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To Fill In Your FAFSA Was Selected For Review In A Process Called Verification Required By Federal Regulation CFR Title 34, Part 668, Follow the Steps Below:

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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to draw up Your FAFSA Was Selected For Review In A Process Called Verification Required By Federal Regulation CFR Title 34, Part 668

youtube video

Your FAFSA Was Selected For Review In A Process Called Verification Required By Federal Regulation CFR Title 34, Part 668 Appeal Advice

hello everyone and welcome I'm Janine.demo the Associate Director of Student.Financial Planning at the Culinary.Institute of America thank you for.joining us today for our green and gold.orientation a virtual session on.everything you need to know about.verification now before we begin I.wanted to go over some housekeeping.items with you this session is.specifically for students or families of.students who are selected for.verification and who will be enrolling.this September at one of our CI a.campuses in either New York California.or Texas as the world's premier culinary.college and leader in the food and.hospitality industry.we can't wait and so we can host you on.one of our amazing campuses but for now.we're excited to host a variety of.virtual green and gold orientation.sessions and today we are joined by our.special guest.Amanda Doolittle now let's give a warm.round of virtual claws to our presenter.Amanda hi everyone and welcome to the.fast madera fication green gold.presentation I hope everyone is doing.well and avoiding all of the Calvin 19.craziness safely from your own homes so.today we're going to touch on FAFSA.verification what is that why was I.selected and how do I complete the.necessary documentation so what is.verification verification is a process.in which the school is obligated to.compare the information that you.inputted on your family's tax return and.w-2s it's the financial portion of the.FAFSA it's not because you did something.incorrectly it's not because there may.have been a typo this is simply.verification for the school to verify.with the federal government that the.information is accurate so there are.four types of verification there's the.general verification there's the.educational purpose verification a low.income verification and a possible.conflicting information verification.we're going to go over each one of these.a little bit more so just some very.vacation facts for you the federal.government will select a fafsa at random.for this process like I said before if.this isn't because you did something.incorrectly on the FAFSA you're not.being targeted by the federal government.it's completely random about 30 percent.of each school's population is.guaranteed to be selected for.verification you ask to me your.financial information or if there is.incomplete information when you fill out.the FAFSA you do have a greater chance.of being selected by the government so.please make sure you're looking at every.single question and answering them to to.the best of your abilities so what are.the required documentation for.completing the FAFSA and the.verification process so for a general.general verification we have a CIA.created verification worksheet we're.going to need the 2018 w-2s for both the.student and the parent and also a 2018.signed tax return for both the student.and the parent if the student file taxes.for educational purpose verification.we're going to need a notarized.statement of educational purpose this is.a form created by the CIA which you can.download right from our website I'll.show you that a little bit later there's.two different places you can find all of.these required documents you can either.find them on your CIA student portal or.you can find them at our CIA chef edu.main website for her educational purpose.verification you are gonna need a copy.of an unexpired government-issued photo.ID such as your driver's license or.passport or something to that extent for.our low income verification this.students are selected based off of the.number in household and the family.income if the family income falls under.the 2018 federal poverty guidelines this.is how the student is selected the.required documentation for this is the.completion of the CIA's low income.verification worksheet as far as.conflicting information that the student.rapport known as the SAR indicates the.possibility of conflicting information.all stars do have common codes based on.them if you're selected by the federal.government you will get a comment code.that says your eye sir has been selected.for a process called verification please.contact your school to see what.additional information is required as.far as conflicting information.these are tend to be coming codes 400 or.401 404 O 1 are usually put on a FAFSA.when there are are a distributions I'm.the government once the school to verify.that there are no rollovers that we need.to take into consideration so for those.400 and 400 one comment codes we do.require a full verification and the tax.return some other conflicting.information that might occur is when.doing the low income verification form.it may lead to the requirement of some.additional documentation for example the.FAFSA does give the students the.opportunity to skip inputting their.income information if you were to skip.that part of the FAFSA but then on the.low income form indicate that you have.four thousand dollars earned in 2018.we're gonna ask you for your w-2.also if you use the IRS data retrieval.and it comes back as data transferred.but amended tax return we're gonna ask.you for that amended tax return IRR that.1040x.in order for us to verify the.information is accurate on your FAFSA so.I'm telling you about all of these.documentation and you're probably.wondering well how do I go about.submitting that documentation the.easiest way to submit that documentation.right now is to scan or take very very.clear pictures of your documents and.email them to SF RS at culinary edu you.can also fax your documents to our.office it's area code eight four five.nine zero five four zero three zero you.can also mail your documents to our Hyde.Park campus.because of the current covent situation.we kind of are leaning more toward.electronic delivery as our office is.working remotely and they're only in the.office a few times a week so we are.asking for everyone to please send those.documents via the SMS email address so.here's some tips for fast for filing and.verification when you're filing the.FAFSA we strongly recommend that you.utilize the IRS data retrieval tool what.this does is it will input the.information from your 2018 tax return.directly into the FAFSA this has a.greater chance of your FAFSA.verification being much quicker we won't.need the tax return or the tax.transcript requirement again unless you.are selected for that 400 or 401 where.the government is asking us to verify.things such as rollovers another helpful.thing is to fully read the documents and.questions before completing and sending.to us there are a bunch of common errors.that we see frequently on our.verification worksheet which I'll show.you guys in a few minutes it does ask.for the household size the household.size does include mom and dad or.step-mom or stepdad or Grandma and.Grandpa if your parents are supporting.them financially it doesn't include.fluffy and Fido please keep your pets.off of the worksheet although we love.them and we treat them like family.believe me I have two dogs two cats.they're not part of my household size.for fast food verification we do need.signatures on all the required forms and.tax returns if you are sending via email.please make sure the scan is clear and.legible it does obviously go through a.lot of chains of email addresses so the.clearer the better if you are going.smell in the documentation please make.yourself a copy just in case the.documents get lost in the mail.unfortunately we can't control the.poster slurp Postal Service so please.make sure you have a copy of these.available to you before we get to.some of the questions I want to go over.the verification forms for you just so.that way you have a little bit more.information on what these forms look.like so if you have any questions.directly based off of them I will be.able to answer them for you only the.documents is on steai hf edu / forms.- publications once you get to this.website you can scroll about halfway.down the page and there's a link for our.fall 2020 spring 2021 and summer 2021.forms for our students starting after.July 1st so the forms that I was.discussing were mainly the low income.verification and the verification.worksheet a dependent student is anyone.under the age of 24 who is residing with.mom and dad and the independent student.is anyone over the age of 24 so I'll.quickly show you the low income.verification form so what this does as I.mentioned earlier we select students for.a low income verification if the income.for the family is under the 2018 poverty.guideline basically what we need to do.is to show an auditor that we reviewed.the information that was posted on the.FAFSA and we find that it covers the.expenses for your household so on this.form the first page you're going to.enter your demographic information as.far as the student's name and the.parents name and then underneath that it.asks for the sources of income for 2018.so this is gonna be anything from wages.from work and business income an.employment compensation Social Security.benefits pension if you receive snap or.food stamps or child support or alimony.and even housing assistance so we're.gonna ask you to put all of the.information for the income on this first.form for the year amount please make.sure it's filled out for both the.student and the parent on our.penance worksheet you're going to see an.option for the parent I'm sorry for the.student and the spouse so the second.part of the form is where it gets a.little bit trickier on the second part.of the form we're gonna ask you for your.monthly expenses so we're gonna ask you.you know how much was your mortgage or.your rent who paid that amount was it.paid by the student was it paid by the.parent was the bill and a parent's name.but grandma helped pay or were you able.to live in someone else's residence for.free we are gonna ask you to explain if.a bill is paid in your or the parents.name by someone else we're going to just.ask you for a little bit more.explanation for it a little bit lower on.the form so there are eight different.categories we're gonna ask you about.your mortgage or rent your utilities.your food and personal care items.personal care items include you know.toilet paper paper towels toothpaste.shampoo conditioner so anything that you.might need to take care of yourself.personally it's also gonna ask about.transportation so if you had a car loan.how much do you spend in maintenance for.your vehicle a month how much gas do you.put in it.a cell phone service landline there's.not many people with a landline or no.Janene still has when she's keeping that.going strong um also your insurance.that's both your homeowners insurance or.auto insurance as well as your medical.insurance we're also gonna ask about.your entertainment and recreation per.month I know you're all probably looking.at this and wondering how you're.supposed to remember the amounts that.you spend you know two years ago on all.of these items we're asking for your.best estimate so as I said before there.is a spot right here for you to enter.any kind of additional information that.you might need to let us know and then.both you and a parent are gonna going to.sign this form please note we cannot.accept electronic signatures they do.need to be an actual signature.unfortunately we are not able to use the.script font as.Majer so that's the low-income form and.our verification worksheet is probably.the easiest worksheet that you're going.to fill out while attending school I.promise.so the beginning part is gonna ask you.for the students last name first name.their date of birth and their student ID.number and the household size is what I.was talking about before that first mine.is going to be the student and then.anyone else living in the household.again it's gonna include mom dad if.they're married step if they're.remarried step-mom or stepdad any.brothers and sisters and if your parent.is the financially supporting your.grandparents and they're living in your.household they would also be included in.this section if one of your siblings.does happen to be in college as well.please make sure you indicate that under.the current College name we don't need.to know if your brother or sisters in.elementary school or middle school we.just need to know the colleges so.section C of this form is one of the.most important parts there are two.different options there are options for.people who did file a 2018 federal tax.return and those who did not file a 2018.tax return what you're going to do is.simply put in a check box for who did.and who didn't and then once you're done.with that you're going to both you and a.parent will sign this form as well the.independent forms of both of these look.very similar I'll bring them up super.quick for you instead of requiring.obviously whether or not your parent.file their tax return it's gonna have.your spouse information and require an.optional staff signature as well and the.same for the low income form instead of.having parent and student information.that's gonna ask you for the student and.the staffs information so those are the.basic forms so I do have our contact.information for you on this PowerPoint.our email again is SSN Sam a thousand.Frank all right rainbow a thousand Sam.at culinary D you.or our students attending the New York.campus so the best phone numbers you've.reached us at is eight four five four.five one one five zero zero for students.attending the California and Texas.campus our student financial planner for.the those campuses can be reached at.7:07.nine six seven two five one zero she is.in california so please be mindful of.that if you are calling from Texas again.the link to our documents is right there.on CIA chef edu slash forms -.publications and just for a reference we.utilize something called FAC V which is.financial aid TV so if you click this.link it's CIA chef dot financial aid.tv.com it'll bring you to some great.videos about financial aid if you have.any more questions regarding you know.fast for verification or just any kind.of financial aid questions in general.there's a whole library of videos for.you so if you have some time there's.even some poor stamp.speaking of individuals and parents so.there are great opportunities for you.there all right and at this time I will.open the floor to some questions Thank.You Amanda for that presentation lots of.good information I have some questions.coming in um first off can you tell us.is there a deadline for submitting the.documentation at this point there is no.particular deadline for the FAFSA.verification what we strongly recommend.is to get those documents in as quickly.as possible as your financial aid a.minute change depending on the.information that we receive and the.information that is important on your.FAFSA so in order to get the best.financial aid package and to see exactly.what your balance would be once you're.registered my recommendation would be to.get those in as soon as possible.excellent thank you for that Amanda um I.have another one.you mentioned the IRS data retrieval.tool can you tell us what that is and.how we would use that absolutely so when.you're filing the FAFSA and you get into.the financial sections of that form it.asks you if you would like to link your.FASFA to the IRS most people see you.know those three letters IRS and they.instantly have a panic attack you don't.need to have a panic attack it actually.saves you a great deal of time when.you're filling out the FAFSA.what it does is if you link your FAFSA.to the IRS it's gonna pull in your.adjusted gross income from 2018 it's.gonna pull in your taxes paid so you.don't have to rifle through all of your.financial documents to find that 2018.tax return so it makes your life a lot.easier Thank You Amanda.so where do where does someone find the.documents that they need for.verification can you go over that again.for everybody.absolutely so there are two different.ways a link to all of the general.documentation that might be needed is at.the CIA chef edu slash forms -.publications website or to see what you.specifically need in order.verification if you log into your CI ami.menu on the left hand side there's a.link for financial aid self-service menu.from there you're gonna see your.financial aid checklist there will be an.option for required documents and as.soon as you click that on the left hand.side is gonna show you everything that's.outstanding so if you need that.verification worksheet we included a PDF.link for that worksheet right there for.you so you don't need to guess if you're.independent or dependent all the.information will be right there on your.student portal for you Thank You Amanda.we have another question someone's.saying that they need an on filing.letter can you explain what that is and.how one would get that so the IRS.non-filing letter is typically needed.for students or parents who did not file.a 2018 tax return we require those.students and parents in order to justify.to an auditor that yes the family didn't.file taxes or that particular person.didn't file taxes if a student is a.dependent student so they're under the.age of 24 and they are you know residing.with mom and dad and mom and dad filed a.tax return we won't necessarily need.that 9 filing letter as long as you take.advantage of those checkboxes on the.verification worksheet that I said were.very important about who did and did not.file a tax return so start by checking.off those boxes and if a non filing.letter is required we will definitely.reach back out to you to let you know.the easiest way to obtain an on filing.letter at the moment is through the IRS.website the IRS website it's is I RS gov.there is an option to get both the non.filing letter and a tax return.transcript rate download instantly right.from their website somebody is asking.what happens if I don't complete.verification what does that mean so if.you choose.not to complete verification which you.do have the option of not completing.verification if you do not want to.supply your financial information what.would happen is you would not be.eligible for any kind of federal.financial aid or any need-based CIA.grants um at the CIA we base any of our.need-based grant obviously off of the.FAFSA if you don't complete verification.we considered your FAFSA invalid so you.would still be eligible for any kind of.excellence award that you may have.received or a CIA scholarship or CIA.recognition grant but you would not be.eligible for the Federal Pell Grant the.CIA assistance award you wouldn't be.eligible for any Federal Direct Loans.either thank you.yes can you go over again where this.students and parents would find the.information for the specific.verification documentation that they.need absolutely so if you log into your.CIA main portal so that is CIA main menu.dot culinary edu on the left hand side.there is the link for self-service menus.and you're going to go to the financial.aid self-service from there there will.be a link of required documents and it.will show you what you individually need.in order to complete verification Thank.You Amanda.um let's see I still have some more.coming in um so one more time again can.you just touch base on its student was.to do the GRT does that mean they still.need to send in their their taxes can.you just go over the DRT again and um.requirement for tax information.absolutely so if you were to use the ID.or to you the data retrieval tool.chances are we are not going to need.your tax return or your tax transcript.that information pulls injury directly.from the IRS so it is base.quickly like us receiving an electronic.version of your tax return or your tax.return transcript the only time we might.request that tax return or the tax.transcript is in the case of a rollover.if you have an IRA rollover or.distribution that we need to review for.the government again it's usually based.off of those 404 Oh one comment codes we.will ask for that in addition to the.data retrieval tool what tends to happen.with the 404 when codes are if a student.doubles their and for their parents.information as their own financial and.for me you should usually the student.will be flagged with one of those codes.just to verify that the information is.accurate so usually in that regards.we'll need an Student Nonviolent letter.from the IRS so that way we can take all.the financial information out so if you.have any questions as to what.documentation is needed don't hesitate.to give to give us a call or send us an.email and we can definitely help you a.little bit better Thank You Amanda going.back a little bit I know you talked.about what happens if someone chooses.not to complete verification what.happens if someone decides to in the.beginning not complete verification and.to pay their tuition and then later on.decides they want to complete.verification if at a later point in time.during that same the financial aid year.you decided that you know you you found.your missing tax return or you had an.extension and you just filed your 2018.taxes and now you can provide that tax.return we can proceed with the.verification after the start of your.semester if we were to do that they.financially can be awarded retro.actively for any semesters in the.current financial aid year Thank You.Amanda speaking of missing tax returns.what happens if I can't find a w-2 or.some other financial document that.you're asking for so the IRS website is.the best place to go in respect of any.kind of missing documents.in regards to a missing w-2 w-2s.obviously need to be reported by an.employer to the IRS so on the IRS.website there is an option to get your.2018 financial information and there's.something called the wage and income.statement what this is is a summary of.your w-2s that were submitted to the.federal government on your behalf by.your past employers for your current.employers or that federal tax e're so.there are opportunities to get those.from the IRS website you can also reach.out to your employer and ask 1st 2018.tax return oh I'm sorry.w-2 um there should be somebody in the.HR payroll office who would be able to.get those w-2s for you Thank You Amanda.ok I think we have answered all of the.questions I would like to thank.everybody for joining us today um I.would like to thank Amanda for this.wonderful presentation and information.about verification once again I want to.point everybody to the screen if you.need to get in touch with student.financial planning please reach us via.email at SRS at culinary edu or you can.reach us via phone at the two numbers.that are on the screen if you are in new.york student that number is eight four.five four five one one five zero zero.california and texas students you may.call seven zero seven nine six seven two.five one zero again some great.references on that screen where you.could have the link to the documents and.also I highly encourage all students and.families to go to the fa TV some great.um quick videos out there for you to get.additional information if you need it.again.I would like to thank you for attending.our session today look forward to.welcoming you to one of our beautiful.campuses in September take care.everybody.

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