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The Check Lists of Personalizing N Application Form on the Laptop

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  4. Mark the check box if you are entitled to the condition.
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How Do You Get N Application Form and Sign It On Phone?

hey guys welcome to this video so in.this video we're gonna go over how to.apply for citizenship or more precisely.how to file for the application and 400.online you know now we can do it online.but before we start I'm gonna give you.the benefits or the advantages of filing.online the first thing is it is fast.because it's online you do it behind.your computer at home or the library and.then before you know it it's already.gone to USCIS and also you can pay.online you can use your bank card to pay.online you can also respond to requests.for evidence from USCIS so for example.when you send in your application and.USCIS won some wants some documents from.you they can ask you to submit it online.through your account and also you can.check the status of your application any.time so after you have sent in your.application you can check to see where.your application is and it's very.convenient to do that so now the first.thing we want to do is we want to get to.the application and 400 you can go over.to Google calm as I did here and you can.search for u U and C is and 400 okay so.if I search that's what I have see the.first result here the website you have.to check out the website the website is.uscis.gov so this is the official.website so I'm gonna click on that.search result and then I get to this.page and on this page you see in blue.here file online so I'm gonna click on.file online now when I click on file.online this is the page that I get.so before we continue I'm gonna tell you.okay if you can remember this website.over here the website URL it's my.account that uscis.gov so if you can.type that in your browser you will get.directly to this page and then you can.start you can log in if you already have.your credential or you can create an.account so we're going to start here.from scratch we're gonna create an.account you see that here so we're going.to suppose that you don't have any.account with the USCIS and we're gonna.create one so I'm gonna click here.create an account this is what I have.okay so make sure you read all the.information that you have here so.basically it says that this is an.account for you so and they want to.protect your privacy so first of all you.will need an email address and I created.an address an email address just for.this purpose so I'm going to go ahead.and enter my email address here so.prepare to Peter 738 at gmail.com and.then you want to confirm that email so.you have to type it again to make sure.that you didn't make a mistake 738 at.gmail.com okay now that I have entered.my email address remember they say your.email address is used to log in to your.USCIS account and all the USCIS.communication will be sent through this.so make sure that you enter an email.that that's for you that you're gonna be.checking all the time because everything.that you NCI has sent you they're gonna.use that address to send you now we can.go ahead and sign up so we saw a little.bit of green here it says the USCIS.account confirmation email as bid has.been sent to so they already sent me an.email confirmation they say please.follow the instruction in the email to.confirm your USCIS account request so.now I'm gonna go over to my email and.then what do I see I see I have an email.confirmation instruction from USCIS.you see that here my account at USCIS.does dhs.gov so that's what I've.received and I said to continue creating.your US yeah yeah USCIS account you must.confirm your email address so to confirm.your email address please click on the.link below or copy and paste the entire.link to into your browser so I'm just.gonna go ahead and click this link so.this is to confirm my email address so I.click OK now I am here.they say create a password and the.password is between 8 and 64 character.you can use letters numbers special.characters when it says special.characters like the dollar sign the add.sign the exclamation point all those.signs and also they say you can use.emojis which is nice but I'm I'm not.gonna be using that in my password so.I'm gonna create a password here okay so.I have my password I'm gonna enter my.password and when you enter the password.it shows you the strength of your.password as you.so I have this okay so that's my.password it says the strength is great.I'm gonna confirm my password so I'm.gonna type it again okay so if they.match then we should be good to go if.they don't match the computer system.will tell you and you have to correct it.so now that I've entered my password.this is the password to enter into my.USCIS account I can go ahead and submit.okay now they say my email address has.been successfully confirmed so now they.have what they call the 2-step.verification method what is the 2-step.verification method so every time now.that you're going to login into your.USCIS account you're going to enter your.email obviously the password that we.just created or the password that you.would have created and then USCIS is.gonna send you a temporary password so.another verification to either your.cellphone or your email so you have to.choose here you can choose an app so.they have app that can do that for.example Google Authenticator you can use.that if you want to but what I would.prefer is I would prefer email is simple.because if you have access to USCIS that.means you have access to the Internet.that means you have access to your email.so I'm going to use your email if you.like text message you choose the text.message and then you're gonna enter your.phone number now I'm gonna go ahead and.use the email address.okay so I'm gonna use the email address.for my verification code so I'm gonna.submit okay now they say your 2-step.verification method has been set please.confirm that it works now.they say a verification code has been.sent to my email please enter the code.you received if you do not receive the.code in ten minutes please request a new.code now I'm gonna go ahead back to my.email and inbox I have the secure 2-step.verification notification so I click on.that what do I have this is the code.here so I'm gonna go ahead and just copy.the code so you can copy and then when.you go back to the USCIS account there's.a secure verification code I'm gonna.paste so that's the code that I pasted.it now I can click Submit.they say the 2-step verification is.successful remember any time that you.login to your USCIS account you're gonna.enter your email your password and then.USCIS is gonna send a verification code.into your email or to your cell phone.depending on the method that you have.chosen before and then you're gonna copy.that verification method and enter into.the slot that's allotted for that and.then you can enter into your account now.USCIS also is giving us a verification.code backup that means if you lose.access to your authentication device so.for example if you cannot for some.reason you cannot login into you that.email again or if for some reason you.cannot.have access to your cell phone again.then you can use this backup code this.backup code is not going to change so.make sure that you copy it somewhere and.you save it in a secure place so for the.time being I'm just gonna write mine by.hand because I'm doing the video.obviously you don't want to do that.because if you do that you might lose it.so I'm gonna write mine obviously this.is not mine this is just for the purpose.of this video and then you can also.export it as a PDF so if you click here.you're gonna save it as a PDF and you.can save it in your computer or you can.send an email to yourself so whatever.method is appropriate for you go ahead.and do it so for the time being I'll.just run it by him but I really really.want you to go ahead and save it in a.secure secure place now proceed that.means we continue now here sometimes you.want to change your password okay so if.you want to change your password they.give you a set of five security.questions and choose the security.questions that you know the answers to.because sometimes people choose security.questions but then they forget the.answers no choose the ones that I easier.for you to remember okay so if you need.to change your password to reset your.password you have to answer some of.these questions so let's go ahead and do.that okay question number one so if I.click here on the drop down menu I have.a lot of questions so choose the one.that you know you can answer easily so.the first one that I can choose is what.was your favorite toy when you were a.child so I'm gonna click that I'm gonna.choose that because I remember I can see.I mean it is a car so that's an answer.that I remember easily.you.okay so now I have filled out everything.else remember just choose the questions.that you know the answers okay and you.can also save this page somewhere secure.just in case you forget the answer you.may also refer to that as well.so extremely important you can save this.page and then I'm gonna go ahead and.submit okay now they say please choose.an account type to continue so the.account type here is I am an applicant.petitioner or request or I'm a legal.representative obviously Here I am just.an applicant so I'm gonna click on I am.an applicant that's my account type.submit' okay now this is what we have.here we have application for.naturalization and they give you all the.steps you're gonna find the eligibility.you're gonna find the fees you're gonna.find filing online everything we saw our.advise that you take time to read.everything remember that how we got into.this page was we click on file and 400.online so that's the reason why we got.to this application for naturalization.and 400 but in this account you can do a.lot of stuff so when I click on my.account.you see everything that we have here you.can find many forms online so we're.going to talk about that later on but.for this case here is just application.for naturalization and obviously you.have some resources also on this side.now application for naturalization this.is what I have those are the steps.and then after you submit your.application like I was saying earlier.you can track your case status online.you can respond to requests for.information so if they ask you for.documents you can go ahead and do that.you can also do all those cool stuff.here these are the steps to get.citizenship okay.so let's go ahead and click on next we.have nothing to do here this is how we.complete the form online let's say.completely getting started section first.you should answer all questions in the.getting started section first so we can.best customize the rest of your online.form experience and then they say.provide as many responses as you can.because incomplete field or sections or.and missing information can slow down.the process after you submit your form.so make sure that you give all the.answers that you're asking now the next.step is how to continue filing your form.so we have that we have the the.Department of Homeland Security privacy.not notice so everything is fine here.okay now we can go ahead and start the.application now before we start the.application there is a security reminder.they say if you do not work on your form.for more than 30 days we will delete.your data in order to prevent storing.personal information indefinitely so.what does that mean is because when you.start your application you can start.your application today and then tomorrow.you add some pieces of information and.the day after and so on and so forth but.if you do not work on your application.for 30 days then they're going to erase.everything that you started doing okay.so it's important that when you start.you finish you don't have to do it in.one sitting you can start as I said.today tomorrow use you fill out another.section.day after tomorrow you feel another.section and the fourth day you can.finish your application depending on the.information that you have so that's a.security reminder now we can start the.application okay so here we are talking.about eligibility see here we have a.menu before we start everything we have.a menu so when you we fill out this form.we're gonna have one - the getting.started is number one about you is.number two your family's number three.moral character is number four evidence.is number five review and submit it's.number six so we have six big sections.that in each section we have subsections.for example in the getting started we.have the change basis for eligibility.prepare a preparer and interpreter.information your name your contact.information when and where you were born.your immigration information so you see.that each section has many subsections.so for example the first section has six.subsections okay so that's the reason.why they would you can start today and.finish tomorrow or finish a week from.today depending on the time that you.have and everything else okay now let's.go ahead and fill out what we can what.is your basis for eligibility so I am at.least 18 years of age and have been a.lawful permanent resident of the United.States for at least five years.okay so and the second option is I'm at.least at 18 years of age and have been a.lawful permanent resident of the United.States for at least three years in.addition I.been married to and living with a US.citizen spouse for the last three years.and my spouse has been a US citizen for.the last three years at the time I file.my form and found it so this is for if.you're married to a u.s. citizen here.and the next step is if you also is part.of a US citizen and your US citizen.spouse is regularly engaged in.specifying employment abroad so the.third step is if you are applying on the.basis of qualifying military service so.you choose the category or the basis.that applies to you so in my case here.I'm gonna go here I am at least 18 years.of age and have been a lawful permanent.resident of the United States for at.least five years so you choose and you.click Next now they say is someone.assisting you with completing this.application obviously this is case by.case so I'm trying just to apply as if.this was my case your case will be.different so just read the application.and answer truthfully.is someone assisting you with completing.this application no next what's your.current legal name your current legal.name is the name on your birth.certificate unless it's change after.birth so my legal name I'm just gonna.type something that I had before this is.just for presentation so the first name.and then.okay let's say I don't have a middle.name if you have a middle name you type.your middle name here now have you used.any other names since birth if you have.used other names like nicknames aliases.or maiden names you click yes if you.click yes they're gonna ask you to fill.that out and you can fill that as many.as possible so if you have two after.filling this out you can go ahead and.click add another and do the same thing.but in my case is no so I don't have to.fill that out in this case now they say.would you like to legally change your.name they say quote can allow you to.change your name add your naturalization.or ceremony so you don't need to request.it change a name change if you legally.change your name because of marriage.divorce or court order so that if you.military a member of the military you.cannot change your name here would you.like to legally change your name if you.say yes then they're gonna ask you the.name that you would like to use and in.my case I say no and I click Next now.they say how can we contact you they ask.you for the telephone number so I'm just.gonna put something generic here two two.three four five six seven nine zero six.seven eight nine okay obviously it's not.my phone number I just made it up and.now they say daytime telephone number it.is the same as your mobile phone number.then you just click here and then it.will fill out okay if it's the same.because you already have it when you.play it comes you now next one even in.phone number if it's the same you click.and everything is filled out you walk.phone.if it's the same as a mobile phone you.click and everything is there and you.see my email address is already there so.this is the contact and make sure you.use something a phone number that they.can contact you as your email as well.okay what's your current mailing address.so we will use this current address to.contact you throughout the.naturalization process we may not be.able to contact you if you do not.provide a complete valid address okay so.make sure that you enter your address.here correctly because every.correspondence when you they send you a.letter for example when you're good when.you send in your application you're.gonna receive an official letter for the.biometrics while you're gonna go and.have your fingerprinted and your.photograph taken so that letter is gonna.come through your mail so make sure that.you have your address where you can.access that mail your mailing address.okay and over here they have some.instructions for people box numbers so.you can read that so you just use the.Pew box number unless it's your only.address so don't use the pure box if you.have a mailing address that means for.example in home address.no use the home address instead so you.have different type everything here you.can read it also okay so I'm not gonna.fill this out for for the sake of time.I'm gonna move on to next and if you.don't fill out something you know you.can come back to it later so that's the.good thing about filing your form online.you can always go back and fill out.everything that you didn't in the first.place so I'm gonna go next see they say.you must provide your current mailing.address obviously so they're warning me.that I have to.do that but in this case I'm not gonna.do that now I'm gonna do that later so.I'm gonna click on next this is why we.are so we started getting started the.first basis for eligibility prepare an.interpreter information your name your.contact information when and where you.were born so your birth your date of.birth you enter it here if you enter.that's a month or nine thirteen and.let's see 1989 for example so you enter.your date of birth the country of birth.if you type I don't know.Ghana for example you have it here if.you type Mexico you find it and then so.you must provide a response so you do.that and you're gonna go over to next.now your immigration information what is.your country of citizenship or.nationality so now you want to apply for.the American citizenship they asking you.what's your current country of.citizenship or nationality so once again.is here you have a drop-down menu so you.already know the answer so you're gonna.go ahead and type the country here okay.if it's Angola.that's Angola and now they say on what.date did you become a lawful permanent.resident so on what date so on your.green card you have the date when you.became a permanent resident so look at.your green card and enter that date now.they say what is your name exactly as it.appears on your permanent resident card.so on your green card.you have to type your name here exactly.as it appears on your green card the.given name first name the middle name if.you have a middle name and the last name.okay exactly as it appears on the green.card even if it's misspelled so even if.there is a mistake on the green card and.you haven't changed it and that's.exactly what appears on your green card.entry exactly as it is over here now.they say what's you a number remember.you're a number you can find it on your.green card so they show you where to.find you a number okay so when you see.the USCIS on your green odd you will see.that string of numbers so that's what.you're gonna be entering so don't enter.it again just enter the number okay just.enter the number here because they.already have a so once you have that you.click on next okay so they're asking us.they say you cannot submit your.application until you complete that we.know so I'm not gonna do that now let me.just make sure that I can go to next.now they say what's your u.s. social.security number so you go ahead and you.enter you you a social security number.and if you don't have one you click here.that you don't have a u.s. social.security number if you do have one this.is what you enter now they say what.USCIS online account number they say you.can find a USCIS online account number.by signing in to your account and going.to your profile page that is if you have.previously file an account an.application with USCIS you can go ahead.and do that but if you have not then you.are you don't have one so if you don't.have one you click here but if you don't.have one you enter your USCIS online.account number so next we are talking.about you about you so we're going to.describe.where you have lived school military.Selective Service travel outside the.United States and request for.accommodation okay so what is your.gender male what's your ethnicity so are.you Hispanic or Latino.are you not Hispanic or Latino so you.enter those here and once you raise are.you white Asian black or.african-american American indian/alaska.native Native Hawaiian or Pacific.Islanders okay they're gonna ask also.for your height and you weight the color.of your eyes the color of your hair and.so on and so forth so I'm not gonna fill.that out this is just for you guys to.see exactly what you have now they say.where do you live now so you enter your.current address and when did you move.here the reason why they ask when you.move here is just to know that you're.eligible to apply for citizenship in the.state where you are because to apply for.citizenship you must have to live in.this state that you currently live for.at least three months so this is also.for them to check that you are eligible.to apply so you click Next so they say.we must provide not now next when have.you worked or attended school full time.during the past five years so they just.asked for school or work during the past.five years so you're gonna enter your.school's oh yeah if you want to school.full a part time you enter if you've.worked full a part time you've you enter.also as well for the last five years so.here you just click Add and then there.as you choose new school or employment.so you select you can add school if you.want to.school you type the name of your school.here and what was your occupation.obviously student and then the date you.put the data when you attended the.school and the address of the school and.then you save the entry okay and that's.the entry here you can come back later.and edit or delete and you can add.another when you add another you can go.ahead and add a school or at an.employment time so if for example you.were I'm employed so you can add a.period of self-employment add a period.of unemployment or at school or add an.employer so if you didn't work you click.here if you were working on your own you.click here if you had a an employer or.if you add is hard school you click here.so we just depend and then you fill out.everything that comes after so you do.that for all the entries and that's.gonna fill all the last five years so.starting today you go back five years.and everything is gonna be here so when.you enter so this is the first field.second fill and so on and so forth now.I'm gonna go to next so that I'm gonna.ask me that I'm missing information.obviously so the system is very good.because when you miss something it's.gonna remind you that you miss that.information and you can come back and.fill that out so I'm gonna go to next.that's a military service have you ever.served in the US Armed Forces no are you.currently a member of the US Armed.Forces no next are you a male who lived.in the United States at any time between.you 18th and you 26 birthdays in my case.for example yes but I was a lawful.non-immigrant at.I was a lawful non-immigrant so I'm.gonna click no okay but if between.you're 18 and you're 26 birthday you are.here in the US as a lawful immigrant.then you have to click yes the reason is.they're gonna ask you if you were.registered with the Selective Service.okay because if you click here's here.they will ask you did you register for.the Selective Service so that in that.case you have to answer but in my case.no I'm going to go next.have you taken a trip outside of the.United States in the last five years you.have to include short trips that lasted.longer than 24 hours and visits to.Canada and Mexico as well okay so any.trip that lasted more than 24 hours you.write it here so yes now they're going.to ask you list all of 24 hours or.longer trips that you have taken outside.of the United States so the date you.left and the daily return and the.country you travel to so you have to.enter all that and normally we should.have a way to let me just enter.something here just for the sake of and.three I'm gonna go for three for 120.1704 1517.and I'm gonna go ahead next okay so when.you do that it counts the number of days.that you were outside the United States.and then if you had another trip then.you click on add another trip okay add.another trip.so next do you have a physical or.developmental disability or mental.impairments so if you do you click yes.if you don't you click no now are you.requesting an accommodation because of.your disability so read it carefully if.you do you click yes if no you click no.and then we click yes when we click Next.now they say what's your current marital.status single never married married.divorced widowed separated marriage.annulled so you choose what's good for.you if you may if you click single then.you will go to next if you click make.married you click to next and then they.will ask you for your spouse as well.okay so you'll have the information for.your spouse so for your husband or for.your wife for example so you'll have all.those to fill out ok so I'm just gonna.go and make it simple here next they're.gonna ask you to your spouse.date of birth if you've current spouse.every you see previous legal name your.spouse current address if your spouse.current if your current spouse current.address is the same as yours you just.click here and everything is gonna.populate it in this field ok and you.click Next.now is your current spouse the US.citizen you click yes.well no depending if they are or not.okay and we're gonna keep moving so we.can go remember now with number two here.marital status current spouse prior.marriages so if your current spouse is a.US citizen you click yes even though you.click no so I'm just gonna click no and.then they were gonna ask you the.nationality and you type the nationality.and then what's your current spouse.current immigration status.so lawful permanent resident and you're.gonna provide also the current a number.okay so that's what you have and then.we're gonna click Next it's your.transport spouse a current member of the.US Armed Forces know what is your.current spouse currently employed so.where your current spouse is working if.he or she is not working you click here.if not you click there and they're gonna.ask you questions regarding that as well.so have you been married previously so.if you have been married previously or.know your current spouse prior marriages.as your current spouse been married.before so that's what they're asking if.yes you have to list it if no you click.no now do you have any children when.they said you have any children you have.to indicate all your children including.children who are alive missing or.deceased children born in the United.States or in other countries children.under or over 18 years of age to.children who are currently married or.unmarried children who are living with.you.or elsewhere current stepchildren.legally adopted children and children.born when you were not married so you.click yes if you have children and then.they're gonna ask the information.regarding your children what's your.legal name first so you enter what's.your child's relationship to you is that.your biological child your stepchild you.legally adopted child you enter that.here the child's date of birth you enter.and you click Next.and then the child country of birth and.all the information regarding your child.is here you enter and if your child has.an ID number or not you enter all of.those over here so all that information.should be hence it should be handy now.that's the first child if you have more.than one child then you go ahead you add.another if that's it then that's it.ok and then we're gonna click on next.obviously you can always go back and.change like I said at the beginning now.we'll hear parents we're your parents.married before you 18th birthday so you.click what applies is your mother US.citizen.no it's your father US citizen in my.case no next have you ever okay now.we're done with the family now we're in.this section moral character so we're.gonna go over citizenship claims and.voting legal competency party or group.affiliations crime on offenses.immigration proceedings military.attachment to the US Constitution so.this is the moral character here so you.read as usual you have to.see you have to tell the truth okay so.have you ever claimed to be a US citizen.in writing or another way no have you.ever registered to vote in a federal.state or local election in the United.States no have you ever voted in a.federal state or local election no so.you click that do you now have or did.you ever have a hereditary title or an.order of nobility in any foreign country.no do you owe any overdue federal.federal state or local taxes no have.your room.if you say yes then you have to provide.an explanation have you ever not filed a.federal state or local tax return since.you became a lawful permanent resident.no have you ever have you call yourself.a non-us resident on a federal state or.local tax return since you became a.lawful permanent resident no have you.ever been declared legally incompetent.or being confined to a mental.institution.so you answer those and you keep going.now have you ever been a member of.involved in or in any way associated.with any organization association phone.foundation party club Society or similar.group in the United States or in any.other location in the world have you.ever been a member of or any in any way.associated with the Communist Party have.you ever been a member of or in any way.associated either.directly or indirectly with any other.totalitarian party have you ever been a.member of or in any way associated with.a terrorist organization so you enter.those you answer those questions.have you ever advocated the overthrow of.any government by force or violence.have you ever persecuted any person.because of race religion national origin.membership or in any particular social.group or political opinion so you go.ahead and you enter you answer all these.questions I'm gonna speed up a little.bit here just so we can cover everything.obviously you have to read the question.and answer truthfully okay.okay so now we are in a new section.crime and crimes and offenses they said.before you start this section if any of.the question on this page applied to you.you must answer yes even if the records.have been sealed exposed or otherwise.cleared you must disclose this.information even if anyone including a.judge law enforcement officer or.attorney told you that it no longer.constitute a record a record or told you.that you do not have to disclose this.information so here you have to answer.if it applies to you have you ever.committed assisted in committing or.attempted to commit a crime or offense.for which you were not arrested yes or.no so you answer truthfully so I'm gonna.go ahead and do that here in my case.because if for example the case is yes.then you will for sure provide an.explanation have you ever been in jail.or prison have you ever been a habitual.drunkard have you ever sold or smuggle.controlled substances illegal drugs or.narcotics so you answer these questions.have you ever failed to support your.dependent or to pay alimony so that's.about child support.now have you ever given any US.government official any information or.documentation that was false fraudulent.or misleading so make sure that you read.the question carefully and you answer.truthfully so we're gonna continue here.this is for the military section here.have you ever left the United States to.avoid being drafted in the US Armed.Forces so that's the military section.you see that here so we keep going have.you ever deserted from the US Armed.Forces now we are in the last part and.this is the attachment to the US.Constitution now if you answer no to any.of the following questions make sure.that you have an explanation to provide.do you support the Constitution and form.of government of the United States yes.if you say for example no you have to.provide an explanation so in my case yes.do you understand the full oath of.allegiance to the United States yes are.you willing to take the full oath of.allegiance to the United States yes if.the law requires it are you willing to.bear arms on behalf of the United States.if the law requires it are you willing.to perform noncombatant services in the.United States Armed Forces.if the law requires it are you willing.to perform work of national importance.on the civilian direction.okay now this depart for evidence so as.part of the naturalization process you.will need to provide evidence to support.your application these documents help us.evaluate your application and verify.your answers are true so you're required.to provide several documents now as part.of submitting your application you will.also need to provide additional evidence.which you can submit now or bring to.your naturalization interview do not.send or provide original document USCIS.in the mail okay so don't same your.original document in the mail because.you can get lost so here for example.they asking me your certificate your.marriage certificate so you have to.upload it here so what you can do is you.can go ahead and scan it and this is the.format that are accepted you have PDF.JPEG GIF and so on so on and so forth.but the fire must not exceed six.megabyte okay one file must not exceed.that so you go ahead you can take a.picture or you can scan it so you attach.it and okay here they asking me that I.should provide evidence obviously I'm.not gonna do that now next the evidence.about the children so they're asking me.the birth certificate the court order.naming you as the child's parent or the.final adoption certificate so that to.prove that I am indeed the parent of.that child and then also additional.evidence you want to provide so you.provide those evidence.over here okay obviously since I didn't.do anything they remind me so the system.is pretty efficient to remind you what.you're missing so next now here they say.check your application before you submit.so we will review your application to.check for accuracy and completeness.before you submit it we encourage you to.provide as many responses as you can.throughout the application missing.information can slow down the review.process after you submit your.application and they say you can return.to this page to review your application.as many time as you want before you.submit it okay so we're going to review.so this is why we are so before we go.over this section we started here.getting started about you your family.moral character evidence and so on and.so forth.so now review and submit so this is what.we have here so you can change your.answers if you want to and you can.provide answer you can edit your answers.everything that's in red those are the.fields that I did not provide any.answers so I'm gonna go ahead and do.that oh you can go ahead and do that.whenever you have time okay and when.you're ready you go to next okay here.doesn't want me to go to next because I.didn't fill out many many things so you.go ahead and you do that and when you're.done you should be able to submit this.application so I wanted to make this.video really short but we had many.things to cover so I hope that this has.been helpful to you.and please like this video share and.I'll see you in the next video thank you.

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N Application Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the N Application Form are:

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How do I fill out 2013 tax forms?

You file Form 8843 to exclude the days that you were present in the US as an exempt individual. OPT is considered to be an extension of your student status, so you are an exempt individual for the purposes of the substantial presence test while you are on OPT. Because you are considered to be a student while on OPT, you can claim the benefit of the standard deduction that is available for students under the US/India tax treaty.

How do I fill out the NEET 2019 application form?

Though the procedure is same as last earlier only the dates has been changed (tentative) yet to be announced by cbse u can fill form in October for the exam of February and in March for the exam of may if u r not satisfied with ur previous performance. All the best

How do I fill the JEE (Main) application form?

Hi Folks. Since NTA is about to release the application forms for JEE Main exam to be conducted in the month of January 2019, many of you must be wondering how can you fill the application form for the exam. As the application process is going to be online, it is advisable to all the aspirants to fill in your details and make the payment carefully. Keep your documents and required details beforehand so as to avoid any kind of delay later. Also, keep your scanned images of photograph and signature ready. All the best!!

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