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Mn Lg1004 2012 Form Inquiry Instruction

[Applause].this is a lot of people.that's great thank you very much thank.you very much that's a.big group of people this is on fast.notice too thank you.[Applause].well i just want to say hello minnesota.we love you minnesota you're great.great place we're going to win minnesota.we're going to win minnesota because.they did nothing for minnesota except.close up that beautiful iron ore.territory they'd close it up with a pen.do you remember that one day you didn't.have your jobs.then i came along and i opened it up so.that's pretty good.but i'm thrilled to be here with the.beautiful great hard-working people of.this incredible state you're really.hard-working american patriots that's.what you are and.a lot of people haven't been treated.right until i came along and we've done.a lot of work and a lot of good work.and you had your best year ever last.year the state had the best year you've.ever had.46 days from now we're going to win.minnesota and we're going to win.four more years in the white house.one of the most vital issues in this.election.is the subject of refugees you know it.you know it perhaps better than almost.anybody.lots of luck you're having a good time.with your refugees that's good.we want to have omar yeah he said omar.that's a beauty how the hell did she win.the election.how did she win.[Music].it's unbelievable every family in.minnesota needs to know.about sleepy joe biden's extreme plan.to flood your state with an influx of.refugees.from somalia from other places all over.the planet.well that's what's happened and you like.omar a lot don't you biden has promised.a 700.increase in the manifesto with bernie.right.a 700 increase in the importation of.refugees from the most.dangerous places in the world including.yemen syria and somalia congratulations.minnesota.a 700 increase good luck minnesota enjoy.yourselves.because if i'm not here if i don't win i.don't know where i'm going to be but.maybe i'll come over to see mike.i'll come and see mike your state will.be overrun.and destroyed of biden and the radical.left win.that's what's going to happen i've been.watching it for years.they haven't treated you right they have.not treated minnesota right.thank you i'll tell you these hangers.are great.remember this it's a friendly protest.please remember this is not a rally.you're not allowed to have political.rallies of any kind you're not allowed.to go to church.you're not allowed to do anything the.only thing you're allowed to do.is run wild through the streets burn.down.storefronts blow up stores and kill.people because that's considered a.protest and that they allow you to have.you don't have to wear masks at protests.so i said you know we can't have a rally.the most we can have is 10 people.but why don't we just go on a protest.because this is a protest.it's a protest against stupidity.and speaking about stupidity sleepy joe.will turn minnesota into a refugee camp.think of it 700 increase so you're not.happy now look at that guy over there.he's not too thrilled what he hears is.700 increases what they have in the.manifesto now maybe they don't.honor it but i would say they'll go.substantially higher than that number.biden will overwhelm your.children's schools overcrowd their.classrooms.and inundate your hospitals that's.what'll happen.biden has even pledged to terminate our.travel ban.jihadist regions jihadist regions.they've already been doing that to you.haven't they opening the floodgates to.radical.islamic terrorists.my administration's keeping terrorists.extremists and criminals the hell out of.our country.we don't want them we got enough of them.we've got enough.of them just today we deported as you.know very well.dozens of somali nationals charged are.convicted with.very grave crimes including rape assault.robbery terrorism.and murder of course.these hardened criminals are back in.their country.where they can do all the complaining.they want.and your children are much safer as a.result thank you president trump thank.you.if it were up to biden and it's not it's.the people that surround him they are.seriously radical left democrats.and they're very dangerous and the.offenders are very dangerous.and they'd be running all over your.state only by voting for me.are you going to save i hate to say this.i did it with your iron ore i did it.with some other things.and uh i'll do it for you again.i'll do it for you again but if you vote.for me.i'm the difference and i'm the wall you.know the wall that we're building on the.southern border.on your wall between the american dream.and chaos joe biden is wholly owned and.controlled by the left-wing mob he has.no clue where he is this is not.a sharp guy.years ago i said to a certain senator i.was very friendly with a democrat who's.the dumbest senator who's the smartest.ever.he gave me a name for the smartest i.said who's the dumbest oh joe biden you.didn't know that.that was 25 years ago that was in prime.time.this is no longer prime time for sleepy.joe.[Applause].and they do disinformation they make.things up and they make commercials they.make things up i've never seen anything.like it.everything they make up first of all i'm.the one protecting your social security.they say trump remember four years ago.they used to say oh trump will get rid.of social.i have protected your social security.they're going destroy your social.security.another thing big ten football did i do.a good job.your team better do well you're on the.spot.they better do well are they gonna do.well this year i think so right.but i brought it back but i saw an ed.you know why i did it actually it sort.of energized me.sleepy joe didn't add that i was against.football that i was against big ten.football give me a break.i was against when i saw the ad i said.what's the problem with 10.big 10 football they said they're not.going to open why.and they say you know some stupid reason.i said these are strong young people.they're going to do great.let's get going i called the.commissioner kevin good guy.and we sort of started something and we.got it rolling we had big opposition.from.a few of the democrats states and.governors you know but we rolled over.the opposition and you have big ten.football congratulations.congratulations.when the far left rioters rampage across.minneapolis.and they rampage across your state.how about your police department let's.just run for your lives and it's not.their fault they were told to do that.you have a good police department you.have good police but they're not allowed.to do their job.or they're not allowed to do their job.remember that they were told to leave.the precinct to leave it.and then they knocked the hell out of.that precinct didn't they huh.he had a great mayor great mayor real.really it's a real powerhouse.remember did you ever hear of a man.fiorello laguardia did you ever i don't.think that happened with him.new york i don't think it happened with.rudy giuliani did it.what a great job rudy did you realize.you know rudy's just now really being.appreciated.people forgot how good he was as a man.he was a great man joe biden called the.peaceful protesters he said these are.peaceful protesters.as opposed to sending in the national.guard they didn't want the national.guard.joe biden said you shouldn't send the.national guard.and this one on day after day after day.i pushed and i got it approved the.national guard went and it ended within.what you say half hour.it was about a half an hour you wouldn't.have minneapolis.you better remember this when you go and.vote and your voting starts tonight.please.you'd be saying do you remember when we.had.a city called minneapolis do you.remember.used to be over there it's all ashes now.that place was coming down.that was you didn't have anything but.wasn't that a beautiful sight look.all of a sudden you saw one guy in a.black uniform then another then another.on the street remember that street.loaded up with cnn reporters.remember ali velshi shaved head nice.hair.shaved head some people say i should do.that shave the head just give it up.no we polled it i'd go down about 22.points.we polled it they want to pull.everything nowadays i don't believe in.polls they pull everything.but ali velchi i don't know anything.about the guy but i you know i know.he was standing there this is really.quite a.good scene it's a friendly protest.everyone's acting and behind him the.entire.city was burning it was like block it's.one of the great.pictures of all time the entire city was.burning down.that was your city and it's a shame it.took so long but the governor finally.did it at least you know and if you take.a look at portland the governor can't.quite do it she can't get there i speak.to her all the time come on governor.i can straighten out portland give me.less than an hour just let us have it.for.you know because we have to get the.state has to ask for it they have to.request.it's a shame it's such a shame but in.your case we went.and all of a sudden it was really that.was going to be a bad night too right.remember that about seven o'clock then.tennessee this guy walked out with about.a 250.000 outfit on that's because it had more.computers of this.and then got the tear gas deal he's got.the whole deal pepper spray.got everything the finest outfit you can.buy believe me we just.paid for them and they look very.expensive so we see one.the helmet how about the helmet with the.goggles and.you can see at night you can see a day.you can see whatever the hell you want.so there's one i said oh that's only one.guy then you said another three.then four then you see another ten.they were just getting out of the buses.coming from very friendly territory.and then you have a line and they were.very tight together there was no social.distancing at all which we're gonna have.to speak to them about that.no they would touch him sure they were.touching right so you had the first one.then you had the second one then you hit.that third line then you had one.and then they said march i remember this.guy welchie he got hit on the knee with.a.canister of tear gas and he went down he.didn't he was down.my knee my knee nobody cared these guys.didn't care they moved them aside.and they just walked right it was like.it was the most beautiful thing.no because after we take all that crap.for weeks and weeks they would take this.crap.and then you finally see men get up.there and go right to.did was it really a beautiful sight.for law and order law and order.portland would be easier because it's.more confined we just go being that.would be it but.but you know so they had four or five.lines.then they had lines of different.everybody the same thing did they ever.even move one step back i don't think so.right it was just.a slow walk right forward then they just.started walking faster faster faster.put a lot of guys in jail tom right but.a lot of guys great congressmen by the.way put a lot of guys in jail.great not good great they put a lot of.guys in jail that night tom and uh that.was the end of it i don't think you had.any problem after that.if you had any flare-ups we'll send them.in again but that's all you do.these are democrat run disasters.look at chicago look at portland.look at you with minneapolis these are.disasters.by the way are they still trying to get.rid of your police force and.many that's what i have see they never.learned they never learned they don't.look at a.lumber you got a lot of people.that's a lot here people.i actually like these you know we have.the arenas we've always filled them up.it's been great.and the arenas are good but usually you.have to travel like 45 minutes this.thing.you have a hanger the plane becomes your.your backstop right it's like your.curtain you know it's a curtain you get.a free curtain.we're outside which actually makes.people happy and it even makes the.people that sometimes not everybody here.likes happy because outside is better.you know it's better.and we're rounding the turn on covet by.the way our vaccines are coming a lot of.things.happen we're rounding the turn we've.done a great job.we've done a phenomenal job we don't get.credit for that but we'll discuss that.in a minute.but when you look at it when you look at.it.our country is amazing it's an amazing.country we love this country.and we're not going to let we're not.going to let.radical left socialist slash.communists take over our country okay.you know they use the word socialist and.socialists aren't great but communists.are a hell of a lot worse and that's.where it would be headed.and we're standing in the way of them.this group of people.but you have a lot of groups of people.just like this every place we go.last night you know where we were you.saw that it was all over the place.right that's a big state that's a great.state.and then i see the fake polls you know.they i just saw a poll here.minnesota i'm down nine i don't think so.i mean i just don't think so.no they said i don't think so right i.don't think so it's uh.it's the craziest thing i've ever said.this is the craziest thing i've seen.president trump is down nine in.minnesota.now i just saw it in the plan see the.plan the good thing about these.uh beautiful air force one right that's.the smaller version of air force one i.think you had a little bit.short runway so they take the smaller to.save about.twelve dollars no they took the smaller.one but the great thing about those.beautiful planes they have more.televisions than any plane in history.we have televisions in the closet.on the ceilings on the floors i've never.seen them on the we have them all over.the place.and i'm just coming out and they said.there he is and they said it's a.smattering of people they called it a.spattering.always do that and yet biden with the.circles right the little.he's got like four people in a circle.you know why he does the circles because.he can't draw a crowd.so they put a circle like he's supposed.he's trying to be legitimate.but you know he's going to go by the.science he always says.he doesn't know what the word science is.so they have these like four or five.circles.they put people that way he doesn't have.to be embarrassed when he goes to a high.school gymnasium.and he has like 40 50 people they had.one not so long ago.and you saw this he couldn't draw a.crowd it was a big thing it was his.opening or something couldn't do our.crown.so they made it a round table so he went.in they only had like 32 people.they said this is very embarrassing one.of his people and that's what they do.they're good.some of the people surrounding him.they'll say anything and do anything.they said let's not make it a speech.there's nobody here let's make it a.round table.so these people are sitting at a table.they had no idea most of them didn't.know anything.about politics they didn't even know why.they were there and now they're sitting.on a round table and they're on.television.but that's what it is but they say we.had a smattering of people yeah.spattering of about what 15 000 people.in about two days notice.and this doesn't include the 10 000.people mike that they turned away i hate.that they turned them away.you know you think with an airport you.wouldn't have to turn anybody away but.they have a certain amount and then.sometimes you have democrats running an.airport and they don't like all these.people here.that's true they don't like it but if.you're up to biden.your state would be in ruins and you.know just take a look at what they've.done.and i'm going to hit it hard you know.they make phony commercials about me.and it gives me the right like how about.the worst word of all the worst i've.ever seen.standing on a grave of a fallen soldier.and then they had some guy a source said.there's no source the source doesn't.exist.they make it up and then they take it.it's called disinformation.you're not supposed to do that and i'm.not even sure if he knows he's too weak.to understand and he's too weak to.control his people but it allows me to.say whatever i want about this guy.and the truth is he's not fit to be your.president he's not mentally fit.if biden's elected extremists like.representative.elaine omar.[Music].whatever happened to her you had a great.writer.who has just made a living off writing.about her.and she's done so many criminal acts.isn't it damn disgraceful that she gets.away with it and i have to say.to myself i say how the hell does she.get away with that.and if we do one thing look at general.flynn he didn't even lie.they said he didn't lie right and he's.gone through hell.he's gone through hell this guy wrote.page after page of criminal acts well.let's see what happens who the hell.knows.but between her and how about aoc.aoc.arc is running a campaign against a guy.that was supposed to be speaker of the.house right joe crowley.i knew him a little bit i asked him once.they said.are you campaigning against this maniac.he said.no she's just a young girl no problem i.called him on election night.yeah i was going to i was going to say.how did that work out joe.that didn't work he was guys he was.going to speak uh speaker of the house.she's got a certain talent.but you know all of a sudden she had no.money nothing and all of a sudden she.had two million dollars.and she spent the two million dollars.all over the place her and her boyfriend.whatever happened to her can you imagine.if i do that.she spent the two million dollars you.look at that.she spent the two million dollars and.big story but that was it that's one.quick story oh.man they probably the guy who wrote the.story lost his job at the new york times.right.he's now unemployed but there's a big.story.she spent two million dollars on..okay.and if a republican did that they'd be.in jail you know that.it's a different standard and it's a.disgrace and our guys better get on the.ball.look let me tell you how about yesterday.they were talking about russia russia.russia again here we go with russia.there's never been anybody so tough on.russia with the sanctions.remember obama would send pillows i said.tank busters right to ukraine.i'm the one that exposed the pipeline.with germany.germany pays them billions and billions.of dollars.and then we're supposed to protect.germany from russia i said how does that.work how does that work you're spending.billions of dollars for energy.to rush it's all okay i'm the one that.exposed it what i've done.hey they don't want me to go but if you.look they don't want me to win.russia doesn't want maybe north korea.does because i actually have a very good.relationship with him.and you know we're speaking of north.korea and you know it's okay to have a.relation you don't have to go to wars.we don't have to lose our great soldiers.we don't have to.it's good if i got along with putin.somebody said he gets along well with.putin i'm saying to myself but.isn't that sort of a good thing is that.bad.he gets along with putin that's a bad.thing but uh.you know you saw the head of the fbi.yesterday so to go russia.russia's looking at our election russia.it's here we go again russia russia.russia.i said what about china what about north.korea what about iran what about.they don't mention anybody else the.narrative seems to be russia.millions of phone calls made not one to.russia.millions of phone calls received not one.to russia.and he goes russia russia then they.asked him about antifa.what do you think about antifa well it's.an ideology.i said no it's not like it's a bunch of.thugs.and anarchists that are being funded by.somebody.and find out who the somebody.is.it's unbelievable unbelievable when you.when you look at this stuff but.seriously take a look at the aoc i call.it aoc plus three you know her three.people that uh she tells what to do and.uh two million dollars.dresses rent other things.you're not supposed to do that mr.congressman are you allowed to do that.sir you don't do that you don't buy.dresses do you.if he does that's the end of his career.right.no but it's terrible right dumb it's.terrible.it will prosecute i mean yeah why not i.don't i don't understand it i'll tell.you what.you know one friend of mine a very.sophisticated guy very successful guy.called me up he says you know.from the day you came down the escalator.with our great first lady future first.lady.said from that day though people love.her.gave a great speech at the republican.national convention at the white house.he gave a great speech.but said from the day you came down the.escalator with our first lady.from the single day you've been under.investigation.you've been under investigation by.sleazebags.people that now we caught cleaned up.their phones you're not allowed to do.that right mr congressman.my great hockey player you're the.greatest right.but you're not allowed to do that you.know we want their phones oh here they.are oh by the way they happen to be.totally deleted like hillary with the 33.000 emails he deleted.i think they should look at that you.know even if they don't find them and i.do believe they're in the state.department i do believe they're in the.fbi.i do believe they're in the fbi but uh.even if you forget about it forget them.you know she said she had 33 000 emails.and the emails were for her.yoga lessons you know she's not big into.yoga.if she is she's not getting her money's.worth.her yoga lessons.and her daughter's wedding right so it.was about the wedding and the yoga.lesson so.i said uh okay let's give her five or.six each what do you think mike five or.six each.five for the wedding make it thirty make.it a hundred make it a thousand.a thousand for the wedding and for the.yoga let's give her two hundred.okay what about all those thousands and.thousands.of emails probably classified so.congress.congress so forget it but let's assume.they're gone because she deleted them.and then she.acid washed them and then she hit her.phones with a hammer.i get rid of phones i've never hit him.with a hammer not even as president.i see here throw the phone away no no.i've never hit a phone has anybody ever.gotten rid of your phone and taken a.hammer and wiped the hell out of it i.don't think so.so she gets a subpoena from the u.s.congress not in a lawsuit against some.guy that hates you you're fighting and.you're fighting or something by the way.you do that you got problems in court.big problems.but she gets a subpoena from.congress a subpoena the most important.subpoena you can get.they get the subpoena and after she gets.the subpoena.by a few days everything.is deleted her phones are busted up and.cleaned and wiped and everything's gone.and nothing happens to her forget about.what was on.now think about how how angry it makes.me.when i see it.[Applause].no how angry could you imagine if i do.that it's a whole different ballgame no.how angry it makes me when i see it and.you know we have.we had an attorney general that didn't.have a clue that was my fault i was.loyal to somebody he endorsed me early.you know why he endorsed me because i.went to mobile alabama and we had 55 000.people show up at the state and he said.i'd like to endorse you.then after we won he said i'd love to be.attorney general i said no i don't think.so i mean.but after four or five times asking i'm.a loyal person.and i did it the mistake sometimes you.make is because of loyalty but that's.okay.but allowed her to get away with that is.a disgrace.it's a disgrace maybe there's something.they can do.so forget about looking for the emails.and they are available and i.guarantee they're in the state.department i guarantee you they're in.the state department that they ought to.damn well find them they're being.protected in the state department.but forget about that almost as good.is the fact that you're not allowed to.do what she did and her lawyers should.pay kendall should pay equal consequence.equal consequences equal.but that's the way it is and uh but we.are making a lot of progress if you see.what's going on you know i said to.myself.i'm going to stay uninvolved i don't.have to chief law enforcement officer.can you believe it.but i think it's better if i stay.uninvolved and i have stayed uninvolved.and we do have an excellent attorney.general bill barr.and i'll be honest he's a smart guy i.think he's getting tougher and tougher.and tougher every day.i think he's not going to put up with.this stuff i don't think and you know.he's got a lot of people that are.deep staters whatever you want to call.them they fight him at every turn they.fight him fight him find him but he's.getting tougher and tougher i watched.over the last three days i'm saying.wow that's sort of what we're all.waiting for right.but she deletes her emails aoc gets rid.of two million dollars two million.dollars.gets rid of it nothing happens nothing.happens and then she goes around and.calls us.all like what the hell are we and she.controls nancy pelosi actually nancy.pelosi would love to get rid of her i.think you know.because pelosi how about pelosi.how about that how about pelosi pelosi.goes out.and says you know i think i have my hair.done.so she goes out and she goes into this.beauty parlor i told the story in.wisconsin last night by the way we had a.great crowd in wisconsin.you know you have a feeling about places.you know the problem with minnesota.is that i think since 1972 this hasn't.been won by a republican so.you know you're a little behind the.eight ball when you hear that right.i mean i can understand and wisconsin.rarely but i won wisconsin unlike.minnesota thank you very much.thank you very much tom thank you.now unlike minnesota but it's my fault.so.i had one speech left.it started at one in the morning i went.to michigan we won michigan that was.another one great state we brought.back so many auto companies into.michigan.we've brought them back but i had one.they had one.it was already voting day it was.election day.because by the time i got there was just.scheduled had i made that.one damn stop to your state we would.have won minnesota i lost by what a half.a point.half a point.but i get off the plan and they said.he's in minnesota he's down nine the.recent poll.down nine.[Music].i believe it's a suppression paul and.you know i'm good at i have an instinct.about things pretty much.somebody said trump has the greatest.political instincts of the last 100.years one of my enemies said that.and i said no i don't i don't believe i.do i think i have lousy political.instincts but what am i going to tell.you.let me just they said that and i was.very impressed by the statement in fact.i went to my wife i said you know they.say i have the greatest political.instincts in over 100 years.and i said but i don't believe it i.don't i don't want to be beta remember.beta.i was born to run for president that was.the end of his career.beto o'rourke who's in charge of guns by.the way he's going to take your guns.away you know that right biden.sleepy joe sleepy joe's going to take.your guns away remember.beto on the cover of a really crummy.magazine i won't mention the name they.had a lot of bad magazines out there.the good news is most of them are dying.if not all of them but beta o'rourke he.did the story and.you know he was going to defeat.ted cruz he was going to do all these.things ted beat him.and i helped a lot too i was with ted.all the way.and uh and i think ted's appreciated it.but he.i even said i'm putting ted cruz as one.of the people for the supreme court.right.and you know why i did it you know why i.did it.because i wanted to make sure that i had.somebody on the list with about 45.unbelievable people.humble of the smartest the best the.absolute.creme de la creme right the best minds.in the country.conservative they believe in the.constitution.okay you know little things little.things like that.but i said you know i have to have.somebody that we're gonna make sure we.get approved and.the only one i could think of is ted.because he's going to get.50 republican votes and he's going to.get 50 democrat votes he'll do anything.to get him out of the senate.[Laughter].but i joke when i say that to ted but i.say it all the time ted's the only man i.know.can get a hundred votes from the senate.every single senator's gonna vote for.him but he's a great guy and he's a.brilliant guy.and he's been great he's been really.great i kid when i say that.but you know one of the things we've.done that's so good is the supreme court.we have two supreme court.justices we will have at the end of my.term.approximately 300 federal judges.including court of appeals.right.so anyway but just to finish there's no.way that i'm nine points down i look at.a crowd so they say instinct right so i.look at a crowd.and whether i have good instinct or not.this is not the crowd of somebody that's.going to finish second in the state do a.sleepy giant.finish second to a guy that cannot put.two sentences together.now it is an ideology it doesn't matter.i could.put that broken piece of wood right.there i could put that out and.it's the same thing as joe it's just an.ideology.it's just an idea now historically we.have.the biggest gap in enthusiasm of any.campaign that they've ever.polled you heard that like 36 points or.in other words.they've got no enthusiasm for him i have.tremendous enthusiasm as we can talk.but but he does have.enthusiasm to beat trump his only.enthusiasm is.put anybody in there right put anybody.in there he does have.enthusiasm to be trump nothing for him.but to be.trump okay but historically that never.wins.when somebody has to rely on winning.because of somebody as opposed to.winning because.people love you people respect you.and sean hannity did something the other.night.he said would you have this man if you.owned a mcdonald's hamburger stand in a.reasonably busy area.would you have joe biden running that.stand the answer is no he doesn't have.the energy.he doesn't so he can't run the country.no seriously i thought it was good i.never thought of it.you wouldn't have him running your.business you wouldn't have him running a.mcdonald's.i have to say or a wendy's i have a.friend who owns wendy's he always gets a.kid you ever mentioned wendy's okay what.but you know you wouldn't do it because.he couldn't do it and yet he's running.for the presidency.he's got no energy i made a comment that.somebody had.low energy that was the end of his.political career.but joe's energy is far lower it's far.lower.no it's it's far lower than jeb jeb was.on the low side.but joe is like he's off the scale right.joe's got nothing going today biden.delivered remarks barely to a union.after spending 47 years giving their.jobs to china and foreign countries.in exchange for campaign cash how about.his statement hey we talk about aoc.being crooked she's 100 crooked okay.but we're talking about that look at.omar she came in here did she marry her.brother where's that writer then right.now.that writer should be giving the.pulitzer prize he never will be.he should be though you know the amazing.thing all of these writers new york.times washington post.russia russia trump russia russia russia.i had 19 people all brilliant.all radical left all hillary clinton.people actually not even a never trumper.from bush.okay all hillary clinton people mostly.almost everyone.they were all democrats how about this.you're being investigated by 19.democrats that are smart people.okay smart people so my friend says you.know.you are the most honest person in the.world.you've taken three years of total.investigation.you don't think they've gone over my.taxes they went over the biggest tax.firm in the country.the most prestigious they went over.everything they spent 48 million dollars.it comes out now it's about.48 million dollars investigating me.before i won and after i won and we.caught them spying on my campaign that's.what they were really doing.and now with the phones i think there's.like 22 or 24 people you heard this one.they said no no no we made a mistake.when we deleted our phone.you know what they had to do to make.that mistake like 19 different formulas.right.i don't even know how you delete a phone.i didn't know you could do it.but they all made the exact same mistake.that's not good.that's not good so let's see what.happens to them it's a criminal act you.know that right it's a criminal act.it's criminal weissman's are bad guys.put a lot of people in jail that.shouldn't be in jail weisman.he's a bad guy he's on cnn all the time.or msnbc.which is i call it msdnc because it's.the same thing.owned by a company called comcast that.everyone ever here with an end not an m.con like a con job comcast.they spend a fortune on public relations.comcast has.delivered to you the news all the news.and they spend a fortune on and then i.go up and make one speech and i call.them comcast and that's the end of the.pr for the year.they are a bad group of people they're.sick i mean they're sick people.they're sick and evil people but and.they want bad things for our country.and they don't report the news you know.in the old days.when you used public airways free.you had to get a license i keep saying.if they're reporting fake news how come.they can keep getting a license.whether it's abc whether it's nbc cbs or.of course cnn which is i mean.it's one of the great jokes of all time.cnn.or msdnc but they're cables i guess.there's a different standard.but when you're using the public.airwaves free.okay free aren't you supposed to get a.license so i asked my people that i.asked a couple of guys and.i never really get an answer i just want.to know a simple question do you have to.report the truth.when you're using free airways and make.it a fortune with commercials and.everything else.and i never get the right answer because.there are people down deep it's crazy.but we're getting down to all of it a.lot of progress has been made i think.you're starting to see it.we're trying to beat a terrible group of.deep state people you know i came to.washington.think of it think of it i came to.washington.and i had 24 years of people putting.people in office.and then you can probably add another.four to that and another four to that.i had many many years decades of people.putting so i came.never been to washington i guess 17.times i never stayed over.right never slept over i was there 17.times i tell the story.i was in washington in my entire life dc.17 times.never slept over ever not once and.all of a sudden i'm riding down.pennsylvania avenue.and i'm with a beautiful woman on my.right named melania.[Music].think of this.and i had about 400 motorcycles in front.of me.and we're in a cavalcade of about 128.cars.most of them having about 15 submachine.guns inside.it's more firepower that's good but.we're riding down the beautiful.pennsylvania avenue.and i look outside at those police i.love our police we gotta treat after you.but i had everything i had police i had.military i had.soldiers i had everything you could.possibly have you never saw so much.power and strength and beauty the beauty.and they were so proud they're all.saluting they're so proud they're.happy to have gotten rid of that crowd.that was there before us.they're proud they're they're great the.police you know every single.police force i think endorsed me i got.the one yesterday from chicago that's.that easy.chicago endorsement new york's finest.industry.florida ohio.every i mean everybody i don't know that.he's gotten one vote.then he says he's he can't mention the.words low and order but i'm driving down.the street.and i look at my wife i say do you.believe it.i'm the president of the united states.that's the good thing but can you.believe.and then i get to the most beautiful.house in the world i can have mar-a-lago.and all of them but i'll tell you the.white house is still the white house no.matter how you do it i get to this.gorgeous.beautiful place and i'm up at the.incredible suite level and there's.abraham lincoln suite it's called the.lincoln bedroom remember clinton used to.lease it out to people for money.they never change do they remember when.barbra streisand.she's another beauty by the way.but remember barbra streisand used to.stay in that suite.but which was the only problem i had.with it.but tell me no but i do like her voice i.do i really do.some of them i don't like even their.voices.but she used to stay there and i'm.standing in the lincoln bedroom the.history the whole thing the bed.the desk the gettysburg address.the beautiful four score and seven years.ago this beautiful.gettysburg address he wrote it there and.also on his carriage ride up to.gettysburg.he delivered the gettysburg address and.they say the only one that got worse.pressed than i did was abraham lincoln.did anyone ever hear that.and i said no way that got worse maybe.he got bad but no way he gets worse.now people are starting to say you know.it's probably true i think you get the.word.now they're actually they used to say no.no newt gingrich great guy he said.nope abraham lincoln got the worst press.they were.worse to him than anybody he was a very.depressed person his wife was very.depressed.it was a depressed kind of a thing you.know he's an award in a revolution.and uh he was getting beaten a lot by.robert e lee they want to rip his statue.down all over the place but robert e lee.robert e lee was a whether you like him.or not whether you like statues or not.you know they don't rip statues down.anymore assigned to law.ten years in jail better rip them down.but robert e lee won many many battles.in a row.and it was supposed to be over in one.day you know supposed to end immediately.because the north was too powerful.for the south but it just shows when you.have.leaders when you have a great general.and robert e lee he would have won.except for gettysburg and.that was because his general was killed.who's going to.lead gettysburg never fight uphill me.boys never fight uphill he heard they.were going uphill.stop them stop them but we had no cell.phones in that day right.congressmen no cell phones so they sent.the horses to.stop them stop them but it was too late.they fought uphill and they got.slaughtered.that's what happened but robert e lee.these were.incredible things but i hope you i hope.you appreciate that.we had a period of time when they were.ripping down.all of the statues and monuments and i.said to my people four months ago i said.this is crazy.these people and they don't even know.you know they started ripping down.abraham lincoln when they hit lincoln.i said wait a minute this is the man and.you can't do then they hit george.washington thomas jefferson they hit.everybody they even hit gandhi all.gandhi wanted was one thing peace may we.have peace.ripped out of statue i don't think you.have any idea what they're doing i think.they're just a bunch of thugs okay you.want to know that they're.i think they're functioning.but they were going to march on.washington and they were going to rip.down.a statue of abraham lincoln you know the.exact statue and it was.up very nicely up now and by the way.they can take them down illegally they.go through congress as a way of doing it.but you know they didn't want to do it.that way and they were marching on.washington.and i said do we have any laws about.this they said no sir.now in congress the way it is now you.can't you know the most you get is about.a ten dollar fine you rip down a five.million dollar statue you get a ten.dollar fine right you know it's.different world.that's uh when it was strong they had.laws.but we told and found this old act.and the old act said if you rip down a.monument or a statue.you get 10 years in prison they call it.prison not jail which sounds even worse.i said bring that sucker up immediately.[Applause].to the oval office because there are a.lot of people coming to washington.they were going to march on the.jefferson memorial do you believe that.the jefferson memorial we grow up.the jefferson memorial they were going.to march on the jefferson memorial.they were going to do damage to our.beautiful jefferson.memorial after thomas jefferson and i.did predict that a friend of mine said.you know two years ago.you said next we'll be robert e lee.and then comes washington and jefferson.and lincoln.they'd never stop the only thing they.understand is strength remember that.they don't understand weakness there is.nothing you can do.these really stupid heads of these.corporations.that give hundreds of millions of.dollars it's like blackmail money right.but these stupid people that run they.get 40 million dollars a year and.they're weak.okay they're weak but the only thing.these people their anarchists are the.only thing they understand is strength.so i said let me see this uh document i.said wow this is a very strong document.and we have derek is here one of my.attorneys he did a great job i don't.know where the hell derek is he's around.here.actually he's heard this before although.not quite this is you're getting a very.unique speech tonight you know.i mean unlike joe i haven't even looked.at the teleprompter this guy.move it up move it up i can't move it up.i haven't looked at it the poor.teleprompter guy is sitting there what.do we do.we're on line two of the teleprompter.you say what do we do.no unlike joe i have not looked at the.teleprompter.oh that poor joe you know what's the.worst part about him looking at the.teleprompter.the worst part is that means that the.fake news media.is giving him the questions.right like donna brazile who was.brilliantly hired by fox fox has changed.a little bit.ladies and gentlemen donna brazile who.was fired.by cnn because she cheated and she gave.crooked hillary the.questions to the debate how would you.like to be me.they gave her questions to the debate.and i still won the debate and she had.all the questions.how do you do that donna brazile is.ladies and gentlemen.she's going to work for fox so that's.great that's big difference.big difference between four years ago.and now a lot of things have changed.but i'll tell you what's changed is the.fact that we have more enthusiasm now.than we did four years ago it's amazing.right.but just to get back to the other so i.signed that.wonderful executive order instituting.this really.tough law and it says 10 years it.doesn't say you know.you get 10 years but you can take it.down to three weeks.it says 10 years so these guys had just.gotten there i had a news conference.because i had to let them know about it.right.we've got many people in jail right now.that from before.nobody even talked about taking statues.down no but i looked at the.andrew jackson right with the ropes.and i'll tell you the police did a great.job and mark meadows did a great job.he said charge they charged and they.took these guys out.and they were fairly tough but the.police were much tougher dc police they.did a great job.they were watching and they weren't able.to do anything mark meadows said.charge it was like it was like from 200.years ago it was crazy.they charged and they beat the hell out.of these guys.or you wouldn't have or you wouldn't.have that great.statue on the horse of.our great general he was a great general.and he was a very good president at.least.at least a good president but he was a.great general the battle of new orleans.right.and they had this incredible picture.andrew jackson and they were going to.rip it down remember the ropes.wrapped around the horse right and the.guy standing up there just for all.he went to jail two days later we had.all the evidence we needed thank you for.that i want to thank you fake news.we called the fake news we said yeah can.we save that plea.when they said no we just said we'll.take it off tivo that's okay don't worry.about.one of the greatest inventions in.history tivo better than television.because television is useless without it.so so we signed it and all of a sudden.these same guys that were watching and.they.left nobody showed up the next day.they're gonna have 25 000 people.they had 24 people five of them were.brought to prison.okay and the next day they said well we.we're gonna save it for saturday night.and saturday night nobody showed up and.nobody has showed up.in four months to take down a statue.because they're.that's true because you know why.they look and they say i wanna take down.that statue i'm gonna take down that.statue.that statue's coming down and then.somebody says you know it's ten years in.jail they go that's too much i'm getting.out of here.it's true 10 years is not acceptable.mike right.10 years is a lot to rip down a statue.have a little fun.especially when they have no idea what.they're ripping down but we have an idea.what they're ripping down they're.ripping down.in many cases greatness they're ripping.down.our past they're ripping down our.history.and that's where these guys begin they.take away your history.you look at the middle east you look all.over look what.isis did look what all of them do they.go down and they rip they go into.museums and they break everything and.they rip everything.they want to take away your past they're.not taking away the past.of the united states of america.not as long as i'm here.what do you do you want me to go back on.teleprompter anybody.okay here's a question my poor guy must.be having a fit he's over there he's so.good at this stuff.he's on line three he's saying sir.should i just turn the sucker off would.you rather go.teleprompter or freelance.[Music].[Applause].isn't it nice when you have the option.because you have this and you have the.option to go on.see joe doesn't have the option he.doesn't have the option.[Applause].but if biden wins china wins and it's.very simple.it's very simple by contrast i rescued.the minnesota iron range you know i did.that just so you know.oh biden i call him mo biden it's too.long to say obama.and by so i just call him a bud because.i don't care about.everyone said oh no he's in trouble.obama is now campaigning hey he can't.paint last time harder than hillary.i said no i want him to campaign because.he brings out the base.he brings out our base and i'm only here.because of him and joe.if they were a good president and vice.president i wouldn't be here i had a.very good life before.i'm doing this i'm doing this because.they did.such a crummy job.i'm only here because of that i could.right now be having a very beautiful.life of luxury and here i.am at the hangar in minnesota with.15 or 20 or 25 000.and thousands of people that couldn't.get in and i'm working my ass off i.could be at home having a good time.wonderful time.but the one thing i say this.but i say this i say this look i could.be home.so home was new york i had to bail out.because it was too crazy it's everything.has fallen apart.but home is so sad what the democrats.have done.to our great new york between a governor.and a mayor the crime is through the.roof.the corruption is incredible it's a sad.thing that's happened to new york.hopefully it'll come back by somebody.somebody will go in there and do like a.rudy.you know when rudy took over it was so.bad.and they were looking for somebody and.they thought he was the guy because he.was a tough guy.but somebody has to go in and clean it.up somebody has to you know.this mayor he let go of a billion.dollars worth of police.he let go he actually believed the.nonsense about defunding the police.and they're all going to do it they're.all going to do it and your people are.going to do it.and you really i'm being totally serious.dan you've got to go out and you've got.to vote for trump you gotta you gotta.break this spell from 1972..i mean you saw kenosha we what we did in.what we did for other places you saw the.kenosha.and that was gone that was all gone that.place was gone we sent in the troops.it was uh incredible what we did and.they did it.on day three day three is better than.two weeks later like in.minneapolis right but they did and we've.done a great job and the people of that.great state.they understand it and i just hope the.people of.your state of minnesota understand it.because we don't have too many.more chances with this stuff we really.don't we don't have.the luxury of sitting back and saying.let's have.four years of this maniac vice president.that i paid that he picked.who treated him worse than any other.person that's why i say the one per.person that he won't pick my great.instincts right.the one person he won't pick is kamala.because she called him a racist she.tried to me to him.you know he was me tood i've just been.me too darling what does that mean.but they tried to me to him and she was.the one that brought it up.remember tara she was the one that.brought it up.and then he goes ladies and gentlemen.i'd like to pick.wait a minute let me get her name here.how do you pronounce it.it's with a comma like a comma right.like a comma.remember he couldn't pronounce her name.he was saying her name wrong and she.tried to interrupt him no my name was.kamala like comma i remember that.like a comma right.h1n1 that's right joe remember that uh.h1n1 and how bad did he do in that.though how about that.how bad did he do so but think of it.he's out there now today.it was pathetic by the way did you see.the anderson cooper thing last night.you have to watch i don't want to watch.but i have an obligation you know i'm.competing here at somebody you don't.want to compete and say.i'm not going to watch my competition.who wouldn't it's.boring but i got to watch and he got.through it he made a couple of really.the chicken.thing was bad you know he said chicken.many many times and it was a little.strange i thought it was over and he.pulled it back.he was able to pull it back but anderson.is uh and he interviewed me stuff.you know he could be tough nothing.against him he could be very tough but.last night he was in rare form he was uh.thank you very much for being here mr.vice president are you enjoying the run.and compare that with my shot where they.asked me.about doing abc with george.stephanopoulos i mean i think it was.great i think it worked out great.i call it you know what i call it debate.prep i call that free debate prep.but you know it's nasty it's a little.nasty they had people and they.i didn't say no you got to change the.rules no give me the questions i want to.use a teleprompter to answer.how about that though mr vice president.uh.i'd like to know your feeling on nuclear.warfare.and how does that relate to china and.russia and where are they in the race.right.uh well.you can't have this as your president i.don't care forget about me you can't do.this.the power the the importance and the.power of this position.are too great you can't do it you know.i've learned a lot as president.but one thing i learned is that.president xi.of china is sharp you ever see him.standing with the two million men.walking in front everybody's the same.height they're wearing hats there it's.like a pool table right.and he's standing there by himself and.he's looking like he's not playing games.right there's no games he's sharp as you.can be.and i had a great relationship but now i.feel differently you know.we made a great trade deal and now i.feel differently but he's as sharp as.you can be.putin as sharp as you can be kim jong-un.you would have been in a war with north.korea 100.100 i asked obama did you ever call him.i see he said he said that was the.toughest problem we had.and we get along remember about a month.ago two months ago they broke into the.demilitarized zone.and they said oh he's going to attack i.said no he's not don't worry about it.i got to know him very well we have a.good relationship people said.he has a good relationship with kim.jong-un.that's terrible i said no that's good.but do you remember.it was going to be nuclear war and i got.along with him.then they said trump made a terrible.deal.he's given so much to north korea what.did i give.i was at like a semi-debate with this.idiot.a reporter he's given a lot to north.korea what did i give.i don't know.sanctions sanctions you you took away no.i didn't actually i increased the.sanctions very substantially.what did you give what did i give tom ah.okay.so after about four days i couldn't.answer because i gave nothing.except i gave heart because i don't want.to see.people killed on their side either i.don't want to see people kill.okay we'd win that we'll win them all we.have.the greatest weapons right now ever.conceived by man.we've rebuilt our military to a level.that nobody ever thought possible.okay nobody ever thought possible.and then the fake news and i said that a.couple weeks ago remember i said.we have created the most powerful.weapons.known to men it's true we have weapons.that are so advanced.that president xi putin everybody.with the envy of the world but they.don't know quite what we have but they.know we have stuff that they never even.heard of before.and some schmuck back there said i think.he's given away classified information.no all i'm doing is telling the world we.have the most powerful weapons in the.world i'm not even saying what kind.you don't even want to know about it and.i never god.help us if we ever have to use them but.we have the most powerful weapons ever.conceived by man.you know they have the missile the super.duper hydrosonic i call it the super.duper it goes five times faster than a.normal missile right.we have one goes much faster than that.but russia got that information from the.obama administration.russia stole that information you knew.that you knew that.russia got the information then they.built it but we have now one that's much.faster.much faster than that that's like a slow.missile.that's like considered a slow missile.but i said it was incredible two weeks.ago i said we have the finest the best.the most incredible.sadly the most deadly and we never want.to use it but we have the greatest.weapons.ever in history by a factor of 10 by a.factor of 10.and they said they went crazy he's given.away classified.these people are sick all i'm doing is.saying that we rebuilt our military.2.5 trillion dollars all built in the.usa.every single ounce.we have fighter jets f-35 that are so.good you can't see it.and i went to see the program and i met.some of the pilots and these guys are.better looking than tom cruise.they're tougher they're stronger they're.bigger they're more powerful.they're smarter and i like tom cruise by.the way because i mean you can't get.much better than top gun right great.movie right you can't get better i like.tom cruise but these guys are better.looking.they got the crew cut they got the crap.under their eyes they got the whole deal.they're smart as hell so i said so.captain let me ask you how good is the.f-35.real good sir best player we've ever had.oh great i said.how do you compare that with uh what.russia has.well ours is better for a specific.reason sir.you can't see it what does that mean.well when we fight they cannot see us.sir we are so stealth.now that doesn't mean in three years.that it won't be obsolete because that's.what happens that's the problem with.that business.you come up with a new computer and two.weeks later it's obsolete.that's why i always like real estate you.know you have a piece of real estate.but no it's true i wouldn't be good in.that business you get to work work work.and then you start in the next one.because the last one is gone.that's why i always talk about walls and.wheels right.when the democrats were saying walls are.old-fashioned well they're right about.that.but they work remember that all we had.to go through at congress.and that wall's going up think of that.we're building 10 miles a week 10 miles.a week of the top.the wall and our numbers on the border.are the best they've ever been.the best they've ever been.but we're building 10 miles of wall a.week we're up to about 330 miles.and we'll have it finished very soon and.it's having a tremendous impact on drugs.it's having a tremendous impact on.all of the different things human.trafficking in women.in women's not even children.[Applause].they traffic in women it's because of.the internet you know you think of that.as almost an ancient.kind of a crime right but it's not it's.a very modern crime and it's an.unbelievably profitable crime the.traffic in women.little bit children but mostly women.where they'll put three or four women in.the back in the trunk of a car and.they'll go through the border they can't.do it anymore and we.we're catching them we have people that.do nothing but look for the traffickers.to me the traffickers are the biggest.scum in the world.[Applause].and thank heavens for ice and thank.heavens for border patrol.because these people do a job that you.don't want.i know mike doesn't want it you wouldn't.even be good at it mike he'll do a.commercial about it that's what he'll be.does he have the longest commercials in.history i say.mike lindell i say mike the pillow man i.say mike is the single greatest.purchaser of commercials in history.i want him to buy my commercials i say.you know we spent 20 million dollars i.saw like.two commercials he spends two dollars.and he's got the whole day.on fox i said let mike buy our.commercials will you i don't know what.the hell you do but whatever it is you.better tell bit the secret.greatest purchaser of commercials but.we have done some job with that and uh.the traffickers.the drugs are way down now we got upset.with the.pandemic but i watched biden today.talking about.if only trump moved one week.sooner one week so let's go ready.so you know he was against the ban right.because he didn't think we had a problem.so he was against the ban he didn't know.that.china was heavily infected he doesn't.even know what china is in my opinion.but he was against the ban these guys.write stuff out for him and he tries to.read it doesn't do well with it.so he was against it but now his new.thing is.if only i moved one week earlier but i.was earlier than everybody.if you think about it i had nice guy.dr fauci i had another nice guy a lot of.doctors they were all telling me no no.you don't have to do that right.tom knows that very well you don't have.to do that sir.you don't have to do that you don't have.to do that at all.and uh you know one of those things i.was very early.and i banned and everybody admits that.had i not banned.highly infected wuhan wuhan province.right.highly infected we would have had.hundreds of thousands of more deaths.and then you had the chart i put it up.yesterday i'm doing these news.conferences we're finally getting the.word across that we did a great job but.i'm doing news conferences now every day.you know even if they last highly i call.them the highly rated.news conferences and i go before these.crazy people they're screaming at you.know screaming like.maniacs you know it's not the way they.treat sleepy joe.he'd melt if they ever did a number this.guy would be there he'd be.laying on the floor crying get me out of.here darling.where's my wife get me out of here.please darling.they're so nasty to me today what.happened we go through it every single.day.but you think about it and he said.if only trump moved faster but he's the.one that two months later.called me xenophobic and he called me a.racist.because i was banning china which was.heavily infected.and then he said don't ban europe well i.looked at.italy big problem i love italy i love.the people of italy.but they were heavily infected france i.looked at france i looked at.spain they even had spikes recently did.you see.and we're doing great we're rounding it.with or without but we're gonna have.width but you know width.is better but with or with that we're.rounding that corner and we're rounding.it fast and they don't want to give us.any credit because they want to keep.this up till.november 4th and on november 4th the.press will probably say.let's say something stupid happened the.press will say.i got to admit he did a damn good job.right no no and the other clown will be.in office.you know we did a thing called price.transparency i signed it it's effective.as a very complicated.it's on your medical and we did price.transparency.it's the biggest thing that's bigger.than healthcare where do you see your.prices you can go now to hospitals you.can price operations you can price.everything.it's a massive thing the man who did it.the man who did it.and i took a lot of heat and i'm doing.favored nations drugs meaning whatever.the lowest in the world is we have to.pay the same you know.that's the good news the bad news is the.drug companies the doctors everybody's.angry at me.actually under price transparency the.good hospitals and the good doctors.benefit tremendously.but the bad ones don't and you have.price transparency.and it goes into effect on january 1st.could you imagine if this sleepy guy.gets it and they say like february march.april something.they say unbelievable what happened.to prices it's dropping like crazy.and they'll say what a job he's doing as.president that i'm the one that signed.it.i said could you put it into effect but.statutorily.it has to mature mature mature.so the earliest i could get is january.1st it's like.it's like crazy you know another one.i'll give you another one.i'll give you another one so air force.one so that's the 757 but they have a.747 which is the big air force one.uh i think they just disrespected the.people of minnesota today they gave us.the little.no actually it's because of the runway.in fact when we landed you know what.they said they said sir.we have a very short runway could you.please hold on i said i trust these.pilots by the way these pilots are the.best pilots.when you fly the president of the united.states.look at that he's waving from the window.when you fly the president of the united.states you are the best flyer.they take the best air force guys they.take the best marines in the helicopters.marine one.but when you're flying these planes you.can land that sucker you have no problem.there's no.mishits there's no let's go around i.can't quite make it sir.these guys are phenomenal you got to see.what they look like you know everyone's.in perfect.shape i look at them central casting.every one of them they're great thank.you fellows.thank you but i'll tell you a little.story.so air force one is a very old plane.it's beautiful but it's an old 747 right.31 years old and other people didn't.want to do it.but it was time to get a new one right.it was time you got to get a new plane.and actually air force one i'll give you.a little secret it's actually two planes.okay.they get two it's a hell of a way to.travel you know if one's not working.perfectly use the other one okay.but they get to so air force one.they negotiated a price and they.had it down for 5.7 billion dollars that.sounds expensive and it's ridiculous.but that was done by the obama.administration right it was done by the.obama administration.and that's okay but no administration.obama bush.they didn't want to do it because it.sounds luxury but at some point you got.to buy a.plane for the country and these arab.countries would have their beautiful 747.800s 900s pour in and they were gorgeous.and believe it or not.the new plane is a much bigger plane.much bigger wingspan.it's a much more beautiful plane it's.modern you know.think of it 31 years old air force one.is 31 years old the main air force one.not this.there's a great plane but the big one 31.years old so.you're representing the country but they.didn't want to do it because they chose.luxury so i said.i get to office i said whatever happened.to air force one how's it doing sir.we made a deal for a new one under the.obama administration oh.you did good how much 5.7 billion.i said that's a lot of money 5.7 for two.planes in all fairness.now it's very technical it's very you.know there's a lot of stuff i won't talk.about it because i don't want to give.away any classified information.just trust me it's the most.sophisticated sucker you've ever seen in.your life okay.think of getting into a plane that costs.5.7 billion right.but it's the most sophisticated two.planes.so i said how much is it 5.7 a general.came in an air force.general great guy handsome guy or all so.good looking these people i said.so general what are we paying what are.the what's the price.sir it's uh 5.7 million dollars and.we're ready to go sir could you sign it.it sounds like a lot of money to me.general 5.7 million for two airplanes.uh can't we get a better price no sir.this was negotiated by the obama.administration.the obama administration this was.negotiated sir by barack hussein obama.and i said oh that's good it sounds very.high.so here's what i'm going to do tell.boeing we're not taking the plane we.have no interest and it's too much.right that's what i do this is by the.way this is one of many stores.isn't this better than going and saying.i saved your iron range.and i said but please remember i did.this too and i can do away with this.stuff but.i did this too i did this too.please remember that because you know.i'm have all this list of incredible.things i've done for minnesota i won't.even touch you because frankly.i'm tired of repeating what i've done.for all these different states.i mean i did all this stuff and then i.hear them nine down i don't believe it.by the way suppression.so i said to the general i said general.uh 5.7 billion billion not me.billion that sounds very hard to me.general.i bought a lot of planes in my life and.a lot of helicopters i know a lot about.it.how could it be five sir that's the best.price they could get.we only have one day to do it.i said cancel it general cancel the.order it was signed actually.yes sir i said you have the right to.cancel yes sir i do.we negotiated a great deal i said oh.good cancel.yes sir i'm pleased to tell you.something sir we have a breakup fee.you made a great deal sir i said you did.oh.you have a breakup fee you mean you.can't just cancel it for nothing and.cancel it you don't have to pay a.breakup.i know about breakup fees no sir we have.a breakup fee okay how much is it.sir we can break it up for 250 million.dollars.i said wait a minute so you mean to tell.me that to cancel the order costs 250.million dollars in other words we give.them 250 million we get nothing.i said general don't cancel the order.just tell them i'm very unhappy right.this is what these guys are good.businessmen by the way these guys right.here mike.they might be better than you i don't.even know he may be the next governor.you know mike lindell may be.you should run you should run.he is my complete and total endorsement.you should run you'd be a hell of a.governor.at least you know one thing minnesota.would be well promoted.[Applause].minnesota mike run for governor please.so he says.250 million dollars it's 250. sir i'm so.proud of that.i said you may be proud but i'm not so i.said general don't.give them notice because i don't want to.write a check for 250 and get nothing i.don't think i could explain that to the.american public.so tell them you're really unhappy we're.not going to make the deal but just do.it.verbally and yes sir.and then i spoke to the head of boeing a.very nice guy they had some rough times.since then i had a couple of really bad.things happen.terrible really terrible this was early.on before the problems that they had.and but he is he's a high quality guy.and i said to him.uh dennis we have to start it with a uh.it's got to have a three on the front of.it what do i know i just know that if.they're 5.7 and if i do something with a.three.he said no i can bring it down to 5.5.billion.so i say well that's not bad i saved 200.million dollars in about a minute and a.half phone call so so far i'm not there.but it's not good enough i'm not happy i.said no.we got to really think about canceling.it and i can't go to airbus which is.made in europe you know.it's a little hard i got to go to the.competitor i can't say i'm going to buy.the air force one from a european.company that doesn't work too well.so i just said my only option was to say.look i just don't want it just put it.aside put it aside he calls me up a few.days later.well we can do a little bit better than.that i said dennis has to have.a three in front of it dennis gotta have.a three you know like a three three.anything but gotta have a three in front.of it.so he said no no no after one month we.signed a contract for 3.9 billion.dollars right.same exact.same exact one actually slightly better.we got an extra generator.and then boeing came to me and i know.how to make you know.i love to negotiate i do got that from.my father my father was a good.negotiator.and i love to negotiate so they came to.me sir we can put an extra stairway this.is the big.747 and remember this is a big much.bigger than the old 747..sir it gets very windy up there i.noticed that your hair's blowing all.over the place.but we can buy a stairwell for the plane.and it comes under it's like a corkscrew.right at the bottom of the plane you.know you're very high off the ground big.big thing and it opens up and you'll.if it's raining or windy you're covered.sir because it's.under the plane you're totally sheltered.i said that sounds great.so it's a corkscrew stairwell i said.how much is that general 50..i said 50. what a deal so for 50.000 i can get a stairway no sir.50 million dollars i said forget about.the stairwell forget it.so he said 50. i really thought he meant.50.000 so these are just some little.stories i guess i must like minnesota to.go on one of these deals.but boy.did you get your money's worth tonight.did you get is anybody having a bad time.did you get your money's worth because.you've heard the other one we've done.this and we've cut your taxes and we.built up the military bigger and better.and with the number one in history and.regulation cuts.which is the biggest thing and the.judges which we've done at a luck.i mean at a level like nobody's ever.done everything we've done.nobody has done more in three and a half.years no administration three and a half.those.first three and a half years nobody even.comes close and you know it's a funny.thing.i say it all the time i've been saying.it for a long time.and the fake news nobody even questions.me about it and you know if i was wrong.they would but they can't question me.because.when you see right to try we took care.of our vets.we just got a 91 approval rating from.the vets.91 it's never happened.we got choice approved we got.accountability approved.drugs are way down we got a little.setback with this whole situation where.you know uh these shutdowns cause a lot.of problems with drugs a lot of.everything but drugs were.way down we had our best year in the.history of our country last year.and we're gonna have the best year we're.gonna have a better year coming up.that's why you have an obligation to.vote for the guy that got you there.and.and remember this and i really.appreciate this.thank you but i appreciate this because.nine democrat mayors of cities in the.iron range.you know that have endorsed me.over sleepy joe.what do you like better sleepy joe or.slow joe what's better let's let's do a.poll we do a poll.we do a poll i do free polls you know.these polls are all they charge you a.fortune for this stuff they interviewed.three people and you know.then they charge you a million dollars.we interviewed 233 people.i got thousands of people in let's do a.free what do you like better as a.nickname.slow joe or sleepy just so let's go wait.slow joe first okay so just scream if.you like it so you have a choice.slow joe they're both very appropriate.slow joe or sleepy joe ready.slow joe.i think we're gonna have a winner sleepy.joe.now a lot of people say i'm too nice at.sleepy joe that i'm actually being too.nice i don't know.he's a sleepy guy but biden.is going to shut down your iron wrench.remember it wasn't just the tariffs i.put on your.competitors that were dumping iron ore.and steel and everything else in our.country like it was garbage okay and it.was garbage.steel too it was all sand based steel.real crap.it wasn't that but when you think of it.they wrote it out it was you didn't have.environmentally the right you know.somebody said oh well he got a bid.because he was good with negotiating.with these other countries.it wasn't that i opened it up.i signed an order i signed an executive.order because.obama took your iron range and biden.took your iron range away and i'll never.forget the day i did it and tom was.there.a man i don't know who he is he's.probably in this massive audience.but he came up to me and he was a rough.guy and he never cried in his life.including at childbirth he didn't cry at.childbirth.but he was crying and he said sir you.gave our life back to us.because obama took our heart out when he.closed up.the iron man he said you gave our heart.that.it's true so i just want to thank those.cities i mean you know when a democrat.mayor we have.now a lot of now we have additional so.these are democrat.politicians and they came to.they not claimed that two weeks ago they.endorsed us and you know it's a great.thing.we're finding that all over the country.democrats for trump.politicians that got elected as.democrats i don't think they changed.their party affiliation.but they endorsed trump they're all in.the.iron range area and.larry cuffy is here larry cuffy.[Applause].where's larry where is he where larry.how are you.i really why did you do that like that's.so nice i appreciate it.boy are you good i wish you had a mic he.said because you're the best.candidate we could ever i love this guy.said you're the best candidate we could.ever hope for.larry.thank you larry that's beautiful i.appreciate it we'll do a good job we're.not going to let you down and they're.doing a good job over there they're.digging digging dig we must right.it's all gone because of me that's cool.man thank you that's good.no he signed an executive order shutting.it down just shutting it down.and i hear it's got the best iron ore.anywhere in the world that's what i hear.the quality is.the best and it's like an unlimited.amount you know what i'm not talking.about a little this is a.massive operation with thousands of.people and everything else and for me it.was very easy.andrea zoponstich where is he.where is where's andrea thank you very.much that's really nice.i'm glad i'm glad at least you got a.good location right.that's great i appreciate it very much.you're all friends i guess chris.vreeland where's chris chris freeland.chris.whiskers the mayor.thank you chris thank you chris thank.you very much.kathy brando kathy brandel.thank you kathy i hope you're having a.good time tonight we're not going to let.you down you know that we're.open that sucker is open we're not.closing it well.think of this though if biden gets in.it's closed.he said he's going to close it how about.this guy.no fracking you're not going to frack on.stage with all these crazy people.and they don't want any energy you know.they think everything's gonna run by.wind.which costs you a fortune about 20 times.more than what we have.and does it work but think of it all of.these people.and they say what about fracking.fracking is the modern technology.and so they all said no no we're all.against everyone's against fracking what.about you.yes i'm against it too now he's against.it for months.he gets it now he's in favor of it but.he's sort of grandfathering it you know.it's a very weak.well i'd like to grandfather fracking if.i'm a fracker i don't want to be.grandfather i want to have it or not.have it right.he wants the grandfather fracking uh.always go with their first statement.okay so i was in texas two weeks ago we.had crowds.mike we had crowds that went from the.airplane.to the well to the drilling well where.we went to see a well.and we saved the industry because i got.russia and saudi arabia to cut back 10.million barrels it actually was probably.18 ended up being i think 18 five.million barrels and it saved the.industry and yet you're still paying.very low gasoline prices at the pump but.we saved 10 million jobs.you know but i'm in texas and let me.tell you texas appreciated because that.industry was in deep trouble because all.of a sudden with the pandemic there was.no demand there was nobody driving there.was no demand.nobody ever saw anything like it so i'm.in texas and i said to the crowd it was.a great crowd.and we must have a hundred thousand.people on the road on the highways and.roadways waving and they had the most.beautiful trump flags i wanted to stop.where did you buy that flag.the most beautiful flags of me and our.great vice president is mike pence doing.a good job by the way.that's why he did such a great he worked.29 hours a day i mean this guy.works day and night he worked not the 24.he worked.24 plus at least five okay this man.is a worker and he's a wonderful human.being.and when they try it a guy like biden.that.can't carry his jack strap but biden.when biden goes oh they should have.closed one week earlier.and here's a guy that said i made a.mistake when i ban china that nothing's.going to happen.it's so phony this politics is a very.phony business so i haven't been doing.it long.i told one of uh the senators that came.in he came into my office sir.i've been doing this for 30 years.i've won many elections i've only lost.twice in my life.i've been a senator for a long time i.know what i'm doing sir i said yeah and.i've.done it for four years.and i've only won one election but it's.for the president of the united states.remember when they said.i remember a certain man on television.that didn't like me too much.he said they've put together the.greatest field ever assembled.the republicans remember 17 plus me.they put together the greatest field of.talent.ever assembled i hear trump wants to.come in.well he's not going to do it number one.number two if he does he's just doing it.for fun.and he'll be out by september and then.he'll go about leading his life.but he's not going to do it but we don't.really need him because this is the.greatest single.assemblage of talent ever assembled for.one party.the greatest talent he's ever seen and.then i did it.and just week after week one out two.three at four.and then we've done changes.oh he said he can't do it because he.doesn't have any experience but i.actually do on the other side i.contributed to politics i always found.it very interesting so in a certain way.i had a lot of experience probably.maybe i had too much experience that's.why i can tell you about aoc check out.the two.million dollars please check it out.check it out.check out omar check out omar get to.that great writer he should get oh.so the new york times won all these.pulitzer prizes right i was going to.tell you before.all these pulitzer prizes these people.and they all got it wrong right they got.for russia russia or i should we give.the public surprise i won't use names.i won't use names but we give the.pulitzer prize to the new york times.they got it wrong.we give the pulitzer prize to the.washington post.and all of these real sleaze bags i have.to be honest with you very dishonest.people.very dishonest i call it the amazon i.call it the amazon washington post he.uses that as his lobbyist.because he owns the washington post he.gets crap that other people wouldn't get.okay.that means it's a lobby it's a lobbyist.deal but they got.the prize right they got the pulitzer.prize all the guys that got it.right that really got it right they all.got it wrong totally wrong and they.should return the pulitzer prize.and pulitzer association the committee.should ask for those prizes back they.got it all wrong they were 100.wrong there was no collusion they.couldn't believe remember the day when.it was announced.after three years there is no collusion.i could have told them that on day one.they could have saved 48 million though.right they got the pulitzer and then you.take guys.so many so many solomons sarah carter.pangino how about dan bungie.so many so talented guys how about.the great gentleman who wrote the witch.hunt.remember that that was the first right.you know i'm talking about it he's.fantastic all great.these people should have won the.pulitzer prize now i would say sean.hannity and lou dobbs and.laura and tucker in all fairness tucker.was very good.tucker was great but these are all.people that got it right now they don't.do i guess the pulitzer prize for that.stuff but they probably should.but these guys all got it right and all.they did is get a lot of money because.they're very successful.and that's okay i guess but they should.give the pulitzer prize to the people.that got it right and they should.withdraw it.from all of those writers many of whom.are back there right now.all of those writers they should do that.so.just to finish up just to finish up.i want to just say that we have some.great congressmen here.i'd love you guys to come up here.because i just want to have you come up.would you come up.they deserve it.because you know i told them they're.busy guys and they're big warriors and.all that and.i told them i'm going to introduce you.right at the beginning be here and then.you can get out of here.they've been waiting now for an hour and.20 minutes come on up for just walk to.the end.shake their hand everybody sign a slip.that you're voting for them please.they've got no problem but you have.members of congress here jim hagedorn.tom emmer pete stauber great hockey.player.and hopefully your next u.s senator.who's a man who's done a fantastic job.run a great campaign.jason lewis.[Music].and a candidate for congress michelle.fishbach who's supposed to be fantastic.and michelle has my complete and total.endorsement but jason you're in good.shape wow.you're in better shape than these uh.congressman jason.by the way jason's fantastic and he's.doing a fantastic where's michelle is.she there be careful.it's not worth the broken legs look at.her oh she's a warrior i can tell.come on up.but thanks michelle and they have my.complete endorsement they're great.people they love your state they love.our country.so just in conclusion i want to say that.over the next four years.we will make america into the.manufacturing superpower of the world.and we will end our reliance on china.once and for.all we will make our medical supplies.right here in the united states.and you probably heard me today you know.it used to be puerto rico did tremendous.dollars in medical supplies and then.what happened they made a lot they did a.good job.and obama biden destroyed it they took.away the incentive all of the taxes and.they took away the incentive and.puerto rico went down a long way we'll.get some of that back to puerto rico and.we'll get it back fast.take it away from china you heard that.they took it away and then people.automatically vote you know it's like a.habit well i vote for the democrat the.democrat was so bad to you.and how bad were the democrats to israel.we did jerusalem right.we broke up the iran deal right.and then they vote for a democrat it's.that a habit but i think the habits.we're breaking those habits very quickly.but we've helped puerto rico and we've.really helped if you look at what we've.done for.israel it's been it's been incredible.they say nobody.nobody's done more it's my honor.but we'll hire more police increased.penalties for assaults on law.enforcement and we will ban deadly.sanctuary cities which are a disaster.we'll appoint tough on crime prosecutors.we will nominate judges and justices who.interpret.the constitution as written.we will ensure equal justice for.citizens of.every race color religion and creed.we will defend the dignity of work and.the sanctity of life.and that's why the supreme court is so.important the next president.will get one two three or four supreme.court justices i had to.many presidents have had none they've.had none because they're there for a.long time.they tend to be appointed young they're.there for a long time.but the next one will have anywhere from.one to four think of that.that will totally change when you talk.about life when you talk about.second amendment when you talk about.things that are so important to you.you're going to be stuck for 40 years 35.years a long time so this is going to be.the most important election in my.opinion in the history of our country.you've got to get it.because if you don't get it right we.will not have a country anymore.you're not going to have a country not.as we know it you won't have a country.anymore.we will uphold religious liberty free.speech.and the right to keep and bear arms.we will strike down terrorists who.threaten our citizens.and we will keep america out of these.ridiculous.horrible endless foreign wars countries.you've never heard of.coming home we will maintain america's.unrivaled.military might and we will ensure peace.through strength this is what we have.now peace through.remember what i told you about those.weapons we don't want to use ever.we don't want to use those weapons we.will end surprise.medical billing require price.transparency january 1st he doesn't even.have to do anything.i'll be so angry if he he'll say what a.job he's done on transparency can you.believe it and he won't even know what.transparency is.and it's complex and further reduce.health insurance premiums and.the cost of prescription drugs we've.done that already.we will strongly protect medicare and.social security.and we will always protect patients with.pre-existing conditions.america will land the first woman on the.moon.and the united states will be the first.nation to land.an astronaut on mars.and we brought nasa back nasa when i got.in three and a half years ago.grass was growing through the cracks of.the runway.it was over it was closed it was nothing.now it's the number one space center in.the entire world by a factor of five.we will stop the radical indoctrination.of our students.and restore patriotic education to our.school.big deal we will teach our children to.love our country honor our history.and always respect our great.american flag.and we will live by the timeless words.of our national motto in god we trust.you know you know.that the democrat national convention.and the pledge of allegiance had a.caucus.two of them not one i heard the first.one i said oh they must have made a.mistake.they left under god out of the pledge of.allegiance.[Music].yeah yeah yeah now they then said oh.well we didn't mean that.they meant it that's what they're going.to do.they're going to take god out of it just.like i was saying before.texas they don't want god they don't.want oil they don't want guns i don't.think they're going to do too well in.texas do you agree with that.i don't think they're going to do too.well in minnesota either.no but can you imagine you campaigning.and it doesn't play too well here but.could you imagine you're in texas and.you have a guy say.no oil no god.no guns oh i think i'm going to vote for.joe biden everybody.and then they say texas is in play it's.a very close.i have a friend in texas he said i think.you're winning by 15 points these people.are crazy.texas is in play they don't want to let.you have oil.think of it it's unbelievable texas is.in play.that's the fake news back there for.years they said it last time too.remember.you know texas when they say in play.that means it's too close to call.it's in play too close we've heard that.for a long time in play right.too close to call and they said it four.years ago texas is in play.this could be a terrible defeat losing.texas big state.great state this would be a tremendous.defeat.and they said it about ohio too i think.we won by like nine points right.they said ohio is implied utah's in play.we won by a lot remember we beat a guy.named mcmuffin remember the guy.he was going to take the state of utah.and then he was going to be able to.negotiate but that didn't work out he.came in third even hillary beat him.but they said texas is in play and i'd.go around tell my people damn it texas.doesn't play how to hell.every time i go they have 35 000 people.at the stadium.how could it possibly be a play they.said i said play my people would say i.don't think so.and we had a big texas rancher he was on.one of the shows he goes like you're.wearing a big beautiful hat i wish i.could wear those hats.it wouldn't work for me too well i don't.think it works for me right but it.worked for him and he said i don't know.too much about a lot.but i know one thing texas is not in.play and.this guy is going to win texas by a hell.of a lot of votes and that's what.happened that night.the night of the election.[Music].the night of the election they called.the results i've been listening for six.months texas is so close we can't even.imagine it it's so close this.is big and they only call the election.you know immediately if you win.in a landslide it's got to be like.tremendous and they said.texas has closed the stores ladies and.gentlemen.donald trump has won the state of texas.they didn't even say that polls were.closed.they forgot to say the polls would i i.wanted to say i said how come i won.i called my people how could i have won.it was so close they called it before.they even said the doors were closed.and i heard from the governor of texas.great guy.grigor but he said i said how are we.doing compared to four years ago we did.great four years ago big.big win he said sir you're doing much.better but these guys keep saying.gets in play it's the same way that i'm.down nine points in minnesota.if i lose minnesota if i lose minnesota.jason i'm going to blame jason if i lose.boy we almost had it last time but but.we did the right thing we went to.michigan we won michigan first time in.many many years that michigan was one.it's a great state.for years you had a president who.apologized for america.and now you have a president who is.standing up for america.and standing up for minnesota.so get your friends get your family get.your neighbors get your co-workers.and get out and vote and you know it.started today in minnesota.that's why i'm here it started today.go out of here you know what if the if.they're closed what the hell time is it.if they're closed just stand in line.like you you know people were here two.days ago trying to get in here it's.crazy.so do the same thing at the voting booth.[Music].please.from saint paul to saint cloud.from rochester to duluth.and from minneapolis thank god we still.have minneapolis.to right here right here with all of you.great people.this state was pioneered by men and.women who braved the wilderness and the.winters.to build a better life for themselves.and for their families.they were tough and they were strong you.have good genes you know that right.you have good genes.a lot of it's about the genes isn't it.don't you believe.the resource theory you think was so.different you have good genes in.minnesota.they didn't have a lot of money they.didn't have a lot of luxury.but they had grit they had faith and.they had each other that's what you have.now you have each other.they were miners and lubberjacks.fishermen and farmers shipbuilders.and shopkeepers but they all had one.thing in common.they love their families they love their.countries and they loved.their god god.proud citizens like you helped build.this country.and together we are taking back our.country.we are returning power to you the.american people.with your help your devotion and your.drive.we are going to keep on working we are.going to keep on fighting.and we are going to keep on winning.winning.winning.[Applause].and don't forget you went through years.where you weren't winning right years.and years.they closed down even with obama he.closed that iron ore i think he just.wanted to get even with you i don't know.he wasn't good it didn't not a good not.a guy we've knocked out about 84.of the things he did and you say i.wonder if he likes me.but you're getting used to winning and.you're going to see winning like you've.never seen before you had your best year.and you're going to win so much you've.heard this right i haven't said it in a.long time because we've been doing a lot.of winning.but you're going to win so much and.you're going to send jason to the u.s.senate.and you're going to keep winning and.winning and winning.you're going to win on trade you're.going to win on the military you're.going to win on everything you touch.minnesota is going to keep on winning.and you're going to get tired of winning.because minnesota doesn't want to win.all the time.your football team is going to win in.the big ten they say right.now we're going to keep on winning in.minnesota and you're going to get so.tired you're going to say.jason jason please please jason.go to the president see him in the oval.office stop him from winning.we're winning too much in minnesota we.can't stand it jason please.please jason stop him from winning.so much for minnesota we can't take it.we're not used to it.because we went through years and years.and years where it was tough right.the mayors know that that's why they all.endorsed the president.and i'm gonna look at jason i'm going to.say no jason i'm sorry.the people of minnesota want to win.you're wrong jason they want to win.we're going to keep on going jason we're.going to keep on winning.and they're going to be happy as hell.jason.get jason and he's a great guy by the.way you have a senator that he's running.against i won't even mention names.she does nothing nothing.nobody even knows who the hell she is.she goes to a meeting the other day.everyone's trying to figure out who is.she.this guy he even looks the road central.casting right.you know if you can get the look for.free that's good too right.but he's going to be fantastic.tremendous guy really successful and he.loves your state and he loves our.country so.jason please.but you're going to win we're one.movement we're one people.one family and one glorious nation under.god.[Music].and together with the incredible people.of minnesota.and you know what's going to be.operating at.strength because i owe it to these.incredible mayors that were so nice to.me that was such a nice thing and i.didn't politic you at all right.i never politicked you i said what how.nice.and it's happening with so many other.things we have other endorsements from.police forces that i never asked and.all of a sudden they're coming from very.hostile territory.so i just appreciate you being here and.i'm saying this for you.and i'm saying it for all of you okay.thank you.we will make america wealthy again.we will make america strong again.we will make america proud again.we will make america safe again.and we will make america.great again thank you minister.

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Mn Lg1004 2012 Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Mn Lg1004 2012 Form are:

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