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How to leverage The Dot Roadside Inspection Checklist Form?

hey guys this is Adam with tae Express.and today we're going to go over a do T.inspection this is the inspection that.you would get if you get if you go to a.shop and you need an inspection this is.the exact fiction you're gonna be.getting so what I would do what I would.recommend you do is at least once a week.check your truck out and the same.procedures that we're doing to avoid any.kind of downtime from an inspection on.the side of the road if this video has.helped you in any way please leave us a.like and make sure to subscribe and hit.that notification bell so you know next.time we release another video if you got.any questions about this inspection.leave us a comment below or you can.email us at info at tht Express Inc com.let's get right into this video so the.first thing you want to do during this.inspection is make sure your truck is.charged up with air the way you could.tell is you leave your truck running.until you hear your compressor purge.again these inspections are going to be.done annually and this is what's gonna.this is the type of inspection you're.gonna receive on a on a roadside but.like I said this is a federal inspection.d-o-t inspection so it's gonna be the.same across the United States okay so.the first section we're gonna look at.here is the brakes.okay the brakes are very important for.this particular vehicle all brakes are.important especially commercial vehicles.since commercial vehicles are being ran.off of air brakes the first thing I'm.gonna do is make sure that his brakes.are working correctly okay right now I.have the vehicle chok as you can see and.the way that I'm going to look for a.leak basically when I asked when I say.leak I mean air leak these systems are.being ran by air so if the it's a.basically a closed circuit so there.shouldn't be any air any audible air.leaks so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna.release the parking brake which is going.to supply air to the brake chambers and.release the brakes and then I'm gonna.apply the foot brake and I'm gonna.listen for any audible leaks.once I release the brakes I can hear the.air initially release so that the brake.chambers can be charged with air and.then I'm gonna go ahead and apply the.brakes so you hear air leak there so.that's gonna tell you that that's gonna.be a failure I'm gonna go ahead and.release the brakes now this particular.truck has not is actually not in service.so we are gonna find some items but.that's good this is the type of items.that you're going to be looking for so.we heard an audible air leak here in the.front since I'm looking at this truck by.myself it's it's going to be helpful if.I have somebody apply the brakes or I.can put a bar on the brakes.we know that the brake chamber over here.on the driver's side is leaking and when.I come to inspect the brake chamber and.we're gonna run into an item that you're.going to be looking for for the brake.tubing as I mentioned I'm looking at.brakes the first section of this.inspection is going to be brakes this is.going to include brake hoses brake.tubing this is going to include the.brake drums if it has rotors it's gonna.we're gonna be looking at rotors we're.gonna be looking at ABS lights if you.have any ABS lights on the dash that's.another indication that your brakes.aren't working correctly and we're also.going to be measuring brake stroke so.when we talk about brake hoses if you.can get a look at this hose here you can.see how this hose is routed so this is.the type of if you get a repair done if.somebody service in your truck and you.and you you see a hose like this you can.basically this what happened here is.this needs to be turned this is a 45.degree fitting but it needs to be turned.this way so you don't have this kind of.bind so what happens the buying happened.and now we got a hose leaking so any.kind of chafing like this up against if.against any kind of a frame or anything.like that that's what you're going to be.looking for on your brake hoses.okay brakes are going to be on each.wheel that particular brake chamber is.going to be a smaller brake chamber and.it's for service brakes only the rear.brakes are going to have parking brakes.and serve.brakes so let's move on to the back so.come in here to the back we did here at.this point this truck is out of service.it's not going to pass but we're going.to continue with the inspection to see.if there's anything else we can find to.recommend any kind of services that are.needed so back here I'm looking at the.brake hoses as well if let me see if I.get some hands on them so this is one of.the brake hoses here that you're looking.at that goes down to this brake chamber.you can see that and then there's your.other brake chamber for that wheel and.you're looking at these hoses you're.following the hoses that are connected.to that brake chamber making sure.they're routed correctly and they're not.chafing against anything any frame any.any of the frame or anything like that.up here on this axle this would be axle.number two if you are getting written up.for anything they're going to mention.axle number one two and three so.checking axle number two is the same way.we're going to look at brake hoses we're.going to see how they're routed we're.going to make sure that there's no binds.in correct installation anything that.could cause air loss okay brake chambers.are going to be on this axle here I'm.just trying to see what I can do to get.a good view for you so we're on top of.the truck right now on the catwalk and.I'm looking at the brake hoses here here.I'm following them down following them.down to the brake chambers as well you.can see the brake chambers down there.making sure we're not hitting anywhere.on the frame here anywhere you're.checking for hoses checking making sure.for any chafing that's going to be part.of you're checking your brake chambers.back here as well but we're staying on.the brakes we're moving right up to the.front checking the same thing on this.front brake chamber we're making sure.the hoses are routed correctly you can.see how this hose is routed and you can.see that there's no chafing no binding.hose is looking good right there so that.hose looks good there we are going to.write this brake brake tubing up for the.driver's side brake hose as well is.going to be.okay guys so the next thing we're going.to check is the front brake shoes and.drum this is the same inspection you're.gonna do for the rear braking drums so.what we're looking for is if you look at.this section here this section here is.the actual brake pad this section here.is the metal on the brake shoe this is.what holds the pad in place and this is.the brake drum so what we're looking at.we're looking at the thickness of the.brake pad what we're going to do we're.going to take the measurement here at.the at the thickest point or the widest.point you want to make sure that's more.than a quarter inch thick another thing.we're going to check is the brake drum.so for the brake drum what you want to.do is you want to follow the brake shoe.until it opens up and you're going to.have a section where you're going to be.able to fill the actual surface of the.drum what we're looking for is a smooth.surface what you don't want is deep.ridges and the drums or even a lip a.wear lip if you have a real deep we're.live for real deep grooves and a drum.that's going to be needing to be.replaced so as I mentioned this test is.the same test you're gonna do on the.rear brakes also be careful when you're.checking these brake drums if it just.got off the road they could be hot okay.guys so we're moving right along another.thing I'd like to mention on the brake.shoes when you're checking brake shoes.make sure they're not cracked or damaged.or even oil soaked if you do have oil.soak then that means you have a wheel.seal leaking okay so moving right along.we're going to go ahead and mark the.brakes as good for the brake shoes and.drums here I did mark a discrepancy for.the brake hose that we found in the.front and also for the service brake.until we can get these repairs completed.we won't be able to pass this truck so.another thing I'd like to mention is.going to be the compressor that's the.next item we already verified that the.compressor is pumping air by turning the.truck on and making sure it's building.up enough pressure but another.inspection what we're going to be.looking for is making sure that the.compressor is mounted on securely it's.not loose the way that you're going to.be able to tell for example this.particular Volvo the compressor is.towards the back on the driver's side so.we're looking at the compressor what I'm.looking for I'm looking for any oil.leaks.where that compressor meets that housing.looking for any oil leaks looking for.any way that that compressor may be.coming loose if I can get eyes on the.boats we're looking at boats most of the.time if compressors come in loose you're.gonna see a ton of a pretty large oil.leak around where that compressor is.going to be mounted on other models are.gonna have compressors towards the front.so make sure you're you're looking at.the right compressor or looking at the.right area so we're going to go ahead.and mark this compressor as good let's.go ahead and move on inside the truck to.check a couple items out inside hey guys.so we're inside the truck we're gonna be.checking for ABS faults we're gonna be.checking for a low pressure warning.system and tractor protection valve so.the first item we're going to be looking.for is ABS faults and the way we're.going to be looking at it is we're.looking here on the dash on the on the.control panel and we should see a ABS.fault if there is ABS fault present as.you can see there is a TC TCS fault.that's considered part of the ABS system.so that's going to need to be written up.the next item we're going to do is we're.going to release the brakes.usually this test is done with the truck.off but we're gonna make sure he has low.pressure a good low pressure warning.system so as I mentioned this truck has.a pretty large leak so we should be able.to see the warning there we go last item.we're going to be looking for is making.sure that tractor protection valve is.going to pop out once we lose pressure.we're waiting for this vow to pop out.here.okay so the vow release that's working.correctly so abs is going to be written.up tractor protection valve is good low.pressure warning is good now we're gonna.move over checking out the slack.adjusters so let's move on outside okay.so now we're up under the truck and.we're going to make sure that the slack.adjusters are working correctly I'm.using two people for this particular.test right now I have the brakes.released and what I'm going to do is I'm.going to make my first mark on the shaft.on the brake chamber here now I'm going.to have him hit the brakes and I'm going.to measure from the base of the brake.chamber to see how long this breaks the.actual brake distance our brake stroke.is go ahead so we've got to break the.flight I'm taking the measurement there.and as you can see we're around two.inches okay so once you have the brake.stroke measured you want to check out.what type of brake chamber you have and.you want to look up the maximum distance.that this brake chamber is actually.designed for now what this test does.we're making sure that this lack of just.are up here is working like it's.supposed to basically as the brakes wear.that slack adjuster should be taking.that brake the brake play out of there.and that's so that you can have the.correct brake balance across the whole.brake system okay so we're moving right.along on the inspection and X item we're.going to check it's a coupling device.which is going to be the fifth wheel now.what we're looking for is the weight at.this fifth wheel is mounted and bolted.on to this frame we want to make sure.that there's no loose bolts around this.this bracket that's holding this fifth.wheel on we want to make sure there's no.rust bleeding between the boats that's.going to be indication of movement any.of these boats any of these plates.showing any kind of excessive rust bill.our excessive rust is going to show that.it's actually moving we want to make.sure that the fifth wheel should cure it.on there make sure that it's not moving.around you can tell if items are moving.as I mentioned by bleeding rust make.sure you check in both sides same thing.we're checking the mounts we're checking.all the fasteners we're checking just.making sure that this fifth wheel is.secured on there and not moving around.that's this is where most of the weights.going to be carried.so it's very important to make sure.there's no movement back here so.everything looks good on this particular.on this particular coupling device the.next item we're going to move over to is.the exhaust system so let's move right.on to that guys so the next item we're.going to be inspecting is the exhaust.system the exhaust system is very.important we don't want any fumes going.into the cab exhaust fumes could be very.dangerous so what we're going to be.doing is we're gonna follow from the.engine all the way back to the exhaust.pipe we're going to look for any kind of.black indication like soot any leak of.exhaust fumes there's going to show.indications of black soot there's not.any leaks on this particular truck but.what you're going to do is you're going.to follow it all the way down you're.also going to be looking for making sure.that there's nothing resting on the.exhaust system that could cause a fire.so if everything looks good there you.should be should be good to go on the.inspection so let's move right along to.the next item which is going to be the.fuel system hey guys so the next item.we're going to be checking is the fuel.system basically we're going to be.looking for any fuel leaks we're looking.at the fuel system you can check whether.the fuel filter housings are there's.another fuel filter under the other side.we're looking for any fuel on the ground.if you see any fuel on the ground that's.indications that you have a fuel leak.also you want to make sure that you're.not missing any fuel caps so there are.other items that we're looking for on.the fuel system so after all that's.checked out listen basically the next.item is going to be the lighting system.the lighting system is pretty.self-explanatory ok guys so we have the.truck started up basically all we're.looking for is of course making sure all.your blinkers are working your.headlights are working your clearance.light your tail lights making sure all.your lights are working correctly that's.an indication that everything is good.that's part of the inspection that we.conduct as well ok guys so the next item.we're going to be moving over to is.going to be the steering components the.way we're going to check this this is.the steering shaft coming from the.steering wheel down to the gearbox the.gearbox has a pitman arm behind it.sometimes are going to be in the front.and then there's going to be a drag link.that connects the actual spindle to the.to the steering system so what we're.going to do is we're going to check to.make sure there's no excessive plate now.way we're going to do that is you have a.universal joint here we want to rotate.this steering wheel this.if there's any play in that universal.joint also we're going to see how much.play is happening at the pitman arm and.draggling so we don't want excessive.play like this area is is minimal play.there when we're moving the steering as.I mentioned when we're looking at the.pitman arm we're looking at the ER where.it connects to the spindle we're seeing.if there's any excessive play everything.looks good with this one so we do see a.little bit of indication that there's.some oil leaking since there's not it's.not making it on the floor that's not.going to be a right up so moving right.along looking more at the steering.system of course we look for a free play.another item we're going to be checking.for is the axle beam if you look back if.you look down at the bottom where the.exhausts are I'm sorry where the springs.are in a u-bolts are there to connect.the axle to the to the spring we want to.kind of look at the saddle the spring.seat we want to look around all that.area to see if there's any movement the.way you're going to be able to see.movement is as I mentioned before you're.going to look for a bleeding rust if you.see some rust that's been knocked loose.and you're gonna be able to see that.there's movement going on down there.that's gonna be an indication you have.some movement we've checked the gear box.as I mentioned we looked at the pitman.arm the tie rod in in the u-bolts I'm.sorry to tie right in in the drag link.we checked the drag link already another.let me get down on under the truck and.I'm going to show you how we're testing.the tie rod so let me move right over.today okay guys so another part of the.steering system is the tie rod ends this.inspection is going to be done on both.sides for the left and right tire what.we're looking for is play up and down.play slide the side play is okay.up and down play is where you're gonna.be having issues so there's no.up-and-down play so we're good there.another indication of a bad tire rod in.is gonna be a regular tire wear so this.looks good let's move on to the next.item so taking a look at the front.suspension the rust bleeding and the.sections that you want to look for rust.beading is down here by the boats on the.u-bolts here down here by the spring.seed in the spring saddle down here by.this spring.here looking where there's leaf-spring.meets these these other components here.you want to look for any kind of rust.bleeding around this area if you see any.rust around that area bleeding rust.that's going to be indication of.movement hey guys so we're moving right.along the next item is going to be a.section called safe loading basically.what this is is for example if this.truck this truck has the spare tire rack.if it did have a spare tire on there we.want to make sure that that's secured.that it won't fall off also any kind of.battery covers Farren's anything that.looks loose bumpers that's going to be.considered safe loading items so since.he doesn't have a spare or this truck.doesn't have a spare everything looks.good we're gonna go ahead and check that.off the neck of the next item we're.gonna be checking is going to be the.rear suspension we've already checked.the front suspension we're checking the.rear suspension now we're going to start.with the torque arms now there's gonna.be different designs but if you're.checking these bushings here making sure.this torque arm is in touch everything.looks good again back to the rust.bleeding we're gonna be looking for rust.bleeding if we're looking for the rear.suspension if you look down now.each suspension is going to be different.but you basically want to look at for.your leaf spring where your u-boat boats.your leaf spring down to the axle you.want to see where this where the where.the saddle is which is basically the.spring seat.you want to look where the u-boats.bolted to the to the spring make sure.there's no bleeding rust in any of those.areas any bleeding of rust in that area.is going to indication I'll be an.indication of excessive movement and.you're going to need to get that checked.out the next item on the same spring.we're gonna check this on all four.wheels but where this spring is.connecting actually to the frame of the.truck we're looking at the actual hanger.making sure again no rust bleeding.around the bolts also where the spring.is meeting the hanger we're looking for.any rust bleeding this this particular.system has bushing bushings here on the.leaf spring so we're checking inside.those bushings making sure they're not.all rotted out and there's not any.excessive movement so as I mentioned.we're gonna be checking that on all four.tires if everything looks good then you.can move on to the next item so the next.item we're going to be checking is going.to be the rims we want to make sure.there's no cracks between the fasteners.here or any of the openings on the root.on the wheels we're going to be checking.all the wheels all.way around making sure there's not any.well welding on the wheels that is not.allowed on any other wheels any kind of.repair on the wheels is not allowed any.damage on the wheels are cracks.fractures anything like that would be a.fail another item we're going to be.looking at is the frame we want to make.sure that there's not any welding large.welding repairs done on the frame make.sure that there's not make like the.components here that are in the front in.the back major components of the.subframe so that they're not being moved.checking again where the fifth wheels.meeting the frame here we don't want any.kind of major repairs welds anything.like that or anything that's going to be.structurally repaired on this is what.we're looking for I know there's only so.much you can see on the outside but.making sure that you look for any type.of repairs or any welds on the frame or.wheels it would be cause for a failure.so another item we're going to be.checking for is the tires we're going to.inspect in all the tires all the way.around checking tire pressure.make sure when you're checking tire.pressure that the valve stem doesn't.start to leak making sure that the tire.in the front or the steer are not.running any recaps or not dry rotted or.anything like that a good way to inspect.the tires as well is looking at how the.dirt is sticking to the tire as you can.see it's all evenly wore an indication.of irregular wear is going to be could.be an indication of suspension wear.kingpin wear or a low tire low tire.pressure the same in the rear we're.checking the condition of the tires.making sure they're not dry rotted make.sure we're not missing any chunks.they're evenly wore we're looking for.signs of low low air by hitting the tire.you can tell over time how much bounce.the tire has and then you could go ahead.and check it for air to verify it on the.rear I would recommend that you run tire.tread depth more than two thirty Seconds.and on the front I would recommend more.than three thirty seconds in the front.and making sure the steers when you're.checking tread depth you want to check.it at its lowest point if you have a.tire that's not evenly wore I would get.that checked out you want to check the.tread depth at its lowest point if you.have tread depth in the center of the.but you don't have tread debts on the.side that's going to be considered a.violation as well the last items we're.going to be checking on the truck it's.gonna have to do with the inside the.first thing we're going to be looking.for is a fire extinguisher.of course this truck doesn't have a fire.extinguisher so this is going to get.written up here in the inspection we're.going to be checking the windshield what.we don't want is anything over a quarter.the size of actual quarter we don't want.need any any damage to the windshield.any cracks chips that are larger than a.quarter or obstructing the driver's view.another item is going to be the.windshield wiper and washer fluid those.items are very important especially if a.driver is getting caught right in the.middle of a storm and there's heavy rain.and his wipers aren't working or they're.not working correctly he can be going.down the road and not be able to see so.it's very dangerous making sure your.wipers are working correctly your.windshield you windshield washer fluid.is being dispensed correctly you don't.have crack windshields those are the.items we're going to be looking for one.of the last items we're going to be.looking for is the drivers seat belt we.want to make sure that this seat belts.working correctly that it latches to the.other side which we don't want is a seat.belt that's inoperable it's very.important that the drivers have the seat.belts working correctly and that they're.using it there's times that a driver can.get into a rough situation where if they.have to swerve and the driver can get.just tossed around inside the truck so.keeping a seat belt on is very important.it keeps that driver in place in case of.an emergency okay guys so that's what.you can expect there in a DLT inspection.I'd like to comment to you that some.inspectors are going to be more lenient.than others so inspections could vary at.different locations so keep that in mind.so I would like I said this is something.you should be you're looking over for.yourself it is gonna be required that.you do this at least once a year and.also this is the type of inspection.you're gonna get on during a roadside so.guys I hope you learned something if you.did you got any questions or concerns.and you want to share your feedback.please leave it in the comments below if.you haven't subscribed to us yet.please subscribe to us also hit that.notification bell if you have it so you.know next time we really.the video guys until next time be safe.[Music].[Music].

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Dot Roadside Inspection Checklist Form FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Dot Roadside Inspection Checklist Form are:

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Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How much do road inspectors make?

This is Menstruating Goddess Kamakhya Devi, situated in Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati, Assam . Her temple has no sculpture to worship, only Kamakhya's yoni or Vaginas. In India, we worship Menstruating Women as a goddess. Not only this, You all know there are plenty of other Hindu Gods and Goddesses . During ancient times, people were liberal and open-minded to give menstruating women a divine status because they understood that Menstruation is a part of nature. Menstruating Women were respected and treated with utmost care during those times. In this age people have misunderstood this philosophy. B Continue Reading

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