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How Do You Get Your Homestead And Any Special Items You Listed In Article Three Form and Sign It from Computer?

[Music].hi I'm Jim I'm Randall hardiness.approach we're cold oh I'm sorry.well there's there's a nor'easter going.on but I think we're on the outskirts of.it but it still makes you chill in the.air goodness Oliver's just shivering to.pieces look at him.that navvies coat on all right well.we're gonna start out we may move inside.we were trying to be brave but we may.lose some of our maybe we'll go suit up.yeah we're not dressed appropriately we.are going to talk to you about a subject.that we wrote about last week we did.write about it last week we have some.experience with it and plan to have a.lot more experience we've had some.success on our homestead in Oregon.selling our products I mean we were.getting started so as everybody knows.when you're getting started you don't do.as much as you eventually plan to do but.we put a lot of the tactics into place.that we'd learned about we grew and.raised our own and then we started.trying to sell it and by the second.season things were picking up for us.unfortunately we had leave but what we.learned come here come here Oliver we're.not going down there what we learned was.if you do good products you contact.people who are interested in it they.come back yeah they beg you yeah so it.works so what we're going to tell you.about today some of what some of that we.have a lot of experience some of it.we've researched a great deal some of it.were wannabes on but it will work so we.wrote an article on 101.ways to create income on your homestead.and we're just gonna go over some of.them today so a favorite one of ours and.one that we are gonna be doing we've.done a lot of research on this a lot.left to go is to do a Market Garden.correct and we even are signing up for.the Market Garden master course from JM.for tea so a Market Garden means this is.more than just a little patch in your.backyard where you're growing barely.enough for you to eat I mean you're.you're you're doing this profitably.you're keeping track of all your.expenses so you make certain that you.sell things at a profit and you do it in.in ways that you save time you save.labor you're efficient and it's intense.so you get the most out of your land.absolutely and you have somebody to help.you which we will do absolutely and you.need to market first you need to have.places to sell it so we're going to talk.about that now.CSA's come what is that community.supported agriculture okay great great.system very many ways to do it but it's.a great system local restaurants local.grocery stores having a route of your.own where you deliver it deliver in your.small little town you go around you can.have drop drop-off points and so that.kind of combines with the CSA a little.bit too and then one that we know we.absolutely want to have is a farm stand.in our yard and with visions of it.expanded beyond just this simple little.later yes and so when we're looking for.our property we always look with that in.mind are we stuck way way down a road.where we have complete privacy that's.great but are we on a road that maybe.isn't so busy but we could have a farm.stand on so that's one of the things we.look at so what do we sell at some of.these farmers markets and Oh farmer.markets of course is one another that.didn't make it to the list should have.been there we meant to have those.farmers markets are great so.farmers you got to know what you're.doing though okay there's a lot of.tactics for that so we're not really.telling you're not going to go about.that that's a topic totally unto itself.but it's a great place to explore a lot.what you could do with it so some of the.things just really really quick that we.can sell you always want to sell your.normal vegetables and then have a little.niche you don't want to just go in and.sell your niche cuz you won't always.make money doing that at least that's.what Joel Salatin right what you need to.do is some experimenting and prior to.doing this you go to the farmers markets.see what's selling what's flying off of.the shelf what's flying off of the.shelves and how is it being done and it.can give you some ideas on what you.might be able to do to be to have the.right product what are people looking.for but but going survey talk to people.hey what do you see here that you really.like what's missing that you would like.to get here.you know a little bit of market research.trying to block the win from them I.don't think it's being a problem this is.probably being okay okay thank you just.to fill the win okay so honey is a great.thing to sell I can't believe how.expensive honey is and I just can't.attack Euler I mean it yeah if you watch.at the farmers markets it sells fast.friends that we have that we know of who.have produced you know the small amounts.of honey that you do from just a you.know small operation they sold every bit.of it they put up for sale period it.just so sells out fast so we definitely.are getting now I can't promise that's.gonna happen for you and your area but.everybody I've talked to has had great.success with it so we want to grow some.of the spices saffron is a really very.very very expensive spice and I know the.reason why is because you take the flour.and you pull the little stirs what is.that called.you forgot don't worry about it full.that comes out of the flower hanging out.of their sting I'll put it on their.stomata problem no no anyway it's hard.to harvest that's why it's so expensive.but there's a great deal of problem.yeah okay itch berries do you know how.many berries we had in Oregon it was.ridiculous people still instead of going.to pick in their own they'd go buy them.at the farmers market.great upper sold ours there we just had.our neighbors come over and pick and.share them and shared the community that.way and then syrup oh I wish I had maple.syrup things but I love watching all.these people right now that are getting.all their mom yeah it's a great.opportunity if you live somewhere that.you can harvest syrup my goodness well.you're lucky you're not harvesting syrup.that's a little bit more to it so some.of the other things are handmade food.items so many of the cottage industry.right now in the states allow you to do.things where you didn't used to yes so.there's a lot of opportunities have to.do with the dog meaning you cannot have.a dog.where can I in Oregon you could have a.dog in the house although we know people.did yeah.here you just can't have it in the.kitchen when you're cooking that's easy.yeah a room so you can also you need to.check your local cottage industry.requirements but there's many things.that you can do you can also make.handmade items aprons candles soap and.we know many many of you do lantern.boxes planter box beehives yep yep.really cool stuff and of course so many.of you sell essential oils so I had to.put that one on yes yes so this is the.other one that we want to do along with.our little farm stand we want this is a.year one this this probably isn't even.year too but its eventually we want a.farm store so we want to build a cute.little shed type cute thing that has big.enough that we can have shelves of even.freezers to hold the frozen meat yeah so.we're excited to be able to have a.little hardiness farm store this is.building a reputation to where people.see you as a source and you get enough.customers who are wanting to come over.why not.I mean have a story you can sell a lot.of things plus you can sell on.Simon you don't have to produce all of.it you can go around the little farm.store we do you all know your neighbors.are like 20 miles away right I mean when.you live out in the country neighbors.are a long way away well they may not.want to go to the trouble of having.their own place to sell it you could be.the place that they can sell it so you.end up with a market where you have a.wide variety of farm produced products.that can be sold at your farm store.great opportunity there so the next.thing is to look at all the animals that.you can have and will have and do have.and most of you are learning most of us.all we're learning about them we always.sell sell to our eggs we sell our eggs.we we sold chickens our broiler chickens.we I know a lot of you sell your pigs.you sell lambs so there's so many.different ways and that's another.moneymaker that's a big moneymaker for a.lot of Peters so that's really good one.thing is to do is to keep a buck a.rabbit buck I wonder they all called.there's different names for the mail.animals so it can be sourced out to rent.it out rent out and that's a moneymaker.for trees while you're renting it.they're paying you rental and they're.feeding it you know it's what an.arrangement right it's still yours this.is one that we have done and it's.poultry processing and there's three.ways to do it one you can rent out your.equipment to other people you buy the.equipment it's expensive right it's real.expensive so you tend to kind of get by.but think about it if you own it you.rented it out to other people it pays.for itself and then when you need it.it's available number two they bring.their chickens to your home and you.process them state regulations here you.gotta be watching out for that and also.some some countrywide national yeah u.s..regulation number three you get all of.your equipment and put it onto a trailer.and have a mobile processing again you.have to go through your.to do this or you can rent it out as.equipment then it rent it out or you go.to their property and you process so.there's three different ways to do at.least three more but so sweet at we know.us and people some people don't mind.getting the chickens but they don't want.to do the processing we don't have any.problem with it now what some people do.with that is they offer training you.take it in there and you show them how.so they become the workers and you're.doing the training so you can rent the.equipment and get paid for training also.yeah because we went we had that one.place that you could go to their place.and they would show you how using their.equipment now this is when we've thought.about seriously the time commitment huge.to resume that's a seasonal thing so who.knows we may end up doing it right now.we have enough other enterprises that we.have in mind I don't think this was.equipment that could be on our list.we're not doing every one of these just.don't think though oh my word you get a.homestead and does just gonna be.overwhelmed no maybe eventually no.really it's gotta be done a bunch of.ideas so then this one is and the Airbnb.and this one we really do want to do we.want to build three little cabins and.these are the kind of cabins that are in.like the campgrounds where they're just.a bed and a BBQ on the front and a.little heater inside with a common.restroom for yeah there's no restroom in.there so we want to have three of those.mainly woman restroom which will have.like a shower so you know it's not.totally primitive so and then homestead.II they talked about getting an idea.from somebody else having air B&B.campground on your your site and so we.definitely you know I wish we had.thought well no our landlord Wynn of.lettuce but the property that had been.ideal we could have made a bundle so.when we're looking for our property that.is another thing that we're looking for.where would we put our Airbnb cabins and.where can people camp so that's another.idea we are going into this we realize.it's not totally simple I mean there's a.lot of considerations for with that and.some legal requirements and you're gonna.have to meet but.everything has requirements so you know.all along.you're wearing John's the troll salad I.mean it's true okay it is true so find.out what that what the requirements are.and how you can work with them for sure.this next one is to make one of your.bedrooms into an Airbnb and that way you.get to fix fantastic real food breakfast.in the morning for them and you don't.have to have them there any day that you.don't want them there you choose the.days that it's open so that's another.idea.then our trainings and workshops we've.got we've gone on two farms before and.taken a cheese class all different kinds.of things that that are available you.can have one or two our workshops you.can have seminars that last a day what.we'd love to do is be able to teach.people how to eat real food and change.like give them a kickstart where they.actually come for a week of day-long.things and with a big classroom and they.can learn how to eat right and how to.change the process food and how to how.to do it with all the recipes that's one.of our goals that we really want to do.um.writing and photography is next on your.list right so you know everybody thinks.you're gonna be rich doing videos on.YouTube and some folks are doing really.well it's not simple I mean there it can.be done you can do well with it you have.to be Oliver come back you have to be.very wise about what you're doing and.very purposeful you can fail there's.still opportunity to succeed I believe.that but you have to use it correctly.you have to be wise about it but writing.you know if you like to write there are.a lot of opportunities for writing and.that something you could do from a home.set a lot of people do that.photography's and other possibility.there's always places outlets for.photography you got to be good you can't.just be sloppy crummy stuff you've got.to do well you can also write for.magazines yeah you can do a guest.writers all kinds of different things so.don't underestimate and you look you.know the people that are out that are.doing that and it's amazing that are.doing it now another one that we're.exploring and we're not doing this all.at once as we look at this when it gets.kind of exciting because we've actually.seen it at play especially in Oregon.where there is so many opportunities but.it's Agri tourism and we're just gonna.Rinda as guys explain that a little bit.what that means ok so we we they had a.huge farm there that we went to to begin.with him we really didn't like it when.we first went there because we weren't.there at think October and literally.they've exploited their farm but the.reason they exploited their farm is.because it brought them in thousands of.dollars but we don't want to exploit our.farm but there was it brought in on.those few days of October whatever it.was that they were doing it they.introduced themselves to lots of people.but then throughout the year those.people would come back because they were.selling of flowers of different kinds.plant starters but they also have all.the vegetables on and on just and it was.a year-round business form but they.they've got new customers as a result of.this big festival in the fall yeah.I mean this was huge it wasn't small.it's big it was big so just some smaller.things that you can do first of all Lois.Wilson and her husband they have a.agritourism business up in Manitoba and.we are going to go up there and visit.them at the end of June and is called.Katy Lake cottages and they have a.petting zoo area our petting area and.we're just really excited to see how.they're doing they're agritourism just.some simple ideas of ways to bring.community into your place not every one.of these bring in money but they bring.in people so that people are aware that.you're there and will buy from you so.some of them are have if you have a pond.have a fishing derby have a chili.cook-off have hey you need a fence.painted or a barn painted.invite the community to come have it be.a potluck and a campfire at the end of.the day the things that you can think of.my mind just goes not so cuckoo over.this exciting stuff that you can do and.it all has to do with bringing the.community to you and some of me what's.your imagine let your imagination go.wild there's things that you love to do.that you could be amazing at where you.people in there to do that rent out your.barn okay you have to clean it have a.barn dance okay and just really quick we.did have a block party in Oregon and we.had 10 families that lived not nobody we.could have seen even if we are on the.same street address we lived on the same.Shore way down so so we invited all 10.of them and went to their drawers and.knocked on them and then gave them a.written invitation for it we're gonna.have to wrap this up soon I'm getting.tol be okay yeah anyway every single.family came to a potluck dinner in our.front yard in this country people people.want to get together you just have to.make an opportunity do you know what.they said for the last 16 years we have.been meaning to do something.nobody ever organized it Sophie the.organizer make it happen it was such a.fun evening last thing is a farm camp.for kids during the summer you can go.online just put in farm camp you can see.all the different ones that are there I.mean you can do it for a day you could.do it for the whole everyday you can do.it for a week at a time there's a.variety of ways you can do it so many.different things that you can do that's.like lots of liability you need to be.prepped on this one but for any people.who want to come to the farm they want.to learn about farming they want to see.what it's like parents want their kids.to know where their food is coming from.great way to do it but it also opens the.door guess who's gonna come buy your.produce when they brought their kids to.dam to learn how to grow it and plant it.they're coming to you to buy your kids.help grow it your kids will say mom are.we going back to whatever your farms.name is they're gonna love it they'll.love you so we're gonna put a link up.here to our web page where we have the.whole article that we have written on.101 ways to create income on your.homestead from your homestead and feel.free to stop by that page anywhere on.there and sign up for our newsletter.because you will get a newsletter with a.link to the blog every Friday morning.and tell you what on that blog there's a.place you can make comments if you've.got some other ideas that we haven't.mentioned that are working for you to.get to generate income from your.homestead Sharon people would like to.know about them we're not your.competitors we're all in this together.trying to succeed and the better all of.us do the better all of us will do now I.don't know but I do want to say this.we're gonna end it with the problem to.see the solution what is that okay what.applies here is the permaculture.principle that the source of the.solution is the seat know the source of.the problem is the seed of the solution.and I hope I got that right homesteads.are very expensive and and we can't.afford a hobby like that.so we need to be able to use that.problem as the solution the seed of the.solution right so yeah the source of the.problem is the seed of the solution so.so anyway we're super excited we are.getting closer to figuring out where and.and now we have an idea of the things.that we definitely definitely are.looking for which are having a big.influence over where and what the.property is like because we see these.enterprises that we want to put together.and we've got to have a place that's.gonna let us do a fair number of them at.least have a beautiful thanks for.watching.[Music].

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