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How to Write the Notification Of Address Change Board Of Optometry State Of Optometry Ca under Instructions on the Laptop?

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Notification Of Address Change Board Of Optometry State Of Optometry Ca : Custom-make, Finish and share

so if you could have moved them away.from the microphones when you speak so.that the feedback I'd like to welcome to.the California State Board of Optometry.Board meeting and you may notice that.board members have computers and iPads.iPhones and all kinds of electronic.tools before us we use these to assist.us and they provide the resources.including our electronic materials and.either online access to our regulations.and other books brought those with us we.ask for public comment on each agenda.item as this is the official business of.the California State Court of Optometry.and as such I ask that everyone be.respectful of the need to conduct the.board's business should anyone disrupt.the meeting I asked them the person.conduct himself or herself in a manner.that permits the board and allows us to.do our business if for some reason I.forget to ask for public comment.item and you wish to speak to that item.please raise your hand and you will be.recognized all speakers remind you that.you have three minutes to speak or less.please stay on topic to please speak.clearly and into the microphones which.should be on and ready and available for.you we plan to end today at five o'clock.and we are taking some agenda items out.of order like we did yesterday Dean.Murphy Leo our new executive over at DCA.is coming to speak to us but he is.attending another board meeting first.and maybe about 15 minutes late so we'll.work around his schedule and as you know.we started agenda item 9c yesterday.which was tabled and we will be bringing.it back again today so with that I would.like tests are just I'm sorry item 20 is.being moved up to 11:00 a.m..I'd like to ask our secretary to take.the roll.so that we can establish rapport so.grandpa your David Trotsky your rachel.Michelin here Burke in the game Colin.Martha Carson here black Cal Gucci yeah.Deborah McIntyre mark more da me Maria.Santos Berber absent Lillian one yeah.thank you.so any public comments on items not on.the agenda any members of the public.like to introduce themselves thank you.the pose may provide general comments.during this time variety was not on the.agenda or if a comment is related to a.specific item and you wish to hold your.comment until that agenda item that is.fine as well it will be sure that you.are heard please note that the board.cannot take any action on items that are.not listed on the agenda and as we have.no individuals wishing to address the.board right now I'd like just if you.could to introduce staff that's here.with us today to the team and thank you.well thank you for all the setup and all.of the organization place into these.meetings so thank you I mentioned that.we have our new director of DCA coming.that's the next agenda item so we'll go.ahead and post on that and I'll start.end with the president's report first.I'd like to address that the board.meeting dates we've done the.introduction.so the board meeting dates are listed.here in November November third will be.in Riverside January 28th will be in the.Bay Area April 20th.I'm sorry January 26th will be in the.Bay Area April 20th in Sacramento.August 3rd in San Diego November 2nd in.the Bay Area obtaining costs assessments.for different meeting locations so we do.not have the meeting location for you.quite yet we'll be providing data to the.board leadership and we'll evaluate.whether we're going to be at a federal.or public facility or we'll be meeting.at a hotel a lot of it won't have to do.with cost savings for the state this is.maybe wishful thinking but should the.children's vision bill get out of.assembly appropriations and should be.looking forward to the floor of the.assembly it probably will be in January.I just I'm just putting that out there.I just looked on the website that's not.put up the calendar for 2018 yet but I'm.just saying that there's a possibility.around that January 26 date we may be.here if you may want to be in Sacramento.at the Capitol working on the bill.I think there's time I mean by November.3rd well know so just I'm just putting.that out there maybe if you don't get.that's good comment.none so that's the ID I just talked.about on the radar okay thank you any.other comments from the board on.location comments from the public on.location so committee appointments and.session with all of you yesterday if I.had introduced the draft list of.committees and Rob do you have to get.out thank you well look at proofing.these two final so for the public the.board is comprised of eleven members.representing different perspectives and.strengths the board's executive team.would like to capitalize on these.individual strengths and provide an.opportunity for all members to have.input on various committees we have.several committees that we identified.yesterday and recommended participation.have been called out and listed so that.you of the public knows what these.committees do legend wrench or.legislation and regulation is.responsible for recommending legislative.and regulatory priorities to the board.and assisting staff with draft language.for board sponsored legislation as well.as recommending official positions on.current legislation the committee also.recommends regulatory additions and.amendments practice and education.committee advises board staff on matters.related to optometric practice including.standards of practice and scope of.practice issues we review staff.responses to proposed regulatory changes.that may affect the optometric practice.and we also review requests for approval.of continuing education courses as well.as offer guidance to the board regarding.staff continuing education issues a.consumer protection committee oversees.the development of administration.legally defensible licensing.examinations and consulting on.improvements and or enhancements to.licensing and enforcement policies and.procedures the public relations Outreach.Committee assists with the development.of outreach and development.materials to the board stakeholders to.reduce costs and promote efficiencies we.are recommending that all future.committee meetings be scheduled on the.same day impossible.and preferably three 30 days prior to.each quarterly board meeting allowing.the staff to assimilate the materials.and get them into our board packet I'd.like to go over that list one more time.and then obtain your comment as well as.comments from the public so for the.legislation and regulation committee the.proposed committee composition is Donna.Berg plain Kikuchi rachel michelin maria.salazar Sperber and david turetsky a.practice and education Madhu Chawla Ruby.Garcia Martin origami David turetsky and.Lillian Wong for consumer protection.Ruby Garcia deborah mcintyre landau.kuchi mark Madhavi and Lillian Wong for.public outreach Donna Berg Madhu Chawla.Deborah McIntyre Rachael Michelin and.Maria Salazar's Berber for our work.groups children's vision workgroup Lim.Cal Gucci rachel michelin or the foreign.graduate work group.Madhu Chawla and William Wong and The.Dispensing competition committee Ruby.Garcia the mobile Optima Trix facility.work group we introduced yesterday or.voted on and I am receiving input from.those of you who would like to serve on.that committee and then I'll get back to.you work group and it buys a such having.thought through that work group and.taking a look at those who are.interested it makes sense to me to.integrate this into as a subset of.legend reg so that we can have.efficiencies so we're not creating.another series of steps and materials.for our staff but it will be directly.linked to legend reg that's the proposal.at this time the guidance for the.committee's again to meet at least once.before the next board meeting select a.chair at your first meeting come up with.a handful say career or deliverables and.targets for next year.then focus on your mission and to meet.quarterly please at least any comments I.just I like the list of objectives I'm.just wondering if we have a copy of what.yes so if the goal is for us to all have.a committee by the same day right so can.we just can you just send out a couple.of dates that work in your schedule and.missed a schedule so that we can just.put it on my calendar I think that would.be easier those things right right.correct so you you're you're.anticipating we all come to Sacramento.and we're meeting him is that how or.they caught I'm trying to figure that.out when you say meeting on one day what.does that mean so it so if you get.dependence we'll go back and look at.what meetings were going to have so they.had all of the meetings at once if.they're if they don't want to play a.Sacramento we can have a Sacramento.location or Bay Area location and a.Southern California location and then so.we only have three and everybody will go.to their locations and call in if it's a.bigger topic where we think that that.work that committee or workers should be.Sacramento than those members can find.in Sacramento but we would essentially.have back-to-back committee meetings so.we could start with me at 8:00 or 9:00.and then just do not committing the next.one we live next one so then the members.aren't moving around and we just had one.day something to my pledge read you can.have that's probably the one with the.most public comment of any of them okay.so but you'll send out potential date so.we can cook thank you.so DCA hosts a quarterly directors.meeting it's a phone call with yos and.presidents together with staff of DCA on.the last call and wanted to let you know.that we had discussed a new tool called.quality business interactive reporting.tool or Cubert and it provides.transparency into licensing across the.DCA family as to what the application.workload is looking like this will not.only help our team but the public as.well there will be new digital print.services so even DCA is migrating to an.e world and they'll be less reliance on.paper down the road legal affairs has.had a fair amount of staff changes.virtually every board has had a shift in.their legal counsel which we expressed.our concern has been the past case each.year we tend to have turnover with our.board but we're not alone or proudly a.tour going to spoke up on the call and.share the same sediment as we have a new.leader for TCA yes committed to work.really hard towards allowing all boards.to maintain consistency amongst legal.counsel for more than a year at a time.and with that again I'd like to.reintroduce Nina Hamilton.joining us Kurt remains a supervising.attorney and we are still part of his.workload get rid of us yeah.but we welcome you again miss Hamilton.and thank you for your counsel.we also learned a little bit more about.the future leadership development.initiative for the leaders across each.of the boards there yo s as well as key.staff positions and in general business.modernization efforts across DCA which.we'll see gradually rolling out and.implemented in the months ahead one of.those happens to be the new per diem.forum for members it's still a draft it.was included in your board packet and it.enables all boards to have one.consistent format that will be.electronically input in either by board.members or in our case with assistance.from Kelly if we're not tipping it.ourselves but just know that this is not.official yet so as soon as it is then.we'll get back with you for training an.explanation I'd also like to address the.executive officer evaluation process and.we have a handout from DCA that we can.share in their commitment or.efficiencies and effectiveness which.aligns with our new strategic plan of.efficiencies and effectiveness we're all.consistent on how we evaluate arose.across the board and among all boards.this enables us to provide performance.feedback more than once a year so we'll.have the opportunity to provide our you.with not only a check in which is.approximately six months from the yearly.review date but an annual review which.is completed on one final form and it's.into the EOS file but prior to it being.submitted into the file I'll ask that we.work with DCA HR will be coming to our.November meeting to explain the process.and launch it.we'll have our forms they will be.electronically based you can email them.in to me please.on or before December 1st of assemble.and tally out of your input and then we.will provide our IO the opportunity to.have either a public session or a closed.session evaluation process with the full.board this will enable all of us to.provide input if we wish to with v EO.then any last minute updates or changes.to the evaluation can be me I commit to.do that within a week of our meeting.it'll get back turned into DCA in order.to start the process to complete her.evaluation which may include the taking.a look at her compensation any questions.on the evaluation process board member.activities when you have an opportunity.now the order like to recognize all the.great work individuals members are doing.for the community and shares some.accomplishments and they know mark was.going to share once we might table that.and bring it it back and this way we'll.learn a little bit more about what we.are doing I'm Hugh is mark to discuss.the board member this way we will learn.a little bit more about what we do and.our professional and community lives.outside of the board mr. more domain put.you on this slide thank you i but.circling on the among the board members.is programmed for the 2017 University of.California Berkeley School of Optometry.graduation and it was a wonderful man.remember one invited me that I was there.to represent award the Dean of the.optometry school was kind enough to.announce my representation of the board.as one of the VIP.before the entire audience and there's.those of you who have kids in college.can understand this but there's.something very extreme and heartwarming.and exciting to see he's very young what.yet to be energetic inspiring optimistic.optometrists ready to embark in the.profession and and that seeing the.families the families is the most.employment meant for the families in.their lives sort of kids professionals.in our in our confession so exist truly.and smart and you'll get a chance like I.have encourage all of you to do its.purpose in what we doing next year.they'll be very fine professionals will.never seen them before us they'll be.seated in front of dr. Wong only at.graduation and said thank you any other.miss Garcia remember about five years.now for to celebrate the opening of the.two-year degree program prom tissues in.Moorpark Community College softer color.he's been involved they're excited just.to have board members work with them and.we're excited about the core classes.will start in January so wishes luck if.you know it students one or ten please.and we're hoping to spread out through.California just takes a little time to.do that together uh I three years ago we.established the state society California.State Society for opticians we're going.to be celebrating our third conference.that Knott's Berry Farm in in April and.you're all welcome to come we're slowly.growing every year we have it keeps.doubling and more opticians keep coming.they do need a place to continue.learning their profession.so let's move on to the agenda item 10.please approval of the Board minutes mr..Kepler did you want to address the board.on the process of approval of minutes.some members I think at the San Diego.opening there was discussion first there.was a concern about what would a.minute's having done some research my.colleague have been talked it over with.desertion.I just want to formally born between for.the approval of the minutes of that.meeting does not mean that board ensure.a lenient at all the crime instead of.the media that so there's no liability.that attachment because minutes.themselves aren't essentially a.historical record of what happened so I.just in case there was some concern that.by putting the stamp over me reaching.back and validating the logistics.associated with that key I'm here to say.that's not the case all the puzzle the.minutes means it's an accurate.reflection of what actually what.actually happened as far as the business.of the war transacted and so that's it.so there's no like I said you know there.was by approving the minutes it's not.like everything was compliant or.whatever then we if there was some sort.of discrepancy or ambiguity it's not.that all the approval of the minutes.means we talked about this and we talked.about that that's what we did.okay so there's any question.question if that's the case then can we.just strike all the locations from the.minutes struggle is just don't even list.the location the fortnightly voting on.the me so to speak of what happened at.that meeting no I don't we investigated.because I still think there has to be a.regular where the members were.unnecessarily corner visiting site but.just were they were so that it suggests.that it was not assembled meaning.everybody was not an accommodation so.we'll start with the February 22nd.minutes I would entertain a motion to.approve the minutes I think that motion.second second.okay I'll call Oh have a comment you.any public comment is there a board.member comment it's just a silly little.thing on item 15 throughout the document.it refers to dr. Wong as dr wahwah dr.wahwah D and at number 15 MP person.whereas this one I just think it should.be doctor I was an abstinence me because.I understand it robert's rules or maybe.the law it doesn't preclude me from.approving or voting on the minutes if I.feel that they're accurate and therefore.number coming so we will vote on the.minutes I'll take well with dr. Tracey's.amendment and changing number 15.printing doctor wants title miss brand.by my doctor turetsky rachel michelin.abstained on a burke by dr. Challa.miss Garcia names named dr. copy chief.whoops ding dr. McIntyre mr. mo da me.miss Berbers accent I'm dr. Wong.so mix Brandt mine was I.mr. dr. trans gave I abstain.[Music].I'm hosting dr. McIntyre UI for the.upstanding I guess so I will entertain a.bus and I present for you the April 21st.four minutes I will entertain a motion.to accept those minutes.I second you need a motion going there.great do you let the mission oh yeah.there a second second any public comment.any comment from the board.yes this is April 21st so first a.comment um say that it's very well done.I am curious how many hours it took this.together or just out of curiosity.thank you for opening that door I do.want to I'm ok working with Jessica and.Kelly and rod on kind of streamlining.the minute so that they don't take quite.as long a couple of things we decided is.that things that are pre annotations an.example would be the DC report we're.just going to file that we're not going.to put it in the minutes we're really.tried and I think it was you mark you.your first off there's an action minutes.so we're trying to get back to the.action minutes but I do want board.members to know that any of the.documentation the staff will keep on.file in case there's ever a question or.anyone from the public wants to go back.but we figured with webcasts and some.cases with the recording of a phone call.and then keeping some of the hard copy.reports we've covered our bases in terms.of streamlining minutes yes I completely.agree with that.with an additional footnote that if.there's something that we think should.be in the minutes that we said it's on.us to be the militant act meeting or.minutes to say hey I said this please.put it in minutes.on that note on section II under.enforcement program there was discussion.questioning answering by me about the.time frame are the high priority cases.and question for anyway the appropriate.to Jessica and recall it justice.explaining that it's high settlement.came in high priority cases one of the.major reasons of tracks from the only.reason why the case so long is a lot of.wonder settlement cases and meaning for.the few members in public these are.cases that are settled in court and.because the nation of the court.settlement may become high priority but.it takes a lot of groundwork and.cooperation by the parties to get that.information before we can pursue in.chemistry and I thought I so that my.explanation is here I thought I'd.suggested that you work for you know.there's usually delay in your report for.high prior cases to note a new report.six of these cases on high seven cases.or something like that I don't recall.seeing that in your enforcement report.this time I'm making that a suggestion.if you think it's a lousy idea that's.fine but I can explain why it's a high.priority case that kind of sets off the.red lines but it ain't our fault that.it's taking so long.or we're trying with the information.that the parties are not going to walk.at you just just stay ashore agency.settlement cases so you want that.yes if the board doesn't lie I mean it's.nice to have that it's the one line.well that diamond suggesting that the.order explanation and it's alien.correcting report about Iceland case.then it's a high-priority case and its.own case and you had a board member.comment on finish so we have a motion in.a second Oh motion is to approve the.minutes with the additional amendment.dr. dr. Tommy okay so sig granted by dr..turetsky.they're in the additional board member.comment its branding by dr. turetsky.admission votes I don Burke aye.dr. Challa esteemed dr. our miss Garcia.aye.dr. Eugene a dr. McIntyre mr. Martin by.night and this burger is absent and then.dr. Wong I motion carries.and then finally the May 8 minutes so I.will entertain a motion to approve those.minutes their second public comment and.another coming miss grandma and my.doctor Trixie.I miss Burton back dr. charlie.miss Garcia and fun dr. Kovac invited.dr. back in town hi mr. mardow me move.back to agenda item 8 and as I see that.our new DCA director is here you'd like.to join us and miss Lally.[Music].thank you a second officer brand vine.pardon me that was some miss note yes as.I could also see for many years.President Grant vine board members thank.you so much for allowing me to introduce.myself to you today miss mission I'd be.remiss if I didn't say it's nice to see.you again as well I had the pleasure of.meeting the executive officer vice.president rensky and president brand buy.and couple months ago so it's again a.pleasure that I'm able to meet the.entire board today and it's been been.since March 20th that Governor Brown.appointed me to DCA such an honor.wasn't part of my plan of 2017 but as I.learned more about the opportunity how.so much of DCA is in line with my values.my beliefs as I learned more about the.obviously decided to yes.embark on this new experience and the.foreign a half months has gone by.extremely quickly as you could imagine.not only with the optometry board but.the 38 other entities under DCA there.isn't a dull moment at DCI I jumped from.issue to issue quite quickly I've been.telling folks it's a it's a good.environment for myself.diagnosed attention deficit disorder so.I'm looking forward to working with all.of you as my tenure on the DCA continues.a little bit about myself I came to.Sacramento for to work with former so.majority leader leader Alberto Tirico he.represents these base cities of Newark.Fremont Union City from there the.opportunity be chief of staff or a.former Assemblymember warrant for Tony.he's out of LA Gardena Long Beach and.then I lobbied with the California.Medical Association for about three.years and the pleasure of working side.by side with Miss michelin's husband.Brett we were able to work on some great.things while there at CMA and then I.never swore off returning to the capital.but if I did I wanted to make sure it.was for the right person the right.reasons and that opportunity presented.itself in 2012 when the first Filipino.American ever elected to the California.State Assembly rob Ponte was elected out.of the East Bay.Sage's Oakland San Leandro in Alameda I.was with him for years and I mentioned.previously that coming to DCA in 2017.wasn't part of the plan as many of you.folks well know come January of every.legislative years when the legislative.wheels start churning but again in part.with us I remember bonta's keen inside.in a device I was able to come speak.with him confidentially about the.opportunity and along with them my.loving wife others were close to me they.were supportive of this opportunity and.I know that they'll continue to be.supportive in.yet my Dever here at TCA in terms of my.style based on my past experience I.believe the best approach to solving.complex vexing issues not only specific.to this board but others is an open-door.policy these are some very complex.esoteric issues oftentimes and I believe.in order to make a informed decision.with confidence you have to try to bring.in as many perspectives and ideas to the.table so that again when in fact you do.make a decision you could have.confidence in that process of a.deliberative one my time the legislature.where you're trying to obviously figure.out what kind of legislation is going to.help advance what's best for society.what's best for individuals you do get.exposed to often you know different.perspectives and it's so important that.you do in fact proactively reach out for.those different insights so that again.whether it's legislation whether it's.decision you are going to have.confidence in that given that.deliberative and robust process and I'll.be the first to say that I don't have a.monopoly on good ideas and what I mean.by that is that I'm always going to want.to collaborate with folks like.yourselves who are the frontline experts.on a specific issue and I believe the.vehicle aberration it's the best way to.in fact again arrive a decision move.forward on a particular project and the.rhetorically maybe the more buy-in and.the more collaboration that is involved.I think that just bodes well for not.only that particular issue project but.for going forward and working on things.that inevitably is gonna come come come.our way as I mentioned with DCA's.multitude of programs boards and bureaus.there's a lot of moving parts I'm so.very reliant not only my seniors.but I think all reasonable minds would.agree that the backbone of any.organization are in fact its staff in.the foreign half months that I have been.at ECA I've tried to reach out to as.many attend joint labor-management.committees go to barbecue Appreciation.barbecues in my line of work and I think.so many others the best way to in fact.create environment in which hopefully.folks are going to be able to operate at.their fullest potential is literally.having that initial interaction and.sharing a little bit about myself as.well as hoping hoping to hear a little.bit of a little bit about them the last.thing I want anyone at ECA and beyond to.feels like being a being a cog in a.wheel I think so many of us have decided.to come to DCA.be a board member is because of our.belief and consumer protections and as.long as we can as long as we can.continue remind ourselves of the larger.goal of this board of DCA we do in fact.can admit that there is a common ground.that we should start some start from.despite the the vaccine issue or or or.question at hand I know that you have a.lot on your agenda today I'm not going.to take any more of your time I'm happy.to answer any questions but please do.keep in mind that you're only permitted.to ask four and a half four and a half.month threshold questions I'm proud to.say that you're pregnant in one job.represented my district as director of.our agency I want to say two things.about the department one is I hope to.continue a very good supportive.relationship that our board he has with.the department what a true Christian.we've got a great working relationship.- thank you very much the other thing I.request is that that when it comes to.things like legislation that it's very.important that you be straight with us.you know until the legislative calendar.works very fast and decisions have to be.made very quickly and they're.interesting to see but you know where we.are need a minute board and we have our.mission to protect consumers and monitor.the industry so you know I know in the.hustle and bustle of legislation things.happen but with encouraging be straight.with us on those matters both towards.negative director and our chair I.understand that we're a cumbersome.organization because we have noticed.meetings and things like that but at.minimum our executive director and make.them officers appreciate you mentioning.that mr. Lord on me I no other way I.know I know of no other way and to.operate than being straight for.straightforward and honest as you folks.well know in well may or may not know in.the Capitol there there are no secrets.and I suspect that those that believe.there are there gonna be quickly found.out and I've only been able to my in.part continue to for lack of better.terms matriculate from alleged staff to.achieve to a lobbyist back to a chief in.large part because of being forthright.being honest whether the news is good.bad or otherwise I'm gonna continue to.be the professional that I think.everyone should be and I completely.recognize that it does start with me in.terms of being straightforward with.everyone and I do want it you know.there's there's one thing I know about.your reputation and I appreciate that I.feel you or someone who will give the.straight answer even if it's hard to.hear and I do appreciate that I know.colleagues coming from and you know I.think all of us here want to work with.you when I worked with the Department of.Consumer Affairs I'm having that level.of trust amount respect is very.important and I just want my colleagues.to know that you can't get another.letter by I trust what you have to say.and appreciate the comments that you.made to my colleagues I think it Thank.You mr. Shah thank you so much.this is likewise all right Genda item.number gen title number 11 the executive.officers report thank you and first I.just wanted to correct the materials on.the Mac which at 9:15 a little hook.ahead of yourself for the for the breeze.update most of the work has been done on.the RDO program as members you probably.remember the transition while it may.have moved faster and legislation to.move the program it takes a little.longer for technology to catch up and so.we had to work with the with the breach.team within DCA to move the RTO program.from the medical board domain under our.daily we also had to design for all the.RTO transactions to go online is that.the medical board they were not allowed.to do so so with that we had to make a.decision because obviously as you know.that our Dino program is only consisting.of one point nine position and so we had.the individual who was the expert infant.in the process she's also the sole.purpose so far stand responsible for.those applications so we had to decide.where to put her time and how to spend.that wide swing so we did decide why.decided.to take her and put her time to.development testing the priests program.to make sure that it would it would run.correctly with that way if we did see a.backlog to applications start see it.back with our own made once we saw the.backlog offerings over time for both her.and for Kelly Kelly's the process but.the applications she also helped a lot.with the design and development of the.program for cardio's so she hurried and.just been working overtime and on.weekends to help with the backlog.through the optional other side like.making them do not but they're.definitely willing to do that which has.been amazing so I want to thank you and.just us not here but you guys are.amazing.Rob also was out on a baby bunny for.awhile and as soon as he got back he.went full-time to help with the freeze.project at the same time DCA also.devoted significant resources to get.this in on time the difference between.this transition and what we did when we.went live is that a lot of that was.vendor driven they were doing all the.work this time this was the first time.the DCA team did it completely they have.anything a little bit their interaction.but it was driven by PCA so it was a big.win for Houston a big win for us and we.were able to get them so all the aerial.applications are now online and we do.want mine defiantly and they can change.their address online that was live in.June so now we're working on the.outreach methods that let them know that.this is available is a another thing.that we've realized once we got the.program and if you have mentioned before.is that we we don't have a lot of really.good mechanisms to contact these.licensees there is a lot of addresses of.record that are out of date out of the.4,500 licenses that we got we had maybe.five hundred email addresses so we're.working on I'm getting that up reach out.to those registers and we've also talked.to big corporations who have these.registers there to get the word out.then to let them know that this is.available and every time they call in we.try to get their email address and let.them know that these are services.available online so working on a comment.will go more into detail with the COC.update later but I think that this is.definitely a step forward but I did want.to let you know that we are experiencing.temporary backlogs.there what applications but it was.really to help benefit them in the long.run so that's all I had for freeze-up to.have anything back memories no I just.wanted to echo what you were saying.about being appreciative of the breeze.team and the resources that they.dedicate to this project cuz it was.really impressive to see how much work.they actually dedicated to get any audio.program live I mean they I don't want to.say that they skipped breaks and lunches.and all that kind of stuff but it I.think in at a few months they actually.did so I just wanted to thank them again.[Music].good morning ladies and gentlemen of the.board my name is Wilbur rubella and I.will be providing you guys a budget.update of the expenditures from prior.year at this point I'm still gonna call.them projections cuz we technically.haven't closed the books we haven't.received the fiscal month 13 report yet.so with that if you guys had the.expended projection we can go over it.right now.your total appropriation for last fiscal.year was 1.8 37 million dollars and of.that appropriation you guys are.projected to expend one point six five.six million dollars so overall at this.point you guys look like you guys are.going to be reverting about a hundred.and eighty one thousand dollars for this.year or last.school year I know there are a lot of.line items in here that you see there.are red but typically as I've explained.before you mainly care about bottom line.budget so the fact that you guys.reverted $181,000 is pretty good on yeah.you know showing that you guys are.pretty conservative with your budget any.questions on your expenditure report no.the other good news I have for the board.of Optometry if you want to look at your.fun condition at this point I've.incorporated the your expenditures and.revenue into the fund condition and one.of the things to point out is your 1.million dollar general fund loan.repayment has been repaid it was repaid.last year and it's back in your fund now.and the beginning point for next fiscal.year is going to be two point 1 million.dollars is your starting budget for.fiscal year 1718 keep in mind this is.just a starting point we're at the.budget building phase right now so we're.incorporating all the executive order.executive orders budget letters and any.budget change proposals so this number.is gonna be changing by January but this.at this point in time 2.1 is your.starting point this year any questions.on your fund condition okay all right.I'm gonna move on to our deal I just.wanted to add there were a couple.requests from us to work with the budget.office and one was when we have board.meetings and we might be discussing.something solely for the RDO program if.a portion of that could then be paid by.the our do program.I did speak with the budget office and.they said that we would be able to do an.invoice to the ARD over and after the.fact because we have this morning after.the BCP to have the audio program.reimburse us for services we provide so.that's what we'll do and we'll do it.invoice for services that we provide.that program and.meetings and anything related to that.would be an tonight the other thing that.members have asked is a specific.breakdown for costs of the travel just.saw that number and one of the line.items so we're working with with budgets.to do that and I just wanted a couple.clarifications would you like to see.it's the line items by trip or are you.looking to see by litems of person or I.just be a little more that it's because.that's a coupon where we're gonna pull.the dot well actually none of it is is.even plus we're going to a new system in.this case so we're not in time to share.with us and it look like right now we.get I get monthly reports that are.printed out and it has line items broken.up which was Nieman I go in and manually.into in the data I did work with budgets.and I got the electronic copy um.yesterday so thank you avert but I still.have to take that and copy and paste.into it but it still takes time but I'm.not even sure what it's still look like.anything else oh hey I still shouldn't.discount the capability to just they're.not why this day pivot towards this gals.to be able to export the data a little.being here yeah is my so I'm Kevin just.from the new budget officer I'm I.started back in May so I'm fairly new to.just like our executive director Dean.pillow and so Fisk out is is meaning to.actually pull more detailed reports it's.a much more transparent system and so we.just don't know what the reports do not.look like compared to Cal stars in which.you're used to really seeing and cloning.the data from but know they will have.very detailed line item data for us we.just don't know what its gonna look like.how it's gonna compare to Cal stars and.until they close fiscal month one.anticipating a September that's when.we're gonna be able to our first report.out of the fiscal systems so for an.expert enough effort the fiscal report.will be outed a report coming from.hopefully it all depends on how they can.close fiscal month 1 in the system and.we just went and go live July 1 and so.it's it's a very challenging system at.first that that's our help is to.absolutely have reports starting to pull.at the end of September after they close.fiscal month 1 and then going for why.don't we just wait there's no that would.agree with that because those two.proposal that you said anti-drip or by.person they're both compromised so oh.wait so that we understand what that.would be how are you looking for a.historical what's gonna be into what you.spent in 1617 because that will come.from Cal stars so then the old.counselors reports won't translate over.to fiscal it'll be like going forward so.1718 expenditures is what we will be.able to start pouring in after fiscal.month 1 Awards so will it look different.like even though it's a report you're.getting no it will not it'll be more the.reports that we provide to those at.clops or see Furman and and and how we.put the data into here but these reports.won't change you might see some slight.line item titles changing so we can.mimic what the scholars reporting but no.these were documents will stay remain.the same just a couple of good comments.I meant with the budget team few weeks.ago so they could sort of explain how.this documents put together anyway um it.was it's it's an interesting process and.you guys do an amazing job with with in.some cases some very limited data but.some of these some of these items don't.look like they make sense but in the end.they do for instance some under the pro.rata expenses the.ope s the office professional exam.services it shows that we're running a.deficit of them of about $22,000 but.under exam expenses under external.expert examiners.run a surplus of around $18,000 there's.a lot of numbers that are best guessed.filled in here and correct me if I'm.wrong Lewbert best guests filled in and.when the fiscal year is completed.everything is done then the numbers all.sort of are moved around so they're in.the right place so we might run a.deficit of 22,000 we were at on the.surplus of 18,000 there may be a deficit.of a thousand here and a surplus of.4,000 there in the end it all works out.the numbers have to be slightly.rearranged but this is sort of a best.guess as to where we stand at this point.of the year and going forward and that's.why some of these numbers might not make.sense at first but they actually do make.sense because it's a best guess as to.where we're going did that get close to.you can say no if I'm wrong no you're.correct I I don't like to call it a best.guess it's a projection and it's a.projection point at the point of signs.so it's a so if a lot of these numbers.are formula driven and they're also.based on reports that I get from HR and.any contracts that I receive for the.board so it I mean if it is a lot of.data but I mean it's a it a lot of we.put a lot of resources in to get these.numbers so it's the best projection that.we have for you guys and that my point.is on this from what you told me you.guys have to take really what seems like.minimal data and put together a pretty.extensive budget summary and I'm amazed.at how one you can come up with these.numbers appreciate that now a lot of it.is based on historical trends which you.spent the last year last three years.that best guess is is are typically.based on stage and historical projection.correct and we build a budget we build.it for a 12-month plan and and we know.things change it's like in our own.personal budgets and so we do do our.best best efforts to align these.categories with your actual expenditures.that's know Matt deliver its point is.the more bottom line is that you really.want to look at and we definitely have.ability to move some of these line items.you might have some in anomalies in.certain years where you may have a.larger charge and a PEZ as compared to.your expert examiner's or something like.that that we.want to avoid knee-jerk reaction.shifting some of the allocations and.within a line under loan so one of the.opportunities that were experiencing.right now is that we don't really have.good historical data because we didn't.have Guardian program under the umbrella.of Coventry water so the overarching.opportunity we see is to make sure that.we're not surprised by the end.bottom-line budget and that's.projections that we had ended up being.off so we just don't want to end up.being surprised because we don't have.that historical data so that's our.desire to be able to some not monitor.our expenditures and understand where.things are coming from so that if.adjustments are necessary that we're.able to practically do it as opposed to.reactive lis so I understand the.challenges but if you could just.continue to keep us updated yeah.absolutely noble provide these monthly.to the offices team and anytime you have.questions we're always free and.available to answer any technical issues.like that and we do definitely monitor.it throughout the month.so um I heard the good news of the state.is paid back correctly gave are there.any political implications to that.positive or negative like with somebody.in the legislature say well we're not.gonna approve a few MERS doesn't have.this extra going dollar to your account.now or you know whether the one of the.possible complications you know I think.is if you were bumping up against your.statutory reserve requirement if that.was really that won't to exceed your.statutory requirement you're months in.reserve and you were to go to a fee.increase that could potentially be.looked at I know you guys are gonna be.looking at a fee increase hopefully.fairly soon I mean I think they look at.the overall picture.um there's obviously some some risk.involved if you were there to pay back.one and you ended up with 30 months in.reserve and you're asking for more money.and if the increase that definitely.could be looked at and scrutinized a.little bit but I think you have a.justifiable this annoying daughter alone.isn't putting you at risk at that at.that point to to parallel on your fee.increase going forward well there's.always put a clinical indications that I.can't foresee but I think as far as the.loan repayment now I think as long as.you're maintaining your months in.reserve and you're expending you know.appropriately I don't see too much.concern there.[Music].okay so as many of you know we've been.waiting to fill the policy analyst.position for a little bit since we lost.Joanne in February and then as president.man Brandon I mentioned Todd Karen is.our new policy analyst so we're happy to.have him on board he was a social media.manager he worked for the Board of.Equalization under senator George.Runners office he has experience with.op-eds editorials analyses I'm pretty.happy to have him on board and Jessica's.already kind of exposed him to some.policy related matters and the short.time he's been here this is his first.week and then I've already reached out.to the powers that be at DCA to try and.get him some accelerated training so.we're definitely going to get him.exposed to as much as we can so that he.he can he has all the tools to succeed.and this is the best policy analyst that.we have possible so we're excited have.him on board the next update is that our.licensing lead position is currently.vacant we lost our licensing lead in.mid-june shortly thereafter we posted.for that vacancy the applications have.all been received I'm completing going.through those applications we see we.received a lot of applications just like.with the policy analyst position we.received a lot of applications which is.good and in the next few days I'll be.scheduling those interviews provided we.have a good candidate at pool I would.assume that in the next couple of weeks.I should be making an offer and then.we'll be hiring that licensing lead.luckily even though we don't have a.licensing lead right now obviously it's.an important position we have Carol.Wilson who's our retired annuitant who.is who was so graciously taken up the.mantle of Licensing lady did before she.trained her previous licensing lead and.then once we hired this new license in.late she'll train that person as well I.realized that she has a retired.annuitant so she isn't there full-time.but I think her experience kind of makes.up for that so we're pretty glad to have.her available to do that the other.update is that our receptionist.Priscilla Taurus wentest is currently.out on maternity leave she left I.believe May 25th she's gone for a year.so she's she's gone for a little bit.luckily Nancy day Brad garden and.Christina Eklund have volunteered to.take on those receptionist duties.they've worked together they had little.meetings and they decided how they were.going to split up those receptionist.shifts so it was really nice to see them.work as a team and decide okay you're.gonna do this this day you know that.kind of thing and take care of those.receptionist duties and make sure that.we didn't miss any steps and this of.course is on top of the normal duties so.obviously there is a you know a little.bit of overlap there at the time that I.wrote this we did have a pending request.with the calling center about getting.some temporary fill-in help and on.Monday we actually received the approval.so on Tuesday because I said we need.that person right away on Tuesday avila.cure has come over from the callin.center she has obviously callin.experienced so she's she has that.receptionist experience she also has.significant amount of Brees experience.so I think with Nancy Christine and Brad.filling her in on the nuances of.Optometry I think it's gonna be a good.fit we haven't for a couple of weeks at.the end of that time I'm going to try.and get an extension however if it isn't.approved then we'll go ahead and post.for a seasonal or limited term position.once I partnered with HR and see what we.have to do because I understand I don't.want to have Brad Nancy and Christina.having to do kind of double duties for.instant period of time the IDPs I think.last year I mentioned that we had gone.through the individual development plans.and these are basically an opportunity.for staff and management to come.together they have a one-on-one meeting.and we set forth objectives and ways to.reach those objectives for the upcoming.year last year was a little bit.different because obviously with the.restructuring of staff a lot of the.duties that were assigned to staff.previously were found to be either.duplicate duplicate of or not applicable.or someone else was doing them so those.duties were updated and at the time.those IDPs were done part of the IDP is.to do a performance measurement of the.previous year and we didn't find that it.would be appropriate to assign someone.branding duties and then basically.measure the performance against.brand-new duties.so we basically set those objectives the.goals and this.this time around we since we've had a.year since the last IDP we should be.able to both set the objectives the.goals and then also measure the.performance over the prior year since.they've had an adequate amount of time.to show their skill set and obviously.these are really important because I.think it it allows staff to gain further.experience in other areas at the board.and I think it just expands their skill.set I think if they want to move up.within the state or even outside of the.state I think having a really robust.skill set is key and we want to provide.them with those opportunities so that's.the main step update all right that.brings us to the examination and.licensing program updates we did finish.the workshops recently we were through.sedative workshops and we had 19 subject.matter experts total for the four.workshops.I want to thank Kelly actually she's she.was since we didn't have a policy.analyst she worked on recruiting those.subject matter experts I believe that's.the most we've had ever in the total.workshops so I thank you for all the.work that you did getting them and now.that the workshops are complete I have.the example the draft examination.questions so what I do with those.there's 50 questions and they have the.references for the loss section so I.look at the questions look at the.answers compare it to the laws to make.sure that it is lining up if there's.something I have a concern with a.contact obs and I reached out to her.couple times I can't get to specific.questions but I can give him in general.with what the concern is who needs help.me with that but for the most part it's.it's been it's been going pretty well.there's a couple items that once they.once they finalize the questions and.they put the first run-through they'll.come to me like if there's one question.it tends to be getting a high percentage.that's wrong they hooked me to say okay.this question.do so well why do you think that is and.I look at it and it could be because.they're the way that they're.interpreting the question is in the way.we were did the answer could also be.right recently we had one where it was.just like a coping error or the vector.and so they had to go and and flip the.question so that would what would that.happen I have them go back and look at.all of any applicants who could who may.have passed by one if they got that and.linens I don't look for the exact number.but it was slow there were a few that.were impacted so we went back to tell.them they did in fact pass the exam we.also went back to see if anyone who.passed by one but would have gotten it.wrong.luckily that that didn't happen but.that's also something that I needed to.know if they answered it correctly so.that wasn't infected but we didn't make.a couple of applicants happy that they.did pass because they answered the.question correctly yes your question.just yeah just on this so this is an.evaluation of four optometrist it's our.California in a lot of regulations.example for the optometrist you think.eventually something like this I mean so.that would require a statutory change.but I do believe that something that the.do see is looking into and is for to.make sure that there's adequate.requirements for entry but I know.another part of that is to make sure.that you're not putting in additional.barriers but still making sure that the.consumers are protected so but I know.that's something on my do C's agenda to.look at adding more requirements so that.would be that all right for licensing.thing we rob and I went out in and met.with se Co and Westar and we presented.the students that that were there and we.also went and met with the Registrar's.Office to continue the conversations.about electronic transcripts so they are.both on board and we.we missed this graduation cycle but we.hope to have them on board by next.registration cycle UC Berkeley is also.moved to electronic transcripts for the.third party so we're working on on I.have to have a conversation with.Berkeley to find out exactly the.relationship with that third party.because we do primary source.verification which means directly from.the universities and so I have to find.out a little more of how this.relationship works with that third party.from everything I hear is sounds pretty.specific here but I wanted to have our.IT team look at it and make that.determination and go from there so and.the other thing that we are looking at.is the licensing populations and the.applications received one of the things.I thought that was interesting for the.RTO program I know when all the stuff.pocket was 684 we were thinking that we.were gonna see this huge influx to.California we haven't seen it yet.I believe there's a slide in there that.kind of shows it does show an increase.but it's gradual and it's been gradual.compared to last fiscal years so it's.not something that's drastically.increased I mean we would over at the.DFC committee - and so it's it's just a.gradual increase so and then the the.only population increase we saw was for.optometry so it was like eight percent.on the others didn't really see a big.growth for licensing enforcement we're a.but so unlicensed it understand what.their timing and everything that we.don't have data for July but July is.obviously a really big month for.optometry licensing so what's your sense.based on our personnel situation on what.are having to cycle time is.I actually don't see that being in an.issue right now primarily because.Carol's the one who's processing them.because she she knows that the process.and the whole time she was training our.licensing lead shoot it I think that.actually could have made this time a.little longer because she was doing the.training of it and now she was just.doing it so I don't see too bad of a.cycle timer.okay so enforcement word where I think.we put it a few times before that we.close a lot of pieces a lot of those.though where the the easier cases look.he says that should have been closed but.we didn't have stop to analyze and close.sense of those I've been close but now.we're focusing on pieces that are over a.year old we want to make sure that those.are processes as quickly as possible so.because we're we're focusing on those.you're gonna see that the cycle times.are longer and I anticipate that being.long for the next several months while.we get through those the oldest cases.ended once those are closed and you'll.see you start seeing the cycle times.improve one thing that we didn't notice.with the clips of fiscal year we did.have 21 cases transmitted to the AG's.office which is pretty significant.compared to prior year so it shows up we.we are moving through them and getting.through those to the AG's office we also.haven't increased our communication with.the AG's office audiences in the back.and she helps us during our enforcement.meetings and for anything that we think.maybe maybe needed to be transmitted to.the AG's office if we if we should have.a little more information before.transmitting it so that input up front.is very valuable I think to the.enforcement team another thing that.Anita and I had recently discussed this.we're going to after we get through the.the cases that are a year old I plan to.have an enforcement go to the AG's.office downtown I meet with the dogs.down there that work the cases so they.had that communication to.we can start building that relationship.so the communication hopefully improves.which would help our cycle times as well.so with that are there any questions.yeah is as enforcement for our actions.with our Diaz has that increased in the.last year or so since the board's taken.since the our dealer has been working.versus when it was with the Medical.Board so I know that we've received more.complaints that's one thing that we were.also looking at at the do see the.applications received for the RTO.programs right now applications.complaints received for the RTL program.it looks like it it did take a dramatic.increase that looks like it almost.doubled but what I since found out is.that the Medical Board where they.received any conviction cases their.licensing unit would handle that where.we handle it on the enforcement side and.so they wouldn't count it as as a.complaint and with the convictions a lot.of them because this is an industry.that's that they learn in in prison they.a lot of them come to us with.convictions and so with the Medical.Board they weren't tracking as a.complaint where we do for tracking.purposes on the enforcement side so.that's the only beauty.so this concerns just kind of a general.topic of enforcement and they're two.kind of major categories I want to ask.about one is the topic of cease and.desist letters I understand we do them.on occasion I'd like to know what the.kind of procedural steps are what kind.of standard we have before we issue them.what the hammer is we have if someone.violates a cease-and-desist and whether.or not we should any cease and desist in.the mobile clinic area so that's one.category of questions so so like one.thing we have to don't miss you see some.business orders we don't have authority.to do so okay so what we we do add it.for big let me back up so the priority.of enforcement is obviously not to.punish or penalize as to gain compliance.so we try to do that at the lowest level.possible and so when we receive a.complaint and we send what we call.educational letters letting them know.that it looks like they may not be in.compliance with this section they.respond and then based on that if they.come into compliance then we close it.with the education letter letting him.know that there was this potential.violation they came into compliance now.we're closing it we do have leave which.at the bottom that says if it happens.again we're gonna proceed we may proceed.with for their enforcement action in the.future so we don't issue cease and.desist orders and answer that the other.question I have or many means this is.more of a statement reading through.other agenda items.I see how worked it is for boards of.Optometry throughout the country to be.vigilant when it comes to cosmetic.contact lenses I read the presentation.by was the FDA yep.at our bow and their materials this is.August we're probably not going to be.able to have a in-depth disguise.this next board meeting because of past.but I'm I know from this board members.perspective enforcement activities.related to unlicensed contact lens is a.very high priority but given the public.harm I don't need the board needs to.take action because we said this in the.past we've had enforcement actions.through the department's investigations.going after them.people are watching you know we're.watching and I encouraged our.enforcement staff to be mindful that the.halloween is coming and if enforcement.activities need to be readied it would.be a good idea and I think maybe only.discussed the public outreach agenda.item we can talk about what in terms of.public outrage educate consumers right.and I could not agree more with with.that that is the focus of our or will be.with enforcement and actually I was.going to talk about the three men are go.meeting with the MTA presentation that.you're referring to and so yeah there's.there's a lot of activity that we're.doing I met with a DMI and California.Department of Public Health in a branch.the food and Brent and drug thank you.and branch of the CDP H they also worked.very closely with FDA so there there's a.lot of stuff that we have planning.obviously I can't go into detail of what.that is but the plan is to ramp up spend.the next several months doing that so by.the time the Halloween comes we are.ready with some press releases in.addition to the outrage campaign that.we're going to mimic that the FDA did so.I definitely agree this is a huge thing.for us and possible enforcement right oh.I can tell you there will be something.more than that coming.you were talking about.we don't do cease-and-desist but just.informational letters if an automata has.an advertising violation or sort they.neglect to have a statement licensure.is that something which would show up on.the enforcement program or would you.send that personal letter say you don't.have an Sol for your business that needs.to be corrected the person corrects it.is that considered an enforcement action.and if they do have something like that.it's corrected does it show up on their.on their brief page that there was a a.national letter or something like that.appreciated it so those would show up.under that case is closed if we didn't.take any actions I for those kind of.cases if it's a one time thing you think.what they comply with it I would be.close those with no action taken those.will show up just under the closed on.numbers however if it's a repeated.offense or they're cooperative and they.don't change it then we would issue a.citation in that would show the cases.that are closed without any action are.not publicly disclosed they would not be.able to see that but they wouldn't be.able to see any citations or just any.reactions at the board took except for.mine well relatively minor things in.relation to other things like a.neglecting in SOL that that person.usually has a chance to correct the.action before their or the looking every.Jessica if action was taken can you walk.us through what a consumer should do to.learn whether or not their optometrist.has had such action and we're trying to.find something on the website yesterday.and had a little devolved so if you just.go to our either our website or breathe.but on our website there's a link to.Brees and you go into search front by.license type and you search for that.individual and then any action that the.public has taken will be leased to that.license so it's part of the license.lookup in breeze and there's a PDF link.that you click on and all the.information is there we also are able.under the the consumers tab there on our.website it lists it by by year calendar.year of all the actions that we.you have taken so that's an excellent.question um I know the State Bar has.this function but uh I don't know.whether reasons kids educate me you know.if you misspelled the name by a little.bit there's a box you check but for you.know names that are similar you know.sometimes people wise and sets of.multiple names does have that I have the.follow-up question or I guess our.knowledge base as board of when these.types of situations are going on how.were able to obtain maybe a summary form.of information so that it makes it.easier for us to know what kind of in.those situations like we see the big.ones yes so in jump in here but I when.it's it's purely investigative stages.and the board members aren't and cannot.be involved in the NIA facts so we.wouldn't be able to provide you that.information it's only when it rises to.the level to get to the board that you.would see it uh but it did remind me on.one thing another thing that I didn't.put it there when I apologize but they.from here on out I will be putting in.there that for since the last board.meeting the board did a adopt by one.proposed decision to defaults and to.simulated surrenders by mail ballot so I.wanted to provide that update and in.future enforcement meaning.meetings we'll see what those are I.can't go over what who those are because.they're not effective yet and but.advocating effective so my follow-up.question to that would be there's an.investigation that happens there is a.suspicion.misconduct and then there's a decision.that can be made to not move it forward.as more formal investigation that is.eventually brought to the board so how.do we how do we as a board because it is.our responsibility to maintain the.knowledge base when it crosses the.threshold that will see it so if I may.not come with you so the board members.essentially having to negate the.adjudicatory function just when it has.risen and you make that decision or if.in fact it's a citation that has been.challenged and publicness over your.executive officer or any executive.officer with the tale exemptions ones.the day to day achieves the to use the.person that essentially determines what.happens trying to gain compliance at all.times if in fact there is no authority.function that needs to be exercised if.in fact you're a citation and there's no.so your information base is really.limited that only get to see those that.cross the threshold of an accusation.being filed or citation be appealed yeah.sort of back in you can see.was increasing you'd see if complete.closure is separated as well the.executive officer can't provide.generalized information like we're.seeing a lot of this style complaint.because the actual information knowledge.does not bubble up I sure you have a.final question No No thank you for the.explanation so I think that that is a.potential opportunity for us to know.those trends so that if we're starting.to see an uptick in specific potential.violations that we as a board are.knowledgeable of them about that so that.whereas maybe in the past was just once.in a while occurring but it starts to.become a whole wave of violation that.were able to be more proactive.I have comment on what your what you.just said and shouldn't be as important.do something like maybe we're talking.about the licensing part maybe we're.talking about the licensing part maybe.there could be some more training and.education about that I mean we're.willing to track what it's going on just.to help to say look we need to be more.aware of this just sort of with health.doesn't continue.so I just want to ask a few questions.I'm not gonna suggest what happens when.I ask about my you know um in the the.board and his oversight capacity has.again I get the cheated quasi-judicial.end of things but we also kind of a.quasi legislative and policy making body.as well in terms of enforcement policy.as Union with the priorities so if the.board wanted if we wanted to see the.closure letters that that the executive.director has issued those matters are of.public record in week we see them.consider them educational opportunities.I believe that those letters are.excepted from disclosure I'm not sure.what function they after because if in.fact there was a subsequent action taken.against that licensee my opinion need.the board knew what happened before that.wasn't in the administrative record this.time and yeah you would be you would.have board members would information not.contain.and I think things okay so a follow-up.question of that and and as I own his.introduce my comments by saying I think.Jessica and force in stem in great job.okay but you know how does this board.for another executive director monitor.and evaluate that that director or that.enforcement programs exercising their.discretion they have discretion but if.they are you know if their standard is.here and our standard was here in terms.of you know what cases should be open or.what he's closed how does it board.monitor that I think that's I think.that's a little bit of a data-driven.exercise because I think sorry the.engineer domain come out of it it's like.you have various influence the.preliminary input is consumer complaints.also sort of external factors like you.see press releases on the sale of the.plane of contact lenses so you see so.those are those are voids and then the.executive director is vested with.essentially whole bunch of things in our.Arsenal she can use the educational.letter there may be a nonmeritorious.complaint on the jurisdictional.complaint then if it has merit and she.determines she interprets what happens.is so they have a new best compliance.citation or is this a significant thing.that the license should be constricted.meaning we're going down the barrel of.an accusation.so I think my mind those inputs come in.you would say as executive officer can.you provide in a sort of some.generalized data as not to to the name.sort of the volume and area of those.complacent cuz I forget a lot of.complaints about XY and Z I think you.could ask disposition of them and not in.goods I was white.a35 appears here i pertinently here we.got 35 issue pretty fine complaints on.awarenesses or inquiries about plano.lens and play the lens sales and members.gain two points through this mechanism.and this mechanism and this mechanism.and the board is not satisfied well like.you seeing things about children being.harmed or ice cubes and you know why why.in closed session you could ask about in.closed session about what total close up.to the executive officer about the board.may may have an inquiry bump by this.mechanism for that mechanism was not.changed receiver maneuvering I do and.another thing I don't know if this would.be helpful but maybe for the next media.can provide like an overview of the.things that we look at it enforcement.what what we decide to do an educational.in Iran versus expectation versus.accusation stipulated settlement or.accusations because there's some times.that where I see and that we file an.accusation and I know going into it that.were probably going to end up with the.information with Malaysian returns and I.look with the the disciplinary.guidelines that the Board adopted to.help me with that decision may also use.the case prior to station that I believe.with her mother's a couple meeting fat.but there's some things that I'm just.not willing to settle with that I'd.rather that go to an ALJ to make that.determination to here the respondent and.in character witnesses to make that.decision and then bring that decision to.the board but I'd be happy to meet with.that on the agenda for their next.meeting to go an overview of that just a.competition or a question that would.include doctors now to you yes well fine.whenever is will fit your works.calendar any other comments from the.board comments from the public on the.EEO report any of the topics discussed.I'm gonna go ahead and take about 15.minute break and then resume thank you.you.a five-minute began seat frame for the.webcast to be set up for agenda 21 suite.at the top of the hour so we're going to.go ahead and start our next agenda item.make it through about 10 or 15 minutes.it not take action on it until after the.call the item 20 passes okay that works.with everybody so we'll let you know you.can do emails during that time but if.you could stay in the hearing room that.would be terrific.thank you all right Missy Furman okay so.the next item is agenda item 12 that's.art my report on the ARB omitting the.association regulatory boards not tama.tree consists of 6866 member boards with.the United States Canada Australia and.New Zealand but it's important for all.of us from the repertory force to get.together annually and discuss topics.that are obviously on a national level.so and also learned best practices and.help each other.navigate through the regulatory world of.Optometry so there's a there's a lot of.really good information jam-packed into.three days than June and.I can touch on every single topic but I.did provide a link to all of the.materials and there's a little.passphrase this year they they went to.all global so you just have to use the.passphrase ticket to the items a couple.things I did wanted to point out that at.a previous board meeting I believe in.November last year the members have.wanted some more financial information.about our bow and Colt that I did.provide a link to that information they.provided that they provide that on an.annual basis to hack during this meeting.so I wanted to let you know that that is.available for your review.if you have any questions of any other.materials feel free to let me know and I.can pass that on another thing that is.is really beneficial I feels I'm part of.the committee for the executive officers.and second directors and before they.would mean just at this meeting or maybe.have a discussion prior to this meeting.what I've asked of the committee is to.set up more quarterly at minimum.meetings where we could all get on a.call possibly WebEx and have.conversations about matters that are.facing our boards I think that there's.so much overlap and we can learn a lot.from each other and so I'd like to.utilize that committee a little better.than what we've been doing so we're.scheduling not they're appointing new.committee members so as soon as the new.committee comes out then we're gonna.start those quarterly meetings another.thing I'm asked for them is that our bow.as you've seen from the mobile clinic.discussion they serve really as a.conduit of it.when my member board has a question that.can send it out to all of the member.boards but then and then those responses.are sent to that board who asked that.question but what I don't see is what.happens that information actors so while.I might have asked the question today.there shouldn't could be a member board.in a year from now who wants the same.information and there's not one place.that we can all go to to see so we're.duplicating work so we're asking the.same question going on and doing the.same information rather than start with.a baseline of the information we already.know and so we're working on creating.some kind of forums that all the.executive officers and directors of our.boat can go in and have this information.ready to go so if the board wants a.question that's a much faster way to.obtain this information so I think those.are really good pieces of information.that are going to help not only our.board but the other boards and Optometry.another thing that I also learned.through that executive officer and.director meeting is that not all boards.do criminal background checks actually.it's pretty rare to do criminal.background checks that I think that's an.even greater reason for us to do an.ollie and promote background checks but.a national practitioner data bank and so.I shared that information with them of.what we were doing one thing that I also.am looking into with a couple other it's.like Walker's urging directors within.DCA is.looking at joining the FBI wrap that.program with DOJ right now you do.fingerprints and we get subsequent.arrest notifications so that's only.within California but what we don't get.our subsequent convictions from the FBI.it's a one-time check at time of.application and we don't receive any.subsequent arrest or conviction.notifications the FBI has a new program.to offer that and so we're looking at.what has to be done in order to get into.that as well the other really big things.that I think that mark has touched on.already is the presentation from the FDA.they're doing a lot of work with the.contact lens selling the illegal the.distributions are looking at wholesalers.and they're looking at the distributors.as well they there's a couple stories.that came out one where a teenager in.Hollywood had purchased contact Lynne.cosmetic contact lenses and when she.wants to take it off she ripped her.cornea there's another one out of.Minnesota that when they went she was.wearing these cosmetic contact lenses.that had bacteria and she had visual.impairment in her eye and and it was she.couldn't it she'll always have that.visual impairment so it was pretty bad.and they also did a crackdown on I think.they seized a little over 300 contact.lenses they took them back to their lab.and did testing.they found a lot of these lenses because.they're they're not approved to be.shifted to the United States for one but.they also contain bacteria that can.cause blindness and so there's they're.doing a lot more outreach they put.together a pretty impressive.communications plan that we'll be using.to go forward we're probably going to.tap into the public relations and.outreach committee to get this going and.then we have our own investigations by.that we're gonna watch as well so with.that are there any questions.yes I so what I understand is for.clarification Ardo includes.representative from every state well if.they attacked but you can't attend but.yes it's available for every state yes I.think it's a point you may be mentioned.their organization for opticians there.it and that's one thing that I'm looking.at for us to join as well because I mean.I'm not sure if I mentioned it before.but once we got that program and when I.had reached out to that Association they.had told us well California doesn't need.to be part of it because it's just a.registration it's just optional they.don't they you don't have to register it.there's no way I had it clear I know we.they do register and it's a pretty good.amount that that we have in California.so we need to participate those.conversations somewhere work and I think.why they made that comment it's because.when an optician is working under a.doctor they're working on an exhaust.license and what they're not that they.are registering that otherwise that's.why they said that well I think they.they said because we use a term.registration as well that was the.confusing matter cuz registration.implies of things something they can opt.into and register for first of the.license and Helen.that's not optional so I think it's also.the terminology that had confused the.associations well for working so maybe.we can talk about that in our TOC me.yeah.so the last part of this report is some.input and our chance for California to.provide input on a national level for.their exams they had out handed out this.survey during the r-mo meeting and some.of the representatives went ahead and.filled out the survey and turned it in.that day I obviously did not want to do.that and this is something that I think.time well one I don't have the knowledge.and expertise to even in Pinal Minh but.this is a collective body the board.needs to decide what the response should.be I do want a one response and I.honestly don't have that she's in this.survey and this is the last two pages of.the hand of the materials sorry last.three pages.so they're looking at the national exam.answering some parts of the exam what to.keep and what to possibly replace.because things I apparently become must.leave they want to add things on to it.I don't have much knowledge of this so.if if any members have had a chance to.look at it all right what I would like.if you guys could come up with responses.in a discussion and vote today on what.your responses would be okay that's any.well is there a timeline that we have to.get it backwards so they actually had.the timeline already but I said that the.board had to meet so they're waiting.they have extended to whenever the board.can get it to the to our MOU so maybe we.can and recommend.emotion when we get to that depending on.what we need to break for this call.about it a week if they ordered.information in to you too.um so there's this one part so just I.mean I did look at someone I did look at.this meter and anyway the part regarding.injections that sort of been that that.has come up in conversations with other.professors that I taught at UC Berkeley.currently optometrists in California are.not that's not within our scope of.practice so adding they already added.intramuscular so it's basically giving.an injection into the arm that's part of.the nvo test subconjunctival injections.that's actually an injection into the.eye and again that's not something.that's really the scope of practice from.Thomas in California so and I know the.NVE Oh has to their ther test is a.minimum standard like the United States.and so scope of practice from Thomas.within California is definitely from New.Mexico's every board I don't know if I.would be a strong supporter of.subconjunctival injunctions I don't.foresee that being within the scope of.scope of Optometry and.near future the intramuscular the shots.into the arms again still isn't within.the scope for manometry so this is the.injection part I would like to have the.discussion stop.delegate authority to Congress.yes what are we the new practice and.Education Committee if we and will reach.out to you then to move through some of.these items in order to help Jessica.prepare the survey so that it does.accurately reflect the scope of practice.practices in the state of California I.think that's a good place to start so.then with the board approve the results.of the practice and education committee.for a second just delegated authority.for the workgroup to provide the.response to the survey to provide the.response to the survey and represent the.board in submitting if that's I've made.a motion though I make that motion that.we delegate the full authority to the.practice of education community to.finalize the responses and submit the.responses on behalf of the morgue.second that's for the survey that was.provided a crack parent comments from.board members on the motion on the floor.we do have just so the public knows we.have three ODS and the lead of our.dispensing optician committee practice.in education together with the public.members so good representation any.comments from the public.go ahead if we could miss Michelin.comfortable miss grant vine I'm doctor.turetsky all right miss Michelin boots I.miss Burke dr. Challa.I miss Garcia I'm dr. Kelvin Qi or dr..McIntyre I just do more done but we miss.Ferber's absent and dr. Wong I'm.especially passes.dr. Wong de students at Berkeley have.any exposure to doing subconscious.actions aside from watching it being.done not at this time because that's not.what that's not part of their board exam.they have and they have instruction on.intramuscular injections right now if.somebody does a an externship in another.state where injections are allowed but.they they get they get experience in.that case right or if they're working at.a VA or so I guess so if they're working.at a VA depending on where the VA is and.what the the interactions are between.Ophthalmology and optometry they I mean.they could I I would have to ask around.I haven't heard of any interns doing.subconjunctival injections during their.fourth-year rotations but again I would.have to ask around I mean I don't I.don't foresee them doing any because.they haven't been instructed on how to.do them into my intramuscular injections.they do have a porcelain I have a.question for the executive officer so.assuming that that the ndao passes this.they decide that subconjunctival.injections are an appropriate subject to.be tested folks from California probably.wouldn't be able to do that section.having never had any practice in it.sorry so if it becomes part of the MBE.I believe then the schools would dr..Patel but if you have anything to.comment I'm assuming that the schools.would then introduce that as part of the.curriculum so even if you even if it's.not within the scope within California.not all of our students stay in.California so you would still have to.teach that to the highest standard but.they would be testing to do something.that they that's currently not within.the scope but they would be taught to.the history tell if if it's something.that I cannot do right now under.regulations in California and yet I'm.going to be taught at at school is that.okay is that something that the law.allows you to do under the tutelage of.another OD who also is not licensed you.wouldn't really have to we would have to.we would then have to be certified so in.order for for either one of us to teach.it like it's just the same thing with.glaucoma before I could teach Malcolm a.certification all of the instructors at.Berkley who were part of that course had.to become one with certified and then.you could be then you could then change.them my concern is those that the NVE oh.says yes we're going to test you on this.but but the legislature does not give us.the authority to do that as part of our.license but then there's you wouldn't be.practicing on a live person so with.international intramuscular injections.there are farms that the students.practice on so but the thing is that.just because ours come before Nia.students don't all stay in California.Muir definitely have stood.from out of state so you have to teach.them so if somebody wants to practice on.a minute with it in Florida but in.whatever stays you can do some punch of.dipole injections you would have to.teach the students so that they could go.back to those states to 300% would talk.what dr. Wong said and same with us.they're not practicing on live arms they.have it's like a pseudo arm that they.practice doing the injections on but.that way they're prepped if they are.going to different states that allow.these services to be done one other.caveat is that if you do not pass it on.the end beö test for that least the.intra month intramuscular injections you.can still practice in the state of.California so just because you fail one.session doesn't mean that also that when.the practice Education Committee meets.that they make aware the three optometry.schools in California that they're going.to be having a discussion about the.subject just so if they want to send.represented.they could I have I'm gonna go back a.little bit I'm sorry but the FDA.information was really interesting it.sounded a question about the meeting.last year there was discussion about so.as our representative for our Bo I just.want to make sure that there's an.opportunity that we raise the point.follow up continued conversation because.again it's my personal belief that.online infractions are not something.that will be state-by-state effective.but more national effective so it would.need to be something similar to what.happened with discussions that happened.with the FDA I have a comment I feel.either the practice and Education.Committee would invite all three.colleges we also want to consider more.partners in college it's for.opticians right side.mr. Seifert minutes just want to be.clear so we sent this to that the board.just ordered this to the committee to.tackle it you know my presumption is.that it'll be tackled that it open those.open it notice me and then the results.would be compiled or the committee would.vote on what I wanted to include and.then transmit that alright we're ready.for our five minutes staying.I'm sorry we do need a vote that would.help we have a motion on that oh I'm.sorry yeah okay they can give a good.offense we'll take the 5-minute place if.we could while agenda item 20 hit Tina.for us and if you could turn your mics.off the phone call comes through the.mics I understand they're all connected.thank you.you.

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