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thank you to everyone who is joining the.South Carolina de w unemployment for the.self-employed webinar we are gonna take.just a couple of minutes and let.everyone get signed on here our numbers.are continuing to rise so once that.stops we will get started so just give.us a minute here thank you guys for.joining.okay we have slowed down on our.participants joining us here so we're.going to go ahead and get started good.afternoon to everyone again this is the.South Carolina Department of Employment.and workforces webinar on unemployment.for the self-employed we appreciate you.all joining us today and we also.appreciate you all providing questions.when you registered we've received all.of those and all of the emails you've.provided us and those have been shared.with the staff at SC de W and they will.be answering some of those questions.this afternoon as we go through this.PowerPoint in just a moment I'm going to.pass it on to the staff at SC DW and.they will be going through a PowerPoint.that you can see on your screen if.you're joining us on the computer if.you're joining us by phone please listen.carefully as they will walk through all.of the pieces as they discuss the cares.act for the self-employed contractor is.good workers 1099s and more and again as.we go through the end part of this.presentation they will be answering the.questions that you provided to us when.you registered over the last week we.cannot hear or see any of the attendees.you can hear and see those of us on.camera and who you will be walking.through the presentation today and if.you have other questions we will discuss.that here at the end of the presentation.but we hope that this is full full of.information for you and provides you the.questions and answers that you need to.be able to be to get to get through the.next couple of weeks as we all go.through this time through this pandemic.so now I'm going to pass it over to.Dorothy who is the PIO.at CDW to start the presentation thanks.Amanda I appreciate it thank you.everyone for joining us on the call.before I start to introduce some of this.concept I'd like to introduce our main.presenter today Todd Timmons our chief.legal officer here at the Department of.Employment and workforce.Todd you want to introduce the subject.matter today yeah good morning everyone.it's great to be here it's great to be.with everyone I'm told there's amazed.300 people listening in right are 3,000.people listen right now and if you had.told me.a month together that there'd be 3,000.people that would want to listen to me.talk about what I do for a living I was.told you were crazy but we are in crazy.times and I'm not surprising the turnout.today people people are struggling and.they are looking for answers so what.we're gonna do today is we're gonna give.you some answers so between myself as.Dorothy said I'm the chief legal officer.here at the agency and I also have.Jessica Seeley she's our director of.quality control between the two of us.we're gonna give you some answers and.see if we can I can help you folks out.I'm especially honored to be talking.with this group because when this is all.over y'all are gonna be the ones that.get the economy back going to get us out.of this mess y'all y'all are on this.call because you identified when you.thought your claim that you're.self-employed that means I'm talking.dosh for yours that means I'm talking to.self-starters people who can make their.own way people who know how to make.things happen but we're in a world where.the government told your customers to.stay home and they told you not to come.to work so it doesn't matter doesn't.matter how resilient you are that when.we were dealing with that scenario.you're gonna need some help and that's.what we're here for.we don't have a perfect solution before.a month ago we didn't know this was.coming either and our systems are not.designed for this right now but I want.y'all to know I want everybody to hear.that we have the best and our smartest.people at our agency working on this.working on getting this program that's.going to help you guys out getting it up.and running and getting that done is the.number one priority for us right now so.I want y'all to make sure y'all hear.that and make sure you know that help is.on the way and Dorothy why don't we why.don't we talk about what that help looks.like great thanks Todd so as we start I.just want to take a minute to put the.unemployment assistance that's available.to you in context of regular.unemployment insurance and set the stage.for how we got here and by the way some.of us may be using the acronym UI during.this presentation that just means.unemployment insurance those are the.benefits people receive when they lose.their job so as you're all aware this.pandemic began to have significant.impact on our country and the federal.government realized they were going to.need to take action to support all types.of businesses and all types of workers.not just those who are covered under.traditional unemployment insurance.structure and so they created this.unique federal assistance for these.unique circumstances that we're all.facing and everybody seems to know that.now it's the cares Act which is the.coronavirus aid relief and Economic.Security Act and within that there are.several programs that our agency can.apply to various unemployment in.situations so very quickly I just want.to touch on the first of those programs.because this is the one that you may.have already heard mentioned in the news.and this is the one that we are already.as an agency implementing so workers who.are laid off from their jobs or their.businesses have cut back their hours are.eligible for unemployment insurance if.you work for a manufacturing company and.you get laid off from your job by no.fault of your own then you file for.unemployment insurance and in South.Carolina as the pandemic began the first.big wave of unemployment came from the.restaurant and tourism industry and.through the cares Act there's a program.called the federal pandemic unemployment.compensation program and these.individuals the ones who are already.applying and already in our system and.who are out of work in the traditional.sense are eligible for six hundred.dollars of federal benefits and that's.on top of the state benefits that they.receive through our UI system so if.you've seen some of the news reports.this week you'll see that we started.reporting on the distribution of some of.those funds this week and that's who.that money is being paid out to it's the.$600 on top of the state benefit that.these individuals who are already in the.traditional sense covered under under.unemployment insurance and so all they.do is just continue they apply and then.they continue to certify their benefits.and so.all that means is they go back into the.system each week and confirm that they.are unemployed and if they earned any.additional wages through a part-time job.they report those but they continue to.certify each week in each week that they.receive state unemployment insurance.benefits they also receive the $600.federal piece that is offered through.that federal pandemic unemployment.compensation and so as as we've talked.about that is for the people who are.already in our system and have already.applied but the federal government one.of the other programs that they have.made possible through the cares Act is.for this group self-employed contractors.and others so Todd I'd like to actually.loop you back in here because I would.like you to explain a little bit to this.group about why they're not typically.eligible for unemployment insurance sure.so Dorothy people like you and me if you.get wages from an employer that employer.pays taxes to our agency at CDW but most.other employers do and we take that.money we put it into a trust fund and.when you or I get laid off money in that.trust fund pays for our unemployment.insurance benefits well for the folks on.this call you are your own boss most of.you and you don't pay taxes to our.agency most of you we'll talk about a.few exceptions later.so yes you are taxed on your earnings oh.sure Uncle Sam in the state get their.share but you're not paying unemployment.insurance contributions to our agency.and so there's no trust fund that we can.use to pay benefits out to you but.fortunately Congress realized that and.they decided that we're they're going to.help to help you guys out which they.should do because you didn't do anything.wrong heating caused the economy to shut.down using cause a pandemic to occur in.the United States so they decided.they're going to help you out and that's.what they did in creating the pandemic.unemployment assistance program which I.think Dorothy mentioned so what that.program is it's based on what the.program that was called the disaster.unemployment assistance and that was.that's something that kicks into effect.when you've got.area hit by hurricanes or you've got an.area hit by a flood some sort of natural.disaster but we're in a new round.because we've got a national disaster at.every 50 in all 50 states which has.never happened before so this is kind of.a scaled up version of that disaster.program and that's got not only is it.bigger in scale that also has more.benefits no one will be getting the the.amount of money that they got under the.dua as you will under PUA which is the.acronym for endemic unemployment.assistance so but what you need to know.is it's opening up benefits to people.who would not otherwise qualify and.we'll go through the details on that so.what you would do is apply for these.benefits through the regular portal that.most people collecting unemployment.insurance used to apply and all of you I.think have been through that application.process that's how you're on this call.today we're actually going to go through.a few details about what to expect of.that process a little bit later with.Jessica but before we do that Tod I'd.like you to tell us a little bit about.how our agency calculates the amount of.benefits that people receive I'm sure so.we're going to do we're going to do a.little bit of math together and I'm.going to embarrass myself in front of.3,000 people that probably can do it.better than I can but what you're.looking at is a your quarterly earnings.to basically the short version is you'll.take your quarterly earnings divided by.26 and you'll add the $600 FPU C which.is the benefit that everybody is getting.during these times and that will be the.amount of money you can expect to get.from our agency so $26 I mean 26 where.does that number come from.so you're basically taking there's 13.weeks in a quarter and so if you're.dividing by 13 but you got to add the.two because what we're trying to get to.is your half of your weekly earning so.if you take 13 weeks in a quarter divide.that by 2 that'll be half your weekly.earnings that's how we'll estimate that.for you and then like I said you got the.$600 plus up that you add on to that the.minimum amount anyone can get is 131 so.even if you do that calculation the.quarterly earnings./ 26 and it comes out to be below 131.you would get 131 that's the minimum the.maximum is is our state weekly maximum.benefit and that's 326 dollars so if you.run the math and you your number is.higher than 326 you're not going to get.any higher than 326 as your regular.benefit amount again whatever number.that you come up with with that formula.or whatever remember we come up with a.week where you run the math based on the.documents you provide and six hundred.dollars to that and that is going to be.the amount of money you can expect to be.your Bilitis does that make sense.Dorothy it does thank you that's that's.very helpful I think one of the pieces.of information that might be helpful to.share on top of that is the type of.documents that people might be expected.to submit during this process all right.yeah we can talk about that a little bit.so the documents if you're following.along on the side you'll see the.Schedule C of your annual income tax.return that's going to be the most.common document so the accountants here.tell me that people will use to show.their income of their sole proprietor.but we can take other documents so bank.statements that show you're earning.business bank statements that show your.earning and we'd also like other.documents such as business licenses.business bills the property deeds that.are business property or rental.agreements anything that would confirm.your status as a self-employed.individual that has business expenses so.hopefully you've got but I think the two.big ones will be the income tax returns.or the bank statements that's showing.shows show your earnings during a.particular quarter the next thing we.need to talk about is the eligibility.period what period of time we're talking.about so the federal program opens up.benefits.anybody that can show lost earnings or.unavailability to work going back to.February the week ending February 8.that's kind of how we talk in the.unemployment world is the last day of.the week which our office is always a.Saturday so though going back to.February 8 which is a Saturday through.the end of this year December 26 would.be the last Saturday I believe the.so you wouldn't be able to draw benefits.for that entire period I don't believe I.think you can only get it for 39 weeks.total in that window so that's kind of.what you want to think about in terms of.when did that first experience the.inability to work the inability to earn.within that February 8 window are the.week ending February 8 so if you had if.you had an employment loss during that.week you'd be covered but it's like I.said we talked in week ending dates.that's kind of the window you could look.back and claim for which is nice because.the other programs don't look back as.far as this one does so you guys have.well if you've had an impact earlier in.the cycle you should be able to be.eligible there all right so yep there we.go Todd earlier we touch on the fact.that these are very unique circumstances.and I know that individuals are facing.dozens of different types of challenges.with their work right now it might.involve kovat itself or childcare or.family situations can you actually just.go through some of the scenarios with us.and talk about eligibility yeah Dorothy.I'll walk you through who who would be.eligible for benefits and what.circumstances would trigger eligibility.because I'm sure that's a big question.for the folks on the call the first.scenario is is it the individuals.themselves or a member of the.individuals household has been diagnosed.with koban 19 so I think the slide just.says if you're falling along it just.says the member then it is individuals.household that would also include the.individual themselves so if you're.talking about you or somebody you live.with has koban 19 and you tested.positive and that's affected your.ability to work either because you're.caring for yourself or your care for.them that is going to be a situation.that would lender you eligible for.benefits scenario 2 it's very similar.this one is this one expands it a little.bit though to providing care for family.members so don't about family members.last time we're talking about members of.the individual households of both of.those scenarios if you are if you aspera.say a job loss or a inability to work.because providing care for a family.member.or a member of your household that would.be a situation where you'd be eligible.for benefits scenario three is basically.if you are affected by a childcare.scenario but for most of us that's going.to be a school closing or our daycare.closing for example my daycare with my.two kids is closed so there and.unfortunately I'm able to either work.here in the office or telework and we've.made it work between me and my wife and.grandma but not everybody can do that so.if you have not been able to work as a.result of having to have child care.responsibilities then you would be.eligible one important thing to remember.is if this is going to end for the for.the folks that are that have kids in.school this is going to end when the.school year ends so in other words the.the eligibility based on a lack of.childcare is going to end when the.school year would normally in so if.you're on if your kids would be on.summer break in a normal world then.that's going to mean you no longer are.eligible under this scenario so we're.only talking about for people who have.school-aged children.we're talking about time that cuts.across the actual school year not when.they would otherwise be on summer break.that would not be a valid scenario for.is an inability to reach the place of.employment because of a quarantine this.is this is your stay at home border so.you know if you're in if you're in an.area that's under a stay-at-home order.then if you aren't supposed to be on the.road then you're going to be eligible.for for UI benefits if it's if you're.not your your job is not declared.essential and you've been told to stay.at home then you will be that's the.reason that you might be eligible for.benefits it's an area of five if you've.been advised by a medical provider to.self quarantine do two kovin so let's.say you you're not necessarily sick.nobody in your family is necessarily.sick but you've been advised by health.care providers that you need a self.quarantine either based on an exposure.so you've been close to someone you.didn't you yourself are not sick but.you've been close to someone that is.and you've been advised to self.quarantine or based on a compromised.immune system so you've you've.communicated with your doctor and your.doctor says you know you have asthma.you're not supposed to be around anybody.right now you can't work then that would.be what this scenario is meant to cover.so not necessarily sick people but.people who have been self quarantine.based on an exposure or based on a.compromised immune system does that make.sense or does okay scenario at six is.the individual scheduled to convince.employment that does not have a job or.is unable to reach the job as a result.of code in nineteen so that's not going.to apply to most folks here because.you're self-employed but that is a.potential for someone who not doesn't.necessarily have established employment.but they were planning to they would.have eligibility here even though they.might not under our existing.unemployment insurance laws seven is.going to be another one that's probably.not applicable most people on here but I.wanted you to know about it it's you.know in the unfortunate situation that.someone has passed away now that now you.have become the head of the household.that you're going to be the major wage.earner and you're not able to work.because of code in nineteen then you.would be eligible for benefits but again.I think everyone here is indicated.they're self-employed so you're probably.already probably already in having.eligibility under another scenario but.that is when you have scenario eight.you've had to quit your job as a direct.result of code 19 so for you guys to be.you had to cease operations as a direct.result of koban 19 that's the reason.there would be out you would be eligible.scenario nine is the place of businesses.closed as a result of code 19 so if you.if you have an office or you have some.sort of facility and it's been shut down.declared non-essential you can't get in.there your customers can't get in there.that would be a reason for eligibility.under this program there's also one more.which isn't listed here and it's kind of.a catch-all it's basically anybody who's.anybody who's forced to suspend.operations in any way because it's.kerbin 19 there's potential eligibility.there so the big example would be if we.have.rideshare drivers on the line you don't.necessarily have a place of employment.because you're driving around in your.car but it's the government because of.their actions to protect us from the.health emergency has made continued work.in that field unstable you know it.doesn't make sense if people are being.told to stay home they're not using your.services so even though your place of.employment hasn't closed it still.doesn't make all it may not make sense.for you to be operating in this.environment so you would fall under that.catch all provision about ceasing.operations so that is that is those are.the types of people in the types of.scenarios that would trigger eligibility.is there anything I need to clarify.Dorothy does that make sense what time I.guess in a general sense I just want to.reinforce something that I think our.agency says if they've got questions.we're certainly happy to answer them but.really the first step would be to apply.because we can address some of those.eligibility questions and some of the.specific people may have as they go.through the application process is that.correct that's right yeah if you have.any questions if you've had any kind of.impact to your business go ahead and.apply and let's see how the process.let's see if you have eligibility on our.walls you know we'll run the analysis on.you like we run for everybody else.and that way you you don't miss out on.something they might be available to you.great all right so in a general sense.we've talked about the scenarios and.we've talked a little bit about the.funding itself I'd like to take a minute.to let Jessica Sealy join us Jess are.you on the line I am could you do us a.favor and start walking us through what.the process looks like for all these.people that have now applied and who may.have some of these eligibility barriers.or challenges locus through what the.expectations are now and what's going to.happen in this process okay so you know.the first thing is like you said you.know the funding is not available right.the second but we are working to get.that program put into our system and to.that effect the.which may make you eligible does not.come from the states it is a federal.program and the biggest question that.we've been having is you know what do I.need to do and it's to apply and those.who are self-employed and business.owners if you've not paid unemployment.taxes in on yourselves you will get a.notification that you have been denied.state unemployment insurance benefits or.it'll say ineligible in the status bar.on the the portal so and then you'll get.a notification in the mail and on your.portal as well that says you're.ineligible because there are no wages.reported in the base period and that's.the timeframe that we look at to.actually calculate money onto claims but.the first step is to actually apply.because we can't move you to a federal.program until you have a denial on a.state program I think that's where a lot.of people get confused is that a federal.program is going to first see if you're.eligible for a state program you are.still eligible for PUA I don't know if.any scenario where self-employed people.would not be eligible when we are able.to process these applications we are.looking to you know send out emails.texts phone calls any way that we can.notify you based on the contact.information that you have in our system.and actually we'll be notifying you of.what your next steps are we are looking.that the benefits will be paid.retroactively Lee so that's why it's.important that you file and then we can.look at you know like Todd said if the.beginning date is February 8th we could.look at talking with you about.backdating if we have to to actually.talk about you know what is your proof.of the income loss but it would start.potentially when you actually file the.claim great Jessica could you.us about how that what the timing is.with this process can you tell us what.we're looking at as far as reaching out.to people and starting the next steps in.this application process we're looking.at the earliest time is what we're.looking at you know we are working very.hard to try to get it sooner than that.but the commitment has been April 25th.at the latest.wonderful Thank You Jessica.I appreciate that what I'd like to do.now is just take a minute with Jessica.you and Todd and start asking some.questions that we've gotten in the.registration process some of these may.have been addressed but as we asked them.we can just reinforce the message and.make sure that we've answered the.general questions Todd I'd like to throw.the first one to you it's from Jeannette.could you just talk a little bit more.about when the self employed option will.be available for people who have already.filed and are in the system as.ineligible sure Dorothy yeah this is the.question this is the information that.Jessica just provided so the target date.is April 25th right now so that's that's.what we're looking at okay and the next.question from David and Charleston is.will we get back pay for the weeks we've.been unemployed and have not received.benefits I think you referred to that.earlier when we talked a little bit.about the benefits paying retroactive.Lee yes we did we talked about that so.you're looking back to that week ending.in February if you're able to show in.common job loss that far back you could.potentially be eligible but it would it.would basically be retroactive to when.you first saw the income or job loss.within that period of time great Jessica.I'd like to throw out the next one to.you it's from Angelina and her question.is will people that haven't worked the.required time but are out of work due to.code 19 be able to receive unemployment.yeah people who are not eligible for.regular UI they may be eligible for the.pen.unemployment assistance if they shows.that show that they are unemployed.unable to work or unavailable to work as.a direct result of the kovat 19 okay.thank you.Haley and Spartanburg I'd like to direct.this one to you Todd Haley would like to.know I'm an employee of an S corporation.that I own I pay myself a salary and I.have a w-2 am I still considered.self-employed that's like I'm back in.law school answering some of these.questions yes so the way Haley the way.your situation would work is if you are.if you are an employee of an S.corporation you are covered under state.UI unless you elected not to be covered.so if you're covered under state UI you.should you could be eligible for state.unemployment if you elected not to be.covered and not to pay taxes on your on.your on yourself then you would be.eligible for this program for PUA so I.think that's probably the best answer.for your question it kind of depends on.what you whether you elected to be to be.covered and pay taxes on yourself or not.ultimately either way you'd be eligible.it's just a question of what if you show.the effect on your income or job based.on koban 19 but it just is a question of.which program is it's a state program or.the federal program okay Thank You.Jessica I've got two questions that are.very similar one came from ebony and.Anderson and the other came from mark.I'm really going to kind of ask these.together because they're very similar I.think we've covered it but let's just go.over it again if you're considered and.eligible can you still get unemployment.for being laid off if it's due to Co bid.19 and related to that I'm self employed.and it appears that the state of South.Carolina has rejected my request for.unemployment please explain the process.to receive could you just go back.through that again very quickly yes so.people who are not eligible for regular.unemployment they may be eligible for.the pandemic unemployment assistance or.PUA as long as they can show that.they're unemployed unable to work or.available just as a direct result of the.code in nineteen so of course they would.have to file for the state unemployment.even though they may not be eligible and.then we have to see you know what their.eligibility is the biggest thing is that.ineligible and denied are two separate.things but in either case we would look.at switching you to either the pandemic.unemployment or another program under.the cures Act great Thank You Jessica I.think clarifying the difference between.denial and in eligibility is very.helpful I'm sure a lot of people on the.line have received that in eligibility.qualification and as we move into the.next step to begin to qualify them for.the PUA funds what's the confirmation.process to prove self-employment Robert.has asked that question Jess I'm.throwing that one back to you yeah you.will need to provide us with proof of.self employment and income like we.talked about before you know some of.those documents could be federal income.tax form.you know 1040 Schedule C or maybe even F.or se or the most recent tax year we.could use business bank statements that.show income some people in the past and.with dua we've used properly titles.deeds or other rental agreements for the.place of business you know any kind of.like phone bill utilities statements.anything showing that you have expenses.as a business a recent sales tax return.or or even a business license very good.Todd I'd like to send the next question.to you it's from summer in Greenville.the first part of it I think we've.covered what are the next steps and I.think we've reviewed that but this is an.interesting piece that's been asked as.well is this also for church and.religious employees or is it just for.self-employed.that's a good question Dorothy it is so.church employees are normally in.bucket people who do not have taxes paid.up their employers don't pay taxes on.their wages and so they're usually not.eligible for unemployment insurance but.with PUA they're going to be eligible so.church and religious employees are going.to be similar to these self-employed.folks they're going to be eligible not.under our state program but under this.new federal program great all right.Jessica Robin in Richland County said.I'm a sole proprietor I own a Hair.Studio and I'm the only employee how do.I obtain benefit that's good so Robin.would actually file for state.unemployment insurance to be able to get.an eligibility determination and it most.likely will come up as ineligible as we.had stated before and there will be a.monetary sent out stating that she's.ineligible and then basically we would.look at transferring her over to.dependent eClinical meant assistance if.she can show that he or she can show.this they're unemployed unable to work.or unavailable to work as a direct.result of the cognizing great and.Jessica while I've got you I just want.to confirm the answer to Williams.question he's in Orangeburg and he asked.how do we apply for the additional 600.per week from the federal government and.I just want to check and make sure we.have covered that that's going to be on.top of the eligibility through the.pandemic unemployment assistance and.there's not a special process for that.they're just going to apply be denied.and then go through this other funding.application and they'll get the $600.through that process correct yes that's.not automatically added to the weekly.benefits that they're eligible for great.Thank You Todd erica has asked why am I.being made to look for a job when.technically I have one my job is only.shut down do the coronavirus mandate.okay yeah Erica you're not you're not.being asked to do that it's a little I.know why you're asking the question.because when you go through your.application it says are you willing to.comply with.requirement of searching for two jobs in.our online jobs database that that.requirement has been waived due to coab.in nineteen so you answering that.question is not going to affect your.benefits it's just that the application.was not built for the scenario we're in.now normally we would have our claimants.looking for work so you can certainly.make use of our of our system to look.for work but answering that question is.not going to disqualify you from.benefits and Tod if you don't mind I'd.like to clarify I know that there was a.deadline on that waiver and we've had.some questions about that extension that.that's happened this week is that.correct that's correct there our agency.has has extended that deadline so you.will not that that requirement we will.communicate with you if and when that.requirement applies to you but at this.nomin is Phoenix the waivers been.extended so you're not going to be.disqualified for not doing work searches.great alright Brian in Horry County.would like to know am I eligible if I'm.an LLC that's an S corporation I was.unable to do payroll so my income is on.my 1099 s from contractors Todd do you.want to take that one yes so that's the.similar question we answered earlier.about the ask corporation it'll probably.depend on if your you're going to be.eligible if you've had a if you've lost.employment because of Kevin 19 as a.direct result of Kevin 19 the question.just is whether or not you're on the.state unemployment insurance or the.federal program and that's going to.depend on whether or not you've been.whether or not you've been paying taxes.on yourself into the unemployment system.so great all right couple more questions.Todd what's the exact date that the PUA.portal will be open and I think this.question is actually referring to the.portals open they've applied they've.been ineligible I think they're looking.for the dates of the next steps and what.tax forms will I need if I only file a.Schedule C and that's my only proof of.payroll right so I think I think the.Schedule C.not a I'm not a tax expert but that is a.document that we has been most commonly.mentioned when anytime any kind of.guidance that I'm looking at or.reviewing I'm anticipating that's going.to be the document that most of you.folks will have to show you're.self-employed income so I think the.Schedule C is a good start we'll.definitely let you know if we need more.but the Schedule C should provide us a.lot of the information we need for this.verification process and after the day.again that's we'll keep hammering home.that's April 25th that's when you can.expect it all right and we've got one.more question it's from Paul in.Greenville Paul says as an S corporation.I've filed for that small business PPP.loan am i able to collect unemployment.after I've used the one Todd why don't.you take that one yeah that's another.good question that's another good.question so so Paul I'm guessing you're.using this loan to pay your payroll.including to pay yourself during this.period of time if is as a result of.receiving that money you are still.experiencing a job loss still.experiencing an inability to work after.that money runs out after your I believe.it's two months of payroll that you can.get under that program if you're still.experiencing a loss at that time and.that money dries up you have potential.eligibility under this program for PUA.so if and when that you know hopefully.you are your back up and running with.that loan but if at a certain point the.money dries up from that program then.you could potentially be eligible for.unemployment great.Todd Jessica I want to thank you both.for your presentation today I hope that.it was helpful and hope it provided a.lot of answers to the questions that I'm.sure people have got Amanda I'd like to.just throw it back to you please great.thank you so much Dorothy and thank you.to you and again the speakers and all of.the participants that attended this.webinar today we hope that it was.fruitful and educational and provided.some answers to you in these very.unprecedented times we did want to say.that everyone who registered for this.rebbit webinar will receive a link and.that link will provide you.recording of this presentation the.PowerPoint and the answers to the.questions you just heard and also more.questions the questions that were.provided during registration there will.be more QA.on this link when you receive it by.email so please make sure to keep an eye.out for that and feel free to share it.with your friends and colleagues that.may be interested in asking similar.questions again thank you thank you for.hanging on during these tough times and.we know that we will get through this.together South Carolina is a very tough.state and we are made of very tough.people so thank you again and thank you.to those at SU DW for taking the time to.answer these questions for the many many.participants that were on this afternoon.please have a great day we will end them.eating now and look for an email from SE.DW soon thanks again.

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