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thank you so much I thank you for coming.I in my travels with the I was first.hired by the Missouri Alliance for.historic preservation in 2007 to serve.as its first field representative so it.was my job to go out in the hinterlands.especially to communities underserved.maybe by a preservation professional and.to kind of preach the gospel of historic.preservation of if you will in.small-town Missouri either through my.work right through my own wanderlust and.noisiness have been to all of Missouri's.114 counties some of that some of that.work inspired historic Missouri one.thing that I noticed about Missouri.everywhere is that it is green and.beautiful this is a bit of view of the.Ozark Mountain foothills in southwest.Missouri has some awesomely beautiful.views in the Mississippi River this one.from Pike County along the Mississippi.in Northeast Missouri a beautiful scene.even in the fallow Missouri floodplain.just across the river view across the.Missouri.Jefferson City in some places and I have.to just say I have to mention this is on.this is near Salem and on highway 19.which is one of the states it's not in.the book I'm afraid but it's one of the.state's only designated scenic byways in.Missouri I recommend that as an.additional tour for you all there are.maps offered by the Secretary of the.state right outside and I urge you to.use those I use it to learn that one of.the atlases because of lets me see every.tiny little road in the state which I'm.anxious to go and explore but I collect.postcards as well so this WPA.bridge has become an important and.historic part of the landscape as well.in this I found the exact view from one.of my postcard views when I was.traveling down Highway 19 myself some.another even in those even in the on a.rainy day this is the four shot and.clove River Valley and sanctity County.and Bloomsdale from another one of our.bashing historic places a roadside Park.I know many of us grew up having picnics.and roadside parks as we travel down.we're always before the interstate.highways and this is a vanishing.resource in Missouri actually listed on.Missouri preservations list of.endangered places several years ago.I've been another thing that I've.noticed about Missouri is that it's.people are friendly friendly everywhere.and even embodied in the name of this.little place friendly Valley in my own.in Perry County my own stomping grounds.where I grew up.some places didn't appear as friendly.County and the people were really.awesome powers County as well not to be.braggadocious but I have been to.braggadocio Missouri here's the post.office of braggadocio peculiar where the.odds are with you.tightwad don't ask for a loan at this.Bank and then if you want to get down.and dirty the cooter and buz of all.places this place struck me as very.curious and you can't read I'm sorry can.we design.they start the entrance to the store.very well it's the Lupus store what can.I say it hurt does the captain know I've.seen the biggest duck Worley hid and.Mound City the outside of the motel here.in Mound City was a sign that said.please no feathers are carcasses and the.public scrimmage.I've seen the biggest ice cream comment.Missouri near Barnhart at Jimmy's.customers of course the King City.biggest gas pump in Missouri the biggest.8-ball on highway 50 here in Tipton the.biggest soda bottle of what's called the.Basel District in st. Louis best soda.bottle the biggest fork in Springfield.the biggest rocking chair on route 66.near Cuba the biggest pecan and actually.they claim it the world's largest.although I heard when I posted that.somewhere on social media I was.reprimanded that the biggest pecan is.now in Texas but worse we're still.claiming the largest became in Brunswick.Missouri which.oh no is PKM territory in Missouri this.the road from there us 24 is lined with.pecan trees and there's a Miller pecan.farm which we'll see later offering.nothing but the cans in its store.another thing that I noticed about.universally about Missouri and about.rural America its emptying out when.factory farms left people left when the.railroad left.this is burlington junction and north.northwest missouri the train tracks.don't even exist near the depot in.burlington junction when the trains left.the people left when react when rail.traffic or river traffic left more.people left when agribusiness took over.from small farms more people have left.but I heard it naturally on one a on NPR.today that there's a new movement back.to our roots back to small town and sort.of my work here in the construction of.this codes to urge people to learn about.the history of small town Missouri can.appreciate their ways and go back to.this go back to their roots so this is I.call this guy Mike every time I see him.I say you know you're the poster child.for historic.Surrey roadsides this is Scotty Walker.Scotty Walker is the fourth generation.of walkers to own walkers variety store.in Houlton Missouri over in Johnson.County.I was asked in my official capacity as.Missouri reservations executive director.to come and give them some advice on.whether I thought their downtown might.be eligible for listing on the National.Register of Historic Places you know.that provides for the utilization of the.historic preservation tax credits it.really means a lot to the rejuvenation.of Missouri's small towns I was.brilliant so I said I want to meet some.of the people here a long history of.course I thought it was historic and it.merited being listed on the National.Register you can see over on the side.the first thing I encountered was.hanging plants from the from the canopy.outside there were bedding plants there.were all kinds of garden garden.materials outside you can see this shot.small sign there right behind him is the.radio strapped section of historic.selling small electronics this is a.candy store over here.he had an isle of a soda pop shop which.had about 150 different kinds of soda.pop bottles soda cups that you can pick.out he had rows of housewares he had.rows of groceries from where he was.standing if you looked on the other side.there were bolts of fabric sewing.machines hanging above them or bicycles.I looked at him and I asked you don't.have a Walmart here do you know they.don't and they don't want one and I.think it's high time for us to abandon.the big box and and it's important for.us especially for the rejuvenation.misery small towns is for us to start.doing business with each other again the.walls already have enough money folks.it's important for us to support our.friends and neighbors and their.enterprises to help them be successful.as well I'm sorry.always so so my book is set up sort of.like it looks you can see it looks at.first like this a coffee table book with.lots of pictures and that's and it does.have lots of pictures but it's also a.history book that tells you a little bit.of history about each took one of the.towns that you go through on five road.trips on two-lane language I think if to.go on the interstate highway for one and.a half or two miles on one of the trips.but the rest of them are exclusively on.two-lane roads and but like a travel.book I less places to eat and drink and.stay and visit and events that happen to.these small towns I only list businesses.they are own.Missourians so I'm gonna take a little.road trip here for you one of my five.road trips this is the mostly 24 trip.mostly 24 travels from Excelsior Springs.on the northwest side of the state clear.across the state to New London Missouri.it begins on Missouri Highway 10 one of.the original federal highways of 1926.which originated in Michigan and.extended to Kansas City and though it.now goes half way through the state of.Colorado much of the eastern part of.this tour is what is known as the Little.Dixie it was settled by migrants.southerners these southerners were.farmers and horse breeders and many of.the towns including Huntsville Madison.and Paris are still horse breeding.talents so we start in Excelsior Springs.this is a reproduction of the crystal.Lithia Springs billion recreated.Excelsior Springs which was founded upon.the discovery of mineral rich Springs.and the arrival of railroads laid out in.1880 that fell from paper as a health.resort on rail lines obviously and the.old hotels and sanatoriums Lane.for many years though some were lost the.WPA era hallowed waters and the.Magnificent Nelms Hotel remained this is.the inside of the of the islands which.which has a really nice spa still that's.where you can take the water still.that's Excelsior Springs I have to say.is it town that gets that I noticed at.the same time that the talents are.emptying out there's less interested in.interest in them that the talents that.really capitalize on the history they.get the history of their communities.they benefit from this tourism from.cultural heritage tourism as I call it.the the eye has anybody here been the.Excelsior Springs I collected my.postcards from there for many years and.finally went to visit and the hall of.waters if you haven't been there is.truly amazing.there is a bar inside this place which.is now their city hall but the bar.notoriously I think it's 75 feet long.and it's the longest bar in the world.serving only water 20 different kinds of.spring water at one time heading west or.heading east I'm sorry from here.Richmond County.originally a much larger five to six.counties were formed for Gregg County.was established in 1820 and Ainge for.Richmond Virginia this is its courthouse.on the on the square its Cemetery.contains I always say this this town's.famous birds and dead people.it's Cemetery contains the remains of.guerrilla Confederate captain bloody.Bill Anderson also Captain Benjamin.Brown who was killed in the Civil War.Battle of Wilson's Creek all over.Calgary and Austin and David Whitmer two.of the three witnesses to the Book of.Mormon are as well as former Missouri.governor Austin King are buried in the.City Cemetery.in this tiny town many - also on the.courthouse lawn including one to.Alexander William Donovan who refused a.government order to execute Mormon.leaders and ended the Mormon conflict.with only a few casualties in Missouri.three other monuments in the county's.war dead are included on the courthouse.lawn moving this is one of the beautiful.crest ten storefronts on the town square.in Richmond about 12 miles to the east.on highway 24 Lexington most famous for.the Battle of Lexington and the famous.cannonball Hall which remains in one of.the columns in its courthouse and on the.portico established in 1820 this quickly.became a major river port the Anderson.house here which was sort of the back.for the Battle of Lexington is now a.State Historic Site and there are many.beautiful antebellum homes here on.especially here on this one on Highland.Avenue.this is Mulligan's Bar and Grill or was.when I was there anybody want to take a.correct guess as to what it originated.as that's a good guess here's a hint see.these here if you can see them very well.they're headstones this was a monument.company and they when they left they.just left the dead stones up.[Music].and now moving a little bit these 20.mine 21 miles east is to be use exact to.Waverly Missouri which used to be a.bustling river forth shipping produce.including apples and peaches once home.to Confederate General Joseph Shelby a.monument here in Shelby park.commemorates him this is the st. Thomas.Presbyterian Church of 1853 you'll.notice in a lot of my photos a lot of.buildings that may need another coat of.paint and look like they're some rusted.out automobiles and things like that and.I think that there's I think there's a.beauty and pleasant decay but I also I.also feel like if I recognized something.as historic that maybe other people.would appreciate it as well this the.last time I was there and I I should get.a new slide it's completely repainted.and the town has repurposed this as a.community events man.they do community theater here so I'm.really proud of the people of Waverly a.tiny town whoops moving also on the trip.Carrollton the county seat of Carroll.County this is the Carrollton post.office from 1914 which is which was.designed by James known as Taylor who.was the architect for the Department of.Treasury at the time the Carroll County.sheriff's home in jail are said to be.one of America's most haunted its.sheriff was killed here of Frank James.was a guest commercial commercial artist.Brett Geary is from Carrollton he worked.with the Santa Fe Railroad bread RV.restaurant system interesting story.about the Lebel hotel there's a bed and.breakfast in an old mansion downtown.Carrollton and the young a young couple.actually run a successful.bed-and-breakfast there and I think this.was called the sundowner motel at one.time so based on the success of their.bed-and-breakfast they bought the motel.we renovated the motel so while I have.to put a disclaimer that the places that.I've list in the book they eat staying.places I they are not there places that.are open and on by Missourians they are.not recommended by me and I think do.your own research I the first time I in.my capacity is field representative I.went to I went to Springfield and I.thought wow this is gonna be awesome.it is a part of route 66 and I'm gonna.stay at one of those old words it's.decent motels.it was a fleabag eggs people were.feeding their fish on the parking lot.party going on there was a leak at my.work so I went to the hotel a hotel.manager and I said you know this I'm.feeling this isn't a really good fit for.me but he said oh no we'll find you.another room so so I did what I've.learned to do at the La Bella I asked to.see the room before they saw my credit.card good point but but definitely you.should you should really get these.places of chance their own most of the.time by mom-and-pop small business.people and some of them were very quite.viable places now moving further ease.that they do with the town of DeWitt.and we begin to be cam territoy this is.a little historic barn that needs to the.mellow pecan farm that I was telling you.about.DeWitt this most famous for its.altercation with the Mormons here in.1838 in conjunction with the Mormon War.Mormons negotiated the surrender and led.on September 20th 1838 moving further.west the town of Brunswick which is.actually the began capital of Missouri.the Missouri Farmers Association our MFA.was started here in 1914 Lewis and Clark.camped here on the river in a state park.where you can still camp today over the.same same camp Scott's site has Lewis.and Clark this is a I just thought this.place look frozen in time this is.Harmons Sinclair station on Main Street.in Brunswick does anybody recognize this.man sterling price 11 miles to the east.is the town of Keats Ville home to.General Sterling Price a monument by AG.Newman of 1915 and price park is here.also home to Maxwell.Taylor who was chairman of the Joint.Chiefs of Staff in the Kennedy.administration this guy I haven't really.I haven't really had too many problems.with people thinking that I was snooping.on them.but this man came out he was really.curious as to why I was taking a picture.of his old filling station and this is.in Kingsville his family bought the.filling station they have a concrete.business and basically they bought the.station so that they could use the tanks.to refill their concrete trucks but when.he found out that I was a historian and.I was taking pictures of historic.buildings the guy came out with a.treasure trove of everything he had.bills of sale matchbook covers calendars.everything that had been produced by the.owners of this filling station through.the years so it's amazing that he saved.the archive and appreciated it 15 miles.are a few miles just east of here.Salisbury a town of beautiful homes on.Broadway and the home of the original.B&B theater the old lyric theatre is.here which began the B&B theater chain.Missouri 15 miles now further east.Huntsville the county seat of Randolph.County which was eclipsed and population.by its larger main room overly over the.years Moberly is a big railroad town.with the Katy Wabash and Sheridan and.Randolph railroads having their homes.here some of them still this is a.picture of the 4th Street Theatre one of.Missouri preservations board members was.really instrumental in getting this.theater renovated they did this entirely.grassroots that she was proud to say.that they had not borrowed one dime and.the restoration of every bit of the.funds had come from local people and.Moberly now 14 miles to the east Madison.a small town with a big and celebratory.street there are four still four major.horse horse ellebra horse stables here.not bad for a town of five hundred and.thirty six people now further to the.east this is actually a little.picturesque it was the caretakers it was.the caretakers to building in the middle.of the Paris City Cemetery Paris is the.county seat of Monroe County platted in.1831 it has the last Missouri courthouse.constructed with the dome the Paris.mercury was founded here and it is one.of the oldest in Missouri publishing.since 1837 now moving a little bit.further easy this is actually what it.looked like out when it was outside but.this is in.this is in Florida Missouri does anybody.know who was born in Florida.Mark Twain Samuel Clemens and this.looked very much like Samuel Clemens.boyhood home but you know preservation.changes over throughout the years and.the original cabin is in this spaceship.of a building but still accessible and.you can still go and climb and walk.through the rooms of his cabin inside.the Mark Twain State Historic Site parry.is another really small town that really.understands the importance of its.history and tourism this is one of.several antique stores here in Preston.Zealand Preston storefronts as several.cafes one of which I highlighted on my.Facebook page this week a big Museum and.of course it's really close to the Mark.Twain Lake before it's a recreational.and then finally the last stop on the.mostly 24 new London the county seat of.Wallace County originally settled by Sac.and Fox Indians who were forced out in.1804 two major trails Indian camp.many campsites have been excavated here.this is a picture of its 1849 1859.courthouse one of only two Greek Revival.courthouses remaining in Missouri the.other one in Lexington that's common.missouri highway 79 this is the River.Road the River Road tour starts in st..Charles County and proceeds northward on.highway 79 through Lincoln Pike Marion.and Lewis and Clark counties.it starts out it starts out in western.central County goes through old Monroe a.couple of really interesting interesting.story about this a picture someone.stopped me after one of my presentations.and said that her grandma lived and.lived in this building in the center and.I heard great stories of all.she said grandma grandma rented out this.side and this side to renters but she.had a little store here a little general.merchandise store and just to the north.of here was a little grocery store and.what they would do is they have done.that they had a very talented dog and.they would tell people if you throw the.dog and nickel they'll go by they'll go.by his lunch yeah if you threw the dog.in that goal he would pick up the nickel.take it over to the grocery store next.door put it down on the floor go pick up.a can of calibration and come back home.this is a picture of a Ford and voting I.call it it turned out to me because my.first car was a 1954 Ford.I have been able to dig up history.absolutely every town that I've been in.except for folding on it I looked in a.can of the histories of the histories of.Lincoln County tried to find local.historians and then as luck would have.it one of our members a couple of months.ago asked me if I would take a look at.listing their farm in Lincoln County on.the National Register she handed she.handed me the abstract to her property.and they're the largest landowner and.Lincoln County was Thomas Foley this is.the little town of an animator named.the town's founders and Ada and having a.little bit further north the town of a.really picturesque town the town of.Clarksville threatened by a lot of.flooding and you'll see again my trying.to lure people to this place ahead of.for sale sign I thought wow what a great.little showboat gothic house maybe.somebody go fight so I put it into the.book but this is part one of the.downtown streets is a very active little.town with a very lively artisan.community just to the north of here is a.little place called the village of the.blue rose is anybody ever heard of the.village of the blue as this lady has its.own by this lady Rose grown a Meyer Rose.retired from school teaching silver.years ago.she was a special education teacher in.the local school she was very concerned.about what might happen to her students.and their living fulfilling lives after.they left school she opened a.bed-and-breakfast a thrift store and a.restaurant called the village of the.Blue Rose and employees not only.developmentally disabled a group of.people here to help her run the B&B and.the restaurant it's really a truly.some of some of the people live on.campus there and some of them commute.into work every day but it's really an.awesome place and I invite you to go and.patronize rows further north in Pike.County this is the town of Louisiana.Louisiana it's it's not the county seat.Bowling Green that was once here but.Bowling Green is more centrally located.in Pike County was moving there but you.can see there was a prosperous this was.a very prosperous town and its Main.Street which was called Georgia Street.hasn't really a beautiful intact.Victorian streetscape and as you head.west there are the homes some really.beautiful mansions of some of the.earlier settlers of the town on the.left-hand side again I think that the.caption in the first edition read that.this was the ultimate Chicago Depot and.it was waiting for a savior and by golly.we found one a local family was able to.buy this last year and they're working.on it we've been helping them through.our historic preservation tax credit.application so that they can turn this.into a restaurant heading further north.this is the the we're now in Marion.County this is this is the town of.Hannibal were most famous for its most.famous resident Samuel Clemens.Twain and then the county seat of Marion.County again one of those county seats.that was kind of eclipsed by a larger.town and population this is Pat McCrory.named for the ancient Syrian city of.Palmyra beautiful courthouse by pH.weathers and again the architecture on.the right a night house most of the.people came from the south here and.brought their building traditions along.with them heading up a highway 61 a.little barn education this is a Bank.barn on highway 61 and then nearly the.terminus this is a cannon in Missouri.campaign is home to Culver Stockton.College which was the truth the first.truly co-educational college in America.I found my research it was an image.charter it guarantees a guaranteed equal.opportunity for both men.higher education its most significant.historic sites are these two.african-american historic sites one an.AME Church and the other one is school.building in the downtown this is the el.camino real trip a highway 61 which.leads from st. Louis to the down in the.Bootheel to New Madrid Missouri this El.Camino Royale literally means Kings.Highway and and and both the French when.they held the territory of Louisiana and.the and the Spanish called it the chemin.de rooy which also meant Kings highways.and and basically the this route which.used to be high with Missouri Highway 25.is us now in u.s. highway 61 it really.was it was an Indian Trail but it was.established as a road so that the new.owners of Louisiana you know the French.when they aren't Louisiana said was st..Louis and 1764 but when the when the.Spanish purchased Louisiana they wanted.of course a new capital of Spain to be.in Missouri and it was down here in.southeast Missouri.mannered New Madrid or New Madrid so it.goes through several towns from st..Louis and then again it closely follows.the Mississippi River only heading south.this is route 100 the Lewis and Clark.and dot Gottfried you didn't trip is.called and this one is the Osage no this.this trip this trip starts starts over.here in grey stomach Missouri and goes.mostly Highway 100 here which was a part.of a tiny part of the Lewis and Clark.trail but also also a place of huge.German settlement Gottfried Newton a.German who considered Germany over.builds and overpopulated in the 1820s.came to Missouri he published his book a.truck it was a travel log basically of.his exploits along the Missouri River.and was intended to entice Germans to.the Missouri River Valley and indeed it.did and this is finally the Osage hills.and prairies trip it starts on a part of.route 66 over here in Lebanon it goes.over you.we are state highway 32 between coaster.Bolivar and Buffalo and of course.pathway which is named because it's.halfway between those two cities.it goes up to Fairplay and then heads.south to the Grove as I call them Walnut.Grove and Ash Grove and then follows us.and I state 96 which is actually a.original part of 66 pounds through.hometown over to Carthage Missouri which.is a really truly amazing little town.famous for its for its limestone the.it's actually still quarried here though.not in not for a building stone.Carthage stone was some people call.McCarthy tomorrow because the Carthage.dome was so dense that it could be.polished to look like marble so a lot of.the a lot of the windowsills that you.see around Missouri that look like they.are marble are actually Carthage stone.and then it heads up the the Jefferson.Highway back up to back up to Lamar the.birthplace of President Truman goes over.through mint and mines and some of this.is all was all in the interrogation this.is where the Osage Indians.and lived in Missouri for hundreds of.years before they were removed from.Northwest Missouri and what is now the.Platte purchase but if any way the and.here in the second edition where I had.six tours of Missouri in the first.edition in the second edition well short.side story here like we sold out of the.first edition in historic Missouri.roadsides and the publisher reading.press did a second printing no sooner.than they received it at their warehouse.that there was a warehouse fire they.lost three hundred and fifty thousand.volumes in the fire so the since it was.going to have to be dusted out off you.know little motels and little.restaurants come and go pretty quickly.in small towns so we knew we're going to.have to update that part of it if we're.going to do another printing so the.publisher Josh Stevens said well why.don't why don't we think about changing.it up a little bit and so in the in the.second edition we added six destinations.places that aren't necessarily.one of the road trips but that you might.want to go for us we can staycation or.maybe a week-long vacation in Missouri.they include st. Joseph's in far.northwest Missouri let's go here.beautiful little town on the Missouri.River great for its architecture the.boone's lick which consists basically of.Boonville Blackwater arrowrock and.Sedalia the home of the state fair.Fulton was just there on the way down.here to enjoy the to enjoy the Churchill.memorial and of course I encourage.people there to also go to the capital.city and appreciate what the capital.city has have an offer and then Arcadia.Valley - consists of three little towns.that are all about a mile away from each.other.Arcadia Pilot Knob and Ironton which is.the county seat of iron County so first.of all st. Jo a city of huge homes and.distinctive architecture thanks to the.firm of Evelyn man and Harvey Ellis one.of his chief architects echo came here.from Switzerland around 1860 this is one.of the homes that he and Harvey Ellis.design.which is now barbosa's Mexican.restaurant he also designed the City.Hall the live stock exchange and.courthouses in Maryville the Nottoway.County Courthouse of Maryville the.Gentry County Courthouse at Albany and.the actress in County Courthouse in.Rockport he began his career in the.architecture of a pH knob and this you.could tell when you're in st. Joe that.something huge something much larger was.planned for this town than actually.happened and of course remember I said.when they they were a big trail town.they were a river traffic town and they.were a railroad town and of course after.after the Oregon Trail was not needed.anymore and the Pony Express wasn't.needed anymore the town khun's continued.to empty out and I think st. Joe lost.about 70 percent of its downtown.buildings in the 1960s what remains.though is really anything here's the old.sign from the Pony Express Hotel the.motel is not there anymore but they did.say this time this is their one of their.museums in st. Joe museum complex owns.the old Wyeth to a manager and has their.headquarters in the mansion but the.whole town is described with beautiful.huge Victorian houses that are going.back and I have not for the life of me.figured out why Kansas City hasn't.realized.this would be a great bedroom community.the housing is huge beautiful and.portable now moving to the Arcadia.Valley.that's three towns in Iron County.Ironton Arcadia and Pilot Knob.originally thought to be full of iron.deposits more stone was found here than.anything else especially granite has.been more successful you can see the.native stone everywhere its ubiquitous.in the valley including.gatepost which appear everywhere in the.town and even real estate developments.well this is the this is the huge.boulders and Elephant Rock State Park.and it's just it's great because it has.Elephant Rock State Park.it has Johnson shut-ins State Park.it has Tom Soccer Park which hosts the.tallest mountain and Missouri Thomas off.mountain at 1772 feet and also has Clark.National Forest so it's just a great.place to go and vacation and speaking of.vacation remember I said the stone was.ubiquitous this whole real estate.development was was built constructed.with this native stone and actually a.couple of is purchased the entire real.estate that this is a fraction of what.is there it's just really a picturesque.little development and these are offered.as vacation rentals.stay there you can even see the.limestone along this is highway 72.leaving out of town toward Jackson.Missouri and you can see the stone going.past Lake Killarney even in the.abutments along the highway here this is.the there was a pretty significant.battle and actually there's another.state park that I forgot to mention and.that is fort Davidson State Park fort.Davidson was a civil war fort where a.significant battle was fought turning.back the Confederate forces which were.headed toward st. Louis and they were.the competitors were soundly defeated.down Perry Arcadia Valley and Newberry.treated a beautiful carpenter gothic the.Episcopal Church there and a folly that.I thought was really picturesque.person's front yard Fulton I have to say.this is fogger for my as an.architectural historian this is fodder.for my notorious trick question in.architectural history and that is what.is the oldest building in Missouri the.oldest building in Missouri was.constructed in 1766 in London and moved.to Fulton in the 1960s originally.settled by oh sailors who had migrated.from the East.Fulton's of American settlers came from.Tennessee Kentucky and Virginia.decidedly southern it's a several County.area known as the Little Dixie again in.1861 the county afforded what they.thought might be a siege by the Union.Army in October of that year they signed.a non-aggression agreement with the.Union allowing the county to be somewhat.of an autonomous territory earning it.thus the nickname the kingdom of.Callaway the nearby town of Kingdom City.taken from the.and many organizations such as the.Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society.still bear the name most well-known for.the visit to Westminster College here in.1949 by Sir Winston Churchill Prime.Minister who from the college delivered.his sinuous sinews of peeps peace speech.more popularly known as the Iron Curtain.the speech to memorialize Churchill's.visit the 19 seen the eight that the.1760s London Church the Church of st..Mary the Virgin aldermen burry left in.ruins after World War Two was moved here.and reconstructed stone by stone the.church is Missouri's obviously oldest.building there is also some awesome.Victorian architecture to behold in this.town as well this one obviously again.that local heritage tourism is alive.here in what they thought now called the.Burke district they have they still have.original Britain streets it makes this.town a unique place that has a unique.sense of place and again enlivened by.new businesses and rediscovering its.history anybody here in the DNA are.daughters of America.thank you the daughters of American.Revolution had been doing historic.preservation since before there was a.historic preservation this these three.markers are names of the trail which.extended from st. Charles to Howard.counties the Boone's like trail was used.by the sense of Daniel Boone for.transporting salt that was manufactured.on the Salt Creek near Richmond to st..Charles the town of Franklin at the.center of the Boone's link and now not.much more than a place named due to.repeated flooding was the trailhead of.the Santa Fe Trail markers along the.trail were placed by the in the teens by.the DAR at the center of the four towns.covered here in boone's lick is Boone.though the county seat of Cooper County.its courthouse designed by Robert Hirsch.in 1913 there's again beautiful mansions.overlooking the Missouri River including.the home of former former head out of.the University of Missouri and fellow.who established its at school of German.journalism Walter Williams you can see.it all so close you can see there also.was significant Civil War history here.the Bible Boonville it is said that the.name boom boom which doesn't have an e.in it was a pretty.by a Civil War soldier but there are.there are many as I said many fine homes.including the Walter Williams home.notable residents include Joseph.Franklin Rutherford who founded the.Jehovah's Witnesses who just madness a.close this week International.International convocation former.treasurer and the governor of the state.of Missouri.Montez Stevens not too far away.the town of Rochefort Lewis and Clark.nominal has noticed a settlement of sock.macaque week and Iowa Indians here in.1804 French for rocky port that was long.a trading port for natives and the new.white settlers I planted in 1826 the.Whig party held its state convention.here in 1840 Confederate guerrilla will.you need bloody Bill Anderson proclaimed.this as his capital during the Civil War.one of farmer from Earth travel.magazines 10 coolest American small.towns and southern livings best tiny.town in Missouri William at least Keith.Moon who chronicled his travels through.small-town America in the book balloon.highways is from Rochefort the town's.man developed meeting Hall is here on.the left and an african-american school.on the right repurposed as a bed and.breakfast on there on the right not too.far away the town of arrow Roth which.has an incredible history for a town.which the permanent residence as of the.2010 census number less than 50 in this.town the two most notable noticeable.places here at the Lyceum theater a.former church building now offering.summer theatre and attracting Broadway.actors and the J he's to the tavern.which is the oldest inn and restaurant.and Missouri books opening in 1834.there's lots of history per square foot.in the town his permanent residence I.said number less than 50 dr. John.Sappington from seventy lived from 1776.to 1856 is credited with developing.quinine as a treatment for Manero.malaria William Beck known known as the.father of the Santa Fe Trail was from.Kara Brock as well as Meredith Myles.Marmaduke who served as a desert.governor in 1844 governor Claiborne Fox.Jackson who lived from 1806 to 1862 who.supported the Missouri secession from.the Union was from here as was.Missouri's most famous artist Morris.luminous painter George Caleb Bingham.was also from Iraq and this part of the.state park is binghams home and studio.on the right the Keller I'm a stop and.think well I tell people I endanger the.life of myself and others.daily basis by stopping to take photos.of any number of things along the road.but I'm enamored of the old Calabasas.the old stone jails this one most famous.for never ever having opposed to the.guest an interesting problem here that.looks like it's made of stone it's.actually made of wood blocks to make.that look a little more substantial it's.victorian events was not Victorian but.placed here in 1984 when the film Tom.Sawyer was made in our Upton this is the.little town of Blackwater population 162.in the last census Blackwater is a.thriving town offering tourists a fun.place to stay online River but the low.means when I'm sorry the Iron Horse.Hotel shown here was an old railroad.hotel that was renovated using the state.and federal historic preservation tax.credit the town boasts a telephone.museum which you see here on the right.and a community theater in the nineteen.Oh three Gothic Revival church Glasgow.on the Missouri River on you can see.very steep hills overlooking the.Missouri River this is one picturesque.Missouri River town platted in 1835.named for the st. Louis merchant James.Glasgow it quickly became a shipping.point for mid-missouri crops on river.barges and railroads many architectural.a distinctive buildings including the.Italian and Lewis library begun as Lewis.College in 1867 when the college closed.it became the public library and is the.oldest library building and continuous.use in the state of Missouri.there are several church buildings.including the gothic the inspire glass.Presbyterian Church of 1861 now the.Local History Museum on the left and the.Greek Revival style Campbell Campbell.Chapel AME Church a historic.african-american church here on the.right this again a had been listed on.Missouri's in a list of endangered.historic places the Campbell chapel.through grassroots efforts of the local.community was restored and this used.again as a church in Alaska you can see.as some of the really mad.view of Victorian homes that overlooked.the listen food Missouri River from.glass cover and then finally sir Sedalia.originally had been inhabited by Osage.Indians later the Shaunie's George.rapini Smith was the first American.settler the county seat of Pettis County.this current course courthouse designed.by WD adults was completed in 1820 in.1925 and beyond the gates the Art Deco.gaze of the State Fair if you haven't.been there you just missed it but you.haven't lived until you have gone to the.swine house to see people's prime prize.pigs to see any number of different.kinds of chickens on display I walked in.one I walked in one house that had rows.of pies waiting to be waiting to be.judged a slice of American life ready to.be hoped you can take a train there.actually from here the train will drop.you two blocks away from this hotel the.restoring Bothell hotel the 1920s hotel.in the downtown a great place to stay.that I do recommend and across the.street again put in the book because I.was hoping it would find a savior it was.just the the trust bell that was just.purchased by a developer so we're really.happy to see that this is the parsonage.of the Episcopal Church on.on Broadway and one of the really.beautiful Victorian homes just west of.downtown in incivility so that ladies.and gentlemen is my dog and pony show.for historic Missouri roadsides I have.books here for sale if anybody's.interested I would be happy to sign them.for you there 39.95 I can cash check.credit card and I also very much welcome.taking any questions.

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