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How to avail yourself of The Cdl 7 Form ?

[Music].what's up s my name is ace and welcome.back to another gun guide this is the.series where I go into great detail with.all of the stats as well as some great.example class setups for every one of.the guns in modern warfare in today's.episode we're finally going to be moving.on to the season 1 assault rifle and.this is the RAM 7 starting it off as.always let's have a look at the damage.profile now the damage profile is.actually identical to the m4 as well as.a kilo at 28 23 18 and this means it's.going to be a four to six shot kill.encore game modes and it'll be a.two-shot kill in hardcore modes as for.headshots we get a multiplier of one.point five to the head and this means.our headshot damage profile is 40 to 35.27 and what this means is in the closer.range situations where it's normally a 4.shot kill if you manage to hit two shots.to the head as well as one to the body.you can get a three shot kill so you are.going to need more than just one.headshot to help in those situations as.for a rate of fire this is quite fast at.882 rounds per minute this is noticeably.faster than the m4 which means our.theoretical minimum time to kill is.going to be 204 milliseconds in the four.shot kill range then it'll drop down to.a 340 millisecond time to kill in the.six shot kill range this is a very.competitive time to kill up close and.also it is quite a forgiving gun as well.even if you're missing the odd shot here.or there you don't lose out on much of.your time to kill due to that fast fire.rate as for those situations where you.manage to land at least two bullets to.the head and one to the body you getting.a 3 shot kill your time to kill.potential in these situations is 136.milliseconds which is very very fast.moving on to ranges as you can see here.our four shot kill range extends out to.just under 30 meters and this is just.slightly less than the m4 and then our.five shot kill range will extend out to.roughly 42 or 43 meters when it comes to.suppressors the lightweight suppressor.will reduce all of our ranges by 25% and.the monolithic suppressor will increase.our ranges by just seven and a half.percent taking a look at hardcore like I.said earlier this gun is a two-shot kill.at all ranges however if you land a.headshot you can get a one-shot kill out.to about that 42 meter mark.moving on to hipfire we've got very.standard hipfire for the RAM seven it's.the same as almost all of the other.assault rifles we also see a similar.story with the idle sway there is a.little bit of idle sway for this but.it's really not that big of an issue.unless you're trying to hit that one.pinpoint accurate shot like across a.ground war map this is generally not.going to be an issue for you when it.comes to recoil though as you can see.here we've got a little bit of a unique.recoil pattern this one kicks upwards.initially and then it starts cutting.pretty hard to the left this is pretty.much completely backwards to what we.normally expect with recoil and Call of.Duty most guns will kick upwards into.the right and therefore this does take.some getting used to and I would.consider this to be one of the big.downsides of using the RAM seven it does.feel a bit unnatural to try and control.the recoil but of course it can be done.it doesn't bounce around a lot which is.nice getting into our aim-down-sight.time this is the fastest in the assault.rifle category at 234 milliseconds so it.is one frame faster than the m4 and our.sprint out times our standard for the.assault rifle category at 267.milliseconds for our normal sprint out.time and 400 milliseconds for our super.sprint out time our magazine capacity is.quite normal at 30 rounds with 16.reserve and our reload ad time is 1.6 2.seconds which is a little on the slow.side compared to a lot of the other.assault rifles but it's not really.painfully slow either however if you did.want to boost that reload speed you.could use the sleight of hand weapon.perk which will cut that down to one.point two seven seconds getting into our.moving speed this is tied for the.fastest assault rifle in the game with.the m4 at 95% and our aim down sight.straight speed is the fastest in the.assault rifle category at 54% so that's.going to cover it for all of the face.stats of the ram 7 however now we want.to have a look at the unique attachments.this con has and of course we're gonna.start it off with the barrel attachments.the first one is the eff TAC 13 and a.half inch compact barrel and with this.one the benefits are a slightly faster.aim-down-sight time this is just one.frame faster as well as a 1 percent.boost to your movement speed this does.come with the cost of first off your.recoil control which as you can see here.there is a little bit more recoil than.the standard recoil but it's honestly.hardly even noticeable so I would say.you don't really have to worry about.completely destroying the recoil of your.gun however there's another thing I want.to mention they do mention that the.bullet velocity is decreased and I had.been hearing rumors that this decrease.to bullet velocity on barrels will.reduce your ranges as well and it was.also recently confirmed by drifter that.this is the case and therefore it did my.testing on this one and this does reduce.your damage range by 10% on this gun now.what this means is all of my previous.gun guides that have barrels that reduce.bullet velocity in all of those cases.they also have an impact on your range.I'm thinking I will probably do an.entire video dedicated to this just to.catch up on all the guns I've already.covered because obviously I can't just.go back and change the old gun guides.but just know if it's a barrel that says.it has reduced bullet velocity there is.a very good chance it's also reducing.your range this doesn't seem to apply to.other attachments though so like.flashcards for instance I did do some.testing on that and this appears to have.no impact on your damage range just the.bullet velocity like the game actually.states so going forward with this series.I will be sure to include those damage.range adjustments now moving on to the.next barrel this is the forge stack.eclipsed barrel and with this one we get.a 25% increase to our damage range which.is a really nice boost and on top of.that we get improved bullet velocity so.we are able to hit those moving targets.at longer ranges a bit more effectively.these upsides just come at the cost of a.very slightly slower aim-down-sight.speed it's now 250 milliseconds with.this barrel equipped and as a result I.highly recommend this barrel that 25%.boost your damage range is absolutely.worth a hardly noticeable increase to.your aim-down-sight time so finally this.leaves us with the xrk Ranger barrel.which gives us a 40% increase to our.damage ranges which is a very big.increase and on top of this we once.again get an improvement to our bullet.velocity and we also get improved recoil.control which if we have a look at the.recoil here you can absolutely see an.improvement to the recoil pattern and.therefore it's not a bad choice if.you're trying to be a bit more accurate.with this gun now unfortunately these.positives do have some pretty big.downsides to them first off your aim.down sight speed is slowed down by four.frames so it's now 300 milliseconds.which is now a little bit on the slow.side for an assault rifle and that's not.really.and on top of that our overall movement.speed is decreased by 4% which is a very.very noticeable reduction to your.movement speed and as a result when you.combine these downsides that has a.pretty serious negative impact on how.this can perform and I honestly don't.see myself ever using this barrel.because of that so finally we have one.last unique attachment for the RAM 7 and.this is the 45 round magazine now with.this one obviously we get the 45 round.mag instead of 30 and it says it comes.at the cost of aim downside time which.in my testing there is no measurable.change whatsoever in your aim-down-sight.time and also it says it reduces our.movement speed and this is just a 1%.reduction to our movement speed which.isn't really that bad at all now another.thing I wanted to mention while we're on.the topic of magazines for this gun is.initially it did state in the.description for the RAM 7 that there is.a 9 millimeter conversion for this gun.and I've also heard rumors that there is.actually a 9 millimeter variant of this.that will sometimes pop up in the.gunfight rotation having said that there.is no 9 millimeter conversion that we.have access to and they have now removed.that from the description of the RAM 7.so I don't know if this is something.they may be planning on adding in the.future or if it was just some weird typo.but I did want to make sure that I just.cleared that up for you guys that are.wondering where that 9 millimeter.conversion is but with that that pretty.much covers it for all of the important.stats as well as unique attachments that.I wanted to cover for the RAM 7 and now.it's time to move into some of my.favorite attachment combinations as well.as example class setups just a quick.note before we get into that though I've.had a lot of comments recently on my gun.guides asking why the class set up in.the background gameplay doesn't.perfectly match the class setups I'm.talking about in the video at the top.I'm talking about them well I completely.understand the confusion here and.absolutely it would make for a better.video if I had that exact same class.setup in the background gameplay to be.honest with you guys I just don't have.the time or the interest in leveling.every one of these guns up fully in.order to get gameplay for my gun guide.I'm trying to get these gun guides out.as fast as reasonably possible for you.and I quite simply don't have the time.or interest to just be sitting and.grinding this game out I would much.rather put the time into creating the.video itself.and as a result you will often see that.I'm not using the attachments I.recommend however the class setups I am.recommending are the absolute optimal.setups that I would be using if I had.them all unlocked at the time of.creating video so hopefully you guys can.understand where I'm coming from with.this and let's just get into the class.setups now the first one that I have for.you guys here is my aggressive yet.stealthy sort of RAM 7 class with this.we've got the forge attack Eclipse.barrel which is the one that improves.our damage range but it doesn't really.have much of a downside it just slightly.reduces our aim-down-sight time but only.by one frame and I would still consider.this gun to be very effective at.aggression even with that slight.reduction we've also got the 1 milliwatt.laser to help us with hipfire up close.the stippled pistol grip for our rear.grip which is going to help with our.sprint out time as well as help improve.our am downside time forty-five round.magazines because this gun with its fast.fire rate will burn through ammo very.very quickly so it's nice to have the.bigger mag as well as more total.starting ammo and finally this leaves us.with the monolithic suppressor which.just basically allows us to stay off the.radar and it helps a little bit more.with our range as well taking this into.an example class set up for this one.we've got the 1911 with a suppressor on.there so we can still stay off the radar.even with our secondary our perks are.going to be a OD ghost as well as tune.up and the reason we're using tune up is.so we can get our dead silence field.upgrade faster so we can be more.aggressive and stealthy and for our.lethal we've got a c4 tactical is a stem.shot this is an excellent class setup if.you want to be moving around the map.challenging people up close as well as a.little bit of a distance you can stretch.out a bit because of that F TAC barrel.which is great and overall I just really.like this class setup as for the next.one this one's designed to be a little.bit more of a balanced class setup.that's designed for versatility so it's.still going to be pretty good up close.but it is designed to also stretch out.and pick people off at mid to longer.ranges very very well with this once.again we do have that four Jack Eclipse.barrel that is my favorite barrel.attachment to use on this gun by far.we've also got an operator reflex sight.on this the stippled pistol grip once.again as well as the 45 round magazine.and finally we have the compensator on.this now the compensator is going to.help a decent amount with our recoil and.when you combine that with the reflex.sight this just allows you to overall.challenge those mid to somewhat longer.engagements a lot more effectively.without losing any of those benefits.that you gain with this gun in those.closer range situations now taking this.one into an example class setup with.this we're using the desert eagle as our.secondary we've got a OD for our perk.one kill chain for perk two as well as.shrapnel for perk 3 so this is designed.for that ground war game mode so you can.take those tanks out with shrapnel and.thermite really effectively kill chain.is awesome because with the versatility.of this gun you can play any role you.need to you can hang back pick off kills.or push the objective if you would like.and when you start chaining those kills.together you can get the streaks which.will chain to your next streaks now to.top this off my crutch tactical at the.moment is stim shot so I decided to.throw that on this class as well and.with that that pretty much covers it for.today's gun guide on the RAM 7 as for my.personal thoughts on this gun I do think.this is absolutely an upper tier assault.rifle in some ways it's better than the.m4 but at the same time I do like the.recoil pattern on the m4 a lot better.it's much easier in my opinion to.control the recoil of the m4 and this is.the sole reason that I would take an m4.over the RAM 7 but it's not from that.the ram 7 is an amazing assault rifle.that has a ton of potential it's not the.greatest at really long ranges but close.to mid ranges it can absolutely dominate.and with that I'd like to know in the.comments section below what do you guys.think about the RAM 7 in this game do.you agree with me do you think it is an.upper tier assault rifle or do you think.it's a little bit overrated just let me.know those thoughts in the comment.section down below if you guys enjoyed.this video and you want to see more.episodes of gun guides I will leave a.link to the playlist in the description.down below if you enjoyed the video a.like rating is always appreciated and.don't forget to subscribe for more if.you haven't already I'll talk to you.guys next time.[Music].

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