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How to put to use The John Hancock Ny 401k Form ?

this is a periodic 401k meeting that for.the last few years now we've had two.times a year and this is the first time.I think that we're actually recording it.and even making it available to everyone.else so that's great so we have we have.as you can see a panel of experts okay.my name is on here is an expert.we have Lloyd Macedo and Megan Wolfman.I'll introduce them and let you know a.little bit more about how they fit into.this but I always like to kind of give.you an idea because people here 401 K.everybody knows that they don't know.anything about what what all that means.so the 401 K is a section of the IRS.Internal Revenue Code that back in 1978.is when 401 k's became available now we.didn't have a 401 k plan available to.the employees until the mid 90s roughly.so we've had a little over 20 years and.the plan allows you as an employee to.put money away for the future and you're.gonna hear today why you should be doing.that paint yourself first and how the.magic of compounding works because when.you start early money grows considerably.over periods of time if you wait there's.a big difference and Megan and some of.the examples and I think even in front.of you you have something that would.what that would demonstrate that the the.you also have by the way a question and.answer QA that we make available for.everybody this is for 2019 2020 version.will come out soon.it's very it'll be very similar the.primary difference is the maximum that.can be contributed into a form okay.because there are maximums but the.beauty of a 401k plan is that when you.put money away its pre-tax meaning that.it reduces the amount of income tax you.have to pay during the year okay unless.you put money into what's recognized as.a Roth for.okay and a Roth 401k hasn't been.available since 1978 when four monkeys.came out I think it was 19 or 2006.actually is when Ross became available.and we soon thereafter adopted it it's.available so you can put money in a.pre-tax basis or post tax basis so our.other two experts are Lloyd Macedo from.UBS he is our retirement plan Sultan he.helped design the options that are.available for you and where your money.is invested and bacon wolf from John.Hancock John Hancock is the platform we.use that where those investments are.she's a vice president and our local.relationship manager so they're going to.present a little bit of different what.they're gonna explain to us but if you.have any questions I guess along the way.or you want to wait until the end.how would you prefer to do that okay.keep in mind that anybody in the HR.department including myself can answer.questions at any time you can call us.you can visit us you can email whatever.we're very open to helping you better.understand the 401k plan so with that I.think what you're gonna take it off take.off ok thank you thanks a lot Gary and.thank you all for coming here today.thanks for having us here to talk about.the 401k plan I'm usually pretty quick.about five to 10 minutes I'm with UBS.and a lot of you probably don't know who.you BS is and you're more familiar with.John Hancock because that's what you see.on the website that's what you see on.your statements for those of you that.are in the plan so who is UBS and I'll.talk a little bit about about that also.talk about why join the 401 K and just a.quick show of hands who here's in the.401 K all right ok and then the majority.of you are alright there's a couple.hands I didn't see go up so maybe for.those I'll try and convince you today so.it's why join the 401 K if you're not in.there or if you're in there why take the.time to review your options and review.your contribution percentages and.everything or maybe review.Roth versus pre-tax whatever it is it.gives you a chance to assess your.situation and see if you're doing the.right thing.what UBS does is like Jerry rightfully.said we're the ones that come up with.the investment options we have standard.criteria which we monitor all those.investment options on a quarterly basis.so we want to make sure whatever.investments are out there are the best.in its class for the lion and so that's.why we do it again it's also our.fiduciary duty shared with warner.express to go ahead and make sure we're.providing the best investment options.available based on the different.investment categories that are available.and out there so we usually do that on a.quarterly basis so those hundred and.some what funds that you see available.on the list when you go online you see.them we're responsible so that's us but.we also do a little bit of a planning.which I'll get to a little bit later but.the reason we're here today is to talk.about the 401k so why the 401k first off.you're in control of your retirement.because pensions for most people's.either parents or grandparents they.dependent on that for that retirement.income social security also was another.common stream of income for those in.their 50s 60s.you could probably depend on Social.Security for those in your early 40s 30s.and 20s not quite sure and nine times.out of ten I'll say don't try and depend.on it depend on it as a stream of income.so there's two streams of income that.your grandparents and maybe some.people's parents had in retirement that.you're not gonna have and so every that.you can't depend upon and so where does.it come from it comes from you it comes.from your ability to save into your 401.K or whatever percentage you decide it's.coming from your own personal savings.and that's what's making up the.difference as far as here's my spending.you know you may or may not work during.retirement.that's ones option or and whatever the.difference is is coming from your own.personal investments so that's why it's.very important to make sure if you're.not in the plan join as quickly as.possible so that way you're not forced.to delay your retirement age further out.and to your.so not forced to sacrifice her lifestyle.if you want to retire a particular age.so that's why it's important to start as.quickly as possible and also look at.what percentages you're putting in to.the plan because if you feel you could.do more let's say you're doing 4%.hypothetically but you feel you have a.little bit of extra in your budget every.month definitely consider upping that.percentage and that's why we're here.today.because we want to give you a little bit.of a gap in time to figure out you know.you're contributing a certain amount and.give the opportunity to make a decision.before the deadline comes up to change.your percentage so that's why we're also.here to remind you about that as well to.evaluate what you're putting in and.everyone's gonna be different there's no.perfect number out there it really.depends on you and like Gary rightfully.said there's a maximum if one can get to.that maximum this year it's $19,000 if.you're 15 above there's also called a.catch-up contribution of six grand I.believe next year that 19,000 is gonna.be up to nineteen five because they.index it for inflation that 6,000 should.be remaining the same so you know the.max if you want to get a sense up what's.the most I can put in there and that's.great when we hear about it that's good.news to us that'll be 19,000 this year.and that will be indexed next year as.far as what's the right place to put it.in as far as pre-tax versus Roth it's.another it depends question I get that.question a lot the good news is you have.a Roth feature available to you and all.depends on your tax concerns during your.retirement years because no one can.predict tax brackets no one can predict.the laws for all we know.Roth monies put in on an after-tax basis.like Gary said but when you retire the.goal is to have some tax-free money.available to you for all we know they.could change the rules on the rough but.we don't know that until you get to that.point but as a right now you want to.make sure you have a little bit of.tax-free money available to you at.retirement because like gary said you're.putting your money in pre-tax today.you're realizing the tax benefit today.but when you get to retirement they got.you gotta pay your taxes somewhere so.you're paying it as soon as you start.taking that money out.and as a potential source of income so.pre-tax versus Roth what's the right.thing it's more of an independence.question wait where do you think tax.brackets are gonna be as far as where to.put it investment wise that's why you.have us at UBS where the broker is on.the plan but we've taken quite a few.calls from horner employees to just take.a quick look at their account it's.probably bout a five to ten minute chat.and I'll say you know what you have a.lot of funds you have five to ten.different funds why do you have so many.funds the answer I'll get is someone.helped me with that ten years ago and I.just I've never really changed it ever.since well the reality of the situation.is your personal situation is going to.change you're getting progressively.closer to retirement so your ability to.take on risk might have been greater ten.years ago not so much today that's one.part and the other is the economy.currently changes right now most people.would safely say the US economy is one.of the better economies there as time.goes on you know that may or may not.change other global economies may or may.not may improve you never know so the.global situation is going to currently.change and that's why you want to make.sure that you're keeping your eye on.your investments and you have a team to.make sure that you're in the right.position so if you need to make a switch.and we'll tell you what the right thing.to do is the financial plan that's.something that we do at no cost for all.horner employees I know for those of you.that are virtual you can't see it next.time we'll make sure to send a PDF in.advance but this is a comprehensive.financial plan this gets your entire.financial picture very organized and.also gets your goals when you want to.retire what's your income look like in.retirement what's your spending habits.look like and we capture in this.document and we tell you point-blank.based on everything you want to achieve.whether or not you're in a position to.do that and if you're not in a position.to do that we tell you where to fix it.so this we recommend for people that are.a little bit closer to retirement maybe.five years or further in sometimes.people like to do with 10 years out but.it's a good way to assess things because.Megan's going to go over her calculators.in a few minutes.and that's more of a 10,000 foot view.but this is bringing it down a little.bit closer to the ground so that's why.we say if you're closer to retirement.you have a better sense of what that.picture is gonna look like versus if.you're so in my age that's got 25 or 30.years to go so this is good because this.is at no cost.usually if we were to meet a prospect we.charge them a minimum of $1,000 and this.can range from a thousand to five.thousand depending on complexity but.again as long as you're an employee of.Warner you get it at no cost I wanted to.bring that up as well and then the final.reason why you joined the 401 k plan for.those of you not in it it's free money.you don't want to leave that on the.table you know corner right now has a.match first it has a discretionary match.which is subject to change at the end of.the year depending on firm's.profitability and management decision.but as of late it's 20% up to 8% and.that's the discretionary match but in.addition to that there's also a profit.sharing contribution that's built into.everything as well so you have those two.pulls the money coming in and that's.free money that you definitely don't.want to leave on the table so if you're.not part of the plan you're missing out.and that's pretty much it you have your.in control your retirement right that's.why you join the 401 k plan you have a.team here to help you out between us.here at UBS with the investments John.Hancock with their comprehensive tools.and also your management team here at.Horner to help you out and then lastly.the free money why would you give that.up so what I'm gonna do is turn it over.to Meghan so that way she can show you.some of those calculators and some of.the resources that John Hancock has.because over the years just from our own.personal experience they really enhanced.it quite a bit so I get Thank You Lloyd.good afternoon everyone thank you for.giving me a little bit of your lunch.break or appreciate it just to piggyback.off of a little bit of what Lloyd.already mentioned I can't reiterate.enough how it is free money for.you I know it may not seem like it now.but it is free money for you down the.road.believe it or not a lot of the for when.k plans we actually set up don't even.have any type of match or profit sharing.so it is a huge benefit that you have so.every time you put in a dollar you're.getting matched 20% on that the cap on.that is the 8% that Lloyd mentioned so.you could always put away ten twenty.percent of your paycheck but they will.be matching you up to the eight percent.the match that you get regardless of if.you do pre-tax or Roth contributions it.will always be pretext so the match from.horner will always go into the pre-tax.bucket if there is profit sharing that.will always be pre-tax as well so.regardless of what you do you're always.getting a pre-tax contribution from.corner which is great so pretexts just.as as lloyd mentioned that money is.coming out of your paycheck you're not.paying any taxes on that now but of.course Uncle Sam eventually is gonna.want to want to get paid so at that time.you would be paying taxes when you go to.retire so some people are thinking well.you know maybe if I'm retired I'm in a.lower income tax bracket I'm gonna pay a.lower percent on those taxes who knows I.guess it depends on who's president and.a lot of other things but but the Roth.contribution is something to think about.because you're going to pay taxes today.but then you don't have to pay it again.later so it is something nice to sit.down with your family or maybe your tax.your tax adviser when that time of year.comes around and think about it because.with the Roth you pay tax today but then.not later so with the the Roth you don't.get the tax benefit today but you get it.later down the road as that money grows.and builds off of itself that's all.money to you now with the pre-tax you're.going to pay tax on those earnings it's.just going to be later are there any.questions about how that works.okay so believe you guys are paid is it.by weekly or bi-weekly so every time you.get paid a percent or a dollar amount.would go right into your retirement plan.here the website that we're gonna walk.through is JH pensions com that's how.you'll always be able to track and.monitor.account you've got forbid you were to.ever leave order Express you always have.access to your account online as well so.this is very much your money it's not.John Hancock's money it's your money for.you for retirement but there are of.course some stipulations because we.don't want you going on a cruise or trip.to Italy or what it might be so the.money you have in your retirement.account is money that has to sit there.until your age 59 and a half I don't.know why the half but it's 59 and a half.if you try to take money out before them.you're hit with a 10% penalty and then.we'd also have to pay taxes if you.haven't already so try to do everything.possible to not touch that money until.you're ready to retire because it's just.not worth it you know you could think.you could walk away with half the money.that you're actually entitled to by the.time you pay those those taxes there is.an option in your plan it's a loan.provision that should you need it for.you know kids college tuition a down.payment on a home god forbid medical.expenses you can actually borrow from.your own retirement savings so it's.essentially like borrowing from the bank.of you you're giving yourself a loan on.your retirement savings and you'll pay.that back with payroll deferrals every.two weeks so a lot of people wonder with.putting money into a retirement plan you.know how do I know what what and when.and what's right for me they typically.say you should try to put away about ten.percent of your paycheck if you can some.years that might be doable some years.maybe not at all but try to do whatever.you can because we're gonna walk through.a calculator here just a second we're.even if it's 20 30 bucks a paycheck.you'll be amazed how putting that money.in overtime really accumulates but one.of the first fliers that we'll look at.is this American Funds target-date.brochure these are your brand-new target.date funds in your retirement.so how many people enjoy researching.investments in monitoring and watching.the tickers you do good freedom okay.most people in a retirement plan are.thinking absolutely not.I want someone to help guide me help.help me do it and not everyone is as.lucky to have access to a financial.adviser like Lloyd so in your retirement.plan we have built these target-date.funds they're offered through multiple.different companies Lloyd and his team.have researched all of them and have.chosen them from American funds this is.a I brought this flier because most.people in a retirement plan end up in.here so if you're already in the plan.and you haven't changed around your.investments this is probably where you.are these funds build you a mix of.different companies based off of your.age so the more years you have until you.retire the more aggressive you're gonna.be you can ride out those bumps in the.road my guess who can't the people who.can't write out those bumps in the road.are people people who are nearing.retirement so people who maybe 5 to 10.years from retirement they can't write.out those market dips like someone who.has time on their side can so those.folks are gonna be a bit more.conservative so essentially what it will.do is it's going to pick up let's say.Amazon Facebook Pharmaceuticals it's.gonna pick all of these different.companies for you and every five years.it actually slowly gets more.conservative so if you put your money.into this investment and you never look.at it again which is most people it'll.actually end up getting more.conservative for you so this is just one.of the options that you have and if you.flip to the middle of the the packet and.for the folks online I'll show you how.you can get to this on the website as.well this is I think the third or fourth.page the pie charts here you can kind of.see a visual of what I'm talking about.so you see that 2060 fun right there.believe it or not that's actually the.year we would expect you to retire if.you put your money into this investment.so that is the most aggressive one we.have now because someone putting their.money in the 2060 fund is probably in.their early 20s if you look down towards.the bottom where it has a 2025 the 2020.and the 2015 option you can kind of see.that the red and the orange scales back.a little bit those are the more.aggressive funds and you get to the more.the greens and yellows so those ones are.going to be a bit more conservative so.we actually color code all of our.investment offerings so red of course is.going to be the more aggressive ones.orange just stepped down below and then.the greens and the Blues are going to be.your most conservative options so this.is kind of like for people trying to.figure out where they want to invest or.where they feel comfortable this is.almost like autopilot investing so you.or at least what I imagine driving in a.Tesla is like you got to sit in the car.but it will speed up brake change lanes.get you to where you need to be.hopefully safely and and it'll do it all.for you so if you're weary about.investing it's an option to consider you.also have an option online where you can.actually pick a risk based fund so if.you don't like the age model but you.know hey Megan I know I'm aggressive I.want to have an aggressive portfolio.built for me we can do that if you're.the opposite side and are thinking you.know I want to be conservative I want to.be in something where I'm not gonna be.seeing a lot of bumps you can do that as.well and then the third option would be.you can actually pick and choose from a.mix of probably 50 or so 50 or so.different investment offerings if you.like doing the research most people want.some guardrails they like to bowl with.with the guardrails on.and and that would be the age based.target models that you're looking at.right now or the risk-based funds and.I'll show you online in a second any.questions yet what is aggressive.compared to like I took us five be.honest which of my cousin my wife's.cousin and I used to be with Hancock.when I worked with resolved okay and I.was always aggressive yeah okay sure I.never what's what my aggressive is what.you something you like a brand new.company that I love.no goodness no um so you are the board.of students you're investing in big.business companies so aggressive esting.in Apple Amazon these big companies but.the nice thing about it is you're.investing in mutual funds of them so in.a 401k plans are not investing in.particular stocks you're investing in a.mutual fund that is based of all.different companies so the nice thing.about it is you're kind of hedging your.because we never wanted 2008-2009 to.happen to anyone and when you invest in.mutual funds you are diversified across.several hundreds of different companies.the more conservative options are going.to be like investing in the government.Treasury thing bond funds municipalities.things like that.very simple concept with some of my cash.or body of mainland saying your piece.but do we low risk but you're not going.to get a return it's only like stocks we.take a little more risk but your.expected returns are also higher just.that whispers to return trail so the.higher the risk return the more.aggressive a yeah thanks um and we're.gonna shift gears just a little bit.before we go to the web page and look at.this a very high-tech calculator we have.in front of you it's a it's a little.cardboard calculator and for the folks.who are on listening in you can also go.to JH calculator calm and play around.have a similar experience so what this.calculator is gonna do is it's going to.give you a general idea you were general.of what you should be trying to put away.from your own paychecks if you're over.40 just flip it to the back you don't.have to pull anything out no everyone.does it so what you're gonna do is.you're going to take your age in column.a and you're going to line it up next to.your retirement goal so your retirement.goal is essentially what you're hoping.to live off of annually when you go to.retire it's you want another one.so your retirement goal some people end.up choosing the same salary they're.making currently or maybe you could live.off of less because maybe you're your.home's paid off your car's paid off or.do you want to be traveling do you want.to live off of more all of that's fine.we just have to to know now and set a.goal for that so if I take for example.if I take 35 and I line it up next to.let's say 45 thousand so I'm going to.slide it down until I see my age or the.one closest to me I'm gonna line it up.next to that annual amount that I hope.to be living off of and then this is.where it gets better.so this is where in column B it'll tell.you the lump amount you should have.saved into your retirement account by.the time you're 67 so then column C is.where it tells you what you should.actually be trying to put away each.month from your own paycheck so column C.can sometimes be a little bit of a rude.awakening but there is a happy note to.it so if you have no retirement savings.right now where it says your retirement.savings you would look where it has the.$0 let's say you're already in the plan.and you have $10,000 saved you can shift.to the right a little bit so essentially.the more you have saved now the less you.have to put away each month so in this.scenario if I have nothing safe right.now I'm just starting out I'm.thirty-five I want to live off of 45 K a.year I would need to put away about $350.a month so I guess let's just call like.170 a paycheck the nice thing about this.calculator is that it does not factor in.the fact that you guys are getting that.awesome match and.potential profit sharing so this is just.saying between you and you're lucky.enough to get a match this is what you.should be trying to put away each month.into your retirement plan right so this.doesn't exactly so this is just a.general calculator try and get you.thinking if you go to JH calculator com.you can actually do like a more.personalized or you can include Social.Security or not but this is just to try.to get you thinking or scare you it's.the reality check part of the.presentation yeah we were talking to.Gary before we started today and the.match last year was it believed 107 it.was $170,000 give or take that went back.to to the employees of Horner one.hundred and seventy thousand dollars so.that's what I mean when I say if you can.even put away 1/2 percent of your.paycheck just get in the game because.you really are leaving free money on the.table so now we're gonna get to the.website I see a couple familiar faces as.anyone gone on and done like the.goal-setting or anything like that yet.alright well hopefully today we'll get.you guys started so this is JH pensions.calm so this is where you'll always be.able to monitor your account on an.ongoing basis and if you were to ever.leave the company of course you would.always have access to this as well so.the first piece of information that.you're going to need when you come on.here for the first time is your contract.number so this you may want to write.down for the folks already in the plan.if you haven't set up an account before.you need to be able to do that today if.you'd like for the folks who are.hopefully gonna get started I would.write this down because after your first.payroll deferral you'll be able to come.in here and see and track everything so.that number excuse me is six zero nine.four eight.6:09 4:8 that is your contract number so.that will identify you as an employee.here in order you just come under.register here you put in that number.right there and then your last name your.social in your date of birth and it will.let you set up your own username and.password at that time every time you hit.the John Hancock logo it'll just bring.you back to the main screen and what I.am going to do is show you what the.website would look like if you're.already enrolled in the plans you're.already putting away your payroll.deferrals and you've actually come.online and set a goal for your.retirement so this is one of the things.that we've we've walked through in the.past where you can actually set an.income replacement goal does I know you.know personally.before I got started in this industry.and even just you know speaking with my.own parents it's hard to we all know we.need to save but it's hard to figure out.how much do we actually need to have.save and what does that look like when I.retire so this is Joseph's retirement.account here Joseph has actually gone.online.except this this goal for himself if you.were to do this on the website it would.probably take you about four to five.minutes it's going to ask you questions.that we've kind of talked about today.what do you want to be living off of.annually we already know what you're.putting in each paycheck and we already.know how you're invested so Joseph here.had selected a goal of sixty-two.thousand dollars a year so Joseph saying.I want to live off of this sixty-two.262k right now he's just shy of that.goal so he's on track for fifty nine.thousand dollars a year now this.information is great but what I really.get excited about is this heads up.section because this is where it's going.to actually tell you what changes need.to be.in your account so are you invested too.conservatively are you not putting.enough money away so currently Joseph's.doing 5% per month based off of his.annual salary that's a hundred and.twenty dollars a month if he increased.it by just 1% that 1% is 15 dollars.which I think we can all kind of wrap.our heads around and think okay you know.I could live without that extra 750 a.week and that would actually help get.him on track so if Joseph selected this.get me on track that would actually.prompt him to change his contribution.rate to increase it by 1% which is a.great option to have in your plan and.you all have flexibility where you can.actually change what you put away four.times a year so you can change it every.quarter so you're never locked into a.percentage rate.you know life happens sometimes you can.always stop contributing if you had to.but there is flexibility with what you.put away each year so this retirement.gap here for Joseph is this $3,000 a.year and for him it's as simple as 1%.more month you can look at it as a.monthly numbers as well.so this actually lets you upload your.own picture here so the default is the.beach but you know you can upload the.mountains your grandkids whatever it.might be.we're trying to get you to visualize how.you want to be living when you go to.retire when you scroll down under my.today you're going to see probably most.everything that you're you're initially.looking for when you come to the website.it's your balance and how well your.investments doing so Joseph's balance.here is the seventy four thousand five.hundred so Joseph did take out a loan so.look he has a balance of a thousand.dollars left to pay back on his loan.Joseph's contribution rate you can see.here so he's doing five percent pre-tax.two percent Roth so you can always mix.it up between the two you don't have to.do all are all one and not the other his.investments are doing pretty well about.4.25 percent as of the last quarter my.investments is where it's going to.actually tell you where you are.individually invested so for a lot of.you guys if you're already in the plan.and you haven't come on and check this.out you might actually see a hundred.percent here and then it's gonna say.American funds with a number after it.that was the flyer we looked at just.earlier and then to Reese two years of.your most recent statements will also be.available online so you get quarterly.reports to actually track your progress.and how well your your portfolio is.doing you can always view those right.here so let's just take a look real.quick into the investments so this is.just a demo contract so yours will of.course look a little bit different but.the first the first set of investments.you'll see is these target date funds so.for you guys it'll say American funds.and.we'll have that number after it so that.number is the year we expect you to.retire when you're doing your money at.least these Suites so as you scroll down.you'll see all the other options I think.we mentioned earlier that you can also.pick a risk based fund if you did not.like the age model but wanted some.guidance those funds would be right here.under lifestyle so right under the.target date funds if you click on any.fund name it's going to pull up its own.fun to fact sheet so for anyone who.really wants to do some digging you can.always click on the fund name and pull.up more information so you can track.this particular fund which will be.always the top fund and see how it's.doing against its peers when you scroll.down you can also see underlying fund.Holdings you can also see how it's.weighed in between us and non-us so if.you cannot sleep at night you can always.come on here but for for people who are.wondering what what actually is making.up that mutual fund they're investing in.anytime you click on one of these fund.names you'll actually see the companies.that are making up each particular fun.so let's just say.let's pick.this IV fun.so you can see like this particular.growth fund it's a growth fund because.it's in the orange color so it's a step.right down below aggressive so you can.see that this fund is in gold.Microsoft Nestle Walmart Adobe and so.forth but you can see these percentages.you see how low these are that's just.showing you how many companies are.making up that particular fund you're.investing in so you're not overly.weighted into one fund or another my.logo and then we're back.statements always available here and.then you the other two Flyers you have.in front of you are going to be for.these particular tools we have on the.website which we're always trying to add.at trying to launch new things we we of.course know how important the 401k plan.is to you but many of us have a lot of.other things that are pulling at us and.making it hard to sometimes focus so.when you scroll through these little.arrows here you can see the different.things that we have available for you to.use the financial wellness piece is.right is is one of the Flyers you have.in front of you it looks like a little.desk top and that tool you know I even.think about my own situation so that.tool you know I've been going through.the process of buying my first home and.I don't know where to start.they have no no where you know where to.look what do I need to be researching.this tool is helping you with other.things other than the 401k so buying.your first home I'm setting up estate.planning.paying off credit cards different things.like that that you may be wondering.about the financial wellness tool will.be able to help you my money connector.is one of the brand new ones they wanted.to show you has anyone ever heard of.like a mint calm or anything like that.okay people so what this will do is it.actually lets you link up different.financial accounts so that way it's all.available under one one tool one portal.it is backed by our cybersecurity.guarantee so it's a very secure tool.that you will just log into once what.you're going to do is let's say you have.so you have another for one case.somewhere else or you've got a checking.account a savings account and maybe an.IRA you can log in with those.different accounts one time on this.portal and then you'll be able to see.everything in one place so you'll be.able to see how all your accounts are.growing any changes to them all in one.place using this tool so this is what.Stephanie's account would look like so.the very first time that you actually go.in and you want to link up a different.account you would just come right in.here so whether it's you know for.example a trade fidelity so forth.you click the account you log in like.you normally would.who loves you love these things the.worst is the pictures I always get them.wrong like is that a sidewalk I can't.tell so then you're linked so now all of.your accounts will be in this one portal.so you can actually see your your net.worth you can include a spouse on here.you can actually see the different rates.of returns and how well everything is.doing transaction level so you can put a.spouse on here which could be.interesting but it's nice if you're you.know if you're anything like me and you.are constantly forgetting which password.goes to what everything will be under.here you can actually also set goals.family goals for your for yourselves so.if you're trying to save up for a new.car you know emergency savings account.for example you can actually set these.goals for yourself and a monthly.contribution rate to help you achieve.them sometimes this is it's just easier.to set up for yourselves because if you.try to move that money into your own.savings account it just never finds a.way of getting there.so with this it'll do it automatically.for you.so really I guess the the kind of moral.of the story here is try to put away.when you what you can I know that.calculator can be a bit a bit scary and.hopefully it hasn't you know wart you.off too much but try and do whatever you.can because a few percentage points.really does make the difference over.time you know I think about my own.family they started saving much later.than they probably should have and not.everyone is lucky enough to have this.match so please try and take advantage.of it if you can.2018 well 2018 is as much as pres made.it of that year and what's that terrible.of a year S&P was down a little bit shy.of 5% well this year we're clearing.clear 20% I think we're about 22 23 %.approximately this year this despite.despite what people have been hearing.and seeing with trade talks and interest.rates it's been a very strong year.because mainly of the earnings are.coming out from the different companies.are still being and beating analyst.expectations.yes correct you just simply designate.like right now let's say you're doing.10% and you wanted to split it five.percent would be Roth five percent would.be right and just half and whatever that.ten percent represents goes in the same.fun just representing Roth versus.if you were making catch-up.contributions that you made six last.year six this year that gets separated.so or do you have to pay tax on that so.come the time that you're going to.collect that money that you play.catch-up with okay so you're you're.you're you're asking when you go ahead.and withdraw the money in retirement.correct that's correct.based on your ordinary income when you.when you take the money out in.retirement they got not now but that's.all it does once you reach age 50 so you.can put more in than somebody who is not.50 but whether it's Roth or whether its.traditional for okay the tax.consequences are the same so if you so.I'm saying yeah I'm taking it from say.took it from my savings account and I.wanted to put it into my head well the.401k is employee duction it from your.payroll you can't really take them like.from your savings account you can play.catch-up by having more with help from.your 401k right like this I think an IRA.let me help this will help I'm like an.IRA where you put money in outside of.your employer all 401k money funnels.through your employer.how is payroll deduction okay you can.always live off the savings.so I have a couple other I made a couple.notes when we were going actually that.was one of the things I wanted to to.mention that distinguishes okay the.lumps okay and I can't ever not talk.about loss because although we have this.long feature I'm not a proponent of.anybody borrowing because it kind of.derails the whole effort of saving.however when you do borrow money you are.paying yourself back and you pay.interest and the interest rate is prime.plus 1% so right now if you were devour.money you'd be paying six and a half.percent interest but that interest is.going right to you so it's not like oh I.have to pay this interest on really not.just putting more back into than the.amount of you took out for the loan what.I'm gonna say it again.we've had that snare come up with people.quite a bit and the question I would ask.them is so do you have equity in your.home and if more often than not the.people you come across like Lee would we.say go that route before you to consider.touching your 401k and the third thing.that I noted was when Boyd was talking.about the comprehensive financial plan.it's definitely different than something.that coach.governor coach Shane if you've had a.chance to sit with one of them or.they're primarily talking about.budgeting and expense control and credit.card debt this goes into a full plan and.looks at into the future in the same way.that Meghan was showing about you know.based on your savings rate it's a you.know you'll be able to you're short of.your goal whatever this is even more.comprehensive than that I think you set.$1,000 what a normal cost would be if.you want to really you know take a.deeper dive and going with the theory.maybe what gets measured gets done you.want to spend time with with Lloyd to do.that because I think it will be helpful.you know understand you know remember.everything that happens with with your.financial life is really dependent upon.you making decisions and directing that.that course can't depend on other people.making those decisions for you so if you.spend the time with with Lloyd doing.this I think you'll come out of saying.it was well.and I'll quickly go over the process.it's a couple of steps there's a the.initial meeting or phone call where we.take about 30 to 45 minutes just to get.a sense of your entire picture your.goals when you want to retire how much.you want to live off of and things like.that we expect your other income to be.like in retirement and what is your 401k.look like or anything else you may have.so just get the entire picture prob.about half an hour 45 minutes and then.the follow-up meeting would be now we.tell you what your outcome is and we.pretty much give you projections based.off of very conservative assumptions and.planning so it's it's like Gary said a.little more granular but it really gives.you a good sense of where you stand.right now if you want to get to your.goal we can talk about that anything.else.thank you all for your time.[Music].

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Can I cash out my 401k without quitting my job?

Almost never, I’m afraid. Some plans permit hardship loans, in which you can borrow money and pay yourself interest. Some plans allow it if you are already over retirement age and have worked there for a certain number of years. In other cases, you might be able to if the company has been acquired by (or merged with) another company and your Plan is being terminated in favor of the other company's plan. There’s no harm in calling your Plan administrator to ask if any such provisions apply to you. They’ll tell you. But in all likelihood, the answer will be “no.”

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