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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Self Employment Ledger 2009 2019 Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Self Employment Ledger 2009 2019 Form

youtube video

Must-knows concerningSelf Employment Ledger 2009 2019 Form

hi guys so today I'm doing a video on.how I track my income and yeah I'm.basically providing you with the same.spreadsheet that I've used for the last.couple of years and I never really.intended to share this with anyone I.basically created it a couple of years.ago as I say because I just wanted to.stay on top of what I was earning and.what my expenses were and for me that's.really really important you know I think.it's so essential that you always know.your financial position when you're.working for yourself you need to be able.to take action you don't just want to.wait to the end of the month find out.that actually you didn't earn as much as.you thought you were going to and then.what can you do the months already.passed whereas if you sort of keep on.track of it day by day it allows you to.be really proactive and take action as.necessary and actually make sure you are.earning whatever it is you want to be.earning over the course of the month and.so yeah also just the products of this I.guess is that then when I did my tax.return for the first time this year um.it actually was so easy because I just.been keeping on top of this spreadsheet.throughout the year.honestly I managed to do my tax return.in less than an hour guys I'd been.paying it off like a couple of months.because I was just like dredging it I.wasn't sure how easy it was I never done.one before and then because I've been.filling in this spreadsheet my god it.was just so simple and I was just so.annoyed at myself for making it into.this big drama in my head but also I'm.so grateful that I was like tracking my.income and I'd used this spreadsheet I'm.not professing that this is the best.spreadsheet there is out there this is.what I've use I created for me I never.created it with the intention of sharing.it but I guess I just thought well do.you know what I found it like mega handy.if anyone else even it was just one or.two people find it super handy then.that's like fantastic you might look at.it and you might think oh I really like.that part of it but actually I would.need this trick to work pretty well for.me and that's fine like you know take.what you want from it you know put.anything else in that's gonna suit you.in your business like I'm not suggesting.a one size fits all and if you've got.like a very large income per month like.I would say you know twenty thousand.this might not work it definitely works.if you're earning a few thousand a month.and obviously anything less than that.after that this might become this might.be a little bit too simple almost that.you want it to be simpler when you.haven't got a massive earnings because.almost you don't want to over complicate.it and that's why.I think this is like really really good.for that you know I know I created it.but I found it really handy um yeah so I.don't really want to ramble too much.about this guys I am gonna go through it.with you now so let's take a look at the.spreadsheet guys so this is the income.spreadsheet I use to trap all my income.I know you spreadsheets can for some.people be quite daunting I have tried to.make this as user friendly as possible.and I am going to talk through each sort.of element of the spreadsheet where you.can find everything and then once I've.done that and explains on how you use it.I'm then going to kind of do a really.quick example of how you can use it for.your tracking your income so without.further ado I'm gonna get into how we.actually look at this portrayed so.firstly if you look at the bottom you'll.notice that I've got a summary tab I.will quickly click in but it can look a.bit daunting so the reason there's loads.of like numbers or zeros and there.already is because this is a this is a.tab a sheet that will automatically.populate you literally will never have.to fill in anything on him this will.just provide you with information and.then basically for all other months.you've got a month per sort of income so.you can see on a monthly basis how much.you're earning but then all those months.as you can see from the summary sheet.which will go back to feed into here so.you can get a total of how much you're.earning over the year so let's go back.to April and we can just discuss what.each section is so this first section.which is titled April obviously as you.go through the months it'll be titled.differently um here we basically is.where you put the details of each.earning you have so I know a lot of.people have come here because they're.eBay resellers or they you know.resellers generally so let's say you.sell on eBay you would put in the date.of a sale you would put the information.of the sale and then under the income.streams you would put in the figure.currently at the top we've just put.income stream one in considering to.income stream three this is something.that you will want to get the.spreadsheet you will adjust to align.with whatever income streams you have so.I'll do that bit now.for example my my main income stream or.the currently is eBay so I'll put eBay.in there my second one is Etsy so we'll.have that for some people the next one.might be Amazon the next one might be.Amazon merch and so on you can fill in.as many is you have or need the only.thing I would say is don't obviously.well you can do whatever you want this.is your spreadsheet to use might you.have it but the reason I have other.taxable income in there is because you.might just get this one offs of earning.or payout from sort of a specific area.that you're not gonna get regular.earnings from so to give that earning.income its own column and you know your.ever only gonna have to stop one in fill.for it just to me does not seem logical.so under those if you're just getting a.single sort of payment for one-off work.you can just fill it in this section.obviously you'll still know what it.relates you because you're filling in.the description of what it is and then.you'll just put the figure in here so.that kind of is how you track your.income streams you put the date you want.something the description of what it was.they say for example is niba I might put.eBay black cob stress if you've got a.tracking or inventory system you might.want to put just next to that you know a.number or whatever you have related to.it so you you can really really narrow.it down but that's obviously up to you.you just need some form of description.if it's you know it's you might just be.you have a sum of I sell prints on Etsy.so I might put in the name of the print.again you might have a reference number.for it so you might want to do that and.then you put the relevant earnings under.the specific columns for that type of.earning the reason I do that and I don't.have a single income sort of column and.you track all the income is because as I.mentioned earlier sometimes you want to.know how you're earning from different.income streams and as you can see if I.scroll to the bottom here it then will.breakdowns of how much you don't from.ebay how much you won't from Etsy how.much you vamp from Amazon then it will.give you here a total figure for all of.these taxable income streams so you'll.get a breakdown of each one individually.but then you will also just get your.general.all earnings from the whole month you.will then notice we've got non taxable.income here and there really aren't.going to be many circumstances where.this is the case you'll definitely gonna.have a lot more taxable income than.non-taxable and this doesn't really - oh.well I haven't earned you know sort of.the minimum threshold for paying tax yet.so I'll put it in non-taxable anything.is deemed as potentially earning taxable.income has to go under these the only.things I would consider as non-taxable.or if you're someone who does much.betting because gambling earnings aren't.considered taxable I used to do much.betting so it's definitely you know has.good earning potential I don't do any.more but I have nothing against it so if.you're somebody does that then you can.track that income in here so you're.basically separating if you scroll down.your non taxable earnings from your.taxable earnings just because you need.that separation when it comes to tax.time here so we go to the one below.you'll note that the total income will.incorporate both the taxable and.non-taxable earnings so this gives you.for your own benefit this isn't anything.to do with the taxman or anything this.is just so you know what you have.physically coming in or have had come in.that month I just want to note here also.I personally don't put any money earned.in until it's been earned.I don't put sort of you know potential.money earn or money that's meant to be.coming in I haven't yet received I only.put money into these income streams once.it's landed in my account because it's.legitimate money until you have the.money you don't definitely have the.money and then we have this receipt.reference but I'll come back to that.later because that relates to expenses.which is at the end and then we have.these tax deductibles so this is.basically what I do where I will put in.if you work from home the amount of.hours you've worked from your house.because you can claim back things from.your ills.so such as your heating your electric.etc you can claim back a portion of that.based on how many hours you've worked at.home you can also claim mileage and for.that I've also included this detail.section so you can just say.you say you've done 40 miles in a day in.here you could just write um I would do.London to Essex I think that's more than.40 miles I don't know I'm getting there.from where I live and and then I might.just put charity shots in there so small.short sweet nothing too complicated but.just so you understand why you've.claimed that for work um see yes that's.that section and again much like the.other sections if you scroll to the.bottom.don't went too far you again it will add.up and that all all feed into the.summary page all these amounts the.taxable non-taxable and total income and.these taps deductible figures all feed.into the summary page which I will show.you and then finally we have this.section which is business expenses and.basically this is a place to track every.single expense that relates to your.business things obviously if you're on.eBay reseller you'll have a feed I put.postage costs in here then obviously any.you know self admin if I have notebooks.or pens or anything like that if I buy.equipment for taking photographs for.eBay then obviously that goes in there.um yes so basically any expense that I.have that is related directly to my.business I include that in there I mean.your note that I have references next to.it so say for example I put in you know.Poundland I bought some sellotape so.there's only a quid I'd put it in X 2.April 0 1 then what's so good about this.is you know if you want to keep hold of.your receipts.by then basically just use a big Bulldog.clip and I at the end of every month I.take all my receipts and put them in an.envelope and just label it up April now.it would be 2019 on the back of that.pound line receipt I was simply write.that reference April oh 1 and as I.collect all the receipts just get put in.order there under this Bulldog clip and.then once the month has ended I just.shove them into an envelope there there.I know basically everything that's.listed in this these columns is also.represented in that I haven't lost any.receipts everything.counted four and again we scroll down my.total expenses for the month oh this is.then tracked here so it will take my.total income minus the total expenses.which will give me my net income for any.given month so the reason I have a.receipt to reference column here is.because when it comes to eBay for.example this is like this isn't.something you have to do this is.something I really like to do cuz it.just makes my life so easy and again I.can fit that in within the five minutes.at the end of my day but say for example.on the 6th of April I sold 10 items for.eBay I then I use the Royal Mail so I.then print them all off I take them to.the post office and you know you might.get proof of postage I use a bulk oak.listing no publicity no that's eBay the.bulk postage form and they just stamp it.so then basically I would put that maybe.under you know April 1 a bay post office.10 items I would put in the description.the day and then the amount of the cost.of all that postage and then next to all.these items I sold our we just April 0-1.the reason I do that is and the missus.come in handy when everyone items got.lost and you have to claim back from the.post UPS they want proof of postage that.you sent it by them and if you've got.lots of items and lots of receipts it.can be an absolute nightmare sometimes.to find it so if you've got here that.you know it's April o1 reference number.next to that item and someone's querying.you have a bulldog clip and you've got.all your receipts numbered like in order.it's so easy like honestly you can get.that you can get the proof of postage.like done in 30 seconds you find it.there's no fat thing about and again.it's really not difficult you to like.fill that in it's not like a case of you.know lots of stuff you just copy it you.would cover it over how many items and.then paste it and it's done you know.like that is that's a 10-second task.that's really not am.a lot of effort on your part it can be.such a time-saver at the end and also.you know if you are doing accounts just.having sort of imprecisely what all your.costs really Chulainn not all of them.well you know if you've just buying.general lighting equipment to take.photos that's just a general cost it's.not it's not specific to any one earning.if I say when you're selling stuff in.you know you want to be able to find.proof of postage really quickly then.putting the receipt reference next to.that specified item is a really really.good idea I hope that makes sense now.let's quickly look at the summary page.so as you can see all the items I.mentioned are here so we've got taxable.income so that will literally feed.through from each month as a total.figure it's not going to be broken down.between different income streams and non.taxable income the same and then the.total income of both these combined will.also feed through you then just have a.single figure per month of your total.business expenses this will update you.won't just update the end of the month.as you're filling this in throughout the.month this will fill in on this page as.well and as you'll see when I start.filling in a minute again so as you're.going through the month you'll see how.much for expenses on how much your total.income is but I just sort of aged it but.obviously when you come to the end of.the month and you filled it all in and.you've completed the financial year you.will have all your figures sitting.straight away this also feed through so.you get a total for the whole year of.hoursworked you also will get a total.for each month obviously because this is.against mumps mmm and again your total.mileage again for your claiming now just.to scroll down this is the bit where is.really really gonna be handy for your.tax return and I've put the bits in.yellow that you need to reference for.your tax return I mean this bit not so.much but it's the outcome um so your.total taxable income that's just fed.from there but I just wanted to put it.in a really really like clear spot for.you so it was really simple because like.one of the easiest ways to do your tax.returns is when they basically ask for a.lump sum figure of your total taxable.income.they just ask for a lump sum figure for.the whole year your total taxable.expenses and then you can just fill them.both in like wanna figure they do give.you the option for a more breakdown.approach I've literally done this once I.did it as lump sums not as my.justification in my brain was if they.want to come back and query on anything.I have got this whole spreadsheet to.back it up I'm not gonna spend my time.now going through and doing all that if.that means like I know I can provide I.could literally sort email this to them.or whatever I needed to do in 30 seconds.to give them the information they needed.I've got all the receipts in my brown.envelopes so I just literally did the.fill in using lump sum of income lump.sum of expenses and then they tell you.what your net taxable income is like you.don't have to fill that and they do that.for you um so yeah this is really really.like the fundamental element of you know.for the tax return this section is more.for your benefit to know your overall.earnings because this includes your non.taxable income which obviously isn't.part of your tax return but will.actually give you the information you.need to just understand your financial.position at the end of the year or as.you go throughout the year you can.constantly monitor your financial.position using this spreadsheet that.might look a bit scary I'm now going to.fill in not completely because I don't.wanna just make you watch me fill in all.my earnings from like April I'm gonna do.April so you can just see how I fill in.the April one and then um how that feeds.through to this um summary page for you.to use so let's do that now so I've.already filled in these I'm not gonna.feel anymore let's just base it on eBay.and Etsy because then one main earners.so and let's say we're starting this.from the 6th of April the only reason.I'm doing that it's because of financial.Rick where the financial year runs from.the 6th of April to the 5th of April so.because we want this to be tracked.purely for the financial year because.we're using it for the tax return as.well I'm gonna start this on the 6th of.April so there we go that's filled in.for you it automatically comes up as a.date you just have to literally type in.6/4.let's put I always put sort of eBay then.I might put hobbes.black dress and what i do here is i.include the total amount paid for the.item including postage and the reason i.do that is because obviously I deduct.expenses under my expense column so I.don't want to deduct them twice so say.it was listed for 40 pounds and then I.charge three pound 50 postage so that'll.be 43 pound 50 in total and then it.completes let's do another one let's.just get a few in here so we have an ID.let's do a per you know lose as I say I.do have like references for my items but.I don't want to like confuse you with.that now I'm gonna do another YouTube on.how I how I track all my inventory and.how I sort of fill it in in the.spreadsheet and there I'll quickly show.you also how then I can apply it to this.but if you have your own system.obviously just put that detail off but.so you may be use boxes maybe it's like.C 10 so just see 10 just you know you.can put the box number reference in.there you can put anything you want in.the description that makes your life.easier you need to figure out what works.for you I'm just kind of giving you a.quick example now so again let's say I.sold the skirt for 10 pound but then I.chose 3 pound 50 postage I would put the.full amount my 3 pound 50 in there um.else if we go up let's do another eBay.eBay let's do a any other brands that's.insane next pink dress again it was 15.pounds plus 3 pound 50 postage so we'll.put that in then let's do an Etsy so I.sold something on Etsy that was exciting.so I just it's in there you don't need.to put a bayonet C to be fair I kind of.I don't know why I doing that because.you're going to have it next to whatever.item it is I just sometimes do it when.I'm scrolling down there is easy for me.to look again you can take a decision on.that that's just how I fill it in you.can fill in descriptions however is best.for you so let's put I love you prin I.don't do I love you prints by the way.I'm not that romantic it's just an.example and I charge 6.let's say don't charge 619 I'm just.giving you all weird information none of.this in spectral things I've sold this.month and then let's do another eBay of.a Wallace skirt in red and that was 20.pounds plus paid states of 20 pound 23.pound 50 let's do one more.Etsy and then I think you've got the.idea oh I see I will do one much betting.and then let's do I hate you.I definitely don't do those although.that would be more to my taste I would.imagine well again let's put that in it.$6.99 and then finally let's do a.matched betting at three six five money.back money back football one and let's.say I aunt Diane from that lets I earned.forty five pounds from that okay so.that's how you would feel in obviously.that's one day and you see that didn't.take me more than like five minutes did.it to do that maybe am i rambling it did.but normally when I'm just doing it.without nattering do you guys is done.really quickly so if we just scroll to.the bottom let's see so we can see the.eBay that's filled in at 99 pounds.it sees 1398 that's giving us a grand.total of one one two nine eight so it's.pulling these you know all of these.totals and obviousiy if you had anything.as Amazon as a merge they would all feed.through to their - you don't have to do.anything to that these cells like all.colored cells you will never need to.touch at all Amana Colonies as well so.you know not to touch those and as you.can see then this feeds down and it.combines both the textbook and the.non-taxable income into their net income.is the same currently because we haven't.put anything in for our expenses yet but.when I when we fill in a few expenses we.can come back to that and you'll see.that the net income reduces um so let's.just quickly go here so let's say for on.the sixth so basically if you're doing.hours work I would just take any earning.you've had from that day if you haven't.had an earning in that day maybe.put in a blank you know just put in six.of April even if you'd earned nothing.today so you could fill in this section.if you had done any hours worked at home.or any mileage.I'm sure nine times out of ten you will.earn something on that day see basically.just picking any road that relates like.next to a day of the same date and fill.it in so let's say I did eight hours.worked from home on the sixth of April.obviously if you want to breakdown.mileage over different journeys and you.have got multiple rows to do it in under.the same day you can do that or you can.just do a lump sum of light as I said.forty miles I would do London to Essex.and charity shots just put that in there.and so I drove to Essex because I was.hitting the charity shops and that's.live done forty miles that day so yeah.that's that and obviously you can.complete this over every day I would all.see them put nothing else in for the.rest of the city the very point when I.started on the 7th of April here I would.then put my next hours worked at home.which might be only four hours that day.because you know I've gone out half the.day etc and I might have driven anywhere.so that could just be empty and that has.no details so I hope that makes sense.you can basically fill that in again I.would try and keep it so it's aligned.with the date well I would you.definitely showed because you need to.know what they you did this on and the.date it relates so and as I say if you.hadn't even had any earnings on the 7th.of April but I had done hours worked.then I would just leave that empty I.would put in here for hours worked and.and I said no mileage billet so I did 12.miles somewhere and I'll fill in the.details ok let's get rid of that because.um and then finally we come up to.business expenses so because we've.included we're not in our earning safer.eBay we're not deducting any eBay fees.in that section we're putting in we're.just putting in the full amount and.we're putting in the postage as well so.that's why you need to make sure you.track all your fees from different you.know accounts such as Amazon eBay except.on here so what I tend to do is write.the beginning of the month you know you.get an invoice from eBay of what your.fees are gonna be for that month I.literally just.put ebay invoice invoicing them.fees and then I'll put like the first of.the month it's just because it's easier.and then I literally fill in the amount.so for example let's say it's 200 pounds.for the month actually it's a it's 100.because I want it to be a - figure when.I look below and then I'll just put the.you know the first of April or actually.it's for the sake of their April in this.case because we're starting on the sick.and then that's April oh one then I.might do my second one might be post.office and how many items have I got.into the post office we've got one two.three four five six and say post office.and then I I just put six items so.everything relates but if you just put.post office and again maybe I've gone.the sixth of April and let's say it.comes to twelve pounds so yeah and then.what I would do as I said because that's.April a - I would just literally copy.that and I would put that reference.against all all the ones it relates to.so if anyone ever comes back and queries.me on any of these items I know that.it's covered under that 8th play - I.would also take my post office like.receipt so if you've got receipts.printed by them at whether you just have.a like oak postage form that's stamped.and I would put April a 2 on the back.and then I would just put it under my.Bulldog clip so you can see now we've.filled in so of all sections we've got.some details of what has sold i've been.filled in under the relevant column.depending on what the income stream it.came from was I have one thing under.non-taxable and that was from my.expecting earnings then anything that's.gone to the post office which has a.direct sort of receipt related solely to.it I only really only use that for my.post office receipts because I want to.be able to find the proof of postage.against these items if I needed queried.a Bible I do not do that for any other.item really so I don't want to confuse.you with that I basically just use this.for my postage receipts so I can find it.against each item then we obviously have.miles worked which you need to fill in.either you can do it in you know.breakdowns over the course of a day if.you've got enough.rose to do that in based on you know.this or you know I think it's quite easy.you know there aren't many places you're.going to be driving you need to break it.down so much so just actually having a.lump sum for the day especially I was.worked obviously but for the mileage.it's probably the easiest way to do it.and then just a tiny little detail here.so you know what those maths relate to.again if you've hit the charity shops.you'll fill those receipts in your.business expenses so for example if I've.gone to Essex to go to the charity shops.maybe I've gone to the British Heart.Foundation in transferred so I'll just.put that in there.I'll put again the date I shopped sixth.of April and let's say I spent five.pounds in there I don't nearly hot shop.in the British Heart Foundation say five.pounds seems a bit generous to them.because I find I'm super expensive um.yeah so that would be filled in there so.you can just see there's a correlation.like someone's like oh if someone was.looking at it I don't know he would be.looking at it but you did forty miles.but you didn't spend anything on sick of.April in charity shops and chumps but.it's like your side hood you can see it.here it's a playthrough and it was on.that date so can you just see how all.these things kind of feed into each.other I hope this isn't too complicated.I'm really trying to make it as simple.as possible and I do put everything in.business expenses I've got eBay invoices.obviously I'll have my Etsy em fees I.pay I put post office I put any lighting.equipment I put everything anything may.be related in any way shape or form to.business expenses obviously go and look.on the HMRC website but they do tell you.what you can claim back as expensive um.you know like there are no brainer.things that are purely for your business.and therefore they are isn't successes.um there's maybe more genius things I.know you like some people claim back you.know if you're a singer you can claim.back things like things to do with your.lips anything if you go to the gym to.like look good etc I feel like you can.claim those back as little things it.depends on on see the work you're doing.to what you can definitely claim back so.you need to go and do the research on I.am NOT professing to be a you know.advisor on anything tax related I would.never do that it's not my area of.expertise and I'm never going to do that.this is as close as you're ever gonna.get.to me hope like giving advice on just.how to track your income so that when it.comes filling in your tax return you.kind of have all the information readily.there to be able to do it um so yeah we.have filled all this in now we're gonna.go back to the summary page an hour so.oh hang on I say that let's go down here.so you can just see what this looks like.now so the total income is the taxable.and non-taxable combined and now because.obviously we've got expenses filled in.the net income we burn is actually come.down to forty pound ninety-eight I.always feel at the beginning of the.month when I pay out lots so like eBay.fees Etsy B's they always kind of get.put in at the beginning of the month if.I've got a slope dedicated phone for.work then that will go in so I quite.often start the month in like negative.income which is scary but then obviously.as a month goes on your net income does.increase so like don't let that freak.you out but I just like to have all.myself set amounts that I will be going.out each month there's like fixed costs.you know not the additionals or postage.that I might pay sporadically or um.charity shop visits or anything like.that.but the fixed cost I like my eBay fees.my Etsy fees all this stuff that's all.it is employs to me monthly I just get.in there because I know it's covered I.know it's done and I don't need to think.about it again.mmm okay so yes you can see all that now.let's go to the summary page and as you.can see this basically has fed through.to you here so this will just keep.updating every time you feel something.in it will automatically fill in on this.page so it basically just replicates.what we just looked at so the taxable.income is at one hundred and twelve.ninety eight your non-taxable is 45 and.your total income is one five seven.eight your business expenses is sitting.at one one seven currently so at the.moment because obviously illicit light.so this is interesting because this is.only takes into account your taxable.income as I said your actual net taxable.income at the moment is a minus figure.because I see that doesn't relate if we.then go down to your net income we're.looking back at our forty pound 98.figure but for this is only relevant.really for your tax return if you just.want to know your financial position.on how much you've earned in a month.then this is the one don't get me wrong.there won't be a huge difference.normally between your net taxable income.and your net total and how much takes.into account your non taxable earnings.because most people don't earn much at.all in non-taxable so it's like if.you're not doing much betting I don't.really know what circumstance you'll be.earning non taxable income so this.really won't be a major issue for you so.for most people your net taxable income.will also be your net total income but.I'm just including that so there is like.a one-stop-shop for everything so if you.are somebody who does have the odd.non-taxable earning you can include it.in there but in honesty for a lot of.people these will actually be the same.figure I'm just gonna quickly fill it in.a tiny little bit may just so you can.see how that works so let's just quickly.do this eBay denim I'm not gonna be as.specific but I put 23 pound 50 and then.another one I'm just doing it see and I.don't mind you print again but something.I have and obviously this would have.been changed to get oh but I've done.this wrong spot start again.eBay a I don't know I put Wallis jeans.[Music].23:50 and a Etsy.I don't mind G print $6.99 $6.99 again.let's just put this in at eBay and Etsy.so that you know I'm referring to as we.can see it's long fed down here awesome.and then we just go back to the summary.page you can see is fed through to here.as well and now it's all feeding through.so the total here is increased it's.pulled through to here and then our neck.taxable income also incorporates ER as.does the total income there so which is.also the yeah so I hope that all makes.sense as much as it can.I'm gonna put this in a link below so.you can download it I think it'll be in.the Google Drive and it's called anyway.put in a link below for you to use I.will look like all of these will be.locked so you you know you won't.physically be able to go in and change.them so don't worry like you won't be a.source or accidentally or any of these.and you see they have got formulas in.them so I will make sure all of these.are locked so that you can't.accidentally change them and make your.spreadsheet not work as all these will.be locked the only bits you ever need to.fill in are basically anything in these.sexual night so let me just highlight in.these sections in the middle if that.makes sense and obviously down to yeah.to this level obviously nothing here.needs to be filled in all of these just.autofill um so it's just this central.section where you put in your details.against it sort of any date item and.late again so if there's a date section.you can't fill in next to it otherwise.it's not for you to fill in I hope that.all makes sense.um I've tried to be as clear as possible.obviously you have any queries or.questions like ping me a note in the.comment section below I'll try and.answer it I need to do I sort of follow.up then I will do that if I get a lot of.the same questions or anything I do feel.like it's quite self-explanatory as I.say just look at you know this is or how.I'm filling it in you just fill in the.description of what you're earning and.then you put it under the relevant.income stream that's fundamentally all.you have to do everything else has been.calculated for you saying the tax.deductibility literally just fill in the.amount of hours you worked in a day and.miles traveled and business expenses you.just take any expenses you have coming.out and you list them there and if you.have the receipt put the reference on.the back and then shove them under a.board or clip all together say that.they're just there and available and at.the end of the month shove them in a big.implement them in an envelope just label.the envelope up as April 2019 and then.that's there and just collect all those.envelopes so.all your receipts in order labeled and.referenced and you know if any reason.anyone ever did have to check you're in.such a good position and as I say I.cannot repeat this enough I do not spend.more than five minutes at the end of.each day sometimes not even that filling.this in it is so simple but is such a.game changer in like monitoring where.you out financially which for me is.actually the most important thing I am.such a firm believer that you need to.constantly be aware of like your.financial position like how much you're.earning if you're you know if you're in.profit if you're making a loss currently.then you can take action if you don't if.you wait until the end of the month to.be like oh well I didn't that's what.I've earned this month that's not great.I'm on the tenth of the much like oh do.you know what I wanted to around a.hundred pounds a day across all my.income streams for example and you're.only sitting you're averaging 50 pounds.a day you're like right I need to take.some action and you can there's lots of.action you can take him do any sort of.work you're doing I don't get into that.whereas if you kind of just sit there.blindly zorb ignorant that's not a read.baby they unaware of what's going on and.it's only at the end of month you recap.you're not in a position to change it.then whereas if you'd looked earlier you.could actually make a change that's.gonna impact your final figure at the.end of the month so it's really really.more for me that reason but just a.really really fab eye product of it is.that then it makes your accounts or your.you know tax returns at the end of the.year insanely simple which is never a.bad thing so anyway I hope you enjoyed.that guys and I will catch you later.ciao.

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