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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling in How To Fill The Nebraska Net Book Value Personal Property Schedule 1 Form Online

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The Definite Guide to How To Fill The Nebraska Net Book Value Personal Property Schedule 1 Form

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Instruction of How To Fill The Nebraska Net Book Value Personal Property Schedule 1 Form

hello my name is Keisha Hills doc and I.am a senior appraiser for the Jefferson.County appraisal district are you aware.that if you own a business in Jefferson.County you are required to render your.business personal property my aim today.is to explain to you the rendition.process and how to complete the.rendition form.to obtain this form go to WWE CA do RG.select forms then choose business.personal property rendition what is the.rendition a rendition is a form that.gives the appraisal district information.about the business personal property.that your business owns this information.will be used by us in conjunction with.information from similar businesses to.estimate your business's property value.information that you provide an addition.is confidential it cannot be disclosed.to third parties except in extreme.circumstances such as by court order.what needs to be rendered Jefferson.County businesses are required by law to.file a business personal property.rendition form personal property used to.produce income is taxable by law and.must be rendered or a 10% penalty will.be assessed.this would include furniture and.fixtures used in your business as well.as other items used to produce income.such as equipment machinery computers.inventory raw materials finished goods.work in process and vehicles what are.some important dates and deadlines the.first date that you should be familiar.with is January 1st this is the date on.which all property is valued this takes.into account the fact that property is.specially inventory that you may own may.vary during the tax year the official.appraisal date is January 1st.another important date is April 15th.this is the deadline to file your.rendition if you decide to file your.addition by mail it must be postmarked.on or before April 15th if you hand.deliver your rendition it must be in our.office before the close of business on.April 15th if you're unable to file your.addition by the deadline you may request.a 30-day extension your request for.extension must be in writing and filed.with the appraisal district by April.15th your new deadline would then be May.15th I will now discuss each step.the rendition form and its requirements.this discussion will also provide.information regarding shortcuts that may.be available to business owners to save.time first we will look at step one this.step is required on the left side of the.box for step one the first information.required is owner and/or manager name.and address you must also provide the.business name property location address.city state and zip code below that the.ownership type is optional however.providing that optional information.helps us to maintain more detailed and.accurate information on your business so.we request that you complete all.optional questions on this form over to.the right in step 1 the property ID.number is required along with the phone.number including area code the Geo ID.and legal description are optional and.may be obtained from our office between.step 1 and step 2 the tax year is.requested.after you fill in a tax year step to.them requires information regarding.representation the person filling out.the form must indicate the capacity in.which they are filling out the form you.will indicate that capacity by checking.one of the four boxes provided at the.beginning of step two which are owner.employee or employee of an affiliate.identity of the owner authorized agent.fiduciary or secured party each of these.choices have a very specific meaning.there are definitions of these terms on.the last page of the rendition form.should you need further explanation of.these choices contact the appraisal.district and someone will be glad to.assist you the second line of step 2.asks for the name of the owner.authorized agent fiduciary or secured.party also requested are the present.Mellon address city state and zip code.as well as the area code and phone.number for the person listed in the.answer to the previous question please.fill in this information completely the.third part of step 2 as.whether you are a party with the.security interest in the property.subject to this rendition and whether.the historical cost new is more than.fifty thousand dollars as defined by tax.code section twenty two point zero one C.dash one and C dash two this generally.will apply to someone other than the.owner of the property being rendered and.will not likely be a concern for the.majority of followers however if you.have questions as to whether it may.apply to you the definition of secured.party and security interests are also.found on the last page of this form if.you need further assistance with this.question please call our office and an.appraiser will be glad to assist you the.last part of step two states if you.check yes to this question you must.attach a document signed by the owner.indicating consent for you to file the.rendition without this authorization the.rendition is not valid and cannot be.processed.step three is called the affirmation of.prior year rendition this is one of the.shortcuts that I refer to at the.beginning of this presentation you may.feel you do not need to render if.everything remains the same as last year.if that's the case then there is a quick.shortcut simply check the box in step.three if your assets on January 1st of.last year or the same on January 1st of.this year be sure to fill in the blank.with the tax year that you are.indicating to be the same as the current.year if you check this box you simply.skip to step 6 sign and date the form.and mail it to our office SEP 4 is.optional however as previously stated.the more information that you provide to.us about your business.the more complete and accurate our.information will be regarding your.business the questions in this step.request that you indicate the type of.business that you operate by checking.the proper box also requested is this.description of your business if the.business was sold the base sold is.requested along with the business start.date at new location new owner.information and the new location over to.the right and step 4.were asked to provide the square feet.occupied cells tax permit number.business move date if the business has.moved and the business closed date if.your business has closed the last line.of Step four ask that you check the yes.or no box as to whether assets of the.business remained in place as of January.first it then provides basically another.shortcut by allowing you to check a box.if your business owned no taxable assets.in Jefferson County as of January 1st if.you check this box then you would have.nothing further to do except sign and.date the form step 5 moves into.questions regarding market value which.is the real substance of the rendition.form the first question under step 5.provides two boxes one is to check if.the total value of all of your business.personal property is under $20,000 and.the other should be checked if the.market value of that property is $20,000.or more the instructions further provide.that if you check the box for under.$20,000 you need only complete schedule.a and if applicable Schedule F therefore.if you have under $20,000 of property to.render you may render it all on Schedule.A there are three questions at the top.of page 2 that are optional these.questions should be checked yes if any.of the items listed apply to your.business the first one asks if you.timely filed for September 1st inventory.date the Texas property tax code.provides at section 23 point 1 to F that.the owner of an inventory may elect to.have the inventory appraised at its.market value as of September 1st of the.year preceding the tax year to which the.appraisal applies an application must be.filed with the chief appraiser to have.the inventory appraised as of September.1st.if you timely applied please check yes.the second question asks whether your.inventory involves interstate and or.foreign commerce if you believe that.your business is involved in either.interstate commerce or foreign commerce.please check the yes box if you are.uncertain please contact the appraisal.district and someone will be glad to.assist you the third optional questions.to discover whether your inventory.involves Freeport is if you believe that.it does please check the box marked yes.if you're uncertain the appraisal.district will be glad to assist you.schedule a it's titled personal property.valued less than $20,000 in the first.column you must provide a general.property description by type and/or.category this could be furniture.fixtures equipment machinery inventory.or any other general description of the.property in the second column you must.list the quantity of each type of.property columns 3 & 4 allow you to.provide us with either your good-faith.estimate of market value or the.historical cost of the property when new.and the year acquired your good-faith.estimate of market value will be what.you believe that property to be worth as.of January 1st if you decide instead to.provide the historical cost one noon and.you're acquired you may need to refer to.your accounting records invoices.receipts or simular documents to find.that information the last column.provides a space for you to provide the.owner name and address if you manage or.control property as a fiduciary you may.wish to refer to the definition of.fiduciary attach the rendition at the.last page this applies only if you have.been placed in a position of trust such.that you manage or control property for.another in step 5.if you check the box marked $20,000 or.more you must complete schedules b c d e.and RS whichever are applicable you.should complete schedule B if your.business has any inventory raw materials.and work in process the columns that.must be completed for Schedule B are.from left to right general property.description by type and our category the.address of the property or word is.taxable also referred to in site us and.an estimate of quantity of each type.good-faith estimate of market value or.torkoal costs when new and your acquired.once again best with schedule a the last.column is to be used for the property.owner name and address if you manage or.control property as a fiduciary if.needed you may attach additional sheets.Schedule C should be completed if your.business has supplies on hand as of.January 1st of the current tax year most.businesses will have at least some.supplies on hand at all times.this may include things as small as.paper pencils and other items that.generally get used up in the course of.operating the business all supplies.should be listed by property type if.needed additional sheets may be attached.to this form the columns that need to be.completed for Schedule C are the same as.those required for Schedule B each.column should be filled in completely.Schedule D requests information.regarding company vehicles trailers and.special equipment only vehicles that are.licensed in the name of the business.should be listed vehicles disposed of.after January 1st are taxable for the.current tax year and must be listed.additional sheets may be attached if.more space is needed in the far left.column of Schedule D you must list the.year model for the vehicle moving to the.right the next three columns make model.and vehicle identification number are.all optional however as I previously.stated the more information you provide.the more complete and accurate your.information will be reflected in our.records.therefore this information is important.to us and we ask that you provide as.much detail as possible the next three.columns are the same as the previous.schedules requesting a good faith.estimate of market value or historical.costs when new and year acquired.Schedule E is the place where you list.furniture fixtures machinery equipment.computers and other items not listed in.any other schedule within Schedule E.there are actually six separate.schedules the first one is for furniture.and fixtures the second one is for.machinery and equipment and the third is.for office equipment.from left to right you must provide the.year acquired and historical cost renew.or a good faith estimate of market value.the next three schedules in order of.occurrence on the form are used for.computer equipment POS and/or servers.and our mainframes and other the.information required for each type of.property is the same as listed above.your acquired and historical cost when.new or a good-faith estimate of market.value in the last schedule under.Schedule E you are requested to list any.other items not listed in any other.schedule schedule F requires information.regarding any property that is in your.possession or under your management on.January 1st by bailment lease.consignment or other arrangement this is.essentially a request for information.regarding property that you may be using.in your business but you do not own any.leased vehicles should be reported in.Schedule F you must list the property.owner's name address in a general.description of the property this.property will not be taxed to you but.the requested information is necessary.so that the property may be placed on.the tax roll under the proper owner's.name and tax to them the final step of.the rendition is step 6.located on the first page which requires.that you the form be signed and dated.when you signed the document you're.attesting that the information contained.on it is true and correct to the best of.your knowledge and belief if you're a.secured party property owner an employee.of the property owner or an employee of.an a property owner on behalf of an.affiliated entity of the property owner.you should print sign and date on the.first signature line provided on the.bottom of the first page your signature.does not need to be notarized if you are.not a secured party property owner an.employee of the property owner or an.employee of a property owner on behalf.of an affiliated entity of the property.owner then you must print sign and date.on the second signature line near the.bottom of the page in this case your.signature.sure must be notarized there is space.for the notaries information at the.bottom of the page below your signature.remember the deadline to file your.rendition is April 15th please do your.best to prepare the rendition form.honestly and completely and remember.that if you make a false statement on.the rendition form you could be found.guilty of a Class A misdemeanor or a.state jail felony under Penal Code.section thirty seven point one zero.should you need assistance with anything.that I have discussed please call our.office at four zero nine eight four zero.nine nine four four or four zero nine.seven two seven four six one one we.stand ready to assist you with any.questions that you may have regarding.rendering your business personal.property.thank you for assessing our website and.listening to this important information.

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How To Fill The Nebraska Net Book Value Personal Property Schedule 1 Form FAQs

Follow the below common confusions about How To Fill The Nebraska Net Book Value Personal Property Schedule 1 Form . Reach out to directly if you still have other queries.

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