear the.preaching of the cross and they perish.it's foolishness but boy we're hitting a.lot of these today aren't we another.flip side but the other side of the coin.is unto us who are saved through those.of us who have latched on to this great.salvation the preaching of the Cross is.the power of God years back I made the.statement on the program and I haven't.said it lately so I'm gonna repeat it.when God saves a sinner whether it's me.or you or a mafia or a well-heeled real.nice socialite makes no difference.it takes more power to save that person.out of the clutches of sin and death.than to create the universe now that may.be a play on words but nevertheless.hopefully it'll sink in that's why Paul.is always emphasizing the power of.Christ's resurrection when he defeated.all the forces of Satan and death and.hell and set us free from it and it took.tremendous power because listen Satan is.powerful now he's not as powerful as God.but he's powerful and he's not going to.let go of anybody without a fight and I.think most of us have experienced it and.were plagued with doubts and that's the.satanic power see and so always remember.that the preaching of the crisis is to.us or say the power of God well I think.we can just come down in this same.chapter and finish out the half hour and.let's go down to verse 21 here in.chapters one of Corinthians verse 21 for.after that and the wisdom of God the.world.I wisdom the philosophers the.intellectuals the world by wisdom knew.not gone but it pleased God by the.foolishness as the world calls it he was.pleased with the preaching to save them.that again.what believed plus plus plus no to them.that be leave all right then.next verse for the Jews require a sign.no that's evident all the way through.their history they had to have a sign in.order to understand that God was in it.and so they required a sign and the.Greeks were seeking after wisdom the.philosophy and all that but unto those.of us who are called it's Christ the.power of God there's that power again.the same power that caused him to.perform the miracles but now that's been.imparted unto us by virtue of our faith.and the wisdom of God which beats any.intellectual power on earth.thank you for watching through the Bible.with Les Feldick through the Bible is a.partner supported ministry if this.program has been a help to your study of.the scriptures and you'd like to see.others enjoy the teaching your support.would be greatly appreciated write to us.at les feldick ministries route 1 box.760 kinta Oklahoma seven four five five.two or call one eight hundred three six.nine seven eight five six remember all.programs are available in printed.

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Are there any airline pilots on Quora, how was the interview and other selection process that led you to the job?

Caution: Lengthy answer ahead: I was lucky enough to be selected by Indigo (a major low cost carrier in India) as a junior first officer in August 2017 after clearing about 5 rounds worth of their selection process. Now, the exact and rounds process may vary from airline to airline but the essence is the same throughout the industry. Now remember that the process that I'll describe is for a fresher in the industry, i.e. Non Type Rated CPL holder. If you're an experienced pilot with lots of hours, the process may be different for you. I'll elaborate on indigo's process and provide details about other airlines' process too wherever I can. Round 1 - Technical written exam This is the first round for almost all airlines' selection process in India. There are 120 odd multiple choice questions based on topics like aerodynamics, jet engines, performance, meteorology, air navigation, regulations , etc etc. Though the questions are multiple choice, they're not objective questions. Some of them (numericals) need to be calculated and marked accordingly. Indigo's first round was on pen and paper with an OMR sheet being provided. It was the same with Vistara, a full service airline in India. Spicejet (another low cost carrier) had this round on computer screens. Round 2 & 3 - CASS and Psychometry CASS, in my opinion, is a test of your presence of mind, multi tasking skills, and stress management. You'll be in a room with 5 computer screens. 3 of them will be in front of you, combined, and 1 each on either side. On the 3 screens in front, you'll be playing (almost) a computer game on which you'll be flying an aircraft with the help of a joystick. No technicalities, it's pretty easy to handle. You'll be following instructions which will be given to you through headsets. At the same time, you'll be solving some problems on the screens to your left and right. Problems based on mental math, memory, logical reasoning etc. You'll also be given a 4 digit pin to remember right at the beginning of the session, and you'll be asked questions about the pin (sum of digits etc) during your session. You'll also have to look out for traffic, follow instructions, and fly the aircraft safely while doing all this. The entire session lasts for about an hour. After the session is over, you'll have a debrief in which you'll be asked to rate your performance, tell them about what went wrong, why it went wrong, and what you could've done to do things better. A few days after CASS (can be done before as well) you'll have to fill out an online psychometric form. 160 odd questions to get to know you better. Then you'll have a Skype interview with a psychologist (I think) from the UK and this will last for about 50–60 minutes where you'll have to open up and be completely honest about the questions they ask you. Some of the questions could be based on the psychometric form you filled out so make sure you fill it yourself and you fill it honestly. There are no right or wrong answers. It's just to know you as a person. Other airlines may conduct a COMPASS test which is also to check your multi tasking skills and stress management abilities. Round 4 & 5 - Group activity and Personal Interview (GA/PI) Congratulations on getting this far. Last few steps now. You could have your GA and PI on the same day or consecutive days. In the group activity, you'll be put in a room with 4 other people and 3–4 moderators who'll be judging you. Now remember, it's a group activity, not a group discussion. So you 5 will be given a scenario on which you all have to work together. Showcase your leadership skills here but do not be overly dominant. Work as a team. Work the problem. If you're not able to, tell the moderators at the end of the activity what didn't work and why it didn't work. The session lasts for about 30 minutes. The personal interview. This is your chance to leave a last impression on the panel. The interview is a mix of technical and HR. On the panel will normally be a couple of senior captains and one person from the HR department. That doesn't mean that the captains can't ask you HR based questions. You require adequate technical knowledge and a good personality with confidence and passion to clear this round. Do not, for one second, think that you can fool the panel in any way. They're probably in this industry since before you were born. They will catch you. Get one more thing straight - knowing the A-Z of Aviation will not get you a job. Even if you know the A-J, but have a willingness to learn, a positive attitude, and you're ready to accept when you're wrong and not argue unnecessarily, you'll make the cut. Smile, be confident, be courteous, and think twice before you speak. You'll not get this opportunity again for a long time. The interview could last anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour. Don't judge the interview based on how long it lasted. My interview lasted for 50 minutes. My friend's lasted for 10. We both cleared. The results are declared within 10 odd days via email. I hope I've been of some help. Feel free to ask me anything else related to the selection process and I'll be happy to help. Good luck and happy landings! :)

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