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How to Customize the York Adams Tax Bureau Completed Form 2012 in Detailed Guide on Mobile?

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Steps of Customizing the York Adams Tax Bureau Completed Form 2012

you should be broadcasting now.and we will be recording also so that.we'll we'll have this for.later on add to the newsletter and the.website.let's just.so.what.make sure.okay.okay so at 603 we have people who are.still steady coming in.from the waiting room so we will just.give them another couple of minutes.before we get started.hello welcome everyone we're so happy to.be here to have you here.and we'll just get started in a few.minutes.is muted.good evening everyone thank you for.joining us for.uh the mbba's officer and directors.installation.i'm carl forbes junior president-elect.of the mbba.um we are excited to have you.join us today we of course wish that we.could do this in person.and can't wait until we have the.opportunity.to be with one another uh in person but.we are doing the best we can of course.and so uh we are looking forward to this.evening's festivities.i just want to remind you of our.upcoming membership meeting which is.taking place on monday the 21st.if you're not a member please go to our.website mbbanyc.org.for more information and to become a.member or to.renew your membership likewise uh during.monday's membership meeting.uh you'll have the opportunity to join.or renew.our social media hashtags for this.evening are.mbba nyc and mbba leap l-e-a-p.which is also our theme for this bar.year so i have the distinct.honor this evening of introducing our.mistress of ceremonies and.officiant justice kennedy.the honorable tania r kennedy was.appointed this past july as an associate.justice of the appellate division first.apartment.by governor andrew m cuomo justice.kennedy served as the justice of the.supreme court new york counties since.january 2016 after election in november.of 2015..she was elected to civil court in.november 2005.and thereafter served in criminal court.january 2006 to september 2008.civil court september 2008 to december.2009.family court january 2010 to december.2010.acting supreme court justice january.2011 to december 2012.and supervising judge of civil court new.york county.january 2014 to december 2015..she's also a former adjunct professor at.fordham university school of law where.she taught a juvenile justice seminar.for 10 years justice kennedy is a member.of the board of directors of the new.york city bar association.and the past chair of the organization's.special committee to encourage.judicial service she is also an.executive committee member of the women.in law.section of the new york state bar.association a member of the committee on.patent jury instructions of the.association.of supreme court justices of the state.of new york.a member of the board of overseers of.the benjamin n.cardozo school of law where she received.her law degree.and an advisory board member of penn.state law.justice kennedy is a past board member.of the metropolitan black bar.association.and in addition she is the past.president of the national association.of women judges during justice kennedy's.term.as the nawj president the organization.convened cutting-edge legal education.for the bench.bar and community to address cyber.security and the internet of things.artificial intelligence the dark web and.virtual currencies.e-discovery bill reform the opioid.crisis mental wellness dementia in the.courtroom.as well as engaging millennials and.building a personal brand.after organizing a legislative caucus on.capitol hill to focus on ensuring a.healthy.work environment free of sexual.harassment justice kennedy led.nawj and trademarking hashtag we too in.the legal workplace.a frequent speaker.at various conferences justice kenny has.received numerous professional.achievements.awards and as you can see from our bio.she truly is well accomplished.before she takes the floor we're going.to pause.for a screenshot as we will do a few.times throughout the proceedings.in order to document our virtual.all installation in three two one.thank you.once again join me in welcoming justice.kennedy our mistress of ceremonies.beneficiary.justice kennedy the virtual room is.yours.thank you calling to everyone good.evening.hashtag like lives.matter and i have to say that.more than ever black lives matter.according to the late.dean charles hamilton houston he.believed that a lawyer.was a social engineer.who used their knowledge of the law.to assist the underprivileged and i have.to say.now more than ever we need you black.lawyers.look at the devastating effects of covet.19.on our community the depths of.george floyd brianna taylor rashad.brooks.the depths of so many others.voter suppression racial animus.the list goes on and on and on.systemic racism we need you.now more than ever and.i'm just so honored to be your.mistress of ceremony and to be a proud.member of this organization.it gives me great pleasure.to introduce tonight's.keynote speaker who is a portrait.of black excellence as well.as that black girl magic sheila.s boston chiller s.boston is a graduate of princeton.university.and columbia school of law.she is a litigation partner at arnold.and porter.k showa llp she is a trial lawyer.and litigation strategist who defends.clients.from initiation of the case through.trial.and or settlement a member of her law.firm's.product liability group and complex.commercial litigation department sheila.has successfully.litigated before both state and.federal courts with significant mdl.experience in mass tort actions.sheila has been recognized by who's who.legal and product liability defense.every year.since 2012. in 2018.she was recognized as a legal lion.trial attorney by law 360.as a result of a successful defense.verdict.in a personal injury case in defense.of her pharmaceutical client bear in the.court of common pleas.of philadelphia county pennsylvania.representing individual pro bono clients.as well.as big corporations sheila has received.other recent accolades including a 2020.volunteers of legal service.award 2019 new york city.legal services honorary award 2018.crains new york leading women's.recognition.2015 most influential.black lawyers recognition by savoy.magazine.and a new york law journal's.2014 lifetime achievement award.notably in 2007 she was the recipient.of the mbba's lawyer of the year.award shayla is a member of her firm's.pro bono and hiring committees and she.was.elected to serve as an ombudsman.person for the firm an active.participant.in bar associations and the legal.community at large.she became the 69th president.of the new york city bar association.in may 2020 an organization.comprised of over 25 000 members.notably her presidency has historical.importance as sheila is the first.woman of color to serve as the.organization's.president in its 150 year.existence appointed by new york governor.andrew cuomo to serve on new york's.first department judicial screening.committee.sheila is finishing her second term.in that capacity she also currently.serves.as the chair of the federal law council.board and vice chair of dri's.drug and medical device steering.committee.a passionate advocate of diversity.and inclusion in the workplace sheila.has won.several awards for her efforts.including the prestigious chambers.diversity award.usa 2016 inaugural award.for her outstanding contribution to.furthering.the advancement of diversity in the.legal profession.private practice most recently she was.recognized.by the new york state unified court.systems.black history month committee with a.2020.equality of justice award and.by columbia law school's black law.student.association with the 2019.distinguished alumni award moreover she.is a life member.of the national bar association the.metropolitan black bar association.and the association of black women.attorneys.having served for six years.sheila recently left the mba's.board of governors and position of chair.of the nba's minority partners.in majority firms division i.am proud to serve.as a member of her board at the city bar.as well as being a fellow member at the.abyssinian baptist church.where she has faithfully served for many.years.as the church clerk.she's a fabulous person nice.i'm going off script i'm back on ladies.and gentlemen.sheila boston.oh you're about to make me cry bless.your heart.just i am so excited by the way to your.elevation it is just so.exciting and so well deserved and i.thank you so much.and i'm sorry because i didn't know the.vibe would be that long actually i.should have shortened it even more but i.thank you so much y'all know me i'm just.sheila.good evening good evening my beloved.mbba.family i pray that on this evening you.are in good spirits.and are healthy underline that.healthy and mind body and soul.we're living in super chaotic surreal.and challenging times and frankly that's.to put it mildly.a good judge just outlined some of it.but.you know i just first though before i.begin let me take this opportunity.not only to thank justice kennedy i'm so.thankful that she was the one.who is introducing me tonight but i also.want to thank my beloved sister.uh anta sese green madam president.you have such a beautiful spirit and you.are such a hard worker.and i hope you know that we are just so.blessed to have you as a leader.in the new york city metropolitan legal.community as well.as in the black community at large so i.just had to tip my half.off to you now as you and the other soon.to be installed.officers and directors of the mbba are.about to embark on a new.bar year i thought it might be apropos.to share with you what has been frankly.one of the wins beneath my proverbial.wings.as a bar association servant leader that.which has been.inspiring me and giving me hope and.making me get up each and every day.every morning.even if i'm really tired and discouraged.now the pk that is preacher's kid for.you who those of you don't know the pk.in me and the church lady quite frankly.um would utmost want to.proclaim with sincerity child if it.wasn't for the lord on my side i don't.know what i would do.okay that's just keeping it real.if i were at abyssinian with my sister i.might also say.the joy of the lord is my strength and.for me that is just profoundly true.but i'm cognizant of where i am and that.i'm with my mbba.brothers and sisters and even though the.black church has had a tremendous.influence on our community.i know that it's not a part of.everyone's practice culture tradition or.even spiritual center.and i'm respectful of that fact i am in.this moment in a professional business.setting.but as part of being a leader i'll be.honest with you especially these days i.try to be.transparent and i try to be myself as i.hope to lead and encourage many others.to do.the same we all have different gifts and.talents.moreover we are in the midst of such.dark times that i'd be remiss.if i didn't do for you tonight that.which i know i was born to.do and that is simply to encourage.and exhort my brothers and sisters this.evening.so tonight i want to charge and.encourage our mbba.officers and all of you under the sound.of my voice for each one of you.are in the legal community so you are.leaders in your own right.irrespective of whether or not there's a.title before or after your name.you are a leader so many of you know my.mantra.it's to whom much is given much is.required.so i wish to encourage no.i'm going to use the the word exhort.it's a churchy term i know i'm going to.exhort you.that's just an emphatic urging for.someone to do something i'm going to.exhort you because i want to inspire.each of you to take a moment.with me at this time to reflect and.consider the theme.lest we forget.that's my theme for this evening if you.remember nothing else remember.lest we forget now you know that's a.phrase which is often used in reference.to.soldiers and war and frankly i'm a us.army brat i also consider myself a.soldier of the lord.so you know i certainly could make the.case likening these times the year 2020.to a time of warfare and i mean.especially when you think about.the great divisions the proliferation of.hatred.police violence against our people.assaults on the rule of law and.democracy.a belittling of the press corps the.rejection of.facts science and evidence in an age of.false news.and of course i cannot fail to mention.the penultimate fight in which we are.engaged against a virus.which is taking out people of color at.disproportionate rates.so i think you'd agree with me at the.very least that we are in a struggle.right now and you know i would even dane.to say that a lot of us are confused.especially you know as lawyers are kind.of little bougie we've succeeded in.attaining a certain stature.some of us are finding this surreal.we're in utter disbelief and why.well because we have come thus far along.the way we have made some significant.progress hard-fought progress.we've had a black president president.obama we have black folks who are.gc's and corporate companies shout out.to sister natalie lamarck.we have black folk who are state.attorneys general shout out to sister.latisha james.we have black folk who have been us.attorney general shout out to eric.holder and loretta lynch.we have black folk who have been judges.on our highest state court.the new york court of appeals a shout.out to my brother justice rowan wilson.but despite these accomplishments we.still.have a long way to go and trying to be a.leader in these challenging times and.not just any kind of leader i'm talking.about.a strong good moral leader.trying to be a person of integrity.trying to speak truth to power trying to.promote a clarion call for equal justice.under the law trying to be a person of.not just compassion.but also empathy trying to galvanize the.troops or the people the community and.even those beyond our community.to give them help them give way to their.better angels and to engage in coalition.building and reach across isles to work.toward the betterment.of our city society nation and even.world.is definitely my god no small task in.these days.now i don't know about you but i've been.reeling from the amount of selfishness.and narcissism we're currently.witnessing and experiencing in this.country.and ironically enough i've learned an.important lesson.at least for me personally i found that.i have to be a little more.self-interested and to engage in just a.little more.self-care at first i thought well maybe.just because you're getting older sheila.you know you need more sleep and all.that stuff but.you know as one who mentors a lot of.young people and junior to mid-level.attorneys i've learned that it is not.simply about.age it is instead about a sign.of the times and i've learned that i.have to be especially conscious these.days of attending not only to the health.of my body.but also to my mind and my spirit.i have to engage in self-care sometimes.by not turning on that television or the.news media.i find that i have to find some time to.just steal away for quiet moments of.meditation and breathing and prayer.and to reflect reflect upon the.the priorities in my life as a whole and.priorities as a leader.in particular i must take the time to.simply replenish myself and power up.to fight the good fight for our.community in this age of racism.callousness and utter disrespect for.human life.as well as disrespect for this beautiful.earth on which we live.that is why mental health and wellness.you haven't heard before.hear it now it is one of my six major.priorities for the new york city bar.which i'm calling a bar of hope during.my presidency.and i'd contend that mental health and.wellness.it's a factor which too many of us on.this call right now.have probably considered to be more of a.luxury than a necessity.so this evening i just wanted to share.with you one of my mental health and.wellness.exercises if you will it helps me to not.just serve.not just thrive but not just survive.excuse me not just survive but thrive.amen.in these difficult times so i'm gonna.repeat the words to you again it's just.three words.lest we forget.now i consider lest we forget to be a.mental exercise that can enhance your.mind your spirit and your soul.why is it needed well i once heard a.person not too long ago.reflecting on the george floyd killing.she said that black america is in public.mourning right now.yes we've been suffering from a type of.ptsd as a result of systemic racism in.america for a long time but.right now it's especially front and.center.and it's on full blast as my kids would.say.so to help us heal and to re-energize us.let us engage in a.lest we forget exercise i'll go first.just to show you how it's done.i should sheila sabrina boston will.never forget.as an adolescent there was an old mother.of the church who used to congratulate.me.on my academic achievements and she.would just somebody else maybe would.relate to this she would just put this.crumpled up kleenex quite frankly in the.palm of my hand.but if you opened up that tissue inside.was a dollar or two.and she just hugged me she'd encourage.me and she'd tell me that i will do.great things one day that's what she's.saying.she was a part of my village i am.because she was.lest i forget another one.i'll never forget that my mother taught.me how to read before.i entered kindergarten and there was one.book that she insisted that i read.constantly and often it was called the.little engine that could.i didn't realize it back then but she.made me read it because it had the.refrain of.i think i can i think i can i think.i can i think i can and it was one of.her ways for.preparing her little black girl to be.strong and excel in a society of.systemic racism.my mother taught me important life.lessons lest.i forget last one.after i was accepted into princeton.university my father.he bought into a janitorial franchise.and he claimed corporate offices to help.me.financially pay for my undergraduate.education we're talking about a proud.retired army officer and pastor of a.church.literally cleaning toilets to invest in.my education.but also what he saw as an investment in.the black.community's future my father worked hard.and he made significant personal.sacrifices.lest i forget.okay it's your turn i need all of you.just for a minute just close your eyes.it's just gonna be a minute close your.eyes and i want you to bring to.remembrance.one person from your adolescent or.teenage years who encouraged you and.inspired you to excel and do well in.life but especially in school.do you see them think on how they helped.to plant the seed that helped you to.grow and become a lawyer a judge.a law school academic or administrator.or law school student.picture them remember them fondly.and in your own way bless them by.metaphysically just.sending them good vibes or a special.message of appreciation.all right open your eyes again.thinking about my mother father and the.church mother gives me strength and.encouragement and i hope your reflection.on your special person did the same now.those were personal reflections let me.hasten.to go to communal reflections we as a.black people have an awful lot of.history and ancestors upon which to draw.but i'm just going to call the tiny role.lest.we forget the boldness and heart of.harriet tubman.who had been an enslaved black woman on.a plantation in maryland but escaped.and then made some 13 missions to rescue.approximately 70.enslaved people including family and.friends using the network of.anti-slavery activists and safe houses.known as the underground railroad y'all.she never lost a passenger.in 1820 she lived 1820 1913..slavery was eventually abolished we all.know this whether you want to say it was.1863 or 1865.she played her part lest we.forget roll call the intelligence.courage.legal acumen and wit of the one and only.thurgood marshall blessed us with the.brown versus board of education legal.victory ending.lawful segregation in our schools and.becoming the first.black supreme court justice in 1967..he was certainly impactful and paved the.way for all of us here.who are now in the profession of law.bless him.lest we forget roll call.the courage and tenacity of those young.brothers and sisters who participated in.the lunch counter sit-ins.and with discipline demonstrated.non-violence while being spat upon.having cigarette butts hot drinks racial.slurs and even fists hurled at them.so in the 1960s their civil rights.protests.helped to end segregation in america.roll call the original march on.washington august 28.1963 over a million people and peaceful.protests for civil rights.and at which one of the most prophetic.voices in our history.that of the reverend doctor martin.luther king jr he painted a divine.picture of.and galvanized a country to work toward.what we call the beloved community.he died he was assassinated.lest we forget.last one i'll share with you bloody.sunday.march 17 1965..the march led by our recently departed.brother.congressman john lewis in his much.younger days from selma to montgomery.alabama serving as a catalyst.to the enactment of the voting rights.act of 1965.now of course in need of much repair but.he's someone a giant who just recently.lived among us.he taught us and he urged us to quote.get in some good trouble.necessary trouble john lewis.lest we forget what's your point sheila.well my point is that although things.are certainly challenging.and we should not diminish the continued.struggle of the black community.and all we must acknowledge and attend.to the trauma.and attacks to our personal mental.health and wellness.we must still remember and not forget.that we have been as a people in worse.situations.throughout history as a people we've had.much less and done much more.much more in the pursuit for justice and.equality in this country.lest we forget the shoulders of the.great men and women before us.our ancestors we dare not to date we.dare not dang to give up.and i mean that we dare not dane to give.up.we can't complain too much we can't.complain but just not too much.we dare not become complacent and we.certainly dare not give in to despair.because right now our ancestors.those sheroes and heroes they're peeking.over the balconies of heaven.they're watching us with the batons that.they handed off to us before their.departures.and they are now shouting and cheering.us on they are a cloud of witnesses my.brothers and sisters.and we can't get it twisted we are.currently in the law profession only.because.of the blood sweat and tears of those.before us our ancestors who made a way.out of no way.those who paid the way for us to become.law school students lawyers judges.politicians law academicians and other.professional positions.mbba we have so much work to do for the.black community because we're struggling.right now.worse than ever before so let's get with.it.walk together children don't you get.weary.and so i say it to you again my brothers.and sisters.when you get down and you're tired just.say to yourself.lest we forget.i thank you so much for the blessing of.just being in your presence.it does my heart good to know i'm not.alone.and i wish to you and yours good health.and body.but also mind and.spirit congratulations to our mbb.mbba officers and directors to come.and may peace be unto all of you lest.we forget thank you and i love you all.sister sheila all i can say is wow.thank you for reminding us of the call.to action.the charge to keep that we have.lest we forget i know that each and.every one of us.including myself we can relate we are.here because someone encouraged us.someone said you will be a judge.you will be a lawyer.you will be president and i want to.encourage.each one of you don't forget the bridge.that brought.you over and what we have to do now is.that we have to speak.life into our young people.let them know that they are somebody.that they're destined for success and we.have to be there.for them because as you said sheila.too much whom is given much is required.and we are truly blessed.blessed because we have an education.higher education than not many people.have.and in light of this pandemic we have.jobs.that's a double blessing so because.we're blessed.we have to be a blessing to others.so once again.i'm now going to ask the board members.to activate.their zoom camera so that they can be.seen.do i have everyone i don't see the.spotlight needs to be cancelled.i'm sure the tech people will do that.all right i'm now going to.announce the board members.classes of 2021.2022 and 2023.nicole arendelle jomer.crawford barbara graves pola.phillip hamilton kevin jordan.wayne mckenzie dawn reed green.asha smith janisha tyne.calvin wingfield christopher benz.eric cottle eric ayla.inga o'neil and moreland talper.would you please raise.your right hand and repeat after me.i state your name all right.fellaini teleport do you solemnly swear.just stalling this new song i swear that.i would support.protect and defend.support protect and defend the.constitutions of the united states.the constitution of the united states.the state of new york the state of new.york state of new york.and the metropolitan black bar.association.and the american and the metropolitan.black bar association.i am duly qualified i am duly qualified.i'm qualified.to hold office to hold office to hold.office.under the bylaws under the bible.of the metropolitan black bar.association.of the metropolitan metropolitan black.bar association.i will faithfully perform the duties.of my office i will faithfully perform.the duties.of my office upon which i am about to.enter.upon.you can put your hands down.congratulations you are.duly sworn i think you have to pause for.a screenshot.thank you three two one.congratulations.all right i'm now going to ask that the.officers.activate their zoom camera so that they.can be seen.we have paul forbes jr the.president-elect.malika fulton the vice president of.programs.justina rivera vice president.membership.paula egger treasurer chantal sparks.secretary ariel alan stewart.general counsel tanisha mcknight.vice president finance tamara.alexander lynch vice president.communications.and chad lovell vice president c-l-e.will you please raise your right hand.and repeat.after me i state your name.chad lavelle do.the constitutions of the united states.the constitution of the united states.the state of new york.the state of the state of new york and.the metropolitan.black bar association.you can put your hand down you are duly.sworn congratulations.and i think we have to pause for another.screenshot.thank you judge kennedy all right.perfect thank you all right.before i swear in our.incoming president let me tell you.a little bit about her.anta sese greene is another.portrait of black excellence and black.girl.magic she is associate general counsel.and director of legal operations at.nyu langone health with.primary responsibility for advising the.office of development and alumni affairs.on a variety of fundraising.and tax related legal matters including.drafting.and negotiating agreements for gifts and.requests administration of requests.from trust and estates not-for-profit.legal and taxation issues and.general contracting for fundraising.events.and activities for nyu langone hospitals.and the nyu school of medicine as.director of legal operations for nyu.langone.anta develops and drives.the office of general counsel's.administrative priorities.leads key departmental projects.including selection and implementation.of technology and efficiency of legal.operations in this new position.and first of its kind at nyu.langone anta works closely.with the legal council to advise on.developments and trends.in the use of new technologies to manage.internal.and external legal services and create.service efficiencies overseas.development.and implementation of department.policies.communications and training identify.appropriate counsel negotiate and manage.key law firm and vendor relationships.including.the arrangements and manage the.reporting.and analysis of legal services and spend.as well as internal metrics develop and.own.a program focused on the oversight.management and professional development.of legal support staff.and participate in the development.and maintenance of department.performance metrics.anta received her jd from brooklyn law.school.summa laude and her llm.in tax from nyu school of law.immediately prior to joining nyu.langone health in 2016.she was senior counsel at aitkin gump.struss power and fell llp.in the firm's private client services.section.of the tax group where she advised.wealthy individuals.on the development of tax efficient.vehicles.for the transfer of wealth complex.estate.and trust administration issues.charitable.planning strategies and the formation.and governance.of tax exempt organizations previously.anta was an associate with sullivan.and cromwell llp and.law clerk to the honorable.lois bloom u.s magistrate.judge for the eastern district of new.york.she has been awarded various accolades.and.honors in connection with her work.in the legal profession in addition to.being named.as an honoree in the cranes 2019.notable women of law anta has been.honored.by the new york law journal as a lawyer.who.leads by example.she has also been recognized.give me a second i lost my place i'm so.sorry.i have to do this again because we want.to do it correctly.that she was an honoree in the cranes.2019.notable women of law.and honored by the new york law journal.as a lawyer who leads by example.in recognition of her many years of.commitment.to providing pro bono legal services.to underrepresented new yorkers named to.the national black lawyers.top 100 attorneys and as a new york.metro area rising star by super lawyers.in the area of tax and estate planning.she's also an active member of her.community.in her role as president for the.metropolitan.black bar association the largest.unified city-wide association.of black lawyers.she's outstanding she's fabulous.she has such a radiant smile.and most of all just a nice and humble.person madam president are you ready to.be sworn in.yes ma'am all right please.raise your right hand and repeat after.me.i i unto cease and green.do soundly swear do you solemnly swear.that i will support protect and defend.that i will support protect and defend.the constitutions of the united states.the constitutions of the united states.the state of new york.the state of new york and the.metropolitan.black bar association and the.metropolitan black bar association.i am duly qualified i am duly qualified.to hold office to hold office.under the bylaws of the metropolitan.black bar.association under the bylaws of the.metropolitan black bar association.i will faithfully perform i will.faithfully perform.the duties of my office the duties of my.office.upon which i am about to enter upon.which i am about to enter.you can put your hand down you are.doomed sworn.congratulations madam president.thank you thank you judge kennedy.you are absolutely amazing thank you.so much for being here and helping us.bring in this just amazing panel of.officers.and directors we're always so lucky to.have you as a lifetime member.by the way uh judge kennedy has.always been a supporter of the mbba and.of me personally so thank you so very.much.uh sister sheila oh god um.i was almost in tears you were.absolutely amazing the energy you gave.this morning at a.8 am is the same energy that you brought.today.we thank you so much for being here for.inspiring us for encouraging us.and always showing us that black girl.magic.it is because of people like you lest we.forget.that we are able to do what we do today.i want to congratulate all of the.officers and the board of directors.thank you so much for taking on and.serving.the metropolitan black bar association.some of you have been here.have been directors or officers for many.many years and your support.is not unnoticed we are so blessed to be.able to have you congratulations.and i'm excited to be able to work with.you guys.uh i want to take a minute to also.recognize uh.some of the dignitaries who are who have.joined us virtually.uh past mbba president taya grays.uh thank you taya for everything that.you have done i actually started serving.the mbba.when teo was president as you guys paula.is here just inducted as our treasurer.she's also past president.of mbba i also want to recognize.all of the former mbba officers and.board members who have all joined us.today.i want to take them a moment to also.recognize.some of the judges who are with us.currently if i.miss anyone please forgive me in advance.you can always just you know shoot us a.chat so we we know that you're here.thank you to we have judge ruth.shillingford kings county supreme.criminal court.uh judge charlton gonzalez kings county.housing court.uh honorable wave meet toussaint.brooklyn appellate term justice.judge robert reed new york county.supreme court.judge kim adair wilson bronx county.civil court.judge dwane paul kings county civil.court judge.michelle sweet tweeting the new york.county family court.judge priscilla l hall retired second.department appellate term.a former mbba member as well as a.current nba.board member and also judge marguerite.gray's administrative judge of queens.county civil court.thank you so much for joining us i see.also uh.judge edwina richardson mendelson is.here who is deputy chief.administrative's judge.office for justice initiatives and also.the honorable frieze cologne judge civil.court kings county.again if i forgot anyone please forgive.me.please make sure you hit us up in the.chat so that we know you're here we.welcome you we appreciate you.i also want to take a moment to.thank all of the bar leaders who are.with us today.darling d videos who is dba dominican.bar.association president jennifer taiwo.president of the association of black.women attorneys.uh megalina camilo who is a bronx.women's bar association president.um thank you all for being with us it is.such an honor to to have all of you here.with us.and also to be able to all to know that.we can always reach out to all of you.uh you know to to partner to collaborate.i also want to recognize my apologies uh.rodney pepe souvenir who is a.president of halani haitian lawyers.association of new york.as well as natoya mckee president of the.brooklyn women's bar association.i also extend my thanks to all of our.partners our collaborators our.supporters.and especially our members we do what we.do.because of you uh and as you know judge.kennedy has said.as sheila has said right um.we are here to help one another right we.stand on the shoulders of giants and we.want to be able to make them.proud the installation is you know one.of our favorite events during the year.this is the first time that we've done.it virtually.i don't know quite how the oath worked.right there but.we made it happen and we got through it.uh so i i am i am not a pk not a.preacher's kid.uh but i do want to just take a couple.of moments to just talk to you about.why i became involved with mbba.and why i'm honored right now to be.president of such an amazing bar.association in such an incredible time.right um it's interesting that.sheila was talking to us about.remembering the person.who motivated you who encouraged you.right when you were an adolescent.teenager.i remember that person right it was mrs.oakland she's long past and she.introduced me to music.and music is my meditation music you.know makes me get up.helps me push through helps me cry when.i you know need to just refresh and get.the tears out.but then in fifth grade right mrs.oakland was third grade introduced me to.music.great but then in fifth grade is sort of.when.everything sort of blew up right that.little black girl who was so encouraged.so enthusiastic who.really wanted to go out there and learn.and i i was the one who you know did her.homework on the playground.right um but i had a teacher who told me.it was unacceptable.not only was it unacceptable for me to.do homework when i wanted to do homework.or to read.or to do anything academic that i wanted.to do but.she told me that a black girl like me.my name that she pinned for me that the.whole class took.on was blackie right i was the ugly.little black girl.that would not succeed and it took me a.very long time.right and it's interesting because just.yesterday.i i started the very first session with.a career coach.and she wanted me to talk about me and.it's something that i don't do often.right i talk about my family i talk.about my friends i talk about work what.i have to do for them.and as we all do right i.put myself last and my coach me it was a.it was a very trying hour and a half.i will tell you uh because talking about.me wasn't something that i did.but talking about me helped me realize.right that that self-care that sister.sheila was talking about.right i'm very delinquent i i will admit.that.but that is one of the reasons why mbba.is so special.right it took me a very long time.right to get that that blackie out of my.brain.right to teach myself that i was.worthwhile that i was good.right that i could succeed.and it was because all along the way.there was at least one person.right and and it always takes one person.right just to get you a step closer.there's that one person in every stage.that helps you and it wasn't until i got.to law school.that i didn't just have one person i had.a group of people.black lawyers who i didn't even know i.knew blair underwood was a black lawyer.right that was about it right all.fictional to me.but black lawyers black law students who.embraced me who advised me on what i.needed to do what i could do.how special i was and that's why.mbba as sheila said we are we are an.amazing group.we are a powerful group and when we get.together.and we work together and we lift each.other up we can do so many things.and that's why my theme or my bible for.my two-year tenure.is leap right leap into excellence and.amplify the power of the black bar.because when we come together we do.amazing things.and especially at a time right now right.we're we're all still.indoors some of us are going back to.work physically.right and even if you do you're locking.yourself in your office and not really.seeing anybody.right uh some of some of us have.children who have gone back to school.virtually or in person and we are.dealing with.a lot and self-care is even more.important but the support.is even more important and that's why we.not only need your support but we want.to make sure you understand that we are.here for you.it's the black legal profession right.that has the power.so that means all of the attorneys the.paralegals the legal assistants legal.analysts whatever that title is.the diversity and inclusion and equity.officers.it is all of you and let me not forget.the law students.it's all of you coming together that.help us.form this powerful black.bar that can do anything we can leap and.i say.leap because it's it's it's past time.for us to walk right it's.past time for for us to run we are.beyond the walking and the running we.are in a moment where.we can jump as high as we want and need.to.in order to make things happen and mbva.has been there for more than 37 years.helping us to leap to walk to run and.now is the time.for us to be able to leak so what does.that mean.it means we need to lead we need to.engage.we need to advocate and we need to.partner.right and we need to do it together we.need your help we can't do everything.alone we are the officers and the board.of directors.while we do the day-to-day we do it so.that we can be there for you.so we need your voice and we need you to.help us lead.we are very proud to have new leaders.that we appointed just.recently to be chairs vice chairs.and also secretaries of our divisions.right one of the things that we have.been able to do as a board in this short.amount of time we have completely.revised.our divisions and our sections so that.we can provide you with the information.that you need.but we're always looking for leaders and.a leader does it have to be.someone who takes on a chair position.you can speak.you can send us an idea you can send us.names of people who.want to speak who are experts right that.is a way for you to lead.and most importantly promote us talk.about the mbb.talk about your experience with mbba.right we need to engage.we can't help you we can't support you.unless we know what you.need and how you are doing right because.we all know sometimes it's just you just.need a voice.right you just need someone to listen to.you need some advice.right we are here to help you engage.with one another.and also to help you engage with us but.more importantly to engage with the.legal profession so that we can make the.change that we need to.so that we don't have to worry about.being the only.in a room right so we don't have to.worry about being.that five percent right where we are.still.almost non-existent as law firm partners.equity partners gcs deputy gcs.we are about change we are about pushing.each other so we need to gauge engage.with each other.to make things happen and advocate.right so advocate means not just.advocating for.the black legal community so that they.know their rights so they can stand up.for one another so they can support one.another.but also advocating for each other in.any scenario.and lastly partnership i mean.partnership is.the crux of everything that we do it.really is.and we we want partnerships with all of.you with your law firms with your.financial institutions.with your law schools with your solo.firms.right there are so many small and solo.black attorneys right we are here to.help you tell us what you need how can.we support you.so leaping into excellence is something.that we can do.to make everyone's life just a little.bit easier.right and that little black girl.who used to sit in the corner and cry.and wonder if you know she would ever go.back to school or if she would even.graduate high school because fifth grade.was totally out.that little black girl has very slowly.started to disappear she'll always be in.me.right but it's because of.these officers these board members the.sheila boston's the judge kennedy's.it's because of you that i was able to.shed that.and i've learned from it and i want to.make sure that especially those law.students law students.if you're out there we know it's hard we.know it is very very hard right now.all right those those of you those are.the the attorneys who graduated.in 2008 2009 during the financial crisis.we we understand your pain right because.it's it's.very very similar so we are here for you.and what we hope to do is to really.engage you so we have made law student.membership free.so if you haven't signed up i don't know.what you're waiting for.www.mbbanyc.org.law student membership is free and we.have an amazing.group of leaders for our pre-law and law.student division.who are doing some great things not just.reaching out to you to make sure that.you have what you need.but also working with your school your.diversity inclusion.officers at your law schools your career.services.to get you what you need because this is.a very difficult time.so we want to make sure that you are.there we want to make sure that we are.supporting you.and in order to do that we need to know.that you exist so if you're a law.student there's no reason why you.should not be a member of the mbba so.please.sign up and i also encourage our.diversity and inclusion.officers our paralegals our legal.assistants whatever your title is if you.are a black individual.in the legal profession this is the.place to be.come to us work with us talk to us.so that we can make the change that we.need to make so that we.can leap into excellence and amplify the.power.of this black bar thank you to everyone.for being here it has been amazing i.really wish we could do this.you know in person um as carl had.mentioned next monday.is our first membership meeting and.there we will be able to talk.very closely talk a little bit more.about what we have been able to do.what we are doing in the future and also.introduce you to all of our new leaders.our chairs and our vice chairs.which we are so happy to have all of.them here.so we hope you will join us next monday.we also will be participating in the.virtual african american day parade.which is.uh this this saturday as a matter of.fact.uh i'm sorry sunday it's sunday the 20th.the virtual african american day parade.so we hope that you will join us.and we will also be launching as you.guys know we had to cancel our gala.we originally postponed it to september.but as you can see large gatherings are.not happening.so we will still be honoring.and acknowledging all of our gala.honorees we will be having fireside.chats.with our honorees um if you if you.forgot our honorees or.judge carol sharp who's a supervising.judge new york civil court.brianne peace who was a partner at.cleary.zachary carter who is a former corp.council.in new york peter wilson who is a.diversity inclusion officer preschool.rose and then we also have lori robinson.hayden.who is a founder of ccwc and tony west.gc of uber.for those of you who need it we will.also be having a couple of cles for.diversity inclusion and we know you all.need it and can use it so come and join.us please.we put a link to our our.calendar so that you can see everything.that is happening but we really hope.that you will join us.one become a member and two join us at.the membership meeting.this coming monday uh to see everything.that we are doing and that we have.planned for the rest of this bar year.thank you again for everything and we.hope that you all have.a blessed evening and we look forward to.seeing you very very soon.thank you everyone.i'm going to unmute so everybody can say.bye.see you thank you for sharing.hang in there y'all lest we forget thank.you.yes sheila.

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