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youtube video

Keller Williams Online Rental Application Form : Customize, Finish and forward

okay so good morning I'm going to be.doing a video today on what to do when.you show rental and the renter says yes.okay so the first thing we need to do is.get them approved so we're going to go.to the Internet.we're gonna go to that's my email we're.going to go to zombocom.backslash pro if you don't have this.account yet you should have this set up.that way you're ready to screen people.once they say yes so this the easiest.part.once somebody says yes you log into your.zone / pro account you click screen new.applicants and right here you make sure.the credit and background screening and.rental application are both checked once.those are checked you're just gonna put.in their emails if there's more than one.person you just separate it by a comma.okay so you hit Send request once you do.that it's going to send over for the.tenants to fill out the credit.background and application all in one.shot you don't have to do anything else.it's going to send it all to them they.fill it out they pay the money and it.comes back to you so once it comes back.to you it's gonna look similar to this.it'll save you and view if they didn't.do it yet it'll say resend request so.once you get it back you'll get an email.and you can go through so see here it.says screening you could click view.gonna ask you for your password and.it'll show you their credit score so see.she has excellent credit no criminal.record no evictions very good a very.good candidate for any rental so we're.gonna hit download PDF once it downloads.and you're just going to drag it to over.here and that is our credit check so.we're next out of this go back here and.do the exact same thing with the.application so when you open up the.application you'll see here has name.phone email property they're looking at.their current history so right now she.owns a house they're separating so that.sucks for her but and then before that.so you have the role housing history you.also have their employment history she.makes ten thousand a month so a hundred.and twenty thousand a year plus bonuses.so that's fun and then down here it has.some questions will you have pets yes.one small dog called a noodle will you.have a liquid filled furniture that's.their water beds have you ever had bed.bugs you know there's a bunch of.screening questions here just so you.check out they also have emergency.contact and personal reference if you.want to call and check their references.also here on their employment you have.their boss's phone number so you can.call and verify their employment and.income and then it's signed so once.that's done we're gonna hit download.again take this application pop it over.here now once all that's done you're.just gonna go to your email and we're.gonna send this over to wherever it.needs to go so you would send it to the.listing agent the landlord you know.anyone that it has to go over to so you.just take these you drop it right into.an email they'll bolt attached you can.say he attached right in and to again.that's to the listing agent on the other.side or if it's your own listing that's.gonna go to the landlord okay so once.that's done and they say yes and you're.happy and everything's accepted it's.time to go to dot loop so you can go to.my kwkw com type in your password it's.gonna open up so once you're in here.you're gonna hit start a transaction and.you have all your loops so here's all.the loops that you know you have closed.or active and what we're gonna do is.you're gonna go here and.create a loop so just for example say.100 render Street you're always gonna.name this you don't want to name it by.the person's name you want to name it by.the address because when you're gonna.submit this to get paid they don't know.the landlord's name or the renters name.of the buyers name but they could look.it up by the address okay you don't need.to select a template you could just.leave that so you're gonna hit create.loop and it's gonna take you to this.default screen so once you're in here.the first thing that you need to do is.go down here where it says add people.and add in person so in this case we're.going to add in the tenant so John Smith.yeah something popped up because I've.used this before as an example so.nothing will pop up you're gonna put in.an email down here yeah so I put sample.a Gmail because this isn't gonna go.anywhere Grohl obviously this is the.tenant so we're going to put that in as.tenant and hit add person okay so you're.gonna do this no matter what kind of.loot you're doing if this is for sale.for whatever you're plugging up in the.information just like this so if you had.if you were doing both ends and you.would hit add person again and add in.the landlord if there was more than one.tenant you would hit add person and add.in all the tenants so once everybody's.in this people section we're gonna go.back up and start with the paperwork so.here it says add from so this is the.document section you're gonna hit add.from templates and now in here this has.everything that you're gonna need so.there's market center forms if you need.you know smoke certification.applications offer to purchase.commission bills w9 for referrals that's.all under there and all these categories.are for different things so by our.transaction pack obviously it's when.you're putting in an offer with the.buyer but for now we're going to be.doing the rental transaction pack so.this is if you were doing the rentals we.already have them screened we did the.credit the applications and we have them.approved you don't have to add in the.credit and the applications to the loop.they don't need that you just have to.have all.state paperwork ok so from here they do.have a checklist and you guys forget.this but you also have this video now.all right so we're gonna go down we need.a CIS informed consent to dual agency.protect your family from lead in the.home we don't need the applications we.already did that the residential lease.you don't need opinions 26 I'm gonna do.the truth in renting and the w-9 so w8.is for people who don't have a Social.Security number you're gonna use that.but for now we're just gonna use the W 9.okay so I'm gonna hit and there should.be the only thing we're missing here.from here is the lead based paint form.so we're gonna hit add documents for.some reason the lead based paint form is.not in there so we're just gonna pull it.from a different folder so down to from.templates and I'm going to add it in.from the Hudson County property for a.rent but normally that will be under.rental transaction tax so don't worry.about that all right so now we have.everything that we need so some key.things that protect your family from.letting your home you could just drag.this to the bottom as well as the truth.in renting these two documents don't.have to be signed by anybody but they do.have to be shared by law so make sure.that you are have these in the loop and.you share it when you share the.documents but they don't have to sign it.alright so we're gonna start preparing.the documents the lead based paint form.if you're doing this off of the MLS you.can find this form already filled out by.the owners so you're gonna log into the.MLS and again if this is your own you're.gonna fill it out yourself but we're.just gonna go in and take a look we're.just gonna pull up pretty much any.rental real quick so I can just call an.example for you.it doesn't like Hoboken right now okay.so let's just say this was the property.that we were looking at right here and.this D that's the document section so if.you click there you'll see the lead.based paint form there's already filled.out by the owner and the listing agent.okay so we just have to fill out the.bottom part so we're actually going to.use this for our example today so you.just hit save we're gonna save it to the.desktop and get back into our loop so.since we don't need this blank one we're.just gonna hit the down arrow and hit.archive but we do need there copy so.we're just gonna take this and drag it.right into here and release also you hit.the down arrow and hit rename and we can.call this let paint.alright so now we're ready to start.preparing our documents now that we have.the proper things we're gonna hit lead.paint this is what we just pulled off.the MLS right so this is the only time.since we imported this document we're.gonna have to add in the spaces so we're.gonna hit add signature here put it in.the right spot try to make it fit as.best we can and then you just click on.it and select a renter John Smith same.thing add signature down here and we're.gonna put ourselves because we would be.the leasing agent okay under other.actions you have to add initials in both.of these spots.and it doesn't have to be perfect get as.close as you can so we're gonna click on.it hit job Smith click on it and John.Smith and then we're going to sign this.now just because it's us so we could hit.sign now adopting sign so this is an a.lead-based paint forum fully filled out.okay okay we're gonna save sometimes you.get a pop-up that says it has not been.shared do you want to share now you're.gonna hit no because you don't want to.share this yet you want to share it once.everything is completed so we're gonna.hit back now and go down to the next one.so the next one is the CIS this is our.disclosure as how we're working so you.have these autofill options we're gonna.put in the buyer or the renter same.thing as John Smith and we're going to.put in this seller we don't have the.sellers information psych just kidding.so we're just gonna put in the buyer for.now and hit autofill okay so this.portion here this top part where says.for sellers and landlords is for the.seller or the landlord so since we're.working with the buyer we are going to.just fill out the buyer portion so.Keller Williams City Light goes here and.the name of brokerage John is already.set to sign here automatically this.second space when you have two spaces if.there's not two buyers or to renters you.have to make sure that you click that.and change it to no one if you don't.it's gonna ask him to sign in both.places and we don't need him to sign in.both we're gonna hit no one okay.underneath declaration of business.relationship I that's me big Pierce and.Keller Williams city life or working as.in this case it would be buyer's agent.only okay if you were on the other side.and doing the paperwork for somebody for.some reason you would do sellers agent.if you're getting a listing we would do.seller agent and dual disclosed if the.opportunity arrives its meeting you're.working for the landlord but hey if you.get both energy at both ends okay so.buyer's agent only all good here save.back again if you get that pop-up.can you share make sure you say no.because we not done yet next informed.consent to dual agency so dual agency.you only you don't have to do this form.if you're renting off the MLS but I want.to show it to you anyway so dual agency.is anytime that you do both ends of a.deal or anytime you do a deal with.somebody in the office so if I do a deal.with anybody in the office its dual.agency because technically the listing.and the buyer side is still coming from.Keller Williams so again we have our.autofill John Smith is our buyer slash.renter and buying agent is me so we're.gonna hit autofill like Pierce is filled.in here Keller Williams City Light cuz.that's where we work again like we said.John sign here second buyer must be.switched to no one okay.address one hundred Washington Street.and token date you can put today because.we're sending it today and then Blake.sign here that's me sign now okay.so that's it for this one just it's.letting them know we're doing both ends.and so we're gonna hit save and back.alright so the lease this is the fun.part.I'm gonna go through and explain what.all this means but in here for the.autofill we're just going to add in the.information just your number of 100 at.Center Street.ad unit number let's say 1 R and Hoboken.and we're just gonna hit autofill okay.so this is a residential lease for the.state of New Jersey between landlord so.if you need the landlord's information.if you don't have it yet what you can do.is you just go back over to our MLS and.you hit tax NJ tax records.so right here tax records click that.it's going to open us up we go to.property search.switch by Street I'm going to go through.all these prompts that you showed to.find the address we're looking for so.say Hudson County Hoboken since 100.renter Street is not a real street I'll.just pick any random one so you could.see right here this is Anthony Sam's so.this is the owner and the owners address.okay so on the lease we're gonna go back.and hear his landlord or type in Anthony.Sam's again you would be doing this for.the correct address so make sure that.you're doing it for the right one and.address you have it right there so John.Smith this is his current address not.where he's moving to so this is where he.lives now all right so down here we're.gonna get into the property description.so an apartment is anytime that a unit.they on multiple or all the units in the.building so say that this is a four.store four unit building and it's all.one landlord that would be an apartment.if it is a four unit building and it's.all different individual owners that.would be a condo so let's just say in.this case it's one R and it's apartments.put that there here that's we've done.that we don't need the unit number again.so we have 100 watch renter Street in.Hoboken the lease term now I want to do.a prorated rent so you can see it so I'm.just gonna put my sticky note over here.so we could play with that so say that.this person is going to be moving in in.the middle of the month so I'll just say.for example they're gonna be moving in.on January 23rd right it's you know any.time this is how you're gonna do it so.if they're moving in on January 23rd we.always do past a year so it's gonna be 1.year and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 so we have.one year and.I taste it's good I did there I don't.know I'm asking questions it's a video.okay so starting on the 23rd now ending.this is going to end next year not on.the 23rd because nobody's gonna be able.to rent an apartment on the 23rd you're.gonna end next year on the 31st so.that's why it is one year and nine days.for the least total okay.instead of being 11 months and whatever.extra you just add in those extra days.so now we need to get the prorated rent.amount so say the rent was two thousand.per month to make it easy that would be.24 thousand per year all that is two.thousand times twelve okay so we're.gonna take that 24,000 and divide it by.365 that's going to give us 65 point 75.per day so that is the daily rate if you.do this for like the 15th of the month.or anything like that it's not just the.rent cut in half we do it by a daily.rate because some days some ones are.along with others so 65 75 per day and.we have nine days in this specific.example so that comes out to 590 1.75 so.that is the pro-rated amount and also.the first month rent all right now the.least term here the rent for the term of.the lease is going to be the total that.they're gonna pay for the whole thing so.we're gonna take 590 1.75 which is that.extra and add the 24,000.to it so the total amount they're gonna.be paying is 24 590 1.75 okay to be paid.as $2,000 a month and is due on the.first day of each month payable to our.landlord.Anthony Sam's and his address is going.to go in here easy so far security.deposit is normally a month and a half.so that would put it at $3,000 and it is.received on hopefully you know the next.day somewhere around there as soon as.possible and it's credited toward.security the first ones rent like we.talked about is 590 1.75 and that is.hopefully gonna be do as soon as.possible - since we're getting close.security deposit again is 3,000 - as.soon as possible okay here again the.security deposit so this big paragraph.basically boils down I mean you should.read through it for sure what it.basically says is that once the tenant.leaves the landlord has 30 days to get.them back their security deposit the.reason why they have 30 days because.obviously they're gonna want to go and.inspect the apartment and make sure that.there was no damage or anything like.that.and then if there is damage they have to.give them a written kind of estimate of.the damage and what's gonna be taken out.and you know that's a whole process um.so you could go through that late.payment and penalty so the standard is.if they don't pay by the fifth they're.going to pay $50 and if the check.bounces they're gonna pay $50 utilities.normally the tenant pays gas electric.heat and hot water you're gonna come.into situations where the landlord pays.for more where they pay for less well.you know it's gonna be switch stops make.sure that you find out if any utilities.are included but this is pretty much the.normal so that means the owner would pay.water sewer and garbage no assigning or.subletting this is important make sure.that you let tenants know.that if their name is on the lease they.are the only people living in the.apartment they can't move and spreads it.out for six months it's illegal they.can't have a roommate move in without.telling the landlord that's also illegal.okay so damages repairs and maintenance.you guys could read all about this.generally when I work with landlords.anything that breaks organically they're.willing to fix again this is up to the.landlord and kind of what it says in.here so but generally my landlords.anything that breaks organically they're.willing to fix so if their fridge just.stops working you know they'll fix it or.replace it but if you throw the fridge.out the window they will not okay.access to the property this becomes.important when you have regular rentals.or you're showing a multi-family home it.says in every lease for the state of New.Jersey as long as it wasn't made by a.landlord they have to the landlord.she'll have access to the property with.reasonable notice to the tenants in.order to inspect the property make.necessary repairs apply services or show.it to prospective buyers appraisers.contractors or insurers this means that.if it's coming to the end of the lease.and the house is selling or you're.trying to show it to somebody else as.long as you give the tenants 24 hours.notice they really can't refuse you some.tenants know try to raise more trouble.be put out thuds in their lease no.alterations or installation of equipment.basically what this means is that if.they want to do anything they're.supposed to ask the landlord permission.obviously most landlords don't have a.problem with anything being done as long.as it can be put back so if the walls.are white and they want to paint them.blue as long as before they move out.there willing to paint them white again.that's all fine but anything like.wallpaper they can't come down easy.no changing fixtures floor tiles any of.that stuff that's gonna become an issue.insurance so renters insurance it says.in here that it they're responsible for.obtaining it most landlords don't.enforce that usually they don't have to.get it I always recommend to my tenants.that they do get it the reason being.it's about a hundred bucks a year you.can get it through your car insurance.with State Farm from anyone that does.insurance and it's going to cover.everything in the house in case of fire.burglary earthquake flood.guardzilla whatever because right.underneath that it says fire and.anything like that is not the landlord's.problem so if the house burns down or.anything happens you know it's not gonna.be the landlord's problem pets in every.single lease it says no dogs no cats or.it should be permitted on the property.if this is a pet-friendly building or.the landlord has you know agreed to.accept pets you just have to make sure.you put it in the provisions so at any.point in the least the landlord can't.say oh I didn't know there was a pet.because it was all signed on and done.here renewal at lease so the idea here.is 75 days before the end of the lease.the landlord will approach the tenants.and find out if they want to stay or go.and they have 15 days to decide what.that boils down to is 60 days notice.furniture there's any furniture in the.property you know if you're renting a.furnished apartment you have to make.sure it's in good condition attorney.review clause.technically the tenants do have three.days to kind of back out if they bring.this to an attorney so they could have.attorney review it for three days and.still get out of the lease even after.it's signed.I've never actually had this happen to.me most people just move in brokers.Commission so if the landlord's paying.you check this box if the tenants paying.which is most of the time you check this.let's say one month.brogre fee I also like to put down here.if this is split say that this is a.rental from another agency so say we.were doing this with Empire we would.split it up so we said the rent was two.thousand don't forget there is a.differential on the MLS so when you're.showing the property all the way down.here on the bottom it will say 0.5 minus.one hundred that's pretty much the.standard sometimes it's less so make.sure that you check right here what that.point five minus 100 is it means that.they get an extra hundred and we get a.hundred dollars less if this is an.artless thing so say that this is.Empire's listing it would be less so for.us in this case it would be nine hundred.two.keller williams city light and it would.be 1102 empire realty okay listing.broker in this case would be empire real.king adjusting phone number you would.put that in and where it was i don't.think that's it but whatever.participating broker in this base would.be us commission here we have 0.5 minus.100 our address and telephone number.that's where there should be a parent.check and you put the phone numbers here.alright let base paint we have that.separate lead-based paint form it does.apply to any house that was built before.1978 that is a huge huge huge huge fine.if they for any reason audio our.paperwork or check your paperwork and.you don't have it on a house that was.built before 1978 it is a gigantic like.thousands and thousands of dollar fine.so make sure that you get that window.guard notification if they have children.10 or under or they have children you.know actually make children 10 or under.during the lease the landlord is by.state law required to put in window.guards it's really not a big deal it's.very cheap for the landlord it's a.couple of screws and they pop them in.and it's easy that is the law the.landlord cannot say no Megan's Law they.have to report to Megan's Law if they.commit any crimes or sex offenders or.whatever so again this is our business.relationship so this is actually if you.remember between the C is the dual.disclosed and now here again we are.disclosing what we're doing three times.so yeah so we have Keller Williams.city life you should play capitalize and.Pierce and we are working as tenants.agents if you're doing both sides again.it will disclose if yours doing a.listing its landlords agent okay.information supplied by Empire Realty.and they would be working as the.landlord agent down here smoke detectors.carbon monoxide and all of that they.have to have a smoke certification.saying that everything's working.tenants are responsible for batteries.but the landlord's responsible to make.sure that they're there so you know.that's their private Wells you probably.won't hit that here but if you're doing.things out in suburbs you know that all.has to be in order other lease.provisions like we said for the pet and.it has one three hundred pounds total.Mastiff all right or anything else that.has to go in here you know any.agreements any extra terms I could just.all go in here some limits have specific.things they want in there some tenants.you know request specific things so that.you know can all go in here and.everybody signs it becomes agreeable.signature page and then down here you.have one more time again the window.guard notification so we're gonna go.backwards now and make sure all the.signatures are right so this is John.sign.buyer so the second space has to say.Noah okay name is printed you don't have.to worry about the owner part because.they will handle that the name.auto-populates they're on the bottom of.every page where it says the second.buyer make sure that you hit no one.here's second buyer no one take sign.here sign here buyer no one fire no one.hire no one then you get the point here.we're going to go through and have to do.this on every page okay so that is a.fully filled out lease we're gonna hit.save and back one more document to go.guys hang in there so the w-9 the w-9 is.for the security deposit a security.deposit account is opened in the.landlord's name and the name of the.tenant so this has to be filled out and.have a copy of their photo ID and.delivered to the landlord so they could.open a security deposit account the.funds are not supposed to be put into a.regular bank account so that's why this.is important so we could fill out most.of this but they're gonna have to put in.their social so we're gonna do John.Smith this is his new address again new.address and make sure you put a unit.number we're going to check off.individual for them because it's not a.corporation or anything like that and.then we're gonna hit a sign here John.Smith and if you have their social you.could fill it in for them if you don't.have their social they could fill it in.so we're gonna hit save and back all.right so this is completed paperwork.already and able to be shared so we're.just gonna select this little button.here to get everything select in you're.going to hit share once it's here we.have John Smith.there's his email 14 spaces to sign one.thing that's very important here if you.need him to fill anything in IE that w-9.form that we just saw you have to switch.it from Ken sign by clicking here it.says Ken sign I'm changing it to Ken.fill and sign if it says Ken sign they.cannot touch that it move anything on.any of the paperwork with the exception.with no exception they could just hit.the sign signature spaces and sign it.ken filling sign is gonna give them the.option to actually fill things in so if.the you know let them know.and say please don't forget to fill in.your social security number on the w9.most times people go through and sign.everything and don't read it and forget.so I always put that little reminder.you're gonna hit share and then done and.I will send everything over to your.tenant once that is done and everything.is completed it all over here will say.it won't say not shared it will turn to.waiting for or waiting so it'll go.through like that once he signs it.you'll get an email and this will all.say signed the truth in renting and.protect your family's still stay waiting.but they don't have to sign it so that.doesn't matter so everything is done.filled out we're gonna check that and.just hit the box that I hit the option.here that says download so you click.download it's gonna give me this message.it doesn't matter and it says multiple.documents I'll pop this sucker over here.you can go to our Gmail and send it over.to the other side you can send it either.to the lint to the listing agent if you.know the landlord you would just add.them into the thing and have them sign.all the correct spots there as well okay.so this is all done let's say that you.sent this over to Empire and they had.the landlord sign it and you get.everything back it'll probably come back.in one big document again like this you.just have to go to add documents get.this document that you just got back.from them not the same one you sent them.the one that's signed and completed and.put it through to here okay now once.that is all signed you can go through.and get rid of the half signed one only.because we have a fully signed version.so we don't need these ones that are.only signed by the tenant anymore.because we're going to be setting it for.the double side oh okay what you want to.keep keep the truth in renting and the.protect your family there because just.to show that you shared it so you don't.get questioned by Christina Church Eddie.if you accidentally archive a wrong one.you could hit show archived and just go.here and on archive brings it back okay.oh I had the only thing okay okay so.we're gonna go back to this loop now so.we have our multiple documents it.protect your family from lead and the.truth and renting again these aren't.going to be signed by both people.because we didn't you know actually have.someone to sign it but over here I just.like to make a little note so page one.is the lead paint page two is the see is.page three is the dual tenant page four.and page four to ten four to ten is the.lease age eleven is the w 9 okay so well.eleven to eleven to fourteen is the W.nine and then I put the okay then the.rest is just the treatment renting and.stuff like that so we could just keep.that like that so now in here once.you're inside the document this is all.together we need to separate this out so.Christina Chetty doesn't go mad.you're gonna hit other actions and down.here it says split documents we're going.to do that we need to split this into.one two three.for five documents into five pieces file.one is page one to one that is the lead.paint il2 is page two to two that is the.C is again we have our little guide over.here that we made pile three this page 3.to 3 and that is the dual and piyo 4 is.page 4 to 10 and that is the lease and.then file 5 is the w9 the reason why it.goes to page 62 is because I have.attached the truth in renting and the.let face paint which is just fine I.could just all be together so we're.gonna hit split documents and like magic.when you go back you will have all the.documents nicely separated completely.signed and ready to go it is gonna say.not shared because they haven't been.shared since we imported them that's.perfectly fine alright so once we're.done with this we're gonna hit submit to.review once you get two checks in so.there's three things that you actually.have to do in order to get paid on this.now that we have everything signed one.you have to submit this we're gonna hit.submit to review it's gonna have the.address you hit next folder type right.here you're gonna select and hit buying.because we're working this as if we're.on the renter side okay if it's a.listing obviously you would hit.listening and you're gonna hit submit.once you hit submit on this it's gonna.go straight up to the people that cut.the checks so that's cool alright so you.hit submit once that is done you have to.make sure you go upstairs there is slips.to fill out that have your name the.property address and then a couple.questions and then if you have a.Productivity coach which is me if you're.watching this video you would put down.Blake you staple the check to that and.give it to Joana and it'll start getting.processed the only other thing we have.to do now is the green sheet.so we're gonna go to my kwkw calm and.we're going to go to technology and.green sheets right here then I hit.create a green sheet no matter what the.question is you always hit no and no all.right so here under MLS number if it is.on the MLS which in this case it would.be you put in the MLS number whatever it.is is it updated in the MLS in showing.time in this case it was another agents.listening so we can just put yes because.that's on them to do if it is our.listing you stop what you're doing and.you go and you update it on the MLS and.showing time and then you put yes make.sure that you do this you don't keep.getting calls on it now green sheet type.we're going to do residential a contract.date this is the day that it went.through and everything was finished.transaction type buy or sale because we.just did that one side of it as a lease.and as a lease street address county.side some number we got as one our next.so the sales price here this is going to.be flat cuz it's a rental and we're.gonna put the total amount so I believe.it was like 25 590 1.75 something like.that so this is for the whole term of.the lease it's not the monthly rent it's.for the whole term of the lease and then.the Commission in here if it's split.between two offices you're going to put.in what is coming into our office not.the total amount.we're gonna do 900 there okay if you're.doing both sides it would have two boxes.we do the total sale price and both we.1000 and 1000 she's not gonna take 100.bucks from yourself if it's off gamma.less but still in the office we do both.sides but you would do nine hundred and.eleven hundred separate so next section.is the buyers we're gonna play in our.renter attorney since this is the.Leishman hit na seller seller was.Anthony Sam's we're gonna hit next.agent detail so this is the.scary-looking part it's really not that.hard so it auto populates your name.you're gonna select agent and pick out.what you are in this case would be an.individual agent if you did both sides.you're gonna add your name a second time.in here once for the buy side and once.we're listing side and do it you know.both through if it's another agent the.office you would add them in this spot.and do it go through only one person.submits a green sheep and a loop so type.this was a buyer sale agency here the.buyer sales unit we got one sales unit.partner you go through it's gonna pop in.your nine hundred bucks right there.your split you split with Market Center.if you haven't capped yet if you haven't.capped on your royalty that's that six.percent that we pay you just hit no down.here the kW cares it's always good to.give something every dollar counts any.deductions or shouldn't be much and it.gives you an average net check so this.is looking like it's gonna be 573 pretty.cheap rental but hey it's more than he.had so we're gonna hit next toe broke if.you really like the agent on the other.side of the company you can put in.whatever it is you know where he works.for blah blah blah or she or she sorry.you tell them hey I'm gonna have my team.leader call you you could say yes you.let Dana know would they be a good fit.yes they were great no they really mean.whatever this isn't mandatory to fill.out but if it's someone that you enjoyed.working with yeah you should definitely.submit this here and then also let Dana.know about it.Pam so you hit next section closing.company there would be nothing in this.case do we hit next once you're done.with this you're gonna hit submit to MCA.that's gonna send it up to Joanna and.checkland.and then you just await your money if.there's any errors it'll pop up and tell.you what the errors are you correct them.and hit submit again and it will go.right through so that is basically the.whole process from when a renter says.yes to when they till when you get paid.so hopefully this was useful for you.guys you know enjoyed it and you know go.make some money alright thanks again.guys and I will see you later.

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