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Tips on completing the I 601a Form

youtube video

Advice of Fulfilling the I 601a Form

hi friends i'm immigration attorney.christian alvarez.and this video is not for the faint of.heart.we will be talking about everything.there is to know.about the i601a waiver so.buckle up and let's get started.[Music].um i chose to do this video really.because.i am a member of a lot of facebook.groups that discuss this waiver.and a lot of people that um perhaps are.not working with their attorney or even.those.of you that may be working with an.attorney have a lot of unanswered.questions.and so i decided that.i want to address the most commonly.asked questions.and if there are still any questions in.regards to this program.feel free to put a comment below with.your question.and if i can i will be happy to answer.it for you.if you want to have your case analyzed.you can also.visit my website alvarezimmigration.com.you can book an appointment with me or.with my associate and we're happy to.discuss with you.your case in more detail my associate.and i we made a video in spanish.and it's our most commonly viewed video.so we figured.we will also do one in english and for.those of you that may be interested.in learning about this program so first.of all what is the i-601a waiver right.this waiver is available for those.individuals that have been petitioned.by either a family member or a company.but cannot get their green card here now.there are a lot of reasons why someone.may not be able to get the green card.within the united states there are some.that enter.the united states without a visa.or there may be some that are entered.with a visa but overstayed.that a lot of time and they and.they started to accumulate unlawful.presence.so if you enter the united states and.accumulated unlawful presence and don't.qualify to get your green card in the.united states.by means of an adjustment of status you.may have to.go outside the united states into your.home country.and interview there if someone entered.with a visa and married a u.s citizen.very likely you qualify to adjust your.status here and you may not need this.waiver.if you entered without inspection and.are married to.let's say a u.s citizen or you have a.u.s citizen parent or a.permanent resident parent um you may.and this person petitions for you um.you will need very likely to go abroad.because you entered the united states.without inspection.so um this is a very general answer but.the most common scenarios that we've.seen.for cases that do the i-601 a waivers.are.people who entered without inspection or.people who are married to.a permanent resident not a u.s citizen.even if they came in with a visa.they need to interview abroad because.they accumulated unlawful presence.and the u.s doesn't allow you to get.your green card in the u.s.if you're married to a permanent.resident even that person petitions for.you if you have unlawful presence you.can adjust your status here.there are people who have come in with a.k1 visa.and maybe that relationship didn't work.out the person didn't get a green card.through that relationship.and they're now in a new relationship.the k1 visa is very restrictive.and so the person needs to concert.process um another very common scenario.are is for individuals that have come in.with a.a crewman visa which is like a c1 or a.d1 visa.you came in working in any sort of boat.and you may have been given an i-94 card.but that's still not enough to be able.to get your green card here even if you.have a u.s citizen wipe.um you may need to interview abroad and.this waiver.what it essentially does is that you're.asking uscis to forgive.the unlawful presence you had in the.united states.before you leave and um a lot of.attorneys don't explain why do you meet.this waiver before you leave the united.states.because the rule is that if you have.accumulated.more than six months of unlawful.presence the moment.you step out of the united states you.trigger what is called a bar.you trigger a punishment if you've been.here unlawfully for more than six months.the moment you step out you trigger a.three year bar now if you have been here.more than one year you trigger a 10 year.bar.what does a bar mean a bar mean a bar.means that you cannot.get a visa or an immigrant visa or a.non-immigrant you cannot get a visa to.come back to the united states for that.time.three years or ten years um without.getting some sort of pardon or waiver of.that requirement.so it's important for you to understand.the i-601a waiver is very specific the.only thing it forgives.is unlawful presence if you have been.here in the u.s.unlawfully accumulating a lot of.presence you will need.that waiver if you must interview abroad.if you can somehow get your green card.in within the united states and adjust.your status here.then you do not need that way this.waiver.now the important thing about this.waiver is that like i mentioned.it only for gives unlawful presence it.doesn't forgive.if you have had a criminal conviction it.does not.forgive if you have um perhaps.brought in a child or a family member of.yours unlawfully or facilitated their.entrance unlawfully.or if you have been apprehended at the.border and given an expedited order of.removal meaning a deportation order.so there are a lot of factors to look at.um i want to talk about the i601a.but please make sure that you check with.an attorney.just to um ensure that this waiver is.really the one you need.okay if you've already spoken to an.attorney and they told you you need an.i601a waiver.then you're good um so.we talked about who needs a waiver right.people that need to interview abroad.people that cannot get their green card.here um but how do you qualify for this.waiver.so in order to qualify for this waiver.you are going to need either a u.s.citizen.spouse or parent to.demonstrate that to the government to.uscis.that they will suffer um did i say use a.u.s citizen or.lawful permanent resident spouse or.parent.to show to the government that they will.suffer extreme.hardship if the foreign national or.if you're the one interested in the in.the waiver it.in the waiver you're going to need.they're going to show that they will.suffer.without that foreign national or without.you if.in case that visa gets denied so um.the qualifying relative is very.important i think the most common.question we get.is um i have a u.s citizen child.petitioning for me and they are over 21..can that person also be my qualifying.relative and the answer is unfortunately.no your qualifying relative can only be.a u.s citizen or a lawful permanent.resident.spouse or parent those are the only two.relationships or relatives that can.qualify you.for this waiver.i want to take a step back and explain.one commonly misunderstood scenario.the waiver is only the second step.in a case right.you can have a petition filed for you.by either your spouse your parent.or even your child or even a company.you can have an employer file a petition.for you.that's totally fine.that first step is called the either.i-130 alien relative petition.or the i-140 petition for.an employee so you need to have either.one of those petitions approved.and for this application to be sent over.to the national visa center.which is an agency that starts to.process applications.to get them ready to be interviewing uh.to be interviewed abroad or.so what they do is national resistance.they grab they grab your file and they.say okay.um this this application this i130.approval has been sent to us we're going.to prepare.the folder to send to the consulate um.and the console can be any consulate in.in the world um where uh.the foreign national is either a.resident.or has lawful permission to um to live.there.um or is a citizen of that country okay.so once you get that i-130 or i-140.petition.approved and sent over to the national.visa center the national visa center.contacts you.or contacts the person in the uh.the contact people in the i-130.application.and they say your case is now at the.national museum center.here are two invoices that you need to.pay so.i hope i haven't lost you yet once you.receive this email with the invoices.you can log into this portal called c.and i will put the link down there.um put in your case number and your uh.invoice id number.and make two payments the first payment.is going to be um.for the immigrant visa and the other one.is going to be.for the adjustment of status i'm sorry.for the affidavit of support.both payments are about 445.and when you submit these payments you.will put that receipt notice or the.receipt.for those paid um these two paid forms.or paid.invoices um along with they're going to.go with your i-601a waiver so.all right maybe i went on a little bit.of a loop there i can continue talking.about this with you for a long time.because.this is really like the most common um.waiver that we we work on in our office.so a very common question that we get is.can my deceased.spouse or parent be my qualifying.relative.the answer to that is it depends.the they can be your qualifying relative.for the i-601a waiver.if they filed an i-130 for you before.this person passed away.um if they did not ever file an i-130.for you.unfortunately they could not beat your.qualifying relative and.um i have seen many sad instances where.people are misinformed.and they believe that they can still use.a spouse.a deceased spouse or parent as their.qualifying relative.even if that person never filed the.petition for them and unfortunately.that's not correct.so please make sure if you are filing an.i-601a waiver.and you have a deceased qualifying.relative.that you have um if this person didn't.file an i-130 for you.that you have another type of qualifying.relative.to take their place or you have multiple.qualifying relatives for the i-601a.waiver.now what happens if they did um if if.someone says well.my spouse filed an i-130 for me and when.that i-130 was pending.um he or she passed away.how can i show that this person is going.to suffer extreme hardship if they've.already passed away.well immigration has released a memo.and they talk about this scenario and in.this scenario they say that.hardship is going to be presumed if the.person filed an i-130 for you.or if an i-130 was filed.they will presume extreme hardship.so you don't really need to submit a lot.more evidence.you know to support hardship right i.know it's kind of like.it seems a little bit weird but remember.uscis has stated.that they will presume extreme hardship.you just need to show.perhaps what factor um why you merit.this discretionary.uh waiver to be granted or.if you have any family member here we.can talk about that in the next step.um the next step is going to be a little.bit of the more of the meat and potatoes.of this video.and it talks about what factors does.immigration.evaluate when taking into consideration.whether or not to approve the i-601a.waiver.so let me see if i can move here oh here.we go.all right so this is where we really get.into the factors.um when someone says okay i've gotten to.the to the i-601a part.i want to know exactly what type of.evidence i should be submitting in this.packet.the first thing you need to submit.besides those paid invoices from the nbc.is you should submit an affidavit in.support meaning.a letter to uscis written by.the qualifying.relative the affidavit of support is.very important.because the qualifying relative needs to.tell immigration.exactly how they will.suffer extreme hardship.if your visa is denied abroad.and extreme hardship the definition of.extreme hardship is.more than regular separation type.hardship.right so immigration what they.say is we understand that there.is hardship that will be suffered.if the visa is denied we know that right.but your hardship needs to be more than.normal.it needs to be extreme in order for us.to approve this.waiver and and and i gotta be honest.with you guys.from the be from when this program.was first made available to now.the program now has been existing for.about seven years.from when this program started to now.immigration has been getting.more and more strict they have.scrutinized applications more and more.i remember in 2013 2014 these types of.cases were.easily approved and now we really are.fighting to the nail with every.application.and so you need to be careful um.in selecting the evidence you need to be.careful in drafting.very very detailed affidavit.that explains what type of hardships you.will suffer.um this is actually uh an anecdote that.where.we're living now um or i want to share.something with you.um i have a client or i had a client a.few years back.we did his i-601a waiver and um.he wanted a copy of his immigration file.which he's entitled to and.he got a copy of the waiver we sent to.uscis and.he shared this waiver with a family.member of his.so that this family member can basically.kind of like copy.a similar similar format.um and send the weaver on her own.and and i'm sharing this with you.because.i'm and especially not if you've made it.17 minutes and through the video i'm.sharing this with you because.i want to make sure that what this.person does doesn't repeat.your story right um so what this person.did is they basically.copied similar like a format and they.just sent the keys on their own.but um when my associated and then.immigration center on notice of intent.to deny meaning.they sent a letter saying you haven't.like proven anything.and we are intending to deny your case.um.not just that the information you have.submitted to us um.contradicts there's contradicting.statements.and so my associate and i we were pretty.shocked to be honest with you.that you know somebody tried to copy our.work.and then this person got like freaked.out and came to see us and said.look i know you did a really good job.with my cousin's case and now.i want you to help me fix the mistake i.made.and seeing the errors that were made in.this.self-application it was just really like.heartbreaking because.this person actually has a really good.case they have.a long history of of health problems.of like every factor we're going to.discuss in the next few minutes like.every factor i discussed with you this.person had.but the way they wrote the affidavit was.really.poor um i don't think that.they understood you know what we have.done for our client.um you know when we work with our client.um.is not simply write something and send.it out right.um in our office when we sit down with a.client.we take multiple appointments to help.them.draft this affidavit right so um.with my client what we we did we sat.down with his wife who was a qualifying.relative.and we spoke to her for at least 10.hours and drafting this affidavit back.and forth you know.helping her making sure that immigration.gets.the entire picture of your life right.they need to know like everything and.how.this hardship that you will be suffering.is not just necessarily connected to the.immigration matter.but if you have had any sort of like.mental health problem.that connects to something even before.mental health problems you've had.before you even got in this relationship.it's important to explain to immigration.hey i'm not just saying i have mental.health problems starting.today when i need a waiver i have been.suffering this from the past.that's very important to show right so.um.you know sometimes seeing.someone's affidavit and just thinking.you can do it yourself.it's not the same if you're not really.armed with.the knowledge of the law what does the.law require.and what does this sentence mean in.connection to the regulations right.so um let's take a look at the factors.that immigration.really looks at and then i'm going to.tell you how.my office has applied these factors and.other.cases like what evidence we have.submitted in each case.um to show that someone has a problem so.i am submitting so this is something.so this is an attachment that uscis has.had.sent to um someone that hired us to do.um their 601a like after the rfe was.sent out.we have people come to us when they get.a notice of intended deny once they get.the rfe.the best thing is to start clean you.know like.a clean slate that way we know exactly.what happened and every.every piece of evidence we submit with.the affidavit like nothing.is in you know in contradiction.um but you know we help everyone that.comes through our door.so um so these are the factors that.immigration looks at.and this is coming straight from uscis.and it says right here.factors uscis considers um.when determining extreme hardship.factors uscis considers when determining.extreme hardship include but are not.limited to so.now some of you may say well um how do i.explain these factors right.well uscis wants to know how will your.qualifying relative.suffer if you either live separately.or if you go live with them in their.home country.okay so um if the.qualifying relative is a spouse that's.like most of our cases the qualifying.relative is a spouse.how will you live if you have to go and.live with your spouse abroad.and how will you or how are you suffer.if you have to go to live with your.spouse abroad because they denied.their visa or how will you suffer if.you have to stay here separated from.your spouse right.there are many um there are many ways.you can approach this waiver.you can explain you can say well.um you know i have my life here i have.my family here i have my career i'm the.u.s citizen spouse.i cannot go abroad if my spouse's you.know.visa is denied abroad unfortunately.we're going to be living separated.this is how we will suffer this is how i.will suffer by being separated from my.spouse.you can explain only the separation.scenario.um you can explain well.i would be able to move to my spouse's.country but i would suffer.this way this way this way in this way.so what immigration states is.you can choose the most likely scenario.and explain how you will suffer that.scenario or.you can and you have to explain why the.other scenario.wouldn't be something you would do if.you say well i would go and live with my.spouse abroad.you have to explain why you wouldn't be.able to stay here.or you can just explain both you can say.this is how i will suffer.if i will have to go live abroad this is.how i will suffer if i have to stay in.the united states.separated from my spouse let's take a.look at the first factor and to me this.is the most important factor to really.discuss.oh my gosh i'm terrible at writing it.with this thing.let's just delete that.so the first factor is going to be.health.when we talk to our clients about this.factor i always ask.the qualifying relative what.sort of health problem have you.had in the past and when.i say health problem i mean everything.and here uscis says.ongoing or specialized treatment.required.for a physical.or mental condition.um we should also discuss the.availability of such.treatment in the country of abroad in.the foreign country oh sorry let me.close this up.the anticipated duration of the.treatment whether the treatment is going.to be.and whether the problem is something.chronic meaning.ongoing for a very long time or.acute meaning short term all right um.what what type of examples are the most.example more.most common scenarios we file here for.health.we really talk about we really like to.show.any proof of mental health problems.if um you are a parent.or you are a spouse of someone that.needs to do this.waiver and you have gone to see a.therapist in the past.you have suffered panic attacks in the.past.you have gone to see a counselor in the.past for.any sort of you know stress ptsd.postpartum any depression you need to.make sure.that you are up front with your.immigration attorney and you let them.know.you know i have i suffer from.ptsd i suffer from anxiety or depression.and this is something that i've been.going through for many years.and um and i know that this will really.really you know.um hurt me if i have to be separated.from my spouse or if i have to go live.in another country.right health is very important mental.health is a very big.big factor that we look at because the.reality is that.separating sometimes reawakens.a lot of mental health issues that the.qualifying relative has already been.battling for many years.um another health issue that we talk.about is.if let's say if the person is the parent.right if the qualifying relative is a.parent.or if the qualifying relative um or if.the qualifying relative is a parent.usually we're talking about someone who.is a little bit more advanced.age if that's the case um.we always ask uh you know does your.mother or father.have osteoporosis or arthritis.or bad knees can they move well.right you know these are these are.do they require ongoing care any sort of.physical therapy.or you know is there a possible surgery.coming along the road.these are all questions we ask we also.ask you know.um sometimes we get oh i'm perfect.there's nothing wrong with me.and um and then i started asking well.have you.had an annual exam lately.um oh yeah you know i i'm anemic i.forgot about that.or um oh yeah i forgot to tell you that.i.i had a client who told me she was.completely.completely well um and then told me.oh but oh you know last year i did have.cancer and.radiation and chemotherapy but i'm fine.now.so um you know if you have had a serious.health problem in the past.and that problem also requires you know.constant communication with your doctor.going to.check and to make sure that you continue.to be in remission.these are important things you may want.to tell your immigration attorney.because this is evidence that your.health.can be you know can be.affected severely if you have to go live.in another country.or you have to be here without that.person who has cared for you in the past.right.um we've had clients who.have um back problems that give them.flare-ups right.i had a client who who told me well you.know i have.i have i go two three months where i'm.totally fine.and then i have very debilitating.flare-ups where i'm in bed.my spouse needs to like bathe me care.for me like.seriously restroom issues my spouse.takes care of me.in all of that um if that's the case you.you know of course we submitted evidence.of the person having you know.scoliosis um the effects of their.flare-ups.um what type of medication they were.under even if you're not under any.medication but again.like i said you have something that.maybe comes back.you get flare-ups for a certain.condition we had a client who was.about to undergo hand surgery.also had was going to get you know.some sort of surgery in this this area.i'm not i don't remember what it's.called but.they were getting surgery there because.they had an accident a few years back.during.at work and it just wasn't feeling any.better um.anything that could possibly be related.to health.high blood pressure diabetes cholesterol.any health problem you need to really.sit down and think about.what health problem can my qualifying.relative have or what.problem can i have will i have if my.spouse is separated.and then make sure in that affidavit.again the.the value of doing a correctly written.affidavit is just.so you know i cannot stress that.you need to be able to connect how the.you're qualifying.how you the foreign national how do how.does your husband or your wife.or your child or your son daughter how.do they help.you the qualifying relative with this.health condition.do they take you to the doctor do they.cook a special meal for you.i've had a lot of waivers where my.client.is diabetic and they require.special diets right they have some some.people.have type 1 diabetes and they need to.have their insulin.and that person gets them their insulin.or does their injections.um some some people tell me well my wife.puts me on a very special diet.i mean i'm on a very special diet and my.wife cooks for me.my special food ex make sure you explain.all of that it's not sufficient to just.explain what type of hardship.you know what type of health problem you.have.but it's important to connect that to.how that qualifying relative i'm sorry.how about foreign nationals right.how your husband or wife how do they.help you.when you have that health problem right.if you have a health problem and your.spouse cannot help you or doesn't help.you.then that doesn't help the case right.make sure that.you explain any health condition and how.you really depend on that person to help.you.um when you experience when you.experience that panic attack.when you experience the the um the.flare-ups where you cannot move or go to.the restroom.i had a client with fibromyalgia with.fibromyalgia you know who.who um who tells me when i have when i.have flare-ups i cannot move.at all i have to be in bed the whole.time.so um explain you know how your spouse.gets you out of bed how your spouse.cooks for you how your spouse takes care.of their children.when you are incapacitated um there are.we've had a client that had you know a.lot of eye.problems and was in high risk of going.blind.how that health condition can really be.exacerbated if they have to go abroad.where they don't have these special eye.doctors or if the person had to stay.here.and the region has deteriorated to a.point where they're already blind right.so there's a lot to really explore to me.this is the most.important factor that uscis looks at.usa is looked at in 2013 and uss.is really really determining cases a lot.by the health factor.so don't ignore that please make sure.you take a long time thinking about.what health fact what health problems um.the qualifying relative may have.everything include everything.you know i wish i could just take like.an hour just talking about health.um we've had clients with heart failure.or um they have they are very high risk.of getting a heart attack.um or a second heart attack um.they are at high risk for you know a.stroke because they have really high.blood pressure.if you are at high risk for a stroke and.you have had a lot of ongoing like.health.blood pressure um problems.you know that's the truth if you're very.close to getting a stroke and then your.spouse gets taken away to another.country.um you know that stress and and there.are there is.medical research to prove that that.amount of stress.and and just fear and sadness of.separation.these things really do impact.you know someone's physical health.from there's from stomach issues to.um strokes heart attacks these things.are a big deal so.make sure you um you take a minute to.really look at every single factor.and connect that again i wish i could.just say this 100 times.connect that to the way your.um your foreign national spouse or child.son daughter how your foreign national.son or daughter.or your foreign national spouse.um help you cope with that.problem the next one i would say this is.the second and this is also very.important.not as important as health but also very.very important is.financial considerations so.it says right here for example future.employability.loss due to sale of home or business.or termination of a professional.practice decline in standard.of living ability to recoup short-term.losses.loss of care for family members cost of.extraordinary needs such as special.education or training for.children so if the foreign national is.living here.and helping you you know i'm gonna say.this this one is very common for spouses.you.say well you know my husband he works.full-time.he maintains our home we have a mortgage.we have um.car bills we have car insurance notes we.have three children together.you know if my husband were to have his.case denied and he's you know stuck.abroad.of course we will suffer because we will.lose our home we will lose um child care.we will not be able to pay for our cars.we can be homeless.you know you need to make sure you take.a a.good time to digest or to explain.how financially you will you as a.qualifying relative will suffer.extreme hardship we had a client.that um the qualifying relative.was earning a lot of money compared to.the.um to the foreign national.uh and by a lot of money i mean like the.qualifying relative was earning like.maybe.70 000 and the other person was earning.like maybe a hundred thousand.and immigration said it was very.interesting the rfe said like it doesn't.show it doesn't look like you know.you're really gonna suffer that much.because you make more money than.your husband which i thought was kind of.funny that.they just like blatantly said in the.request for evidence.um you know um we don't think you're.going to suffer that much because it.looks like you earn pretty good money.you know that's not that's not a factor.a financial consideration means.when you're taking into account what.you're.with the foreign you know foreign.national is bringing into you.to the home if you depend on that money.to survive.you know then and that money is no.longer going to be coming in because the.visas gets denied.then you know extreme hardship financial.hardship.should be uh assumed so what did we do.in this situation.we said we went back to the drawing.board and we had a spreadsheet.of every single bill they paid and.the reality was that you know this.couple they had they had two homes.they had a lot of bills they had medical.bills this was like an older couple they.had a lot of pending medical bills.um they had um.you know a mortgage like i said they had.this large debt.and um the the u.s citizen was also.close to retiree so these are things.that we needed to explain to uscis.here's the spreadsheet.of the expenses i really.need my spouse's share of his.of income because if i don't have that.how am i going to be paying two.mortgages.how am i going to be paying all these.bills and all this that i have.right so uh it was an interesting.question i also saw in one of the.facebook groups where.someone was saying well i earned very.good money is that going to make our.case weaker because my husband earns a.little bit less than i do.and the answer is not necessarily take a.look at your bills.take a look at all your expenses if you.don't need.your spouse's um uh.income then yeah it could hurt you but.if you really do.depend on that income coming in to cover.child care.to cover the home to cover you know your.cars car.insurance gas you know commuting money.you know you have to put all that.in in a spreadsheet and and show.immigration.um hey i depend on that money or we.depend on that money.um to keep the home afloat.right um there's another section here.that talks about uh future employability.now what does that mean.we have a client who um and i love.giving examples because i think.once you start to see other people's.scenarios.and you can kind of get ideas on how.this can be applied to your case so we.had a client that.was just finishing nursing school right.and she says i cannot go.to my husband's country abroad.i don't speak spanish well um i won't be.able to.be a nurse over there right i won't be.able to be.hired over there as a matter of fact.when.last time i went i couldn't really even.understand his family that well.um so i know i will not be able to.get a job if i move to um.his country and um.and if i have to live there my.our finances will suffer extremely right.because i would not be able to get a job.and the only job.he could get there was working in his.family's farm that's.basically what what that scenario was.about.um one thing i want to highlight here is.the decline in standard of living.now we mentioned remember.it doesn't matter how much money you.make if your standard.of living is going to decline.drastically this is something that uscis.has stated they will take into.consideration.if the qualifying relative this is.something we use for one of our cases.we had a client who um.the qualifying relative was the parent.and the parent was um already kind of.in about to enter into hospice the.parent was very the mother was very sick.and um they couldn't afford to have a.full-time.nurse but they didn't have someone come.and care for the mother um two three.days a week.and that was getting paid by her son's.uh.her son's job right her son was working.and her son was the one that needed to.go abroad and get this waiver approved.the mother was a qualifying relative.um we we showed that.you know the qualifying relatives care.uh her.her um the the people they were paying.to care for her.that um the money coming up was coming.from the sun the sun was paying for.her care and so if the sun's visa is.going to be denied then.her the mother's care will suffer um.because they will not have that fine.that amount of money or that money.coming in from.from the the sun or the sun won't be.able to pay that much money.and and guys i mean this happens you.know the case gets denied and the person.is stuck living abroad.in like any country really besides.a european country if they're living in.latin america that person is not going.to earn anywhere near.as much as it is required to send money.to your parents here.um we also this this um.this same one we use this same.factor we did use for a client who.um the wife was the u.s citizen and the.husband was going to interview abroad.and the wife said well my parent my.father.is very sick and my father has to get.dialysis two to three times a week.and my husband pays for part of that.can i explain how that will um that will.affect.my father-in-law or my father and the.answer is.that's technically you know the.father-in-law is not a qualifying.relative.but you can explain.how if you don't have your husband.paying so.what we did with children you can expo.we can explain how if your husband.is not paying for your father's health.care.but that money is going to have to come.out of the whole budget right.um you may not be able to make all of.the home payments because.you're gonna have to because you care.for your father who's on dialysis so.even if there is another family parent a.family member that is sick.um if you can connect that to the.hardship of a qualifying relative you.can also think about using that.in your affidavit.another factor that immigration looks at.is education.it says right here for example loss of.opportunity of higher for higher.education.lower quality or limited scope of.education.options disruption of current.educational program.requirement to be educated in a foreign.language or.culture which with ensuing loss.of time or grade availability of special.requirements such as training programs.or internships in specific fields so.this is for those uh couples where uh.or for these situations where the the us.citizen or permanent resident.qualifying relative they're still in.school they're getting training.and they say if i were to have to move.to i don't know ecuador or mexico or.whatever whatever other country to be.with my spouse.you know i'm not going to be able to.continue my program because.i don't speak the language because they.don't offer that program.um and.you can explain that here right um we.also.have ex use this for um.a case where the uh qualifying relative.or for.you know the the u.s citizen spouse she.was saying well.my husband is currently paying for me to.finish my degree.so that i can be um what do they call a.csa so that i could be like a.a medical assistant so he's paying for.my tuition now.if the if the ca if the case gets denied.you know.i'm not going to be able to continue.going to school.i'm going to lose that money and that is.going to be under financial.considerations.but you know if he's not going to.continue paying for your for your school.then that can also be an education.factor.um there are also other factors to look.at it talks about close relatives in the.united states.i always ask my my qualifying relatives.and.and and again most of my qualifying.brothers sometimes are they're used.u.s citizen spouse and i said okay well.you know.we'll make a name mary okay mary well.let's take a look.see here um do.you have any family member living in the.us like can we explain.um that you cannot easily.go abroad because you have family here.and a lot of times you hear yeah of.course my mom my dad because of my.feels everybody is here and um.but you know my sister is here too and.she currently is suffering from like.stage four cancer we had a case like.that.and she's like and i take my sister to.um.chemotherapy all the time my parents are.here and they're very old and so they're.living with us at home.i couldn't leave um i couldn't go back.to.my husband's country because my father.is on dialysis and he lives with us.so these these issues remember if they.can connect to the hardship of the.qualifying relative.they technically fall also under.personal considerations.one thing i've seen and i want to take a.little break and explain.you know guys these these factors right.here they're not.a lot of them mixed with each other i've.had um i've seen people ask.well my affidavit is all over the place.because i get this and this and.that's okay you can have sections where.you discuss health.financial education personal and maybe.personal will also coincide with.financial.maybe educational will also coincide.with financial or personal.right that's okay.so if you have another family member if.the if the us citizen spouse has.you know sick parents or a sick another.sick family member.um or the u.s citizen has.disabled children this is also a very.important one that we have.addressed if the u.s citizen wife.you know has children here and a child.has.um adhd or suffers from autism right.anything that requires that more care.more care from the school or maybe.special education at the school.anything that requires just more.um i'm not.individual attention um.you need to make sure that you address.that in your testimony.because um i had a case where we filed.an.for a husband and wife.and the wife was telling me you know our.daughter suffers from autism and she's.two years old.and part of her her condition.is that she goes into these really.really.long crying spells and the only person.that can ever ever get her to you know.come calm down.and stop crying and.i feel less fear is my husband who is.the person that's going to need the.weight right and we explain that to.immigration.and i know i said in the beginning that.if you have a.child that your child cannot be your.qualifying relative.and that's true but if you are the.mother of that child and you're the.qualifying relative.you need to make sure you connect that.you know i need my husband here.i need him here because he gives.my autistic our autistic child that that.need that support right and if he's not.here and i'm like.i'm and i'm stuck here in the u.s um.not able to care for my child that's.going to affect me.too it's going to affect me emotionally.it's going to affect me physically you.know.of course i'm going to suffer more than.any regular person.i have a child with special needs right.and.and submit those documents that you have.a child with special needs.because obviously that is going to.affect you um.so if you have an attorney that says.whatever your children suffer that.doesn't count.that's not true if your child is going.to suffer something.that still needs to be connected to you.right you cannot say.my children will cry without their.father you need to explain.how does the children cry without their.father.affect you right as the parent.has the qualifying relative so i hope i.didn't take too long to say that but.it's important.um there there's another section here.that we sometimes talk about other.factors right special factors like.what what cultural factors um.can affect a case and and this is for.our language barriers right if if.you are a u.s citizen spouse and you're.the one that's a qualifying relative.and say you know i cannot go back to my.husband's country because.you know my husband.is another religion than i am and if we.go to that country we can be in serious.trouble.that's something very important to say.right um there are some countries where.only certain religions are tolerated and.if you are either a mixed race a mixed.religion couple you know you can face.severe persecution.um your life can be endangered you need.to explain that.um if there are going to so what so.these special factors they talk about.cultural factors.language if you don't speak that.language harp on that.it's very important you know uscis.cannot really expect you.not to suffer hardship if you go to a.country where you cannot communicate.with anyone.um religious is very important if you're.both from different religions.and that's not tolerated in that country.you know.that could put your life at in risk or a.danger.any ethnic obstacles you know there are.certain countries where.um there are ethnic minorities that are.persecuted i don't want to name any.countries but there are.and i talked here about valid fears of.persecution or physical harm.if your your spouse's country is in.one of these countries that is currently.undergoing a lot of political turmoil.and really i can mention almost any.country right now anything in central.america.anything in mexico central america south.america.a lot of countries right now are going.through a lot of.political turmoil um there is.a heightened um.violence mention that you know safety is.important.and that's something that if you go and.live abroad.your your if you're if um your life.and safety are at risk how will that.affect you.going to that country right um but we do.if.if you go to the um.state department website.travel.state.gov.and you you can look at um you can look.for the country you.you know of your your foreign national.like you can see if the state department.has put out uh.a travel warning or has risked people i.have.sorry has warned people against.traveling to certain.countries or certain parts of that.country you can you can include that.evidence and say hey look.we're going to be going to a very.dangerous area obviously if we go there.that's going to affect me.it says statements and explanations.should be supported by evidence.merely stating that your u.s citizen.spouse or parent will suffer extreme.hardship is not enough to meet the.burden of proof and this is true.right if you say you have a health.problem like.osteoporosis or arthritis or diabetes or.whatever.you need to back that doc that statement.up with documentation from your doctor.you need to back up every statement you.make.whether it's financial statements.proof of your taxes you filed together.uh.proof of the bills you pay right when we.talked about.um health here.and we said you know any health issue.any sort of even mental health problem.you need to have a letter by your.therapist.you may need to have a full psychosocial.evaluation.submitted psychosocial evaluations are.are scrutinized a lot by uscis and.um sometimes uscis doesn't like doesn't.take them doesn't give them a lot of.weight.you need to make sure that you talk to.your therapist.and that your lawyer takes a look at.that report because sometimes.you just get like a one letter that.doesn't say much.um if you're gonna request that your.therapist give you a full psychosocial.evaluation.it needs to talk about the.qualifying relatives ongoing mental.health problems.not how the.qualifying role i was simply going to.suffer or there.i've seen reports which is like scared.of husband being deported.you know that's not really i.and this is kind of a maybe a little bit.of an.off track and i don't want to say the.wrong thing but.the therapist is supposed to explain.what ongoing mental health problems you.have suffered when did you start.suffering these mental health issues.how did these mental health issues um.come about you know how.have you been coping with it how often.have you been going to therapy.are you under any medication you know.immigration has stated in certain.certain i in this uh.in this one example that i was.mentioning earlier where the person.tried to kind of copy her case and then.they got a notice of intent to deny.immigration said the report you you.submitted.says that you're you're just scared of.your husband.being deported and when i and when i.talked to this client.you know she told me oh i've had mental.health problems since i was a child.you know and and none of that was in the.report.that was not in the report the report.talked about just.how what will happen if the if the.husband.is deported or the case isn't approved.right that's not what your mental health.therapist.needs to be writing on a report so.that's also something i mean i didn't.want to take too much.time to explain that but the quality of.the report is very important.and really needs to focus on what the.therapist does right.when were you diagnosed.how has this diagnosis come about you.get angry spells.you get you know panic attacks um have.you just been.lost you know like and i've had.i had someone who when they suffered a.panic attack also kind of like lost.you know sense of where they were um.have you had like has the qualifying.relative had suicidal thoughts.um and when it comes to explaining.how the um their treatment or.how that you know they get a little bit.better or how they're coping with their.mental health problem.there the therapist can explain.how the um foreign national or the.husband and wife.how they help this u.s citizen right.um the therapist can say you know.so and so we'll just use the name mary i.don't know mary.suffers has been suffering for you know.25 years she's been suffering from.anxiety.panic attacks depression and.when she when she has these.these panic attacks she has informed me.that.her husband is usually there to comfort.her.her husband usually knows how to make.her feel.better and get out of one of these.attacks.um she has mentioned that she has had.suicidal thoughts.and the husband can really talk her out.of.these feelings right can have been able.to really talk her out of.feeling really low and depressed.that's what the therapist report is for.explain what what you have been.suffering in the past and how.maybe your your spouse.makes it better um.not to just say you're gonna suffer.or you're to get anxiety if the visa.gets denied.or you've been having anxiety only as of.yesterday.um thinking about this case right.they're not going to give that.a lot of weight and i have had like i.said i have seen.many reports just talk about only the.immigration thing and i'm just like.you know that's not your job as a.therapist that's not your job.your job is to talk about the person's.history.and then if you want you can make a.connection on how the spouse or that.call.that foreign national helps them and.if you're working with a therapist that.doesn't understand that.perhaps you need to see you need to see.another therapist or you need to make.sure.that you tell the therapists.the person you have been going for many.years to see you know.for them to not.discuss that because that's really.outside of the scope of what they should.be doing anyway.but yeah i've seen some weird reports.and i think that's the reason why uscis.gives them less weight they can give a.report very good weight.if it's well written right your.testimony can be very important if it's.well written.your therapist report can be very.important if it's well written.the art of having something well written.and well explained.um they really can make a difference.between a an approval and denial so.um for those of you who are working with.an attorney.make sure you trust that attorney and.make sure you push that return to really.look at your testimony and make sure.that.anything that's unclear in your.affidavit or testimony that.that's you know looked at and corrected.i want to say about.you know me being in so many facebook.groups and seeing things is that.i saw someone say that their attorney.told them to write the letter on their.own just explain how you will suffer.without your spouse.and this may get me in trouble with some.colleagues but.i don't think that's very good lawyering.i think that.if your attorney tells you write down.how you will suffer.so that when we meet we have um.so that when you and i meet we have kind.of a.road map to follow in.the creation or the writing of your.affidavit.then that's okay but if the lawyer wants.you to just.write the letter on your own i would.really be.hesitant to want to go forward with that.attorney.and and again this may get me into it.with some colleagues but.i really think that someone who doesn't.know the law well.and someone who doesn't do this every.day i just.i have never seen someone write an.affidavit that touches all the points.that we're discussing here i mean maybe.if you watch my video you may be able to.write a really solid affidavit but.um i'm i just i want to be clear that.you know these these affidavits are.scrutinized a lot.um and what you say in page 10 can hurt.you later.because you said something else in page.one or two and so.um you really need someone.that works in these cases and knows what.does immigration want what does.immigration not want.what does the therapist report what.should the third.test report focus on and not focus on.now when we talked about financial.evidence if you're going to say you have.two mortgages.you better have your mortgage statements.car payments you better have those.statements in there.you say you're going to school for.nursing submit that transcript.um uh you say that you know.you cannot speak the language or that.you and your spouse are different.from different um religious backgrounds.and you each go to a different church or.mosque or synagogue whatever it is if.you can get letters you know.in support of that then go ahead and.file that too.if you have medical debts any sort of.debts you have had in the past.medical debts are very important.expert opinions you know what i've never.filed an expert opinion.letter on a 601a waiver i find this to.be kind of weird.um this this.this thing here talks about what.evidence you can submit and we said you.know.pay stubs um sorry you can submit your.pay stubs your and your spouse's pay.stubs.if you want to show their income and how.you support them you you need that.income.to pay your um your monthly you know.utilities or bills or whatever um.the most important part here is to.submit your taxes really you should be.filing your taxes jointly if you're.married and you should.submit those taxes to uscis.if you have children together submit.proof that you have children together.like birth certificates.even if you don't have children together.you have minor children and you're.married.then that person becomes your child.right step child.so submit those birth certificates too.um now everything we've gone around and.i know we already passed the one hour.mark.everything that we've we've gone through.not.not everybody hits every factor have we.had cases approved without health.yes we have had cases approved without.any sort of health.problem um.but we like to see if we like to.really see if we can include any sort of.health issue if the person has it.um have we had cases of proof.you know with.only one thing or another yes we have um.but you know everybody's case is.different everybody has a different.different background with different life.some people come.from you know.very close families and they have a big.network of support and some people don't.have that.and having a large network of support.can be helpful if your parents who are.here.are you know older and you need to stay.here for them.but not having a network of support can.also help you because.you know you're going to be here alone.without anyone to support you if your.spouse is brought.so you have to kind of be creative in.the way you formulate your testimony.um but also you know.be honest with yourself how will you.really suffer i get a lot of people.who sometimes tell me at the beginning.oh i don't know how i'll suffer i'm okay.financially.and and and um.health-wise and then you know two.appointments later.i find out that this person suffered.some really serious like childhood.trauma.that they're trying to overcome and so.in the first appointment i always.sometimes meet people that give me this.front right not really wanting to tell.me everything.about their life this type of case you.need to be very vulnerable as a.qualifying relative.you need to be vulnerable you need to.show.why you need that person to be here with.you.right um this is not the time to say.everything is perfect in my life.because if because immigration has very.little.to go off of right um except whatever.you submit.so um what happens when you submit this.documentation and um immigration comes.back.a few months later and says they want.more evidence.if that happens go back and take a look.very carefully at the request for.evidence.and see what they want do they want more.financial stuff.do they want um more explanation on an.affidavit don't give up if you get an.rfe.um i'm an attorney and we get our fees.not all the time but we get our fees.with some of the.waivers and and when we get our fees we.tell the client we really need to.draft a new affidavit we need to see.what else we can find.to show this issue that they're having.you know question about.and we file the case and we reply so if.you get a request for evidence.submit evidence a lot of times.the case is going to be okay you're.going to be approved now.that's my that's been in our.in our scenario right we know what.immigration.asks and we don't give them any more but.we also don't.um avoid submitting good evidence so.most of times we are okay because we.know what they what they require.and in reality if a person has a perfect.case.i mean a a terrible case really and they.and they will.never suffer and they will not suffer i.will be honest with them in my.evaluation and i will say.i don't think that um that there is.much of you if there is no hardship that.you can think of and.you know we talk about these points if.there is nothing.that you can think of um to submit with.your waiver you know.then there's only so much i can do as.your attorney and perhaps maybe this is.not the best time to file this for you.so you know go over these factors.think about what you can submit to.immigration.if you think that you know you just got.married yesterday and there really.isn't absolutely anything in here that.you can provide your attorney.perhaps you should talk to your journey.about that um before you hire your.attorney right um.but there is a lot that you can do um.to file a 601a waiver there are a lot of.factors that immigration looks at.the reality is that a lot of countries.especially in latin america they are.going through a lot of turmoil.they're going through a lot of financial.difficulties.let's not forget guys we are in this.middle of a.freaking coronavirus pandemic right how.does that affect.your case well it can affect a lot if.your spouse is the only one working.or it can affect a lot of that country.has a very high covet.you know exposure and they they have.very bad medical system.so can covet help my case it can it can.you have to really think about you know.where is my husband or.uh son or daughter from where are they.where.where's my really husband's parents know.all that where's my husband from.how is kobet affecting their country and.will i be affected extremely if i have.to go live over there.or if my husband is over there and get.sick right.so um let me take a look at the other.questions just before i forget i don't.want to make this i know i told you this.was really for the people who wanted to.be.experts in this case and you were in for.the long haul.should i get a lawyer this is a question.that i see a lot in some of the groups.um we help.people as attorneys i can tell you we.help people who are.young and are and um.are technology savvy but they are.terrible writers and don't know the law.um and we also help people who say you.know what.i don't have the time to investigate.what do i need to do.how does the 601 a waiver look at that.and so we have clients that hire us from.the beginning to the end.you you won't know if you need a lawyer.right.if you are with me at the 1 hour and 12.minute mark.and you have looked at everything and.are taking notes.you know and you have you have at least.contacted an attorney to make sure.that your spouse or that you do qualify.for this waiver.you may not need one and you may be able.to do it alone.um but you know.if you feel like this is all these.factors you're talking about and this.affidavit is looking like a lot for me.maybe it's worth getting an attorney.it's really your call.i think deep down you won't know um.one thing i do want to say is you know.think about.the value of getting a permanent.residence status right.and not having your case denied this.type of case takes two years.two to even three years depending on.where you're going to interview abroad.if your case is going to be called to.interview in ecuador.you may wait maybe a little bit under.two years.from beginning to end but if your case.is going to be in mexico you may end up.waiting three years because.that consulate is the busiest consulate.in the world.and the wait time is about one year.after the waiver gets approved so.um if you're going to do if you.want to get started on this.track and you're saying this is the time.for my husband my wife to get the green.card and we're gonna petition for them.and we're gonna do the waiver.um the waiver can take about nine to.twelve months to be approved or denied.and if you do get denied.i mean you're gonna have to start all.over again and file it again.you know um so it's your call.do you want to do it with an attorney do.you not want to do it with an attorney.that's up to you.if you get an attorney okay and i may be.hated by some attorneys here.make sure that you get an attorney that.really knows what they're doing with.this type of case.um there are people who aren't not.immigration-only attorneys and they do.bankruptcies.divorces um they go.they do you know traffic tickets they do.every sort of.law and then they submit very.very deficient packets i had someone.come to me and this is really weird they.got denied they got their waiver denied.and they worked with.actually they worked with a large.immigration law firm like a big.immigration law firm here in new york.city.and whoever did the case they didn't.even submit an affidavit in support they.just wrote like.in the little iso 1a form they just.filled out a few sentences why their.spouse would suffer hardship without uh.without them and i was just honestly i.was just shocked i said are.you didn't have an affidavit in support.i said no we didn't know this is just.what the lawyer sent.you know you need to make sure that if.you get a lawyer you have very good.communication with that attorney.that that attorney sticks with you goes.over all the evidence that you need.um and that you have a plan of action.what evidence am i going to submit.and that your attorney reveals your.affidavit with you.but either you and your attorney draft.the affidavit together.but the attorney reviews your affidavit.and helps you.um organize it in a way that it's clear.so.the value of a lawyer is high.but you also need to be in the right.hands of the right lawyer not just any.lawyer.um what happens after my waiver gets.approved okay so once your waiver gets.approved.um.you are um you have to at the same time.be working with the national visa center.on this portal the cx portal.um and once the waiver is approved they.send.information to the national visa center.and let them know that the i601a is.approved.if at that point you have submitted.everything you need to have your.interview scheduled.then um nbc will let you know that you.are.on cue to receive your interview from.the u.s consulate of your home country.or of the foreign national home country.um what happens if my waiver is denied.well.look if your waiver is denied that.doesn't mean you can never get a green.card again.to be honest with you i i spoke to an.attorney he's a good friend of mine.and he said you know we had a waiver.denied and it was so weird because it.was a really good case.and what we did was we filed the waiver.again the exact same waiver we followed.all over again and.the second time it was approved without.a without an rfe without a request for.more evidence.so if your weaver gets a knife don't be.discouraged.um you know take it in stride don't say.you know this sucks i'm never gonna get.my green card or my spouse is never.gonna get their status.don't think that way think about let me.take a step back.let me see what was not uh filed.properly or maybe what was insufficient.what was what can i do to improve my.waiver.and if everything is finally your.attorney tells you and you are in good.hands and attorney says let's just file.it the way it is hey.i'm telling you it can be approved again.it can be approved.when will i go abroad for my interview.and will i really get my green card.there.you don't get your green card when you.go abroad so when.when the consulate sends your.appointment and tells you you're ready.to go.and interview abroad you get.um you will take a list of documents if.the consulate sends you or.you can find a bra online i'm also going.to do another.video which talks about everything you.need to take with you to your interview.abroad.when you go there the consulate what.they do the officer will stamp a visa on.your passport.and that's called an immigrant visa that.visa will say in the very bottom that.you have been granted a waiver.and that waiver is called 2289 b waiver.meaning you got.any allah presence punishment removed.right.um and when.you get your visa on your passport you.come into the united states.and you give the immigration officer a.packet.that you brought with you from the.consulate so this packet is gonna be.um like in a black plastic bag.and um it says do not open um you give.that to the officer and basically it's.like your affidavit of support and other.documents.and then the officer says welcome to.america and they snap your passport.and um once you come in you can pay a.120.um immigrant visa fee like the register.this registration fee or um you can pay.it when you're abroad.before you come here but really all of.our clients we tell them just when you.get here come.swing by the office so we can you know.give you your.congratulations mug and um we have these.yellow mugs we give our clients once.they get their green card approved or.citizenship approved and.there is where we help them file file.the payments online.when you make that payment you usually.get your green card in about.six weeks it could be as little as four.weeks it could be as long as.one year okay i'm giving you an average.amount of time.after you pay that fee now why is it one.year.i don't know i we had a client that he.really did have to wait almost a year to.get his green card.for some weird reason most cases are six.weeks but they can go up to a year.we called uscis multiple times and they.said well man.he gets a one year stamp because we have.one year.to give him a green card or to send the.green card is required so.maybe it could be that the service.center is really busy i didn't really.buy that but you know.i'm letting you know most cases it takes.about four to six weeks after you you.pay.you make that payment and you come in to.get the green card in the mail.and you will tell immigration where you.want your green card when you bought.your ds-264 and that's going to be all.in that other video this video is long.enough.last question is there a and really.congratulations to you if you watched me.all the way through please send me a.message and.um if i can i will see if i can send you.some sort of congratulations bug.um is there a way to not leave.the united states for my green card i.get this question all the time and i.just have to throw it in here.if you came and we have made the.determination that you came without.inspection.and others and that you have to go.abroad.this is based on only evaluating a.petition based.by your spouse right.there may be if you talk to your.attorney.there may there are other ways that you.may qualify even if you.to get your green card here even if you.came without um inspection.um if your parents are.us citizens or permanent residents you.know you may want to tell your attorney.hey how did they get their green card.did they get their green card because.there was a law called 245i.could you perhaps be grandfathered under.that law you know.if your grandfather granted that law.then maybe your spouse gets to petition.for you you just have to pay a 1 000.fine and stay here right um so 245.i is the answer is that that's another.way.um now if you have been a victim of a.abused by your spouse or.your u.s citizen child that's over 21..you may want to take a look at our vawa.video and.and and see why maybe vawa is better for.you that's another way you can get your.green card in the united states without.having to leave the net.without having to leave the us and go.abroad.so there may be other ways um.but there's no way you can do this.waiver and get your interview.here right under this type of case so.the answer is.maybe i had a friend that gifted me a.book called getting to maybe.[Music].before i went to law school because.sometimes the answer is.is maybe and you need to feel.comfortable with that it depends on.your specific circumstance um.well guys i don't want to take up any.more time this is a lot i'm tired my.throat hurts.i hope that whoever made it to the end.of this video got a lot of information.and a lot of questions um answered if.you want me to evaluate your case you.can go to my website.alverseimmigration.com.and there is a place where you can book.a consult.you can also click on the link below and.we can talk about your case in more.detail.make sure you remember before you start.doing anything on your own.we make sure that the person actually.qualifies for this waiver because i have.had to make.very unfortunate calls from people that.hire me to do a background check on them.and it turns out that they were in fact.order deported.20 years ago and i have to give them.that call and say i'm so sorry.it turns out that when you were caught.in the border that it was not a.voluntary return.that it was in fact deportation and if.it was a deportation.you know coming back without permission.right now the way the law.is you cannot get any sort of green card.through this program.um and and you know what that's valuable.to know it's important to know.that you don't qualify because the last.thing you want is to go abroad.and be stuck out there and have your.case denied right so.be truthful with your lawyer about any.stops that you have had in the border.make sure your lawyer knows how to check.your record.make sure your lawyer is not just.sending you a foia with uscis.make sure that your lawyer is sending a.boya with obin.right a fingerprint check um if your.name is very common.nothing may come up but maybe with your.fingerprint something will come up right.these are very important things to.really make sure that your lawyer.is aware of this program and that they.know all the nooks and crannies how to.investigate if you've been.stopped abroad i mean if you've been.stopped at the border how.are they going to investigate whether.you got order deported or not and.sometimes lawyers.tell people nothing came up but.something really is there right that's.really scary um you know.so sometimes the best checkup is a.fingerprint checkup and those checkups.um may take a little bit longer but.knowing that you actually qualify before.you leave and are stuck out there is.very valuable.um again thank you so much for staying.with me.uh feel free to visit me again alvarez.immigration.com.and i hope to see you soon in our next.video.bye-bye.

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