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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling in Temporary Event Notice Form Lichfield District Council Lichfielddc Gov Online

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The Definite Guide to Temporary Event Notice Form Lichfield District Council Lichfielddc Gov

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Instruction of Temporary Event Notice Form Lichfield District Council Lichfielddc Gov

it's very unusual if you don't mind us.sit down.normally I stand but I don't want to.stand in the way of the screaming and I.just give a little bit of background to.this this the idea for this book and the.cinema new global history series and.here's the clock at the end and I signed.them in 2013 by the way my background.I've a background in sales and marketing.and of a science degree and I changed.career about six years ago and decided.after the crash that I wanted to do for.a change.mainly because they went looking for.work I think be made redundant and found.out very quickly either you're too old.or will pay you a pittance of a fraction.of what you used to get so I trained as.a genealogist I did a master's the idea.for this book ranked 2013 I was asked.when I write a piece on knockout and.source for Heritage Week and I delivered.a street tour in character with a friend.of mine I felt the love go from the farm.laborers dispute.we ended up about 30 or 40 people there.but in the course of that founder.holiday not just about this there might.be more to it and they did the same in.2014 but we did it about the first world.war and again it was in character and I.played a character who went to unjoined.six Royal Irish rifles but he had beat.the pulse-pounding swords so he actually.knew where everybody was living that was.in the artists volunteers or joined the.British Army and the more I researched.on a private level or on a personal.level more I talked you know what.there's a little bit more in this and I.went.approach Manute about doing a master's.in Irish history and it was that masters.called affluence influence and changing.elites looking at the 25 years to 1914.the development the political.development of the finger Brigade and.not as being done under finger Brigade.and not as being done on various.elements of history at North County.table there's a history of our brain has.been warped on on the talbert's of.malahide there's been some worked on an.irregular nobody has looked a finger as.an entity nobody ever looked the.dynamics of the whole of North County.Dublin and the more I researched in the.morning who did to it.Maurice off you know what there's.actually a hell of a lot more to this so.my I got a first in my masters in 2015.and then was asked and again this by.invitation only again would I adapt what.I had done for the new global history.series as has been sent as a hundred and.thirty editions in it it's a fantastic.addition to local history but because I.was working in genealogy as well and.again there's not enough money either as.a historian or a genealogist that's why.I'm both but they complement each other.and you can't have one without the other.you can't have proper historical.research without looking at the.relationships that people have the.networks that are there and I'm.interested particularly in what happens.beforehand what happens afterwards the.period from 1891 the death of Parnell.kondeh split in the Irish parliamentary.party through to 1914 is a period.sandwiched between the land Wars the.Home Rule bill in 1886 and 1960 and it.generally gets a scant short piece in.any of the wider histories but it's at.times like that that you see an awful.lot of what is actually happening so I.look at just a comment from.Cardinal Joseph lawless who fought with.the finger of Italian he was later a.cardinal in the National Army of the.Free State Army and in his Bureau.military history witness statement.written in 1954 I think he encapsulate.what is really happening on the ground.and what really makes things move big.history is made of lots of smaller.pieces the blocks all the small.histories of the local histories and.local history is essentially the.genealogies and relationships and events.so it all comes together into the big.histories that we generally know about.the problem I have is sometimes we only.look at the big events and we don't look.at what's happening on the ground and he.actually said it's not easy for the.younger generation to visualize what.life was like and a general condition of.things in Ireland in late 1915.historical writers naturally concentrate.upon the highlights and the important.events and he failed to give a clear.impression because the sidelights and.the minor incidents to form the.background are missing and that's what I.seek to honor and to write about my PhD.at the moment when I finish my Master's.there was too many unanswered questions.so I've gone back to 1870 and I got to.go on to 1948 so I'm looking at.effectively two if not three political.generations either side of the.Revolutionary period to see who has the.power of what actually happens in the 20.or 30 years afterwards so I realized I'm.in Tulare tonight and the back lanes of.North County dopler might not be.familiar territory to many of you but I.look at five Berenice borrowed early.used by rotary West cool knock never.cross and castle dock and at this time.North County Dublin was essentially a.rural area the city finished almost at.the North Circular Road and the can.it was governed in local government.terms by bar Adri poor law union and by.the north tablet union even though don't.charlotte dipped a little bit into we're.gars town is and the area around Luka.was part of excel Bridgeport law Union.but taking mainly the North Dublin Union.and by robbery I concentrated on local.government and who's involved in local.government and the various bodies that.were to be there some of you are gonna.stand up for a sec because some of you.will notice if this works you may see so.many estates there so some of you are.familiar with our Gilliam Castle you'll.be familiar with hope you be familiar.with the Palmer estate in rush the.biggest estate was about 9,000 acres.which is new which house which was.two-car family so you'll actually see.all of those gray areas here are.actually some of the estates and how big.they actually would have been at that.time and there would be no difference to.other parts of the country we tend to.think of Dublin as just being the city.and it's not just a city there's a lot.more to it now at the turn of the.century the north west of the North.County was predominantly involved in.grazing and cattle fattening the selten.East was predominantly crops and because.it was crops it was more labor-intensive.an area there was a lot of farm laborers.hence there was the problems with the.farm laborers disputed in 1913 they grew.crops for brewing in distilling.industries in Dublin it's often been.said that there was nothing in Dublin.except beer of biscuits of whiskey and.that's probably very true because there.was no heavy industry it was also pork.true which a lot of cattle were exported.now I've come across in the course of.what I've looked at various campaigns.one was to have a railway from Cara's.town to the docks now for people.for cattle and it was actually.scientific evidence at the time that the.cattle would get too nervous and lose.too much weight we've been transported.from gaara's town but the other thing.that was important was the grand jury.wouldn't pay for the insurance so it.ended up being scuttled although.nowadays if you have built a flavor in.the first place you probably end up with.a totally different environment but you.also have to fight the thing that would.affect of them so you had potatoes and.you had market gardening and that's.important for the North County in terms.of any political developments because.you have people in and out of the city.every day so what's unique about finger.has probably will be the same about $7.is it's close enough to the city to be.involved in what's happening politically.on the national stage to be influenced.and to be taking part but at the same.time it's sufficiently RORO to be.representative of the rest of the.country what really changes everything.is the Local Government Act in 1898 and.it won't fell swoop it changes the color.and the changes to make up of local.government in North County Dublin for AC.district inspectors intelligence reports.over the period of looking at nearly.always have this comment now it's partly.laziness because they're writing the.same comments all the time so on a.monthly basis they just reprise what.they've done but the farmers have.counted over there are well-to-do men.and that's what keeps coming up all the.time now if I look at what I'm writing.about each one of these areas can tell.me something about the society the.environment but at also highlights a.different class of records that we can.look at and when I say you can't have.one without the other you can't fully.understand water without the other and.it's a complementary nature of.genealogical and historical records and.that's the key to any study like this so.what is local politics what level is.about what's local power who has power.like I look at power coming from.possessions and wealth enough laws so.intellectual power to in 1916 to 21 till.power does is given by the fact that you.have a ton and then you have after 19 22.23 24 how does that change so if those.who are in government your political.movements you have each one of these is.a signifier of power it's a dimension of.power and it's also a source of.documentation it's also a source of.records know your local magistrates.commerce you go from people having the.power of owning your land to being your.employer so as land becomes less.important and as land becomes less.productive you then have the power is.with labor and then labor is coming off.the land and labor is going into it into.factories or into the civil service.you've religious power those who have an.influence over people's lives.culture sport pastimes you look at that.in the context of the Gaelic revival the.Celtic revival education who controls.education what's the benefits of.education on a local level.housing if you have the power to.determine who's going to get housing so.various housing acts become important.and as a nationalist cohort move into.the open government they then have power.after the Labour's housing act in 1908.after the regional laborers acts of of.1918 84 and 1885 to allocate housing and.then you have health and welfare and if.you go back and look at the Poor Law.unions they are.owners of the local authorities but.they're also when you look from 1838 and.all the legislation no they become our.first health system so the dispensary.system is really our 40 health system on.the Underground I spoke to a nurse a few.weeks ago about this she asked me what I.was doing and I wasn't giving blood and.I explained about being a historian.under they look at this area and she.said actually that's what the Department.of Health is actually trying to bring in.now a dispensary system the community.health care system we had it and we.dismantled it to give speeches so I look.a changing anis shifting power and.shifting influence over time and within.that you see different identities.ascendancy and unionism old nationalism.home real constitutional nationalism and.their new identities in the period from.the foundation of shim Fang 1905 1906.you have done the fracturing of.nationalism the splits were in.nationalism itself between Home Rule and.separatists between those who support.and those who are against the Treaty and.then beyond that you further splits into.the 1930s 1940s and then you have.various realignments and it's those.realignments that become important.because when you look at an open level.what is the power how is power utilized.and then I mentioned to change from.material to intellectual to to armed.powerful in each case you've winners.losers and survivors so if we move on.and just look where historical records.and genealogical records can overlap.here's some of the individuals that were.involved on the top left is introns.Hamilton the Hamilton family are.probably the most powerful.extended family in North County double.in the 1850s 1860s he hadn't cease as a.bird stamp around at home Patrick had.about treatment have 4,000 acres in.total he'd be an MP from 1863 true to.1885 he married Victoria Wellesley who.was a granddaughter to to Burlington his.connections went to dance my yoke very.few of you probably know who it was and.he had been campaigning for a peerage.for himself which he eventually caught.in 1898 and he became our Tom Patrick.his father was an empty before him and.his father was an MP before him so they.had a continuous Hamilton seat back to.the late 1700s he was a staunch.conservative I've actually come across.some Diaries of the daughter of Forester.who was the chief secretary around the.time of the war and she writes in kind.of an excited way about meeting in.Toronto Malta not had you heard the news.and he arrived home at home Albert stone.did you hear the news that parents been.arrested and all Hamilton could say I.hope to travel wait a second key and she.wrote - in her diary the man in the.middle at the top is Andrew couple.father of Tom Catherine advocate who was.very close to both arnelle and Alice and.he had a number of farms he owns know.that but he had a number of tendencies.that I found in our capital Dublin he's.heavily involved in the tenants right.snake he's heavily involved with Isaac.both at the beginning.rule he's more or less broken by the.time he comes out of prison and assigned.he could become a nun treaty in 1881 but.he makes his money through supplying.people like guinnesses and the markets.in Dublin by being a progressive farmer.I won't stage during D some of the rent.strikes he's open court and he actually.claims an inability to pay and the judge.says to what a magistrate says mr..kettle you've 200 acres you're not a.tenant farmer you're a businessman and.if you don't pay your rent I defy you.bankrupt so you can see when somebody.has 200 acres of gold lived in our.County Dublin they're not small tenant.farmers dabit claimed and wrote the bill.to be the most stable of the gentleman.farmer class and he's heavily involved.in all of those movements right true the.man on the right is frank lawless Frank.lavas died in an accident in 1922 he's.probably what I would call the political.commissar of the finger battalion in.1916 and leading up to - his father was.a poor log Guardian he farmed land in.sausage town just outside swords and.most of his family he's by the way -.father of Court of Joe Louis who were.mentioned earlier most of his family.fight he has two brothers to fight in.1916 do kosong column wanted to fight.and was sent home he treat otters who.were involved in criminal on one of the.major became Michael Collins private.secretary and after the war of.independence she bowed out of any kind.of but when we traced Frank lawless true.from his father and his political.development he's a home rule supporter.he's a poor long Guardian himself he's a.member did United Artists League he's a.member of the Gaelic League he's a.member.GAA or overtime by 1907 1908.he's an IRB Center and he makes a.comment that ever since the death of.Parnell the home rule movement has been.gone in the direction which is not going.to deliver any sort of independence and.he's specifically talking about the.ongoing fighting between Redmond and.Dylan and Haley and Harrington so that.period in the 1890s is when you get some.movement from away from supporting whole.group away from supporting the.parliamentary party so they're too tight.the things that I would have unmerited.the man on the bottom left is Thomas.Edward Taylor regard Gill he's.significant in that he was very very.close to Disraeli in the 1860s he was.Chief Whip with the Conservative Party.so you have people in North County.Dublin who were connected to the very.very top of society and politics in.Westminster he was an MP until he died.in the early 1880s Tom temple you're.probably all familiar with Tom kettle I.have found some material relating to him.ignore County Dublin in the early years.of the 20th century involved with the.United Irish League he then becomes far.more involved with the colleagues that.he has in UCD he's a lawyer he's a.professor of economics he was MP for.these terrible.1906 and 1910 the next guy is guy JJ.Clancy he was elected MP in 1885 he had.the seasons of 1918 when he was defeated.by Frank lawless who ran for shield Fame.Clancy was a supporter Edmund very close.supporter of paranoia as well but he was.one of the quieter individuals in the.Irish parliamentary party but some of.you may have heard of the Clancy act in.1908 which is a housing act he would.have also been involved an awful lot in.relation to financial matters for the.Irish parliamentary party alongside.Sexton and the man at the bottom right.is somewhat of an outsider in that he.came from County Kerry Thomas Ashe and.he was a teacher in just outside Las but.his involvement with Frank lawless in.relation to the Gaelic League and the.GAA is also quite instructive so you're.looking at individual stuff some of them.are forgotten someone that we know about.what are the people who are significant.in our County Dublin so now let's look.at what what I looked at and where my.sources were my main source is.newspapers I've reconstructed that time.by reading the newspapers I have read 40.years of the doctor conservative I have.read 35 years so far of the draw to.independence.it's only by doing - that I can piece.together what life was like and we.construct them if I was to use just.search engines and I'm dipping in and.out.I don't trust or completely for search.genitals so what I do is I sit in a dark.corner of the National Library and I use.one of the big old readers and I can.read full sheets of broadsheet I can.tell you who were the top studies.various times but again when you see ads.for stallions you know that certainly.it's a commentary on what the economics.are like whether it's up or down when.you see a growth of ads for free land in.Manitoba and Saskatchewan in 1892 you.know what's happening with the economy.so you can learn an awful lot which.again from a genealogical point of view.is giving you context and giving you a.background I look at local government.records I mention them again nature.because the mountains and local.government records is enormous I've also.looked at the business record survey in.the National Archives where it survives.four companies in our country double.you're then looking at who's important.sector ships and that's where you see.who has degrees of influence that you.don't notice one thing I came across.when you look from the 1860s true to.about 1910.who is funding unionism in Dover.it begins with bad lures by the time you.get to the early years of the 20th.century it's Arthur Guinness it's.actually Jefferson it's Laura dart alone.it's Lord our IV you have big business.is funding its soup and you see where.that change happens if the records of.cultural organizations the GAA the.Gaelic League political organization.the ruv mr. Lyons I've just finished.going through records to the Orange.Order and who's involved with the order.in Dublin.around this time de Champagne with trade.unions and then you military police.judicial records and you'll see working.times genealogists yourself as these.records become more and more available.and we see more of them online we can.see how we can fill out a picture the.one I would mention is the petty.sessions like we tend to take them.there's court records but who's in court.records the defendant the plaintiff.witness the magistrates the police so.you have a huge amount of people that.you can find out what they're doing just.for one class of Records how's the.Commons parliamentary papers is the.other one that I've used a lot and they.are almost invaluable and I have some.examples there I combine them when I.identify individuals or identify.locations with census records civil.registration church records land records.one of the really really powerful sets.of records for what I'm doing are the.will counters I don't need to know every.single detail in relation to the world.but what I am getting is when somebody.dies and you're looking at networks and.connections.who's the executor to the will and it's.not always who you think it might be and.you see connections there that you never.talked existent you see some of you may.be familiar with the term hypocrisy you.see people who are executives to Wills.and there's no connection whatsoever to.the family so you're looking at a.business collection connection are you.looking at a political connection trade.directories and published genealogies.are also important I mentioned Hamilton.in Toronto Milton's family trace their.heritage back to the forced-air atlanta.boy who's relation to the apricots who.are related to the errands of Aaron.you've got right back to the year doc.and the Norman invasion I have ordered.branches of houses mr. Hamilton's and.Bob Reagan they eventually go back under.related the woods family are related to.them they're married into Taylor so you.have a level of intermarriage with in.the ascendancy classes of North County.Dublin that is significant and that tie.of blood is very very important in terms.of the exercise of power and the.connections in terms of patronage what's.really interesting is I find exactly the.same thing happens above nationalist.constitution of nationalism from the.1880s on and the same thing happens.again with those who eventually end up.in the ascendancy after the.Revolutionary period which is we just.wanted walking out at the moment there's.this is a book that I thought I came.across there's about 65 pages of just of.Hamilton genealogies and I know somebody.mentioned about having a family tree.these are the most difficult family.trees I've ever looked up because.they're over those age pages and there's.a bish on one page and abyssion another.plate and you you feel the need to want.to tear the pages out and put them and.laid about once and so it could be quite.difficult like that and those Hamilton.families top of the left there is.Milverton house where the Hamilton woods.family had an estate just outside.scary's so milverton's quarry.if anybody's.- are not too far from where the Hills.Cricket Club is that whole area was.Hamilton woods land top of the right is.Albert's town on the bottom left is.Hamilton Hall.that would have been deceased of the.family who had been the Baron Hamilton.family of barbering and they settled the.hosiery factories and the textile.industry there one of them Alexander.Hamilton was chief secretary to the.Treasury in the 1850s and I've gone.through the Treasury records in queue.particularly private correspondence.because I somebody who lived about.Reagan I want to see who is right - and.Alexander Hamilton actually was the guy.who authorized to check for 200 pounds.to fight at our approach people who are.and then down the bottom he actually.wrote my for der authorized in order.1602 by the rest of George Petrie's.connection so most of what we have.master museum is down to guys like that.he was heavily involved in the Church of.Ireland he's one of the temporary.commissioners up to 1869 what again an.ultra Protestant an ultra conservative.he was MP for Trinity College he.actually ran against economy wasn't.elected and eventually devil was given a.safe season at Trinity College again.another guy who's involved at the very.very high highest levels of the British.government that house ended up in the.family but not direct descendants it.ended up going to cousins and when they.looked at that house at that address.over there periods of time there's.always somebody called Hamilton in ER.but there could be second cousins.cousins and that's how a lot of power is.maintained when people hold on to power.tea kettles do exactly the same but the.kettles make their money by having.members of the family managing farms so.the cattle turn may be 6 farms in North.County double and you'll find sons and.nephews brothers are all managing.different farms at different times and.you see them moving around and even.though we've only two census 1901 in.1911 when you look at the valuation.books you can see who's actually in what.land holdings at what times the one at.the bottom right of White's townhouse.which is Edward Hamilton boards brother.Warren st. Leger woods and there's.actually a case brought question acid.house comments because the two brothers.were sitting on the same magistrates.bench in about bringing at the same time.and there was a law actually forbidding.- without the property records you can't.do what I'm doing without rest and they.are genealogical records and historical.records at the same time Griffiths.valuation there's no substitute for it.it's hugely hugely important in terms of.anything you look at in the mid 19th.century the valuation books are a.continuation and at the 1876 landowners.list list everybody wish over one acre.so anybody who is anybody is listed in -.I've also if you think reading.newspapers over 40 or 50 years as bad.I'd read every grant under the land acts.so far between 1870 and 1914 I know.everybody who got land and what they do.you knew ''tis we're in or counted over.and it's only by doing that that you can.see the type of transfer that actually.takes place it's a massive massive.social change what's really interesting.is.people whom you might in condition.demand enough demand there's a state.records the top of the left there is.anybody know how stutters no it's not is.the one and down the bottom with a big.party going on.what's bottom of the right is all that's.left of Canal Park they're one of the.top left is some tree house so that was.in sang tree wood and that was part of.the doubled the station so Compton Dumbo.had that it was born in the 1940s but.one of the right it still stands it's no.rich house and again that would have.been the biggest single estate in North.County double two-car family who were.descended from Church of Ireland bishops.were there and bottom left is hope.castle which would have been a case for.the st. Lawrence see the heirs of hoped.own significant lands in North County.Dublin not just in the area of fault.on the top of the right is the fifth the.fortress into the fourth or the fifth.era Tolbert not hide and he was a member.of the House of Lords and one one thing.that really struck me doing my research.is what in two weeks I found two very.very specific accounts one of a speech.told that gave in the House of Lords.I'm warned the following week that he.gave to the north of an Union so you.have a man who was at both levels at.local government and in the House of.Lords within a few days of each other on.the right there then the old man in the.sailor looking uniform is Sir Roger.power and he hunt the estate at canoer.now he had a reputation as a notorious.landlord he'd go two hundred thousand.acres between England Scotland his.estates and mail and canoer he also had.estates.park in Wrexham in wealth and there's.accounts of him when he's seasick in an.election saying that I will remember who.didn't vote for me the next time they.look for favors in relation to rents.he's on record as saying that he was.also one of the survivors of the charge.of like leave it in that he fought so.I've looked at land purchase acts and as.I went to them what's really interesting.is you expect tenant farmers to be.buying between 1880 the 1881 Act and.nineteen no trade I only found one.significant land purchase in North.County Dublin that was bought by tenant.farmers and it was bought by the cattle.family nobody else had the money before.1903.so until Windham comes in and later the.barrel Act of 1909 the land acts aren't.worth anything because the only people.who can benefit are those who have money.in the first place and if you look down.on that you'll see that that's probably.can you can you read that probably.difficult to see cuz I have to take a.snap of it but out of about 800 acres.you have enormous family end up what.about trying to see there I think about.400 acres boys the quarterly family tree.of the corporally family who lived at.Rothfeld Hall and actually end up with.almost as much land and they were.significant ascendancy landowners to.begin with so you have daughters and.sisters picking up a hundred acres here.and a hundred acres there a lot of the.time what was happening was as the.biggest stage were sold the owners of.the estates were getting a 20% bonus.under window they were getting a.guaranteed price.and they were actually then applying for.an annuity loan for the domain and.getting her back and a lot of them ended.up with an awful lot of money between.1903 and up to the time before so you.have an awful lot of money is lost but.that's the land bikes are an artist.who's taking demand is not what they.expect but if you're too technological.research and how many of you use.parliamentary papers you could find you.can search by name and there's even a.kind of a cheap way to do Mocho epi they.don't have all the papers but you can.find if you take that your family.benefited from the land banks your.ancestors benefit from the land oxen.they are searchable and you can find.material in it no the government records.are phenomenal you've grand jury and the.grand jury is for the whole county.double and I've looked at those.regulated between 1870 and 1919 and they.they would hold the purse strings.they've managed the asylums they managed.prisons the county prison was combined.on the County Courthouse was Camano they.managed the Richmond lunatic asylum and.later portrayed which is an annex - - by.Roderick Poor Law Union have records up.to 1923 again I'm not going to mister.but you can see you have town councils.now within them and particularly within.where there's poor long unions as well.the Poor Law Union records while there.isn't necessarily admission and.discharge record there are for the North.and South Dublin Union there is about.robbery but you have mentions from a.genealogical point of view of people who.have been admitted like my favorite.stories about robbery are quite simple.there's no me spike in the winter.but there was a spike on July in denial.people came to walk house and they.couldn't figure it out - one of the.Guardians actually said well you do.realize that beggars term racism so all.the tramps from Dublin were coming out.stayed and by robbery which was an Oscar.and then go to the races and then gone.on the way back and there was another.case of where there was a complaint from.one of the Guardians and they would have.been to Vegas very pretty without the.amount of money they were spending on.whiskey avoid what he's spending so much.money on whisky I'm one of the other.guard internationalist Guardian said oh.that's that's the medical officer has.prescribed that we're not at liberty.more qualified to question anything.doctor medical officers he was giving a.tougher whiskey to the older inmates.every night they're not the type of.things we associate with the workhouse.II or to tell you when I saw an invoice.for parsley and lavender in Oregon Oh.four seeds for the workhouse garden so.when you start looking and digging in at.that kind of a level you see things that.you don't expect.I'm a slightly more benign view of poor.law unions because I'm looking at a.later period.I'm not looking at the construction.difficult there any period of the family.so I see the good work that's been done.and the foundations that have been laid.for what nation comes to country.councils the setting up of the.Department of Agriculture and technical.instruction as well is an area where.there is an awful lot of Records and you.start to see individuals sitting on.committees now the amount of multiple.documents of all of these so you have a.guy who's on the County Council he's on.D or DC he's under poured up arrogance.he's on dr. what's the grand jury cuts a.grand jury was almost.loosening of the older order almost.exclusively Protestant at one stage I.only found three Catholics on the grand.jury over a period of maybe 10 or 12.years towards the end of that century.wonder was Anthony O'Neill he was.chairman of Dalton Cameron seven.commissioners Antony O'Neill had the.contract for the Royal Mail and he was.also coachbuilder in govern and final.guy I think was to head of the Dublin.consumers gas company he but it was only.tree of thought you start looking at.list after list after list so this is a.grand jury meeting gradually they stood.1891 and it's almost a veritable who's.who for the whole county Edward Vernon.lived in time to have Castle Alexander.Kirkpatrick was the secretary you have.and again I probably just put in those.from the north side that are there but.you've ex civil servants there but you.when you start tracing people you start.down to get a fuller picture of goop.actually is connected to who who is in.the same room with who else and that.logo there the blue logo is from the.unionist convention of Leinster monster.and Connacht which was held in develop.in the monster hall in 1892 and what's.fantastic about furs and if you google.it guess what our archive.org everybody.who was there who is a unionist is.misted of the program so if you wanted.to know what in an area.what various political chords are.allegiances where you get there's a -.this is one of my favorite photographs.because people don't think that's the.cuz like you want me to find a hotel.like that now that you'd be able to get.into but that's pottery workers and.again you are looking at and you can.actually see so many inmates are looking.out there but when I look at who is.there you start to see people who are.connected they may be like for instance.in their my parent is a next level.servant anthony fauci has is a catholic.unionist TW Hamlisch is interesting.he's based on my brigham heavily.involved with sport of cycling and.cricket he's a County says collector.he's a county rate collector he's a poor.dog guardian and he is at that unionist.conference in 1892 so we know what color.he is.in 1904 he's running for council.elections as a prostitute or ruler so.you have the changing real politic of.some of the people on the ground because.they know what way the climate is.changing parliamentary papers again list.after list after list of for instance.magistrates those royal commissions.where they interview list after list.after list of people so you can find.people within them I'm using it.primarily in this context for a history.analysis but none of the records I'm.using are lost on genealogy you then.start to look at and again probably the.most formers of in diversity collections.of all are probably newspaper.collections you look at the Gaelic.League you see people who are not.meetings that's the Carnegie Library in.Swords that's where it would have held.Gaelic League meetings there's a couple.of huge routes over - because the parish.priest didn't want the gaming league a.couple of individuals who were in dir be.using it and he actually voted on.Wednesday.it's not without of that use the coal so.they couldn't use too cold at their.meetings I'm one of the most important.things in terms of the Gaelic League.growing some of its membership and.development is the fact that it was a.foreign place in the Carnegie Library so.you could go in and it was wrong.you believe newspapers for nothing.you've read books for nothing so you put.it in the context of the time that's so.many attraction that's there some of the.concerts that would have been house are.also informative I found four appear.skipping and talked about there I found.Alice Milligan giving a talk there in.around 1902 to 1904 Arthur Griffith gave.a talk there so you have that kind of.dispersion of ideas and influence from.various organizations that are hitting.places on the ground that we don't.necessarily think of grea records how.many times can you find lists of teams.and within those teams are individuals.who we would know from a particular.locality the records of the token County.Board are incomplete but those two to.survive are in Croke Park in the chrome.firecrackers I found some fantastic.stuff there in terms of what people are.doing my favorite one is tree guys that.were suspended for claim soccer for the.aside of import run by the Dublin County.Board at the time and the defense was.they lose their jobs it didn't pay so.they were all reinstated but you also.see here gym memberships at clubs so.Frank Louis is also a member of Kings.occasions is a gated League club who.also play morning in the city and the.most famous members of meetings are.people like Carl Brook and Harry Boland.and you see people who are members of.more than one jr. a club at a time so.you have those type of records we look.at political police and military records.like that Irish volunteer.newspaper actually lists all the.delegates from throughout the country.that were at the second convention in.1915 what's really interesting about.that is the amount of them who don't.fight in 1916 but who are involved and.some of them reappeared in 1917 1918 the.Dublin metropolitan police records so.these ones are taken from the.intelligence records so you're finding.people who may not be in senior.positions but the g-men are watching.everybody that's moving there's a demon.standing practically every side of our.new the Champaign offices all day every.day an outside Broadstone station which.is the main station to the west of.Ireland and outside in Kingsbridge and.they're hanging around train stations.after hanging around clubs and all.they're doing is recording or I see.records are brilliant because they all I.see are at the eyes and ears of the.state and they are watching and.recording everything one thing I just.mentioned about police records I looked.at intelligence records Colonial Office.903 at 9:04 connections there's a.Saturday I'm called the Dublin Castle.records online I looked at them online I.looked at among microfilm international.library the National Library microfilm.is slightly different because everything.that's online are everything that's in.the microphone is not online and then I.looked at the same records and queue and.things fell out surveillance photographs.that I wasn't expecting that word I'm.waiting for so where possible always try.and look at sources the source the.original record if you can and even in.that case I was looking at images but.what I looked at the original or.fortunately one of you.the pages to specially-trained the party.in my hands I don't think anybody's.hooked up and for what you have those.records.UCT now has the Metropolitan Police.arrest records and I think they probably.have extended - connection that they put.online and it's very very extensive at.the moment and there are Ric records in.relation from a genial out to the point.of view we're also looking at where.people would be in the National Archives.another one which is a really really.useful one to know in relation to Ric.you all know who do you numerators are.in the 1901 a 1911 census you look for.them in the barracks and they're all.listed by initials but every policeman.is signing the bottom of every census.form so you can find policemen by.looking at who has signed the bottom of.each census because to be listed on I.would you look at the back page of a.particle tree it's signed by two.sergeants his name's I do forward so.wait but you're just thinking of what.you're looking at sometimes you can find.a little bit more in terms of military.records you also have the extensive.collection in the Irish military.archives an awful lot of which is not.online so we have military service.pensions for 1916 participants and we.now have another tranche has been.released in the last couple of months.the biggest connection the biggest.portion of it won't be released for the.next maybe three four or five years.which relates to the war of independence.and relates to just well to the war of.independence and beyond so used in 1924.and 1934 their pension tax and those.particular records and in order to get a.pension I presume everybody's had a look.at them some would have run into 70 80.90 pain.90 pages of files just in relation to.one claim and what's really interesting.about them is those who didn't get a.pension but still applied you also have.the bureau military history witness.statements there's over 1700 witness.statements there that's fully searchable.I used them to track what people are.doing.I found them actually most useful for me.in the period before 1916.where you don't find out necessarily.what people are up to unless you.actually have somebody who is giving.their own account oh that's a list of.the members of the finger battalion the.for Turner was supplied by John Wallace.you also have within those collections.the 1921 and 1922 or IRA lists so you.have everybody that was in the IRA or.common to man on those two days which is.at the point of the troops at the point.in the beginning of the Civil War so.you're looking at boat but who is.members dead but these are all taken.years later so there's questions over.reliability and over members and I have.seen written in at the bottom the damn.oh I forgot Joe Murphy fought in 1916.what he never rejoined in 1917 so we.forgot about him so you have that type.of thing census records we know about.and again census records when I look at.them that's frankly Odysseys family and.it's all written in old Irish script so.you're getting an indication of.somebody's political affiliations by.looking at that type of a record Civil.Registration is straightforward we know.what the records have that's frankly all.as his sister Julia gulia married.Richard Rooney Richard Rooney was the.chairman of bank robbery rural district.council so you're looking at connections.that are there which you will only find.out really by looking at the families.that you ident.and who they may be related to and how.that might affect a vote on a council or.held might affect at the vote would in a.port or guardian in terms of the type of.history I deal with this is.indispensable Tom's directories you have.list after list after list of traitors.businesspeople like a lot of people used.up for Street directories if every.priest in the country is listed every.faker is listed every magistrate is.listed every lawyer have me solicitor.every doctor every army officer if you.look to the first whatever it is so many.pages there's even updates of a census.interview hey I could sit down and I.could actually go to bed and open.enormous I just read are you frozen.there is so much in it and it's.constantly giving in terms of.information totally indispensable this.one again is another one that gives you.very very small snapshots this is.William Kelly William Kelly was a.landowner knew about Dodd in North.County Dublin was very close to boy and.- Andrew cattle the early stages of.tenants rights and then the land leak.but if you look at that he died in 1881.who is the two people who are executives.approving the world.what is more especially motorsport early.was a poor law Guardian in the north of.the Union Mars but early had a plot of.land around Dhokla tray which he sold.anybody know what that plan was.so you've martyrs personally had labs.there he also had an awful lot of land.el famoso dirt he's heavily involved at.this period but you see you've.connections in bar robbery and you.connect.nor can North Dublin Union at the same.time so if people who are kind of.unofficially or will be working together.Thomas McCourt of Lana's town is a.brother-in-law of a drew cattle and do.cattle married and the court sister and.inherited true or one of the core firms.so you have even within nationalism.inheriting tendencies and farms that.they work so you see the same.communities that are there it's their.like political and family trees and.that's it that's effectively what you're.looking at who's connected to who and.who's doing the body newspapers I don't.think to explain anything more but when.you are looking for people in newspapers.some of the stuff that really standard.there's a collection for the Pope's army.in 1866 okay for the papal States and.anybody who's anybody is in it cuz they.want you know they want to be seen so.these are simple connections like if you.have an Archbishop's bishops Silver.Jubilee or Golden Jubilee you have these.type of collections and you start.picking up people but these are a.commentary cause you see how much money.people have and you see who they.prepared to give what type of money.so you've somebody who's giving a pound.and then if somebody who's giving 10.shillings somebody who's giving 5.shillings and you're giving it a slight.commentary on where people and I hope.this comment because this really.encapsulate everything that I look at.and everything in terms of when you.bring the motivations down there were.very very basic levels from Vincent.Comerford who is an ex professor of.history.Manute the rate constant of history is.to maneuvering for survival and.advancement of self and family to access.to material resources.you.

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