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so this is the webinar for the.Department of Agriculture and markets.2019 2020 New York State companion.animal capital projects fund so first of.all it's important to understand the.application deadlines so first of all.the grant opportunity ID is a GM 0 1 C.ACF 19-20 19 the deadline is January.21st at 4 p.m. so not 401 not 4:10 but 4.o'clock so if you wait and you take too.long and maybe you have some problems.filling out your application or.completing it and it gets past the 4:00.o'clock deadline your application will.not be accepted so we want you to make.sure that you get your application.submitted so make sure that you submit.it you know 24 even 48 hours ahead of.time would be good practice so again.application deadline is January 21st at.4 p.m. we have a question and answer.section so we want to be able to you we.want you to be able to ask questions and.we will answer them publicly for.everybody to see and the questions are.due by 4:00 o'clock on January 3rd of.2020 so we have this between now today.in November until January 3rd to submit.questions when questions are answered.we'll have them uploaded in two places.one on the grants gateway and one to the.Agriculture website which I'll show you.where to find there's an email address.in the RP that you'll find to submit.those questions and that's Michaela.Fowler you can see it right here as well.so we do have a technical help desk for.the grant gateway we're open Monday.through Friday to answer emails and.phone calls 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. so this is.for technical assistance and information.about the grants gateway and about the.pre-qualification process so you can go.to the grants management website you can.see right here grants management NY gov.and I'll be going to that in a few.minutes to show you that you can also.email us at grant gateway at ITN why'd I.go and you can call us here five one.eight four seven four five five nine.five so these are to ask.simple questions things about your.grants gateway registration or your user.IDs or how to navigate or how to get.your organization pre-qualified or keep.up your pre-qualification so we can't.answer questions about your specific.project your specific application and.there are other resources at the grant.at the grants management website you'll.see there's a link up in the top menu.you'll see four resources for grant.applicants so we'll go to that as well.so first of all you have to register.you're not already all entities that.wish to apply for grants in New York.State must be registered in the grant.Skateway so this process actually is.done through mail you have to fill out a.form get it notarized and and mail it to.us in all me so again information about.that registration information can be.found on the grants management website.it cannot be found on the portal so you.can find the form on the grant.opportunity on the grant opportunity.portal or the grants management website.and again I'll show you both of those as.we go through so pre-qualification this.is for a non-for-profit organization so.all nonprofit organizations applying for.grants in their state must be.pre-qualified in the grants gateway.prior to the grant application deadline.so in this case that's four o'clock on.January 21st.so again refer to the grants management.website for pre-qualification.information again you must be.pre-qualified by that deadline of four.o'clock on January 21st and governmental.entities do not need to prequalify so.this is only for not-for-profits so it's.important that you get that done it.doesn't have to be done before you start.your application but it does have to be.done prior to that deadline so one thing.I want to talk about is grantee user.roles this is something that trips up.some people as they go through the.system and I want to explain it here so.the system is set up with role with role.access meaning your account will have a.certain role of tied to it and that role.is allowed to.only certain things in the system so for.instance when we first set your.organisation up we set up somebody here.on the bottom left in this grantee.delegated administrator role usually.it's two people but if it's a smaller.organisation at only one but the grantee.delegated administrator can add or edit.user accounts and manage.pre-qualification that's called the.document vault so adding Reddit user.accounts we leave it up to you to decide.who has access to the grants gateway at.your organisation so we set up your.first one or two L delegated admins and.then the rest is up to you and you.decide who at your organisation gets.these other roles so for instance we.have up here in the top left a grantee.role this is somebody who can start an.application they can save the.application changes but one thing they.can't do is they cannot submit the.application so maybe this is a grant.writer for your organization or somebody.who's going to be working on the grant.but not actually submitting it in.signing off on it that would be somebody.in one of these other roles on the right.here either the grantee contract.signatory or the grantee system.administrator so you can see both of.these roles have all the same abilities.that the grantee has they can start an.application save an application but they.can also submit the application sign off.on it so you must have somebody in one.of these roles at your organization or.else you're not going to be able to.submit your application so that was the.granting contract signatory the grantee.system administrator is very similar it.has all the same abilities that the.grantee and grantee contract signatory.does and it has some additional.administrative as well which we don't.need to go over in this webinar here so.again to reiterate here the grantee.delegated administrator can add new.accounts and work on the document vault.but they cannot work on grant.applications your organization must have.somebody in the role that can submit an.application and that would be the.grantee contract signatory or the.grantee system administrator and if you.would like you can add somebody in the.role of grantee and that person is.basically a grant writer who can start.and edit the application but can't.submit the application and it is.certainly acceptable for one person to.have multiple roles in the system and.thus multiple accounts so you can use.the same email address you can use the.same password but the user needs a new.account for each role so if you're a.smaller organization and maybe you're.the only person doing it all you may.very well have the grantee delegated.administrator account and a grantee.contract signatory since you can start.and sign and submit applications you.wouldn't need all those roles because.that would be redundant but you do need.at least those two all right so what are.the next steps first of all make sure.that your organization is registered in.the game remember that is going through.mail so that may take a couple days to.get taken care you don't want to wait.until the last week and then realize.you're not even registered if you're not.a if you're a non-profit make sure that.you are pre-qualified or at least work.to get pre-qualified before that January.21st deadline so you can be doing the.application and pre-qualification in.tandem ensure that you have people in.your organization set up with the.correct roles just what I talked about.you need to have somebody who can start.and edit an application and you need.somebody who can actually submit the.application download and read the RFP in.its entirety including the supporting.documents find found on the Department's.website so they do a good job of.providing a lot of support information.for you example budgets and things like.that that I certainly think you should.be reading and understanding and having.with you as you're preparing your.application many applications have been.disqualified in the past by eligibility.questions because they just didn't read.and follow the RFP so please don't be.into one of those don't be one of those.organizations where you put all the time.into it and we have to disqualify you.anyway because you didn't follow the.directions so we want to make this as.easy as possible and it has to be as.fair as possible to everybody so.everybody has the same requirements.again if you have any questions follow.the RFP and the instructions there and.they tell you to send their questions to.Michaela Fowler we've got her email.address right here.and of course start your application.once you get registered and you get an.account with a system I suggest you.start your application the sooner the.better.and certainly submit your application.prior to the deadline if you wait till.after it won't be accepted and I do.suggest you do it maybe 24 or 48 hours.in advance sometimes you'll try to.submit it and you'll realize that you.had a mystic page or you forgot.something and you have an error and if.you're doing that at 3:58.you probably won't have time to actually.get it in on time and just to reiterate.that point I mentioned again you can.start and work on both your application.and pre-qualification at the same time.so if you're not pre-qualified yet.that's fine go ahead and start your.application you just need to make sure.that you are pre-qualified at the date.and time that the application is due so.two sites you should be aware of I'm.going to go first to the grant.management website so this is grants.management NY gov you can see up here in.the address bar and this is our website.for the grants gateway and you can see.the headers up here in the main.navigation if you're new you can search.for funding this is where you get.information to register your.organization so if I click on that.scroll down we've got an overview we've.got information and we've got the forms.so there's actually the registration.document which is right here and some.other forms you may need the substitute.w9 form is something that you need if.you don't have an SMS vendor ID which is.the statewide financial system if you.don't have that that's where we start.with and if you submit that form along.with your app your registration we can.get you registered in SF s so read the.directions it'll explain that but again.this is in the grants management site on.the register your organization page the.other thing here is getting.pre-qualified so it's talked about.pre-qualification and again an overview.and some information about it and then.as we get to the bottom we have manuals.and documents so required forms and.documents that you have to fill out and.then resources here including the vendor.manual which is the whole manual for the.grants gateway and then the.pre-qualification manual which is.obviously talk.towards pre-qualification and the.document of all so if you're new I.suggest you go through that as well now.we do have webinars for those topics as.well we go down to training and guidance.for grant applicants we have live.webinars documents and videos so if we.go to webinars we do have webinars about.how to register how to get pre-qualified.and then a generic one about.applications I wouldn't do that because.you're here in this webinar and this.will be more targeted toward this.companion animal application so again.that's under training and guidance for.grant applicants and like I said besides.the webinars we have the documents that.I just referred to and also.instructional videos there's some videos.about how to navigate the gateway and.how to go through it and videos how to.register how to get pre-qualified and.how to apply again I wouldn't worry.about that webinar or that video apply.to a grant because we have a targeted.one here okay so that's the grant.management NY gov website and then you.should go to the agriculture and markets.website and as agriculture.done and why gov and actually just.launched their new website yesterday you.can see look very similar to our style.all the state agencies are using the.same style now with their updated.websites and if you were to go to.business development and funding.opportunities you can find as you scroll.down the available funding opportunities.and the first one here at least the.first one now maybe sometime in the.future this won't be on top but this is.our p0 221 companion animal capital.projects fund round three this is the.one we're talking about so you can click.on it or click on learn more to learn.more okay so the overview talks about.what this is for so this is for eligible.municipal and incorporated.not-for-profits pounds shelters and.human society humane societies to submit.proposals for funding for consideration.for the companion animal capital.projects fund so there's an RFP here you.certain.read that and I'm going to open it and.look at in a few minutes and there's a.couple other good links for information.as well so how to apply information here.about how to apply and some related.documents that will be very helpful so.the project specific terms and.conditions this is just an FYI this is.what would be part of your contract if.you were to be awarded a contract talked.about insurance requirements math.calculation for the budget so this will.help you figure out your budgets.eligible expenses was allowed and then.the evaluation instrument basically.showing you how the questions will be.evaluated by the reviewers so you know.that you can target things properly so I.would certainly use all those and you.may be here because you went here and.clicked on this link to the applicant.webinar obviously if you're going to be.watching this video that will no longer.be available but we will post the video.here as we get this ready on YouTube and.then obviously contact information here.as well so I'm going to go and click on.the RFP right here.and you can see it's our p0 to g1 and.again 2019 and 2020 New York State.companion animal capital projects fund.so I'm not going to go through the whole.thing I will point out a few things that.you can see section one is introduction.with the overview and timeline.information about the QA questions who.is project requirement section two is.project requirements we talked about.talks about the costs and match.requirements and it's important to.understand the match requirements.proposal requirements including the.format and registration and.pre-qualification that we just talked.about and then it goes into how it's.going to be evaluated how we receive the.proposals and score them when awards are.made and information about a debriefing.and then if you were to obtain a.contract this is information in sections.five and six about contracts that.results from these applications so I.want to scroll down here and then.section seven is other considerations.that you should be aware of.so here is the timeline so in section.1.2 you can see the timeline here and.again there's that proposal due date for.p.m. on January 21st we talked about the.questions and the questions will be.posted on or about January 9th but we.will be taking them throughout the.process and we will be posting answers.throughout the process as they come.about as they become available so it's.not that you'll have to wait until.January 9th to see all the answers we'll.do them as often as we can to get them.on the website.we suspect Awards we may be made in mid.to late February and then contract.should be two-year contracts start.around April 10th 2020 okay so you.should be aware of if you're an eligible.applicant if you are if funding is.available what funding is available to.you based on the size of your.organization.besides these municipalities that you're.in so in my example I'm going to use a.small one so I'm going to be a.individual municipality with not less.than 50,000 and I'm going to ask program.of less than not less than 50,000 and.not more than 200,000 so I'm going to be.like 185 thousand let's say but you can.see larger organizations the larger.municipalities have larger thresholds as.well so they can ask for anywhere.between a hundred thousand and five.hundred thousand for their projects now.there is a grant there is a match.requirement here and the RFP will.explain the match and so will the.supporting documents that I showed you.as well so when we have these smaller.projects you have to come up with 50% of.the total project cost now one thing we.want to point out is you may have a huge.project going on you may have let's say.a five million dollar or 1 million.dollar project going on that's fine but.for the purpose of the purposes of this.grant opportunity you would be best.served if you were to carve out a.portion of that and only apply to that.for the grants gateway meaning maybe you.pick a $800,000.project so that you can use you can ask.for $500,000 from the grant you wouldn't.want to have to come up with 25% of a 25.million dollar grant or not to exceed.$500,000 you would want to do it on a.smaller portion of it so yes you may.have larger projects going on in the.scope of this but for the purposes of.this grant opportunity you would be best.served to select a smaller portion of it.that falls within the guidelines of the.grant opportunity here so imagine that.the project I start working on here is a.much larger project but I'm only going.to ask for a certain amount of it so.section 2.2 we go over the eligible.costs and then 2.3 we talk about the.match requirements so it is depending on.the funding that you're requesting you.will need to provide a minimum of 25 or.50 percent of the total project costs so.matching funds must be in the form of.cash and applied to cost categories that.are listed in that section we just.looked at before so you have to prove.you have to provide evidence that this.funding is available actually all right.we talked about pre-qualification and.the due date and time so I'm not going.to go through the rest of this but you.certainly should and what you do.actually will go through the section 4.2.when we get into the questions that I.answer in my application we need to be.aware that this is how we're going to be.this is how our applications are going.to be assessed they'll be looking at.these questions and these criteria for.scoring our applications so you may you.want to make sure that you really did.cover all these sections all these sub.categories here to make sure that your.applications are reviewed in the best.light possible okay so again if I was to.go back to the agriculture website there.is that terms and conditions we talked.about insurance requirements but then.there's that match document eligible.expenses and the evaluation instrument.those three are also very important for.you to realize - for you to read to.understand how things will work in the.evaluation.your applications so successful.applicants really must be shovel ready.and be able to start your submitted.project within 60 days of executing the.contract so we want to make sure that.this isn't just some concepts you're.actually going through the work coming.up with a budget coming up with a plan.and making that readily available to us.in the grants gateway application so.that but I'll kind of do in my.application I'm going to be very generic.just for the sake of time but in your.application you need to show that you.are ready to go and you've done your.homework.or you will be ready to go I should say.all right so let's do that let's get.into the grant gateway and if I go to.grant gateway dot NY deco it brings me.to the grant opportunity portal so the.portal is just information for anybody.who wants to search for grant.opportunities so remember in the grants.management website I showed you how you.could register your organization you can.also do that here in the grant gateway.if we clicked on this request access now.there's that same registration form that.I showed you from the grant management.website there's that same substitute w9.form that I showed you from the grants.management website so that's again from.the portal grants I grant gateway NY gov.and we clicked on request access now.notification here this is to sign up for.notifications when grant opportunities.are posted obviously this one has.already been posted so it's too late to.do that for companion animal but if you.did click on sign up now you could built.your name and email address and select.which types of grant opportunities you.want to be alerted for and then if.something is posted in one of these.categories or all these categories if.you'd like you would receive an email.with a link to that grant opportunity so.that's from the portal notification and.then browse and search is how we can.find grant opportunities that are out.there so let's go to search and we'll.search for the grant opportunity and we.don't use the full name we can just type.in the word companion second spell.alright or companion animal if you'd.like and I searched the word companion.and I find two of them out there one is.last year's and one is this year.so you can see the difference one is.clickable and one is not and we know.that the due date here January 21st 2020.and it was posted on November 8th last.week so we can click on the link here.and find out a little bit more.information about it so remember I.mentioned that grant opportunity ID when.we start our application it will be this.ID plus a five digit number so AGM 0 1.CA cf-19 2019 - 0 0 0 0 1 let's say if.I'm the first application who this is.through obviously Department of.Agriculture and markets the name of it.the content of information we talked.about and a paragraph or some few.sentences about the grant opportunity on.the right here is some of the dates that.we talked about so there's a due date.again 4 p.m. some of the other details.we talked about for instance that.there's 2 year contracts there's four.point seven five million dollars.available we talked about awards that.are between fifty thousand and five.hundred thousand depending on the.criteria we talked about the QA.questions are due by January third.questions will be answered.rolling throughout that time but finally.on January 9th and ignore that 12 a.m..if maybe later in the day it certainly.will be and then who can apply for it.governmental entities and.not-for-profits who it's targeting not.really driving anything here and then.this is what drove the emails the.service area so people that have signed.up for let's say agricultural supports.wouldn't receive an email for this yeah.we know agricultural supports really.gives in to what the companion animal.capital fund is all about but there's.not too many categories that are you.know geared towards animal shelters now.the other thing here is this view grant.opportunity so if I click on that it'll.bring me to the Agriculture website and.back to where we were to find that.funding opportunity so we were in the.portal the grant opportunity portal at.Grant gateways at NY gov but we can't.apply from here if you want to apply.you've done your registration for your.you received in that a user ID and it's.in one of those roles that can start and.work on an application and you need to.now log in so if I go up to the top here.and go to the grants gateway login I can.log in to the system if you forgot your.login but maybe you know you let user ID.but now your password you can click on.forgot password and then put in your.login ID and your email address and.we'll send you a new temporary password.now in my case we're not going to do.this in the live system I'm going to do.this in a little testing site we have so.let me log into that and have a login to.it as somebody in the role of grantee.contract signatory so her name is.Barbara signatory fittingly oops I.forgot the number B signatory one and.then at her password so your user names.are always your first initial last name.and a number depending on how long your.last name is it might be cut off I think.it allows up to maybe nine characters.all right so we've logged in I'm Barbara.who is a grantee contract signatory and.we know from that PowerPoint that she.will be allowed to start an application.so she'll be doing it here under view.opportunities so there's four hundred.three opportunities that are available.to organizations like her but obviously.there's only the one that we'll be.looking for you can ignore my inbox that.is a copy of any emails you might have.received from the system not rip it's.not relevant to what you're doing here.so again I would say just ignore it and.run will see that once she starts an.application we'll have a task down here.the section called my tasks and that's a.way to get back to your application once.you've already started it if you need to.now you could also get back to it up.here on the top because there's a link.here for applications this in the white.bar or grey bar here is how to search so.you can go back to the portal and search.grant opportunities you can go back to.you can go to applications and search.applications that your organization has.started you can search for contracts.that your organization has already.received payments that you've already.been paid through in the grants gateway.progress reports based on contracts and.other related tasks so we can look at.some of those thing.later but she hasn't started an.application so there's no point in.searching for it right now.the black bar is kind of administrative.links you can see this a link to.training materials I would go to the.grants management website instead.because those are more updated.organization this is where your grantee.delegated admin goes in and they click.on their organization's name and from.here they can manage the members under.organization members and they can manage.their pre-qualification under document.vault so I'm not going to do that right.now.but I will show you organization members.a quick way to add somebody new is to go.to again organization organization.members and then actually I'm sorry I.can't show you because they would have a.button here for a new member and then.they able to add a member and that's how.they would add somebody as a user so I'm.not abused as I can do that so all I can.see is that our list of current members.okay so I'm going back home to the main.page of the Gateway and I want to start.an application so there's a blue bar up.here will change this is kind of an.action bar I call it it'll change based.on what you can do on a certain page so.you'll see when we get into an.application that there'll be a Save.button up here that I can save the page.I've been working on so let's do that.let's get into an application so you log.in you're in an appropriate role.somebody who can apply for a grant and.you click on View opportunities you can.either scroll through it or more likely.you'll want to search so again I'll.search for the word companion and hit.Search and I find it so there's one.grant opportunity available to me with.the word companion in it and of course.that's the one we want.and we'll click on it so this looks just.like what we saw in the portal remember.the portal was up here but now that.we're logged in there's a couple other.things one is a reminder of the contact.information and the other is down here.in the bottom left it's no longer a link.to the RP it's a link to actually start.my application so that's how fine you.don't go through the portal you go from.your home page.your search for opportunities and you.click on here apply for a grant.opportunity we get so many calls at the.helpdesk or email saying I can't find.the button to start it if you can't find.the button to start your application.there's two reasons why one you went to.the portal which you should not have or.two you're not logged in under the right.role you need to be a grantee a grantee.contract signatory or grantee system.administrator so that you can go to view.opportunities search for the name click.on it and then click apply for grant.opportunity so that's what I'll do I'll.start my application okay so I am.application number one so my application.number is a GM 0 1c ACF 19 20 19 zero.zero zero zero one so one of yours will.be number one and any subsequent one.will be number two three four etc so you.can see I have a few other buttons here.now I have these green buttons here and.we can see we've got the menu which.actually is really the main page it's.back to this main page here the forms.menu is where we do most of the work of.our application we have status changes.eventually you see I can submit my.application management tools not too.much here you need to worry about.although I can show you later what they.do and then progress reports and related.documents they are only related to.contracts of course we don't have a.contract yet so that won't be applicable.here so the main page just goes over our.project title how much we requested and.what our total project cost is obviously.we haven't fill anything out yet so.let's do that that's done here under the.forms menu one more thing I want to.mention is the details button it's on.all of these pages and if you click it.it expands the section and it shows.again the name of the grant you're.applying for what role you're logged in.as the name of your organization and the.status so right now the status is.application and process and I know I.have a due date of 121 at 4:00 p.m..let's go to the forms menu you'll notice.you can hover on it to see it but it's a.lot easier if you just click on the word.forms menu and you're brought to the.forms menu itself so first of all the.first section here is contract document.properties you can ignore that section.but if you want to you can look at it.there's nothing we're asking you to do.in this section though this is just a.listing of what would become part of.your contract if you were to obtain a.contract so there's a sample of a.state's master grant contract it's good.to look at that just to see how.contracts are laid out the sample just.has every option in it so it's a little.excessive.but there's also the attachment a one.the program specific terms and.conditions you might remember that was.also on the website for the agriculture.agriculture and markets website.attachment B would be a budget.attachment C would be a work plan.attachment D would be payment and.reporting schedule.that's just all parts that make up a.contract and then there's an attachment.E which is insurance requirements again.that's on the website and you can see if.I click the view file you can see a link.to that as well so going back to the.forms menu we clicked on contract.document properties and that's just for.your information same deal with the next.section application information later on.I might want to review my application.and I can do that under print.application I have another link to the.RP this will bring me to the website.again there's a link to instructions.here as well and if you click on that.it'll go through pretty much the.instructions that I'm going through.right now.and later on you'll be able to look at.your application in one PDF and that's.here under application versions so.that's not created until after I submit.the application it's about five or ten.minutes later but when you do that.you'll have a PDF here then you'll be.able to look at that's what your.reviewers will use at the department to.actually review your application so.where you need to start is right here.under program information so you can see.we've got the program information.section we've got a budget section a.work plan and then uploads there's.another folder called the grantee.document.if you need to upload anything.additional we would prefer you don't.unless you're asked to but these one two.three four and five sections here are.actually these four sections are really.the ones you should be worrying about so.let's just go in order to project site.addresses so this is just letting us.know where is this project being run out.of so I'm going to just call it let's.call it once you three main streets and.even though I'm going to be using this.as a small organization I'll just say.it's Albany you need accounting the zip.there's two sections here for Regional.Council and agency specific region you.can see they are not required so you can.just leave them blank no reason to.select anything there so I put in the.name and description aim I'm sorry and.the address and I'll hit save so when.you hit save you see that blue bar had.the Save button now it has a couple.other buttons as well the delete button.you can ignore an add note and maybe.later on we'll want to check global.errors that'll go through and see what.pages we've missed what required fields.we've missed obviously we're just.getting started here so we've missed a.lot so far but notice what happens when.you save a page without errors you get.this green light that says the.information has been saved now if I miss.a required field like this name.description where there's a red asterisk.and I had saved gives me an error the.project name description is a required.field now it still saved the information.I typed in under address but it's never.going to let me submit my application.unless I take care of these required.fields anything with a red asterisk so.I'll go in here and put the name back in.and hit save and my error should go away.okay so let's go back to the forms menu.I can hover on it but instead I'm going.to just click on it again and get back.to the menu and see that I've entered.something in here at 10:38 and ten.second and then I say.again at 10:39 you can see the forms on.menu will show who started it and who.last saved it and when so the next thing.is to get through the REM specific.questions and these are questions that.you should be you're gonna need to.answer and what I would do is I would.read these questions either in the RFP.or here in the Gateway and I would write.my answers in let's say a Word document.make sure you that that you cover all.the materials that we're asking for make.sure that your grammar and spelling is.correct and that you can fill it in with.within the parameters of each question.so for instance many of these have a.4,000 character limit then you would.come back into the Gateway and you could.copy and paste your answers into these.forms because to sit here and type your.answers will just be really.time-consuming and it's actually hard to.read so project title so you can see.this talks about how to answer the.questions here it tells you where to.look at and I'm just gonna put in my.project I'll title Jeff's being very.generic you should be obviously a little.more specific so one of the main.objectives as it relates to the secure.containment health and adequate care of.shelter dogs and cats so I'm just gonna.write here is my answer but you.obviously would have a lot more to write.let's say this is my answer here so.maybe I've got that many characters all.right why is the project important so.I'm not going to read all the questions.here that's not really the point of this.webinar is to show you how to do it not.what to put into it so reasoning why how.will possibly positively impact animals.so there is an annual statistics report.worksheet in the pre submission uploads.so some of the things you're going to.need to do here need to go and download.a form and use that to calculate.information or to provide information to.us so I can go over to the pre.submission upload and get that document.now I can't just leave this page though.you need to save your page as you're.moving along so if I hit.save now I get a whole bunch of errors.why because of course I didn't answer.those questions yet but that's okay it.did save my 1a through 1d now I realize.I need to go to the pre submission.uploads to find the annual statistics.report there's other uploads we can.provide here detailed cost estimates.list of construction materials floor.plans information about local support so.as we go through here you can see.there's some information that we need to.provide uploads for and one of them.based on a template that we provide to.you so let's stop here and go back to.the forms menu and we'll go down to.those required to those attachments here.in the pre submission uploads so you can.see I've got an error in my program.specific questions I'm obviously not.done with that but if we go to pre.submission uploads I can see there's.that statistics worksheet that we talked.about so please download and complete.the spreadsheet then attach it to.question 1e in the program specific.questions there's some other documents.here that are using you can use for your.reference and your calculations and so.there's nothing else here that is that.you have to upload it's just for your.reference but in this case we'll.download the annual statistics worksheet.now you would click on click here I.can't because it's our test system so.just ignore what I'm doing here I just.have to take this out so if you were to.click on it you would be presented with.this document and you would enable.editing and you would fill this out so.again the purpose of this webinar is not.for me to show you what you would do in.the real situation you need to actually.go through the document and fill it out.and then save it so I'm going to save it.just going to save it to my desktop.okay so when I get back to my.application I can provide that as an.upload again other documents here you.need to click on to download for your.reference all right so let's go back to.the forms menu and let's go back to our.programs specific questions and continue.to fill them out so remember I saved and.I got a bunch of these errors here it is.important for you to save periodically.as you go through this the system will.time you out after 20 minutes of.inactivity.so inactivity is just you sitting here.typing right you haven't saved the page.so that timer gets refreshed as you save.a page or move from page to page not as.you're just typing so make sure that you.save every 5 or 10 or 15 minutes.certainly no longer than 15 because.there's a timeout at 20 minutes and.we've seen plenty of people who call.their help desk to complain that hey I.got logged out because I was in the.middle of doing something and maybe I.got a call or I you know took a break.and I didn't save my information there's.nothing we can do to help you you just.have to do it over again so make sure.you're saving on a regular basis.certainly no longer than 15 minutes okay.so this one 1e is that worksheet I can.browse and go to my desktop and attach.it so project description so we can put.in an answer here or we can upload a.document including information in a PDF.here so all these uploads we make sure.through note to you that you can only.upload one document for each question so.if you had multiple documents you need.to combine them into one PDF if they.were both if they were all for this.question to it so in my case I'm just.going to use a sample document I have.here nothing really it's not really any.details but I provided that here now you.might want to you can see this has a red.asterisk here so I do have to type in.something maybe I can say see attached.or I can type information here too.so you can type in this field or you.have to miss field or you can also.include an attachment same deal for.question to be okay not spell this word.there we go and then your attachment.here if you have an attachment let's say.I'm not going to put an attachment in.here and I am here okay there's your.answer there.tui talks about your work plan you will.have based it on the AFV guidelines in.your responses and I'll get to the work.plan in a few minutes so section three.is the reasonableness of cost here's my.answer to that 3b here's my answer to.that now let's say I'm going to skip.three C I'm going to forget to do it you.shouldn't but I just want to show you.what happens later on when we try to.submit an application and we forgot to.fill out a required field so it's not.doing three C and let's answer three D.this is the financial overview of our.project and again we have guidance in.the RFP that will help you with what you.need to provide here so go to browse and.I'm just going to attach any random.document here so I'm going to hit save.we know we'll have at least one error.because of three C I'm missing my answer.to that whoops in I missed one team yeah.money was an attachment but it did have.an asterisk here for text as well.alright so I've saved it and I forgot.the three-seat let's pretend I think I'm.going back to it or I just don't notice.that and we'll move on with our.application so we'll go back to the.informs menu it should be obvious to you.that you have a problem though because.you've got the error here and the red.stop sign now here's a good point to.show that you don't have to do this all.in one sitting you can leave and come.back another time or another day.so if I was to log out and I log back in.I can go back to my home page so once.I'm logged in I but I get brought to the.home page and I can either search for.the application up here or I can find.that it's now attached for me since I've.started something I can click on open.tasks and see this application number.that I've already started I can click on.it and resume with it so that's one way.of doing it home page open my tasks and.click on it and then up here I can also.go to applications and search for it so.if I search for the word companion I'm.saying show me all applications that my.organization has started with the word.companion in it and I hit Search and of.course there's the one we were just.working on you wouldn't want to click on.your organization name you want to click.on the application number to get back.into it all right I'm back into it I'm.back at the main page and I can go down.to forms menu and continue where we left.off let's ignore our error here and.we'll go into the budget so you can see.the capital budget is broken down into.these three sections here acquisition.construction and administration so I'm.going to go and just put in a few things.in some of these categories so my my.contract or my application is going to.be somewhere around 150 hundred eighty.thousand dollars you obviously would.have done the work you're not going to.be making it up on the fly here so let's.say we'll go to acquisition and I'm.going to go here and say new kennels and.associated hardware all right.so item number if you have like an.internal item number or maybe an order.number or something you can do that.quantity if we click about let's say I.have 22 front.and 25 rear I'm just kind of copying.from one that went through in the past.and then what's my total will call this.$61,000 and we'll hit save.I filled out 61 thousand dollars in.acquisition well what if I have another.item in acquisition well notice when I.hit save now we have an ad button if I.click on add I have another blank.acquisition field and I can fill that.out now let's say this is new furnace.and so there's one of them you can see.quantity if applicable you don't have to.fill it out and then let's say this one.is $29,000 okay so now that I've saved.two items under acquisition there's.actually a drop-down that I can get back.to the others if I was to click on add I.will get down at a third and so on but.what I've done is I've added $90,000 in.acquisition which is the 29,000 here and.the sixty one thousand before I can.click on this category total summary now.it's not really helpful or useful when I.only have two items in here but if I.have a whole bunch of items that I've.listed I can click on this category.total summary click on open and it will.open up an Excel spreadsheet for me.where I can actually kind of double.check my work and let's say I had a list.of 20 items here I can make sure that.everything adds up I can make sure I.type in the amounts right and I can make.sure that I didn't have any typos or.weird information here in the type.description so this is just a way of.double-checking your work if you have.more than one or many items in a.specific category in my case I only had.two here in acquisition alright so let's.go back to the forms menu and we'll go.down to construction let's say I've got.a couple items as well so I've got.so maybe more details I'll provide.whatever can fit on the line here and.then let's call this $72,000 obviously.I'm using round numbers yours may not be.round numbers alright so I added one.item in construction let's add one more.new kennels and we'll say that's $88,000.you see I'm just trying to keep it round.so I've got 160,000 dollars here alright.I'm going to go back to the forms menu.and let's just say I have something in.administration as well I'm all going to.do one item and we'll just say this is.$7,000 all right so if I go back to my.forms menu I put in those items and what.do they add up to I'll go to Capitol.summary this will show what everything.adds up to so I have right now I have.$90,000 plus 160 plus $7,000 $7,000 for.my project now all I filled out was how.much the project is costing now how much.I'm asking for that's what you do here.on this Capitol summary page so again in.the forms menu the categories are the.overall cost for that part of the.project again this is not your 5 million.dollar project or your 1 million dollar.project this is the one portion of it.that you're carving out to ask for the.funding for this grant opportunity so I.filled out the different items but now I.have to say what part of it we are.covering and what part of it were asking.for the grant cover so if I go here and.I write.let's say seventy thousand dollars and.twenty thousand dollars because of.course seventy and twenty adds up to.ninety thousand that's what I have.covered here for acquisition if I go and.put in for construction so we have a.hundred and sixty thousand total there.let's call this ninety thousand and then.seventy thousand it's not seven hundred.seventy thousand and then finally for.administration let's say we have so we.have seven thousand let's call this five.thousand and two thousand so if I did.the math right I won't get an error here.and we can see for our 250 thousand.dollar project 165 it is grant funds and.ninety two thousand of it is match funds.now we required at least a 25% match.again we want you to ignore how it.calculates here but I am I am meeting.that threshold or exceeding that.threshold you can see I'm at fifty five.percent so the problem here is if you go.too low let's say I just made this seven.dollars instead of seventeen seventy.thousand dollars you can see now I get.an error because my match is calculated.at thirteen percent where the threshold.in the Gateway is this 25 percent okay.so you have to obviously make sure that.you are I forgot what I had here 70,000.you want to make sure that you have.numbers that make sense and that fall.within parameters that are allowed okay.so again let me go back to the.Agriculture website that can be helped.down here we go to the apply section.here and there is a where is it match.calculation in budget formation so if I.clicked on this it actually gives you.guidance if.or a certain type of organization with a.certain type of project so this gives.you guidance for a larger capacity of.larger metropolitan area and a smaller.metropolitan area and it talks about the.amounts that are allowed in the amount.of matches that is required so I would.certainly go through here as guidance.for it but as you saw in the Gateway all.the Gateway is going to say to you is if.you're meeting that 25 percent or not.now you know if you're a larger.municipality you need to be at 50.percent not the minimum of 25 percent.okay so so I go back to the forms menu.I've done my questions now of course I.missed one but we will ignore that for.now.I finished my budget there's no more.errors on it and now I have the work.plans section so the work plan in two.main sections in the overview form and.then the work plan properties which is.really the details of it so remember.this is a two-year period.you don't you don't have to be specific.you don't have to be exact here you.might be off by a month or so that's not.a big deal we can change it later let's.just say I'm going to be 5 1 28 20 and.they're two-year project so that would.be four thirty one twenty two twenty one.twenty eight twenty two okay project.summary provide a high-level overview.the project including the overall goal.and desired outcomes so we want details.here this will end up on your contract I.mean it could be tweaked as you go.through if you get awarded contract but.this is really explaining what are we.doing what are we doing with funding all.that information so here all right so.you may have a lot of information you.may have typed it in word or something.like that Google Docs and then paste it.here so there's a lot of information you.can provide there it's obviously going.to be tough if you're trying to type in.this box you can see in Internet.Explorer you can't scroll through it so.I do want to mention something about the.browsers that you use I'm using Internet.Explorer 11 right now that is our.officially supported browser I know it's.ancient and there's a lot of.other browsers up there that are better.and faster and newer but this is the.system is built on Microsoft net and.technically.ie11 is the version that support best.with what we have that will be changing.in the future we are upgrading to to.work better with other browsers so.compatibility is not an issue with.browsers it just looks a little weird.except for in the work plans section and.I'll show you that in the next page so.organization capacity I'm sorry I forgot.to ask the program what they want in.this section so sometimes they say oh.don't worry about it because you already.typed it in your other application.questions sometimes they want you to.fill this out I imagine he'll be.answering me in a minute and he'll tell.me what to do here but this is described.as staffing qualifications and ongoing.staff development basically what makes.your organization able to actually do.this project how do you have the staff.and the experience do this okay and you.would hit save on that page what did I.do is it eight share I guess I musta.missed a mess of the tape.okay so here we have project summary.organizational capacity and we're going.to go back to the forms menu and go to.this work plan properties so this page.really requires that you're in Internet.Explorer 11 and the reason is when we.get to some of the descriptions it.actually won't work properly in Chrome.or some of the other browsers but what.you're doing here is you're filling out.your typing out kind of the details or.hopefully of your project hopefully.you've done this already on a Word.document or you know an excel sheet or.something and all you're doing is coming.in here and copy and paste in your.details so let's just say for my project.we're going to say so the objective name.is improve the health and safety of dogs.in our shelter and then here's some.detail all right that's easy enough.hit save so now I filled out an.objective once I hit save I now get a.blank task and a blank second objective.so I need to have a task under objective.one so maybe we need to first remove all.dogs in care and put them in temp.housing and our details now you might.just shorten it and do something like.temp housing for dogs and then all the.details there so everything has a name.and a description now if I hit save I've.now filled out objective one task 1.1.and now I have a blank performance.measure 1.1.1 so first of all maybe we.need to to select put potential or.select temporary boarding facility so.this is where if you're using Chrome or.another browser it won't work properly.so right here if using IE 11 you can say.let's say our.there's a text 500 characters so this is.just how are you answering this how are.you providing the details on this.performance measure so a performance.measure is how are we going to measure.that you actually did the thing you.wanted to do so maybe it will be you.know the details of that.so how they'll how will how we will.select facility and maybe by what date.select facility so you know maybe we're.selecting it by date now if I had saved.I now have one complete objectives tasks.and performance measure now you can add.more tasks that would be 1.2 you're.going to add more performance measures.1.1.2 and you can add more objectives so.I'm going to add another performance.measure and then I'm going to add some.text and I'm going to hit save and now I.have one that's one objective one task.and two performance measures now maybe I.have a second task on to the first.objective and I'll hit save so now that.I have a 1.2 I need to have a 1.2.12.have a performance measure for every.task and let's call this another text.you can see the difference here integer.if your answer is only numbers yes/no if.your answer is yes no normally you're.just using one of these text fields here.and here's the details and I hit save.now let's say it filled out one.objective that's objective number one.which is improve the health and safety.of the dogs in the shelter but maybe I.have another objective so I can go down.here to objective number two.and again as I had saved it's now going.to give me a new task and if I hit save.it's going to give me a new performance.measure and I'm going to do one more and.they call this this was originally the.second PM I'll show you why in a second.so now I have two tasks one of them has.started two objectives one of them has.two tasks and several performance.measures the other one has one task and.two performance measures now notice I.can remove things let's say I just want.to delete this and I'm not going to but.if I hit check and then save I could.delete it.but what if I realized they're in the.wrong order you can use these up or down.arrows to reorder them so let's say I.1.1.2 which was called this was.originally the second PM I'm going to.move it up to 2.1 that one i click the.up arrow now the one that's called this.was originally the second PM is now the.first PM performance measure all right.so I've done that and I want hit save.and I've saved my work plan now one.thing that people call our help desk for.is saying I can't preview my work plan.you'll see in a minute when we go back.to the to the forms menu we can preview.our application but it won't let us see.our work plan so unfortunately that's a.limitation that you have to deal with.the way to preview it is right here you.know what I would have done is build it.out in a spreadsheet or word doc and I.would have copy and pasted everything.verbatim from there to here so this.technically should look exactly like my.spreadsheet but to just double check you.just have to scroll through and look at.it it's the only way you can do it so if.there's somebody else in your.organization to do it that you need to.do it they either need access to the.Gateway we need to print it out in a way.that they can read it now remember if I.print out here.some of the boxes some of the boxes are.filled out alright I'm sorry some of the.boxes hidden from us because I scroll so.printing it out won't really help me in.that alright so I'm gonna go back to the.forms menu and I think I'm done I've.done my project site addresses my.questions of course we missed one I did.my budget it's within the parameters of.what I'm allowed to do I did my work.plan and I went to the pre submission.upload and I downloaded the annual.statistics worksheet and I used that for.my answer in question 1e now the last.section here the pre submission uploads.I'm sorry is the grantee document folder.and I can click on that and if you just.need to add additional documents you can.do that here we don't really want the.you to do this but if something happens.along the way and we realize we need.something else from you you can go in.here put in a description and attach.something and hit save so again that's.kind of auxilary if we need it later but.we hope we don't really need to use that.all right so I think I'm done with my.application I want to submit it for.review.now let's ignore that we have this error.but how do we submit it well remember.let's go to details remember we're in.the status of application in process and.change it so if I go to status changes I.can change it to the status of.application submitted so I click on that.and it says wait a minute you've got to.cut two errors objectives and then.program specific questions I'm not sure.what the objective is actually I am sure.what I do know what it is it's.interesting okay so I'm going to go to.program specific questions and I'm going.to take care of Oh question number three.see I forgot to do that so before I do.that I want to show you one other thing.and that is.check global errors you can see that was.under management tools and also up here.I can do that in it can show me what.fields that I miss and I missed.objectives and program specific.questions will deal with program.specific questions first so let's go to.3c and here is my answer okay so I save.that that's taken care of now.unfortunately this is a flaw that I'm.just discovering right now if we take a.look at objectives what does that mean.I'm remembering this now from last year.so if I click on objectives this is.interesting let's just see what happens.lets me do it and now it doesn't okay so.I have to explain this here I guess we.must have encountered this last year and.maybe we worked around it but here's the.deal.the Grands gateway the work plan has a.new version as of July of last year 2018.and that new version superseded this old.version that I'm being forced to fill.out here objectives task performance.measures so what it does what it did was.there was a single page for objectives a.single page for tasks and then a single.page for performance measures the new.ways a lot easier.unfortunately now remembering of course.live in this website in this webinar.that we copied last year's version which.actually was probably a copy of the.previous year's version and that.included the old work plan so to work.around that I'm going to be clear here.I'm going to put it in the video as well.this may change I don't know if we can.take care of this in the backend but.it's only as a small little thing for.you and I hope this will work live let's.see so just.put in objective and hit save so this is.not my real work plan now if I go to.forms menu I've got tasks this is the.old way of doing it I'm just going to.put in task info and then finally under.forms menu performance measure PM info.this is all just to satisfy this.requirement in the system that should.have been turned off but unfortunately.was it but I think that should do the.job so if that's the case we will write.this in you know special instructions.and provide it to you.it's obviously being the video that we.have recorded and will provide and I.apologize but it's only another 30.seconds at work so you would get that.error you click on the error you've felt.the objective you felt the task you feel.the p.m. just with bogus information.because this will never be checked for.by anybody so let's hope that I can.submit it here I think I can so again I.think I'm done with my application I go.to status changes and I go to.applications submitted and it gives me.this Agreement that says yes I am who I.say I am I'm allowed to submit on behalf.of my organization and I haven't given.my password anybody and I'm going to my.application so I click on I agree and.it's now processing my application and.this is now of course prior to January.21st at 4:00 p.m. and I've submitted it.so since it's before the due date.it lets me do it and if I click on.details you remember before we were in.assignment of reviewers.I mean before we were in application and.process now we're in assignment of our.viewers so while that's working I want.to show you a couple things at the end.here so we go back to forms menu one.thing I skipped over was print.application that can be used to preview.your application before you submit it.now I did it just because what we're.waiting for here is.application versions to be created so.that's about five or ten minutes after.you submit your application you can.expect the whole PDF to be created here.but what we're going to do is let's say.we haven't submitted it yet you're going.to go to print application and unless.you go on to print it I don't really.want to print it I just want to look at.it this is a good way of you looking at.your whole list of all the questions and.answers you provided and all the details.you provided including your budget it.will not show you attachments and it.will not show you your work plan so.here's my answer to question one aim.here's my answer the question won't be.and so on.now it tells me I did have an upload.here in 1 e 1 actually let me look at.that document so we do need to check.that and I would strongly suggest you.check your uploads before you submit.your application I will say we had.somebody just yesterday in another grant.opportunity for a different agency they.didn't upload what they thought they.uploaded they uploaded the same document.twice where it should have been two.different documents in two different.sections and they got disqualified so.they went through all that work and they.didn't even get to the point of being.reviewed because they didn't provide any.one of the required documents they.needed to so just looking at this is not.going to help you with that I'll show.you how to do that in a minute but.here's my budget here's how my capital.summary worked out here is that project.summary and here's those bogus.objectives task performance measures.remember these are not the real ones and.then the pre submission uploads they're.just links it doesn't really help us.with anything and then the attestation.that barbara signatories signed at 11:13.application versions now remember this.is after you submit your application so.when you reviewed I did print.application I wasn't able to review my.attachments to review my attachments I.would go actually to the attachments.under program specific questions and I.would actually go down to let's say 1e.and click on View fo and see the.document I actually attached if I go to.2a same deal so click on View file and.open it.and you can see I just had a document.here called sample attachment but make.sure this is what you intended for that.question so please make sure you.double-check those before you submit it.because you don't want to get.disqualified because you just missed you.attach the wrong thing in the wrong.place all right so that's before you.submit your application after again.about five or ten minutes later this.application version is created and you.can see the totality of what you've.submitted if I go here and click on this.document I can see one PDF that has.everything so cover page my application.number when it was submitted when I.called my project how much I'm asking.for in the grant 165,000 who submitted.it and when and then page three in that.project site address now I think.somebody had a question about that which.I can't get back to you for some reason.but the project site address is really.not important to us just where is your.project being run out of it's probably.the project I should really call where.is the project being undertaken so.where's the facility that you're working.on program specific questions there's.those questions and my answers and.remember for instance one C or one e had.an attachment now.the attachments not here but we will see.it in a minute same deal for 2 a and 2 C.and so on all these attachments will be.will exist here as we scroll down so.here's all my answers and now those.attachments here's the one e attachment.so obviously I didn't fill anything out.but this would be your spreadsheet here.that you provided then we have that.whatever attach my did for 2a or.whatever number that was another.attachment another attachment and then.we get into our budget there's that.capital summary.and here is the different categories.acquisition the two lines I put in and.the amount for each one Construction two.lines the amount and then capital what.is this Oh admin and the one line and.the description and then the totals then.we have our work plan this is that.project summary now this is the actual.work plan that we did in the work plan.properties and that would be objective.one an objective to here okay.so it ends with the organizational.capacity which is that last field I.talked about in the work plan section.and then any other attachments you.provided in the pre submission uploads.which we're not asking for and in the.grantee document folder which we're not.asking for but I did add one if you.remember alright so this is my twenty.one page document yours will probably a.little bit longer than that now one last.thing I'll say about that if you look.through it and you say oh my god I just.messed something up I did something.wrong I want it back you can actually.email our help desk and ask for us to.send your application back to you as.long as you're within you know a few.days of that timeline of January 21st we.don't want to send it back to you at you.know 352 On January 21st but if it's.January you know.18th and you realize you messed.something up and you want to fix it.that's no problem we'll send it back to.you and you just have to resubmit it.Jeff it's a pic okay make us a few.comments hi everyone this is Dave Seto.I'm with the department of agriculture.markets working with Michaelis aller on.this grant cycle I just wanted to say a.couple things please make sure that we.have the correct point of contact moving.forward with your application a lot of.times if a grant writer is employed they.may be the submitter and that comes up.as the point of contact but when it.comes time to discuss contracting I.don't have a good name or address or.phone number so you can email our.department or Michaela seller that.information the contracting process.takes a good four to eight weeks after.the after you've been awarded.the grant there are several steps that.go on you have to submit a series of.required documents which will tell you.if you're an awardee and then it has to.go through internal approval and then.approval at the state comptroller's.office as well so it does take a little.bit of time please read the questions.carefully several of the questions refer.back to ASV or the association of.shelter veterinarian guidelines for.shelters please when it's asking for a.tie back to the ASV guidelines please.make sure that you include that in your.answer and a general comment would be.more detailed as better than less detail.because as a reviewer we're really.looking to get a good understanding of.your project in your program and so the.more you can tell us about it and the.impact the better it's going to be for.for you when it comes time to have it.reviewed thank you.

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