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Key Elements of Writing the Keller Williams Buyer Packet Form

hi everybody lorry Finkelstein reader.here at Elif our headquarters and Surya.Finkelstein has agreed to do her live.buyer consultation today here in our.office please please post your questions.and as we get towards the end Surya will.gladly pick a few and answer them I hope.that you guys get lots of great tips.this by our consultation is very.powerful and its really working for our.team and we want to share it with you.here we go guys everybody thank you for.tuning in we're super excited to share.this with you.um as she said I will be answering.questions afterwards so please hold.tight and I'll try to make this as short.and painless as possible.so I want to thank you guys for coming.in here today it really does mean so.much that you took time out of your busy.schedules to be here today so I really.appreciate that thanks for having us.also so I want to get started and I want.to tell you a little bit about our team.but I don't want to spend too much time.I'm not because today is really about.you and why we're here today is to.really find out not just what it is.you're looking for but why it is you're.looking for it because I want to be able.to go out and do that work for you.you guys aren't Realtors you are hiring.me to go and do that for you to go out.and spend all of that time so that you.don't have to and the reason why we have.you come into the office is I'm really a.firm believer in the consultative.approach and I'd rather ask you 500.questions and show you five homes than.ask you five questions and straighten.500.does that work for you guys yeah awesome.so I've been on the team for about seven.years now we our team has been in the.area for twenty years and we have a team.full of specialists so at every point in.the transaction you will always be.dealing with the best person for the job.so when you're buying a home and deal.with a buyer specialist like me when.you're selling your home you deal with.the selling specialist we have marketing.specialists we their closing specialists.so you're always in good hands so that's.enough about me I really want to learn a.little bit more about you guys so if.it's okay with you would you be alright.if I go ahead and start asking you some.questions.of course it's doing okay awesome I.promise there aren't actually 500.questions oh very long time I was.worried awesome all right so let me.first get both of your email addresses.so that I can make sure I've got all the.contact information correctly - Jill at.gmail.com okay Renee you know I'm Renee.yeah.perfect so who's gonna be the primary.contact here probably during the day and.we do best serving it with Jill if.there's any companies that come up okay.perfect so what's the best way to.communicate with you text email is best.so always text first and see if you're.available okay great.and that's always usually the best with.me too.sometimes I'm in appointment and.obviously when I'm with clients like you.guys I don't want to be answering the.phone because I want to make sure that.I'm spending my time with you so it's.always best if you text me first and.then as soon as I'm available I'll give.you guys a call back perfect.all right so you're able to speak during.work hours are you not able to speak.during work hours well I can communicate.through email okay.just don't know how quick I'll get back.to you with it okay not a problem.so when is the best days and times for.you guys to go view homes.I'd say weekends or anytime after 6:00.during the week and obviously if there's.something during the day just schedules.a little bit more flexible maybe you can.take her out to see it that's super.important because especially in this.market down here in South Florida if.something comes on the market and it's.got granite in the kitchen it's in a.good school district it's flying off the.shelf.so we want to make sure that we're not.just going on the weekends because if a.property comes on the market on Monday.there's no chance it's gonna be there on.Saturday so I'm glad to know you guys.have some flexibility and we can either.do the evenings or during the day with.you definitely awesome okay so now if we.found a home today that met all of your.needs would you guys be ready to move.forward well I mean we've only been to a.couple open houses obviously that's.where we found you so I'm just not.really too familiar with the market we.just didn't move in from out of state.and they've been renting for a few.months now so I mean how does it usually.work my thought process was to see you.know quite a few homes just to get you.know an idea of the areas and what's.going to work for us but I don't know if.the first house you know the first.couple would would necessarily be.something we'd be ready to put a.contract in alright and I can totally.understand appreciate that so what we've.really been working on and why we do the.consultative approach is because you're.not hiring me to go look at 30 houses.that aren't gonna work for you otherwise.you're gonna hate me I'm gonna waste all.of your weekends and your evenings when.you guys can be at home right what we're.gonna do today is really narrow it down.so that we go and see the best houses.first most of my buyers don't see more.than three to five homes if you.yeah so it's more often than not it's.the first home that you walk into that's.the right home and that's because of.this needing today we're really going to.narrow down everything and find out.exactly what it is that you're looking.for so that we can go and find that.house first because if it's your.favorite house and they're your top five.it's probably somebody else's top five.so we want to go see those first so we.don't waste time going to see other.homes that don't work for you just so we.can feel like we've when's all the rooms.everywhere cuz you're gonna lose out on.the right house during that time makes.it okay awesome so what is prompting.your move.well like Renee said we just moved here.from out of state okay so are you moving.here for a job is it family that brought.you here or what brought you to Sonny's.where work brought us here and honestly.the weather as well and then we do have.two young ones so we figured make them.move now and not make the transition.harder for them down the road how old.are your kids seven and five perfect.summer school is important deaf.did you guys have certain schools in.mind that you were thinking of or we.were thinking we kind of were looking at.the Davi area we heard the schools in.Davie were really good so we've been.doing some research there okay great.yeah they do have fantastic schools all.the way through so it's very common that.that's where people are moving to when.they're looking at school so you did.good research Andrew awesome so now.remind me what type of mortgage is it.that you guys are doing and what.percentage will you be putting down well.do a conventional 10% down okay.and what was the comfortable purchase.price range for you I think right now.you know your furnace to your lender.Joey versus financial and I think.anywhere between 4 to 425 ok awesome so.now what's really important I'm sure.that Joey went over that with you.because he is awesome but the most.important thing is really your monthly.payment so I always want to make sure.whether you're working with Joey or.you're working with anyone that you go.to them and tell them how much you're.comfortable spending per month because.that's really the most important thing.the purchase price really is neither.here nor there the monthly payment is.what's going to make sure that you guys.are comfortable you can go out to dinner.you can go on vacation with your kids.and make sure that you guys are in a.comfortable position and that's my goal.is to keep you within that comfort zone.ok so is there anyone else involved in.the purchasing decision no isn't that a.great feeling awesome so how long have.you guys been looking I know you said.you went to a couple of open houses I.mean we've been looking on the internet.since we since we came down here and we.are familiar because we are renting an.esport Lauderdale but you know probably.just about two three months right now.I've only seen about two open houses so.far.well second one was the best one obvious.awesome.so are you guys looking for a.single-family home her townhouse.single-family prefer okay now you said.preferable does that mean it has to be a.single-family or you would consider it.downtown.well it just depends you know the size.of the home what the finishes are and we.don't want to do a lot in terms of.updating oh we really want a backyard.okay awesome so why don't we talk a.little bit about that backyard for a.second okay.tell me a little bit about what your.perfect backyard looks like to you I.know that I'd like a pool definitely.okay still some space we do have three.dogs so a little bit of room for the.dogs and you know a covered area because.it's so hot I'd like to be able to have.some shade while we're back there so.you're looking for a lanai.yes okay great everyone always doesn't.know that term they always have a hard.time saying I finally called lenay when.this figured out awesome so now you said.that you wanted a pool so let's talk a.little bit more so let's say that the.yard.most of the yard is taken up by the pool.is that going to work for you guys or no.because you need the room for the dogs.yeah we're gonna need a little bit of.green space okay so now if the backyard.was large enough but it was all paved.and there was no grass that would have.worked for you either right correct okay.so we need brass and you said you were.not open to renovations is that right so.is that of any kind would you be willing.to do a bathroom is there anything that.you would be willing to do I mean we.really want everything up-to-date.especially the kitchen the bathrooms the.floorings we just don't want to move in.somewhere and live in a construction.zone for the next four to five months.totally understand so let me ask it in a.little bit of a different way does it.need to be updated or does it need to be.clean and functional preferably updated.okay so and you said you've got two kids.they'll be four people living in a house.yes so what do you like about your.current home that if you could you'd.like to recreate in your new home.well a kitchen is really important to me.I'd love to cook.what about your kitchen is important I.like space I need to have good counter.space okay anything else only double.ovens would be fantastic.but that's not a must-have none of us.have but I'd like it if we can find it.okay so what if we had a nice kitchen.spacious but it didn't have upgraded.appliances that's something that you.guys would be willing to do I mean yeah.we consider it okay okay so now what is.it what don't you like about your.current home or any other home you've.lived in that if you could you want to.make sure you definitely don't have in.this home the well we're in a condo now.but the the home we were in previously.was it was this very tight it was two.stories it was very boxy not a lot of.open living space do you know what the.square footage was on that one it was.about 1,800 square feet so we're looking.for something larger than that larger or.or.proportions okay.now you've mentioned it up the stairs.this is that are you not interested in.stairs in the new home stairs are fine.the problem we were having in that house.was you know the kitchen was in one area.and then the family room was in one area.just if the kids were in a different.yeah I like what I'm cooking to be able.to see the kids so now if it is a.two-story do you have a preference to.where the master is I like a master down.in the kids up I like to have a little.separation especially is there getting.close teenage years right awesome so now.what if the master was up and all the.other bedrooms were down would that.still work for you so we just want to.make sure the other bedrooms are as far.away as possible so location are we only.considering Davey are there any other.areas that you'd be considering whatever.you would suggest I'm sure there's other.cities with good school districts okay.awesome see you guys were open so there.are a few other cities that I'm gonna.recommend and we can do a search on.those as well but Davey is probably.where you're gonna end up just based on.hearing what you're looking for playing.a home in a community I think that that.would be a good fit but I'll throw a.couple other areas in there for you.traffic Thanks.awesome so how many bedrooms and.bathrooms are you guys looking for.I would say four bedrooms and at least.three bathrooms would two and a half.bathrooms work for you.yeah I mean you could work I'd like I'd.prefer three but if two minutes it's a.great house and it only had two and a.half that'll work.okay perfect so what about an HOA is.that something that's important to you.guys I mean I've heard horror stories.about them so it's tough to say okay.good so if you had a preference would.you say you'd rather not have one I mean.what are the advantages of an HOA and.the disadvantages it really is a.case-by-case basis some communities.they're gonna provide more amenities for.you and in some cases they're not gonna.do much and you don't really know why.you're paying a fee because nothing's.coming from it right so it really just.depends on that neighborhood so we can.kind of just go case-by-case and when we.got home it comes up I can let you know.what that HOA provides and we can decide.if that would be a good match okay baby.we have perfect all right and you said.you do have two dogs right that's right.actually three oh my goodness.are they big small small great and are.you looking for a home with a garage.first was a one-car work or do we need.two cars I had a minimum one car so now.if let's say that it was a two-car.garage and one of the cars of the garage.was converted into a bedroom would that.still work for you because you have that.one with space.well the I'm probably just gonna use the.garage for stores so if I can use that.room for storage that would work.okay awesome so even if it was a one car.garage but it was converted into a room.you could still use it for storage.exactly perfect okay great what about a.water view would be nice not mandatory.that would be a bonus it would.definitely be about this is there.anything I missed.if you do my carpet if you can can you.add that to the serger is that too.difficult so we want to put as with the.Multiple Listing Service you we always.go by less is best okay so in South.Florida there are 60,000 realtors about.50 9800 don't do everything just as well.as the others do so unfortunately we.want to put as little information in.there as possible because otherwise.we're going to eliminate properties that.might actually work for you okay for.instance if I put in there I can't put.in a minimum of two and a half baths.because if I put in a minimum of a half.bath if it's a three full bath it's not.going to come up so we want to put in as.little as possible I'd rather us look at.a few extra online that don't work for.you then miss out on some that do you.agree absolutely okay awesome so now.that you mentioned carpet I want to get.into that with you for a minute so I.want to talk to you about your five.must-haves and these are your.non-negotiables that the house doesn't.have it you're not buying it.in any specific order what would you say.those must-haves are I'd say definitely.the upgrades okay open the green space.the green chairs back for the dogs okay.so now if it was paved would you be.willing to pull up the pavers so that.you would have grass if the space was.there you do that okay I'm sorry.okay so then I would say that's not a.must happen because we could find a way.to make it work if there wasn't green.space as long as there was the ability.to make green space and like I said a.good-sized kitchen okay that's what you.can't really change that right okay and.now you'd mentioned the carpet so I know.that you guys really aren't interested.in doing any types of renovations but I.want to ask you a question if we found.the perfect house and it was in the.right school district at the green area.for the dogs and had the big kitchen.double ovens and everything of your.dreams but a couple of the rooms had.carpet are you not going to move forward.with the home no I think we would be.able to.okay perfect because that's a super easy.fix I just want to make sure that we.know exactly what your must-haves are.this is really just an exercise to make.sure that we're on the same page and.that you guys really there aren't too.many things that you have to have.there's a lot of things that we want but.not necessarily a lot of things that we.need okay don't think we really only.have two most people only have two or.three so you guys are right on track.well the school district as well really.mm-hmm.all right so I'm a dope definitely open.living space Syria perfect awesome okay.cool so now what I want to do is I want.to tell you a little bit about the three.types of buyers that we have okay so we.have a buyer's the buyers and see buyers.and I like for you to be a part of the.decision of which type of buyer that you.are so an a buyer is someone who is.literally gonna be homeless within 30 to.45 days their house is already sold they.have a lease that's ending there's.something that's making them have to.move okay.now an a buyer that's someone that I'm.going to be calling every single day.we're gonna be look going to look at.every single house that hits the market.that couldn't even possibly work for you.because I want to make sure that you're.not homeless that's my job okay okay and.then a B buyer is someone who very well.may purchase in the next 30 to 45 days.but they don't have to they don't have.something that's making them by they're.waiting for the right house maybe or.they've got their lease that's still a.little while out they've got a couple.things that they have to take care of.before then but they might buy in that.next 30 to 45 days okay that's someone.I'm gonna I'm not going to be calling.you every single day I'm gonna be.calling you once twice a week to make.sure that we're still going out there.we're seeing everything that hits the.market that matches your criteria and.we're getting to you into your home as.soon as possible okay and a C buyer is.really an investor that's someone who's.just waiting for the right house to come.on the market they're waiting for that.deal and they're really just waiting for.that needle in the haystack and that's.someone I'm gonna call probably once a.month so now the reason that I want to.go over this is because if you were an a.buyer and I was giving you sea level.service you're gonna fire me because I'm.not calling you enough and if the other.way around if you were C buyer and I was.on you every single day you're gonna.fire me then too because I'm Way too.much up your rear end so I want to know.where you guys see yourself on that.scale which type of buyer you think that.you are I mean based on what you're.you're saying probably a B buyer because.our nice is still a little bit further.out but we are open to I think we.discuss breaking the lease yes okay so.you're a B+ buyer you're on your way by.today awesome so if you guys could just.sign this really question we're just.agreeing that that's the type of buyer.you are at this time I would appreciate.that and this is just so I can set the.expectation of what type of service you.can expect I want you to know from start.to finish what you're gonna expect from.our end and this is the first step of.that process awesome so before we go.ahead and start looking at properties on.the computer what I want to do is go.over the home purchasing process with.you would that be okay no concept I know.you guys are first-time homebuyers.that's my favorite that's my niche so I.wanted to just go over this so you have.a pretty good idea okay so this is your.road map to your home purchase and the.first step is going to be selecting a.real estate agent that's me you already.did that.congratulations and the next step you've.already done too which is obtaining your.financial pre-approval so you guys are.ahead of the game.now we're here more analyzing your needs.and a buyer consultation and the next.step is going to be selecting properties.so after this we're gonna go ahead and.put all of your criteria into the system.together so that we can take a look at.all of the homes that match your.criteria see if there's any adjustments.we have to make.are we being realistic in our search and.we can really narrow that down together.okay because if I went and did that.search on my own and I called you and.said oh there's only two matches you.don't know me from Joe Schmo you'd be.like what do you mean I'm looking on.Zillow there's five hundred matches on.Zillow so you want to know what it.really is out there and this is how I.can show you what's actively on the.market that's a good point sir because.we obviously we've been looking we do.see a ton of houses on Zillow and all.these different websites I mean are.those accurate listings what are your.thoughts on those Zillow can be.challenging it can be fascinating the.problem is that a lot of the homes it's.just not up to date as the MLS is so a.lot of times you're gonna see properties.on there that aren't actually available.and the last thing I want you to do is.fall in love with a house or a community.and then.home really isn't available right so I'm.going to give you access to our search.portal so that you can look in there and.make sure that everything you're looking.at is truly a bit okay so after we go.through the homes I want you to tell me.the good the bad and the ugly I'm gonna.be watching your faces and if you make a.face like oh I want to know why because.I want to do all of that research on my.own so if there's something that you see.and it you love it or if there's.something you see and you hate it tell.me because that's only gonna help me.find you the right house faster okay I.didn't build it I didn't buy it I will.not be offended gotcha.all right so then after that we're gonna.select the homes that are your favorites.okay and then I'm gonna have you guys go.home and you're gonna Duke it out and.you're gonna narrow down your top five.okay and then we're gonna go and see.those first because if they're your.favorites they're probably someone.else's too so we want to see those first.okay.so after that we're gonna go into view.homes and when you're going to view.homes you may be going to see a home.with me and you may be going to see a.home with someone else on my team so I.want to spend a second telling you got.that okay.so we work with a lot of buyers who.previously had bad experiences with.other Realtors and one of the most.common complaints that we got was that.they were missing out on houses because.the realtor wasn't available and they.weren't able to work around their.schedule they couldn't get them in to.see the house on time and they were.already off the market by the time they.got to see them so we saw that hole when.we found a way to.and what we did is we've hired multiple.showing agents and these are people that.I personally trained myself they're.basically my little male whites so my.promise to you is that whenever you want.to go and see a home whether it's myself.or one of my showing agents we will.always be there to get you in to see it.yes so our promise is that you will.never miss out on the house on our.accord we will always work right your.schedules that work for you that firms.are really awesome.my assistant Janice will always let you.know who it is that you're going to be.meeting what time you're gonna be.meeting them and where it is you're.gonna be meeting them you don't need me.to tell you this is the kitchen.this is the bathroom I'm pretty sure you.can figure those things out right right.absolutely you're hiring me so that I.can get you to the contract I can write.your contract and get you the closing.and we can get you into your home as.soon as possible.perfect so after that we're gonna go.ahead and write an offer and this is a.really important piece because it's so.important to have a strong offer this is.a very tough market.so if our offer isn't strong you're not.going to have an opportunity the chances.of us being in a multiple offer.situation especially if you're looking.in the best school district in the.county for a house that's already.updated and you're in the 400 thousands.you're going to most likely be in a.multiple offer situation so having a.strong offer is extremely extremely.important how do we set ourselves apart.in that kind of.well I'm gonna help you with that okay.so one of your ways is by you being here.our team has been in the area for twenty.years and we have extremely strong.relationships with the realtors in this.community and when those Realtors get an.offer from us they know that you're not.some buyer that I just met in Walmart.and was like hey you want to go see some.houses you're someone who I've sat down.with I've verified that you're.pre-approved and then I can get you to.the closing table and that means a lot.to them in this market okay the second.way is actually with the lender that we.work with because the lender we work.with works just as hard as we do he.answers the phone in the evenings he.answers the phone on the weekends and.that's just unfortunately not something.that's commonplace in the lending.industry so after they get a call from.me presenting the offer and telling them.why they should go with our offer and.why they should work with our team then.they're gonna get a follow-up call from.the lender telling them everything that.they've they've taken from you guys and.how strong of a buyer you are and why.they should go with you and this is a.true way that we can really stand out.from the rest because everyone else is.just sending an offer and an email and.they're not following it up with a call.so the third way this is actually my.favorite so as you guys know I'm a buyer.specialist and over the years I've.tested out a lot of different theories.to see what really helps my buyers.offers get accepted.and this is my favorite it's what we.call the cheese letter it is literally.the cheesiest letter you have ever.written in your entire life directly.from you to the speller okay and we're.going to submit it along with your offer.so you're gonna want you're gonna say.that as soon as you drove down the.street you could see your kids.trick-or-treating down the street.learning the swim in the pool I don't.like you literally the biggest cheese.whiz you've ever seen okay and we're.gonna attach the cutest picture you've.ever taken and put it right on the.letter and submit it along with your.offer okay because at some point it has.to get emotional for them all of the.offers are gonna be very similar similar.purchase price similar closing dates etc.so that is what's gonna be that helps.our offer stand out amongst the rest.because it puts a face to the contract.mhm don't want to help yeah okay where's.your awesome I can send you some samples.so you can kind of get it started and.then once we go and see the house that.you love take a look around the house.see if you see any sports teams or.anything that you can really connect.with so you can mention it in the letter.on it give an extra little juice all.right sounds good.awesome so then the next part is gonna.be time to negotiate and hopefully I'll.get to beat up the listing agent a.little bit for you and try and get you.guys a deal now I'm always going to be.honest with you and give you my.professional advice if I think that we.can get you a deal.I'm gonna tell you if I think.have to go in over a list price to get.the property I'm gonna tell you as well.you are always able to do with that as.you please but I'm always going to give.you my advice and then you guys will.have the final decision okay great.awesome so then after that your offer.gets accepted yay then we've got fun.stuff okay so next you have a seven to.ten day inspection period depending on.what we agree on with sellers so now.during this time I want to spend a.minute to talk about this because this.is extremely important during your.inspection period you're able to back.out of the contract for any reason.without any risk to your deposit and the.reason why I want to stress how.important that is is because I know you.have a busier schedule and let's say we.go and see a home the second it comes on.the market during the day and he's not.available for a few more days to go and.see it if you even think that this is.going to be the right house for you I'm.going to urge you to write an offer.because if we don't write an offer today.and we wait three days you might not.have a chance but if we write an offer.today and then we go and see it with.Renee a few days later and he decides.you know what I think that it's missing.this this really isn't what I'm looking.for I can still get you out but without.putting in an offer you might not have a.chance to have a chance.so now during that time you're also.going to have a home inspection you'll.have a full home inspection roof.inspection and termite inspection okay.you're gonna learn everything you ever.want to know about this house and.everything you didn't want to know about.this house so this house that you walked.into and you thought was your perfect.dream home you're gonna get a phat.packet like this that's telling you.everything that's wrong with that 99.9%.of that stuff means nothing there's.gonna be on there that there's an outlet.cover that's cracked that there's a.light bulb that's not working that stuff.doesn't matter we're looking for the.major ticket items that affect the.material value of the home electrical.plumbing roof things that we couldn't.see so just so you understand let's say.we go and see the home and there was a.big hole in the wall we obviously saw.that and we're gonna take that into.consideration when we go ahead and write.the offer okay when that comes up in the.inspection we can't then go and ask for.a credit for it because we knew about.that that's makes it we're looking for.things that we didn't know and what is.that cost so that's gonna be anywhere.from three hundred to five hundred.dollars okay and this is basically.gambling money and the reason that I say.that is because if we spend the money on.the inspection and you're not happy with.what you found I can still get you out.of the contract your deposit is.protected but the inspector did their.job so you would lose this money okay.but hopefully we don't have that issue.very few of our deals actually fall.through more able to negotiate a way a.win-win for you and the seller to make.it work out do you find that sellers are.open to making repairs or how does that.work it really depends so there's three.things that you can do when it comes to.inspections I'll tell you all of them.and I'll tell you my preference so one.is let's say there's about two thousand.dollars worth of issues that were.negotiating one is you asked for the.sellers to repair it and that's not.really something that I prefer because.when you do that the sellers fixing it.to sell it they're not fixing it to live.in it it's a very different thing so.they're not going to fix it the way you.would to make sure it's done properly so.if we can avoid that we're going to try.that okay the other way is by reducing.the purchase price.and again that's not really the way that.I prefer to do it because let's say we.reduce your purchase price by $2,000.maybe we're talking about a five-dollar.difference in your mortgage payment ten.dollar difference in your mortgage.payment and at that point it really.doesn't make sense you don't have that.physical money to make the changes after.the closing so the ideal way that I do.it is a reduction of your closing costs.so that way you bring two thousand.dollars less to the closing table and.you have that money physically to be.able to fix whatever the issue is after.closing okay so now after that we're.good to go we keep moving forward our.next hurdle is the appraisal and the.appraisal is when we're going to.determine what the market value is of.the home a third party is going to come.out they're gonna look at all the recent.closed sales they're gonna check out the.comparables and they're gonna figure out.what the true value is in the home in a.perfect world that comes in right at.contract price we're good to go.we keep moving forward but there are.Possible's possibilities that that.doesn't happen so now if it comes in.over we never tell the seller you could.buy a house with equity and you refer me.all your friends and family now the.other option is if it comes in low so.now if it comes in low let's say we're.under contract for 425 and the appraisal.comes in at 420 the issue is that the.bank is only going to be willing to loan.up to 420 because otherwise it's a bad.investment for them does that make sense.yeah awesome so we have a $5,000.discrepancy at that point so we can do.one of three things one is we ask the.seller to come down to the appraised.value and sometimes the seller will say.okay and that's what it's worth I'll.settle for that unfortunately that.doesn't happen as often as we'd like it.to on the other end is the seller says.is a complete jerk and they say no you.said you were paying for 25 I want for.25 that's it take it or leave it you.would have to come up with an additional.$5,000 on top of your closing cost and.on top of your down payment to make up.the spread more likely than not we find.a way to meet in the middle they come.down a little bit we come up a little.bit everyone's happy and we keep moving.forward okay so whenever that time comes.we can go over that again okay.other than that behind the scenes you're.gonna have the tight.company doing tons of boring stuff that.you don't want to know about they're.gonna make sure that the there's no.liens or fines on the property that.you're purchasing it with clear title.and that's part of your closing costs as.well which is about two to three percent.of the purchase price okay now your.appraisal is about five hundred to five.hundred and fifty dollars and that again.is gambling money because if it comes in.low and we can't figure out a way to.make it work out again the appraiser did.their job so figure to gamble with about.a thousand dollars that's a pretty good.so we pay that upfront as well correct.okay you're gonna pay that once we get.to that point we don't order the.appraisal until after the inspection.because we don't want you to spend the.money on the appraisal unless we know.that you're moving forward so as soon as.the inspection period is good to go then.the lender will go ahead and order the.appraisal at that point then everything.else will be paid at closing sir exactly.okay everything else will be due at that.point great awesome all right so now at.this point is when I would sit down with.them and we would go into the MLS we'd.plug in all their information and this.is your opportunity to really help them.narrow down and show them that you.listened to what they were asking for.and what their needs were so you're.gonna go through each home you're gonna.delete the ones that won't work you're.gonna favorite the ones that will work.and then you're gonna let them go home.and Duke it out at that point so after.that after we go through all the homes.at this point you've really shown your.value so you want to then go in for the.clothes and you want to talk to them.about hiring you as their realtor so.we're gonna talk about that now okay so.now before you guys go I really want to.thank you guys for coming in here today.I hope that you guys learned something.so this last forum that I want to go.over here with you this is our VIP by.air agreement and when you look through.this you're gonna see all of the things.that I'm gonna do for you that all the.other Realtors aren't going to do for.you and why you should hire me to be.your buyer specialist.now we do have a $400 fee for working.with our team that is not due until the.closing so what that means is unless I.do my job I don't get paid does that.seem fair.how does that go sir that is for our.closing coordinators okay so they aren't.gonna be your best friend by the end.they're gonna make sure all the I's are.dotted the T's are crossed they're gonna.let you know when your inspections are.when your appraisal is they're gonna.tell you when your deposits are due and.they're gonna make sure that you stay.contractually bound okay okay so now I.only work with a certain amount of.buyers at one time because I know how.much time it takes to dedicate to a.buyer and how much time you actually.deserve to have from me so because I.only work with certain amount of buyers.at one time all I ask is that if I'm.gonna dedicate myself to you that you.dedicate yourselves to me as well and.don't go cheat on me with any of these.other Realtors now that being said that.is not a marriage it is just an.engagement so if you're ever unhappy at.any point in time we rip up the.agreement no hard feelings no cost to.you I will keep the ring but other than.that we're good to go it hasn't happened.so don't try me but you do have that.option so I want to make sure you.understand that this agreement is only.valid if you continue working with us.and that the $400 will only be charged.at closing very good is that something.you're comfortable I am okay great I'm.gonna give this to you and while you're.reviewing that I just want to tell you.guys a little something so I want to.tell you about our promise and our.promise to you is that we are going to.give you a customer experience that you.honestly just can't even imagine I.literally drive around with a red carpet.in my trunk that I will roll out for you.on closing I'm the queen of the cheese.but I want you to understand that we are.going to be here every step of the way.anytime that you have a question there.will always be someone to answer your.question whether it's myself one of my.showing agents my assistant my closing.specialist we always have someone here.who's going to be answer be able to.answer any of your questions.so what I would like is a promise from.you and that is that between now and the.end of our transaction that you will be.referring me to your friends and family.have you ever heard of what's called the.razz so it's your reticular activating.system so think about when you go to.purchase the car and you go and you test.drive the car and then all of a sudden.you leave the car dealership and you see.a billboard with the car on it and.there's two cars driving by you on the.highway with it and then you pull into.Publix everywhere for cars there and.it's not that everyone went and bought.that car that day it's just that it.became forefront to you and you started.noticing it so very similar to when.you're purchasing a home now that you've.got it in your brain you're gonna hear.at least five people between now and the.time of closing that you're gonna hear.them talk about buying or selling a home.and your ears are gonna perk up so when.you hear that I want you to promise me.that you're gonna run over to them and.you're gonna give them one of my.business cards because I want to help.them to.is that you guys promise dude I can't do.that absolutely awesome all right so I'm.just gonna leave this here for a minute.I'm gonna come right back if you have.any questions I'll answer them when you.can okay so I always like to leave the.agreement with them so that they can.kind of have their moment alone they can.talk about it.see if they have any issues and then.when I come back in very very rarely do.they actually have any questions and.it's pretty simple and at this point.you've shown your value they want to.hire you they're pretty much drooling at.this point because they don't want to.work with anyone else so that's really.the key to this if you're not using a.buyer representation agreement why are.you working with buyers they're not your.buyers John Prescott who was the first.person who ever taught me bold.he taught me a huge lesson and when I.first got into the business I was six.months in the business and I was.involved with him and he asked who in.here is working with buyers and I'm so.excited I raised my hand I was like oh.I'm working with five buyers and he.looks music oh my god that is awesome so.how many of those have signed a buyer.agency agreement and I started to really.sink down in my chair at that point and.I said well none of them.he said correction you have zero buyers.and that was a huge light bulb for me at.that point I really changed the way that.I did my business and I never worked for.the buyer after that unless they agreed.to work with me because there's so many.people out there who want to work with.you why would you choose to work with.someone who doesn't want to work with.you it doesn't make too much sense so at.this point I would love to answer any.questions if we have any questions.Joy Hudson would like to know how you.secure the appointment at the open house.to get them to come for a buyer.consultation that's a great question so.again it's all about your scripts it's.all about showing your knowledge so when.you're at the open house you better know.everything about the neighborhood all.about the comparable sales anything.that's available because that's your.five minute show time opportunity for.you to let them know that they should be.working with you so I'm gonna show them.my value at that point and I'm gonna go.for the clothes at the open house I'm.gonna say listen you know I've got a lot.of people who are coming in I really.want to take time to sit down with you.and make sure that I'm understanding.exactly what you're looking for what I'd.like to do is set up a time for you to.come into my office so that we can go.over the home buying process do a.complete market overview instead of time.to go look at homes.I have openings in my schedule for.tomorrow at 2:00 and Saturday at 4:00.which time works better for you that's.pretty much it.some people might give you a little bit.of a struggle and then it might take you.calling them a couple of times to be.able to lock down that appointment but.if you're showing them the value at the.open house there shouldn't be any.question for why they're not going to.why they're going to come into the.office okay.Jamey prezzi would like to know are you.using the realtor buyer agreement or a.more simple in-house version we actually.do use a simple in-house version we call.it the LF our VIP buyer so we let them.know that they are a VIP client and it's.going to go through exactly what we're.going to do for them and what to expect.and if it's something that you would.like a copy of we'd be happy to send it.to you if you go ahead and post your.email address and the thread we'd be.more than happy to send.to you Heidi Marsh hello Heidi any.possibility you would be willing to.share your checklist forms well there's.a surprise absolutely we can definitely.do that again if you go ahead and put.your email address in the comments we'd.be more than happy to go ahead and send.you our entire buyer packet that we use.so you can take a look at it and.hopefully make it work for you and your.business let's see I think we're good on.questions if there's anything else you.want to add go for it I just want to.thank you guys for being here today I'm.super excited to have all of you here.with me once I tell them to make sure.they put in make sure you put in your.full email address so that we can make.sure that we get that over to you.otherwise if you need anything you can.contact me directly on Facebook Surya.Finkelstein it's like Maria with an S I.promise there will not be another Surya.Finkelstein so you shouldn't have any.issue finding me but if you have any.questions I am more than happy to answer.any of them because I want to help make.all of you guys are rock star buyer.agents thanks again so much for being.with us today and have an awesome day.

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