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hey this is Sally and in this video I.have a special request from a from Mike.he said hey I love your videos but I.have not been able to find exactly what.I'm looking for what I want to do is to.be able to create an order.acknowledgement a packing list and a.bill of lading form from one main entry.sheet this might not be available and.some other products that you're using.but this is something that is completely.doable in Microsoft Excel in fact I've.I've done something like this previously.so I'm pretty excited it's it's a bit.complex so this is going to be a longer.video but I'm going to show you how how.I would do this so what I'm going to do.is I am I'm working out of Excel 2016.some of the more recent versions of it.should be fairly similar to this so I'm.starting from the start page here.usually I just start with a blank.workbook but since we already have an.idea of what we want for starters I'm.going to just type in here order form.you know typically I would create my own.my own order form but since Excel.already has templates here I'm going to.start with one of those so we've got.some options here we don't really want a.purchase order invoice or any of that.although all of those could be included.in this this whole packet it's it's.stupid how excited I am about this so.this one looks like it might be right.I'm going to click on it take a look oh.my monitor is pretty tiny on my laptop.here but I did get a look at this on my.larger screen so I'm going to go ahead.and just start with this this way it.gives me a good starting point so I'm.going to click on create you don't have.to do it this way either and forgive me.I'm getting over being sick so I might.have to pause it here and there but this.is a good starting point here we've got.all the necessary fields here you can of.course change whatever you want here but.this I just like this as a starting.point so you can add your own company.logo here if you want.I'll just leave it there what I would do.here is I would fill out your company.information here this one right here has.today's date see we can see this formula.on here another way that we can do this.is type in now with those parentheses on.either side and that that works that.works the same way sometimes I'll throw.in the time there if that's not you know.needed for you I'm going to put in an.order number they're a customer ID now.something that you may want to do.depending on how many customers you have.is if you have a customer database what.you can do is create a drop-down so you.can select the customer ID from from a.drop-down list here otherwise you can.you can manually type it in here again.you know if in the end this can be.prefilled out already you can do that.you can also link this to this.information here again that's using that.drop-down and then if this then that.kind of thing here so I'm going to just.show you real quick on how you could do.that it's it's a little bit of a it's a.little advanced but you may want to do.that if you already have the information.so what we can do here is I'm going to.going to copy these so I just.highlighted them and control-c or.command-c depending on if you use a Mac.or not and I'm going to click in the.second field here and I'm going to go to.home and then paste and then we want to.do okay I'm just going to click on paste.special we want to do paste a transpose.so let's see how this works I don't I.haven't usually used this before there.we go.so it's a little strange here we don't.want to merge and center so I'm going to.unclick that so here we go double click.spread those out there and it looks like.there's a fill I'm going to remove the.fill there we go.so okay so here's what what this is.going to do here so customer ID so I.will just copy that right there so I'll.just do ABC one two three four.five I guess oops paste that down here.so give it a header customer ID and then.I'm going to type the contact name.company name and ideally you would.actually put in the actual information.here and the phone number 100 five five.five one two three four there we go so.now what you can do from here is oops.I can't even get that right there we go.so I'm going to just do ABC one two.three four six and then I'm going to.click on there and just drag down okay.there we go.and then I'll just copy this down just.to give some fields here so okay so say.we have our customer information here.I'm going to rename this tab here I.right clicked on it I'm going to go up.to rename so customers and once you're.done filling out this information you.can always hide these tabs - I'm getting.really detailed here but this is how I.would probably do it so what I'm going.to do here is I'm going to highlight all.of these so maybe go down a few extra.actually I'm going to name it I'm going.to name it a lower case customer ID all.one word so now I've named this field so.what I can do from here is now create.that drop-down menu so from right here.I'm just going to delete that.and then I'm going to go to data here.and I'm going to do data validation so I.want to select data validation and right.here for the criteria I want to change.this to list and then the source so this.wants to know the source so I'm going.to do equals and then I named it.customer ID and I want this to be the.in-cell drop-down and ignore blank.that's fine so I'm going to click OK so.now you see this drop-down button is.shown up here and there's all these.customer numbers so now what we can do.is when you select one of these we can.set these fields up to automatically.pull this address information for that.customer right here so what we're going.to do here is we want to do a lookup.formula so we can click on this formulas.button here so let's see I'm going to.delete that and I'm going to click on.insert function right here so this is.going to be vlookup so it's vertical.lookup because my data is stored in.columns so I'm going to select vlookup.okay so lookup value that is this.customer ID number so I'm going to you.can click on there but I can already see.it right here so I'm just going to click.there so it's going to select g5 and.then the table array that's where it's.going to look up the data for this so.I'm going to click here and just going.to copy all this and I'm going to drag.it down just in case I end up adding.more customers and then the column index.number so what I'm looking up first is.the cost of the contact name so it's.going to be 2 so this is 1 this would be.2 and you can see it shows up down here.so if it you know as long as it looks.correct you're good so range lookup so.I'm going to type false ok what what.this does so if you leave a blank or you.put true what it's going to do is it's.going to if it can't find this number.it's going to find whatever is closest.to it and pull the information from that.you don't want that you want exactly the.information for this this customer.number and you'd probably rather get an.error than the incorrect information.because last thing you want to do is.ship it to the wrong customer or build.the wrong customer so I'm going to type.in false there and click on OK.so there are we see we see that it's.pulled this information here so it's.pulled in the contact name so now what.we're going to want to do is we're going.to want to copy this but before we copy.it I want to make sure that we are.pulling from the same exact areas.because if I copy this down here it's.going to shift everything so I don't.want it to do that so what I'm going to.do is I'm going to go here I'm going to.put a dollar sign before G and I'm going.to put a dollar sign before five that.means that no matter where I copy and.paste this formula it's always going to.pull the customer ID number this first.field here from g5 also we want it to.pull from customers a one through F 38.or wherever however far now the thing.that I do want to change is this last.number so I'm going to leave that.because that's kind of my that's where.I'm telling it to pull the information.so I'm going to hit enter okay I'm going.to go back I'm going to copy this.formula and hit escape and then I'm.going to go here and I'm going to paste.it so now I'm going to change this to.three because I want it to pull from the.third column so there's company name.that's exactly what we wanted let's see.if it'll still let me paste okay perfect.so now I want it to look on four for the.address boom there we go I'm going to.paste this I'm going to change that to.five and again if if this is if you.cannot remember what you're doing here.you can always click on this and bring.it up so that way you can see them in a.way that makes sense and lastly the.phone and paste that there so this.should be six all right.so that way automatically pulls up the.customer information for that by that.account number I did enter the same.exact information for all the customers.but if I were to select a different one.this would all update without.information if you want to if you have.shipped two addresses for these.customers I mean you can set that up.over here as well maybe have another.field here maybe this can be you can.update these all to build two and then.these you know have the same information.but have their shipped to information.here you can do that that's just an.option for you a salesperson I would do.the same thing as I did right here I.would list the salespeople go up to data.and create that validation so I had.dropdowns for it same with probably.shipping method shipping terms delivery.date I'd probably leave payment terms so.if you have specific payment terms for.these customers you can do the same.thing so you can set up that vlookup and.you can add that so maybe they are oh.and it's been so long I've worked in.this industry but I mean one of our 90.days I'll just put that there so if.that's the terms you can do that here so.again I would I would do that via.actually forget that I'm going to copy.this formula here I do that vlookup I'm.going to paste that in there I'm going.to click on here to open this up and.then I'm going to click here because I.forget which field it's in so this is I.think eight so oh shoot okay so that.should be eight nope that was not eight.maybe it's nine okay.well what is it it is 8.all right well I don't know why that's.not pulling the terms but you get where.I'm going with that okay you can set.that up okay and then due date again you.can have that feed off of this so again.down here if you want to create those I.would definitely create dropdowns for.this item number I would create a whole.item number sheet here so item item.number I would put the description let's.see what else unit price I would create.fields here so then you can have that.drop down here and actually I will do.that real quick I'm going to pause it so.you don't have to watch me typing but I.will be I'll be right back alright I'm.back so I created this sheet here items.so I just throw in a couple items I.named the area items here so if you ever.forget what you name something just you.can click here on this drop-down and it.will show you all the custom named areas.you have also something to make my life.a little easier is I'm going to name.this tab I should have done it for this.one exactly what I named that field just.as a visual reminder there of what that.is so I already put in my vlookup.formulas here I'm going to add my.drop-down again so again that's data.validation I want to select list leave.these as is and I'm going to type equals.and then items because oops that's in.caps so it has to be match the exact.case so again keep that simple so I'm.going to click on OK and my drop-down.box is selected now ok so I'm going to.want to have these fields all the way.down these formulas here to.automatically lookup and add the price.but that looks kind of tacky there so.I'm going to undo that what I'm going to.do is I'm going to throw in this if.error formula in here again this is a.little.complicated don't get overwhelmed it's.not like you do this once and it's it's.done so I'm going to go right here after.the equal sign I'm going to make it all.text and type if error I'm going to put.a parenthesis here the left one and then.I'm going to go to the end and I'm going.to put a comma and now I need to tell it.what I want it to display if this ends.up in an error so that's going to happen.any time you don't have something in.this item field here so if you if you've.copied this formula all the way down and.the person orders four things they're.going to have a bunch of errors and that.looks tacky so what you can do here you.can put you know whatever you want so.maybe you want a dash or something else.I'm going to do maybe a space see how.that works out so I did the you know the.quotations quotation marks and hit space.and another quotation marks and I'm.going to close it with a right.parenthesis and you can see I don't know.if you saw this first one bowled it up.when I added the second one you want to.just make sure you've got you know start.and end here you've got that closure so.I'm going to click enter and there we go.it worked perfectly so I'm going to do.the same thing here I'm going to go in.jump right here type if error and then.that left parenthesis go down here comma.no spaces right now I want to enter the.quotation mark space quotation mark.right parenthesis boom it bolded over.here so we close it out there we go.so now we can copy and paste this all.the way down so it's going to.automatically copy so I also want to.copy this validation down here paste it.there there we go so you can see we've.got the drop-down box option there when.I click on it it's going to pull that up.and it automatically puts the.information in there and I would.recommend doing this you know adding.data to the forms while you're working.them just to make sure.everything's functioning properly.something else you might want to do is.anywhere you've got formulas that should.not be messed with maybe change the.color of that field at least temporarily.so you know later on you're going to.want to come back and you're going to.want to protect the cells so you can.protect the cells so I so no one can.change them that's a good idea to do.discount you can also link the discount.to this customer ID if you want to on.this customer item if they automatically.get you know 10% off whatever they order.you can add that in right here otherwise.you can do it manually and then the line.total so this one already has a formula.added in here so it says you know if.this is less than zero then leave it.blank okay so what we're going to do how.about we type in twenty four so there we.go it automatically adds up for us I.want 15 and I want 18 of these so there.we go so the price automatically adds so.they have it so they've got that if.scenario in there so if if this number.is zero or less it just it just shows a.blank space and then down here they have.the total so that is the sum of all of.this again they've got that if it's zero.just leave it blank sales tax again if.you want to link sales tax to this.customer number over here you know maybe.add the sales tax field you can do that.and do nine point five or whatever and.then have do that that vlookup formula.there so if you know if this is the.customer selected that's the tax.percentage on you'll work a formula in.there you can do that so okay so this is.our basic order form here now is where.we get a little complicated so we've got.a couple more items here so we.we've got the sales order or this can be.the order acknowledgement that goes out.to the customer you can change that here.so next we need a packing list so that's.going to be a little simpler than this.this goes out to the warehouse so you.know your employees can pick the order.and they just need to know how many.white item and and be able to mark off.what they've selected there so I'm going.to I'm going to create this new sheet.here so I'm going to rename it I'll name.it packing packing list.so we've already gone to the trouble of.creating these formulas to include this.information here so what we can do is if.you want to copy a lot of this.information but actually what you might.actually want to do is I'm going to okay.you can you can recreate it here if you.want to you can also copy this so I'm.going to I'm going to start by copying.so I want to create a copy it'll be.called sales order two but I'm going to.pull it over here I'm going to delete.packing list I'll just call it packing.list two so we already have all this.information here so what you can do is.you can delete certain fields on here if.you want to like they don't need to know.the price or discount or line total but.the thing is is you want to you want.this information to transfer over so.what I would do I want to unmerge this.okay.so what I'm going to do is I'm going to.just delete this information here see.this is or where's that merge there we.go.unmerge I'm going to delete this because.they are not we you know the warehouse.workers are working their butts off.they've got a lot of stuff going on so.we want to remove anything that's.unnecessary to what they're doing.company name and chip - that's that's.helpful in case you know somebody needs.to follow up on an order you know hey.where are we at with that you know XYZ.company with their order it's good for.them to have that information on their.sales person that's good to keep on.there in case they have a question about.the order job probably good you know.it's a reference number shipping method.shipping terms due date all that's.really helpful so if there's a next day.order and or you know next day shipping.order that needs to get shipped quickly.they can see that right on there but so.we have right here quantity item number.description so then what I would do over.here is I would just have a line so I'm.just going to do line and again I have.not worked in this industry for a while.so you may want to may want to have a.couple lines here so so you can have.packed and you can have on back order.so if any are missing they can indicate.that there and I'm just using this.underlined here and actually what I'm.going to do I'm going to move this over.here so there's a space between the two.lines so it's really clear so let's do a.quick print preview so we'll have those.the lines that are so packed and on.backorder so I'm going to just click.escape to get out.and then same for for all of these down.here so and they don't need to see all.this information down here so I'm just.going to delete that so we want to do.bottom and we want that to be black.there we go see exile gets a little.picky about what it shows here so we.want top and bottom borders I'm just.going to do all borders and then we can.done to left and I'm going to undo right.there we go although that didn't do it.okay and also since you're going to have.people writing like manually writing on.this what I would do is I would space it.out a little bit give them some room so.drag it down a little bit make it a.little bit bigger I would make the text.a lot larger too so they can see what.they're looking at that's going to help.them be able to see the order clearly.especially if they're working in the.warehouse it's going to be kind of dark.in there.so now here's what I would do so you're.going to have one sheet where you enter.the information okay that's going to be.this sheet so what I want to do here is.I'm I don't want to have to enter the.information more than once that's that's.wasteful.so I've I'm finished with how I want.this I'm going to change this to sorry.I'm going to change this to packing list.so what I'm going to do here I'll just.delete this okay I'm going to delete all.of this and I just want it to mimic.exactly what's on the sales order so I'm.just going to click equals so the first.thing is quantity you hit OK same thing.here equals item number right there and.right here equals there we go that's all.I need and then I'm going to copy this.and I'm going to drag it down so that.way it copies everything that's there.some are merged and centered we don't.need that okay let's try this again.that's why okay.description was merged and centered okay.so we are going to drag this down.there we go if we don't want zero values.to show up I do have a video on that but.I'll show you real quick so go up to.file options we want formulas there we.go and then there should be a field.about zero values.let's see maybe it's an advanced here.right here under display options for.this worksheet you can do zero uncheck.this box there we go I'm just okay so.that this means that this is just going.to copy whatever is typed on here so.you're going to want to do it for.probably just do it for all of the.fields.I would I would get rid of this vlookup.we want to just hit enter to right there.and so on so I will I will leave you to.do that because this video is getting.kind of long so this is for the packing.list so then from here we want to do the.Bill of Lading so again you'll probably.want to start by copying the sales order.and I'm going to click on this create a.copy I'll bring this over here and I'm.going to change this to Bill of Lading.so again you're going to want to put.whatever information is necessary for.your bill of lading I would again copy.this I would do the equals here you know.copy so it automatically pulls from all.of these fields and what you might want.to do while you're setting this up is.change the color or do something so you.know that you've already completed it.and then go ahead and fill out a dummy.order or two just to make sure that the.fields are transferring as expected so.this I'm going to rename Bill of Lading.and then whatever information you need.to have on this bill of lading I put.down here and you you might want to have.two copies because typically the the.drivers will sign a copy and leave it.with your you know with your warehouse.and then they will have a copy to take.with them as well that goes along with.the shipment so what you can even do is.once you've completed this bill of.lading you can copy it and let's see I'm.going to.put it right back here so then I would.have Bill of Lading too so then this.could be the drivers copy and you can.even specify that down at the bottom you.can have you can have a you know a line.here where the driver needs to sign you.know sign here and then you know date.and then you can say you know whatever.your company is my company copy and then.you can then you can have on the bottom.here you know drivers copy so so this.way you've got all of these on separate.tabs now what you might want to end up.doing is once you have all of this.completed I'm going to slide this over.here you might want to just have.everything on one page that might be.easiest to print everything all at once.so have have your sales order where.you're going to fill out all the.information and then you'll have your.additional forms that automatically pull.the data from your sales order so you're.only filling out the information once.and and I would choose the sales order.is probably going to be the most complex.where you're entering the most.information the packing list is not.going to have as much information the.Bill of Lading may not have the same.amount of information so I would select.the most complex order to be the one.where you're actually entering the data.there so okay so now you can combine all.of these into two one especially since.you've used the same template here so.they're going to be pretty similar so.I'm going to copy this so this is the.whole sales order I'm going to copy this.actually forget that why am I making.this hard I'm going to move or copy so I.want to move it to the end create a copy.so I'm just going to rename this all.Doc's print okay so I've got the sales.order.so now I want to insert I want to insert.a page break here so I want to make sure.that I've I've set the print areas.correctly so this one has already set up.to print here now we should be able to.view the print lines okay so here we are.page layout so if I want to insert a.break like right here I can insert a.page break so you can see it's got this.line here so now what I'll do is I'll.take packing list - I'm going to copy.this so there's nothing down here.copy this that's why it was important to.keep everything similar I'm just going.to go right there make this a little.whoops this little taller there there we.go so now I can insert see I didn't I.didn't I do that formula on here the.zero value formula so once I'm done with.everything I might want to go and jump.in and add that zero value.I'll just do it right here so options.advanced scroll down to display options.for this worksheet zero uncheck that the.regards ero problem is gone so I'm at.the bottom here I'm going to just.highlight this line insert page break.now I'm going to go to what Bill of.Lading - again copy this well that's.numbered I need to bills of lading sorry.about that so here's this one this is.all Doc's print so I see that break.there I'm just going to paste that right.there.there go underneath insert a page break.Bill of Lading to we're already got.highlighted so go right under that page.Frank print all right so that should be.everything and if it's helpful to you.you might want to just build them all.right in the same on the same worksheet.just to start off but that's how I would.do it and let's take a look so we've got.your sales order let's go to okay I okay.there must have been a print area set.already so I'm going to highlight.everything print area clear print area.there we go so sales order packing list.Bill of Lading oops we skipped a page.there and there's Bill of Lading too so.I think we've got two page breaks in.here we must delete that that's why.because see this is where where the page.will automatically break and then I.added that second page break in there so.might need to there we go and with what.I would do then to is if this is all the.documents I would just select all of.this area here from the top down to the.very bottom so here's here's where it.ends right I went way too far.so this is where the page ends I would.just do a print area set print area so I.don't know if you notice before it said.12 pages we just want the floor so we've.got four so we've got your sales order.your packing list bill of lading 1 that.the driver signs and bill of lading 2.that the driver takes with them so I.hope this was helpful there is a way to.do this it is a bit complex but it's not.that complex you've got a lot of options.and I am all for you if there's a.simpler way to do it do it that way.don't don't don't.double enter your data at all.have one place where you can enter all.of it even if you want to have some.don't even if you don't want to enter it.into a sales order like this what you.can do is even just have have fields.where you just enter all the information.and then they automatically get pulled.into here by using just that it's so.stupid simple that just typing equals.equals this equals that but that's how.you would do it so like I hope this was.really helpful to you this this is a.great way to do it you don't have to get.expensive software to do it you can do.it right in Excel have it saved you can.even I mean there's tons of things you.can do hopefully this gets you off to a.good start so thank you again and guys.if you have any questions on anything.let me know if I've got the time and the.know-how I will show you how to do them.so thank you have a great day don't.forget to subscribe to my channel and.thanks for tuning in.

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Putting to use electronic signatures in Gmail is such a useful and efficient tool. It is specifically designed for people who has busy schedule. Work with CocoSign, and you will surely be among our hundreds of happy users.

How to create an e-signature for the Bol Template Form straight from your smartphone?

phones are the most productive electronic devices used at this time. You must be interested in using e-signature from this most used electronic device.

Additionally, with eSignature capability on your mobile phone, you can e-sign your document anytime, anywhere, away from your laptop or desktop. You can put to use CocoSign electronic signature on your cell phones by following these guides:

  1. Check the CocoSign website from your mobile browser. Login to your CocoSign account or sign up with us if you don't have registered before.
  2. Choose the document you need to e-sign from your mobile folder.
  3. Open the document and tick the page where you want to put the electronic signatures.
  4. Pick 'My Signatures'.
  5. Put your electronic signature and include it to the page.
  6. Pick 'Done'.
  7. Check the document or directly share through email.

That's it. You will be done signing your Bol Template Form on your cell phones within minutes. With CocoSign's remote signature facets, you no longer need to worry about the safety of your electronic signatures and use our tool of your choice.

How to create an e-signature for the Bol Template Form on iOS?

Many platforms have a more difficult setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can write down your signature online effectively with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below tips will help you to e-sign your Bol Template Form from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Insert the CocoSign program on your iOS device.
  2. Put your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
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  5. Open the document and tick the part you want to include your signatures.
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  7. Save the changes and fax your Bol Template Form .
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Bol Template Form on Android?

At this time, Android gadgets are welcome used. Therefore, to aid its customers, CocoSign has developed the program for Android users. You can use the following tips to e-sign your Bol Template Form from Android:

  1. Insert the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Pick on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to include your electronic signatures.
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  5. Customize your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and pick '✓'.
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  8. You can also share this signed Bol Template Form with other people or upload it on the cloud.

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