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How to put to use The Youth Handgun Safety Act Form?

this video contains all the material.required by the state of Oregon for you.to obtain your safety training course.certificate in and gun safety that you.will take to the County Sheriff when.applying for your concealed handgun.permit to let you know I am an.instructor with the National Rifle.Association I am certified and I am also.certified for the Utah State concealed.firearms permit I am also a affiliate.instructor with the United States.concealed carry Association we will be.reviewing some federal laws and organ.laws as we go through this video if you.are viewing this video through YouTube.or any other media source you can obtain.the Oregon concealed handgun license.permit information by visiting our.website at WWF FTA comm this is the.certificate that if you complete this.video and complete the test that is.offered on our website you can apply for.your handgun firearm safety certificate.this is what the certificate will look.like you will get the certificate.emailed to you at your home let's go.into the handgun basic safety rules.there are four basic and gun safety.rules the most important one here is.number one we want you to treat all guns.as if they are loaded you may have had.that handgun handed to you from a friend.or from your spouse or from one of your.kids or from anybody else and they may.have cleared that handgun but I want you.to clear it again I want you to treat it.as if it's loaded all handguns are.always loaded no exceptions over here.rule number two never point your handgun.at anything you're not willing to kill.or destroy always keep it pointed in a.safe direction now what is the safe.direction.if you're living in an apartment you may.have people above you so you're not.going to point your handgun up in the.air if you have people to your sides.that is also not a safe direction or how.about me people living down below you.have to determine what is the safe.direction always keep it pointed in a.safe direction keep your finger off the.trigger I'm going to demonstrate that.your finger should always be at the side.of the firearm never keep your trigger.finger on the trigger or in the trigger.guard if when you are picking up a.firearm your natural response is to put.your finger on the trigger I want you to.practice picking up that firearm I don't.care if it takes you a hundred times.pick it up with your finger outside the.trigger guard I want that to become a.habit.always keep your finger off the trigger.and out of the trigger guard when.handling a firearm rule number four know.what your target is if you're going to.be shooting your handgun what is beyond.your handgun there was a case a couple.of years ago in New York City where two.police officers were involved with a.shootout with one of the bad people.there were numerous people behind the.bed people that got shot you have to.know what your target is when you start.to pull that trigger there is a bunch of.adrenaline that starts flowing through.your body and you have to have some.practice and some safety rules in mind.know what is beyond your target when.handling a firearm the first thing you.want to do is clear that firearm you.want to make sure that there is nothing.in that firearm the first thing you're.going to do is you're going to drop the.magazine now some people call this a.clip it is not a clip it is a magazine.this is what contains the cartridges you.drop that first and then you slide and.lock open the firearm that way you can.look down through there and I can see.the ground I can see that there is no.ammunition in there I can also look.inside.let me show you this inside at the feed.ramp chamber and at the place where the.cartridge goes in and I can see that.there is no ammunition within that.firearm some people they say put your.finger your pinkie in there to make sure.that you can't fill a cartridge I say be.careful if that wreck that that slide.under act you're going to lose your.finger they want you to put your pinkie.in there to check that in the event if.it's dark and you can't see in your.firearm but just be careful with that on.a revolver it's much easier on a.revolver all you have to do to make sure.it is unloaded is to open the cylinder.and take a peek make sure there's no.ammunition in that firearm now as I'm.going to display these firearms that are.on this table I'm going to show you that.all of these firearms are indeed cleared.this one we just went through it's clear.death no cartridges in the cartridge and.the magazine and nothing in the chamber.this one I'm dropping the magazine no.cartridges in the magazine I'm racking.it open and there is no cartridges in.the chamber there's nothing there same.thing for this one dropping the magazine.no cartridges and I can see the ground.and I can see that there are no.cartridges in that firearm this one is a.little bit more difficult it does not.allow the cylinder to open this one is.loaded by opening what they call a gate.there's a little gate here on the side.we open that we pull back the hammer.just a little bit so we can rotate this.cylinder and make sure that there's.nothing in the thyroid this one has been.cleared there's nothing in there.defining a guns action a lot of people.get confused on this there are single.action revolvers and dual action.revolvers there's also a single action.dual action revolver on a single action.the only way that firearm is going to.fire is you have to have the hammer back.it this trigger will do one thing a.single action it will release the hammer.and that is a single action a single.action you cannot pull and make that.hammer [ __ ] you have to manually [ __ ] it.and pull the trigger.single action has one action only double.action is different a double action you.can hammer it one or you can pull the.figure to double action firearm.be finding a guns action this is a Ruger.40 caliber it does not have in the back.of this firearm a hammer there's nothing.there for me to pull back [ __ ] it this.firearm is a dual action only the only.way it's going to fire is to pull the.trigger time after time after time.there is no hammer that I can [ __ ] that.with but if I fired that and release it.just a little bit you will hear an.audible click and the trigger will not.go back all the way let's look at this.on the screen over here is a hammer.Edison's double action mode okay if you.pull that back the hammer is ready to be.fired and it is in single action mode.the color of this and the color this.coordinates with the trigger and with.each action in single action you have a.long trigger press in other words you've.got to press that trigger pretty far to.get that firearm too far fire with the.hammer back the trigger is closer to the.firing point and all you have to do is.squeeze that trigger just a little bit.that is your single and double action.modes you can see the difference here.double action single action there are.three main parts to handgun the main.parts are the barrel.the barrel the frame and the action the.action is contained inside the firearm.you cannot see the action but it's all.contained in here all the moveable parts.let's look at the parts of a firearm.here is the front sight the barrel.here's the slide lock the slide lock as.I slide this back I can lock it by.pushing this lever up that's the slide.lock on your semi-automatic you have the.rear sight this is a decocker a decocker.is a safety feature and not all firearms.have that this one has a decocker here.on the side if i release this slide.you'll notice that the hammer is in the.back position making it a very light.press to pull that trigger you can use.this decoder and it will let the hammer.go forward without firing the firearm it.takes and puts it in a safety mode not.all firearms have that this 40-caliber.has no safety on it whatsoever other.than a little button keep it from firing.there's the slide the frame of the.firearm.what they call the back strap and we're.going to talk more about that in a.proper handgun fit for you later on you.have the magazine which we've shown you.by releasing the magazine out of the.bottom of the grip the grip panel.there's the magazine release the trigger.guard the trigger and the muzzle the.muscle is where the bullet exits from.the firearm understanding the.semi-automatics again just review we.have a slide lock a magazine release.here's a safety on this particular one.and the safety grip or the grip safety.or back strap dual action we discussed.that just a minute ago no hammer on the.firearm only can be fired by pulling the.trigger on this one we have a takedown.lever takedown lever is how you clean.the firearm this one here has a lever on.the side I can push that lever let me.slide this slide back I can push that.lever to the down position and the.firearm comes apart.supposedly you have part here you have.this part and here is your barrel and.that is the main part that you're going.to clean is just your barrel it's that.simple each firearm is a little bit.different on the takedown you need to.read your owners manual to see which.type of takedown lever that you have on.your particular firearm and then you.have the slide lock right here on a.revolver you have also the front sight.and the barrel the cylinder the cylinder.is what holds the cartridges you have.the rear sight the hammer some of them.have a hammer spur the cylinder release.latch the frame you have the grip panel.trigger guard the trigger this one has.an ejection rod for removing the.cartridges once they've been fired and.the muzzle again the area where the.bullet leaves the firearm to election.and single action revolvers modern.revolvers when the exposed hammer are.designed to allow the shooter to fire in.either single accent or double action.mode with the hammer forward double.action mode a longer heavier trigger.press will rotate the cylinder and [ __ ].and release the hammer manually cocking.the hammer with the thumb puts the gun.in single action mode which might have a.trigger press as light as 3,000 pounds.and trigger travel short as a quarter of.an inch again your cylinder release your.grips your trigger guard and your.cylinder some revolvers do not have a.hammer some revolvers are that way.designed that way so there they don't.snag on clothing or snag in a purse when.you want to remove your firearm from its.concealed area.with the hammer hidden in the front.within the frame of the gun this.revolver is double action only remember.there's nothing you can [ __ ] you have to.pull that trigger to [ __ ] it and fire it.makes it double action only cartridges I.went to a shooting range one time and.they required you to use their own.ammunition so I purchased ammunition for.my 40 caliber I went out to the firing.range and as I was loading the.cartridges into my magazine they would.not stay in they kept popping out.I wondered what is happening here.instead of giving me 40 ammunition they.gave me 9-millimeter and so I had to.take it back and exchange it you want to.make sure you've got the right.ammunition for the firearm you can do.that because on all firearms it tells.you what caliber it is if that has worn.off take it to a gunsmith and have them.tell you what caliber firearm you have.on the cartridge itself it will have.this one here is a 45 automatic it will.have the designation of what that.cartridge is on the box the box that you.purchase your ammunition in it will also.tell you what caliber that ammunition is.make sure you get the right and munition.for your firearm now some fiber.ammunition has different designations.this one here says nine-millimeter para.or 9 middle millimeter Luger or nine by.19 millimeter same ammunition 45 Auto.and 45 ACP is the same ammunition if.you're not sure read your owner's manual.and make sure you get the right immune.ition let's talk about the magazines you.can see here that one is thicker than.the other if you use the thinner one it.makes it for a smaller hand grip easier.to hold if you use the bigger magazine.it makes a wider grip and a little bit.harder to.but it holds twice the amount of the.ammunition or cartridges so here we have.the double stack you can see how they're.staggered in there holding many rounds.of cartridges over here is the single.stack thinner and there's your.ammunition your cartridge is placed.within that magazine there is a spring.on the bottom that pushes these up down.here to load when the firearm fires the.slide goes back comes back forward and.it strips another round off the top and.loads it into the chamber and then there.is the base plate that's what keeps.everything from falling out the bottom.let's talk a little bit about the.different kinds of ammunition.you have semi-automatic round and a.revolver round you'll notice down here.that the casing is just about the right.size all the way down straight up and.down we're on a revolver round you'll.notice that there's a ridge down here.and that's to keep the ammunition from.falling out of the cylinder you have to.have that Ridge to block it from going.all the way through on rimfire you're in.fire you find with a lot with your 22.cartridges rimfire and you have Center.fire what's the difference here on your.rimfire there is the primer on the ends.it's around that edge that we talked.about on your Center fire there is a.priming compound it is in the middle of.the cartridge and it's called the primer.okay it's a little metal cap so there's.a difference in the ammunition here is a.typical cartridge again some people.refer to this as a bullet it's not a.bullet and we'll try to explain that to.you there's a bullet contained within.that but that is a cartridge.you have your case you have your priming.compound you have your powder charge and.you have the bullet the bullet is the.actual part that leaves the firearm.through the muzzle what defines.ammunition here we have a bullet The.Full Metal Jacket.abbreviated as M FMJ that is here that.is the bullet it is encased in a copper.sheath you have your propellant your.black powder and you have your primer.down here at the bottom remember if it's.a 22 it's a rimfire your powder is.contained around the edges over here is.the caliber they measure the width of.the bullet that's what determines the.caliber caliber is a measurement of the.diameter of the bullet not the casing.the caliber designation has nothing to.do with the rounds power it only defines.how big of a hole it will make a bullet.weight how heavy is that bullet bullets.weight is indicated in grains there are.7,000 grains and a pound and handgun.bullet weighs weights range from 40 to.230 grains or more and then there's the.case volume if you look at the case.volume that's a pretty good indication.of how much powder is in there that will.force that bullet out the barrel the.bigger the case usually the faster the.bullet is going to go they talk about.different types of bullets different.types of stopping power you can see on.this chart that if you had a 22 stopping.power is not very good over here in the.red or 25 or 32 and as you go up in size.of diameter of the bullet and the powder.it contains and the firearm that fits.that cartridge.you will see that the higher up you go.357 Magnum is a pretty powerful stopping.force they can stop a bad person in a.hurry 45 and a 10 millimeter that's not.very common 10 millimeter as I mentioned.my concealed carry is a 40 caliber now.there's this 357 and then there's 357.sig remember we talked about the.different types of numbers that the.bullets might be interchangeable these.two are not interchangeable they will.not fit in the same firearm so again be.careful of what ammunition you pick care.of ammunition they up we're going to.discuss here in just a minute about.misfires and what causes a misfire and.what causes other problems with a.firearm ammunition where the case meets.the bullet moisture or oils can get in.there and if it does it acts as a fuse.and it won't fire when you hit that.hammer you when you clean your firearm.we're going to discuss that in a few.minutes.keep the bullets away from your cleaning.materials you don't want to have that.cartridge near the cleaning material and.then store it at a nice dry clean area.use only the correct ammunition for your.gun matching up the caliber on the.barrel the ammunition box and the stamp.inspect the ammunition prior to loading.take a look at that cartridge make sure.there's no dings in it make sure it's.not beat up avoid chambering a nun.chambering racking and putting the.bullet or the cartridge back in and.chamber it and and that just multiple.doing it multiple times which can lead.to projectiles setback but be careful.upon that replace personal protection.ammunition once a year at least once a.year because moisture effects ammunition.and you don't want moisture to have when.you need that firearm you don't want it.to misfire.you understand that all types of.ammunition will not feed reliably in a.firearm I've had no problems with the.firearm using multiple types of.ammunition but I have friends that have.had different firearms it won't fire a.particular cartridge they tried numerous.ones before they found a good one.shoot that firearm at least 200 or 250.times with the ammunition that you're.going to have in there for personal.protection what is the sequence how does.these cartridges take place what happens.here okay.you have the cartridge it's in the.chamber of the firearm you have the.firing pin back here hits the primer.iron pin strikes the primer or case rim.case rim in the case of a 22 and ignites.the priming compound when it ignites the.priming compound in here a flame is.generated by the priming compound and it.ignites the powder charge the powder.charge burns rapidly generating a volume.of hot high-pressure gas gas pushes the.bullet through the barrel through the.bore at a very high speed and then when.it exit it makes a bang and what that.bang is is you're hearing the gas the.gas exploding into the cold air when you.fire a firearm that cartridge is going.to swell it's going to swell a little.bit and you can figure out why just.using a zig Apple from a revolver there.is a space between the cartridge and.this back plate okay if it didn't expand.a little bit you could burn yourself.from the powders so it expands and seals.in the chamber while that's pushing the.bullet portion up out the barrel.parts of a semi-automatic pistol you.have your chamber your rifling lands and.grooves your muzzle and these are.locking lugs that engage the recesses in.a slide have you ever watched a football.game when when they're throwing a.football they throw that football and it.spirals if it didn't spiral that.football would just kind of wobble as it.goes down its tracked to the intended.receiver.same thing for a bullet if it didn't.spiral it's going to wobble as it leaves.the handgun so they have in this handgun.what they call lands and what they call.grooves and that creates spin on that.bullet portion as it leaves the barrel.making it more accurate here's some.malfunctions be careful on your.malfunctions I want to cover this in a.little bit of detail a misfire after.being struck by the firing pin this.causes a level one failure and must be.cleared if I were to pull and shoot a.cartridge should a bullet and it didn't.shoot what am I going to do if it didn't.leave the barrel am I going to do this.remember I mentioned that if there's oil.or moisture in that cartridge it can act.as a fuse it could go off within any.time within 30 seconds so you want to.keep that firearm pointed in a safe.direction for 30 seconds now if you're.in a stressful situation and you need to.clear that out right away.we're going to cover that but right now.general safety purposes you want to keep.that farm pointed in a safe direction.for at least 30 seconds don't point it.at anybody remember we don't point.anything we don't want to kill or.destroy keep it in a safe direction for.at least 30 seconds.what is a hang fire hang fire is real.similar to a misfire the misfire it's.never going to fire but a hang fire it.can fire anytime within usually within.that 30 seconds remember there's a.moisture or oil that can act as a fuse.so it may within 30 seconds decide to go.ahead and fire keep it pointed in a safe.direction at all times and then there's.what they call a squib load a squib load.is when a cartridge may not have enough.powder put in it or igniting compound.this is where people sometimes do their.own reloading and they don't get quite.enough charge in that cartridge and it.shoots the bullet you hear it go off but.normally when you fire a firearm you're.going to get a little bit of kickback.this one you don't get any kickback.maybe just a little bit of motion and.what's happened is that bullet has left.the cartridge and has come down here and.lodged in the barrel.it's got stuck it didn't have enough.propellant to force it out of the barrel.squib load don't fire another round that.iron will explode on you it will.completely explode you need to take it.to a gunsmith at that time and have them.clear that squib load out of that.firearm clearing type-1 Montana Lenya.for malfunctions if I pulled the trigger.on this firearm and it did not fire the.first thing I'm going to do is slap that.slide that magazine I want that magazine.to be sure sure to be seated in that.firearm nice and tight the second thing.I'm going to do is I'm going to pull.back the slide just slide it forward.one thought about sliding up a slide.forward there's this slide lock button.and that slide block button I can pull.it down and that slide will go forward.that is not the proper way to let off.cartridge be loaded into your firearm.the proper way is to always pull that.slide all the way back pull that slide.or that lock down and let it go that.extra eighth of an inch or so it needs.that power to properly seek that.cartridge into that chamber don't use.the locking device to release your slide.and don't do that to nice and soft don't.do the nice soft approach the loaded.cartridge always pull it back that slide.forward as hard as it can if you've.completed the three previous steps and.you still haven't cleared the cartridge.you may have to remove the magazine now.sometimes they get stuck in there you.may have to pry that out a little bit.keeping your firearm pointed in a safe.direction okay drop the magazine you may.have to pry it from the gun rack the.slide three or four times and then.reinsert the magazine and see if it will.reload now that takes practice if you're.in a stressful situation what I've just.done it took one or two minutes to.demonstrate that to you you may have.three or four seconds so practice.practice practice.many different firearms that you can.select from usually the bigger the.firearm the less recoil you don't get.such a big bang out of that recoil the.smaller the firearm the more the recoil.it's harder to control although it's the.smaller one is easier to put in your.pocket or to put it in a purse what do I.do.for winter time where people might be.wearing a heavy jacket or a parker or.something.I carry my 40 caliber in the summertime.when they're wearing just maybe a.t-shirt I carry my 380 so it just.depends on what you want to do what you.feel comfortable with shooting.fundamentals a lot of times people ask.me what handgun is good for me which one.should I buy it's all depending on your.hand size and your fit and what you're.comfortable with when buying or when.looking for a firearm remember that this.web of your hand needs to go tight up.against the firearm and you wrap your.fingers around that my fingers outside.the trigger guard and off the trigger.my first knuckle should be right down.underneath the trigger guard okay and my.thumb on the other hand is up that is a.good tight main and grip the left hand.support hand goes in this empty space.the palm goes in that empty space put.your palm there then grip your other.hand and this thumb they should align up.now when you do that I push with my.right hand and I pull with my left hand.giving me stability that helps control.the muzzle on the on the recoil helps.control the muzzle in the recoil push.pull palm in the space now.many years ago shooting of one of these.semi automatics I had my finger up here.my thumb don't do that that just about.took my thumb off that was very hard on.my thumb keep down below the slide he.babe lower at your proper grip so.depending on your hand size when you're.looking at a firearm test your grip on.all of those there are many different.stances that you have with a firearm you.have what they call the low ready you're.standing your feet or shoulder-width.apart.your arms are straight your firearm is.in control you got it down to your side.or down to you in front of you you've.got the proper grip and you're standing.there watching for any problems that.might take place there is the high ready.it's the same thing only you're up here.the high ready makes it so if I have to.I can get my firearm out there quickly.okay I can get up there to where I need.to be to pull that trigger already high.ready there are a number of stances when.shooting most of these are taking place.at the firing range.what are you comfortable with they have.the assaleh stance shoulder width apart.straight in front hand gun pointed at.the target okay I'm leaning forward a.little bit so when there's recoil it.doesn't get to me there's also the.Weaver stance.this is the stance I prefer when I'm.shooting at the firing range it's the.same thing as if I was doing this.isosceles stance only I put my right.foot behind me a little bit and I'm more.in this position.II isosceles stance straight up if you.have an attacker that has also a firearm.it leaves you pretty well open to be hit.on the Weaver stance it gives me a.little bit more protection so that I'm.not going to get hit and maybe the vital.parts it's just whatever you prefer.there's a dominant eye exercise if you.take your hands and make a little area.open area and pick an object pick any.object pick the light switch on your.wall pick take a spiderweb.take care of anything and pull your.hands to you keeping that in your eye.keeping it in your eye you will see.pretty soon as you bring your hands.forward but your dominant eye is is it.your left or is it your right if you're.right-handed it's usually your right if.your left it's usually your left sight.picture when you're shooting at a target.you have your rear sight which we.covered you have your front sight you.have to have those properly aligned and.a proper alignment is this there's equal.space on the left and on the right.sights are even and you have your target.this is what they call the six o'clock.hold it's at six o'clock of the bull's.eye this is what you call your center.hold that would be center of the.bullseye here's another picture of a.proper sight alignment the sights all.the way across are even in the middle.equal distance on both the left and the.right side that's the proper sight.alignment when aligning a firearm.trigger reset I use this ballpoint pen.as a demonstration when you fire a.firearm they have what they call a.trigger reset if I were to fire this all.the way.it takes a long pull but I can release.it just a small amount of pressure and.it will click I use this as an example.if I was shooting this if this was my.trigger and I push it it takes a full.push to get that ballpoint pen out but.if I release it just a little bit you.can see that I'm ready to push it again.okay I can push it again and retract it.I don't have to go all the way okay.that's the same thing on a trigger reset.if you pull it you can learn to feel.you'll hear it and you will feel it you.just release that trigger slowly and you.don't you don't have to release it all.the way you can just release it part of.the way and pull it again that takes.practice so you wanted you don't want to.just stop with this presentation this.video you want to practice practice so.here is at risk the trigger is fully.forward there's the breaking point.that's when it's fired and this is where.it's released you can see it's not all.the way forward it's not in a fire.position it just comes forward a little.bit so you can fire it again the most.important shooting fundamentals are.there's two that is the sight alignment.making sure those sights are aligned.correctly and trigger control trigger.control means how am I going to pull.that trigger when I was in the service.they taught us to take a breath let it.out do that twice and on the second one.let half-a-year air out and hold it now.if I exaggerate that a little bit here's.what happens I take a breath and let it.out.you can see my farm changes position so.if I hold it after the second breath.it's there it's on target I've got my.sights aligned this is what you want to.practice but again if you're in an.emergency situation you may not have.time to do that so just take and.remember in your mind quickly hold your.breath for just a second while you're.pulling that trigger I just like to.cover a couple of screens here it's not.required by the state of Oregon but I.like to cover it it's called reasonable.force and deadly force I want to try and.keep you out of trouble if you ever have.to use your firearm reasonable force all.laws vary most states will define.reasonable force as the minimum level of.force required to end a threat without.going beyond that level let's look at it.another way reasonable force can be.thought of as a level of force this does.not exceed the threat for an example if.a threat to you included the possibility.that you'd be bruised or recieve a.bloody nose it wouldn't be considered.reasonable for you to respond with a.level of force that could break bones or.permanently disfigure your attacker you.have to use reasonable force sometimes.you only get a split-second or to decide.that deadly force this is what gets you.in trouble when you start using deadly.force a person must reasonably believe.that force or threat of force is.necessary to defend self or another.against imminent use of unlawful force.force that is intended or likely to.cause death or serious bodily injury may.only be used to prevent death or serious.bodily injury to himself or a third.person or to prevent the commission of a.forcible felony.can you define forcible felony be.careful.be careful because each situation is.going to be different a person does not.have a duty to retreat from threatened.force in a place where that person.lawfully entered or remained that's an.Oregon law you don't have to retreat if.it's coming towards you the first thing.you want to do is to try and retreat but.you don't have the obligation you don't.have the requirement that you have to.retreat but be careful on that issuing.commands if you have an attacker or.somebody is broken in to your house you.want to be forceful on the commands that.you give that person here's a suggestion.if it's like in a home break-in.situation what would you do if you know.you're safe room you go to your safe.room you may have a firearm in there or.you may have the firearm of your person.okay you shut the door you yell out.after dialing 911 person on the other.end of the phone who is recording your.call have that on record you yell out I.have a gun do not come into this room I.will shoot you.I have called 911 there way leave my.house now that's what you want to do now.the 911 operator has got that recorded.if that person happens to enter their.home and you have to shoot them it's.going to go a lot in your defense but.make sure you they can hear you and.don't start yelling that the person in a.file language type situation you come in.here I'm going to blow your head off.that's not going to work in your favor.or don't use the words I'm going to kill.you.there might be other witnesses in that.situation that could use that against.you.if I'm in by bid at home at 4 o'clock in.the morning and I hear somebody in my.front yard.and I go up to an investigate and.they're stealing my water hose can I.shoot them I can't shoot them but now if.I go out at 4 o'clock in the morning and.they've broken into my car and they're.going through my glove compartment or.trying to rip the stereo out can I shoot.them I can't shoot them I'm not.threatened now if they're ripping out my.stereo and they have a handgun beside.them on the car seat and they pick it up.and start pointed at me can I shoot him.I certainly can in fact I don't think I.would go out and investigate somebody.making noise in my yard or in my car.without taking my handgun I just would.be very careful about using it I.wouldn't want to go out there and.confront somebody in my car and they had.a handgun and I didn't so I would.probably go investigate that with a.handgun or a shotgun I want to tell you.a story that I read in a magazine has to.do with road rage there was a man that.came home on a Friday evening you want.to take his family out to dinner his.wife and two kids and they got in the.u.s. UV and they headed down to their.favorite restaurant but on this Friday.heavy traffic and you know that Friday.sometimes our heavy traffic as he's.waiting the light after light after.light tempers are starting to get a.little hot on people in the and the line.and he looks in his wife's rearview.mirror the outside rearview mirror and.the passenger side of the vehicle and he.sees a black Chevrolet coming up on the.service part of the road where traffic.is not supposed to come s back black.Chevrolet approaches his SUV he rolls.down his wife's window gives him a hand.gesture honks the horn and yells at him.and this black Chevrolet continues on.through it actually ran the red light.and stopped on the other side when the.light turned green and the line went on.and this man in the SUV went through the.green light within a car to this.like Chevrolet got in behind this man in.the SUV and at the next light the SUV or.the black Chevrolet pulled up next to.the SUV he rolled down this window.and he pointed a firearm at the people.in the SUV the man and his family the.man in the SUV carries his concealed.firearm he pulled out his firearm and.took a shot at that person because he.had a gun pointed at him he pulls over.the black Chevrolet pulls over they both.make 911 calls the man in the SUV his.wife is calling 911 telling about the.incidents this is where we are and this.is what happened somebody pulled a.firearm on us and my husband carries a.firearm he's licensed to do so and he.shot the person that was threatening us.the black Chevrolet person is also.making a call to 911 his call goes.something like this officer's been shot.officer down.assistance needed and this is my.location you don't know that could have.been a thug or somebody else in that a.black Chevrolet could open fire on that.family I want you to be cautious of food.rage I don't want you to be involved in.road rage that man and the SUV he lost.his job when his boss found out that.he'd shot a police officer his kids were.treated unfairly at school nobody let.his kids their kids play with his kids.it was just devastating to that man in.that SUV so be careful on that.the use of deadly force there's four.rules you should always remember must be.immediate fear of death or great or.grave bodily harm to yourself or another.person the threat must be immediate and.must be in Soul series that a reasonable.person would fear death or great grave.bodily harm great or grave bodily harm.is a significant or life-threatening.injury so that's rule number one.number two must be an innocent party you.can't have started it you couldn't you.can't have talked language therein and.instigate this situation you could not.be the person that you have to be.innocent you can't be a person that.started this in any way you cannot be.seen as the person who started or.escalated the use of deadly force number.three no lesser force is sufficient or.available to stop the threat was there.something else.that you could have done to stop the.threat here's another situation I'll.tell you about a man was on the freeway.and he got had to make a quick stop and.the car behind him bumped into his car.and it disabled the second car the one.that bumped into him.the man who got hit drove about 40 feet.up ahead and stopped and then who car is.damaged pulled out a big knife and was.coming after the man that stopped that.he'd ran into this man could he pull a.gun and shoot the person coming at him.he can't do that remember his vehicle is.drivable and he's 40 feet away he can.get in the vehicle he can move up.forward he can do something to get out.of that sight of that person that's.chasing him he can not shoot the person.at that point one more example a friend.of mine told me one time that he must.have irritated a driver that was in.front of him he doesn't know what he did.but at a stoplight the person in front.of him got out in a threatening manner.and was coming towards my friend.friend all he did was reach over and.point and show his firearm through the.windshield of his car the person that.was coming turned around got in his car.and left I says what did you do at that.point is nothing I went home.he's his case dismissed and I says what.if that person had pulled around the.corner and called 9-1-1 and said I've.got somebody pointing a gun at me.this is his description and this is his.car.if you ever brandish your that's what.they call brandishing brandishing a.firearm you can't do that if you ever.have to do that.you call 9-1-1 you let them know what's.taken place because you want to get your.side of the story in there if along with.maybe the other side of the story.you cannot brandish a firearm you can't.threatening so a firearm to another.person in this case he did he should.have called 911 I could have been.serious for him number four you must.have no reasonable means of retreat if.you've got a way to get out of the.situation you have to get out of the.situation if you have no way to retreat.then deadly force may be used if you.cannot retreat you must however if you.can retreat you must however you are not.required to place yourself or a loved.one in greater danger by retreating what.happens in the immediate aftermath if.you've had to use your firearm once.you've confirmed that an immediate.threat has ended you'll need to quickly.complete several important tasks first.and foremost if you believe you are.still in danger you need to immediately.retreat to a safe area once there you.should closely check yourself and others.for any injuries that might have met.then be masked by the effects of.adrenaline or endorphins and you should.begin emergency first aid to control any.bleeding remember you're your anxiety is.so high that you may not even realize.you've been shot or friend or family.members been shot.next you'll need to make several.important phone calls including your.call to 911 if no one including an.attacker is injured or even if he's run.away these phone calls are critical.remember you've got to make that phone.call to 911 in this stressful situation.even if it's just to expose it to end a.threat and you'll need to begin laying.the groundwork for your defense in the.event that you're charged with a crime.the phone calls to 911 are the first.steps and establishing this when the.police arrived on the scene they'll be.nervous.they'll be concerned for their own.safety safety and their adrenaline will.be flowing as well your number one goal.is don't get shot do what the police.officers tell you to do here's what you.should do before they get there place.your firearm back in your holster or in.your purse or wherever your concealment.place is put your hands high in the air.as possible as the police approach don't.even twick your firearm which if your.firearm is back in the holster comply.with all the instructions from the.police and keep your hands where they.can see them this is not a time to.explain that I'm the good guy.don't argue be prepared to be to push.grounded pushed to the ground handcuffed.and placed in the back of the squad car.last night I was watching cops on TV I'm.sure everybody's watching this episode.of cops or an episode of cops a lady was.charged with carrying some drugs she had.him on the Sun Visor on the passenger.side of the vehicle she says they're not.hers.now who's to say.but when it's related to firearms you.have a concealed firearms permit that.you're allowed to carry a concealed.firearm and sometimes people put those.in the glove box or in the console box.is that firearm within reach of your.passenger is it within reach of your.wife or husband or your kids if that.firearm is within reach that person.better have a concealed firearm permit.as well otherwise put that firearm out.of their reach.put it where they cannot get to it.because if they can get to it.the police will say it's on your side of.the car it could be your firearm and I'm.taking you to jail okay so make sure.your passenger has a firearm permit or.move that firearm there's no upside with.speaking to the police without your.attorney present and any statement you.make however true you may believe it to.be is fraught with risk because of that.and other risk we recommend that you.stick with a five-part statement to the.police do not go beyond it my name is.and I live at okay I was attacked by.that person or that person ran away.there was evidence he dropped his knife.when he dropped his gun here's the.evidence that person see those people.over there they saw what took place.those people are your witnesses okay.I've spoken I've called my attorney.of course i've called 9-1-1 and i will.not make any further statements until my.attorney gets here i'll be happy to.cooperate with the police I want my.attorney here first when are you under.arrest again referring to the program.cops you see them n cuff people you see.them put them in squad cars you see them.interrogate the person that they have in.custody and they ask them a lot of.questions a lot of times they will say.we're going to put these handcuffs on.you and put you in the squad car for.your safety and for my safety but they.never say you're under arrest.everything you say during that time can.be held against you in a court of law.you have not been held read your Miranda.rights the Miranda rights are only.required to be read to you once you were.under arrest then from that point on it.cannot use those things that you say.without an attorney present so be.careful if you say I read I invoke my.right to the Fifth Amendment to be quiet.and not say anything until my attorney.gets here at which point I will be happy.to cooperate with the police and give a.full report but I want my attorney here.first and then shut up don't say any.more just wait for your attorney.guidelines for law enforcement there's.just one thing here if you're stopped.the police know on their computer if.you're carrying a firearm concealed.permit if you have one the state of.Oregon says you don't have to tell them.you don't have to present your card to.them if you're stopped for any reason.but it's a good idea that you do they're.going to ask for your driver's license.just pull out your concealed firearm.permit with it and hand it to them.they're going to ask you do you have a.concealed firearm with you at this time.and just tell them the truth tell them.yes I do or no I don't if you do they're.going to ask you where is it at.you tell them is it loaded yes it is.just cooperate completely you're legally.in possession of that firearm if you.have a concealed firearm permit but.again it's not required in the state of.Oregon to let them know but they know.prohibited areas and purchase and sale.of firearms churches if the church is.given a notification that they don't.want firearms in their church you have.to honor that it can be by posting signs.it can be a Maya announcement by a.person it can be a publication in a.bulletin or newspaper or worship program.it can be a publication a newspaper or.general circulation if a church says you.can't do it don't do it now do some.people do it.what about prohibited areas your.concealed firearm permit to carry in the.following locations will not permit you.to carrying the following if it's posted.no firearms you can't carry your.concealed firearm permit there any.airport secure area now you can take a.firearm through the ticket area and.what-have-you it's not a good idea but.it's legal you don't want to go to the.checkpoint with that firearm otherwise.prohibited by state or federal law and.it gives you federal buildings and post.offices let me mention about post.offices real quick then what does it all.say about post offices you know you.cannot take a firearm into a post office.you cannot even take a firearm in your.car into the post office parking lot if.you want to go into the post office and.you have a firearm in your car or on.your person leave it in the trunk and.park it in the street don't pull it on.to the parking lot.post offices the law says you can't have.one there what about bars and.restaurants in Oregon you can go into a.bar or restaurant unless it's posted not.a problem.schools Oregon says you can take your.firearm with a concealed permit your.firearm concealed into a school no.problem there property owners private.property owners they can post a sign.saying no firearms allowed.Indian reservations I have a brother.that lives out in Lincoln City which is.near Portland where I lived and I go.visit him as I go visit him once in a.while I Drive through the Grande Ronde.Indian Reservation as long as I'm on the.highway the US highway I can do that.with my concealed firearm but they have.a casino there they have a gas station.and a quick serve market there if I pull.off to get gas or if I pull off to go to.that market or if I think I want to go.into the casino as soon as I pull off of.that US Highway I am on their property.and you cannot take a firearm on their.property you cannot have it in your car.you if they stop you for whatever reason.they may want to stop you and they find.a firearm they will call the State.Police and you are on your way to jail.in my case I've got an Oregon concealed.firearm permit I have one from many.states and once I did that I wrote to.the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation they.wanted a copy of my Oregon permit and.with that they issued me a permit that I.can carry my concealed firearm in my car.I cannot carry it on my person they will.not allow that.but in my car on their reservation so.check with the end in reservations if.you're going to be pulling off in there.and make sure put it in a lock case you.know when you travel to different states.if you're traveling to California.California is one of the strictest.states in the nation you want to put.your firearm in a locked case empty no.no cartridges and you want to put your.cartridges in another locked case.separate from the firearm and that's.going to keep you out of trouble or.should keep you out of trouble.same thing going to an Indian.Reservation where you don't have a.permit.national parks effective in 2010 an.individual can carry as long as the.National Park is located in the state.where concealed firearms are permitted.you can go to my website WWF da comm you.can see what states organ will allow you.to carry your concealed firearm the most.desired concealed firearm permit is from.the state of Utah I teach the state of.Utah concealed firearm permit.requirements but Utah requires that you.have to take that class face-to-face in.person I cannot do it through a video.for more information on that you can.visit our website.so concealed firearms are permitted but.must abide by the state's concealed.firearm term that laws national forests.are not parks they are governed by the.state in which they are located hunting.and etc so you're okay you've got a.concealed firearm permit you carry a.concealed firearm you wonder if maybe.your friend that you're out to dinner.with or your neighbor do you carry a.concealed farm that's a question you.never want to ask somebody don't ask.them if they carrying a concealed.firearm it puts them on the spot they're.going to change the subject if they've.taken my class they're not going to.answer that question so don't ask don't.tell if somebody asks you are you.carrying a concealed firearm you know I.think I'm going to go to the theaters.after we finish dinner here change the.subject.don't answer that don't tell them you.carry a concealed firearm okay and.certainly the last one don't show it.look I'm carrying a concealed firearm.you don't want to do that so Don't Ask.Don't Tell and don't show laws.constantly change it's your.responsibility to keep track of the laws.make sure that if you're traveling what.states you can carry your concealed.firearm in you want to know.should keep current of what's taking.place within your States and your.bordering states as I mentioned.bordering states organ is what they call.a shell issue state that means that they.will issue a concealed firearm permit to.other states but those states have to.touch the state of Oregon that would be.Idaho and Washington and Nevada and.California they will issue concealed.firearm permits to those people of those.states you need to have this certificate.issued through this class but it's very.hard I understand that Clatsop County.and Grant County are very firearm.friendly and they're issuing permits.there at least they were short you know.just a short time ago but in Clatsop.County they some friends of mine took.this class and they went to Clatsop.County they had to go there in person.and talk to the sheriff he did issue.them a permit and some other people have.gotten their permits that way but it's.very tough even though it's a shell.issue state it's hard to get from other.states a straw purchase as I mentioned.earlier my sister lives in California.California has some of the strictest gun.rules there are she came up and visited.me about two years ago and she says can.you buy me a firearm and let me take it.back to home and I says I can purchase a.farm but I'm not going to purchase it.for you I'm not going to do that.if anybody who is not entitled to a.firearm legally or illegally don't.purchase that for them if you purchase.it for them and give it to them that's.what they call a straw purchase and they.can trace the serial number back to you.you're in trouble okay.I did not buy one for my sister you.cannot normally make or furnish a false.or fictitious oral or written statement.or misrepresentation identification.intending to deceive with respect to.purchasing a firearm.selling a firearm if you sell a farm you.want to make sure you've got a bill of.sale you want to have the date on there.you want to have the serial number of.the firearm you want to have the person.who bought it to their name and their.address and their phone number get as.much information as you can on that.person and have them sign that bill of.sale in the state of Oregon there's no.registration required but you can only.sell to somebody in the state of Oregon.okay you cannot sell to anyone under 18.years of age and again get get some kind.of a bill of sale on that badges.sometimes people who get concealed.firearm permits get a nice little badge.that they can put on their holster if.you flash a badge of any kind that is a.no-no the cops are going to frown on.that and you're going to be in trouble.we suggest you don't buy those badges to.put on your holster or your belt or.anything else to show that you have a.concealed firearm Claire care and.cleaning of a firearm I mentioned I took.this one apart earlier there there's not.much to cleaning a firearm you can.purchase a cleaning kit yet different.places I happen to have got this on that.bye mark you want to make sure that the.brushes and the cleaning materials fit.the caliber of the firearm that you're.going to clean some of them are made for.22s only or 45s only so make sure you.get the right kit to clean your firearm.over here it's a brush this brush all.you need to do is run it down through.the barrel and it will break loose any.gunpowder I put my brush and cleaning.solvent first but I don't dunk it into.the bottle I pour a little bit in the.cap and then I can roll my brush in that.and then push it through the barrel and.I push it through two or three times by.not putting it in the bottle it keeps.from contaminating.a bottle I can just empty the cap later.wipe it out and put it back together so.once I brush that through there I let.that sit for a few minutes while I go.ahead and clean other parts of the.firearm especially on a revolver you're.going to get residue on this part of the.cylinder and over here by the muzzle by.the private chamber and you can get wire.brushes to clean those get that off.there again using a little solvent I.have found that these scratch pads make.excellent cleaners and that will help.bring that gun powder residue off of.there you want to make sure that that's.clean again I run my cleaning brush.through there I've let the solvent soak.for a few minutes and then I take and I.get a little pad here and put a couple.of drops of oil on there and run it.through the barrel again putting it on.this extension running it through the.barrel to wipe out the solvent and put a.little oil on there and I may run.through three or four of these until it.comes out clean I have no more gun.powder residue inside that barrel I want.to make sure that my firearm is clean I.went to a class one time and the person.said that they have a firearm and they.must have shot 5,000 rounds through it.and have never cleaned it he's just.waiting for an accident to happen keep.your firearm clean I clean mine every.time after I have gone to the range to.shoot it.you're in gadgets we talked about.holsters there are so many holsters I.have got a box of holsters at home if.you need a holster let me know I'll sell.you one cheap because you want a holster.that does some functions for you and you.just have to expend it with them.concealment you want that so it's not.sticking out here somewhere if you're.carrying it on your hip a lot of times.ladies who put them in their purse you.want to be able to conceal your firearm.you cannot have a print in other words.your shirt can't show or your t-shirt.you can't not show that you're carrying.on a firearm remember field so access.can I get to it easily is it way down in.my pocket you know the little tiny again.these here sometimes they make pocket.holsters form you stick it in your.pocket so is it is it making a print can.you see it is it fully concealed here's.just some examples of some holsters zero.level zero it's held in place by tension.only only by the tension of the holster.level one these have like a little.release here you have to push that.release for it to come out for your.firearm to come out of the holster it's.not going to come out by just pulling on.it it's going to be in there tight this.one's got a strap and it snaps in place.to hold that farm in place.these are belt loops here.there's a belt loop holster a pancake.holster again when you're looking for a.holster look for those items that make.it comfortable and retains and you can.look you can have a great selection.there what they call paddle holsters.this fits inside your your waistband and.and holds the holster.these are pocket holsters you can put.one in your pocket these here are inside.the waistband it's inside the waistband.of your clothing they make them for.ankles ladies like that sometimes carry.their firearm and a purse keep your.firearm safe what's next with the test.is free it's all about handgun safety.after taking the test on handgun safety.you can check your answers against our.master sheet answer sheet so we will.give you the answers to the questions on.the test after checking your answers you.can purchase your organ handgun safety.training course certificate you need the.certificate to take to your county.sheriff to apply for your organ.concealed handgun permit that is showing.that you've had a safety course in.handgun safety for more information.about purchasing your organ and gun.safety training certificate and/or the.Oregon handgun concealed handgun permit.visit our website at you WWF ta comm and.that is the end of this video.presentation thank you.you.

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I am the co-founder of Finger-Ink . It’s an iPad app designed in conjunction with a oral surgeon for his medical history and consent forms. This is what it the default configuration looks like: The background image can be changed and you can add your own logo. Any text can be changed. Each question is Continue Reading

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No. (Almost) No one does. An image similar to this was shown to me as an undergrad and it is functionally true for everyone: Grad school is not so much an exercise in encoding and decoding as much information into/out of your brain as it is one about acquiring specific technical and mental skills, refining the heuristics you use to interpret new information, and drawing inferences between otherwise disparate pieces of information. Case Study: EndNote and Mendeley. EndNote and Mendeley are software suites that help a grad student (and scientist) keep track of the documents (usually technical man Continue Reading

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