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again spiking stadium on an overcast in.chilly afternoon today an important Big.Ten battle number 20 Nebraska and.Michigan State the Cornhuskers in.control of their own destiny in the Big.Ten's legends division tied with.Michigan for one loss in conference play.but the Wolverines only conference.defeat was last week at Nebraska.Michigan State at 2 and 3 is alive to.win the legends division but the.Spartans must win today.hello everybody and welcome I'm Sean.McDonald along with Chris Spielman we'll.be joined in just a moment by quick.kesav ik delighted to have you with us.as we get a look at the best offense in.the big 10 nebraska and the best defense.in the big 10 in Michigan State and when.this dynamic Nebraska offense is on the.field it's led by Taylor Martinez the.quarterback having an excellent junior.year yeah he really is much improved you.talk about where the improvement come.from zygous Lee it's a little bit of.technique he did a lot of work in the.offseason but the biggest improvement.comes in trust and where he's throwing a.football take a look right here it's a.well designed play against Wisconsin.they're gonna clear the middle and.here's what I'm talking about trust he's.gonna throw the ball to an area has.opposed to a man knowing that his.receivers gonna worked in an open area.and he delivers the ball before the.receivers were out of the cut that's the.biggest difference between Taylor.Martinez this year and last year in.reason why has 16 touchdowns only 5.he's in charge of a Nebraska offense.that leads the conference with 39 points.per game musters also number one of the.big ten in rushing offense and total.offense Michigan State best in the.conference and rush defense total.defense and scoring defense the Spartans.giving up just 15 points per game one of.the best in the country the problem for.them as they've been a disappointing.five and four this year is the offense.has been one of the worst in the country.yeah they lack a big plays and we're a.big play can come from as you need.Le'Veon Bell who started the year out.strong I struggled a little bit where's.he struggled he does not break any.tackles Mark Dantonio the head coach.talked about it this weekend in his.paper he's got to learn how to run.through smoke I mean make his own holes.he's a big guy at 240 pounds he's got to.have some explosion place for Michigan.State to be in his football game.the calendar has flipped to November and.we have the weather to match 37 degrees.as we approach kickoff very little wind.here at Spartan Stadium under cloudy.skies in the forecast is for it to.remain this way perhaps two inch up into.the low 40s.[Music].seventh meeting all-time between these.two schools and Michigan State has never.defeated Nebraska muster 6a no all-time.against party including a win in Lincoln.last year in the Huskies first years a.member of the big ten one-sided victory.24 to 3 for Nebraska Mark Dantonio the.coach to the Spartans said it was really.the one Big Ten game last year where.they were never really in it pretty well.handled from start to finish by Nebraska.marks it a sixth season here the.back-to-back 11 win seasons the previous.two first coach ever dent back to back.11 win seasons at Michigan State and a.terrific record in the month of November.13 and 3 including undefeated in this.month the last two seasons and Bo Pelini.terrific as the Nebraska head coach in.November as well 12 and 4 is his record.when it gets served that time of the.year when you start deciding.championships well a lot of that depends.on how everybody's hurting now if I'm.looking at both wienies offense I really.like what I'm seeing because of Taylor.Martinez who's going to start the game.but the tool threat in the.outstanding and they have big plain wide.receivers that are explosive after catch.Michigan State won the toss and deferred.Marc dead.fence on the field first in Nebraska.will receive as Devon Muma kicks off.away in East Lansing booming bit through.the back of the end zone.[Applause].Jamal Turner.here's Quintessa dick down on the.sideline guys take a look around the.stadium it's like the invasion of the.Cornhuskers Nebraska traveling really.well you go back two weeks ago at.Northwestern when the home team.Northwestern had to use a silent count.earlier this week a lot of Nebraska fans.buying tickets online for his low.dollars a ticket.to log on to their Facebook site the.Michigan State Facebook site encouraging.fans to come out and support the teams.that we need you in your seat pregame.with your game face on but everywhere.you look and during them ups there's a.chance go big red.and the fans apparently have not.responded to the Facebook message from.coach Dantonio this week there are a lot.of empty seats.at gametime but might be some stragglers.was to enjoying the tailgate Taylor.Martinez didn't complete in the front.intended for the tight end Tyler Reed.one of the best past catching tight ends.in a history of Nebraska football.Martinez the junior third year starter.that on his way to setting all kinds of.records and matter of fact he needs just.114 yards of offense today to tie the.all-time leader in Nebraska in that.category the great Heisman Trophy winner.crouch.become the all-time leading passer as.well by the time he's done with this.season steps up to four.complete tenifer quincy a noon one.broken up by Johnny Adams one of the.best quarterbacks in the country make.Michigan State's defense so strong as.they're able to play man-to-man and.match up they were worried about Taylor.Martinez running the draw but that time.max Bullough had that cover Taylor.Martinez was forced to throw into.coverage.he's an improved thrower 66% this season.has compared to 56 last year.weird is mechanics which can be a little.shaky from time to time and that pass is.way off the mark.they had a crate three and out there is.antenna for a noon whoa.and the coverage by Curtis Drummond the.starting safety.[Applause].we entered Maxwell D Michigan State.quarterback getting ready for his first.possession as Brett mocker comes on to.potty doubles as the place kicker for.Nebraska.victim placekicker and punter of the.year last year.Andre Sims.for the kick not a good one check to the.left.Michigan State sideline.shy of midfield.at a market at the nebraska 41 yard line.a 16 yard cut maher very talented at Bo.Pelini told us last night he's had a bit.of an inconsistent year then that's the.downside where he wouldn't ask for a.better start if you're Michigan State a.three and out and when you're struggling.offense the one thing you wished for and.the opening drive is great field.position here's Andrew Maxwell the.junior first year starter Midland.Michigan he told us yesterday it's about.80 miles northeast of here opens with.lay beyond Belden running back and bail.ahead for about three it's one of the.things the coaches have been imploring.Belle to do particularly early in the.game go north and southeast move it.prone to trying to bounce and it hasn't.helped him when he goes east and west.well one of the problems is that they.haven't had the same offensive behind.together all year this was the first.week that they had five guys practice.five days in the road to get.which should help this affects as far as.running the football.we've lost their starting center and.starting rate tackle for the season due.to injury Babs Jackson and Foofa no D.respectively could pass good catch.people mumphrey close to a first down at.the nebraska 31 yard line.Damien staffer the safety second leading.tackler for the Huskers they--this dr..Maxwell can throw the football in where.he's most accurate Shawn is Internet 8.the 15 yard range where he has trouble.this year so far has been those.explosive plays over 20 yards but right.there a nice throw on a run getting ou.shoulders Square to his target and.delivering one on target averaging 224.yards per game passing.first down Michigan State we're 108 in.the country in scoring it 19 points.began.petty father.[Music].[Applause].near the line of scrimmage father out of.bounds at the 20 with an 11-yard gain in.the first down if it stands bill.Lemonnier is the referee leading this.Big Ten officiating crew.[Applause].holding number 16 offense ten-yard spot.in the bow.repeat first down ciarán bird.Burbage red here the true freshman.struggled last week he looks like he has.his hands inside and nice and that's a.that's a tough call usually they let.that go if those hands are inside tough.break grabbed a little maybe too much.cloth.[Music].when you're struggling offense these are.the things that happen to set you back.that of first down of the twenty first.down fifteen back at the 38-yard line.two minutes in no score.Maxwell incomplete.hands of the Nebraska defender Andrew.green part of a rotation at cornerback.got a hand on it pretended very high.Aaron Burr bridge rare mistake by Andrew.Maxwell miss reading the coverage.Nebraska rarely breaks down in the back.end they had a breakdown right there.Deon Sims was sitting all alone twenty.yards from the line of scrimmage what.that tells me is Andrew Maxwell had in.his mind where he was going to throw the.ball before the ball was snapped.Maxwell's taken some of the criticism.for this disappointing nine games to.this point for Michigan State they're at.number 13 in the country in the.preseason polls.if I sideline caught by the freshmen.Burbridge out of bounds at the 31 yard.line.Andrew Maxwell took that strike Chris we.talked him yes base today comes with the.territory when you're a quarterback on.an offense that struggling you're gonna.take the heat I understand that I try.not to pay any attention to it well he's.been victimized to Shahan a three-game.stretch where's receivers had 18 drops.but certainly affected his completion.percentage but he does have the ability.and is still a young quarterback.learning how to read defenses they.expect him to proven today would be a.good day if you're sparred for it fan to.get him going.the offensive line the evil is hurt.drops by the receivers inconsistent.running game.Maxwell in 1310.receiver will assist again - Andrew.Greene the cornerback so the penalty.really hurt the Spartans man the field.goal team is going to come out Dan.Conroy.senior from Wheaton Illinois.sixteen field goals this year is 19 the.country and field goals made but I'm.gonna season two very close games he.said some costly misses mister 42 yarder.against Ohio State even though he made.three in that game.they lost the tight one there and he.missed one against Michigan in a two.point nos this one is and no.good looked like a little bit of trouble.with the hold in the 49 yarder looks.wide left that whole bad snap equals a.pool.all goes back to Polly knees Huskers.when we come back.Michigan State did not capitalize on a.16 yard punt by Brett Maher of Nebraska.this taylor pepper the freshman snapper.little low but the holder got it down.yeah sellers did a good job of getting.that in position but the timings messed.up when the snaps a little bit low.coming back now looking at Nebraska.first three plays throwing a ball.they're gonna try to get something going.on the ground.turns the corner as a first down I get.to run out of bounds at the 46 yard line.by Johnny Adams again a 15 in the first.first down to game 4 in Nebraska here's.their impact players brought to you by.chick-fil-a Ameer Abdullah can get it.going with on the brown Kenny Bell very.explosive after the catch is on defense.watch Eric Martin great having.- Kenny Bell.best receiver tackled immediately by.curtis grumman should be fun to watch.happen our doozy the defensive.coordinator for Michigan State said.Nebraska has the best receivers they.played this year the Michigan State has.a terrific secondary they certainly do.Sean they put a lot of pressure on their.corners to get up and take receivers out.of the game so the safeties can become.very active against the run loss of a.yard.pistol formation for Martina steers.Abdullah again nice cut to the inside.and he stumbles to the first down and.then some the Michigan State 40 William.Goulston credited with the tackle.former walk-on Justin Jackson the center.any time you can have a center that can.pull out number 72 and get a leap kick.out block on the defensive back it gives.your offense a chance to get the edge of.three walk-ons on that starting.offensive line jackson the center in.both guards been cotton the tight end.with a catch to the 34 very quick tempo.here Tim Beck the offensive coordinator.yesterday said one thing they're going.to try to do against this talented.Michigan State team is really.fast-tempo here's my disguise by Jimmy.Adams at the 21 Weston ten Nebraska.after a thirteen year at run by Martinez.so you see the speed of Taylor Martinez.running stride for stride with Johnny.Abbas but a good decision not to take an.unnecessary hit that sub D Tim Beck also.told us that Taylor needs to work on.going to bounce or get down he's too.valuable to this offense to take any.unnecessary hits.he was slipping last week left ankle.bothering him in their win at home.against Michigan that he was a little.short.but felt better late this week in.practice we are again.Rex Burkhead without standing running.back.followed by a sprain mean as.day.[Music].fake to him and it's mightiness.close to another first down with a flag.down right in the middle of the line of.scrimmage.the Niko's Allen and Mitchell white made.the stop for Michigan State right in the.area of holding to go get number 62 Cole.pencak.holding offense number 62.10-yard penalty for the previous spot.repeat first now we're heavily penalized.team they overcame a hundred and four.yards and penalties.last week to beat Michigan the second.game this year with more than 100 yards.in penalties and even though they had a.holding there Sean right there they.exposed Michigan State a little bit and.they're starting to win that battle up.front against that big defensive line of.the Spartans.good Nebraska offensive wine.[Applause].Jamal Turner.by max Bullough leading tackler for the.Spartans for the second year in a row in.one of the 12 semi-finals for the.funke's award is the best linebacker in.the country and he's certainly capable.of winning an award he's outstanding a.lot of his credit goes to the film by.the guys watch film but max Poulos.develops his instincts off the film and.you can see that when he plays the game.bulges were telling us and Max confirmed.he can't watch film from last year he.thought was this day I think I was.terrible in every game last year ok.watching.throws an interception one socratis drum.in the safety as if he was the intended.receiver.[Applause].Tim Beck the offensive coordinator last.night said the most important thing is.we have to be sound and protect the.football and.enos with a careless interception well.first of all Marcus rush number 44 is.going to be able to get the pressure.Taylor Martinez has a bad read on this.this is something that he has not done.all year yes Kenny Bell ranked her 230.when he tries to force the football down.the field of Marcus rush.I think delivers a nice blow to disrupt.the release of the ball.and on the spot big big turnover for the.Spartan defense that's why they're.number one in the Big Ten.second interception of the year for.Drummond sophomore.Maxwell under Center down.his aim 32 lavr.wide receivers.pass looking for Aaron Burr bridge.[Applause].in a very late flag firaon just now.hitting the ground.nearly four pass interference against.Stanley jean-baptiste.jean-baptiste is actually in good.position on the initial pre-snap look.he's taken away the inside the bird.still beats me inside in jean-baptiste.the converted wide receivers huge four.corner six three tuna 10 pirates.he fights under 16.[Applause].this alignment right here Shawn he's.inside trying to take it away amber. does a good job to sell an outside.working back to the inside he's a good.position but the left arm gave him the.hook he got the hook with the flag we.mentioned his size he was a wide.receiver last year they moved him over.during a year they think he starred in.the making phase the boundary corner 13.yards on the.one.jean-baptiste up there around the line.of scrimmage to make the tackle well.it's going to be Bell and almost.exclusively Bell if they give it to a.running back he started the day with 247.carries all other running backs on their.team had 39 combined it's kind of been.the history of Michigan State even going.back when Mark Dantonio in his early.years Jeff on ringer used to have a ton.of carries it's just what they do.Devlin Baker last year.with spell belt from time to time he's.now the.[Applause].Le'Veon averaging 118 rushing yards per.game for the Big Ten and 15th in the.nation it's not a lot of room to run and.we watched the film yesterday I just.didn't see that Bush that you normally.see from a physical Spartan offensive.line they're not really changing the.line of scrimmage like they have in the.past.[Applause].Bell comes out on third down and eight.we know he is a good pass receiver.tied for second on their team in.reception with 29.[Applause].four wide receivers that's the tight end.Dion Sims emotions.nice grab in traffic by the talented.Sims who's been hampered for a lotta.this year by a sprained ankle.first down what an athlete at 285 pounds.Deon Simms running the beam working on.Corey Cooper good throw by Maxwell.throwing to the back shoulder away from.coverage that's the connection that you.want to have when you work on in.practice where the receiver understands.where the balls coming before it's being.thrown he worked his hips around to make.a great catch with his hands 10-yard.game first in ten.[Applause].back to the run of it.39 yard line pickup before Shawn Fisher.made the tackle to senior linebacker his.best game of the year last week against.Michigan according to the coaches had.seven tackles one man who's battled some.injuries during his time perfect 4.0.student in Business Administration wants.to go to medical school and probably one.of the tallest inside linebackers you'll.see at six foot six.they seek a sixth year of eligibility.for him his Baldy injuries.inside handoff next.Bell trying to find some.dances down to the 36 yard line will.Compton the leading tackler on the year.from the brass conveyor the stop that's.the perfect example that Mark Dantonio.was talking about lately on board he's.to the west or north to the south take a.look right here right now hit it right.up in there you have a North and South.Pole and while you're dancing I don't.know you find that safety you load your.pads you run him over.that's what mark is trying to get out of.them that's not what he's get from.though right now.early on five carries for 12 yards for.Bell Jr from Reynoldsburg Ohio here's a.third down in three just on the fringe.of field goal range for.[Music].[Applause].[Music].more the Dione again they.and it's either Maxwell and another.first down.the reception 11-yard gain he caught the.game-winning touchdown pass from Maxwell.in overtime last week at Wisconsin it's.all about tendencies you know Nebraska's.gonna be man to man Dion Sims comes.across the line of scrimmage across the.field throws a nice little pick where.Benny Fowler's coming from the other.side knocking off the man coverage easy.conversion for Michigan State.Spartan coaches told us yesterday last.year at Nebraska the receivers had a.very tough time getting open against the.physical best coverage of the.Cornhuskers down in trouble again and.gets and under for loss of one back to.the 26 yard line.[Music].watch this a Brassica defense.they do do well with s'more.good speed good athletes head trouble.gives to team stuff in a run.yep that fixed a little bit cuz we're.getting her safe he's involved against.UCLA and Ohio State we kind of burned.him on the ground.- really bad games on defense those two.that you mentioned UCLA out in LA scored.36 in the 36 30 win over Nebraska.the only other loss for the Huskers this.year was at Ohio State 63 to 38 Nick.Hill comes in running back.bridge Stanley jean-baptiste the.coverage it is pronounced jean-baptiste.by the way for a while.then call jean-baptiste Nicole the.husker ports administration staff that.it is jean-baptiste Gina Jean Jean right.there does it cook of keeping his look.and lien technique in place not putting.his hands or interfering with the ride.receive we're trusting the hands of the.receiver going up he turns his head and.knocks the ball away.outstanding man-to-man coverage and.technique by jean-baptiste.there's another third down there.converted a couple on this drive third.down at 11 they are in field goal range.it brings five.frozen.the daddy father is.see auntie Evans had coverage.[Applause].and you're gonna see this play you're.gonna see where Evans does not need to.put his left hand on him then mitten.looked like it was going to be catchable.and it didn't look like there was some.contact the officials are talking about.it.that's interference defense number 17.[Applause].second pass interference penalty on this.ride this is where you have to trust.your technique John he's a great.physician they can weigh me inside he's.playing upfield Schroeder see that left.hand doesn't need to be there he's a.perfect position just trust your.training and go up and play the.receivers hands guys get nervous out.there when they're on an island telling.you.when the coaches rave about Tiant a.Evans nickel back in corner.ventured player.[Applause].dan France starting left tackle the.Michigan State bothered by a knee.problem the last couple of weeks and.also concussions he did not start the.last two games Donovan Clark who.struggled last week at Wisconsin has.come in for him number 76.big hook up in Madison Maxwell running.out of time throws off the hands of.Belle.jean-baptiste lully mistimed his leap.and it bell in the hands but he couldn't.haul it in it's all apart it's all about.guys just missing the football guys with.the reliable hands Jean Baptiste former.wide receiver can go up and catch the.ball lay beyond bells gonna sneak out.from the backfield run a little bit of.wheel route good recovery by Jean.Baptiste he just missed times asleep and.LaVey on bail normally reliable hands.another missed opportunity kind of been.a microcosm of Michigan State year right.there.ten from the 11.makes attacking scores.[Applause].once his longest run in the last three.games.pass interference penalties really hurt.in Nebraska and the Huskers trail six to.nothing with Dan Conroy's the extra.point to come he's made 72 pts and.73 and that's three shy of the Michigan.State school record.68 yards in ten plays after the.interception by Curtis Drummond and.scored the touchdown.the short drive down Michigan Avenue.from the Michigan State campus in East.Lansing Michigan State Capitol in.neighboring.lansing lady on bail had 11 yards for.the game before his 11 yard touchdown.run puts party ahead versus oh he's.gonna get a kick out right in here by.mcdonald but here's what we're talking.about not east in the west north to.south one cut and hit it north and south.but he does that that's what he's most.effective than what do you know he's.doing what he's coach do we get six.points.rushing touchdown.of this season.picked off.take it in.4:28 to go in the first quarter michigan.state seven and nebraska.sean mcdonagh Chris Spielman quit.Testament.and in East Lansing Michigan wife is.leading 7-nothing they took advantage of.a turnover.and then a couple of Nebraska pass.interference penalty.Taylor Martinez and the Huskers jailed.by a touchdown they start from their own.25.[Applause].five nine 185 pounds but you could see.when you watch and play in the coaches.confirmed he is strong and explosive.yeah and he's a good inside runner and.you know you would think they would miss.that without Rex Burkhead but they don't.miss the feet in my opinion when a.mirror f doulas totally Rock sophomore.from Homewood Alabama.[Music].the eight of 12.and first down for Nebraska.and a big key to their success this year.they averaged seven and a half yards for.the season on first down.there goes Martinez on first down left.to the races.[Applause].quiz dinar took advantage of the slight.angle to run down Martinez inside the.5-yard line sucks the yard run.first in Gaul Nebraska what a good read.on the defensive end by Taylor Martinez.when you have number 62 tends to coming.in leading away getting a block on the.safety and this is something you don't.see very often denars.does a good job of chasing down the.speedy Martinez it's all about reading.the proper read decided to keep instead.of handed off big play the brass ball.initially a 59-yard.as they market at the floor first and.goal.[Applause].Anthony Rashad white senior nose tackle.330 pounder you wonder if Martinez might.have scored if his ankle was a little.bit sore because we've seen him run the.last few years and he's just about as.fast as anybody.[Music].that's the first time Sun I've seen him.walk there.him off before he is walked by bernard.ii and all three minutes to go in the.quarter.[Applause].yeah good.this is clearly spot you know Abdul is.long for a guys 185 pounds where they.miss Birkhead he has the knack he.insured yardage and goal line situations.for scoring and picking up first down.they had a formation with a line.Birkhead up at quarterback under center.he would fake through to Patel back to.the full-back turn around and fall.it was a big bold line play for them.against Ohio State with sports and.touchdowns certainly don't have that.ability to see wrecks right there.wishing he could play there's still only.about 75% that a sprained knee they've.tried it a couple of times this year.when he hasn't been a hundred percent it.really has.Jet Set back so Bo says he's gonna wait.till he's 100% Imani cross.powerfully-built true freshman running.back in at tailback but first a timeout.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].they're huge third and goal up coming.from the two while we have a moment we.remind you tonight on ABC's Saturday.night football national championship.hopes on the line for a Kansas State as.the Wildcats host number 24.Oklahoma State a state number two in the.BCS standings with Saturday Night.Football presented by Windows 8 tonight.at 8 Eastern 5 Pacific and right now.Colin Klein seems to be the runaway.leader in the race for the Heisman.Trophy chance on national TV to enhance.that candidacy to know I'm talking about.a guy.accuracy Colin Klein has done that a.true dual threat let's see if Kansas.State can handle prosperity people are.starting to notice they were a quiet.team now they know everybody knows who.they are where they are and how they.play.coach Schneider if anybody could keep.him focused on the task at hand would be.bill Schneider and quiet.they come out with a different formation.now after the timeout back to the spread.then of the i-formation they showed.prior to the timeout and that might have.caught Michigan State off-guard.there's the Spartans use timeout not the.right personnel out there.pleased to welcome in for the first we.hope many visits today Robert Flores.back in the studio that's right John I'm.gonna be here all day so live with that.Taco Bell's studio update Carlos Hyde.after Ohio State spotted Illinois an.early lay he plunges in from in close.Buckeyes leading 7 to 6 on ESPN.should be a local.Montecristi would think today but some.tough games left for the undefeated.Buckeyes down the stretch they still.have to go to Wisconsin of course the.annual battle with Michigan which is in.Columbus right after Thanksgiving and.one thing they've done is they've played.down to their competition they've played.up to their competition they've learned.their lessons while they're winning.though third down and.Taylor Martinez.looks to the sidelines for help.[Applause].touchdown.good call by Tim back and well executed.by the Huskers are there an extra point.away from the time it's all about.matchups Kenny fell right here is going.to run Denard off number 80 that bill is.working one-on-one against Allen number.28 got a matchup it's almost a little.bit of the pick and that bill WA has the.speed and quickness the planted corn in.the end zone in a deliverable catchable.ball by Martinez.I was Abdullah to catch an inch drive to.school.[Applause].[Music].until the second receeding touchdown of.the year here's Brett Maher to tie it.[Music].is Dean.DJ mangieri is what season as their.snapper they all execute.we're at 77.when lockers kick off.[Applause].Elsworth.brings out to the 17 yard line go back.and take a look at the tying touchdown.by the Cornhuskers watch Kenny Allen.working inside working one-on-one with.Johnny Adams he's gonna get the pick.right there on Allen even Abdullah space.to work til that Martinez looks off the.other way you see Allen get caught.behind the pic and Abdullah with an easy.six well designed play by Tim back the.offensive coordinator of Nebraska.whereas the coaches were telling us a.lot of kids in Lincoln on halloween were.dressed as Kenny Bell very computer.player coach has been hearing a lot of.throw it to to the throw travel around.Lake Inn.[Music].as is so often the case there's lady.[Music].[Applause].one yard line.[Music].dhanraj are the offensive coordinator.talking about the need to break some.runs and they're starting to today this.is good for twenty four one thing.Le'Veon can do is get once depth and.making a move he had andrew green number.eleven in position to make a tackle with.the line of scrimmage but the big fella.gave him a leg and took it away.fooled mr. green.dan Roche our like Andrew Maxwell he's.taking a lot of heat here locally but.the struggles the offense of course he.was the same guy coordinated the offense.last year.goes into the bag of tricks Benny Fowler.shoved out of bombs.in Nebraska territory at the 48 run out.by Damien Stafford the gain of 12 in a.first down for Michigan State love to.play calling of Roche are you just.mentioned and to get their mix it and.matching and once they get lay beyond.going the defense has to count form so.now you have plays like reverses the.Fowler that go ahead and take advantage.of an over pursuing defense because.we're all going to bail.last week's game winning touchdown a big.boost of Benny Fowler you mentioned the.drops earlier in the year Chris and.Fowler had a couple of key drops in.their losses go hiyo State and Notre.Dame.the 45 will Compton made the tackle and.the coaches are also having that last.Drive at Wisconsin they were down ten to.three in the fourth quarter last week in.Madison and Maxwell drove them 75 yards.in about five minutes they scored on a.shovel pass with 108 to go and Andrew.was eight out of nine on that drive have.four stood it over time and they wound.up winning on his path to follow in the.overtime and the most impressive pass.was any overtime the Falmouth which was.a back shoulder throw which is a very.difficult throw to make and he put it.right on target Benny did a good job.with adjusting his hips to seal the.victory.so hit as he throws and it's incomplete.Tony Lippett the intended receiver Eric.Martin their best most dynamic pass.rusher off the edge delivered the hip.this is why we put them in impact.players right there just a quick inside.move and if you look at Michigan State's.offensive line where they struggle they.struggle at the tackle position in pass.protection when you have speed offensive.tackles are often afraid of guy coming.inside he set him up beautiful with a.stick and swim.I love the stick and swim.[Applause].final seconds of the opening quarter in.this big ten battle.Aska trying to stay in command in the.legends division naturals pass behind.Tony Lippett.andrew green had the coverage fourth.down at eight and looks like Mark.Dantonio sent the punt team Alexandra.Maxwell's grown fourth straight.incomplete Castle you see that that's.what I don't understand because he's.certainly capable making the throw you.have an easy throw the slant throws an.easy throw to make you have to put the.ball on two numbers you don't put it.behind him especially when he hasn't.boxed out he had the defensive back.boxed out perfectly for the first down.just missed opportunity again.Sadler punts.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].one of the best recruiting classes in.the nation once again.John Calipari Kentucky Wildcats have.reloaded they try to defend the national.championship don't miss our exclusive.multi-part series coverage one of the.top basketball programs in the country.all access Kentucky Wednesdays at 7:00.on ESPN.here in East Lansing they were excited.about another season of.aspire to basketball Tom Izzo's squad.had an exhibition game here last night.and it looks very good now now I.struggle a little bit on the free-throw.line Coach Izzo will address that.problem yes man it pays attention to.detail he's here today.like looking and their family.play of the first quarter of one yard in.one Jones Marcus rush near the town.as we expected a defensive struggle a.good defensive case tied at Stephanie.after one quarter in East Lansing.Michigan.[Music].welcome you back to East Lansing.Michigan Michigan State in Nebraska big.ten battle 7-7 after one quarter Sean.McDonough Chris Spielman quicktest Nick.our producer Paul Garrett and our.director Mike Schwab Taylor Martinez now.36 yards away from becoming the all-time.leader in Nebraska in total offense will.pass the great Eric Crouch.second and nine first play of the second.quarter Kenny Bell trying to shake.Johnny Adams.now the bound to the 24-yard line.actually.the clock keeps moving as we look at the.Pacific Life game summary and stats from.the first quarter and edge in yards to.Nebraska mention time of possession for.Michigan sticky hard to believe where.their offensive woes this year that.Michigan State is actually number one in.the big 10 in time of possession for the.year.penis and a nice catch by Tim Marlow the.senior from Youngstown Ohio just his.fourth catch of the year is he's here in.only three games due to a broken.clavicle 15 yard game there's confidence.in your arm right there Taylor Martinez.and years passed with it tucked it and.run that time he trusted receiver to get.open he trusted his arm.formation.[Applause].buildin wilt Goulston made the tackle.right off the line of scrimmage Goulston.in a monster game at Wisconsin last week.four and a half tackles for a loss he's.a great talent Chris but he's one of.those guys who shows up boli's Peretti.William has the ability to be as good as.he wants to do and he can change a game.on his own but he also disappears at.times as you said the interesting Shawn.Nebraska has a 115 rushing yards.Michigan State gives up 91 yards a game.they had 115 in the first quarter.nebraska by martinez 59-yard it is set.up.[Music].places ahead for a couple Kaiser.Reynolds and Tyler whoever a couple of.backup interior defensive linemen in.there made the tackle.here we go third and eight this is good.on good receiver against corner coverage.versus receivers Michigan State no doubt.we'll get up and challenge a man-to-man.we'll find out who wins the battle.Marquess Dennard matched up against.Kenny Bell.[Applause].play clock at 3:00 in movement.right tackle Andrew Rodriguez we tackle.rotation per offense.he comes in a great tackle as a backup.they switch the starting right tackle.Jeremias turtles over to the left side.Kanika salen was coming out of blitz.right there and he started toward the.line of scrimmage and Rodriguez got a.little antsy he's worried about getting.beat with speed off the corner.[Applause].thirteen.[Applause].my Titus in trouble.going to try to throw it now it seems.okay.and there's a flag down it was off the.hands of Tim Marlowe with Isaiah Lewis.the safety chasing em.we mentioned he's had a broken clavicle.and you wonder he's reinjure himself on.the far sideline well I think they're.gonna nail Marcus rush number 44 for.roughing the passer personal foul.defense number 20.[Applause].fifteen yard penalty.automatic first down direction that was.a 27 Curtis Drummond.crowd just saw the replay you're about.to see on the screen as you can tell.they didn't like it look like Justin.Jackson the center also got away a.little holding there.[Applause].it is still football as a nun boy I'll.tell you that's a that's a tough call.that's terrible CJ and drummers just.coming in making it plain when you look.at his shot it looks like he's trying to.pull up in the void the contact.they said I hit yeah oh you're loading.it I guess you're not allowed to hit to.the neck or the helmet and it didn't.look like that to me.and actually hit him in the helmet the.helmet Marlowe's back on his.feet crowd still upset.[Applause].they busted play.matías down a couple Micajah Reynolds.the Niko's Allen made the tackle let's.go look at the penalty once again.I guess he did catch a minute in the.chin yeah it looked like it was just.about face mask the face mask as you see.it again I'd say that's a good call yeah.see Martinez his head snapped back.[Music].nothing delivered or intentional about.the hit but that's the rules you got to.know that avoid it so as we said all.along a very good.[Applause].should know when bill Lemonnier is on.the field they're gonna get it right the.vast majority the time who is one of the.best in the business has worked a lot of.career you know sometimes it's.frustrating because you want to avoid.the intentional handsome guys it just.playing football they try to pull up and.they touch the helmet that's where the.rules are the rules but it's just.frustrating for players sometimes cuz.we're trying to avoid depending on.emphasis on preventing concussions are.going to call that every time.Danny Andrew Rodriguez moving ahead of.us now.60 turn off.[Applause].[Music].Bo's intents former sideline to the.penalty last week we're in sportsmanlike.conduct Bo Pelini put the screen they're.showing a replay or whatever the point.he was making apparently is confirmed by.what he saw on the.[Applause].the big screen like the dulce de.headlines and not persuaded.third down and 11.already five penalties against Nebraska.Murli four minutes into the second.quarter.[Applause].five man rush Martinez beautiful.by Kenny Bell.Danko's Alan China's trick the ballot he.finally wrestles him down at the 17 yard.line 33 yards first down.Huskers this story hit it in the pregame.that Taylor Martinez trust his wide.receivers and opposed to waiting for guy.to come open he's going to trust he's.going to come open as Kenny Bell run.straight down the seam beats Denis Casal.and he's supposed to carry them and he's.thrown to the spot the biggest.difference between last year Taylor.Martinez in this year Taylor Martinez.Taylor's now the all-time leader in.total offense at Nebraska's move past.Eric Crouch in against.ruch sophomore from Cincinnati out of.the great molar program his second sack.of the season mark this brush will hit.man with a squib move comes inside.because he has Norman the outside.linebacker coming from the outside he.hits with a stick swim inside Rodriguez.is confused to which guy the block.always blocked the most dangerous guy.that's the inside pass rusher leave the.outside guy alone let the quarterback.take care of him Ross at 10 Tim Marlow.has come back on the field for Nebraska.[Applause].naughtiness is still the all-time leader.in offense even with that.he pulls it down and takes off up the.middle.[Music].inside the 15 by the Niko salad the.junior linebacker from Hamilton Ohio.their second leading tackling on the.team behind max Bullough would obtain.for defensive deal with Taylor Martinez.when he makes this behind up to run he.has a nice little first along with the.dart Robinson Braxton Miller probably.the most dangerous dual threat.quarterback in the big ten right up.there with those two.tonio compare.Martina's - those - of course Michigan.State lost to both Ohio State and.Michigan.[Applause].Martinez knows that it's drops.uncharacteristic dropped by Kenny Bell.with Johnny Adams and coverage might.have been a touchdown to be held on.again you're right shot Kenny Bell nine.times out of 10 makes this the catch.Taylor Martinez again throwing to the.spot Johnny Adams coming in late getting.beat inside but never quitting on the.play.[Applause].there's a 30-yard field goal try now by.Brett maher senior from Kearney Nebraska.former walk-on he missed it.[Applause].he's a talented guy Bo Pelini said.yesterday's an inconsistent year and.leaps T met he had evidence here today.still tied at 7 just under nine minutes.to go in the first half.[Music].there's a look at today's trivia.question only three players in college.football history if thrown for 5,000.yards and rushed for 2500 or more prior.to their senior season it's topical.today because Taylor Martinez has a.chance to do that before the year is.over this is jr. one of who are those.three players did you cheat again this.week or you're gonna honestly ethically.hazard a guess.[Music].they'll head for bout three before a.good yank back by Baker Stein cooler and.will Compton had an idea.got a shared with us we believe dinars.Robinson has to be close to that.trivia breath that's why I said I he.gotta believe that he's not close to.that that's what I meant.Taylor Martinez.122 rushing yards and he will be at.5,000 2,500 double.Maxwell doesn't run much he can the.coaches have told the tag I'm gonna run.from time to time give the defense's.somebody else to think about.to the 29 Andrew Maxwell is an excellent.athlete we visited with him yesterday.the big guy let me bid a 6-3 about 215.pounds and in high school he jumped 6 7.he finished 2nd in the state of Michigan.in a high school high jump when he said.it was a hobby said I didn't really know.how to do the steps I would look at the.marks that other competitors but now I'm.trying to mimic their steps he lost in a.jump off in the state championship track.meet on 3rd and 1 Mitchell able to get.to him.from PJ Smith to take him down then a.very late flag thrown right at the end.of the run which went to the Nebraska 31.yard line 40 yards in a first down.midway through the second quarter this.is not a rare occasion when you see.people have a goal line defense or short.yardage defense in that tailback burst.through there to the second level no.safety deep.you'll get big yards personal foul.number 37 hit on a defenseless player.15-yard penalty still results first.attack.Trevon Pendleton.redshirt freshman from lucasville ohio.the fullback called for it but there's a.good job hitting then it comes back and.Le'Veon Bell burst through there nothing.but green and a safety and keep an eye.right there.to the tackle we gotta admire the hustle.by Pendleton trying to get down there.and help and I think he's about in China.fears about the hustle against ups.self-inflicted wounds I mean that's been.have been the story of Michigan State.this year.Andrew Maxwell play-action pass going.for.[Music].traffic touchdown toilet.[Applause].[Applause].longest catch of the season by Lippitt.now a stoppage it might be the previous.play is under review.it is being reviewed by John chorus the.replay official.good job of lipid coming back for the.football and touchdown touchdown.touchdown and what's been missing from.Spartan offense all year we talked about.in the open lack of explosive big plays.well right there back-to-back explosion.by Lainey I'm bill getting in on the.short yardage then the deep ball to limp.it over the top we made a great.adjustment to come back and secure the.football.the ruling of a touchdown has been.confirmed.where's touched out of the season where.Tony Lippett.[Applause].46 yarder from Maxwell.it's just two yards short of andrew's.longest pass completion of the year.[Applause].we were bad last year's medic started.five games on defense last season.extra-point goodbye Dan Conroy Michigan.State leading this mistake privilege on.this big room to Nebraska 14 to 7 656 to.go in the half.[Music].there's election days Tuesday the.students here in Michigan statement.having a get-out-the-vote Drive.[Music].apparently Smarties.consideration right here is the right.Sparty.[Music].14 to 7.[Applause].Sparta's happily.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].by Kenny Bell.the jean-baptiste right here is going to.come from the safety position can.imposition to make a play he's going to.help Josh Mitchell on the inside josh.has the outside knowing he's having.safety help and look at jean-baptiste.does not go up and make a play on the.ball lipid comes back for the ball the.second time this game that jean-baptiste.has had a chance to make the play on the.ball it has not made one like guarantee.at the former safety boat Polly no bump.off Bo Pelini excuse me is making that.point to him right now go make a play on.the ball you have the skills to do it.we mentioned a mistake from they've been.Taylor Martinez throwing a sloppy.interception they have the to pass.interference penalties on Michigan.State's first touchdown drive.was going to be a touchdown pass to.Kenny Bell mr. chip shot here go.mistakes data things that get together.ask you.it's players as well.kenny bell taken down by Kurtis Drummond.in a big loss back there the 16 yard.line.[Applause].9-yard loss.vision.running off the field for the Michigan.State defense they got everybody off.man rush after Taylor Martinez.we decided to flee the.in trouble and chased out for those one.Jones ran them out here's Robert Flores.all right dr. pepper conference update.from the SEC this is good news for.Florida Ole Miss is leading Georgia in.Athens Bo Wallace to Jamal Mosely it was.ten nothing before Georgia answered with.a long touchdown pass of their own but.they're still trailing ten seven to Ole.Miss at home.this team it's concur.21 Nebraska universe that is set up the.springiness batted.is finished by will Goldston.nice job with Goldston have not.just madly pass rushing their greeting.his offensive tackle coming off of his.past Russian that 6/7 frame does a good.job of reading the quarterback and.getting a big Paul up there for the.blocked shot.[Music].a sophomore from Detroit.here's Brett maher then a rough day.miss birdy arts their goal.this is much better.at the 35.45 my damn Ian Stafford 51 yards.in a 10-yard return.matchup of outstanding offense against.great defense Michigan State has elite.[Music].back in East Lansing Michigan where.Michigan State leads Nebraska 14 to 7.and they'll take over will the Spartans.a good field position Andrew Maxwell two.years as the understudy who Kirk Cousins.will the great quarterbacks in Michigan.State history.now in the NFL with the Washington.Redskins.it's Thomas befall back in front of lady.on bail.lay action pass.eight yards on first down for the.Spartans Andrew Green made the tackle.it's a nice job of play calling by then.rush are the offensive coordinator.Le'Veon Bell and getting some positive.yards on first down so the natural thing.to do anytime you want a safe pass and.get your quarterback in rhythm nice.little option route by mumphrey good.position eight yards second and two just.what you want.Compton is coming out of place.and well defended by BJ Smith who.tripped up Benny Fowler's for loss.it'll be third down in three at the.48-yard line loss of one on that play.discipline right there by PJ Smith.disregarding fake and off up the middle.of Le'Veon Bell playing his.responsibility understanding has.contained making a good open field.tackle on Benny Fowler.next well from a Michigan State family.his grandparents.[Music].[Applause].longtime season ticket holders granddad.grandmother still has ur season tickets.as you're watching her grandson today.and who has to pull it down shuttles of.is incomplete in the general directional.ad on Bell in the Nebraska defense holds.well Nebraska does a great job of.matchup zone earlier in a game they got.beat on a crossing Rob man-to-man.coverage that time the defenders.switched to crossing receivers they were.able to cover everybody down before she.max will ever throw it away.John popochan first-years the defensive.coordinator took over for Karl Pelini.like Sadler.bye Tim Marlowe f12 402 de Gaulle in the.first half 36 yard punt by Mike sample.[Music].Michigan State leads Nebraska 14 to 7 4.minutes to go till a half while we were.a they announced the penalty during that.hunt against Juan Jones of Michigan.State you have to be smart and not hurt.your team and be unselfish.Eric Martens throwing a block right here.it's a clean block and watch the right.hook.you throw a right hook you don't need a.ride hook it hurts your team that's not.a Marc Dantonio coach football team.right there bad mistake by twan Jones.field positions all about field position.in a game of inches and just gave him a.free 15.[Applause].- spinach there's the 27.max Bullough jr. from Traverse City.Michigan third generation Spartan his.grandfather Hank the guard here in the.early fifties his dad Shane a terrific.linebacker and team captain the mid-80s.Hank was my defensive coordinator in.1993 in Detroit really taught me a lot.about the schemes of pro football more.than any quotes that I've ever had an.outstanding coach Hank pool.watching his grandson today.[Applause].against his dad in a state championship.came in 1982 for Cincinnati molar Don.about Nebraska second team timeout.now you asked max yesterday well who's.going to be the all-time leading tackler.among the bolas cuz his Uncle Chuck.played at Michigan State as well as you.see they also have family members on the.morse side of the family who's played at.Notre Dame he was a little bit torn was.max when he was being recruited Michigan.State a Notre Dame the fall of his dad.and grandfather Hank below here you.asked him who's gonna have the most.tackles and he said I won't because we.play all these defensive teams now not.maybe old days when teams used to play.power football the linebackers made all.the tackles well I've seen a lot of good.linebackers on film and he's right up.there with the best shot very.instinctive he's smart he could run he.makes plays and disengaged blocks he.understands concepts and the thing I.love about him is that he works at it.works really hard and he's critical on.himself but he's still confident in.himself as a player.absolutely.the classroom as well create Student.Finance this one timeout left for.Nebraska nama 3:23 to go in the half.second date.Tanna skeptic.he turns the corner.[Applause].[Music].touchdown 71 yards.[Applause].[Music].sometimes you make up for it play not by.making a great catch but making a great.block any bells going to come in here.crackback displaying spring tales of.Martinez right there's the crack back.given Taylor Martinez the corner and.this time Denard doesn't have the wheels.to catch the speedy Martinez.Kenny felt right here beautiful job and.coming back cutting off the pursuit from.Taylor Martinez with the finishing speed.to get six on the board.47 yards rushing on just seven carries.today's markers extra bite is tided with.311 to go in the first half.it's time to answer today's Aflac trivia.question only three players in college.football history of thrown for 5,000.rushed for 2,500 or more prior to.reaching their senior season who are.they.I choose not to answer but colin.kaepernick it's one window Ellen of.course Brad Smith of Missouri which.would have been my answer if I would.have chose the answer and Taylor.Martinez is 53 rushing yards away from.joining that group he's certainly going.to do that missed at injuries healed of.some angst didn't Nebraska this week his.health after he limped around a bit.against Michigan but he's had two long.runs.season-high 147 yards rushing.but ma heard down by Kyler Elsworth and.here's Robert Flores fire shot here's.what's happening on SportsCenter right.now brought to you by HP Notre Dame is.eight know for the first time since 2002.number three in the BCS standings but.Pitt leads 10 six second quarter in.South Bend ray Graham the touchdown run.for the Panthers Sean.[Music].all right Robert thank you.teller Martinez's career-high rushing.yards in a game is 210 at Kansas State.in 2010.we may break that too the way he's going.he said runs of 1350 914 and 71 it's.hard to believe he Gunn is some tough.criticism in Nebraska wants a while he's.a good player man he's a really good.football player.they're slowed by Jason anchors.PJ Smith helped you out on the ground I.shortchange Taylor Martinez he has 241.rushing yards in a game at k-state in.2010.[Music].both teams able to establish their will.on the ground they found bail at 104.yards.well if it's been north and south.they wanted from.this 100-yard rushing game of the season.max.Dion Sims the PJ Smith in coverage.senior safety for Louisiana.that's what Nebraska does well they.really played match up zone what I mean.by that when they given in the coverage.they don't cover dirt they jump routes.and they play routes PJ Smith had a.little pick right there.Maxwell never saw him again though mark.it down as an opportunity that Nebraska.had to make a difference in this.ballgame some mistakes which John.purchases there I don't want to mess his.name up and he's a good coach good gun.coach.the purchases defense rises to the.occasion.Blanchard who's in there in.extra DP situations with help from.Damien Stafford and they stuff the run.fourth down and one.one timeout left for Nebraska jompa.pooches uses a lot of players that you.see just to come in here and do a good.job of coming inside the block of Blake.Treadwell throwing his body in front of.the ball carrier stopping any forward.momentum.[Applause].[Music].where is Mike Sadler two-putt with a.perfect 4.0 student with a sophomore.with engineering's.[Music].the 13 yard line.[Music].the ESPN college football's available.anytime anywhere on your computer or.mobile device by a watch espn.com and a.watch we SP an app we put that the good.use after our telecast last Saturday at.State College Pennsylvania very hard.stadium to get out of another stadium.the parking lot we enjoy a little.postgame tailgating and watched a lot of.games on watch ESPN that's it I love it.I mean I use it everywhere use I got out.of was that Penn State of course in.Lubbock Texas which is a fun place to.get in and out of yes you can spend a.lot of time in that Airport thank.goodness you watch ESPN.after 52 yard punt the braska backed up.to the 14 yard line.at one time out.we got frisky they elect again.Taylor Martinez.47 yards he's been on for 49.I've been cotton the tight-end normally.the sure-handed.and cotton even though it was a little.knuckleball coming out of Martinez's.hands threw off his back foot which I.think interrupted the trajectory at the.football.[Music].clearly his mechanics are so much better.than the last few years when he used to.point his left shoulder way up in the.air and drop his right shoulder look.like he's throwing a javelin a lot of.the time.[Applause].made in a much more consistent accurate.thrower.design run.[Applause].next bullet took him down after a gain.of about eight.he's first player in Nebraska history.with more than 8,000 yards of total.offense.pretty sure Eric Crouch is not watching.today rod casting in Boulder Colorado in.a Stanford Colorado game kinda read the.catch the best pass-catching tight ends.ever in Nebraska to the 26 and now they.pick up the tempo yes they will.I like the fact that getting aggressive.staying aggressive playing the win.play-action pass Martinez deep down the.middle of field in 2d.Quincy a nun one.he had been known as a nun WA but Matt.Davison the outstanding analyst under.Nebraska radio broadcast point out a.couple of weeks ago you've seen us when.you go to Lincoln the players introduced.themselves on the video stream before.the game hi I'm Taylor Martinez jr. from.California and Quincy came on the screen.said I'm a Quincy a new one they also a.new one he became a new moi and Jean.Baptiste became G Betty yes.then see you've never bothered.[Applause].good tackle by Chris Norman senior team.captain who's lost his starting job but.still a very valuable member of the.defense 30 career starts but this year.Tuan Jones's supplanted him as a starter.Norman still providing plenty of help.read an article in the paper about Chris.Norman that's what you want from your.seniors unselfish and doing anything he.can to help the team even though he did.lose the starting job leadership.eight under 1/2 minute to go in the half.[Applause].timeout called by Michigan State.[Music].[Applause].[Music].Taylor Martinez look at his day.again a good blocking the goodreads by.Taylor Martinez not only.running the football didn't come pretty.well throwing the football except for.the inexplicable intersection that he.had early.right here the speed.to finish display.drop.[Applause].really grown not just in the throwing.we've mentioned a lot about the.improvement as mechanics and the results.have come with it.but he's grown into the leadership.aspect of it as well he's a guy who's.taken some heat from time to time in.Nebraska but Bo Pelini flying this week.[Music].the last time out in force from the.Punk'd Johnny Adams hits the deck and.they do throw a flag I think Johnny.Adams to get an Emmy we're taking the.flop right here.[Applause].Kenny Bell and Johnny Adams were locked.hand-in-hand the mutual respect there.Kenny Bell talked during the week about.Johnny Adams he said he can run like the.wind they're very few quarterbacks who.can run with the speedy nebraska wide.receivers but adams is one of them if.he's demonstrated that today patton are.doozy the defensive coordinator for.Michigan State it asked an awful lot of.Denard and Adams put him out there in.the corner playing man-to-man.[Applause].there have been peace treaties.negotiated in less time than this.crowds getting restless.there's no fell into play thank you.[Music].[Applause].are you taking back the bow am.one of the things the Brassica wide.receivers do do well Sean they're.relentless as blocking receivers.downfield.[Applause].son of a well-coached football team the.Michigan State defensive coaches talked.admiring ly about how spirited the.Nebraska wide receivers blocked here's.quick guessing try to keep pace with Bo.Pelini coach what was a single key.development in that first half.well we've had some missed opportunities.out there and all that we got in there.we got even at the half and we're just.got to execute the second half to win.this football game what was more.annoying the drops the penalties or the.missed assignments on dating do Taylor.dealer's choice yeah I think he is.equally a doing but it's never hard to.figure that out either tied at 14 to the.half stay tuned for the halftime report.after these messages.[Music].we're back at Spartan Stadium in East.Lansing Michigan at the half.Nebraska Michigan State tied at 14.Michigan State has not trailed twice.they've led by seven on each occasion.the brass became back to tied 263 yards.of offense and a half for Nebraska for.the season that Michigan State defense.gives up only 267 per game but a lot of.that yardage for Nebraska was on the two.long runs by Taylor Martinez the 59.yarder set up their first touchdown he.scored the second one on a 71 yard run.well you have to make the adjustment.what's the adjustment if Patton our.doozy in the Michigan State defense is.going to do you have to sign somebody to.the quarterback in a single back set.whether that's a safety or defense event.somebody has to go and attack Taylor.Martinez then you have to rally the.football feet and the ball off but.somebody has to be accountable for.Taylor Martinez because that's been.Nebraska's offense and that's where.Nebraska's done its most damage as we.saw on the stats neither team has done.much through the air Martinez threw for.52 yards and a half and Landrum Maxwell.89 for Michigan State.it'll be Spartans ball to begin the.second half this brett maher kicks on.[Applause].bounces away from Nick Hill some of the.Spartans will begin to the 25 let's look.at the Pacific Life game summary.[Music].six yard touchdown fast the highlight of.his have that game.Michigan State a 14-7 lead Baylor.Martinez.season-high hundred and fifty-six yards.rushing.just to have to do it.stealing giving up 91 yards on the.ground per game at 2:11 now laid me on.bail also with a nice first half of 105.yards running north and south and he.gets the call on in the first place was.given to the second half and he gets.stacked up by about five Huskers.yong-dae Evans Eric marker in on the.tackle.hopped in there as well confident but.the Husker defense of the first half of.six tackles senior leader middle.linebacker reliable consistent that.describes will come to us.second down and eight and her max what.was 6 out of 14 passing in the first.half.including that 46-yard touchdown to Tony.Lippett.at the 29-yard line Kamryn Meredith.David Santos Eric Martin combining on.the stop before in Nebraska third down.and six a minute into the third quarter.first and second down to brass.displaying their safeties awful close to.the line of scrimmage you have to see.that from the box and maybe call in the.next series not this series or the next.set of downs something over the top on.first or second down because you'll have.a chance to pop one.[Applause].Michigan State three out of seven in the.first half on third down Larry.caper is the running back.weight helmets in the box and.her first.a chance by Benny Fowler Jr from.Bloomfield Michigan good for a.seven-yard gain.good call get max while out in space.there's no contained so he has time to.get out and open.Benny Fowler working off of a pick.Bevin's cannot fight through the pic.that's where Nebraska normally has a.switch where the men switch guys they.didn't switch their Evans got caught.behind easy first down for the Spartans.and back to the I formation with Le'Veon.Bell behind Lawrence Thomas play-action.pass run into traffic and incomplete is.trying to force it into Dion Sims the.tight end and Shawn Fisher the coverage.you know that's the idea but you don't.want to throw a short pass that's when.you want to take one deep because of the.safeties being about eight yards on your.screen you can see 11 weight helmets in.that box.they're not honoring anything over the.top last year in Keshawn Martin DJ.Cunningham a couple of outstanding wide.receivers Mark Dantonio said yesterday.you look back last year about 95% of our.pass offense was gone we didn't part.through those receivers and Kirk Cousins.the quarterback.[Music].this tackle by Damien Stafford turns it.on.Nebraska 38 run out by ciate evidence.worthy the words of Mark Dantonio run.through the smoke break a tackle right.here Damian stepford number three is.going to come up into the box and have a.clear shot a lay beyond Bell Le'Veon.strong with a left jab bouncing them all.that's running though the South that's.working smoke and that's breaking.tackles and doing exactly what his coach.[Applause].our earthly built is Bell 244 pounder.[Music].a better day for him than last year they.met at day three points in a loss in the.Lincoln.Victor breaks a tackle.other first down inside.banged out by the safeties BJ Smith and.Damien Stafford.[Applause].it's a luxury for Michigan State to have.somebody else get positive yards on the.ground.you've laid beyond a chance to catch his.breath we don't hand it off to other.running backs often as we noted earlier.it's just this deep carry of the year.for he'll he's averaging less than a.yard per rush entering today he stays in.rajee's inside the 20 attack wing.dreadful from the glascott here.finally KJ swift to get accustomed.andriy inside the TAS didn't understand.goal for this chigan state is the old.power number sixty-two Chris McDonald is.gonna pull from the backside he's gonna.lead Nick Bell through there he seemed.to do a good job to swing his hips and.Nick Bell just runs the daylight and.like anybody you get an opportunity to.make a play you get a lot between you.getting on the field you shine like that.the car the confidence grows amongst the.coaches to give you the football and now.you have arrested Le'Veon Bell back in.the ballgame because of the yards that.Nick Bell there go Nikhil excuse me.and her Maxwell plenty of time to throw.corner the end zone incomplete looking.for Betty Fowler see on day Evans had.the coverage.good job man to man defense not looking.back too soon and kind of run.Evans good position.like an end goal.they nourish our the offense Porter.talking about they need it breaks some.long.not at this year winds of 26 9 and 21 of.this possession and them inside the 10.the stepped up with the - things.Baker Stein cooler at the bottom of that.pile Eric marked in their camera.Meredith.defensive thought that's played better.in recent weeks hopefully saying.yesterday John muchas to reason why they.played better defense the last few weeks.little punch formation right here at any.time you get that bunch formation with.three wide receivers now they split out.normally pick routes beyond Simms right.here the slots a big target down here in.the red zone third and goal from the.seven Maxwell look at this James.incomplete drill is off target.linebacker Lanza Whaley had the coverage.well the matchup he wants why we circled.it you have Dion Sims kind of running an.inside-out PHA using his big body at 285.pounds trying to box him out but the.timing of the pass was just off.and then Tom Izzo might want to recruit.the on Sims open basketball team that.ability to box out.there's Dan Conroy mr. 49 yarder earlier.reforms from 25 yards with the punters.sample.- a good Drive as Andrew Maxwell said.the other day we kick too many field.goals disappointing end the Michigan.State offense.the.college hoops season tips off with the.inaugural Armed Forces classic Tom.Izzo's veteran Sparkman squad takes on.UConn with new coach Kevin ollie.live from Ramstein Air Base in Germany.Friday at 5:30 Eastern.James go take place in a transport.hangar in front of about 3,000 troops.tom izzo here one of the great coaches.of all time in college basketball in the.field before the game with his family.and posing for pictures with Elvis very.high on his team this season.it's the visit with coach about Halle.yesterday big tension is drawn by former.Tom Izzo assistant Tom Crean has done a.remarkable job at Indiana after the.touchback here's Quint kissing it spoke.to Michigan State head coach Mark.Dantonio about the run defense against.Taylor Martinez said look it's pretty.simple if we don't do a better job.against Nebraska quarterback we're not.gonna win this ballgame on the first.long run he admitted their front wasn't.set properly said when he gets free he's.fast really fast on the second touchdown.around the 60 yarder said the cornerback.and safety mismanaged their assignments.on that and said the key though we got.to get pressure on him we got to get in.his in his face we got to get him dirty.there's possession of the second half.for Nebraska here and.about 360 yards rushing now for Abdullah.on 13 carries you see on the left the.numbers coming in for the Michigan State.defense.[Applause].the arts per game allowed rushing that.was best in the big ten number seven in.the country the Nebraska's rushed for.211 yards today.and held Wisconsin one of the best.brushing teams in college.rushing last week did the Spartan be fun.up to the challenge they're dropping.Taylor Martinez to the line of scrimmage.that time nobody went for the fake with.him mayor of Dillon max Bullough seems.like he drew the assignment of getting.the quarterback on the read option play.filled the hole nicely good solid.tackles which expect from a bull.they're dizzy the defense board here.yesterday said he's a fists filled and.title and he said he's smartness anyway.Ben stop right there let's not get.carried away you said he was a crisp.field in sight.[Applause].[Music].down in 719 us the accent down and gets.away from Dustin.[Music].[Applause].line judge marking like it might be a.fumble.look like a forward pass and intentional.grounding and now here comes the flag.from bill.[Applause].on the play.[Applause].help from his teammates.central grounding.number three spot file we'll sit down.we'll talk.[Applause].there's nobody in the area good job.nanak keeping his feet not going down.yes standing actually all the way down.that's what people with the stayed on.his feet koneko Stalin had a hold of.Martinez.was--it's honey on the plane Brett Maho.putt from the endzone.listen.catches it.the far sideline right at midfield.41-yard punt with the ball back to the.Spartans who lead by three this fall.here miss mistake they.new dining options a show he had stayed.on the gold food truck right in the.middle of campus.and it's food that is brown raised or.produced right here in Michigan State.University.Wow and all of that look good.50 yard line where this possession.begins for Michigan State they lead for.the third time today they've never.trailed.[Applause].[Music].we had Tony left Damien Stafford in.coverage.[Music].I like the call on first down though go.ahead take a shot down the field.just keepin two breasts go where we both.enjoyed our visit with Andrew Maxwell.very impressive young man.success on the high jump even over the.Hobby neither.graduated from Midland high here in.Michigan with a 4.35 grade point average.because he took advanced courses and.obviously did well in them.he was the president of a student.council in high school he wrote for the.Speedy's.there's a funder.[Applause].in Stanford.Bell cockpit up Huskers have the.football.so let's turnover by Michigan State.today about getting the safeties.involves something to grasp he's done.more to stop blaming me on Bella you.have to get those safeties up there and.the left arm comes in and is right on.target on the football popping it out of.Le'Veon Bell hands.[Applause].you do to stop Tehran against the power.football team white michigan state you.have to get your safeties up there the.line of scrimmage Stanford came in.filled his position his assignment right.there for the cutback he was able to.make a big play for the Cornhusker.offense.turnover for each team.Nebraska's been the worst turnover team.in the Big Ten there - eight thirty-year.worst in the conference.their division.let's try to jam it into Ben cotton who.was very well covered by twan Jones.again he he made up his mind or his.going with the football because he about.noon run it right down the middle on.a skinny post but he never saw he said.I'm going to thank God and that's it.Jones is right there reading the route.reading his mail.and 10 nearly.leading the way tackled by twan Jones at.the 49 yard line here comes a third and.six for the Cornhuskers.six you'll see right now this is good.against good athlete against athlete.wide receivers and skilled position.against the skill of Michigan State's.defense number one offense versus number.one defense this is where you win.ballgames on these downs.with Malini cross is the running back.[Music].Martina's.Curtis Drummond in coverage so the.Warren Huskers did not take advantage of.their first takeaway of the game as they.go three enough big answer by Michigan.State's defense after the turnover any.momentum that Braska had was taken away.by Sparty on D.Brett Maher to punt for the fourth time.today to Andre Simms.Mark Dantonio was telling us yesterday.another big difference between last year.and this year.many big plays and the special teams.10-yard line 41 yard punt here's Robert.Flores by Shawn AT&T all-america Player.of the Week nominee in his Louisville.quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.career-high five passing touchdowns as.Louisville D temple 45:17 Cardinals.night and ou for the first time in.school history you can text vote two.three four seven six three results.revealed Thursday on ESPN Sean terrific.job Charlie Strong has done coaching.they're interesting to read the quotes.by the ad Tom church this week he'll.make him the highest-paid coach in the.country if they have to to keep him.you got it look like Lanza Whaley might.pull him down to the line of scrimmage.Andrew Greene got him at the 13 with.help Dashon Fisher and not only is.Charlie Strong just to go back there for.second Sean Hayes is the great X's nose.football coach but the things he does.well he recruits he understands how to.get players and he goes and get.something this is the outstanding job by.Charlie and his staff this year.[Music].[Applause].[Music].for yard he was wrapped up immediately.by Eric Martin senior from Moreno Valley.California third down and six now for.Michigan State well I love what job.cappuccio's is doing taking away Le'Veon.Bell they're just bringing blitz as you.see Martin coming from the outside you.have PJ Smith coming from the outside.just making sure all gaps are taken care.of that lay beyond belt will not hurt.down there selling out on the run until.Michigan State hurts them deep they're.going to keep doing it.going for pooches just 34 years old.first year is the defensive coordinator.of course Bo Pelini remained actively.involved in the operation of the defense.ever since he's been the head coach.Maxwell.Benny Fowler first.6vj Smith made the stop for Nebraska of.the.Martin's moved the chains on the.completion of ten this is going through.your progression he's gonna look for lay.beyond bail and the flat on the wheel.route matched up on a linebacker he.comes back to Benny Fowler on a crossing.route and again it's all about being.accurate and he's very accurate with.those short intermediate throws giving.Benny Fowler room to make the catch and.turn upfield get enough for the first.down.400 yards passing.[Applause].andrew green up there close to the line.of scrimmage will confident as is so.often the case bottle the pile Baker.Stein cooler as well.this is what Michigan State does it just.kind of stay patient they know who they.are they take their time and the day and.age of hurry up offense high tempo.offense this is going back to the 80s I.just don't know how you can be a hundred.and eighth in the country of scoring.96th in the country in total offense but.you're eight in the country and time of.possessions we just go up and down the.field but don't score screen.pick up my will Compton is upset with.himself that he couldn't Corral.it's all about being a veteran and you.get the feeling that will Compton have.seen this play before watch it come off.the Blitz right there and go back into.the throwing Lane.that's experience understanding offenses.understanding what teams are trying to.do and if you're able to run free to the.quarterback.something's wrong because you're not.that good backpedal retrace your steps.to knock the ball down almost an.interception for will Compton's brother.Cody's a wrestler that Nebraska has been.will wants to coach.when his playing days are over.smarter football players he is Nick will.Compton be a good coach Larry caper at.running back a blintz didn't get there.the passes at the plate.they throw the flag.Juston Blatchford.[Applause].Pelini is gonna take a hard look at this.one.his past interference it's the third of.the day against the Nebraska defense the.first two came on the first touchdown.drive of this game for Michigan State.- tough matchup.for Plattsburgh quote against the big.man in Dion Sims pass interference.defense number 1350 no penalty.[Applause].announced against PJ Smith Dion sense if.it get him get him right there with the.left hand that got there and looked.almost simultaneous with the football.well they may announce the wrong number.yeah.[Applause].that's a close call yep and you can see.it with the hook to the left arm that's.a tough matchup that's Wendy on sim so.it's way so viable twine FL teams love.them because of the size.watchwords as he was a walk-on until.this year when he's put on scholarship.primarily special teams player.[Applause].[Music].thousand complete short of keeping mum.free.pressure applied again by Eric Martin.their part outstanding here.[Music].Petrus loves him he loves about him I.love about him you watch them on film.he's got a he's got a motor I mean he.goes 100 miles per hour every play all.day.[Applause].second down ten under five minutes to go.now in the third quarter.[Music].[Applause].well John to purchase an interesting guy.to talk to his we visited with him.yesterday's mentioned just 34 years old.he's a fascinating career into coaching.he was a baseball player Catholic.University for couple years Society.didn't want to do that wanted to go.someplace we might try to walk on and.play football went to Virginia Tech kept.trying out for the team never made it so.he decided to coach high school football.help out at Blacksburg high in Virginia.and when that was done he thought he's.gonna go to wall street and make a lot.of money but he decided you know what.I've got a little bit of coaching bug.I'm gonna send letters around he wrote.letters to about 300 schools only LSU.replied and they said we don't have.anything but we think they might have.something at Kansas.next well with Meredith.they search flowers.[Music].there are two receivers they're probably.not the way it was designed Sims and.mumphrey and it looked like mumphrey was.saying to SIDS I thought that was going.to you mumphrey dropped it with a door.scream him from the ball he tipped it.yeah you see Deon sins went up to tip it.or to catch it he tipped the ball was.through mumphrey off and couldn't bring.it in.John pet pooches you talked about that.John just a lesson in perseverance.- well Kansas did have a G a job that is.it turned out under Terry Allen.[Applause].excuse me except Marlo back for the.punch he's taken down immediately by.Curtis Drummond.3:52 to go in the third quarter.[Music].[Applause].this week on ESPN's Monday Night.Football michael vick of the.philadelphia eagles travel to new.orleans to take on drew Brees in the.Saints and at halftime.don't miss interviews Chris Berman with.both President Barack Obama and governor.Mitt Romney.the Eagles of the Saints.8:30 coverage starts at 6:30 with Monday.night countdown the both of those teams.need a win.Michael Vick getting a start again and.his last chance turn it around.to defend for Jewish.the corners had a first down here in the.second half they've had two three nouns.this is their third possession since.halftime Curtis Drummond ran.[Music].[Applause].and dissent about patience right there.at mayor abdullah have great patience.loud justin jackson his center to get.out around the corner stayed with it was.able to get positive yards.[Applause].[Music].it looked like James Kittredge came.across the line of scrimmage sophomore.defensive tackle transfer from.Vanderbilt replayed one year as an.offensive lineman contact number 99.defense five-yard penalty results on.first down he's from Ramsey New Jersey.they have two New Jerseyans on the.defense thankfully neither of them.neither James kitchens nor of Shelley.Calhoun had considerable damage.done at their homes.the folks in the Northeast still dealing.and will be for a long time with the.aftermath of Hurricane sandy Martinez a.deep bond for single coverage.intercepted by dark.[Music].then chopped down by Kenny Bell.sighs the 40-yard line.Wednesday at noon what was the antenna.Torrisi.[Applause].being told to get back by the side judge.got Natalie.you can't stay enough about Michigan.State's corners watch the darn right.here play man-to-man not give up the.ball needs to be thrown to the inside.the ball thrown to the outside Denard.does a good job with ball skills and.this was my love Sean makes the.interception and is able to turn it.right away into a positive return yards.poor decision right there again by.Taylor Martinez growth to the inside not.to the outside because these corners.will make you pay on the slightest.mistake could throw in the football.first interception of the year for a.denied fourth of history 27 yard return.spinning down inside the 39-yard run on.first down damien stafford made the.tackle.second interception of the day thrown by.Martinez.second turnover for Nebraska - one.in this game and -9.hundred and seventh in the country even.despite that number they're the leaders.of the legends division of the big tap.we'll Compton as we send you to Robert.Flores all right Shawn check out what's.going on in South Bend Pittsburgh is.leading the Irish 17 to 16 Oh Caesarea.to JP Holtz and a big run just now by.superstar Abram has the Panthers inside.the Irish 15th.what a turn around that pit team from.the beginning remember they started the.season first game under Paul Chryst.losing to Youngstown stakes you could.see the benefit of his coaching that.staff have gotten better as the years.[Music].inside the ten yard line and taken.across the boundary by Andrew Green.where a defensive players Thomas asked.them first and goal at the eight we have.will Compton who's responsible for.Laurence Thomas man-to-man get caught up.inside and getting picked off the big.man grumbling.the linebacker until the second week of.the year 295 pounds first catch of the.day.17-yard game first.Michigan State.[Applause].tackled by the ankles by Damien Stafford.there's a lag down on the play thrown on.the near sideline along the line of.scrimmage.[Music].illegal elimination offensive I've in.the backfield five-yard penalty repeat.the down walk out later set the clock.for 128 please 128 this built Lemonnier.have a minimum number of other officials.he has to speak with before he makes.each call would it be sure.leader by consensus apparently.isn't necessarily a bad thing.we haven't seen then they tried one.earlier but a lot of teams aren't afraid.to scream down.inside hand.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Damien Stafford Cameron Meredith.under a minute to go in the third.quarter they're tied at 14 at the half.Michigan State leads now for the third.time today they've never trailed and.that's 7 nothing 14 to 7 and now 1714.he's get the feeling like Michigan State.almost needs a touchdown here as opposed.to settling for a field goal.years been gone.when so many close games all five of.their games the big ten have been.decided by.for points or less the two.an overtime.day to throw that nobody open.now he's going to run.[Applause].staffer didn't mean to.[Applause].out of bounds over by the Nebraska ban.and that's huge because it would have.been fourth down in a field goal.instead it's going to be first and goal.bothering to play that ball they hit out.of bounds number three in the defense.after distance or gold.first off.[Applause].he was pushed into it.McKeith mumphrey number 25.he's put he was pointing at the.scoreboard he saw.apparently trying not to hit him.obviously they even see the push and.when you're running fast you just get a.slight as pushed you do lose a little.bit of control tough call.rather costly penalty against Nebraska.Bell.shoved out of bounds.a good place to be over there in the.Nebraska band they bussed 15 hours by.the way to get here.[Music].following a Nebraska's impressive.they're passionate about football.across western nation anyone said about.that call it gets shoved into him but he.actually took two or three more sketches.[Music].I've been in this position you gave.money you're going to get pushed in the.back Stanford's going to be pushed in.the back.my mum free right there and it's tough.to stop because your Momentum's going.toward the sidelines.he's a smart football player he's not.gonna hit the guy when he's over by the.BAM.he was pushed in the back his momentum.carried in I don't know if the officials.saw the push or not but I know it's very.difficult to stop if you're a player in.that position.you saw the push that probably didn't.did not get it in about a half yard shy.and here comes another third down that.penalty we just saw gave them a first.down when it would have been fourth down.there's another key third down his knees.down the ball well short almost at the.one-yard line.the ball could be spotted at the wanted.one thing though lately out Bell has.done today.like his coaches one if he's running.north and south in the foot power huge.play here touchdown makes it a two score.game.[Applause].touchdown.[Applause].second rushing touchdown to the game.Bolivian bells up to a hundred and sixty.four yards rushing on 29 carries its way.shy of his season I ran for 253 and they.went over Eastern Michigan his career.and Conroy adds the extra point.they take advantage of the interception.to make it a to score game for the first.time today up by 10.the Disney ABC Television Group has.designated this Monday November 5th as a.day of giving across its network and.syndicated programming encouraging tens.of millions of viewers to help those.impacted by Hurricane sandy ESPN is.proud to join ABC to help raise.donations for this important cause to.donate please text ABC to nine zero nine.nine nine give $10 one go to WWE.presents lash ABC.ESPN.live in Connecticut.by Hurricane sandy this week.bouncing around scooped up by Jamal.Turner.[Applause].[Music].I'm Mitchell white.near the 20-yard line here's a look at.today's good hands play brought to you.by Allstate it was an important play.that just set up the last touchdown.I've got with Denard right here doing a.good job we playing a football.one-handed in the transition from the.interception into the run and get.positive yards great field position go.Allstate good hands today.and Dry Ridge Georgia.20 second career start.braska had a dreadful.third quarter on offense Martinez.fumbles the football had a chance to get.it back in dinner and it looks like the.offensive line recovered it Jeremiah.Searles.starla ball.what a huge break for Nebraska.as nearly turn it over for the third.time then nearly compounded the mistake.by not picking it up when he tried to.scoop and run with it.he's put the ball on the ground nine.times this year and is down he would.have been down anyway they should bring.that back and spot it where he is down.lost five fumbles he picked it up the.scored again but Cyril's hustling.downfield saves the day but he is yeah.he was down his knee was down when.Drummond came in with the hit Drummond's.had a big game was a fumble by the.offense recovered by the offense likely.to be overturned by John chorus.outstanding replay official.responded immediately when he saw the.replay you saw this replay which the.knees down looks like he still has the.ball.certainly it'll be marked where the.contact is we'll see a good look at it.right here watch the left knee right.there is down is the ball coming out.though I think he's down before.Michigan State had a chance to jump on.it.Xero's hustling downfield that's a big.play.[Applause].down by contact the.they should've gone for about a.five-yard gain it would be second and.five just talking about up horrible the.third quarter was for Nebraska they ran.eight plays on offense in the third.quarter.4-4 yards there two three and outs and.then Martinez threw the interception.both of his interceptions have resulted.in Michigan State touchdown that's a.statement my pocket approach padlock.busy as the defensive coordinator for.Michigan State he's outstanding we.talked about what was the mission going.into the locker room where were they.hurt in the first half Taylor Martinez.running the football they see Pat right.there joined a beverage and they were.able to slow down what Nebraska was able.to do and their doozy.we visited with him yesterday we just.tie him up hurricane sandy his family.impacted by it was from Teaneck New.Jersey his dad the lake building our.doozy finished his coaching career at.Columbia in New York City father in your.video review the play stands is called.Nebraska's ball park we'll start under.ready for play I think they just.couldn't determine if the ball was.starting to come out before the knee was.down the patent our Jersey's mom he.Angie lives in Teaneck New Jersey right.outside New York City.she had flooding she's lost her power.they're dizzy said he had a final though.tough where to go she didn't want to.leave her house but she wanted to go.someplace where she could watch the game.today so he found her a hotel.[Applause].watch the spiders today goober.maybe that big break is little get.Nebraska's offense back on track number.one in the Big Ten and offense coming in.but losing.the number one defense in the conference.and I think they would like to do is get.a little template going and right there.is something that drives pata Narducci.crazy.William Goulston had a chance to make a.tackle and missed the tackle where he.can make that plays capable of making it.you see him a big-time player with.big-time ability has to do it all the.time little more consistency from number.two.Martina's kids rates for the home it.gets chopped down about two yards short.of the first down at the Michigan State.45 by Isiah Lewis.exactly what mr. stays don't see Isaiah.loose number nine stepping up making.sure that somebody is accountable for.the quarterback and Isaiah Lewis is.there to stop Martinez from a huge.gainer.Nebraska's showing the ability to come.back they rally from 17 down to beat.Wisconsin this year they were 12 down to.the fourth quarter.doulas straight ahead for the first down.to the Michigan State 38 Curtis Drummond.the stock certainly sees something on.their right side that's why they've been.attacking Michigan State.success.Janus.night MJ Klong he's six catches a year.from the junior from Elkhorn Nebraska.the twin brother of their starting five.guard Spencer Wallace gets under their.fish it now they're being efficient.because her born up tempo in Michigan.State the big fellas up front are.starting to with their hands on her hips.shown a little bit of fatigue.[Applause].but state has about a six minute edge.and time to possession.out of the gun on second and six why.leap over the blocker bend down two.yards short of the first down but the.referee built a miny a threw the flag in.the backfield.[Music].illegal shift number 41 offense.five-yard penalty repeat second down.[Applause].the penalty against Nebraska so many of.them have been so costly.long right here looking over the line of.scrimmage he wasn't set for the first.second they got back into his stance.we've been better off here he just.stayed up in his to play.design rail for Martinez.toward the receiver was out of bounds.Stephen Osbourne.first time he's been targeted today.why Stephen Osborn turned it up he was.sitting right there wide open down TANF.Martinez made a poor decision was a.little late with the football he was.there shot nobody within five yards.[Applause].Michigan State let's think of it bring.some type of pressure.although they've been known to drop bait.in this situation dropped people to the.sticks they can throw underneath rally.and make a play.Martina's twofers last nine battling the.loudest noise of the day.[Applause].throws on the run for a first down at.the 2011.you know they're gonna throw it because.they throw it against Nebraska Milan.hits a backup defensive back who hit.Jamal Turner after a 19 yard gain on.third and 11 they did drop eight the.problem is that they didn't cover the.targets they didn't cover the receivers.they drop things all the way to play.that ball unnecessary roughness number.six.after distance to the goal automatic.first now they did not play routes they.play it areas Jamal Turner finds an open.area and Taylor Martinez decided not to.run squeezes one in there to Jamal.Turner Hicks comes in with the late game.[Applause].first catch of the day for the sophomore.Turner of Arlington Texas former.quarterback.first and goal from the ten down by ten.Nebraska.11:22 to go.mightiness.ahead PayPal risky play after my I guess.his courage and daring because he's.turned it over twice fumbled it but.didn't lose it another time and boy.situation Chris they have to score.that's awfully risky it is this a lot of.trust in your receiver and I don't know.why he did not keep the football Shawn.[Applause].[Music].see right there he could have kept maybe.running gotten into the end zone instead.he flicked it forward.[Applause].Megan and goal from the five.[Applause].class tonight.[Applause].nor could I do.he gets away from Earth.[Applause].he's going to score.Michigan State.down back at the 22 at the other end.and injured players down on both sides.it stands it's the second interception.of the game for Denard.there's a flag 78 yards back upfield.during the return personal foul number.513 half the distance to the goal first.now Michigan State will tie about huge.penalties there's another Lakes out a.touchdown.and then trying to pick right here Sean.but this time dark western art comes off.in his own reads there out an over plays.to play Reese Taylor Martinez eyes jumps.in front of cotton shows a remarkable.return the ability to break tackles.fatigue and again another personal foul.in this ball game.cost Michigan State six points.importantly enough they get the football.Collin Martinez it's their only five.interceptions all season he's thrown.three today past only 80 yards the.average is 223 we built this is the.matchup of the best offense in the way.against the best defense and the defense.has the upper hand so far this one.Johnny's walking Kenny Bell 20 yards.behind the line of scrimmage.unnecessary.[Applause].that's mr. Steinfeld away we want to be.careful not to get intentional grounding.in the end zone outside the tackle box.in there enough to make you nervous if.you're smart and fan that was close.[Music].in position.the situation in the game where you.absolutely could not turn it over.Martinez did what you said yesterday he.has to do a good job of protecting the.vibe he has.hit the page a Smith.Wow on a collision and the end of a.three yard run.that's 245 hit 210 take a listen.good job for PJ coming up there and.still wrapping him up knowing that the.big man was gonna deliver blow.selling his body out for his team to.make a solid tackle painful one with a.solid one we talked about the Nebraska.battle days with Michigan State that.costly personal follow me returned their.each pentameter today third down and.seven maxwell looked like a design run.we got to DJ Smith made the tackle sleep.bounce rate bag up.wobbly is he gonna.he's still trying to shake it job the.pooches need an aggressive couple with.the Blitz force of Maxwell if it was.designed to put it down he's waffling.out he is they need to take a look at.him.Mike Sadler on the punt.in Marlowe back deep.looking chick.the effective Marlow speaks it up.goes right down.[Applause].you know checking Andrew Maxwell on the.sidelines.is that a helmet-to-helmet him.[Music].when we first saw this quick that that.patients in really rough shape ticket.that's the.College of Nursing building dedicated.the pop building for nursing education.research dedicated this week on the.Michigan State campus and any match well.needed medical attention after hit by.jason ankara.fortunate that was not called for.personal foul that reminded me you after.you call a game with Bill Raftery and.Jay Bilas that's not you look.I snap - Taylor Martinez handed it off.to Amira.[Applause].close to a first down in the Spartan.territory at the 48 the Niko's Allen.made the tackle under nine minutes to go.now.Michigan State leading by 10.Raskin cannot be afraid to throw the.football in this situation even though.Taylor Martinez has had a rough second.half you still have to air the ball out.to be able to run the football.effectively four possessions this half.of Nebraska punt punt interception.interception the 41 goes Abdullah and we.go to Robert Flores all right Sean.here's what's happening on SportsCenter.right now brought to you by HP Notre.Dame creeps closer to Pitt they get this.touchdown to the fourth quarter but they.missed the point after they're still.down 22 12 beat time CCU just forced.overtime on the road against number 21.West Virginia 94 yard touchdown there.[Applause].[Music].near Abdullah the carry here lost the.ball but was ruled down by contact with.about a 2-yard loss Mitchel white made.the tackle.here comes a critical third down and.seven with eight minutes to go.braska five out of ten on third down.today.that's good against Michigan State.because for the year Spartan defense.just 30%.conversions on 3rd.best of the country.they get there and Martinez got away.[Applause].very near the marker looked to be just.short from here and he's about a yard.shy run up by max Bullough horse down.we'll go for it Midway to the fourth.quarter down by two scores.great job of Taylor Martinez and staying.alive.time out for an injured defensive player.look like William Goulston had a chance.to seal the deal Taylor Martinez I'll.only see fast he has great strength as a.runner.go stand in there Taylor Martinez -.working hard to get that first.and short of the marker and I agree with.you Shawn a definite go forth situation.a little over yard to go for the first.down.we're at Tina's 165 yards rushing but he.had 156 at the half.this could be the play of the game this.is a decision patent our doozy has to.make you get aggressive you blitz you.play man-to-man trust your guys will.cover and that way you'll have enough.people up there to defend Taylor.Martinez if it decides to run the.football or do you play it safe and make.him use the clock.we lost an injury timeout we can't see.anybody who's injured or down in the.field.they haven't charged the time out to.either team now here they come.4:31 Nebraska.at the Michigan State 39.CJ's similar the foot back in front of.the mirror Abdullah he follows the foot.back and has the first down the couple.of extra yards added on down near the 35.where Tuan Jones and William Goulston.combined on the tackle for the smart.vintage Nebraska toss ISO to the eye.back on Ric burns I am hip.[Applause].David hum the quarterback of course back.in those days without you at your hip.when I would give you that 109 yards.rushing for Abdullah sleeve - 100 yard.rushers in the game Martinez how about.that plate is not an execution great.fake he's inside the zone touchdown.Nebraska 35 yards for Taylor Martinez.and even 200 yards rushing for the game.just opposite of what we did the last.time here's the fake.that I saw Taylor Martinez keeps it and.as he's given all day has the ability.liquors LEDs to go the distance to keep.the Nebraska in this game with a quick.score rather than in with a field goal.if of course this extra point has been.burden their score the second half.runner Braska second long touchdown run.of the day for Martinez the first one.was 71 yards.now marker or the Critical extra point.to negative field goal game.and it's good.seven minutes to go another.we've been a fight game.[Applause].702 to go let's look at our Pacific Life.game summary as expected a tight one.here at East Lansing Michigan Taylor.Martinez the start of the day 200 yards.rushing.Le'Veon Bell a big day on the ground for.Michigan State both teams of it costly.penalties Nebraska just scored again.within three of 58 yard driving six.plays they converted to fourth and one.of them Taylor Martinez ran 35 yards for.second one touchdown run of the day.to 36 degrees the breeze really not.effective.breath maher kicks off the kill.[Applause].to the 20th at volunteers quicktest Nick.Michigan State quarterback Andrew.Maxwell is fine he was evaluated by.athletic trainer Jeff Monroe Connor cook.the backup quarterback never even took.any warm up throws Maxwell put on a ski.cap had a big smile sat behind the.Michigan State bench while watching that.last Nebraska Drive on the overhead.video boards I actually walk back.there's really tight quarters here he.said to me turn to me and said don't.worry about me I'm okay.we talked yesterday about in fact the.quarterbacks don't get hit in practice.you get whacked in the game something.that you're really not used to.stopped immediately by wilt Compton.having another huge game for the.Nebraska defense you take a look at the.opportunities missed we had to touchdown.called back for Michigan State yeah.Kenny Bell dropped the touchdown pass.and a short field goal missed by.Nebraska in the first half by pahar good.proof costly but that's why we're at 24.21 at this point the ball game missed.opportunities on both sides here might.get another chance to tie it ten tackles.now for will Compton.6:22 go they've been the best time of.possession team of the league and the.Spartans run down the clock Maxwell.and then the ball came loose and they.were only gonna catch no Tony Lippett.looked like he made an acrobatic diving.catch but he couldn't hang on John we.just got done talking about missed.opportunities another one right here.Maxwell puts the ball perfect or lifted.and the ball is jarred loose an Olympic.goes to the ground or the throw by.Maxwell that's one that he needed and.the team made a missed opportunity again.for the Spartans.an actual it's 9 out of 26 for 123.[Applause].will they like those crossing routes run.pics.here comes a blitz by Nebraska single.coverage Dan.[Applause].Justin Blatchford had the conference so.a couple of chances for lipid and Sims.and neither could make the catch.watch the discipline by Blacksburg right.here his Sims hands are going to go.watch the right hand of Blackford right.there get in between the hands of big.Deon Sims and making a great play on the.football avoiding any contact or penalty.second straight three and out for.Michigan State has had one of its best.games of the year offensively.able to do at the last couple of.possessions I.[Applause].at the 39-yard line by Jeremy Langford.55-yard putt Marloes hurt again.14 yard return for Tim.[Applause].mention a good day for this Michigan.State offense Chris this is just the.fourth time this year in ten games they.scored 20 or more points in this day and.age of college football where we see all.these crazy high scores they have been.offensively challenged for most of the.year Dave Warner the quarterback coach.over there with Andrew Maxwell now we.talking to Mark Dantonio yesterday and.and patent our doozy boy they would like.a game where you know they feel a little.bit of comfort and they lost a lot of.close ones this year but they were.hoping last week that the overtime win.against Wisconsin and to come back when.they had what kind of springboard him.well they have an opportunity to prove.that see if that they turned a corner.and they do a great job in November.Hannah's well Fellini as you pointed out.in the beginning the broadcast started.from the very first game of the year.they beat Boise State here by 4 points.and all five of their games of the big.10.prior to tonight decided by four points.or less.lost at Ohio State by one.loss to Iowa by three Michigan by two.and then beat Wisconsin by three and all.the time last week.three today against Nebraska.again in the big ten from.it's the Huskers they've done that to.Wisconsin to Northwestern.Martina's.lead to the 43 a pic of the three dark.west Denard made the tackle.I say Louis let's clear that pet our.doozy.lamented the safeties into the game plan.the stop Taylor Martinez they have to be.disciplined not to chase Abdullah on the.fake and staying with Martinez.down to two.Martina's elected to keep it he's mother.by Markus rush.gain on the play third down and six.under five minutes to go each team of.all three titles.Kenny bells been quiet but another guy.that's pretty reliable is number 25.the tight end but he's lined up in the.store as a wide receiver.[Applause].Isaiah Lewis.[Applause].Sparta's blitz Martinez had time Haslem.and Christian.across midfield before he is driven back.[Applause].Louis the tackle first catch of the day.it was their second leading receiveth of.the year come in with 25 receptions read.the corner throw the corner that time.Kyler read was able to run to dart off.the moon once it's in front of Denard.because he's deep to reach the corner.the corners deep he throws short to noon.was he helped off the field maybe.slightly shaken up on that play no doubt.Isiah Lewis also is as well he's still.down on the fields on the Michigan State.defense.and as they take a look at Isaiah the.junior from Indianapolis we send you.back to Robert Flores in our studio for.an update all right Sean big feelings in.South bed number three Notre Dame.continues to be on the ropes down 22 12.to Pittsburgh's penguin Williams the.pick in the end zone Panthers have just.forced to punt Notre Dame has the ball.three minutes to go tonight coming up on.ABC while number three Notre Dame.struggles number two Kansas state they.are at home against number 24 Oklahoma.State that's eight Eastern seven central.on ABC.[Applause].with a research department random this.week miss Malika there was only a 2.9.percent chance that those four teams at.the top will all go undefeated at the.end of the year the other game may not.survive today what if you just said that.would be after their big win at Oklahoma.well I mean Paul Chryst is an.outstanding coach.it's going to be patient with him when.he gets his players in his system in.that app it will win a lot of games on.the ball big fourth down conversion the.last possession for Nebraska a big third.down.conversion here doula couldn't get away.Maxim Bala made another tackle.[Applause].can't say enough about max I really.think he's just may be the most.instinctive linebacker that I've watched.so far this year really understands the.game.is that a kid works very hard like Max.and you get to see it pay off on the.field.another injured player this time it's.Nebraska Center Justin Jackson.unless the reason for the stoppage and.play with 343 to go.only three races remained in the chase.that it hits for the Lone Star State.Jimmie Johnson has taken the lead over.Brad Keselowski but by only two points.in the closest race in chase history and.JJ hang on win his eighth champion to.six championship he might wait days.before he's done maybe more work and bad.Brad make a move and claim his first the.chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.continues tomorrow.at Texas down presented by tire records.at the stereo C at 2:00 Eastern done.ESPN I think Jimmy has the polo ball to.Neville help one last weekend.Martinsville to take the lead over Brad.Keselowski.well Jackson's out.the center of the ball game is pole pens.dick who's played plenty of center this.year he comes in at center and gar.[Applause].second down.from the Michigan State 44.minutes to go.play action pass martina says it.deflected intended for tyler read a.third down at nine william Gholston.getting his hands up in the throwing.Lane understand he's not going to get.there in the pass rush he was stopped on.his bass rush but has the awareness to.use that six seven frame get those with.big arms up in the throwing lane and.knocked down at Ravenna two first down.because Paulo Reed was open at the.sticks.starting centre Justin Jackson back in.pensive shifts over to guard another.third down.there's six out of 12 and third down.with a big conversion on this possession.not in field.[Applause].now the better than set.3000 warning.Martinez shoved out of bounds by.look like he was trying to throw it are.they gonna rule him out of bounds you.call that an incomplete pass.but burly at the playpen the pressure.comes from your top of your screen.forcing Martinez to roll says right he.throws the ball and he is still in.balance with Marcus rush gives in the.foot.with any official.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].it's an option here for both believe the.way his defense is played you could punt.it and use your three time ups.patent our museum bringing pressure.again forcing Martinez to make excision.right anus on his back foot it's caught.but short of the first time.nowhere near the marker about 5 yards.short.[Music].I think with nine yards to go Chris you.can certainly question the decision.maybe put him back down near the 10-yard.line and hold again they have the last.couple of possessions and again two.players injured on the play Curtis.Drummond with Michigan stayed in the.receiver in noon what for Nebraska.this was Pat's game plan coming in I.agree with you Sean but the game plan.was to pressure forcing him to blitz.control or hot read he does another one.is short of the sticks and all you guys.do is make an open field tackle exactly.which party did on defense.yards to go they throw under 200 yards.passing today that still elected to go.for.[Applause].magical season for the Irish perhaps.it's about to continue magically along.first and 10 Michigan State.[Music].five goes out of.when the clock goes for progress have.been stopped Alonso Whaley made the.tackle the five-yard gain under three.minutes to go.Michigan State leading by three after.they held Nebraska on fourth down and.nine he takes a timeout 172 yards.rushing now bingo ladies you can read.his lips wasn't that out of bombs.we can't allow a first down here they're.really gonna be up against it there's.the latest BCS standing.brought to you by Discover card for.still change tomorrow night's the.Alabama with the big matchup tonight and.LSU where the Tigers have the longest.home winning streak in the country 22 in.a row a state in action tonight on ABC.at 8 o'clock just Oklahoma State.on the state's won the last three and.that rivalry tomorrow night on ESPN at.ESPN you reach Davis Kurt Herbstreit.Jesse Palmer and David Pollock alum bill.the new BCS poll will rise will fall BCS.countdown presented by Discover card.tomorrow night 8:30 Eastern on ESPN it.continues on ESPNU at 9:00 I'm gonna go.with a little bit of a upset kick I.think USC is gonna get Oregon tonight.no why I mean a friendly wager on that.yeah there's nothing friendly about that.wager second and five they added some.time back onto the clock.[Music].shoving back to Bell.first down.he's dating bounce as soon as they move.the chains that wind the clock again.another great call Dan Roche are the.offensive coordinator.really outstanding just the misdirection.play getting the fast blowing Nebraska.defense born one waylaid me on Belle.Isle doping field and the experience in.miss smarts to get down in balance.229 rushing yards the Michigan State.team that was averaging only 131 per.game last in the big 10 entering today.with rush defense has been a problem for.Nebraska they're 82nd in the country.being rush defense 9th in the Big Ten.Bell.offended by PJ Smith a timeout called by.Nebraska leaving the Huskers with one.with 221 left.tonight on ABC's Saturday night football.national championship hooks on the line.in the big 12 for k-state with the.Wildcats host number 20 for Oklahoma.State presented by Windows 8 8 Eastern.Time 5 Pacific.it's another series with a knack for.having close games.I just think Kansas State with Colin.Klein I mean they got everything going.for them they're number two no longer.flying under the radar you feel them.upset there yeah you that's the one you.feel the other all right won't wait are.the way I kind of feel it there too I.don't know why I just think this time of.year we're starting to see teens and.they do that nobody's talking about.whether LSU can knock off Alabama what.you've done there one day really well.that's feel me there we go second and.seven.[Applause].use their last timeout you would think.for the moment they're not.[Music].we will after this play almost certainly.[Music].rather than put them down try to stop em.make them putt from deep in their own.territory by going for it.you've made the field position situation.really really tough for yourself if you.get it back if you're Nebraska Chris.because we got have no timeouts left and.much of the field a couple of course.they only need a field goal to tie it.but it eat the ball back first huge play.36 blitz.Franco.didn't get their Mark Dantonio with the.decision to make on 4th down and 2.Namie and staffer cam and Meredith.finally got him down and the play was.going to be a no game play but held a.Belle showed his power made it close.enough.what do you think Mark Dantonio would do.here given his conservative nature I.would imagine he would punch and you.know because if you go for here to get.stopped now it's only about 30 yards.Nebraska needs to get to be in a game.timetable you have to put the book.football that's a smart play and what's.the best part of your team in your.defense if you let the defense go off.and the game for you Taylor Martinez has.thrown three picks and one thing you.just don't want to do is give anything.over the top and they're pretty well.coached and they're pretty solid in the.backend just joining us Nebraska leading.the legends division.of the big ten time and one loss with.Michigan Michigan one today to go to.four and one they wanted Minnesota.without Denard Robinson who was injured.arm injury did not play Frasca was in.control of its own destiny but obvious.that they lose today that is no longer.the case and it also keeps Michigan.State alive.[Applause].we have the punt team out there.asked us to make sure it stays on site a.low snap it bounced back there.come out to the 20.once been a season of nail fighters.close wins and close losses.braxton miller devin Smith at Ohio State.63-yard put the Buckeyes up in the third.quarter they held.[Music].second overtime fake to steal the.interception of seal at three points I.the big house.Gibbons with five seconds look at 38.yards.the two-point win in that rivalry game.this party's bounced back to win.next week they're six at all after the.Michigan game Mike D'Antoni has done a.great job getting team-focused win or.lose after that rivalry game you need a.field goal Damon will receive a ride.a big chunk on first down 22 yards up to.the 42 Martinez on targeted thrown for.only 95 yards for the game before this.one I have no idea what dark Westgard is.doing understand the situation in the.ball game deep as the deepest you cannot.let a receiver run free down the field.grass cattiness news - working at a high.tempo Martinez.bad decision Kevin just got nothing and.the clock will run he got banged down by.max Bullough the clock will be under a.minute before they snap it again without.any timeouts left.throw it away to stop the clock try to.make it play with his legs got to make.one with your brain throw it away.maher has left ankle a career-long of 54.Martinez throws off the hands of time.though he's a little bit high but it.seemed to be catchable would have taken.a great effort by the senior.there's Maher kicked a 54-yard or.earlier this year UCLA the longest ever.by a Nebraska field goal kicker away.from Lincoln.[Applause].his big quiet jean is the most explosive.receiver for her brass bit number 80.Kenny Bell he's down here at the bottom.of your screen working one-on-one.with the tough Johnny Adams.[Applause].one catch of the second half.five for the game.Spartan defense backs up Martinez press.on the run balls over.a Cornhusker then it comes down to this.play fourth and ten if Nebraska does not.convert its ball game over.and lead gone in their division or the.Cornhuskers there one out of two on.fourth down to this game here's where.Patton our doozy last time pressure.Taylor Martinez forcing him to make a.quick throw we'll see now what they.decide to do as Michigan State will take.a timeout first for the Spartans they.still have to the second timeout they.hope they don't need.I think that's the play for patent our.doozy you can still play safe and.protect your back end what they do well.is they force caleb Martinez to make a.quick decision and they're such good.tacklers that back in that he can force.the hot throw you come up and make the.play good ball game.at NAR doozy you hear his name.but now is a head coaching candidate why.let me be they've been terrific on.defense here for several years.defensive stop away here from being bowl.eligible for a school record sixth year.in a row.in a disappointing season but max.Bullough told us yesterday we think that.win last week in Wisconsin is going to.be what turns that we were due to win a.close game they went right down to the.wire we did will they win another from.fate and the coverage will look like I.might have been outside Martinez there.is a flag down he has time to read.inside the 30 inside the 20 yard line.they're going to give him.[Applause].market looks like they're gonna spot it.right at the 20 Milan hits random out.there is a flag now but it looked like.Goulston was offside for Michigan State.it stands it's 38 yards and at the very.least they're in range for a game-tying.field goal Sean that's tight.[Applause].the play results.the motor is on.we'll see William Goulston jump right.here that's twice in third downs with a.drop date and twice in third downs when.they gave up first downs when they.dropped date that's why I suggested that.maybe they come with that pressure.package which they've had success with.it's a tough call to make long as.completion of the year - Kyla Reid.now this would be a 37-yard field goal.they have to be careful with the clock.they don't have a timeout if somebody.gets tackled inbound.so to the first down marker they have to.be alert to get up or run the field go.team on quickly.Martinez dries short of Kenny Bell.[Applause].last thing obviously that he wants to do.is make another critical mistake in the.redzone the other big interception the.way they were about to score earlier in.this half earlier in this quarter.her trying to stay warm of the.temperature now in the mid 30s.English mistake.costas only bringing three in playing.coverage checking that field protecting.that back line in the end zone.timeout Michigan State again on defense.for the senior veteran picker mr. chippy.earlier 30 yarder.the only attempt to this game.sound of it up and down year.and then she news the big 10 place.kicker in front of the Year last year.just 12 out of 18 this year in field.goals well within his range we say to be.about 37 yards from here so I guess the.question is.now risk even get China score touchdown.in Winnipeg ulation.guard mostly for the field goal I played.mostly for the field because of the.three interceptions thrown but the other.thing I do ma heartless missed from the.hash I make sure I get that ball.positioned in the middle of the field.well wherever he wants it generally the.Clippers have a spot if they feel most.comfortable.here comes Ellis on the rush they nearly.got to mightiness in the pass incomplete.intended for Kyler Elsworth former.walk-on really become a factor as a pass.rusher very quick off the line.absolutely cereals could not get to him.as good pressure is Kyler Reid had Isiah.Lewis beat inside but because the ball.was thrown a little bit early Taylor.Martinez was off-balance and what hopped.it in to Carla where they have to be.really careful now this needs to go out.of bounds or it needs to be a first down.and as its.no opportunity to spike it we tackled.shy of the markers you'd have to run the.field goal team on.[Applause].third and ten martinez throwing the feed.plate down on tonight.coverage on Kenny Bell.[Applause].first of all it's the right call you're.taking your shot into the end zone.nothing in the middle of the field.where's Yoda replay on the screen Mark.Dantonio can read his lips.that's not missus interference how can.you come French number 31.it's a great day two interceptions from.working one-on-one.oh boy yeah I don't see an interference.I'm gonna be honest with you I think.that's outstanding coverage he's leaning.they're playing the football both of.them very difficult call the game time.situation Tov.and there's some big balls in this game.fifteen yards first and goal.in the last time out used by Michigan.State they've used all three on defense.here in the last minute of the game.Braska folks weren't happy about that.late hit out of bounds against Damien.Stafford extended a michigan state.possession down near the goal line.he thinks good right there he's looking.back for the ball looking in Leena and.looks like to me Kenny Bell has the arms.book team of Denard.Denard doesn't have his arm hook Kenny.Bell spoke in his arm.while was right nine penalties against.Michigan State for a hundred yards both.teams when penalized nine times Maher.getting loose but nice hoping they don't.need them.first and golden no timeouts the balls.on the five Chris.there's no way the running game is the.factor here and you can't risk a run and.you get tackled short of the goal line.no you can't and you have to throw the.ball into the end zone and you can go.the fade again you also have Tyler Reed.in there working as a tight end he's a.match up with a safety or a linebacker.he's lined up right here's a tight end.that might be a matchup you're looking.for his situation.- cribbage Martinez they come with a.blitz Martinez throws the back of the.endzone to read incomplete out of the.back of the endzone Isiah Lewis ad.coverage they tried to live a double.move on Isiah Lewis good discipline by.Isiah not looking back at the.quarterback keeping his eyes on a.receiver and running with Carla read the.whole way that's the matchup like we.thought they'd go - they went to it but.well-executed by Isaiah and now will the.Spartans blitz again as they did on.first and goal.this will take your shot Shawn I mean.your strength of your teams you're.playing man-to-man defense here's a.matchup I like right here in this play.ball Turner in this slot.no timeouts left for either team second.and goal.Tamela Turner made the catch.[Applause].the matchup we liked.why because he has all the field to work.with Taylor Martinez is thrown to a spot.Jamal Turner focusing in and does a good.job of one two yeah yeah absolutely got.two or three up and down continued.possession all the way through.[Applause].first touchdown of the year for Jamal.Turner what a time for six seconds to go.it's been an excruciating year for Mark.Dantonio.[Applause].is the most excruciating.one play away one-fourth down stop away.from victory.Nebraska converted then they got the.controversial pass interferes penalty.[Applause].Spears are six seconds away.another come-from-behind way.when double digits for the third time in.Big Ten play this year here's what we.circled it because their man the man he.has all this room to work with he's.working on Mitchell white that's one.they like Mitchell white takes away the.inside Jamal Turner has all that room to.work with Taylor Martinez the thing that.he's improved on his throne to an open.area not to an open man delivers the.strike to Jamal Turner who does a good.job of securing the catch.[Music].both Pollini made the decision to go for.in the previous possession on fourth.down tonight I didn't get it.defense got the ball back and then his.offense with no timeouts goes 80 yards.in nine plays in a minute and 14 the.completed long fourth down pass to Kyler.read a key and then the pass.interference penalty of Mark Dantonio.will never forget put the ball at the 5.Jamal Turner the catch for the touchdown.[Music].the first touchdown of his Nebraska.career is a sophomore when the expect.all kinds of Latinas here Nick Hill.looking for help the going in a wrong.direction.basta.but not any longer than Nebraska.retains control of its own destiny in.the legends division nor the big 10.and the fans are booing.new officials.another excruciating loss for Mark.Dantonio and victory was in their grasp.[Music].here's quick test Nick with Bo Pelini.coach what would happen on that last.Drive what didn't happen on that last.Drive well it's a crazy game proud of.our kids they fought hard give a lot of.credit to Michigan State - they play.those a heck of a football game you know.we've made a lot of mistakes and somehow.we Alaskan able to make a play their.gender winner yeah take me inside your.mind you go for it on fourth down you.don't get it you may not get the ball.back what's going on to your mind well.you know we were going to win the game.you know and I thought it was the right.thing to do to go for it I figured we.could stop em on defense and we had our.timeout so I kind of changed my thinking.open how do you best characterize the.play Taylor Martinez.Victoire.but you know I can't go.Bree was big-time today congratulations.both it was enormous for most of the.game on the ground he rushed for 205.yards and two long touchdowns he hadn't.done much passing prior that last Drive.he had under a hundred yards throwing.and he averages 223 a game but he had a.couple of big completions on that.game-winning drive but they'll be.celebrating long into the night around.Lincoln Nebraska.2824 the final sure to tune in to ABC.tonight more great action at 8:00.Eastern Time Saturday Night Football.presented by windows.24th ranked Oklahoma State number to.Kansas State.that's tonight on ABC now for Chris.Spielman Quint Kessenich in our terrific.ABC at ESPN crew Shama gonna sing so.long from East Lansing out of the studio.

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