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youtube video

Comprehend How to Fulfill the Prac Operating

hey everyone Randy with extreme sandbox.today we're gonna do our excavator 201.training this is our next video in a.series of videos we've done so if you.haven't seen the intro one about the.basic controls please reference that.today we'll go over a little bit more.advanced maneuvers such as trenching.we'll go over the under carriage driving.jump turns things like that so check.this out alright get in the machine I.just want to go over the undercarriage.on the excavator real quick.you'll notice that basically the front.and back of the machine the idlers are.up front this is a they calm idlers it's.really just a smooth sprocket where that.track goes over the heart of the.undercarriage is the drive motors or the.sprocket in the back okay and that is in.the back and you can always tell because.it's just a lot you can see the motors.it's a lot bigger now when you are.digging with an excavator generally you.want to be digging over the idlers and.there's a couple reasons one your that's.more reinforced up front so it's.protecting your drive motors in the back.and if anything happens you want to have.that happen to the front over those.idlers the second piece is from a weight.perspective you have a big counterweight.on the back the excavator well the drive.motors add to that as well that adds a.lot of weight so that's generally how.you should be positioned okay now let's.get in the machine now again today we.are running Komatsu pc 210 excavator.again in the schema excavators it's.pretty well in the middle you know they.make them much smaller they make it much.larger the thing I tell any new operator.anyone training an excavator generally.is an excavator that controls are all.pretty similar so if you can operate a.mini you can operate as large as they'll.get so don't worry too much about that.we are running an ISO control pattern.that's the standard so if you know.somebody call them cat controls the.other is sae i sometimes call it the.farmer control pattern because it's.weather john deere a lot of farmers.operate like a backhoe control pattern.so i'm not going to go over again all.the controls all those are in our.initial video so that's the very base.piece the other thing i just want to.mention up front which i did an outside.we've already done our pre-op.inspections obviously important to walk.around your machine and check everything.and then we're in a controlled.environment so we are on our site we.know everything around here so we've.already got things marked know where.everything's at so yeah so let's get.going with it so I'm gonna start safety.Locklear over here.throttle it up now we've had some great.comments on past videos we've done.generally for driving i have boom up.stick straight down you know some people.recommend having everything curled in.all the way just so you're down low with.it tucked in case there's overhead the.other piece we've mentioned some people.drive with that bucket higher in the air.just so you can see things in front in.case there was someone in front of you.so again this works for me again I don't.think there's really a right or wrong.and feel free to comment if there's a.certain way that you've learned how to.do that if you saw our original video.you know it's our 101 training it very.it really dumbs it down to one move at a.time you know so a lot of comments on.that.you know that's we deal with people have.never been in a machine before so we.always try and keep it as simple as.possible so we're not overwhelming them.but as you get more and more practice.that's where you're gonna start doing a.little bit more advanced maneuvers with.doing trenches and things like that now.with that said I there is no video.you're gonna watch on YouTube there is.no class you're gonna take that's gonna.teach you how to be an excellent.operator overnight it takes time so.probably my number one piece of advice.I've given to every new operator just.get stick tight go find someplace where.you can just dig do trenches back fill.them the more experience you get the.better so with this I'm just gonna take.a little bit of a trench again usually.teeth 45 almost you want to kind of pull.that in and you'll notice how you start.getting better at doing multiple moves.at the same time so you're curling doing.it all a couple important things that I.don't think we're covered really well in.the first Jeff run on your spoil pile.where you're dumping usually you want to.be at least two feet away from your.trench that's for just trench safety.there so you want to have it far enough.where it's not gonna run a risk of kind.of caving in your trench so usually at.least two feet away the other piece you.should always if it's anything more than.four feet down you know for safety you.should be having some kind of trench box.or have have the trench secured in some.way shape or form there obviously you.don't want anyone down into that trench.you know here at our site you know we.just dig and stand here so we don't.generally use trench boxes or any way.that we're just practicing but obviously.for doing this on an actual job site you.want to have safety and mind there so.the best way to do this for trenching.you're starting out I think the key here.is this show and I see new operators.you're either digging or you're driving.you're not doing both so a lot of times.you'll either move feet for a new.operator tell them to take their feet.off the controls off the track paddles.in the center while they're digging and.then we're going to dig the trench up to.the tracks here whatever distance we.need and then we'll move the entire.machine got understand in our site here.it's very sandy we don't get the trench.to hold very well so after I do that now.it's a matter of just backing up so you.always turn look where you're going and.then you back up 15 20 feet or so.looking around you a couple thing I.think I think is really important here.also when you're backing up or moving.it's very very important to understand.your machine and the size of it.basically what people I think often to.understand is the counterweight is your.line up with your tracks when I swing.this way you're actually gonna go over.about four or five feet over the other.side so you'll see a lot of new.operators on the job site scraping this.whether it's trees you know if there's a.house or a building nearby you obviously.want to have enough clearance definitely.for people you know look around so just.understand you want to know your machine.and how far it goes one way or the other.so now that I backed up I'm gonna go.right back at it again generally trying.to keep my teeth about 45 added piece I.was gonna add today with you guys is.frost so what we have out here we're in.Minnesota right now.so it is the winner right now we've kind.of broken up a lot of it but you'll see.right now my teeth are actually catching.under frost for any of you that work in.a in a northern climate you know digging.through frost can be tough biggest thing.we've learned out here is a lot of times.trying to get underneath it what I mean.by that is if you can get one hole.through once you get broken through that.frost layer typically.frost you know two feet down or so once.you can get one spot through it I found.it way more effective to chip out from.underneath it and you're working your.way back up instead of going from the.top down so that's the key is in the.beginning just trying to get through the.initial because you will have to attack.it from the top but once you get through.that then I'm just using my teeth to.kind of chip away layers on this and.you'll see it'll actually if you're not.careful it'll pick up the whole back of.the machine so that's where you just.might be really careful okay.now again you noticed I've been over my.idlers the whole time that's obviously.again the preferred way to dig with the.machine so want to go over a little bit.on traveling with it so probably the.biggest thing and you know what I'm.gonna back up just a little bit so I'm.looking to where I'm going so there's an.item that they you'll call we call jump.turns I actually have heard different.people call it everything's I call them.jump terms and that's really a way to.you know one way to turn quite obviously.is with your track so let's say if I go.opposite you know I and just go all the.way one way or all the way the other.challenge with this is you're gonna move.a lot of material because you've got.your entire undercarriage just pushing.sand or whatever you're on one way or.the other so sometimes just to get your.front if you need to change your front.of your tracks go in a different.direction you can do a jump turn this is.not again I'm definitely not an expert.or really great at this but I'll show.you what I've learned generally your put.your boom flat on the ground like that.and then you'll see this lifts up your.entire machine just like that and then.it's really kind of simple and what I.mean by that is what I'm gonna do is.with my tracks you want to turn your.tracks the direction you're trying to go.so if I'm trying to get my front here to.aim to the left that means I'm going to.be pushing my right track forward and.let me pull them back my left the.counterintuitive part is your swing so.with my left there I'm actually gonna go.away from the direction I'm going so if.I'm gonna I want the undercarriage go.left I'm actually gonna be going to the.right.with that so it kind of looks a little.bit like this and I always recommend.starting slow on this but I start going.like that and usually it's about 90.degrees or so so right about there.bring that boom back down gently like.that and there I'm lined up the other.direction and you'll notice I haven't.done I haven't moved this much material.there and then same thing if I want to.go back to the right here I'm gonna put.this back down boom down flat now I want.my undercarriage to go to the right so.that means I'll be going opposite with.this but I'll be my swing will be going.the opposite direction okay so like this.like that bring that down boom back up.and I'm good now while we're doing that.a couple of things I like to show.operators you know it's really important.to keep your undercarriage clean on a.machine and there's one way to do that.as well so at the end of the day here.one of the easiest things to do is again.the boom will lift up the entire machine.so if you just bring it up on one side.like this I can take my right track.sometimes I bump up my speed.this is a great way to start clearing.out your tract so you know have to.completely shovel everything out of the.machine so I go one way go to the other.side.okay now I think with doing any of that.or especially with the jump turns you.know as far as a recommendation you know.well I do think that saves a little bit.on your undercarriage and disturbing the.ground probably not great for your swing.motors on there but again I think you do.it in a balanced environment so you're.not doing all the time I think there's a.time place when you need to turn your.own carriage all the way around it's.gonna be a lot better than turning those.tracks that can believe the other way so.so what I want to cover here really.using the machine again even notice how.the boom can lift everything use that to.your advantage so one of the pieces here.is crossing a trench or a valley.something like that I don't have a huge.valley here in our sandbox site I'm.gonna use that a little bit of a trench.so I'm gonna exaggerate it here a little.bit so bear with me but I'm gonna go.over an edge shared and the concepts the.same the first thing I'll tell you is.anytime you're using any an excavator to.cross a trench a valley whatever first.and foremost understand how long your.undercarriage is I can speak from.personal experience what you don't want.to be is tracking over one and because.you can't see your back as having that.backdrop down too early so it's really.important that you understand you can't.do cross an area that's too wide but.something like this trench here this is.very this is five four or five feet of.walk around so all I'm gonna do I'm.gonna line up to go over the edge here a.little bit just cuz I've got my spoil.piles there from earlier but again the.concept is same you're gonna drive right.to the very edge so you can even have a.track hanging over a little bit again.understand your machine's long enough.that you don't don't worry about falling.into this thing if you're just hanging.over a little bit then it's just a.matter of extending you always want to.have that stick as far reach out as you.can get and then you're putting your.boom again people different strategies.here I like to keep my bucket flat some.people actually use their teeth and have.them down to kind of bare and do it you.know bite into a little bit but if I.just do that and I'm literally just.lifting it up now I've got my front end.off it's a combination where I'm gonna.have to be pulling my boom up stick in.to kind of drag me across Wow going.forward with my tracks so if I start.it's a little bit managing my height.you'll see I'll go all I'm trying to do.is get my other tracks to the other side.can't stress enough don't go too far.because this is that point where you.would fall in right now I can see off my.left corner I see I'm on a solid base on.the other side then I'm pulling up I.know I'm across it I'm slowly swinging.again keeping your weight inside just in.case I see I'm clear I'm crossing over.the trench right now and then you're.doing a little bit of the opposite here.I'm gonna place my bucket flat this time.closer to me because I'm gonna kind of.try and push myself over so same thing.I'm raising it up same concept where I'm.gonna be pushing forward with it and.there we go once you're clear of it.spinning all the way back around.that's how you cross a trench safely.okay the final piece I want to cover is.going up a hill so we're gonna track.over here to a different area and our.property so I can show you a little bit.about tracking on a hill.okay so we've now tracked over to a hill.on our site now I just want to go over.going up and down some hills so a couple.of things with that undercarriage again.generally the motors are in the back now.there's gonna be two different schools.of thought here on how to approach a.hill and go up a hill generally because.that's your weight I think it's better.to spin the undercarriage around so your.drive motors are actually going up that.brings all you that has your weight then.on the front of that machine pulling it.up a little bit but there's some other.thought I've heard different about what.that does to the drive motors themselves.are they because you're actually pushing.the track versus pulling it up so I.think you'll hear again I'd love to hear.comments if you guys drive with your.idlers up the hill or the idlers in the.back so but I'm gonna go ahead again.we're gonna do the same thing do a jump.turn here cuz I've driven over forward.but I want to spin it around so I'm.gonna raise that up and then again I'm.just trying to spin that way so we'll.spin this thing all the way around one.way there same thing again put it right.out in front raise it up again I'm still.going the same direction.so now I'm lined up actually in Reverse.the other thing I didn't cover but it's.Drive motors we looked at from the.outside if you never know you literally.just glance out your machine the drive.motors are the bigger you'll see I can.see a drive motor on the inside of my.right track there so that's one way to.if you don't I mean obviously you just.touch your controls you'll figure it out.but if not you can look down I can see.all that so now you want to use this.excavator the weight so I'm gonna go up.I'm gonna trying to go in Reverse here.so this what's important here using the.weight of the machine so I'm extending.out so I'm gonna start going up now once.I start going up there's a couple of.things I'm gonna try and just use the.weight alone to pull me up keep me.tracked again I'm also in Minnesota I'm.dealing with snow air so it's getting a.little bit slippery but I'm gonna have.this down near the ground you can bite.into the ground as well depending on.your job site you may not wanted to.serve the ground here so I don't.necessarily want to tear up we have.grass up here on top but if I have to.I'll be ready to go so I'm gonna slowly.pull this up and you'd see right now I'm.already I'm going down with the boom.I'm keeping my center of gravity low so.I'm keeping that boom down and I'm still.going like that you'll see I've almost.lowered my boom all the way I'm slowing.it down now eventually I'm gonna come.over the edge here and now I'm bringing.that boom back up now I'm flat up here.now again you'll saw I made it all the.way up to that thing without digging in.I mean the next if I didn't care about.the site here and didn't care about.grass the easier way to do that would.have just been to bite my bucket right.in the ground just pull myself up the.other way you might see some people do.it is you spin around you can use the.back of that to raise kind of push you.up the hill you're raising it up again I.think that's the most ideal is the way I.did it there but there's again a lot of.different thoughts on that now come all.the way up now going down we're gonna.spin around we're gonna come down this.hill so you'll see what I came now same.concept here is I'm it's using your arm.so we're gonna bring this thing down a.big piece here and this kind of shows a.little bit going over how we went over.the trench you lift yourself I'm gonna.use the bottom of that bucket so it's.kind of flat but you can actually go.forward here a little bit and actually.all eventually I'm looking this similar.to crossing the trench you'll see I'm.dragging my front on there but this is.important to to understand what the back.here machine where I'm at so I can see.out my window right about there now I.see my front ends up now I'm just using.that I can slowly instead of going over.the edge I'm slowly bringing myself down.so I'm controlling my descent here.now I can either keep going like this.and just sliding it I'm gonna keep going.and just let it bring it's a little bit.of a steep incline here but I can start.my tracks are almost all the way down.it's also important why you wear a.seatbelt so you don't end up through so.right now it looks like yeah bucket.still just dragging along the ground.there we go so I've now made it down the.hill see my track path again that was a.fairly steep incline but again it's.without minimal impact as all I had to.do with that machine to really disturb.the ground at least so you if you really.have a really steep slope or a different.configuration use that bucket you can.pull yourself real quick in the parking.I've heard this too in comments I like.ty park with the boom kind of obstacle I.kiss if you're at a job site where you.have someone coming in greasing the.machine later it is important sometimes.to have this all Expo having either a.completely laid out so it's low so they.can get all the grease points on the.machine so again different schools of.thought on that.so everyone so that's our excavator 201.training hopefully you guys enjoyed that.again put in the comments below.love to hear any feedback any tips.suggestions like we stated I am NOT an.expert in this it just kind of things we.have learned on the job site so again we.would love to hear your comments and if.there's other videos you want to see.make sure you check out our learned.playlist that's where we have a lot more.how-to videos on how to operate wheel.load or bowled those or many extra.things like that so thanks a lot for.tuning in and have a.[Music].

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Prac Operating FAQs

Here are the answers to some common misunderstandings regarding Prac Operating. Let us know if you have any other doubt.

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