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Owner Operator Lease Agreement Form : Revise, Finish and forward

on behalf of the OID egg Foundation we.would like to welcome you to this.session of ooi DA's business education.series of online training this series is.the most comprehensive series of.business education that has been.designed exclusively for the.professional truck driver there are a.lot of drivers who are really good at.driving the truck but struggle to make a.living in the industry with these.presentations we're trying to help the.drivers who excel at operating a truck.understand how to be a successful.business person this education series is.intended to help drivers navigate the.business side of the trucking industry.by providing an accessible and relevant.introduction to the management.principles of operating a successful.trucking business we would also like to.congratulate the thousands of attendees.who have taken part in this series your.overwhelming response has helped to.ensure that these programs will continue.into the future thank you for joining me.for this program today's program is part.one of a two-part series on lease.agreements.more specifically we're going to be.looking at the federal motor carrier.regulation 376 point 1 2 which deals.with the written lease requirements my.name is Tom Ginn and I'll be your host.for this program and today I'm going to.be joined by two guests kip huff and tom.weekly both from oh i DEA these guys.both have years of experience dealing.with lease agreements and I'm sure.you're going to find that their views.are both knowledgeable and insightful.but before we get started let me remind.you that if you've got any questions or.comments you can simply email them to.business education at oo ID a calm and.someone from our staff we'll get back.with you just as soon as possible okay.now that we've got all this intro stuff.out of the way let's get on with this.program Kipp.I know that 370 6.12 of the Federal.Motor Carrier Safety regulations deal.specifically with written lease.requirements and since that's right in.the Reg book aren't all these leases.basically the same thing do I really.need to understand all the ins and outs.of what's in this regulation well this.is the contract between a business and.another business and yes there there are.leasing regulations and them are found.in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety.regulations 370 6.12.is what they're what is required in the.contract itself well is there ever.anything in there is not required oh.absolutely.there's no unless a physician should be.here's all kinds of things aren't there.capsule that's what today's program is.really about people need to understand.what's required and what all those.add-ins are and sometimes you have to.put up with some things that maybe you.don't want to before we actually start.on that it's a good idea to get a copy.of that lease up front if you can when.you're thinking about leasing onto a.carrier and you're looking at maybe.several carriers that you've kind of.whittled it down to this this three or.four that you're interested in if they.won't give you an advanced copy of that.lease that they want you to sign that's.kind of a red flag that would make me.stop and think if there's something that.I should be looking for in at least that.that maybe isn't the way it should be or.it could have a bad effect on my bottom.line okay we're going to talk about the.things that we need to be looking for in.more detail later on but let's talk.about what should we be looking for that.really should be in that lease well we.have to look at 376 12 the lease and.regulations we can break them out.section by section here okay that's good.idea let's start with that first section.my understanding is at that first.section of the regulations kind of talks.about who's who to find some of the.terminology doesn't absolutely it tries.to define who's who the least.regulations require lease or and lessee.the lease or is a truck owner and the.lessor is the motor carrier but those.terms are not always in the contract.they use carrier owner operator company.the contract should define who is who in.this contract there's some key points to.that goes along with that is is the.motor carrier that you are leasing to is.that the signs on the outside the door.you're putting on is that what's on your.contract or are you somehow subleasing.through a company to a motor carrier so.you want to make sure the contract you.have is with the company you are putting.the signs on the door.the next part Part B of 370 6.12 deals.with the duration of the contract then.the duration must be specified most.contracts it'll say extended it will say.renewed automatically renewed so they do.go on you know for a long period of time.but it does have to specify most of them.are a year and automatically renew.thereafter what you really want to pay.attention in this is the terms of.terminating do you have to give them a.30-day notice do they have to give you.it there today notice are they what is.the termination clauses do you have to.work they're so long or have to repay.something I've seen one that says.they've offered you training through.this so if you quit before year's up you.owe us some money back for the training.there are no like hiring bonus yeah.exactly there's some of them that are.associated with termination fees if you.don't stay there a year then you have to.pay something back to them or there's a.termination fee for them processing.paperwork or whatever but those are the.ones you really need to pay attention to.is how do you cut ties with this motor.carrier once you're done with them and.that is a that's a very common problem.that that we hear it a lot is can they.do this I didn't like this carrier and.and they promised me at five hundred.dollar bonus or a thousand dollar.sign-on bonus but then after I left him.after a month because I wasn't making.any money they took my whole last.settlement check and said I still owed.them money because you know I didn't.live up to my contract and so that's.that's what those things gonna be.careful putts signup bonuses a lot of.those other promises that are made to.you usually have some kind of catch in.them but it must be in the lease so if.it's in there that's where you want to.look as it says you know this contract.is for a year but if you don't fulfill.that year contract there's certain.things that you know they can come back.to you on.Part C of this regulation deals with.exclusive possession and responsibility.what the heck does that mean by the guys.who have not been leased onto a carrier.before you know they assume that they as.an individual are leasing on to a.carrier but that's really not the case.you are granting to the motor carrier.exclusive possession and control of your.equipment when you're leasing to them.they have that control under the leasing.regulations but they also assume.complete responsibility for the.operation of that equipment also so what.that means is when you lease that truck.to them with or without a driver they.are taking control of that vehicle that.doesn't mean they get the title that.kind of stuff is just they control it.while that leased exists one thing that.it kind of comes into play is well the.dispatcher or the recruiter said I would.get ten thousand miles a month and not.giving it to me well nothing in this.contract not a contract I've seen ever.guarantees a certain amount of freight.they control what gets dispatched.certain amount of mine looks for a miles.exactly but they control what gets.dispatched and what doesn't so they are.holding the control here but that's what.this this part does it doesn't change.the the employee independent contract.relationship but it what it does is.you're leasing the equipment to that.motor carrier for for the purpose of.them moving Freight and that carrier has.exclusive use of that equipment so if.you wait a minute you're saying.exclusive use that means that they could.actually put somebody else in my truck.there's car I see a lot of times in the.contract if you have Freight on board.your truck or your trailer and you're.loaded and you are unable you the driver.unable to fulfill that that load they.can put someone in that truck and.fulfill the contract with it what the.Bill of Lading getting it there.also in this provision or this section.it gives that the motor carrier can even.lease you on to a nether motor carrier.sublease to another motor carrier or.it'll also allow you as the company to.lease on to another motor carry and haul.Freight if they do not particularly have.it that didn't happen very doesn't be.good things in at least we man it can't.insurance nightmare but it can't happen.even if he couldn't find me Freight.maybe he could find somebody else as.some I could haul or you could find.someone you're on your own if they allow.you to do that and is a standard in a go.very seldom.all right we've talked about who's the.party's in the least we've talked about.the duration of the lease we've talked.about the equipment let's talk about the.pay Kip.well section D requires that.compensation must be specified in the.contract and believe it or not I have.read many contracts that have no.compensation in it whatsoever so they.say well I don't think I'm getting paid.right well my answer is what your.contract says they go so they don't say.anything about that it's kind of hard to.deal with so D require Section D.requires that compensation be specified.it's about it doesn't say what kind of.compensation must be specified how are.you supposed to be paid those kind of.things that's what the contract says so.what is compensation is a per mile.percentage flat rate hourly rate.whatever you want to make sure that what.you are going to do you get compensated.for it that's everything that you do so.you must have some kind of compensation.clause in there how how you're getting.paid but your pay cannot change unless.they change the contract with an.addendum both have to sign it but you.also want to make sure it includes.additional charges or additional pay SS.oriole charges is what we call it this.would be fuel surcharge lumping.reimbursement tarping detention time.that's a big one we spend way too much.time waiting and compensated at Docs and.that should be should be in the contract.but you know what the fuel the way it is.right now that's probably one of our.number one calls is am I supposed to get.fuel surcharge motor carrier and our.answer is what does your contract say if.it doesn't then it's hard to deal with.because your contract is what you and.them agreed on so it should also have.something in there about deadhead miles.anything like that usually on percentage.if you're on a percentage of the gross.there's no gross while you're.deadheading and usually so you know but.if you're paid on mileage absolutely you.have to be you know know if you're.getting paid for deadhead mileage those.kind of things if you're like me.uncommon to get a.certain since per-mile while I'm under.load but maybe a lesser percent per mile.while I'm deadheading it's up to the.contract I've seen them all over the.place.now Kip I know some contracts stipulate.that I'm going to be paid by the mile.some of them stipulate that I'm going to.be paid a percentage which is best if.you're paying on a percentage first you.have to know a percentage of what.percentage of a hundred percent of the.gross IIC adjusted gross revenue well I.have to know what the definition is of.adjusted gross revenue to go and a lot.of times contracts don't say that so you.have to make sure that you're reading.this contract and finding out that it.says you get a hundred percent or.seventy percent of what with the mileage.pay you have to know how or what program.the carrier's using for mileage are they.using shortest are they using practical.you know there's a big difference in.those ePro miles could be there's gobs a.little different programs out there and.it's kind of amazing that you know we.can figure out exactly how close to.their star is but we don't know exactly.how far is Houston is from Chicago you.get your different programs they're.going to show you different mileage so.actual miles that you run is going to be.off from what you get paid basically you.would prefer to have that contract say.actual miles yeah you don't see that.very often but actual miles with is race.plane let's just say that I'm going to.run from Kansas City to Chicago and.maybe the roads out part of the way and.I've take a detour well if they're.paying me listed miles or whatever I'm.just going to get paid what it normally.take I don't get paid for those extra.miles I had to drive well think about.some of these programs go off zip code.I mean think of how big a zip code could.be you could be at the far end of one.and having to go to the far end another.and lose out on you know several several.miles there and not get compensated for.it so but the bottom line is you know.hit you should know how how much you're.making for this trip you you're the.driver you know how far it actually is.are you making enough to make make money.at it that's the bottom line so this is.one of the things that it's going to be.listed in the contract and you need to.make sure you understand it and make.sure you can live what you want to make.sure it's in the contract.first and they and then really.understand really what it means.okay the next section in this in the.regulations is one that's really.confusing to me it's just called items.it's a whole bunch of stuff in this one.we're going to break it down here first.is the least I'll specify who's.responsible for removing identification.devices.that's the stickers and the the decals.on the outside of the door most.contracts require that the owner.operator take them off and and get them.back the main reason for that is that.the motor carrier if you break contract.and and cease operation with them they.don't want you still having their signs.on the outside of the door that's why.that provisions in there but there's.other requirements and then they specify.specific things they have to be in here.of who is responsible for which party is.responsible for fuel fuel taxes empty.mileages permits of all types tolls.ferries detention time and assess oriole.services which we talked about earlier.base plates and licenses and any end use.portions of those kind of for example is.the base plate if you buy the base plate.through the motor carrier it's their.base plate you're just reimbursing them.for it but if you turn that plate in.who's going to get who's how is the.unused portion you know the fuel taxes.if you how is the unused portion of fuel.taxes the credit those kind of things.the contracts should go in and specify.those in the regulations is who's.responsible for loading and unloading.property on to and from motor vehicle.and compensation if any so you want to.make sure you're compensated this is.work you're having to do if it says.you're required to unload the truck or.are you and are they going to pay for.lumpers unload it for you whatever but.you need to be specified in there so you.know who's responsible for what things.on here so if you pull into a dock and.that dock won't allow you to unload the.freight you have to use lumpers chances.are you're not going to get paid for it.it'll s it's in this section of the.contract a lot of the answers we cannot.give you until we either see the.contract or you read it and tell us.what's in there because that's the.answer it has to stay who is responsible.not one party or the other it just says.someone so a good contract.should be able to spell out everything.that's going to happen and you should.look at that contract and say how is it.handled who's responsible for it.okay this next section deals with the.payment period and I know the drivers.always know how long it's supposed to.take to get paid but it seems like the.motor carrier never really understands.this part of the contract yeah.absolutely the leasing regulations.require that the owner/operator be paid.within 15 days from submitting this.documents that the carrier needs and I.think that's a key submitting all the.documents and not necessarily all the.documents the regulations limit on what.the carrier can require and those limits.those documentation czar limited to do.things one thing is logbooks and the.other thing is the only thing the.carrier needs to get payment from a ship.or a broker that's not a monthly.maintenance report that's not usually.toll receipts that's usually not fuel.receipts but for payment they can only.require logbooks and documents for the.carrier to get paid usually that's going.to be the bill lighting and when you.tell me that logbooks you know about.copies of the logbook the original the.original the carrier keeps the original.and the owner operator keeps the back.copy unfortunately there are those.carriers who will tell you that you do.you get paid when I get paid we hear.that occasionally and that's not the way.they put that in the contract and they.don't put it a contract no but that's.what they'll tell you sometimes and if.that's the situation that's definitely a.red flag that you need to start looking.at finding another carrier because.they're either in financial problems or.they're just are withholding your pay.and that's not legal for them to do that.and that that does happen and you hear.that in time to time and you know he's a.good old boy and he'll pay me when he.gets paid and and so forth and so on.well that's his responsibility as the.carrier's responsibility to check out.shippers that hidden were brokers that.they are getting their loads from to.make sure that they are shippers and.brokers that pay on a timely basis the.owner operator has an agreement with the.carrier the carrier has an agreement.with the shipper the owner operator has.no nothing in between him and the.shipper okay you said they have 15 days.to pay me after I turn in the pay.or what if I don't turn in all the.paperwork.well the carrier cannot set deadlines.for you to submit paperwork problem is.you're not going to get paid that 15-day.clock never starts so you want to get.that paperwork in there as soon as.possible.cap we've been talking about Part F the.payment period and I know that about.half of that part talks about getting.paid after you delivered the load after.you've completed your assignment but the.other half of that part deals with.getting paid after termination after you.leave that motor carrier let's talk.about what that says they can withhold.your final settlement until you turn in.everything that's there's the paperwork.the bill of ladings the the other.documents it could be your baseplate.those kind of things if it's theirs so.you know you need to give them what's.theirs so you can you can cut ties the.carrier can require you to submit other.paperwork for you know like for example.your monthly maintenance reports and.fuel receipts if they're doing the ER if.- and those kind of things but that.can't be a prerequisite for payment what.the carrier has over that is they want.to dispatch you you know they can.withhold dispatch and tell you turning.the certain requirements because you.know as we talked earlier they assume.complete responsibility so they have to.make sure that the vehicles safe because.you know that you're actually doing.maintenance on the truck because they're.actually responsible you know either.you're under their insurance if there's.an accident and those kind of things so.they have a role to place so that's why.they're asking this stuff and it would.also affect your CSA absolutely.absolutely.oh it sounds like we're completely out.of time in this segment let me remind.you that this part one of a two-part.series in which I've been talking with.Kip Huck and Tom weakly both from oh I.da and we just completed the first half.of our discussion on leasing regulations.if you're thinking about leasing onto a.motor carrier and you'd like some help.deciphering the regulations give the.staff at OIG a call there are no risk.and there are no obligations just.friendly people wanting to see you.succeed also if you've got any questions.about the information in today's program.or if you simply like a certificate of.completion for this program just drop us.an email that email address is business.education at OU ID a com.someone from our staff will get back.with you just as soon as possible and.while you're thinking about it you might.as well join rejoin or extend your.membership with OID a remember ooi da is.the only association that's been.fighting for the rights of all.professional truck drivers since 1973 to.join us in this fight simply give us a.call at.

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Owner Operator Lease Agreement Form FAQs

Discover answers to listed questions about Owner Operator Lease Agreement Form . Check out the most popular topics and more.

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