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youtube video

Tutorial as toLic Form 680 Rev 87 In Hindi Language

hey everyone today we're going to tackle.a tough question that we get asked all.the time what's the difference between a.smart board and a Promethean Board the.point of this video is to go over some.of those differences so you can make an.informed decision and get the best board.for your application of course we're.more than happy to talk to you about it.at any time but we wanted you to be able.to see it so you can get an idea what.we're talking about so smart board.Promethean Board.they're both interactive whiteboards.that basically do the same thing you.touch it and it controls your computer.that's it so where's the difference.coming well there's a few physical.differences and we'll cover that but the.big difference is in the software and.that is why I want you to see it here so.sit back relax we're going to talk smart.board versus Promethean Board all right.so first we're going to start with smart.board this is a smart board right next.to me here now smart board there's two.different series 800 series and 600.series and we're primarily talking about.educational purposes here so we're going.to focus on educational boards and.educational software the 800 series in.the 600 series very similar they're both.multi-touch and gesture compatible so.it's a touch sensitive board move your.finger across it and it does something.they are dry-erase compatible but I.don't really recommend them be used as.dry erase boards you can write on it you.can erase it it might leave a little.smudging behind over time it's possible.that it can stain I always suggest to.use these boards electronically just.don't use the markers on them at all so.here's our smart board we'll cut out our.computer desktop again we touch the.board and it moves the mouse.so when we want to write on top of our.desktop or on top of an application.there's a piece of software in here.called smart ink there's also software.called notebook and notebook is the.software that everybody knows and.everybody wants to use in classrooms so.I'm going to talk about smart ink as.well as notebook and how the two work.together first is smart ink so over here.is a little tab which we can open up to.reveal a tool bar this is our smart ink.tools if we select the pen you can.basically just start writing and you'll.see a smart ink note appear on your.screen these can be translucent they can.be transparent or they can be solid in.color you can keep on writing on them.and they expand as needed so it can fill.up your entire board just write whatever.you want in there there you go up on the.top is the smart ink toolbar in there we.can change pen colors we can change pen.styles add a highlighter you can use.your eraser you can change back to the.mouse cursor if you wanted to so as you.need to make changes you can do so just.like that we can come back in here.decide we want to write in red and we.can write in red it's all well and good.right let's say you don't need to save.it you're all done you can just X 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can.capture ink I'm just going to draw.something there for the sake of saving.it and we'll capture and again that's.going to save back into our notebook.software here it is again so that's.going to lead us into notebook notebook.software is the presentation and lesson.software that comes with smart boards.now it's important to know that in the.latest version of notebook there is one.year of software maintenance included.with the purchase of the board or the.law or the license of software but after.that there's an annual maintenance fee.doesn't cost much and considering the.features that the software has it's a.very small price to pay but it's.something you have to deal with.nonetheless and I want to make sure you.know that so I'm just going to start.walking through some of the features of.notebook here on the side you'll see the.two ink pages that I saved before this.was the desktop and over here was.Firefox those are in notebook I can now.save those with other notebook files as.one file so if you're working on one.presentation in one lesson whatever it.is just save it all together notebook.has its own drawing tools up here we.have different pens different pen colors.and styles different line styles you can.have shape tools so we can make circles.and squares triangles do all kinds of.stuff we have line tools make a nice.straight line if you need it can add.text you can use your eraser of course.we even have a fill tool so you want to.fill some of these shapes we can do that.and of course once something is on your.workspace here it's an object that can.be manipulated so we can just tap on the.square and move it around or the circle.we can even move this line around spin.stuff around it's all manipulative and.once again it's a page in notebook so we.can not only flip between this page.our Firefox page our other ink note page.but they can all be saved together so.some of those features that we just went.over are pretty much going to be great.for just about anybody but when you're.in a school you're teaching a class.there's a lot more features that you're.going to want to use and notebook has.them so we can see here there's there's.a capture feature what you can't see is.that you could import media pictures and.things like that into these slides.there's a document camera so if you're.using a smart document camera you can.put the image right in there we've got.some math tools there's a ruler you can.drop on here and a compass protractor.all kinds of great stuff in addition to.all the drawing tools we have a table.tool we have screen shade so you can.cover part of your screen if you want to.reveal answers things like that all of.these can be added to your notebook.pages and then saved in either the.notebook format so you can go into them.later on and edit them which is a great.feature or you can export them into your.gallery which is right here and we'll.get into that in a second you can also.export them as variety of file formats.including PowerPoint PDF image files and.webpages so whatever you work on in here.you can pretty much do anything with it.because you can save it a variety of.formats so if you have in a different.computer maybe other software that's not.Smart Notebook.you can actually take this content.export it to a common file format and.use it on another computer or give it to.someone else who doesn't have notebook.going into the gallery that I mentioned.earlier this is where notebook really.shines because notebook is known for its.educational content and this is where it.starts so preloaded into notebook is the.gallery and we have bunch of other.features here smart exchange smart.lesson activities and so on so I'm just.going to touch upon some of these so you.can see what I'm talking about let's.make a new page here so it's nice and.clean.so we go to our gallery there's a.variety of subjects administration arts.English geography math science special.needs sports goes on and on then you can.just click on one of these so science.for instance let's click bond biology.and human body we have pictures.interactive and multimedia and then.notebook files and pages.so that's notebook pages that are.basically already done for you you can.incorporate them into your class at any.time all you have do is click on one of.these pulls up all the pictures that are.available and we can just drag it over.into our workspace and once again that's.an object that can be manipulated we can.make it bigger you can make it smaller.we can grab a pen and we can draw on top.of it and do whatever you need to once.it's in there moving on to some of the.interactive stuff interactive and.multimedia just drag one of those over.here's a video for instance so this is.just dropped into your presentation so.you can play it we can hit begin and.watch that I won't actually do it on.here because it could take a little.while but all that stuff's loaded in.there already.and then you've got lastly your notebook.pages and files and there's a variety of.those here so for instance we can drag.over the human ear now we got a nice.little diagram of the ear we can grab a.pen where you can circle we can.highlight we can use our screen shade.helps if I actually click on it and we.can uncover it as needed so a lot of the.features that I mentioned earlier you.can just use which is really nice moving.on we can take a look at some of the.other features that are just kind of.stock in notebook lesson activities this.is big so you can open this up here.there's examples there's different.activities games graphs and moving below.that there's less an activity examples.this is the activity builder and this is.just what I'm going to show you real.quick.but in the activity builder you can look.here at some pictures and notebook files.just like we did before but what I what.I really wanted to show you is an.example of some activities here so.moving on from the gallery we have our.lesson activity toolkit and lesson.activity examples folders this is big.because in here is how you create.lessons and activities so one of the.activities you can make using the.activity builder and they give you a.bunch of examples here but just to look.at one will drag this over here so we're.going to look at this click to reveal.activity it actually tells you how to.make it some of them actually have a.link to watch a tutorial on how to.this but here's an example of what you.can make for your class so it says which.of these words are verbs press the.balloons to pop them so we can look at.jump if we tap on jump the balloon pops.and we see a check mark meaning it's.correct if we tap on Apple the balloon.pops and there's an X because an Apple.is not a verb this is just an example of.what you can actually make in notebook.so when you look at that by itself makes.a notebook a very powerful tool.there's also 3d objects in here which.you can work into your lessons and these.are really neat so an example would be.this volcanic eruption let's say so it's.an animation it's a 3d animation you can.watch our volcano explode and we can.actually spin it around to different.angles you can watch it from front back.we can flip this around like that you.can watch it from all different angles.actually really neat and there's more of.those available not just what's included.in notebook because you can get smart.exchange now as a notebook user you'll.have access to smart exchange and you.can access it right in notebook here.there's a link and it's going to just.open up I'll take a second and I'll just.show you what that is but smart exchange.is your online resource for everything.we just talked about.so there's gallery resources lessons all.kinds of stuff so in addition to making.your own you can come into smart.exchange and you can find pre-made.content download it into notebook and.use it in your class so let's just take.a look here real quick here's our browse.by screen so we can browse by subject.even more than what I listed before.Geography citizenship library science.cross curricular health and physical.education math science foreign languages.the list goes on and on you can search.by grade you can search by file type.file types include notebook lessons.gallery.collections table activity packs.manipulatives ideas notebook math tools.3d content it just goes on and on.there's tons and tons of stuff up here.and one of the really neat things about.this you can search for any of those and.you can just tap on whatever one you.like we'll pull it up here this for.example is a puzzle if you will you drag.the states to where they're supposed to.go on the map well that looks pretty.cool so I'm just going to hit this.button and I'll download it then I can.open it up in notebook and use it in.class great but we also have something.else Smart Notebook Express we can hit.this button that says open and Smart.Notebook Express and notebook Express is.actually an online version of notebook.so we can use this to open notebook.files manipulate and save notebook files.and just plain old View notebook files.so I mentioned earlier if you had.another teacher you want to share.content with they can use notebook.Express to open it up you can download.it to your computer you can use it in.your web browser it's a great program.and also lets you try out this stuff.before you download it so I just opened.up our map here and I can drag States to.where they're supposed to go and maybe.it's not exactly where it's where it is.but close enough so I can say all right.this looks pretty good I like this.program you're actually able to draw and.annotate just like you can a notebook.thank you all right cool I'm going to go.back and download it now so you can use.it as a test bed just try stuff out or.you can actually use it if you're say.home and you want to you know work on.your curriculum you can try stuff on.your computer at home and then when you.get into school downloaded on your.computer there or just share them with.anybody and use it in notebook exchange.so that's pretty much it for smart board.and Smart Notebook it was a really quick.run-through but I hope it gives you an.idea of just what it's capable of and.what you can do so we're going to move.on now to Promethean all right so we're.back continuing our discussion on small.boards versus Promethean boards I have a.Promethean board with me now but before.we dive into that software I just want.to go over some differences between the.boards.so the previous board you saw was a.smart board it's a 77 inch diagonal with.a four by three aspect ratio it's more.square than this rectangle that you see.here smart boards are available in the.77 inch size as well as an 87 inch size.in a 16 by 10 aspect ratio which is like.the board you see right here it's.widescreen it's bigger and it better.matches the newer computers promethium.boards on the other hand 88 inch which.is the one you see here also 16 by 10.aspect ratio and they're also available.in a 78 inch 4 by 3 so basically what.you saw before in that smart board now.the smart boards will have a pen tray of.some sort down at the bottom mine did.not because it gets in the way of the.brackets that hold it on this stand so.we had to take it off but a smart board.will have a pen tray at the very least.that will hold the styluses that come.with it but some of them do have buttons.for on-screen keyboards in different.colors to use in the smart ink.Promethean boards on the other hand no.pen tray it's not that I took it off.there was not one there in the first.place so this is Prometheans touch.sensitive board it's called the active.board touch again it's the 88 inch.widescreen version this is a six touch.product with gesture compatibility.they've been known in the past for their.pen driven boards as well as another.product that was both pen driven and.touch sensitive so you can literally.have your finger be the mouse over here.and then hold the pen in your hand over.here and write without doing anything.else but this is the newest product they.have and it's the active board touch.this is not a dry erase surface although.you can get the active board touch with.a dry erase surface it's the same price.as the other one but you'd want to make.sure you get one that ends in the letter.D for dry erase so enough on the boards.we're going to dive into Promethean now.and again the board itself what just.like smart you touch it and it does.something it's controlling your computer.so in that regard they're basically the.same the difference is that Promethean.uses their ActivInspire software alright.so now we're going to talk about the.Promethean ActivInspire software so.active inspires the software that comes.with Promethean unlike smarts notebook.software there is no annual maintenance.fee so you install it on your computer.you activate it and actually put the.license key right here on the board so.you'll never lose it it's right there.but once it's activated it's yours.forever you use it until you want to go.with something else or you get a new.computer you know what I mean so it's a.real nice program and it's got all the.same tools as smarts notebook software.if you look at it though it does look a.little bit different our tool bar is.modular you can move it around you can.dock it on either side or top or bottom.and as I mentioned it does have a lot of.the same tools as notebook we have all.our writing tools and drawing tools math.tools you can import media you can.import pictures whatever you want to do.in fact when you open it up you can have.the dashboard screen pop up which you'll.see right here and it gives you a few.options for flip charts which is the.white area you see here the workspace.there's annotate over desktop there's.Express pole and Promethean planet which.we'll get into later but you see here.you can create a new flip chart open.existing flip charts and import from.PowerPoint or import Smart Notebook.files so they know that you might be.using notebook so you can pull smart.notebook files right into the software.will close that out of there so one of.the things you notice right off the bat.when using ActivInspire.is when you want to annotate on top of.your computer screen you just push this.little icon right here your flip chart.goes away and you're left with your.toolbar so we now have full mouse.control over the computer I'll open up.Chrome for instance could be PowerPoint.could be Excel could be any other.program that you have your toolbar stays.here you can move it wherever you want.but all you got to do is select the pen.and you can annotate over.computer screen there you go just like.before you can then save this we can.make a new page it'll be part of our.flip chart call it a day unlike smart.where you had the ink which was kind of.a separate program that just dropped.stuff into notebook we're working sort.of within ActivInspire it's just letting.you work on your desktop instead of in.that white screen so when we go when we.want to get back to that white screen we.just push that icon again actually push.the wrong one made it disappear so there.we go all right so one thing to note.about active inspire is that when you.create your flip charts you can save.them as a flip chart file so you pull it.back up later and edit it or you can.save in a dot iwb format which is a.common file format lets you open it up.in any other whiteboard software you can.also save as image files and pdfs so.we're not quite where we were with smart.saving into PowerPoint and stuff like.that.but you can get a lot of use out of the.format's you can't save this then moving.on I want to show you now some of the.tools that we have in ActivInspire again.very similar smart we have our different.colors we have a pen and a highlighter a.fill drawing tools erasers this one here.is pretty neat it's a little spray.bottle lets you clear your whole page.clear your backgrounds just clear the.annotations that you have and not the.images gives you some pretty good.options there something that I thought.was really neat is the profiles you have.for the toolbar so come standard with.five profiles languages mathematics.media authoring and at the board and.basically when you select one of those.it changes this toolbar to give you.tools that you're going to use very.frequently so for instance I just.changed it to mathematics as you can see.the toolbar got a lot smaller but it's.added our math tools down here we have.calculators and squares and rulers and a.compass and it changed some of our.drawing tools because we're mainly going.to be concerned with writing equations.we don't really need all that other.stuff so it's just a neat little feature.that it has I like to change it back.to authoring which is the default.setting and use it from there.you also have an equation writer on here.so if you are doing math lets you write.equations which is pretty cool.outside of that we talked about content.with our smart software promethium.doesn't have it built-in like smart does.but it is available to you so if we go.out of our ActivInspire software which.I'm in full screen right now so I'm.going to get out of that if we go on to.Promethean planet.com which is right.here this is Prometheans resource.website there's over 96,000 resources.available on this site all of them you.can download most of them are free some.of them you can buy but there's a lot.more than that too we've got blogs and.forums so you can access information.that other users put up there maybe.you're looking for advice or ideas.there's all your resources and we'll.look at that because it's going to be.very similar to smart if we just kind of.pull that page up again you can navigate.by resource types we have collections.and assets and games and homework and.pre-made lesson plans different projects.you can do search by subject or grade.I'm going to pull up some here so lesson.plans for instance if we pull those up.these are going to be premade plans that.you can just download and use in your.class it's taken a while to pull them up.but here you go.similar to smart we can preview it on.the screen here look at all the.information and if you want it you can.download it unlike our notebook Express.we can't actually use it on the web but.you can just download it use it in.ActivInspire.you don't like it you don't have to use.it also up here there's a store which is.pretty cool because you can buy.accessories and spare parts and you can.also buy software and add-ons for.ActivInspire so you'll see on here we.have let's see we can sort by grade and.subject area so let's just go to sign.because on the science fan so we have.templates for flipchart we have actual.pre-made lessons all kinds of stuff you.can just download pictures and objects.that you can use in ActivInspire some of.them can be as low as $2 this one's 10.dollars I've seen entire lesson packs.for $100 so there's a wide range of.prices as well as objects that you can.download something else that's cool here.is tech support available right here on.Promethean Planet you can access online.support if you need help with anything.there's going to be videos and stuff you.can read as well as you can access real.people to help you out and lastly.professional development in professional.development we've got curriculum and.training so curriculum for you or your.teachers to learn how to use the board.and also you can access training so if.you want to actually have someone come.in for training or get a webinar.something like that videos and manuals.can access right there a great resource.right here and that's all for use with.active inspire so you start using it you.go to promethium Planet comm you have.access to all this stuff so Promethean.has another piece of software called.classflow.totally free for Promethean users it's.their cloud-based teaching platform this.is the website you can download it to.your computer your smartphones your.tablets and your wireless devices you.can just use it online here too you sign.up for it basically what classflow does.is lets you create and present lessons.over the Internet to literally anyone.you can have a student on the other side.of the world as long as have an internet.connection they can take part in your.lesson be real time you put it up on.your board or on your computer they can.see it on their device they can.contribute to it they can walk away with.files and do homework after class it's.actually really cool so if you have a.student out sick there's no excuse that.they can't tag along in class they're.classflow and it's not just for schools.here this works great for corporate.training distance learning so whether.you're have your corporate headquarters.is in California and you're training new.employees in New York or Georgia or.something like that you can use.classflow and in real time you can.exchange ideas and get those thoughts in.there there's no delay and again for.distance learning you have students in.one area and a professor somewhere else.there you go you want to still hook up.your video conferencing you can do that.but all the information can be exchanged.right there class flow all right so.that's it that's our basic overview of.smart board versus promethium board you.know on the one hand we had the physical.boards themselves pretty similar they.basically do the same thing well there.are some differences between the two and.then we have the software you got smart.a lot of resources great for a lesson.creation you've got Promethean get you.up and running real fast I think it's.going to be maybe a little bit easier.for some people but if you're still not.sure give us a call be happy to talk to.you about it try to find which one is.best for you and best for your budget so.give us a call at eight six six nine.four two six two seven three.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Lic Form 680 Rev 87 In Hindi Language on Android?

iOS has a large number of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most mobile users have an Android operating system. To serve the needs, CocoSign has developed the application, especially for Android users.

You can acquire the app on Play Market, install it, and you are capable to start signing documents. These are the instructions to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Press on '+' to select the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Notice the section where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to write down your signature.
  4. Put down it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to email the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your recipients immediately. CocoSign is the best way to sign a large number of docs every day, all at a cost-efficient price. It's time to forget all about signing docs with pen and keep it all electronic.

Lic Form 680 Rev 87 In Hindi Language FAQs

Here are the answers to some common problems regarding Lic Form 680 Rev 87 In Hindi Language . Let us know if you have any other problems.

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How can I fill out the details of my PPF and LIC in income tax return along with Form 16 details?

You may mention these in Computation of income - COI. If there is no column there then just keep a personal record. Provide only that much information which the software asks.

Why don't schools teach children about taxes and bills and things that they will definitely need to know as adults to get by in life?

You Don't Get The Premium Channels Because they are not the children of the School nor of the State, they are citizens. While it is necessary, it is not done because YOUR family should do this for you, should be making an effort to understand how. The assumption that school is to teach a person about the immensity of life is ridiculous and one of the ways that society leans on school (government) rather than self-empowerment. You get what you pay for. If school is a free public service than you can’t have the premium channels. Now that omission might screw up the usage of those skills but schoo Continue Reading

Can I revive my LIC policy online?

No. It's not Possible in Life Insurance! Since, the Policy gets discontinued for timely Renual Premium Payment. Life Risk is involved here. The Policy Holder has to visit the Branch Office Concerned, for Revival. The Policy Holder has to Show/Prove the fitness of himself. So that the Policy get Revived. It's in the best interest of the policy holder and Company as well! Hope this helps. Thank You!

Can we revive LIC policy online?

No. It's not Possible in Life Insurance! Since, the Policy gets discontinued for timely Renual Premium Payment. Life Risk is involved here. The Policy Holder has to visit the Branch Office Concerned, for Revival. The Policy Holder has to Show/Prove the fitness of himself. So that the Policy get Revived. It's in the best interest of the policy holder and Company as well! Hope this helps. Thank You!

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