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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling in Board Of Barbering And Cosmetology Establishment And Mobile Unit License Renewal Board Of Barbering And Cosmetology Online

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The Definite Guide to Board Of Barbering And Cosmetology Establishment And Mobile Unit License Renewal Board Of Barbering And Cosmetology

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Tutorial as toBoard Of Barbering And Cosmetology Establishment And Mobile Unit License Renewal Board Of Barbering And Cosmetology

on those phones and jam the phone lines.okay they don't know where those calls.are coming from all they know is there's.285 million calls on hold and they're.registered voters and it really helps.out we have a situation in the state of.Montana where in their barbering.legislation we had a board member.actually on social media trying to beg.barbers to show up to this event so that.they could defend their licensing and if.you've ever been to Montana you.understand it's you know 70 mile an hour.dirt roads for a long ways to get.somewhere sometimes and so they had a.really difficult time getting barbers to.show up so cosmetologist showed up for.him and got that foot away so another.state the barber showed up for the.cosmetologist and got that put away so.it's really important that we all you.know the more we unite the better off we.are and what I'm really excited about.was we heard a lot about barbering at.this last region meeting and how the.industry is changing and how its.evolving and how its growing we're.getting barber schools open all over the.country and that is exciting to me.because this industry is definitely.completely reconfigured itself and the.barbers we're seeing now are artistic.barbers they're doing designs in the.scalp they're doing you know they're.they dress different they look different.there there are a whole different arm of.the barbering and and we love that you.know because it's reinventing that.career field again and rejuvenating it.so you know we see a lot of barber.schools open up around the country 3 and.4 and most states which is nice so.programs are opening up we talked a lot.about that but at the same time we have.to keep our regulation in check and we.have to make sure that that licensure.stays where it is and actually in some.cases our own industries fighting.against this because a lot of these.commercial big commercial companies are.not able to find people to work for and.so they're actually part of our.deregulation problem because they want.to deregulate it so they can train their.own so we have to watch out for that too.whether there are industries not.attacking us as well so that's one thing.we talked about we also talked about an.organization called cut it out it's a.it's an organization that deals with.abuse and I you know I said and I.listened.- and I thought in my career if I'd have.had this training a long time ago I.probably could have really helped some.of my friends because my clients are my.friends.some of them I've worked with for.several years some of them I'm burying.now and working on their grandchildren.so it's interesting to see how we have.these lifetime friends and our careers.but I probably could have helped some of.those people and they did bring up.barbering in there it was interesting to.me to find out that 25% of the abuse.that goes on in this country is among.men and not only that a lot of women are.now going to barbers so we're dealing.with all kinds of people in our careers.now not just specific people as we have.in the past so it's important to know I.think how to how to work with that but.that's a great organization to get.involved in as far as information and so.forth so those are the kinds of things.that ni C talks about we don't really.necessarily talk about examinations we.talked about regulations we talk about.things going on in the industry so every.single state board every single barber.board cosmetology board in the country.belongs to ni see whether they use the.examination or not so they come in and.then we talk about it the examination is.totally separate it's actually designed.under the national examination committee.which is an ni C affiliate and that's.who takes care of this examination and.writes it and maintains it and so forth.so when we say ni C we're actually.talking about the big picture not the.little one but this is the website I was.telling you about this is Tamara Schiele.she's from Georgia she's actually.running for the Senate in Georgia she is.a Spitfire and she's working very very.diligently in our industry I actually.listen to a couple radio shows she did.here in California on regulation of.barbers which were interesting but you.can go on her website on this website.and and listen to what she has to say.about it but the key thing about this.website is it's got all 50 states on and.you can click on them and see where the.deregulation bills are moving and where.the movement is happening I would really.pay a lot of attention to Tennessee.Arizona and Montana this year put them.in your scope because I know there's.some problems there but that is a great.organization I'm not saying to join it.I'm just saying you can go on her.website and click on those states and.see.where things are happening if you feel.like you want to join it that's that's.totally up to you but the mission of the.ni C council is to promote health safety.and welfare and this is where the.examination gets really confusing and we.we get a lot of people call in sometimes.they say I've been a barber for 50 years.and I can't pass this examination reason.being the examinations based on health.and safety and health and Safety's.changes a lot over the years and we're.going to talk about that and talk about.some ways that you can educate your.students when they come to be candidates.they can understand what health and.safety really is and and be successful.in their pursuit but the scope of the.National practical examination of course.has core services core services means.every single state in the Union if they.use the ni C barber exam they take those.same sections we have to remember now.examinations have changed we no longer.examine services we examine sections and.we examine safety and infection control.so in a shave now we don't we don't.examine and you'll see the new shave.happen we don't examine a shave that's.not what we're looking at we're not.looking at a soft skill of Shaving we're.looking at safe use of a razor the.ability to apply a chemical to the face.where we're looking at using razors and.combs and and and clippers and things.safely so we're doing a basic service.but we're also examining health and.safety and I'll talk a little bit more.about that but everybody says where do.you get your information for the barber.exam we get it from you and we take the.the surveys actually write on a ni C.website right now there's the aesthetics.is being updated so if you want an.example of it that's where you can go.look but we actually do a survey they.click on that they go through they tell.us what's important in barbering to.examine on and we take that information.we put it in front of a panel of subject.matter experts from around the country.and those subject matter experts worked.very well together on this barber exam.and they design a very very well tuned.barber exam I believe they were very.sophisticated barbers and understanding.and and the one of the problems we have.in barbering is it's a lot of tradition.and traditions very hard to.to defend and and tradition is very hard.to endorse when health and safety is the.the key.and so these barbers worked very well.together they had to put down their egos.and their traditions for a minute and.say okay what's really important here.and I think they really got a great.scope of what that was about so they.take that information they don't change.it they take it to the panel of subject.matter experts and those experts go in.and say okay how are we going to do this.are we gonna look at this in a practical.sense are we gonna look at this in a.written sense or can we do it in bolt.and then the examinations are written.based on the information that we've got.back from that survey so it's.interesting to see how all this is is.created but we do offer two standard.legal legally defensible program when I.say standard I actually will be here.again in September we'd like to invite.each one of you there'll be open houses.so stay tuned when you get your letters.from the the barber cause they'll tell.you where those hopen houses are and.we'll be there to answer your questions.and talk a little bit more about some.things that I'll bring up later but it.would be a great learning program for.you it would be an opportunity for you.to come in and talk to us basically.one-on-one see the sights and and and.you know kind of get it familiar with.what's going on but the standardization.of this means that we come here every.single year and we train your examiner's.not only do we talk to you into an.overview we spend two days training your.examiner's on these examinations we want.this examination to be given in.California exactly like it's given in in.Alabama or Tennessee or in South.Carolina North Carolina South Dakota.it's got to be exactly the same and.that's what we mean by standardized so.the testing experience that you're.experiencing here in California is the.same when they're getting everywhere.else just so you understand that but as.far as our development goes and this is.really the only part I cover on the.written but as far as the development.goes we take that survey like I said we.get that information and then we go.through a development process we call.the validity chain and in the written.examination that question is written by.a subject-matter expert then it's.reviewed by a panel of subject matter.experts until it's.conceived as being a good question that.question is then put on a test form and.so as your students come in to take.their examinations they'll have ten.pretest questions that are zero weighted.and we're just simply seeing how those.questions perform and we take that back.to the psychometrician z-- and the.psychometrician is look at them these.are people who crunch numbers and see.exactly what's happening with that.question if everybody's getting it right.maybe there's a better thing we need to.examine on but if everybody's getting it.wrong we need to really look at that and.see what what's wrong with that question.what's wrong with that information and I.see also reviews all the the Barbara.Content to make sure none of the Barbara.content conflicts the question so one.candidate base would learn something is.correct and one candidate based learns.it doesn't matter we wouldn't actually.test on that because it would be unfair.to one set of the candidates so these.questions are very well beaten up very.well written.very well reviewed they're actually.written exactly like an SAT question so.it's I think it's important that you.know that we don't write tricky.questions I had a candidate who got.ahold of my email address actually from.California the other day who emailed me.and said you know I don't like your.examination it's tricky she said I had a.question about bones and every single.one of the answers on the question was a.bone and I said exactly you know if it's.about a bone we're gonna ask you which.bone it is we're going to give bones as.the distractors and bone is a key which.we don't make up names we don't make up.terms we don't do any of that stuff it's.all actual we don't try to trick anybody.they're all multiple-choice questions.okay just so you know and they're.written but in the practical itself in.the development we go through we make.sure we go through run throughs we bring.in people who actually take the.examination in front and talk about.nerve wracking but in front of the.subject matter experts who are new in.the field and they perform these tasks.so we can see if these examinations are.actually functioning if they're actually.testing something and so forth so.there's a lot of thought and a process.that goes into this there's a lot of.psychometrics and so forth so it is all.part of this validity chain so by the.time that examination.to you it's it's a valid legally.defensible examination but we do believe.in a solid commitment to maintain high.standards that are established in our.industry and by our barbers we believe.that in most examination formats a.candidate could possibly look at a CIB.and if you think about the old formats.you could look and see well look at the.barber currently it says the way you use.a steam towel right in the task line it.tells you you need to ring it you need.to test the temperature and so forth it.tells you exactly how to use a steam.towel so a senator basically with any.practical knowledge could probably pass.that examination just by reading those.task lines if you really look at it and.so we've gone to a competency-based exam.where we don't tell you how to use a.steam towel we expect you to come to the.examination knowing how to use it.so we'll say apply a steam towel that.means ring it does the temperature apply.to the face so it's a it's it's written.out a little bit differently for because.that didn't work in in the whole format.of deregulation when we get in that.arena and a senator can pass an.examination without any training.what is the use of your school so we.want to make sure they're competent when.they come I understand right now as they.come to the examinations they're not.ringing steam towels so make sure that.we understand that that's part of the.evaluation even though it's not in the.task line anymore okay the other thing.that doesn't appear in these new task.lines is currently you'll see in each.section it says follows infection.control procedures maintain safe work.area you have two task lines for that in.that in the new format or the updated.format you won't see those task lines.and the reason being is because when.these are created these examinations are.created you get all the information on.that CIB you get the verbal instructions.and you get the task lines what you.don't see is underneath each one of.those task lines are no statements and.they're the only way a candidate can.fail that task so that's what the.subject matter experts do they go in and.they write these no statements they.research them in the books they make.sure they don't conflict and that's what.your candidates are examined on so it's.no longer the examiner that makes that.judgment call it's the task.and and so as your candidates come in.they're all they all have the same.criteria they're all scored exactly the.same and it's it's a very very fair.examination at that at that point but we.have gone to the competency-based we.want to see a basic skill we want to see.how you teach them so you'll see the.shave no longer doesn't matter if they.do a thirty one stroke shave or a.fifteen stroke shave it matters that.they use a razor and they use it.correctly they use it in the right place.because we have to see placement in.there in the right areas to see proper.use of the razor so you'll kind of see.how this is structured a little bit.differently as far as the examination.goes but remember these are sections.these are not services so when we score.the haircut the haircuts over we go to.the next section we score the shave when.the shaves over we go to the next.section we never go back and score.something off that happened before and.we never carry something forward that.happened in the past it's a brand new.day in Section one it's a brand new day.in section two okay and so forth we do.promote and promote national endorsement.and regulations affecting the practice.of barbering cosmetology in its related.fields and I think that's important to.know because if you look at the nursing.industry they don't have a whole lot of.problem with the regulation and the.reason being is because they're all.together they take the same examination.they take the same amount of hours.everything is standard they leave them.alone what they see in our industry is.if you move from California to South.Carolina and you never took in an icy.examination South Carolina is going to.make you take one you will take an N icy.examination in South Carolina and so.they'd see that as a barrier that's how.that's how the the Congress looks at it.as a barrier so we we're trying to get.this all together so that we have one.examination we have everything going in.the right direction and people can just.move around and we're definitely on.board with that making sure that we can.get rid of this deregulation by all.coming together on.it's the responsibility of an ICN the.state of California to ensure that.nobody's going to hurt anybody while.they're practicing barbering or.electrology or cosmetology or nail.technician it's important that we.understand that we're putting out people.when you send us a student they come in.as a candidate.we hope they leave as a licensed.professional because that's what this.examination does correct they come in as.of an entry level they leave as a.professional the same level as all of us.are they have a license and it doesn't.matter you know if you look at the.medical profession it doesn't matter.what they passed with it matters that it.says doctor behind their name or doctor.in front of their name and that's the.same with barbering and cosmetology.we're not so concerned with the score as.we are that they pass the examination.but we only evaluate the tasks that you.have in that Canada information bulletin.those are available on your website I.would definitely go straight to your.California website to get those Canada.information bulletins because they have.all the information for California if.you choose to go to the NI see web site.you're going to be struggling through it.trying to figure out what California.does so it's as much easier just to go.straight to your website and get that.information off your website and as you.watch these videos make sure you.download a fresh copy when you go to the.DCA website you have your you can have.your students watch this presentation as.well.it just helps them to understand but you.can visit that website to obtain the CIB.specific to California like I said the.nipcc webpage just has general.information on testing so you're better.off going to your own but like I said.download a fresh copy for each student.as they as they go through these.programs and you teach them about this.examination that will help them.understand the tasks and they perform.the tasks the way you teach them not the.way we tell you to do them that's the.other thing that's that's happening is.we no longer say you have to perform a.haircut the way we tell you to the State.Board haircut is gone they now do the.haircut that you teach them according to.the perimeters that we give you and the.examiners score them accordingly.so it's a it's it's awesome it really is.you'll love the haircut but you can also.visit the NICU a page to take a practice.written examination those written.examinations are $30 they take it one.time it gives them justification on why.questions are right and wrong it's not.the ni C test so don't get me wrong.there it's a practice test it teaches.them how to work with our questions that.teaches us how it teaches them how that.examination is going to go maybe take a.little bit of the edge off when they get.there for the written so our.examinations are given in a testing.environment that's important to.understand because your candidates are.evaluated at all times even though.they've completed a section and they.step back they're still being scored for.health and safety so it's a good idea to.sanitize when I walk up and it's a good.idea to sanitize when I step away all.right because my hands have to I have to.remember who these hands belong to as.I'm working if I've touched my client or.my mannequin my hands now belong to them.I can't scratch my head I can't.contaminate my drawer my kit I have to.sanitize before I do those things and.then sanitize when I go back to those.other things and we'll talk about that.when we get into the exam itself but.they are evaluated at all times they.must follow our appropriate public.protection infection control procedures.during all phases of this examination.that's very very important cell phones.have to go away.and we're still seeing a lot of cell.phones it's kind of interesting to me.when I came to California and they come.to their break and they they excused.candidates from the room for their break.and when the first thing they do is go.get stuff out of their kit and they pull.their cell phone out of their kit.they'll be immediately dismissed if.there's a cell phone inside that room at.all.the examination staff cannot tell you.what to do with the cell phone if you.have it there they can't tell you I'll.hold it for you they can't tell you I'll.watch that for you they can't tell you.to take it to your car they just tell.you it can't come in there so make sure.they're not even bringing them to the.test site I know that's very difficult.some of them have to call for rides and.then can all justify why they need a.cell phone they can't bring them in the.room that's that's the bottom line so.make sure they're not bringing.they also can't wear watches or exercise.bands anything electronic they cannot.wear unless it attains life if they need.an insulin pump they're definitely.welcome to wear that or a pacemaker is.fine as well.but any other type of item that they.really don't need don't bring it it's.just a good idea they also can't have.any printer hand written material and.I'm going to give you some examples of.what I've seen here how these these kits.are packed and so forth that might cause.you to have some problems like I said.the examination has changed the way you.pack your kits going to change so we're.going to talk about that and in those.open houses I'm going to show you how to.pack kits so that you'll be able to look.at a kid and see if it's functional or.not or pack your own as a school but we.can't have a copy of the CIB inside the.kit we can't have laundry lists written.on the front of a bag of everything.that's inside that bag this is a.competency examination I want to see a.bag this is client one client one would.be my hair cutting section okay so so.they just dump this bag out to have all.their haircutting clippers whatever.supplies inside that they sorted out and.they know how to use everything on the.table.that's competency so it's it's based a.little bit differently my client two bag.of course we would contain my my shaving.supplies for my client too so I would.that that's how I would you know start.thinking it's competency now I should be.able to dump client two bag out I should.be able to sort that out on my table and.figure out the shape in the chemical.section I should be able to dump out all.those things on the table and we'll talk.about that and I should be able to sort.it out and use them and no one to use.protective cream and when not to you.know all those sort of things so things.have changed and we're going to talk.about how that works but they can't have.any laundry list of things and they also.can't say that this is one of my.favorite and this comes from aesthetics.but we also see it in a lot of different.ones but this bottle says massage well.if I could invent massage in a bottle I.would be not standing here in front of.you I'd be in the Bahamas somewhere this.is actually massage cream or massage.lotion or massage oil correct and.what's inside this bottle not massage so.you know we see monomer bottles marked.nel liquid well that doesn't tell us.that it's monomer and that needs a.factory label so there's some different.things that we're going to talk about as.we go through these that that will kind.of spur you and key you into how these.kits should work and how these.candidates are performing but they can't.talk to each other and they can't buy.them make sure they're not think borrow.shaving cream or passing back and forth.because they can once they're inside.that room they have to use exactly what.they brought and if they don't have it.they they can simulate it with something.else and hope that that works for them.well some of the things we don't bring.to this examination are fumigants wet.disinfectant jars or aerosols that's.very important to understand if they do.bring those wetness infection jars they.will be taken away if their tools are in.them they're taken away with their tools.in it so make sure they don't bring them.we don't evaluate them this is the.national examination in California maybe.you can put that on your station but in.most states now you can't even put these.on your stations.they're in the back room somewhere so.that's why we evaluate things the way we.do fumigants of course a lot of states.have outlawed those we don't bring those.in there we don't need them we're not.evaluating that that at all and aerosol.is absolutely not so shaving cream has.to come in a paste form or a gel form.nothing that's dispersed by by gas or.air we don't need to talk about this.slide.but all containers and products are.considered multi-use and this is very.important for you to understand.everything that I said on my station is.the same thing that I would sit on my.station in real life so when I put my.shaving cream out there because we're.shaving the neck in the haircut I'm.gonna use that same shaving cream.container now my second client for the.shade that just makes sense doesn't it.every client that comes in I don't bring.out new shaving cream I'm just gonna.wipe it down with disinfectant move it.over during my client change and reuse.that again protective cream we see this.especially in California in your.chemical section when I work in my shop.I have one bottle of protective cream on.my station and I put that protective.cream on my station and I know when to.use that but what we see in California.is we have separate bags packed with.different protective creams and to.remind them when to use them these will.be taken away they'll be left with one.anyway okay and like I said you have a.client a bag of chemicals anyway you.don't have separate lighted sections in.that bag it's all just one big bag you.dump out so everything is backbar and.you have to remember that I'm gonna use.this over and over and over again so.things that I use on my station all day.my first aid kit those types of things.are all multi-use nothing is ever a.single use item okay or a single-use.container they all have to be labeled in.English and we'll talk about labeling as.we go through the exam there can't be.any if you create a link label this.one's kind of crazy because it says.right here on the bottle it has a.manufacturer label that says hand.sanitizer and then somebody thought we.needed to know it was hand sanitizer so.they put another label on it says hand.sanitizer.this factory label was sufficient and a.factory label of course can be.multi-language but if you make this.little white label for any type of a.bottle it can only have English on it.okay that's an OSHA regulation so only.English.some of the unacceptable labeling we see.first off we we see a lot of PD or.predisposition that's another thing if I.could put predisposition in a bottle my.children would be awesome you know.because I can squirt a little on them in.the morning they'd be good all day long.I mean I would be great but that's not.predisposition inside that jar what's.inside that jar is color or tint correct.it's an island derivative and when we do.the predisposition and strand test we.use color we don't use predisposition.okay so make sure that these are.actually labeled what's inside those.containers not what they do okay if.they're labeled what they do they'll be.taken away again the massage remember.the massage the massage cream this was.something also that we see a lot we see.things numbered so in this case this was.an aesthetics exam they said okay we're.going to cleanse first we're going to.exfoliate second and massage third well.that's cheating isn't it this person she.already know that's the sequence that I.do things in so we no longer let them.have that option of organizing sequences.they dump it out of a bag they organize.it according to the sequence that they.do which is important so make sure that.they're not putting steps on anything or.numbers on anything all they're doing is.any labeling products and know when to.use those products.another thing that we see a lot of.supplies do not need to be labeled I see.rolls of paper towels written on each.paper towel paper towel paper towel.paper towel paper towel we already know.it's a paper towel right we already know.that it's combs we already know that.they're spatulas so these types of.containers in my universal supplies or.mmm or so forth that I put on my station.all day my gloves don't need to be.labeled I don't need a label on those my.spatulas I don't need a label on those.so what this used to do in the old or.Examination formats was this was telling.us what we had in our kits wasn't it we.had a baggie and it had everything in it.for that one section well we don't do.that anymore so make sure we're not.labeling supplies they should know what.supplies are and you're the examiners.absolutely know what those supplies are.so you don't need to label them the only.thing up there that needed to be labeled.was color okay so don't label those.supplies also I say this every time get.rid of those snorkel tip bottles so you.have to open with your thumb or your.finger you know every time I touch the.end of that container and let go that.bottle in goes the bacteria so you're.actually seeing these disappear off the.open shelves in the supermarket's now.because of the infection control.problems that they're having with them.but use some other type of mechanism a.pump or a snap cap or something else.that's easier for that candidate to use.so let's talk about what housing.industry's changed the number one reason.the industry changes infection bacterias.diseases now that kill us rather than.just make us sick and so it's important.that we understand how these diseases.work and how these bacterias work we.were dealing with the Godzilla of.superbugs I call him mercy and versa.these things are running rampant I told.my father in December do not go to this.particular barber shop it's dirty.well he likes the barber there Syd's his.friend so he likes to go there and he.went in December against my better.judgment and got mercy in his scalp from.a pair of clippers he spent weeks in the.hospital getting rid of that mercy in.his scalp we have a member of Ni C who.walked past a massage table in his.cousin.ecology school scratched his leg got a.flesh-eating bacteria and has had 28.surgeries and is now two years into.rehab but he saved his leg these are.these are dangerous bacterias that are.they're growing and these are surface.bacterias though the mersa that we deal.with isn't the hospital that grows in.the drain type mersa this is on our skin.and we all have Mercer and our murse is.unique to us so yes we can give it to.our children we can give it to our.spouses mersa is running rampant.we need to disinfect surfaces knowing.because that's where it's growing we.need to know how to sanitize our hands.we need to know that we actually need to.sanitize our hands the examiners in.California are telling me they're.simulating sanitation they're not.actually sanitizing their hands we.expect them to pump sanitizer actually.into their hands and sanitize their.hands we expect them to actually.disinfect the station we don't know what.happened on that before they got there.it's their own protection.it's also displaying that they.understand how to disinfect and we're.going to talk about that as well but.this is this is really important to know.that Merson and Versa are out there and.they're killing people we're losing.limbs over that friend of mine who works.in another industry he actually got MRSA.on his leg he was a very large gentleman.about 500 pounds now he weighs 90 pounds.and he has one leg but he's alive so you.know we don't want these things to.happen this a couple of different ones.one was the Nick with an L file you can.probably pick out which one that one was.and mersa establishes itself they have.to you know cut the skin around or clean.it and so you're lucky to save the limb.first off but it's also a very large.process and a very large scarring.process if you can survive it but the.the hand injury that you see there was.actually a hair splinter or a hair.sliver that got in this gentleman's hand.he eventually lost his hand over that.splinter so you know the days of.open-toed shoes in the salon as far as.I'm concerned start wearing your shoes.again these hair splinters are dangerous.we don't see as much with barbering well.actually.I will take that back I see a lot of.more flip-flops then you know you got to.be.therefore that sort of thing because you.don't want to be losing your leg you.know it's very important but those are.the types of things we're seeing we're.seeing a lot of HPV dirty wack spots you.know this is actually herpes of the eye.which was contracted through a wax pot.and interesting enough I show you this I.know you know even barbering you're.saying why are you showing me this it's.because if we support these type of.businesses we are hurting our own.industry if I go get a pedicure and they.bring out a tote tray and you see dirty.implements in that tote tray and you.don't walk out you're part of the.problem you really are because if I see.a tote tray I have to know that that toe.tray was emptied out before it came.there it was completely washed out with.soap and water that it was disinfected.that everything that went back in that.toe Trey was disinfected before it went.back in that plastic tray and once it.you know the files and buffers have to.be new so you know those are the types.of things that I want you to understand.is that it's not just barbering it's.everybody we all have to watch out for.this we all have to be part of our.industry and if if we go into a dirty.barber shop we need to educate him you.know we need to keep ours clean so.people understand that they can come.there and be safe and I think that's.very important to understand so get rid.of those types of things the totes and.stuff and we'll talk about those but.this was a wax pot this person came in.for a Brazilian wax or a genital wax the.wax stick was double dipped inside this.wax the next client that came in got an.eyebrow wax and that's how the herpes.was contracted so these types of things.are so you know I mean you think about.your own industry there's other ways to.spread these diseases as well so in.wiping tips of things and so forth so we.need to really be careful and really be.conscious of what's going on in our.industry the macro bacterium's.beam I was actually working with the.senator in Alabama I think I've told you.this story before but he didn't.understand.regulated so you could pay $5.00 in most.counties and be a barber and that's what.deregulation looks like you just go get.a business license and you're you're it.so he was defending the fact that they.didn't need licensure and he said I.always pay an extra dollar for a clean.blade when I go in for my shades and I.said well don't you think you should get.a clean blade anyway right that's just.good you've been.it's dermaplaning-- there's blood.contact there's all these things you.know you should be getting a clean blade.with every single shave Wow and we got.into this conversation you say well I.still get these little red bumps on the.back of my neck well that's the macro.bacterium because they never disinfected.a razor so those are the types of things.we we talk about to these these people.to try to get regulation in place well.in Alabama most counties now are.regulated and we're very very happy.about that but this is the types it's.you know your your nail spa remember the.the foot tubs getting rashes on their.legs it affected us all over the country.I could not beg a pedicure in my salon.when that stuff was going on you know.and and it was important to me to.rebuild that business so we affect each.other so let's make sure that we.understand what infection control is and.we keep things clean it also goes on.social media and like I said this isn't.just a nail industry this is everybody.we're seeing barbers and cosmetologist.with half a head of hair now because.they're naturally losing their hair but.because they've gotten mersa or.infection in their scalp from scratching.their heads while they're doing their.services we've seen a lot of clients.like my father who are getting MRSA from.clippers and and dirty implements and so.forth so it's important that we.understand what's happening today in the.industry now what we learned 15-20 years.ago because it is very very very.different you know when I took my exam.30 some-odd years ago things were a lot.different you know I actually learned.some some really bad techniques like.using my mouth too you know and spit to.sharpen a makeup brush and and you know.different things like that and testing I.I saw the other day somebody spit test.an iron in a barber exam you know they.put it.see if the iron was hot so those types.of things have gone away we can't do.those things anymore but that's things.we learned in school 20-30 years ago.that were okay to do but there are a lot.of different types of disinfectants out.there they have to have an original.manufacturer label that's an OSHA.requirement if it's on your SDS sheet it.has to have a manufacturer label I'm.going to show you some of the examples.that I've seen here but they have to.have a label they have to be a PA.registered and Shop salon spa grade.that's the same as hospital grade that's.just a little bit of labeling how.they're changing around our examination.say Hospital grade which is a salon.grade if I've got it at a reputable.barber supply house it's going to be.okay if I bought it a supermarket.chances are 90% it's not so make sure.that they're there they understand what.real disinfectant is how to use real.disinfectant so they don't have the.problems my father had in their shop and.they get on social media because they've.given somebody mercy so they need to.understand what it is one of the things.that I did in in my school went when I.had it was I made sure that before they.when they came in for orientation he was.on a Friday and I would tell them before.you come back on Monday you need to go.online and go to the barber side website.and they have an infection control.certification program it's free go on.there and when you come in Monday I want.that certificate they started out in.school knowing what infection control.was the problem was I had to take it as.well so I understood but I made sure.they were all barbicide certified before.they ever came to school then halfway.through their program I said you go to.the Marvis ID website and you take their.certification program it's free you.bring back that certificate and we'll.put you through into the senior program.and they did and before they graduated I.said you go to the leucocyte website and.you take their certification program.when they walked out of my school they.had and went to take their exam they had.three infection control certifications.from three different companies three.different aspects of infection control.they had no doubt in their mind.infection-control was and they did very.well on their examination so those are.some free tools that you can use that I.like to pass along in our September.overview area we've actually invited our.disinfection specialists from barbicide.to come and talk to you a little bit and.so we're gonna have her here as well.she's actually confirmed with me that.she'll be here and she's gonna actually.be part of this presentation and talk to.you a little bit about infection control.so you understand it it's a great.program so let's let's let's use those.they're free they're our industry but.the main thing that we need to look at.is that our that our salon barbering.whatever grade hospital-grade.disinfectant our virus idol bactericidal.and fungicidal fungicidal is what most.of them are missing so as long as you're.using the the reputable ones from the.stores that you shop at not the grocery.stores but the actual barbering houses.are what you want to use but some of.those are premixes and we need labels so.barbicide barbicide Lucas ID you have to.go online and download their labels.their labels have to be applied to the.bottle so they can be read and they have.to be the complete label so these bottom.two illustrations or pictures were.actually taken here in the state of.California those are not disinfectants.that you can use those disinfectants.would be graded off because I can't read.the labels you have to be able to read.the label first responder if someone.ingested this the first responder would.have to be able to read that label to.see what the poison control information.was on it also has a disposal all that.information has to be visible so if this.would be graded off for a labeling error.because this isn't a manufacturer label.properly displayed some of the other.things we see this is the this is the.front label for the marva side that was.great when we turned the bottle around.there was other labels the back one.actually said Windex window cleaner so.when now we don't know what it is a.first responder wouldn't know how to.respond to that so they would have to do.toxicology and all kinds of things.someone would really suffer because.that labeling so make sure if it's on.your SD s sheet it has a manufacturer.label in this examination the only thing.that has to have a manufacturer label is.your disinfectant and your hand.sanitizer the rest of them can be.created labels or manufacturer labels.here are some other great examples.don't put your disinfectant in a baggie.with a rag or a towel your disinfectant.should sit on your station just like it.does naturally in your barber shop.that's where it sits it should be.displayed naturally as it does in your.barber shop or in your school don't put.it in a baggie.separate from everything else it's a.universal supply it needs to be out and.used anything left in bags will be.graded off okay so make sure this isn't.happening also it has to be the actual.liquid make sure that it's not colored.so that they can see water inside of a.bottle it has to be disinfected this is.a good Marv aside label because it has.the from the back label correct and.that's what we need to have also we.don't use blood exposure kits anymore.well we never did use a blood exposure.kit because there really isn't ever one.we don't use blood spill kits anymore we.don't use biohazard labels anymore we.use a first-aid kit.you can make your own label first-aid.kit.don't be fancy and put red crosses on.them just write first-aid kit on it you.can go to the some of the stores have.the little white ones with the cardboard.band on them and you can unload those.and reload them so they work we'll go.over that in the blood exposure section.but when I pull that band off it's no.longer labeled is it so I need to write.on top of that little plastic box.first-aid kit but you're able to.assemble your own that's not a problem.but it has to have a lot enough supplies.and if they cut themselves in the shade.if they cut themselves in the haircut.they still have to use that same.first-aid kit that they're going to use.for the blood exposure section okay and.we'll kind of cover that as we go.through the examination but it's not a.blood exposure kit it's a first-aid kit.the secondary bag that they use do not.mark contaminated it's just a bag and.we'll talk about that as well we only.label what.products right and our supplies need to.be labelled if they first aid kit you.know some type of sanitizers if it's a.water bottle it needs to say water on it.so that's what we that's what we label.but a contaminated bag is a miss label.we don't need to mark that.again those totes get rid of them they.can't be disinfected don't use anything.that cannot be disinfected do not teach.them in your schools to use anything in.their shops that cannot be disinfected.this is very very important here's some.examples of something I saw in some.examinations and I just want to bring.this up in every overview because I.think it's important that you understand.first off this bag says it's hard to.read but it says to be discarded and.really what that bag is is their trash.bag it should say trash we use universal.terms we use terms that are easy to.translate we use terms that everyone.understand when I go across the country.and I go to the grocery store if I go to.New Hampshire I use a carriage to carry.my groceries if I go to South Carolina I.use a buggy to carry my groceries if I.come to California or Utah I use a.shopping cart therefore if I say.shopping cart in South Carolina they.know what I'm talking about.if I told you buggy you would think of.maybe a horse-drawn carriage or.something of that sort.so we use universal terms and universal.terms are important because there's.everybody understand it so when you're.CIB it says I needed one marked trash.correct so that's exactly what it has to.say is trash the next one mm-hmm that we.look at is this soiled implement first.of all get rid of these boxes off the.table put a bag on the floor it's much.easier for them to put their.contaminated items into a bag on the.floor you have to remember these bags.themselves and this one should say to be.disinfected probably so might to be.disinfected bag can be opened up I would.definitely put liners inside them in.case they leak that that's important but.I would definitely put a liner inside.these full.back up and put them in the kit and.we'll talk about that in a minute but.this to be disinfected back I'm gonna.label on all four sides I'm gonna label.my trash bag on all four sides my soil.Linens on all four sides because no.matter how they put that underneath that.station they can see it and that's.important that they put things in here.because what are we really evaluating.with this bag what I'm really evaluating.is the process.I'm not evaluating a garbage can or a.trash can I'm evaluating things that are.gonna go to the landfill that I is a.confident practitioner know that that.next trip now needs to be thrown in the.trash and carried off to the landfill I.know that that razor that I just used is.going to be a process of disinfection or.that comb that I used or my clippers or.my clipper guards all have to be.disinfected don't they so this is what.it's telling and I see and what's.telling your examiner's is that there's.a process to that item that process is.disinfection okay so that's important to.know we don't evaluate that they know.that process we evaluate that they know.it has to have that process done to it.okay so so that's all this bag is so.don't get really complicated and think.you need it covered and all those things.we're not evaluating a trash can for.evaluating trash all right things that.need to go to the landfill this one was.an interesting one biohazard is what.that says on it well that's not even a.biohazard bag that's really nothing but.a mislabel if this person had actually.brought a biohazard bag you would have.one of these labels or B this bag.correct we don't need this don't bring.this a blood spill kit is for 20.milliliters or more of blood on the.floor if you cause that you better be.calling 911 and not only that you're.gonna have a kit to clean up that.coagulated blood so it's a different.scenario than what we have we've nixed.someone at the razor we've cut our own.finger we've you know we've caused a.small injury and we need to know how to.deal with blood present so it's not a.blood exposure kit it is a first-aid kit.that's how we deal with blood present.all right so make sure that they're not.bringing biohazard labels no biohazard.labels don't bring them just bring your.first-aid kit and I'll show.exactly what to put in there and exactly.where to find that information okay when.we go through the blood exposure one of.the other great things we see let's just.take this barbicide premix and put a.nozzle on it and spray it on the station.that'll kill anything well it's kind of.like using clipper side for a.disinfectant it's not that's not correct.is it clipper side is not a surface.disinfectant it's oily it's made for.mechanical tools so a surface.disinfection wouldn't be your barbicide.mixed correctly right mixed according to.manufacturer's directions so this is.what we want to see we want to see that.they're confident that they understand.they have to mix that barber side that.the barber side that they mixed has to.be labeled with a post mixed label.whatever they downloaded off the.internet okay that goes on there SDSU so.none of that also things on the floor we.get a lot of people to think I can just.throw down a some newspaper or a paper.towel during the haircut and I can just.clean that up really easy afterwards.just by folding up that plastic or so.forth nothing can ever be on their floor.nothing ever on the floor if they drop a.comb immediately I've been I've been.down I picked the comb up I put it in my.disinfected you know to be disinfected.bag and I get out sanitize my hands and.get out of clean comb we have to make.our candidates understand and take away.some of this test anxiety you know I.would say I remember my examination even.you know as far away as it was I.remember exactly what happened I.remember what that examiner their breath.smelled like you know that's how much I.remember and they're your candidates are.gonna remember the same thing but that.fear that I felt is unnecessary this.examination is based on things that.happen and how I deal with them I don't.panic because I cut myself I do a blood.exposure procedure and take care of it.just like I would in real life and I.don't lose any any points for it I did.the right thing if I drop a comb and I.leave it on the floor I did the wrong.thing didn't I I needed to pick that up.immediately sanitize my hands get a.clean comb out and start working it was.no big deal.so it's things that happen and how I.deal with them but if you start.educating your candidates to understand.that they come in a little different.they come in not so afraid and that's.important because I do crazy things when.I'm scared so you know I might memorize.that exam from cover to cover and I come.in.I just forgot it all because I'm nervous.so the more you take them through that.the more we'd actually feel you know if.they drop a comb and they stand there.teach them how to do that because that's.important in real life that's what we.wanted to learn okay some of the things.we do see bags taped to the table get.rid of that we'll have it right now.no more bags taped to the table there's.a lot of complexity to this I don't know.any one of your barbershops that I would.walk into and see a bag taped to a table.so just the bag on the floor says trash.on it on all four sides that's great.that's what we want to see this was.great I thought this was awesome they.brought brand-new bags in you can tell.because they have the tags still on it.this candidate spent $30 on three bags.for her examination the problem with her.examination was she had to touch these.bags every time she opened him so get.bags that stay open like I said these.are just these are just doggy bags from.a restaurant grocery bags were great.don't worried that they have a name on.them it really doesn't matter that they.have a company name on them what it.matters is we know what's going inside.of that bag so they don't have to be.anything special just something that's.talks about what's going inside the back.and this didn't work at all and these.are all actual live examination photos.this this person had a really really.hard time and I felt really really bad.for them but you know it's very.unnecessary very unfortunate this was.actually a station here in California I.can definitely tell you that this person.had a very difficult time passing I saw.someone the other day that had a blow.dryer box why did they have a blow dryer.box they did even have a blow dryer in.it and they didn't do the blow drying.section they just wanted us to know that.they had a blow dryer there's really no.reason to bring something you're not.going to use.so make sure they're bringing things.that they utilize they definitely didn't.need a whole grocery sack full of rods.of different colors those are things.they don't need the disinfectant you see.in the in the in the far side of the.screen the green bottle standing up was.just labeled disinfectant that doesn't.work does it has to have the.manufacturer label on it so you can see.a lot of different problems on this.examination table.not to mention that underneath there was.no closeable kit they're just open bags.so I can pretty much tell you this.person had problems and when they came.back to your school and they brought.that mannequin head back and you saw.that haircut and that haircut was.perfect what would be your first.question why did they fail the haircut.this is why so I just answered your.question for you you know we see it a.lot we see it you know they're gonna.bring back the evidence you're gonna see.a great haircut and they failed the.haircut oh my gosh what happened well.they didn't maintain their work carrying.a safe and sanitary man I can tell you.that right off the gate okay or they.didn't use their tools safely so there's.other aspects to this examination that.you don't see that cause them to fail.but we do look at five different areas.in every ni see examination first of all.like I said we look at a blood exposure.what happens if I have an incident where.I have blood present how do I deal with.it and so we do look at that and we do.evaluate that disposal of items that's.those three bags what's the next process.for that item is it going to go to the.landfill and be trash is it going to.have a disinfection process or is it.going to be laundered or sanitized.that's what we want to see those three.levels of infection control storage.standards that's their kit I went around.the room in a overview the other day.some lady had taken the exam 57 years.ago and I was very very happy 57 years.as a barber is a long time she didn't.have to zip her kit her kid didn't have.to be clothed but the lady I asked who.was licensed 47 years said yes I had to.lo I had to shut my kid so for.37 years in some states we've been it's.been a mandatory requirement the reason.that we shut our kids is because it.represents the drawer or the disinfected.place that we put items so once I.disinfect my item where do I put it.inside of a closed container correct.that's what that kit represents so I.have to keep that kit covered or shut.don't I to make sure that nothing's.going to get inside that drawer and.contaminate those items so if you teach.them how to use their kit that way it.really helps that's the drawer and of.course they said they can't ever have.anything on the floor and nothing ever.spill on the table if it's spill ball it.has to have a lid on it you know so if.it tips over it's not gonna it's not.going to get all over the floor and of.course infection control we're going to.talk about that most of the day I have.to sanitize before I you know touch my.my own skin or hair I have to sanitize.before I go back to my clients skin her.hair those are some of the biggest.infection control but I sanitize once I.touch a container of you know of trash.or soiled linen if I have to touch that.that I have to sanitize don't I my best.option is just to drop that comb.straight in there and never touch that.back so that's our objective is just.leave that bag open and drop items into.it okay so that the examiner can.evaluate you know there's another.process to that if I have to touch.something that's contaminated yes I.always have to sanitize my hand when I.go into my kit or my drawer I always.sanitize my hands to get clean items out.and I shut my drawer and I go back to.work okay so we'll talk about that a.little bit more as well but those are.the five items that we really look at in.the examination all candidates are.required to bring their own kits those.kids should have a sufficient quantity.of supplies not like that can't we saw.that that candidate she had a whole lot.of supplies that would never be used so.make sure that they're bringing enough.enough supplies to utilize but not too.much because if they bring too much.they're still responsible for it the kit.must be kept close as we talked about.and stored under the work area so what.what they're going to do is they're.going to go ahead and set up their.workstation once they're through setting.up their workstation make sure.kits are slid underneath the table make.sure those three bags that they set up.are underneath the table that's very.very important nothing's out there.getting tripped over cords you got a lot.of clipper cords and the Clippers have.to have cords the reason we evaluate.cords are they on the floor are they.tripping over them are they wrapping.around necks.so we're evaluating those cords that's.why they're important remember they're.evaluated at all times so make sure they.understand those types of thing anything.removed from their supply kit has to be.disposed of outside their supply kit so.if I take something out of the drawer.and set it on the table it's now.contaminated I cannot put it back in the.kit or the drawer I have to put it in.one of those three disposal bags after I.take it out they can't ever nothing ever.goes back inside that drawer make sure.they understand don't put anything back.in the kit once it comes out they either.use it or dispose of it they must bring.their own water so they're spray bottles.make sure they have water in them.they're saturation bottles make sure.they have water in them or they can.bring a bottle of water and fill them we.don't evaluate filling them bring them.already prepared it's the best way to do.it okay they're responsible for cleaning.the examination air when they're.finished make sure they understand that.at that point once they've said your.exams completed they just clean up their.area put a where they need to put it and.get out there they're happy they're gone.right hopefully they got a passing score.but they take everything with them we're.given a minimum of 10 minutes to set up.their work areas of course in the.haircut section they only need 10.minutes because they're only setting up.a workstation for a haircut when you get.over to the chemical services then you.have 15 minutes because it takes a.little longer so we've when we watch.these examinations go about we evaluate.how much time it's actually taking them.usually that initial haircut setups.taking about six minutes they have ten.minutes so there's plenty of time okay.the.be instructed when to clean up so just.get rid of a few items and we'll talk.about you know kind of how they maintain.their stations and work through those.different sections but don't clean up.when you're not supposed to if we say.don't take down the rods don't take down.the rods because if you take down the.rods they're not only did you not follow.instructions which is the number one.safety procedure in our industry not.only did you not follow instructions but.you're now being evaluated probably more.critically because you're doing it in.the wrong section it's evaluated a.little bit differently in the take down.section so make sure that you understand.to follow the instructions and only do.what the examiners are asking you to do.don't overdo it one of the biggest.things we're seeing in the shave right.now and and both sites have confirmed it.there they say you know complete the.five shaving strokes and they come in.with stroke number one and they say.number one one one they want to make.sure that examiner sees it over and over.well would you ever really do that on.someone's face it's a natural shame I'm.gonna take stroke number one if there's.a little shaving cream left I might do a.second bumper stroke then I'm gonna flip.it to number two and do one stroke.number three do one stroke so don't.don't continually do something that.you're not supposed to do in saturation.we seem saturate bla bla bla saturate.but you would never do that you're just.taking the chemical right back off the.hair you're going to saturate if it over.saturates then I might blot a little bit.you know just have them do it the way.you teach him to do it the correct way.to do it there's no examination purpose.anymore as far as I have to do it this.way I do it the way you teach me to do.it I'm gonna display what you showed me.because that's what I'm going to be.doing in everyday life that's what I'm.going to be licensed in and if you teach.them to blot every rod they're not going.to make a whole lot of money you know.and that sort of thing so make sure that.they're doing things the way you teach.them to do it.they'll be instructed when to clean up.they'll be instructed when to prepare.for other sections and that's important.for them we always read the verbal.instructions twice and we can only read.them twice and I'll give you a prime.example of what happens mm-hmm in the.saturation this.where we see some kind of comical things.happen but in this saturation I say.please demonstrate saturation and the.candidate looks at me and said do I.separate all the rods well first off the.examiner can't help them can they you've.taught them to saturate all the rods I.know you have so all the examiner can.say is do as you were taught and the.candidate looks through the amateurs.that didn't help all the examiner can.say is please demonstrate saturation.that's the second time they've said it.correct oh come on really please.demonstrate a test curl the examiners.just going to continue it through the.exam come on man I didn't even.demonstrate saturation yet please.demonstrate a test curl you're kidding.me right.please remove one rod from the head.they're gonna move right through that.section and they can't answer those.questions we're dealing with some very.intelligent people Millennials and.Generation X are very intelligent people.because they have Google in their hand.24/7 and I can't really talk about.texting because I ran into a pole at the.airport texting the other day so but we.always have information in our hand.don't we and we've become a very very.high thinking Society because if I want.to know something what do I do.I google it well what we've done is.we've taken that secondary brain away.from them they no longer have Google in.their hands and they want the examiner.to answer the questions that Google.would have answered okay and we can't we.are standardized.we can't help one person or we have to.go around the country and say yes you.saturate all the rods every single.person from the rest of the examination.would have to be told the same thing so.we can't tell them anything so make sure.that they come they demonstrate things.competently and they just walk through.it like they're normally going to do it.they don't wait for the examiner to see.anything once the examiner says go they.go okay we'll talk a lot about how that.works but they are expected to.demonstrate a task tell they're finished.don't just roll three rods and step back.you know if we say roll the back panel.roll the back panel from ground and.eight so that's important that they do.that they will be instructed to stay.back when they're finished but remember.once they step back they are finished.and the examination could go forward if.I step back the first thing I tell my my.candidate says don't look around the.road because it's going to confuse you.you did the very best you could with.what you had available upstairs and.that's in that's important but when I.start looking around the room and I see.that somebody started rolling rods at.the forehead oh my gosh so I step.forward and I start building rods at the.forehead where I was actually told.something differently so make sure first.of all they don't look around the room.that's very very important and that they.continue did it demonstrate when they're.finished step back once they're finished.they can step forward if time is still.going but once time is called that.section is over okay and we'll talk.about some problems that we see in these.sections when they step back before it's.completed also like I said everything's.performed the way you teach them there's.no longer a specific way to do it you do.it they do it the way you teach.verbal instructions are read twice as I.said they're expected for mold tasks to.be instructed this step back and I just.want to reiterate all that because it's.so important that they do things the way.you teach them to they are responsible.for maintaining their work area in a.safe and sanitary manner they must bring.all items to get into the site their IDs.and so forth have them come to the.examination ready to work they're not.going to the bed not going to the prom.they're going to work send them to work.okay make sure they're dressed.appropriately make sure their hair is.maintained you know it's our.responsibility now as educators to.educate these candidates on how to work.every day how to dress how to fix their.hair so they're not constantly having to.deal with their hair issues because no.longer can I be dealing with my hair so.to be sanitizing my hands all day long.so teach them how to maintain themselves.and how to work so as you see somebody.do something in the school even though.it's maybe not during an evaluation.process if you see them cross.contaminate something you need to talk.to them about it.if you see them come to school not ready.to work maybe there's an issue there.that you need to talk about everything's.been so watered down now that we need to.we need to educate people on how to go.to work and so they don't harm other.people that's what's important correct.now watches bracelets in the industry I.I love my bracelets and my watches but I.don't wear them to work because they.dragged through everything all day long.and when I go home at night and I hug my.children what did I just do.I just contaminated with everybody's.juju I worked on all day long and that's.a that's terrible when you think about.it that way so I teach my students not.to wear bracelets anymore not to wear.watches anymore.put a clock on the wall there's much.easier to see and they're not grabbing.in people's hair either so those are the.types of things in the industry brushes.if I bring a brush and it has a wood.handle it is disposable.you cannot disinfect wood you cannot.disinfect painted wood.so neck brushes if they have an acrylic.handle and they have acrylic bristles.and they're disinfected according to.manufacturer's directions you can reuse.that brush that would go into items to.be disinfected right if you can use a.neck brush in California you can't use a.neck brush at all in Utah anymore so you.know look at those old traditional.things that we did in barbering and.teach them the best practice probably.the best practice is to use a towel not.a neck brush okay so because that neck.brush if it any brush had a wood handle.it would go straight to the trash.wouldn't it single-use so make sure they.they understand those types of things.the mannequins and supplies make sure.they arrive without odor nothing worse.than working next to someone with the.stinky head it's very distracting to the.other candidates it stinks so make sure.they've washed the heads out good before.they bring them and they're prepared.properly don't ever bring a head.straight out of the box beat that hair.up good so that the hair functions the.way this haircut and the mannequins work.now you know you can technically find.some old cosmetology mannequins for the.haircut and give them one more life you.know because it doesn't have to be a.male mannequin they can cut any hair.right so we don't look at gender.specific mannequins anymore they can use.any mannequin head they want so if.you've got someone you know in a.cosmetology school and they're done with.those mannequin heads get them from them.they can reuse them in the exam for that.one last haircut men are done so that.that's a good way to do it but they will.need to bring another mannequin head for.the chemical section just so you know.they'll need two mannequins for this one.but make sure you beat that hair up so.it functions for them it's so important.they also need to know how to use their.tripods make sure they understand how to.use the equipment that they brought we.get a lot of them come in they can't.they don't know how to use a tripod they.got a tripod they've never seen before.they have disinfectant they've never.seen before they don't know what it is.so make sure they're really familiar.with the supplies and things equipment.that are.come in those kids and they're able to.use them because the examiners can't.help them with them okay.they always raise their hand you know I.can't get the legs down on it well we.can't help do as you were taught that's.all we can tell Candace must not leave.the examination area without permission.if they experience an emergency they.need to raise their hand and have.someone come over and help them if they.need to use the bathroom or you know.they're feeling faint or gonna throw up.that's definitely the time to raise your.hand all right if they need to walk out.but you know plan that plan your time if.you got done with your haircut early.that's a great time to go to the.restroom but we only let one person have.the room at the time also so make sure.they plan their time examiner has been.instructed not to answer any questions.that ensures equal opportunity and.standardization of the exam the only.thing that the examiners are ever going.to tell those candidates is do the best.you can with what you have available and.do as you were taught that's the only.statements are going to hear do i.saturate all the rods do as you were.taught my razor fell apart what do I do.do the best you can what you have.available so those are the things that.that you need to understand need to.happen okay okay so we're going to move.on into the barbering section do I have.any questions that are related.specifically to what we've just talked.about yes.No.take as long as there's hair to cut if.you give cordless Clippers to your.students they can bring them but I would.all you need to really do is plug in the.charging cord and just have a maintain.the charging cord if it really you know.I can't imagine a clipper without a.charging cord if they didn't have if.they were Wonderlic charging once I.haven't seen those yet but I they could.come out in the future where they still.have to have a cord you can simulate a.cord with about a four-foot string tape.to them but the charging cord is much.more natural to plug in and just let it.maintain the charging port is there an.escort when someone goes to the restroom.are they just leave and can go to the.restroom alone when they go to the.restroom they generally will leave some.kind of identification when they leave.when they come back they're checked back.in any other question there are.processes anyway within the examination.room when people leave yes sir hold on.one second off are we going in the shave.is this thing a 14-point we'll talk.about it oh yeah cuz you're gonna love.the shade we really are shaved off all.right let's move forward then well one.more hole can come you said it was a.Marvis I barbicide to get the.certification free on the website it was.one more that just hit Lucas on yeah and.leukocyte comes in passion pink and.tidy-bowl blue so you can match it to.about anything great what happens if.they don't clean up after the test is.over they'll be directed to go back and.clean theirs okay not points taken away.or failed well I really can't tell you.what the evaluation includes but they do.need to clean up their station at the.end some examinations yes some.examinations no some parts of it yes.some.so make sure they're just cleaning up.when they're told to and they're only.cleaning up what they're told to clean.up like I said no the number one thing.in our industry that we are concerned.with is following instructions you know.if I don't follow instructions and apply.something to someone and hurt them then.I'm liable so we want them to know that.they need to follow instructions so make.sure they're following the instructions.based on the examination when we got to.do the actual test writing portion and I.seed it and we understood that it.doesn't matter who you are or what.career field you you work in in.cosmetology or barbering aesthetics.nails you're still going to have the.same set up procedures it's still the.same thing so you'll see that we've.generalized a lot of things and you know.they say well it's different for us well.no it's not it's still just the same.processes it might look different you're.setting up different equipment for the.same process or in place and that's what.we're evaluating so as you prepare your.work area for your client you'll set up.the universal supplies you'll use.throughout the examination you'll also.set up the supplies for the haircutting.section of the examination so this is.our client 1 right our client one bag.and our universal supply bag you'll be.expected to follow client protection.safety infection control you'll have ten.minutes to complete this section and be.informed when you have five minutes.remaining do not demonstrate any.procedures until the verbal instructions.are given and you're instructed to begin.step back to indicate you've finished.we're going to again read those verbal.instructions a second time and you may.begin we cannot read them at third time.we always have someone raise their hand.or jeans you know at times could you.read that again no they need to be.paying attention anytime there's.instructions being given tell them to.stand up and listen don't keep doing.what they're doing because they're.nervous they didn't get something done.that could not maybe doesn't have.anything to do with what the examiner is.going to be telling them so stand up.listen to what the examiner has to say.and then go back to work doing what you.were doing okay make sure they're.listening so the first procedure that we.always do in every single type of.procedure in any of our career fields is.to disinfect our work area that's very.important so.we'll be disinfecting the work area with.that hospital level or shop level salon.spa level disinfectant wherever the EPA.lands on that okay so they have to use.that disinfectant it's virus idol.bacteria sidle and fungicidal if you.bought it at a reputable barber house.it's going to be okay alright so they.have to disinfect that entire.workstation they no longer can use the.shelves or the cubby holes inside those.workstations we're talking about the.surface right the surface of the.workstation they have to actually.disinfect don't put water in the bottles.don't put colored water in the bottles.use a disinfectant that's for their own.safety all right we don't want to teach.them how do you not disinfect so make.sure that they're using that they're.gonna wet that whole area they can use a.wipe they can use a spray in a towel.okay either way is fine either way is.proper correct we don't evaluate the.surface time because they're all.different so they just need to make sure.that's disinfected saturated the entire.surface and then they can start.sanitizing their hands and setting up.their supplies for the haircut okay I'll.kind of break this down in a minute.they're going to set up their universal.supplies so as you do your state boards.in your schools understand that the only.thing that we grade in the setup section.are the the universal supplies we're.grading the bag labels make sure we have.trash to be disinfected and soil linens.written on those bags we're looking at.the first-aid kit because this is where.it's set out does it say first aid kit.on it.so we're evaluating the labels of the.universal supplies my spray bottle of.water if I choose to bring one if they.set it out here that's the universal.supplies and not since on my workstation.all day so things that sit on their.workstation all day.gloves spatulas that's what we're.looking at okay and again only products.have to have labels correct and only.disinfectant and hand sanitizers have to.have a manufacturer label I can create.labels but they can only have English.it's always better to send manufacturer.labels it's just.for them they're familiar with those.mm-hmm then once I'm through with.something once I'm through disinfecting.my station with my paper towel or my my.wipe I throw it in my trash bag so if.you look at that last task line it says.items be disinfected soil ins and trash.are disposed of in a correct manner.throughout the section that is where I.put something that's all that's about.and if I touch a bag did I sanitize my.hand so when I said infection control.and safety had gone away it didn't the.task lines went away but I told you.about the no statements underneath the.task line right that's the criteria of.how they can fail or past that there was.no statements or what the examiners are.trained on no they didn't disinfect you.know they simulated hand sanitation.those types of things are what they'll.be graded off for but the bottom two of.each one of those tasks and I'm going to.tell you straight out is one is follows.infection control procedures.so while disinfecting did I follow.infection control procedures did I go.back in my kit and contaminate it did I.touch a trash bag and not sanitize so.those are the types of things that we're.looking at in every single task is there.something on my floor did it didn't.remain on my floor okay so safety is in.there as well every single task so make.sure that you understand that every task.is being evaluated not only for the.disinfection stage of number one but.it's also the infection control and.safety that's being performed by the.candidate as well in number one and.number two it's not all about hand.sanitation.I'm sanitizing my hands but I'm also my.work area is safe and I'm following.infection control procedures throughout.that so each one of those is being.evaluated for Health and Safety okay as.well any questions on the actual setup I.disinfect I'm going to set up my.universal supplies I was also told to.set up my hair cutting supplies was a.night so I would pick up my client one.bag that I said it was client one and.I'm going to empty out my Clippers set.up my Clippers set up my shears I'm set.up my combs my guards my.attachable blades whichever I choose to.bring so all those haircutting supplies.a razor correct I'm going to need a.razor to shave the neck my shaving cream.needs to be a universal supply here so.really look at that you know and and and.in that suggested supply list I want you.to understand that in some sections.you'll see specific items listed over.and over in each section that's a.reminder that you have to use them there.yes but you can only bring one and we'll.talk about that when we get to the.chemical wait wait one second during the.work area a client preparation set up.and seeing that this is the first client.you're just now starting you take.everything out the bag put on the table.regardless to whether is the haircut.shave or chemicals and zip the bag up.and put it under the table at that point.let's talk about that okay that's a.great question.what I'm through emptying out my.universal supply bag maybe you chose to.do that right I've dumped this out on.the table it's now empty throw it in the.trash once I get my client one bag.dumped out for my haircut I'm gonna.throw that in the trash my shaving or.client two bag is still inside my kit.I'm only setting up for the first client.great scenario thank you the only reason.why I asked what the cosmo is they take.everything out the zip bag and I was.wondering is there a difference what.they were darvin's.no in the cosmos as well they're only.taking out client one supplies they.would only take out the chemical.supplies in the second point so we just.kind of pay attention to how we're doing.this it'll kind of explain to you how.they cuz they're all done the same uh as.far as the setup goes what do we.disinfect the table manicure table are.we allowed to do everything that they're.gonna use every work surface that.they're gonna be utilizing needs to be.disinfected so we're going to use the.manicure table if they're going to use.it it needs to be disinfected at that.time or as part of the disinfection as.part of the disinfection okay each.client.and we'll talk about the second client.in a minute when they transition from.the work session where you have all your.universal supplies and they transition.to the manicure table they should.disinfect both surfaces again that's.correct if I'm going to use the manicure.table and the workstation both work.surfaces need to be disinfected prior to.use on each client and we'll talk about.the second client as I said yes you have.to clean each one of them with.disinfectant prior to setting anything.on them sulla barbers we have a lot of.aerosol cans for our disinfectants what.will we replace that with you don't need.to bring clip aside or clipper cool.because we're not demonstrating cleaning.clippers we were put into this infected.bag to demonstrate that we knew that.they had to be disinfected after we use.them so really all you have to bring as.a surface disinfectant and you could use.a wipe you can barbicide Marvis eyes.anything you want to use but we're we're.concerned mostly and demonstrating the.surface disinfection because they're.going to be using the surface as far as.the clippers we consider them to be.clean and they're sheers and so forth.when they bring them in we expect them.to be cleaner they'll be marked off if.they if they appear to be dirty if.there's hair or anything in those.clippers they're going to be marked off.for being dirty but we assume everything.coming out of that kid is clean it's.coming out of a disinfected area it's a.clean item so again don't bring any.aerosols you know kind of can converse.and and understand that we don't need to.demonstrate clipper cleaning all right.the Clipper cleaning is done as part of.the disinfection process that you've.already taught them yes ma'am.okay thank you I'm confirming that when.when you use a prep towel.you don't have to reduce effect you just.have to get rid of the SMA or torn paper.towel okay so let's talk about SMA all.right your stuff SMA it's gone away.there's no such thing as an SMA.more when I took my exam I had an SMA so.I know what you're talking about but the.thing that you have to understand is.we're working on the actual workstation.the workstation has to be completely.disinfected for every single client that.walks through the door so when we talk.about the client change I'll kind of go.over how we transition that initially in.this first set up we're gonna disinfect.the station just like it's the beginning.of our day okay we're just going to set.everything up that's already clean.coming out of the kit or out of our.drawer all right if you choose to use a.protective covering on the town of.workstation to answer your question it.has to be disinfected underneath first.and that work that has to be taken away.for each client and then new one.replaced so the paper towel if you use a.paper towel or whatever I would get rid.of that that way of doing things.disinfect the workstation if you choose.to put a paper towel or a towel down to.set your tools on that's fine to do but.the disinfection is the main process you.can actually set those tools right on.the bare station okay okay I just want.to make sure I understand correctly so.if okay I know that you have to.disinfect the station then you can put.down your prep towel in the paper towel.now if the towel doesn't get soiled can.they just switch out the paper towel or.do they have to remove the prep towel.regardless okay that's kind of a.complicated question because remember.this is client one so I've just.disinfected and I'm gonna cut their hair.and shave them okay stir shave is.actually a new client correct so in the.current examination and that's why I'm.saying it this way we have one client.through the whole exam so in the current.examination I disinfect once I put down.my towel once it's good for every single.thing I do because I never changed to a.new person but this setup is specific to.one person so you've walked through my.door you're gonna be sitting in the.chair I'm disinfecting the station to.protect you and putting down a clean.towel or paper towel or however you.teach him to do it is fine the thing we.evaluate is the disinfection.once that client walks out of that room.and you energy you introduce a new.client for the shave all that stuff is.gonna have to go away and clean stuff.brought out just a regular station.transition okay great question because.this is new for you you know.ya understand you're doing away with.some of the other evaluations I guess MA.and things like that.would you still keep the format for the.written so be expected to know those.things that has gone as well not.expected as the written examination.actually you need to kind of look at the.CIB for the written exam and it'll show.you the weights of things we don't ever.examine on a SMA like I said that that.whole process of SMAS has gone away it's.all about disinfection and complete.clean up after one client to another hi.is the razor still has a blade in and.are you simulating the blade sea state.question can you simulate a blade here.yes you can simulate it okay and I'm.gonna show you some different ways to do.that do you need the trimmers as well.and Clippers if you train them to use.trimmers and Clippers trimmers can come.without a cord mm-hmm.the Clippers have to have a cord the.trimmers don't have to have a cord if.you choose to have them bring some.trimmers I'll kind of go through the.haircutting and kind of show you how I.would teach it just for the examination.but if you teach them with trimmers.senemo trimmers okay.if you don't teach them with trimmers.they don't need them they could do a.shear over comb or something instead.okay so we're good on the first setup.and we're gonna go over that again.remember on the second setup we're gonna.kind of go over a transition period and.show you okay so you need to disinfect.the table the manicure table correct the.counter and the stool everything that's.working in that station has to be.disinfected and they do have a stool in.that station so that's in the initial.setup and that will be in the second.setup as well.once times been called on that or.everyone step back we go ahead and go.into the haircutting section like I said.we set up the universal supplies and.that's the labels we graded in the setup.if they brought any haircutting supplies.we didn't grade those in the setup so if.they're gonna use a spray bottle of.water and they didn't set it up here we.didn't grade that in the in the.universal supply setup did we they're.gonna maybe they forgot it and during.the haircut they bring out the spray.bottle the first thing you're going to.see is a haircutting supply now right.because it came out during the haircut.this is kind of the logistics of the.examination as we go through I want you.to kind of let that sink for a minute.and as I go through all explain why I'm.telling you that but now we're expecting.them to perform a haircut because just.hold your questions to the end that I'll.try to get through them before we get.there but you'll perform a tapered.haircut with no block line at the nape.you'll demonstrate clipper cutting.within without guard or detachable blade.you'll demonstrate the use of share over.comb you'll demonstrate fingers and.cheer cutting you'll cut at least a half.inch of hair throughout the haircut.you'll be expected to complete and blend.the haircut so let's stop there this is.an awesome haircut right now we're.telling you in the current examination.process tell September right.you cut the nape with what clipper over.comb correct you cut the sides with.detachable blades or guards correct and.you cut the top with shears well what.we're telling you now is you're going to.do four different techniques or four.different methods anywhere you want to.do it but they have to do all four.methods okay so I'm going to give you.some examples of how maybe they can.accomplish those four methods because.everybody's like whoa wait a minute how.do I do that so I'm going to give you.some examples of ways to shortcut those.methods and make them work okay but.they're also going to be expected to.shape both sides of the neck because we.want to demonstrate the reverse backhand.correct.so all for shaving strokes are now.evaluating this exam this is the stroke.that's currently missing right so.don't remove the hair root clippings.this all works the same way it doesn't.work any different logistically they're.gonna cut the hair they're gonna step.back they're gonna be told when to clean.up they're gonna get the haircut checked.old one to clean up okay it's all works.the same way I'm just trying to explain.to you that now they don't have to as of.September they won't have to cut the.hair in certain areas with certain tools.they'll now be able to use them anywhere.they want so it's a more comfortable.more comfortable haircut we saw this in.cosmetology when we took the State Board.haircut away it was very interesting.because a lot of more really getting.tangled up in where we told them to use.tools and so we took that away and said.use them anywhere now we have a higher.percentage of candidates that finish.their haircuts because they're doing a.more natural haircut so that's why.transition to barber this way you know.why why should we tell you where to use.the tool you got to use the tool you got.to use the method it doesn't matter.where you do it you have to use it as a.logistical and functional part of the.haircut that's all okay then we're going.to shave the neck so let's go through it.haircutting supplies our label in.English like I said if I forgot my spray.bottle and now I decided to take it out.that's where it's going to be graded if.I don't pull anything out during the.haircut that's just gonna be a yes isn't.it because I didn't have any labels to.evaluate which brings up a good point.the way we train these examiner's is.they have to see something happen.wrong in order to mark it wrong I can't.just ever assume if a combs dropped I.have to see the comb be drop we teach.them very very common practice all right.so we always get this the examiner.didn't like me well we can go back and.watch the video and see exactly what.happened we can't tell you exactly what.happened but we can tell you that.examiner that probably wasn't the point.because what I train the examiner you.know I always tell them I say you know.some people walk in my shop and.immediately I look at him I don't like.him I've never met the person before I.don't know why I don't like him you know.later on down the road it may end up.liking it but initially I just didn't.like that person who walked in the door.and that happens to us doesn't it.and so what I tell them is only great.from the elbows down that's all we care.about what's happening with these hands.because that's what's going to cause all.the problems that's where the talent.lies correct so let's look at the hands.okay.so understand that as well but we want.to make sure those implements and.supplies are clean so those Clippers.combs guards or detachable blades.whatever you choose them to bring are.clean bring them clean and disinfect it.okay they need to perform a scalp.analysis now I really like this part of.it it's it's new currently they don't.perform a scalp analysis but I know.you're teaching them so have them start.doing it now okay as part of their.evaluation then you won't have to.transition this portion of it because.they're doing it anyway but they do need.to look at the scalp.make sure there's no lesions and so.forth that they're gonna have an issue.with of course mannequins usually don't.have a lot of problems with their scalp.but we do want them to look at it okay.so they perform the scalp analysis now.it says demonstrates safe use of.clippers and comb without garter.detachable blade so a clipper over comb.right then it says demonstrate safe use.of Clippers with guard or detachable.blade then it says demonstrate safe use.of combing shears so you have two task.lines that deal with the Clippers one.clipper over comb one clipper with.garter detachable blade then you have.another task line that says they have to.use shears we told them they had to use.two methods of shears didn't we.finger and cheer cutting and shear over.comb so there's four methods are.evaluated on they can use these anywhere.on the head so let's talk about them.first of all the way I would probably do.this haircut is I would probably bring.in the mannequin with a little bit.longer hair and I would reduce the hair.with a guard or detachable blade I'd.reduce the bulk I've satisfied my.clipper with guard or detachable blade.haven't I that's a functional part of a.haircut if you were going to cut me into.that haircut you would want to take the.bulk out first wouldn't you so that.works then maybe I'm going to use my.clipper over comb portion the tape of.the sides in the back.that's pretty pretty natural isn't it.and then maybe my finger and cheers you.know or my clipper over comb or my shear.over comb in different areas I could use.my chauffeur comb here couldn't I to.outline that's a possibility I'm just.giving you some possibilities and.showing you they can do this stuff.anywhere they want but they have to be.doing part of the haircut I can't just.pick up shears and chop chop chop and.set them down and expect that to satisfy.the examiner I have to be actually.cutting hair 1/2 inch at a time don't I.that makes sense to everybody.any questions about just this.haircutting portion we have got the.shave yet but just a hair cutting it's.the same haircut right it's just done a.little differently and evaluate it a.little differently do they have to use.comb when they pick up hair when their.finger and haircutting you know most.barbers don't use a comb when they use.their fingers do they they just simply.bring the fingers through the hair and.cut they can do it that way they don't.have to use a comb in the finger and.sure section but they have to use a comb.for the share of a comb section correct.they have to hold their tools while.they're working they can set them down.when they're finished and pick them back.up and use them again but they're well.they're subsection E or or working with.the hair they have to be holding their.tools yeah my question on the.haircutting section is that um it looks.like now we have to use a straightedge.razor for the neckline yeah and is that.can I be simulated with a razor as well.I'm gonna go over that just one second.oh okay so just that just the actual.haircut it makes a lot of sense doesn't.it yes sir after completing the haircut.are they allowed to wrap the Clipper and.put it off to the side or do they have.to throw in the question what do I do.with the Clippers when I'm finished with.him I would set him down at this point.don't worry about him just set him down.on your station and get into your shave.portion okay so don't clean anything up.is what I'm getting at we're gonna clean.that up in a minute.let's not worry about it let's just let.them focus on that haircut and just set.things down on the station as they go.okay.yes um gentlemen's haircut tapered.haircut yes ma'am.not a comb-over or anything else it has.the haircut well okay I couldn't really.said general I don't know what's.considered a gentlemen's haircut but it.just has to be a tapered haircut and.those four methods have to be used so I.have to start a clipper at zero on the.neck or zero on the sides I have to.leave a sideburn you're gonna see that.in a minute but I have to leave a.sideburn but I can taper the sides and.you know no no block line all right I.have to take that line out yes sir.so just to get a shore understanding.because you said you have a bag for.client one client too well well we.redrape use a totally different drape or.can we use the same drape for the.haircut portion and the shave portion.we'll go over that in a second.I know the second clients new you know.and so it's a little confusing right now.but just if you can just pull your focus.just to the haircut on one client and.then I'll go through the transition in.just a second it it's it's a lot.different than the one is now so you.know I'm getting a lot of the same.questions we get everywhere because it.is so now we get now what do we have to.do we finish the haircut we've done all.four of the methods we we've got our.haircut complete now we're gonna shave.the neck right so the test line says.shave sides of neck using straight razor.to include the reverse backhand so what.do I have to do I have to adjust my.draping don't I I have to drop it from.the neck down on to the clamp because I.have to shave the neck correct so I have.to expose the neck I have to put a towel.in don't I I have to transition from the.next trip or if I've already used the.towel for the haircut I can simply use.the same towel but if I've used the next.trip for the haircut I have to take that.next drip off and get rid of it then I.have to drape with a towel for the shape.the shape has to have a cloth towel okay.one second so once I've dropped my.draping down to the clamp or down onto.the tripod and I've used my towel now I.go into my shaving I'm gonna disperse.the shaving cream don't wipe the tips at.the shaving cream okay if I'm using a.pump gel don't wipe that tip off that's.one of the worst habits barbers have you.know what they're shaving cream machines.is wiping the tips off but just make.sure they're dispersing it in their hand.if they're using a paste they're using a.spatula they're not double dipping a.spatula I'm actually going to show you.the shave and you can kind of see some.of these things but but they have to use.that shaving cream as if it's going to.be used all day long on everybody the.infection control procedures do I have.to have actual shaving cream no I could.send him with a jar of cholesterol.everybody says what do I use anything.you want to use toothpaste if you want.to use it okay but I have to disperse it.as if it's going to be used on everybody.all day okay I'm going to shave the back.of the neck using utilizing at some.point that reverse backhand stroke.correct so if you teach them to do that.one first that's fine let me teach him.to do that one last that's fine as well.they just have to do that reverse.backhand on the back of the neck then.they can use the free hand to do the.rest of the make or reverse however you.teach them to do it but they have to use.that reverse back here okay so they.adjust the draping down they use a towel.at this point if they were using the.next strip if they've used a tell on the.neck they can simply drop that towel and.draping down and do the shave if you're.getting my drift here it's a much easier.much more logistical just to use the.towel for the haircut and drop it down.but if you teach next trip's make sure.you're teaching them not to tie them.you're teaching them to wrap the next.strips we're seeing a lot of tied neck.strips now that draping cannot touch the.skin of the neck.okay so I know that's a traditional.barber technique to tie the next strip.but we don't allow that so we're going.to drop that draping down we're going to.shave disperse our shaving cream of.course circular motions with cushions of.fingers ba ba ba ba ba.in the ears and all over the place I'm.maintaining the product I'm using that.reverse backhand stroke and then.finishing with whatever strokes you.teach him to use but they have to.demonstrate the reverse back in any.questions about the shaving portion yes.ma'am hold on one second I just had a.question about the towels will they have.Terry towels barber towels cuz they're.gonna ask that because we teach in the.shave any to use a paper anything with.paper now if you've caught the way that.we do a shave how do we take off the.shaving cream well it turns out steamed.down yeah so they're gonna need a steam.towel for the haircut aren't they and.when you pack the steam towel you can.pack it in a separate bag of course it.doesn't have to be labeled does it make.sure this towel is wet damp to bring in.dry towels so make sure the tells damn.okay and you can pre pre dampen it put.it in a bag and have him bring it in it.doesn't have to say hot towel kavion it.this is a towel all right.they simply unzip this bag pull the.towel out of course they would remove.any excess water once taking it out of.the cabbie they would test it on their.wrist and then they would wrap it.including the upper lip ends over the.forehead um two questions you brought up.one right now when you just say a ring.that's a lie where would they be ringing.that where would that excess water go.you know we really don't evaluate water.coming out of the towel it just has to.be damp but if the water does come out.of the towel they can simply bring it.right over their work area over the.trash can would be a good place just.can't get it on the floor and I want to.go back to my previous question was um.for that next shop can that razor be.simulated or does it need to be a razor.good question.what type of razor can I use I suggest.you go and you buy these these are DEP.Latorre razors some of you know what.these are right you put the depth or e.on the face this is what you take it off.with it's a plastic razor they can use.these okay and you can buy these at the.store and buy them off online okay those.are good ones to use they will need two.razors.they will need to raise some yes.so the first client bag will have shears.combs it'll have their clippers their.guards your detachable blades whatever.you send them with it's going to have a.steam towel it's gonna have the shaving.cream and it's gonna have a razor it's.gonna have a lot of stuff in it.okay so everything they need in one bag.dump it out.they've draped for this the haircut they.dropped that drape down for the shave.they have to include a cloth towel then.they have to use the steam towel to.remove that if you use this team towel.properly of course it doesn't need to.sit on does it it's just a steam towel.to go on the neck and wipe free the.shaving cream.and then once they finish they just step.back.of course the towel where does it go.soil linen it's correct.just leave the draping where it is step.back and they're finished yes sir being.the fact that it's the next shave is a.stringent needed for the haircut since.you're using a reason you would need to.use some type of a post product yes the.stringent toner brace or what are you.going to call it they would need to.apply some type of Ananas that so do be.in the bag as well too okay well.actually that would be in your universal.supply bag because you're gonna need.that for the shave as well now what I.would do now that you bring that up what.I like to do is get these little bottles.you get them free when you spend the.night at the hotel right you can empty.those out and put water in them in put.toner it can be water it can be.simulated and you know that that's a.good way to do it but there will need.you know if you're using a toner strains.that need a cotton round to apply that.sort of thing if they're just using a.bracer of course they could disperse it.straight onto their hands and have it.however you teach them to do it.when you clean up with the astringent.it's universal you just said.so it's shave for the neck shave for the.face and then you'll have it again for.the facial so with that bottle then be.placed back somewhere on the station or.with that bottle it clean up be placed.into items to be disinfected that's a.great question and I'm not going to go.into the logistics of everything you.talked about what I'm going to say is.that a stringent as a universal supply.it should stay on your station all day.long you should have only brought one in.is the universal supply bag and I'll.teach you how to transition it to the.rest of the client but anything that you.did use on your think about your own.barber shop and what's sitting on your.station all day that stuff stays out on.your station all day you're disinfecting.your hand sanitizer definitely stay out.all day long don't they if I drop.something I need that disinfectant that.hand sanitizer my my toner or astringent.orb racers sits on my station all day.long you know I have some gloves maybe.on my station and I would definitely.have them bring a bag of gloves this is.a very small bag that I showed you but I.would bring a little bigger bag of.gloves because if they cut themselves.what did I say they had to do take care.of it right so I have to do a blood.exposure procedure and part of my blood.exposure procedures to end up with a.glove or finger caught depending on what.I'm going to use over that that bandage.correct so when we get the blood.exposure procedure we'll go over that.but but if I cut myself I've got gloves.out on the station they can be in a.plastic bag because I can disinfect a.plastic bag can bite my spatulas if I'm.using spatulas are going to be out on.the station in a bag anytime I go into.these bags I have to sanitize first.though not because these are universal.supply bags you can use little plastic.boxes you can get creative if you want.this is just the way I would suggest you.do it okay combs.I can set all the combs I want out on.the station but in a minute I'm gonna.have to get rid of them all unless.they're in some type of a closed.container correct if I'm if they're in a.closed container on the station I can.disinfect that container and move it.over to a clean side and use it for the.next client just like I can with all.this stuff so universal supplies are.things I'm going to clean off and move.over and use on the next client then I.have my disposable supplies as well.my draping has to come off at a certain.point so I'm anymore draping if my.draping falls off I have to replace it.don't I my draping hits the floor it has.to be replaced so let's say I go to.adjust for the shade and I drop my drape.on the floor the towel stays around the.neck but the drape falls on the floor I.would need to pick that drape up put it.in my soil Linens.sanitize my hands get a clean drape out.of my kit and replaced that draping with.a clean drape once that draping has been.replaced then I can proceed if my during.the haircut my draping falls down onto.the clamp I need to stop and reposition.that draping back up on the neck again.or in the shade if it falls way down on.my tripod I'm gonna have to reposition.that to make it look like it's just on.the shoulders okay and the tripods are.much easier to work with so that's good.if my whole head pops off on the floor.I'm gonna call 911 okay if that whole.head pops off and everything falls on.the floor just take a big deep breath.pick it up put their head back on their.shoulders adjust the draping sanitize.your hands and go back to work in that.one case that's not a natural thing to.happen I hope if your clients are losing.their head and your barbershop you're in.trouble.but if it's not a natural thing just fix.it and go on but if that draping falls.off that head well it's still in.position on that mannequin stand they.have to replace it yes ma'am.so the only thing I really can picture.happening is when you are read raping.for that shave on the neck on tripods.those drapes are going to fall down.they're going to fall down on to the to.the to the tripod portion of ain't they.can tighten it around that tripod.portion as long as that towels intact so.you're okay anything like you have two.dies it doesn't have corners or.something like that anything like that.they can go ahead and velcro it back or.snap it back or however specific this.what state don't tape it don't pin it.you know just make sure it's down where.they can shave the neck the examiners.gonna come over to each candidate may I.please use your comb to check your.haircut have them hand them a comb the.examiners can't pick things up off their.station they think it's a trick it's not.a trick when we hand things back they.think it's a trick it's not a trick take.it back okay we just need this to check.the haircut so hand them to comb they're.gonna check the same things as the front.of the uniform in length sideburns right.now it's the same check isn't it they.have to have sideburns now if you shaved.that side clean they're not going to get.credit for that they have to have a.haircut blender with our weight line and.they have to take at least a half inch.off during the haircut so it's the exact.same haircut check please clean up your.hair at this time upon completion do.nothing until the next verbal.instructions are read there's rooms and.dustpans on-site I would highly.recommend you use those the thing I see.is you send the little brooms and.dustpans with them they sweep up and.they stick them right back in their kit.and then they have an infection control.issue so it's just easier to use the.ones that are on site for them to.remember and then empty them out into.your trash and and move them to pass to.the next person or put them up against.the wall again okay but there will be.brooms and dustpans on site what we.evaluate is that they remove the hair.from the work area what there was the.work area that's the tables isn't it the.work surfaces that stool the floor we're.also evaluating the skin and drape.they tell them do not remove that drape.and their clean up if they want to take.it off and shake it and reapply it.that's fine but there has to be draping.applied when the examiner comes back.around to check that because we are.evaluating if there's any hair left on.the drape okay.so make sure that they do that make sure.that they maintain that drape throughout.the section if it does fall off they.replace it again if the head falls off.don't worry about it but if it falls off.the mannequin stand and then as they get.through with things you know if I drop a.comb I'm gonna pick it up put it in my.disinfected I must be disinfected.sanitize my hands get a clean comb so.that that last task line is all about.where I'm putting things isn't it when I.sweep up my hair I dump it in my trash.before I pass that that on to the next.person okay so that's all about the.where I put stuff if I if I wrap.something in a towel let's say I take my.Clippers at this point and I wrap them.in a towel and I drop them into my items.to be disinfected I would be marked off.on this task because the towel does not.belong in the items to be disinfected.it's all about every single item that.goes in that bag that's all that task.line is about what is the process well I.can't put a towel in there because.that's laundry correct or my soil minute.so everything that goes in those bags.literally has to have those processes.done today.all right question.now's when it gets a little different.and I've had a lot of questions about.this and I know it's it's a it is.different but we wanted we want to make.sure that the candidates can transition.their stations for a new client so we.watched an initial setup now we're going.to watch them transition to a second.setup this setup will be a client for.the shape correct you'll break down your.work here and dispose the supplies just.as I said we're gonna tell them when to.clean this stuff up this is where we're.telling them to clean up for them from.the haircut client and move on to your.shape client you're gonna remove.anything that you're not gonna use.anymore I'm not going to be using my.clippers anymore I'm gonna go ahead take.those dirty Clippers and put the chord.everything into that to be disinfected.back the trimmers can go away can't they.unless I'm going to use them in the.shave somehow I don't know why I would.do that but put them in the back comb.shears all those things can go inside.that disinfected bag can't they that's.what's going to happen to it towels and.draping into my soil linen bag and any.trash left on the station into the trash.I would dispose of trash as I go if.anything is chemically saturated it.cannot be set back on a station.chemically saturated meaning toner would.be a chemical correct so anything that.has a chemical on it cannot be sat back.down a next trip if the draping fell off.I could take the next strip off and set.it on the counter because I can't.contaminate the client with her own.stuff right and that counter belongs to.them so combs Clippers next trips things.that are dry with no chemical on them.can be set back down and picked back up.okay and so forth so I'm gonna get rid.of all that stuff that was on that.station that I don't need anymore of.course like we said I'm probably gonna.need that toner brace or stringent again.for the shave our night so I'm gonna.move that off to one side I'm gonna need.my disinfectant I'm gonna move that off.to one side I'm gonna need my hand.sanitizer so everything I'm gonna.completely use for the next one I'm.sliding it all to one side of the.station once everything's cleaned up off.that side or moved over I'm gonna pull.out my disinfectant however means of.disinfection my let's say my wife in.this case I shut the container and I'm.gonna disinfect.that side of the station then I'm going.to begin to pick up the universal.supplies and wipe them down with this.infected and move them over to the clean.side of the station.okay then I'm going to sanitize my hands.and I meet at my client to bag so the.transition of the station what I'm.getting at is taking those universal.supplies isolating them onto one side.disinfecting one side of the station.wiping those supplies off moving them.over once that side is cleared off I'm.going to disinfect the other side of the.station then I have a completely clean.station that's everything on that.stations been disinfected then I can.sanitize my hands and start setting up.my shaving supply okay because that's.what we ask them to do prepare the work.area for a new client accept the.universal supplies you use for the.remainder of the examination but.anything else you might want to use here.you're gonna set it out you're also.going to set the shaving with a straight.razor section you'll prepare the client.for the shave that's draping correct the.draping has to be cleaned new draping.for the shave you have 15 minutes or you.told me to have eight minutes don't.demonstrate anything till we ask you to.do it we're gonna repeat that and off.they go okay.so we've taken our haircutting client.has walked out the door our shaving.client looks a lot like them you can use.the same mannequin okay but that client.we're visualizing has walked out the.door so I'm going to clean up all that.clients stuff and I'm going to get rid.of it.my universal supplies I'm going to slide.to one side I'm gonna wipe off half the.station and the tables and the stools.with my disinfectant then I'm going to.wipe off those universal supplies and.move them to the disinfected side then.I'm going to disinfect whatever is left.dirty I'm going to disinfect that now I.have a complete station that's all been.disinfected.the table the stool and the counter all.the universal supplies these baggies I.can wipe them off with disinfect and.then move them to a clean side you know.I can wipe off my hand sanitizer I can.move it over my disinfectant bottle I.can move it over my first-aid kit which.is a universal supply.wipe it off and move it over anything.else that I might have that I'm going to.be using all day just gets moved over to.the disinfected side and then I.disinfect the dirty side of the table I.now have a completely disinfected.station does that make sense I have a.question and this is do I expect you to.ask questions it's different I was just.making sure that you said we're going to.swap out the Cape I thought you said.earlier just er if you use the sanic.strip or next trip to remove it and put.a towel on for the shape but you can use.the same Cape again not for the next.client okay I have a clean drape for the.next client okay so when you say drop.the drape what was then about that was.taking it off the neck from the haircut.and dropping it down to shave the neck.okay got ya okay thank you so if mom.disinfectant is wipes would you suggest.that I use one wipe to clean the from.going to clients a client using one wipe.to clean the haircut where I've just.removed all of the old supplies then I.would use another wife to clean off all.of the general supplies then use another.wipe to clean off the rest of it or can.I use one white for all as long as that.wipe stays damp you can use it for all.of them just the proper disinfection.technique can you still use the clip to.hold the towel or the drape on you can.use a clip to hold the drape a barber.clip the thing I see is they put that.barber clip in their pocket use it on.the next person those barber clips have.to go into the disinfected bag and a new.Bible clip come out as the candidate is.disinfecting the station where the.binder is that has the language that has.to be lifted and disinfected under that.also I believe the portion where the.binder is I would do it okay and one.more question about it that would be.what I would say I would do it okay the.language that's in the binders the CIB.is.that abridged or is it just as it is.here the language you have an English.CIB right but is every everything would.be taken right off that CIB and put in.that binder if it's in a foreign.language it's off that translated CIB.and put straight into the binders so.it's yes it's the same exact same just.use when you said neck save you met the.neck shape around the ear and behind the.neck right not here they don't have to.shave over the ear or behind the ear.they just have to shave the neck portion.so we're they've tapered yeah yeah they.just need to shave that portion.demonstrate the right you're not doing.that they're not doing though you went.like this they'll do this in the next.day yeah okay and the reason we're.waiting for the microphone is you know.this is being also telecast so we want.to make sure they hear the questions as.well so you said that they can use the.same manikin so for the haircut and the.shapes so the manikin would just remain.on the tripod yes ma'am I don't need to.remove the manikin they may move that.tripod around to sweep the hair that's I.would recommend that to get the hair up.but when in the transition itself the.draping has to go away but the manikin.head can remain and don't disinfect the.manikin please my clients get really.upset when I do that there's a few of.them I'd really like to disinfect though.okay great so let's go through those.steps one more time I'm gonna come over.here right I'm gonna take away anything.that's a universal supply and I'm gonna.set it off to one side this for example.okay then I'm gonna take my wife our.night or my towel and my spray and I'm.going to disinfect one side of the table.and clean it completely then I'm going.to start wiping things off and I'm going.to start moving them to that clean side.okay.and once everything all my universal.supplies are on the clean side then I.can disinfect this contaminated side and.that whole surface is clean does that.help.okay good good so it's just a basic.transition of a station okay so when we.were talking about our haircut we were.using our shears safely weren't we tips.were clothes we're palming right well.we're sub sectioning we're using our.clipper guards and our clippers safely.we're not gagging the head we're turning.him away our razors worst we're closing.when we're setting him down.we're always following those safety.procedures aren't we and so as I'm.putting them away make sure if I decide.to put my shears back in the case for.instance if I brought a disinfect Abul.case because I don't want to drop these.thousand-dollar shears straight into a.bag I mean let's be sensible I don't.want to do that so what I'd like to do.maybe is put them back in this disinfect.Abul case in order to do that I have to.wipe these off first don't I I would.need to disinfect these shears before I.return them to the case does that make.sense and then I could put the whole.case into my items to be disinfected.that way they don't have to ruin their.shears.I know a lot of these shears are very.expensive so you know what I'm gonna.have to do that other questions.good good good okay so we move on to the.shape the shape is a lot the same.shaving your face of shaving a face but.what we found out is there's a whole lot.of ways to drape and there's a whole lot.of ways to shave like I said there's.anything from a fourteen stroke I've.seen to a thirty one stroke spa shape.crazy stuff out there so do we want to.evaluate that absolutely not we want to.evaluate safety with the razor don't we.okay so let's look at this you'll.prepare this too you'll prepare to.perform shaving with a straight razor.you will prepare the models face by.lathering and steaming in the current.examination this is exactly the same and.I'm going to talk to you about that.because there's a really good way to do.this okay you'll be expect to fall climb.protection safety infection control.you'll have five minutes be told we have.two minutes don't demonstrate any.procedures so now this portion is timed.currently it's untime as of September.this section they will only get five.minutes but all we asked him to do was.lather and steam what we're seeing him.do now is a shave steam don't do that.even currently all they have to do is.lather and steam if they start to use.more towels they're going to give value.any more times aren't they it says you.have to use one lather and one steam.we're not evaluating a shave so get that.out of your mind.now okay it's very important that you.you've already taught them how to do a.shave we expect them to go out and do.exactly what you taught them don't we.what we're asking here lather the face.and steam the face one time do that in.your current examinations transition it.now they should only be doing it once.okay so pull your head out of the whole.service thing it's really difficult.believe me I'm an old schooler I did all.the services I know what I'm talking.about when they talk about the service.this is not a service it's lathering.steam that makes sense so all I'm going.to do is I'm going to take that.mannequin head.it says here my shaving supplies are.labeled in English already have my.shaving cream out because it was a.universal supply wasn't it I wiped it.off and moved it over I set up.implements that are clean I had to get.out a clean razor didn't I so now I have.my second razor out like I said you can.use the plastic ones you don't have to.have a blade in them the plastic ones.were good because they don't chatter and.if you put a credit card in here they.don't chatter you know just cut off a.room key or a piece of plastic and put.in there but they're gonna need two.razors because that first razor had to.go away with the first client now I have.a disinfected razor tease for my shave.okay so I have to have two razors one in.my client one bag one of my client too.bad.so lathers beard a mustache area that's.all we're telling him to do and apply a.steam towel so currently you can do it.the same way Kenya because that's all it.asks you to do I'm gonna lather the face.using the cushions in my fingers safely.I'm not getting lather in the eyes I'm.not getting it up the nose I'm not.getting it in the years and I'm not.getting it in their mouths I'm lathering.the moustache are you correct using.fingers not one finger but several or.two at least so I'm gonna lather for the.shave then I'm going to take out my.steam towel or one of my steam towel I'm.gonna throw that bag away or if there's.more steam towels than I can zip it and.put it back can i I'm gonna wring or.demonstrate ringing like I said this.table needs to be damp doesn't it but it.doesn't need to drip water out of it.okay.then I'm gonna test the temperature on.my wrists correct that's my next thing.I'm gonna do and then I'm gonna go ahead.and apply it over the nostrils up over.the forehead correct and I'm gonna leave.it there that just says apply a steam.towel doesn't it currently that's what.they're doing - it's the same process.but just do it one time lather once.applied the steam talent step back okay.that's all they have to do currently.that's all they have to do one second.um we talked about this being like a.real life experience where are we.disposing of the blade is it is it in.items to them is that trash items to be.disinfected you know normally I would.have a sharps container first off they.don't need a blade right second off we.don't evaluate it because they can't.transport a sharps container legally so.we never evaluate them taking that razor.blade out okay so once they do that's a.good question because the haircut they.had a blade didn't they supposedly even.though it's simulated there's we expect.that was a blade or think of it as a.blade just fold it up and put it to be.disinfected we don't evaluate to remove.all the blade and we don't evaluate the.disposal of the blade if they had two.blades they could just throw the whole.blade into the items to be disinfected.the whole unit put it for the for the.haircut if they had a blade if that was.in client1 bag once they finished doing.that they can put that in the items to.be to disinfect it a client to once.finished with the shave they can just.put that whole razor and I supposed to.be the suppressor the whole razor can.just go in there but they have to have.separate razors from client one to.client - any other questions before we.get started here okay so we asked you to.lather in steam that's all we ask you to.do currently just do that it's taken.like 20 minutes and all you have to do.is lather than steam all right and it.says to apply a steam towel I never said.to remove it did it follow instructions.apply it step back so you're just gonna.leave that steam towel on the face like.you currently do same process it's just.time once everyone step back we're gonna.move on you'll perform straight shaving.with a straight razor you'll be expect.to follow client protection safety.infection control procedures you'll be.instructed individually by the examiner.when to remove the towel realizer and.begin the shave this is an endtime.section do not remove the steam towel or.demonstrate any strokes until instructed.to do so.right so we left it on the face we've.step back we're not watching anybody.we're looking at the floor or anything.just don't watch around the room.the examiner will come up to each.candidate individually and ask them to.please remove the steam towel realizer.and demonstrate the first five shaving.strokes same thing right so far.nothing's changed but the timing in the.first section they're gonna remove the.steam towel and lather of course that's.one continuous motion isn't it we don't.continually wipe.we're just wiping that's that that.shaving cream off that initial shaving.cream.now we're gonna reel a through that.beard a mustache area and we're going to.start with stroke number one aren't we.so stroke number one I'm going to do.that stroke number two stroke number.three stroke number four then I'm gonna.reposition and stroke number five I'm.gonna fold my razor set it down and step.back that's simple that's what they're.doing now correct same thing it looks.different though doesn't it because in.the current CIB it's say you know how.they position their hands and it tells.them all it tells them how to do it it.doesn't do that anymore it says.demonstrate freehand stroking areas one.three and four that's evaluating the.stretching hand that's evaluating that.the leading point of the razor all the.stuff that you're seeing in the CIB now.is still evaluated the only difference.is there's two task lines for each.stroke now isn't there you see that.position of this of the stroke and then.in the further evaluation we look at the.stretching hand and so forth we're.looking at stretching hand here now so.we only look at the first five strokes.that's all we're ever gonna look at.they're never going to complete a shave.here currently they complete the shade.and the first five strokes currently we.watch the placement of the stroke and.the hand position of the razor then in.the completion of the shape we evaluate.the stretching hand we evaluate the.leading point of the razor and we.evaluate I don't have it up here but we.value eight three things and they.continued as continuation of the strokes.right now we're only looking at five.strokes and we're looking at all those.things in the strokes at the same time.okay so just have them do stroke one.stroke to stroke three stroke four and.then stroke five set the raise and downs.are finished okay please do nothing.until the next verbal instructions are.given the examiner will go around the.room and evaluate all the candidates in.the room then they're gonna say do not.demonstrate any additional shaving.strokes they're finished with that razor.we've seen everything we need to see we.saw a reverse backhand didn't we we've.now seen the reverse freehand we've seen.the backhand we've seen all four strokes.we don't need to see it anymore they can.do it once they can do it ten times.so don't demonstrate anything else just.perform the finishing steps what are the.finishing steps apply a steam towel and.a bracer that's the finishing steps so.now imagine if you're using it of a live.model just to visualize this that model.is going to walk out with half their.face shaved aren't they okay because.we're only evaluating those strokes on.the one side of the face if I have a.left-handed shaver can they shave.left-handed absolutely okay whatever is.more comfortable for them it's still the.same strokes isn't it so we ask them to.do the first five shaving strokes they.complete the shaving service which means.they used another steam towel don't they.get that shaving cream all the way off.this time they've used the steam towel.properly by wringing it right wringing.it testing the temperature on the wrist.and applying it to the face and safely.taking off that shaving cream then I'm.gonna apply a toner or stringent herb.racer correct and I'm done pretty.awesome huh I have to maintain the drape.it doesn't say anything about how to put.a drape on does it thank you.it doesn't say anything about it the.drape just has to be loose somewhat like.the haircut drape right open in the.front this time because we're shaving.the front of the neck but just make sure.that they apply it to the clamp rather.than to the neck of the mannequin it can.put it down onto the clamp with a metal.tripod.because they need to shave that necklace.in stroke five don't they.there's no evaluation done other than.the towel has to be between the skin or.the clamp and the drape doesn't it I.always have to have a towel between the.skin and the grape okay and then.everything as I use it goes into the.right containers yes sir so you say the.answer the fifth stroke they're only.evaluated on what they're only evaluated.on the first five strokes yes.after that you're watching what are they.watching after the fifth one they're.watching currently in the current exam.you complete the shades yeah and they're.watching the stretching hands are.watching the leading point and they're.watching the angle of the razor okay.those are the three things they watching.those six through whatever 14 okay.so the evaluation in the first five.strokes is different than the evaluation.in completing the shape okay in this.examination when I do stroke one they're.also evaluating the stretching hand at.the same time the leading point of the.razor and the razor angle as they.perform stroke one okay then as they.flip the two it's the same evaluation so.the placement the angle all that stuff.is evaluated in one path rather than two.different time okay so when they finish.14 or however many it is for whatever.state then they're just doing the Tau.and astringent less than what completion.me in the current exam okay in the.counties in the future exam they're only.ever gonna do five strokes okay that's.what okay all right gotcha and then.we're gonna tell them don't do any more.I'm gonna actually show you the shape.okay a video so you can see it what we.do at how we train our examiner's is we.have seasoned people come in and perform.these tasks and we haven't make mistakes.well the examiners watch these videos.and they score them and that's part of.their evaluation process so I'm going to.show you one of these so there's.mistakes in and we can talk about it is.this going through I'll tell you what.the mistakes are but you'll actually see.how that progresses and how the.instructions are read and what happened.yes ma'am can the candidate still place.an extra tile on the table for clearing.the product from the blade absolutely.they can use it will be wiping tell what.do you want to call it they place it on.the table or the station however.they're comfortable placing it and it.just sits there and they can actually.wipe that that shaving cream or.simulated shaving cream on yes we don't.evaluate hair removal that went away.okay well we're evaluating a sake use of.a razor.okay once everybody's step back we move.on but I want to show you this this.video and what we'll talk about it as we.go through this is on a live model so.it's not actually what your examiner's.will watch they'll watch one done on a.mannequin but I wanted to show you this.because it kind of makes makes the shape.make sense.all right when you have two minutes do.not demonstrate any procedures until the.verbal instructions are given so you see.spatulas in the bag right you see the.sanitizer you see the bracer that the.aftershave lotion you see the the first.aid kit and you see the disinfectants.are all out aren't they I haven't put.anything back in my kit the reading the.instructions twice aren't they there's.my bags on the floor but they're labeled.the station looks good as draping looks.good like I said this is a live model.situation you'll have the mannequin.right this is also in a simulated.environment where you have an actual.environment but he's using a table he.sanitizes his hands first.absolutely so he's off to a good start.he's got his shaving cream looks like a.paste he's getting his spatulas out but.he just contaminated him didn't he.because he's.he touched the shaving cream you can't.go in that bag he left the bag open I.don't know why he does this but every.time I watch the video he double dips I.think he'd learned by now okay he wiped.it on his hand he went back to the.shaving cream that's double dipping he's.contaminated that shaving cream hasn't.he so he would had an infection control.issue in the disbursement of the shaving.cream.he's now lathering.oh just can wait of the sticks again.Vinnie damn meeting him again he wants.more shaving cream and he double dips.again so I call him a cereal double.dipper alright he's gonna apply a little.more shaving cream but he's had some.real issues already he's failed his.application of shaving cream hasn't he.because it was because of how he's.conducted himself it's not all about the.application it's about how that.candidate is performing it so he's had.203 infection control problems he's.failed that the application of the.shaving cream now a steam towel he never.rung the steam towel did he he tested it.but he never rung the steam towel out so.you need to ring the steam towel don't.you ring it test the temperature and.apply it okay he also never covered the.upper lip did he so that's an improper.steam towel for a shave because he has.to apply it to everywhere he's shaving.correct he's left the towel on the face.he stepped back all he did was lather.and steam right so he basically failed.the whole first part of that test now.we'll go on to the shaving demonstrate.any strokes until instructed.individually by the examiner.there's another problem with the station.can anybody tell me what that is the.shaving can tree jars been left open the.whole time that has to be closed when.it's not in use doesn't it there's.another issue going on there.we're gonna zoom in on it and show you.how to really clean that looks it's got.a lot of stuff around the top was what I.was trying to show it's a dirty.container please remove the steam towel.real a there and demonstrate the first.five shaving strokes.what didn't what didn't happen there he.didn't take the lather off did he he.just took the towel off now I'm telling.you he's got a double dip again he's.cereal double dipper right huh no no.this this is what the examiners watch.right that's why I'm showing you the.errors because this is these are most.common errors we see and I'm going to.show you how he could fill the whole.shape because of just common errors.mm-hmm but he never took the shaving.cream off mm-hmm so he missed that first.steam towel of course a stroke number.one we're evaluating this stretching.hand we're evaluating the leading point.of the razor right does the angle of the.stroke the angle of the razor where the.stroke was placed here comes number two.all those same things evaluated number.three can I move the head absolutely.move the head he did point it away.enough that he was okay but yeah they.they need to shut the razor stroke three.and down into four.and then.five.and of course this is removing care.right I would expect on a mannequin that.they just do one five stroke and they're.finished shaving cream still open isn't.it bag and spatula is still open isn't.it all examiner's have indicated they.are ready to proceed do not demonstrate.any additional strokes you will perform.the finishing steps of the service you.are expected to follow all client.protection safety and infection control.procedures you will have five minutes to.complete this section it will be.informed when you have two minutes.remaining.step back indicate you have finished the.instructions will be repeated all.examiner's have indicated that they are.ready to proceed do not demonstrate any.additional strokes you will perform the.finishing steps on the service you are.expected to follow all client protection.safety and infection control procedures.you have five minutes to complete this.section you will be informed when you.have two minutes remaining.step back to indicate you have finished.you may begin.again he's gonna use a steam towel again.he didn't ring it did he he's just.testing the temperature and he never.applied it he's just gonna wipe the.shaving cream off.okay so there's some errors there isn't.there because it says steam towels.applied and removed that's what the task.line says you do so he's gonna wipe all.that off.and he's gonna put on the bracelet he.didn't get all this shaving cream off.either did he so now he's gonna put on.his aftershave product whatever he's.using he went ahead and did that so so.this is these are the typical mistakes.that we see and we're currently seeing.in the exams here so that's the shape it.goes that fast and it should be going.that fast now okay so apply a steam.towel in the beginning of you're gonna.lather right and apply the steam towel.then you're gonna leave it on the face.then the examiner is gonna come over and.ask you to demonstrate the first five.shaving strokes you're gonna currently.you're gonna do the first five strokes.and then the examiner is gonna stand.there and say complete the shade you're.going to complete the shortest shave you.know okay because we're looking at the.razor we're not looking at the shave.itself does that make sense okay then.we're going to say finish the service.which is get the shaving cream off get.your aftershave product on there okay.and that sort of thing right so it.really the new shave goes very quickly.the current shape should be going a lot.quicker because the longer they take the.more they're being evaluated on are you.following me the more towels they use.the more times they're being evaluated.on the steam towel so in the current.exam let's say I i steam first then I.apply my shaving cream then I steam a.second time I've now been evaluated on.to steam towels so I better use both of.them correctly where I really only.needed to apply one in the first place.my evaluation would just been with one.steam towel does that make sense so.don't complicate it for them.we're not demonstrating a shave we're.demonstrating safety and sanitation.all right questions on the shape that.video really helps doesn't it to kind of.visualize how things really work and I.think it's a great addition to that so.what we're going to do now is we're.going to take a ten minute break it's.currently.about twelve thirty five let's be back.in ten minutes.okay we're back and there was some.questions asked that I'd like to kind of.reiterate because I want everybody to.hear him so this gentleman had a.question it was in regards to the shave.for the mannequin itself is it mandatory.that they're clean with no facial hair.for the male mannequin or is it just.female mannequins okay that's a great.question because we don't evaluate hair.removal as I stated and I'm really glad.this gentleman asked us because one of.the main things we need to remember is.we're evaluating use of a razor safely.and so there's no hair removal evaluated.they could use that same cosmetology.mannequin the female mannequin for the.shape if they did bring a mannequin with.hair it needs to be short enough that.it's not going to inhibit their shaving.strokes but it's not necessary and if.it's not necessary I probably wouldn't.do it but if they did happen to have to.bring a mannequin with with beard hair.make sure it's clipped down really short.because I know some of them can't afford.new mannequin and it yeah and so if they.can't afford pneumatic and just clip.them down as short as you can get them.and then they just use that mannequin.it's fine other questions.great okay so now we go into the blood.exposure section and this is a new.section to this examination it's.actually incorporated in all of our.other exams so I'm really glad to see it.here basically the blood exposure as I.said is use of a first aid kit in the.sense that if I cut myself and in this.exam I've cut my own finger it says.you'll demonstrate blood exposure you'll.imagine the following scenario during a.service you sustained a minor cut to.your index finger the injury is such you.continue with the service your client.nor your work area has been contaminated.that's the key thing nothing is.contaminated here everything is.considered clean right now you don't.have to disinfect the shears or the.Clippers whatever you cut yourself with.that mechanism isn't necessary we're.evaluating how you take care of it and.not contaminate anything don't so.everything is clean right now all right.we don't want to contaminate the clean.stuff you'll be expected follow client.protection safety infection control.you'll have ten minutes we told them you.have five we're to repeat that in your.to go if you teach cosmetology you.notice this is the exact same blood.exposure procedure exactly okay so in in.the cosmetology and barber they've cut.their index finger first of all they.need to remember which index fingers.they cut the right or the left one.they can't interchange them all right.but blood exposure supplies are labeled.in English now I'm actually looking at.this labeling on this first-aid kit and.it needs to say first aid kit that's.what it has to say on a first aid kit.okay I need to remove the materials from.the kit this is where my gloves might.come in handy because I could cover that.cut sanitized those gloves and then go.into this kit couldn't I and then I can.put that hand that I've cut inside the.kit because I have a glove on but I can.also choose just to sanitize my hands.and use one hand to get things out of.this kit correct but I never can put.this finger that I've cut whichever one.it is inside of that first-aid kit or an.N sanitized hand okay the things that.I'm going to take out of my first-aid.kit is a secondary bag again we don't.label this Dewey it's just a bag I like.to use these these half bags because.they're small and they're easy to.maintain on the station I'm also going.to take out a bandage and some type of a.of a an antiseptic right so those are.the things that I'm actually going to be.pulling out of this kit now I stated.that this person aid kit is used.throughout the examination correct so I.have several cuts worth of stuff in here.and I made this because I want you to.know you can't make one but it has to.have several of each in there the other.thing that I see in California is you.don't separate things make sure all the.bandages have been are single you don't.have them in a row because once I tear.that off with that contaminated hand it.can't go back in the kit and it can't go.back on the station can it because now I.have a contaminated item these are.contaminated.okay so separate everything inside there.all right the first thing I get out is.this secondary bag mm-hmm I'll come over.here where you can see me I'm going to.take this bag and I'm in a profit open.on the station so that I can start.putting things into it.all right the first step if I've already.cut myself let's talk about that first I.already have a glove on because during.the haircut I cut myself with my shears.okay I need to remove that glove and put.it in that bag and operate just like I.never cut myself so again I've cut my.index finger I can't put this hand even.though it has a glove on it now you're.following this scenario I've cut myself.I have a glove on.I can't just assume I can stick it right.in there that glove has to be taken off.so I still have to treat this like it's.a cut hand I could put another glove.over the top of that sanitize and go in.with both hands and then take both.gloves off and put them in the bag that.would be one way of doing it okay or I.can just go in with one hand fish things.out close my first-aid kit very.important they close their first aid kit.when they get this stuff out remove that.glove from before and put it inside this.bag everything that's blood contaminated.has to go inside this bag okay then I'm.in a tariff on my alcohol wipe or.whatever I'm using for my my antiseptic.I'm putting those wrappers straight into.that bag don't put down a paper towel.and start setting things on a paper.towel that paper tell us what absorbent.it's going to contaminate a station.don't set anything on top of the station.set everything back inside that that's.what that second bags for I'm gonna use.that antiseptic on my finger I'm gonna.put that inside that bag mmm I'm then.gonna pick up my band-aids the bandage.mm-hmm great it's a moji bandage no I.had these I'm gonna put that wrapper.inside this bag now if I touch this bag.I have to what sanitize right any of any.container it says I'm gonna put this on.but every the point I'm getting at is.I'm putting everything inside this bag.I'm not setting anything on the stage.right then I sanitize my hands I'm gonna.go into my little bag of gloves here.that's on my station.I'm gonna go ahead and get a glove out.and this is the only time that I would.sanitize my hands before I put a glove.on if I got more than one glove out I.can't put them back in there can I I've.just got two gloves out so I'm gonna go.ahead and I'm going to put this glove.over the top I'm gonna zip this bag.closed and I'm gonna throw it in my.trash bag and then I'm done okay so I'm.gonna remove things from the first-aid.kit.I'm gonna clean the injured area with an.antiseptic I'm gonna cover it with.dressing that's absorbent and secured.that would be my dad he said bandaged.correct then I'm gonna wear a glove her.finger guard I'm gonna dispose of all.contaminated supplies inside that bag as.I go then I'm going to zip that bag shut.and I'm going to drop it in my trash bag.because that's the second bag it has to.be double back once is the bag I put it.in second bag is the trash bag okay.question the gloves can't the gloves.already be in the first-aid tip you can.put the gloves in the first-aid kit but.it poses a huge problem.first of all how many of you have.first-aid kids with gloves in them that.they use usually you have gloves on your.station that you can use to contain it.so we want it to be more a little more.realistic putting gloves inside their.toes reminds them they have to wear them.okay I would suggest you put them.outside the first-aid kit.anything that's going to cue them on how.to do something is going to be perceived.as cheating if you follow that if it's.not normal procedure I think I missed.something.when they're given the instruction to.start the first-aid they're starting at.the point where my finger is cut.the other hand is the working hand do.you sanitize that one hand are out.sometimes both hands sad you can look at.it sometimes and then just put the one.but would you put a glove on the injured.hand while you're manipulating your.first-aid materials if you choose to put.a glove on put it on before you sanitize.okay if I'm if I'm gonna choose to wear.a glove okay so my choice is to put a.glove on first before I get into my.first-aid kit.that's the other reason the gloves are.on the outside and put that on first and.I'm gonna sanitize my hand and the glove.at the same time then both hands can go.in okay one is gloved one is not correct.if the injured one is gloved and it's.now sanitized correct so both hands can.go in if I choose not to wear gloves.I get sanitized both hands but this is.the only hand that can go inside the.first-aid kit.yes if you're bleeding in I guess this a.procedure is not that you're leaking so.to speak and so if you are bleeding are.you supposed to stop the blood first or.do you have to simulate that or is it.just us - cut no you can do it this.exactly the way I said to do it.there's no simulation of stopping the.bleeding there's no disinfection of.tools.you simply have blood present and you're.dealing with it which brings up another.portion I had someone in examination the.other day and and they had a cut already.and while they were performing the.haircut the country opened they didn't.cut themselves and reopen and if they.just ignore the blood the supervisor.will come in and make them do a blood.exposure procedure just so you know.don't ignore it just go ahead and do it.he didn't fail because you cut yourself.you fell because he's northern right so.this person said well wait a minute I.didn't cut myself.well there's blood present you still.need to take care of it correct so we.got in an argument with this person or.the Proctor did not an argument but a.kind of a confrontation about the fact.that they still had to take care of it.because there's blood present that's.what we're talking about so that's a.great question if there's any we're just.dealing with blood present not dripping.all over the place or anything like that.just how do I deal with it if there's.blood around the main thing is I don't.contaminate my station with that blood I.don't contaminate my first-aid kit with.that blood and I prepare my hand or.whatever to continue the service without.contaminating my client that's what.we're evaluating okay any other.questions about that great so once we.stop working and we've we've done all.those steps.OOP just hang on a second do it.backwards.we're then going to proceed into the.chemical portion of the examination.everybody says when can I take the glove.off.well if you cut yourself really you got.to leave the glove on don't yet but if I.haven't really cut myself right after.these instructions I can take the glove.back off but I would leave it on until.these instructions are read okay just to.make sure everything is kosher.okay so we've already seen an initial.setup haven't we and we've seen the.secondary setup do we need to see.another setup absolutely not.so you have two minutes setups currently.in the exam this is called a ten minute.setup that's performed like a 2-minute.setup so we have our first client come.in through the haircut now we have a.second client come in we did a shave and.a blood exposure on that client correct.now I'm going to transition to the.chemicals but it's the same client as.the second client I don't have to.disinfect I don't have to go through all.that drama again I've done it twice we.don't have to see it again so what we're.really doing is we're going to dump out.the supply give her the shaving supplies.here right we don't need them anymore.we're in the chemical section so I'm.going to get rid of all those shaving.supplies I'm gonna put on a chemical.drape so if they already have a plastic.or saturation drape on they can just.simply use that same drape because it's.the same person but they have to put on.a chemical cape Chemical draping is.necessary here so what I'm getting rid.of is just all the shaving stuff I'm.still keeping my Universal supplies out.I don't have to wipe anything down just.go on with the chemicals all right so it.says I have to set up for Chemical.waving predisposition and strand test.chemical relaxer and the hair color.retouch that's a lot of stuff on the.station and that's exactly what we're.evaluating everything has to be out.don't leave anything in a bag okay no.longer do you have a bag for color and a.bag for chemical waving and a bag for.relax or you now have one bag they dump.it all out sort it out on the table and.use it off the table as they need it.okay.so if you're working with the.cosmetology this is the same okay yes.ma'am the supply bag yes every single.thing is set up ready to go nothing can.stay in a bag.and that set up is on the station on the.station and it's all four of these.procedures so you can do the service.from the station or should the candidate.transition that service to a manicure.table no they can do it right off the.station and there's no SMA that the.items have to be placed on correct it.can just be on the surface that's been.disinfected yes same client so we don't.have to worry about disinfection any of.that stuff we've made it pretty simple.here you know and we've already seen.everything we need to see so now let's.watch them apply chemicals and apply.them safely.okay so I've dumped out all this stuff.on the table I've got my rods and my.papers and everything off to this side.and I've got my color over here my.relaxed over here I've sorted things out.okay I do not have a bag that says.predisposition test on it if you're.going to use a swab that was dumped out.of that bag wasn't it and it's just.sitting there.nothing is separated if you separate.things into bags they're going to miss.points on every single section because.part of this evaluation is working on a.crowded station we want them to have a.crowded station and if you notice every.single ni C examination that second.client is crowded every one of them.that's why okay so see I'll give you.that little insight that goes for the.cosmetology and manicurist also.everything all the bags are pathetic.everything everything aesthetics okay.everything for a client needs to be out.nothing in separate bags now gloves and.spatulas those things yes those are.universal supplies those are different.aren't they but everything we asked you.to set up here for the chemical waiving.predisposition chemical relaxers.the hair color everything has to be out.on the table ready to go okay all right.they have ten minutes to do that because.they don't have to disinfect and all.that drama but I do have to apply.chemical Drake don't I so it has to be a.two cloth towel Drake most common barber.Drake probably is the wrap around the.neck right up over the head wrap around.the neck put the draping on and then.drop it back down the back I see that.one a lot in barber exams but you could.also do a clamp on towel cloth towel.then the chemical Drake and then a clamp.on or drape cloth towel over Drake that.would be fine too any kind of two towel.it has to have two cloth towels no.single child drapes okay so the draping.has to change but it only has to change.the chemical draping so in that second.client if you think about it and I.planned ahead for the through the shave.right I've already got a non saturating.drape on plastic drape what do you want.to call it I can just transfer that and.leave it on the chemical okay all right.so chemical supplies are labeled in.English and yeah they are going to have.a supply they're going to have waving.lotion it is not called saturation fluid.it's called waving lotions okay.saturation fluid isn't what it is.implements and supplies are visibly.cleaned so we're looking at everything.on the chemical waving station correct.are the rods clean.are they free of hair the papers every.paper I just sat down on that station.just became what contaminated correct.that's important to remember so I don't.want to set a whole box of papers out.because I met throw the whole box away.right I'm gonna put a small pile of.papers out there to use all the time I.take this whole examination.my main constant I'm every time I step.back or think about I'm gonna look at.the floor and make sure there is no.papers no combs nothing on the floor.okay if my neighbor decides to drop a.comb and kick it over in my section I'm.not going to raise my hand say he just.kicked a comb over here I'm just gonna.simply pick the comb up and take care of.it aren't I.because I'm responsible for my station.or me.so that just avoids a confrontation.leave it alone.right good we have them hand stuff back.or kick it back over and pretty soon.they're arguing about it and just take.care of it okay okay.so performs a scalp analysis then they.subsection the hair for chemical waving.that looks a lot different this came in.directly out of cosmetology except for.the scalp analysis okay and I would.start doing that in cause because you.teach it anyway it's not wrong.so subsection tariff or chemical waving.that's all about how the hair fits on.the rod nothing's different chemical.waving is the same is it falling off the.ends is it too wide for the rod is a too.narrow for the rod though that's what.we're looking at in subsection E we.don't require a 9th section it's not.about how they subsection the head it's.about how that subsection fits on the.raw if you think about it that way then.wraps the hair that's all about the.paper isn't it I can book and I can.double wrap I can do any kind of wrap I.want but I have to use a paper paper has.to be pulled out beyond the hair ends.we're seeing half the country rolling.rods upside down it's crazy.seriously half the country we're seeing.it here make sure they're under hand.wrapping those rods right because when I.like all of that that band is going to.cut into the hair I'm gonna have an.issue all right and I'm not going to get.a tight wrap that way either so make.sure they're under hand wrapping the.rods snapping them and they've wrapped.the center back section from the crown.to the nape that's all they have to do.so like I said no 9 section just section.that hair off expose that panel and wrap.that panel ok what kind of rods do they.use perm rod what color it doesn't.matter the color is appropriate for the.hair correct that's all so I have to use.a paper rod base placement it's all.about how I'm placing the rods in the.hair correct that's where I'm talking.about the overhand wraps and so forth.but if you start on base end on base if.you start off base end off base do a.simple wrap don't do any complicated on.off buh-buh-buh-buh just wrap them.either on or.okay much easier then as you wrap them.what we what we currently see a lot of.is they'll start on base and they're.doing really good and then all of a.sudden they either get lazy or tired or.nervous that they're going to run out of.time when we get too thick rods on the.bottom and they fail the whole rap.because they of the last two rods come.just to stick with until they're.finished don't roll the last two off.base lean that head forward and keep.them on base all right.so each one of them has to look the same.they have to have a nice C shape when.you look at them from the out so you.don't have a loose rod here in there.right they're all about the same tension.that's all that's about so Chemical.waving hasn't change it's exactly what.you're doing now the hair has to be wet.has to use a paper exactly the same the.same process once they're finished.please demonstrate a test curl or excuse.me.please demonstrate I went ahead too far.please demonstrate saturation I'm going.to saturate every rod I wrapped so if I.choose to start at the forehead which.was wrong to begin with I have to start.saturating at the forehead don't I so.just wrap what we ask you to wrap.there's no extra credit okay just wrap.that center back section you're going to.saturate each one of the rods don't.saturate and blot saturate and blot.don't do things you did that are unhuman.to do in a perm wave we see all kinds of.wild stuff I see him put protective.cream between each rod you would never.do that okay you're going to apply a.protective cream or cotton aren't you.one or the other not both cotton is.probably the most common we see they.just have to wrap those rods with a.piece of cotton all right but minimum.they only have to put it under that.bottom rod they wrapped correct or.protective cream under that bottom rod.they wrapped thanked for protective trim.around the face but make sure the.examiner if they're using protective.cream don't put it on to the examiner.gives you the verbals because they won't.see it okay.so I got to put gloves on don't I and.then I have to saturate each rod I can.hold a towel underneath that scalp and.saturate away that's fine but do not put.a towel on the floorr.remember he can't have anything on the.floor and the one thing about perm.papers and I bring that up here because.they're light and they blow off the.table so make sure that they're watching.their floor keeping water off the floor.make sure there's no perm papers on the.floor okay so I saturate then I'll be.asked to demonstrate a test curl this is.a very uncomfortable position for both.of them to be in for some reason I don't.know why but the candidate will step.forward unwrap the rod and stare at the.examiner they're expecting the examiner.to tell them to rewrap it but the.examiner is never gonna say that a test.curl is unwrapping one and a half turns.holding the hair to relax I'm not.tugging correct I just hold it to relax.I wrap it back to the head snap it and I.step back and I'm finished okay don't.look at the examiner for instruction.they're not going to give it to you.they're just gonna move on and tell you.to remove a rod if the rod falls out.during the test curl I have to put it.back in don't I like we see a lot of.them just pull the rod right out that's.not a test curl that's removing a rod so.there's a difference so saturate then.I'm going to have them do the test curls.snap it and then the examiner is going.to ask me to remove one rod from the.head it doesn't matter which rod it is.pull the rod out put the paper in the.trash put the rod in it to be.disinfected don't set them on the.station be sure and separate it okay so.it's really no different you're gonna.step back to time not to do anything.don't take the rods down just leave the.rods in the head even if everybody else.in the room's taking them down don't.take them down wait till the examiner.tells you to take them down okay once.the examiner is ready to proceed you'll.move all remaining rods from the head.and create four quadrants or sections in.the remaining chemical services you'll.be allowed to expect to follow client.protection safety infection control so.they're gonna have five minutes here to.take those rods down and do quadrants.all right so they take all those rods.out they never set them on the station.they're separating the papers and.throwing it in the trash rods in then.just to be disinfected and then they're.going to create quadrants or four.sections on the head.any questions about that even though.they step back they're still being.evaluated for their draping and they're.still being evaluated for where the.disposal is in other words they're still.being evaluated for infection control.and safety even though they've step back.that's why I say sanitize when they step.back because if I decide to scratch my.head back there and I didn't sanitize.I've crossed contaminated okay okay we.have a question here.so the candidates are using the combs.that are on the chemical wave set up to.do this sectioning yeah they would use.whatever combs they set up yeah okay.okay my question is what is the best way.that you suggest to remove water from.the floor with the paper towel well that.brings up a good thing because this roll.of paper towels can never be disinfected.Kennan unless I saturated it completely.in disinfectant.we never evaluate this roll of paper.towels so if this paper towel falls on.the floor don't panic pick them up and.send them back on the table don't unwrap.them to your elbow thinking that's going.to demonstrate something we don't.evaluate it I'm just gonna tell you flat.out the only time we evaluate this towel.is when you tear it off once you tear it.off then it becomes a functioning part.of the station we watch how you take.care of it right but this roll is never.ever evaluated so if I'm taking if I.have water on the floor and I just take.a paper towel and wipe it up and put it.in the trash sanitize my hands and go.back to work that's perfect this just.took the place of that 90 gallon.baguette algae used to have to bring.that's all being that this is the second.client we first did a neck shave that we.had the drape up then we dropped it down.so that we can get to the neck to the.neck then we dropped it down more onto.the tripod so we can get to the shave.are we bringing it back up for the Kim.oka wave remember I had to have one.draping for the haircut.then I got rid of it now I have a clean.drape for the shave but you're exactly.right I can use this same draping as.long as it's chemically you know a.chemical drape I can use it on the.chemicals so I can bring it back up to.the neck just to clarify that okay so I.have some extra draping in the kit as.well right the predisposition and strand.test for simulated product a lot of.these stuff of your teaching cause it's.the same all right.the chemical waving hasn't changed as.the same as it was in barbering now all.right but this is a new section for.barbering you complete a predisposition.test and strand test you'll demonstrate.the predisposition test behind the ear.I'm not an anatomist or a doctor but I.can tell you this is my ear and this is.behind my ear this is not behind my ear.and that's where we see him do it okay.behind the ear so you're gonna.demonstrate the strand test process on.one single subsection of hair one.textbooks teaches you can pull up to an.inch don't go over an inch that's not.how I would do it that's probably not.how you're teaching it but one of the.textbooks does what we seem do is pull.up full subsection and we're seeing a.lot and cause a lot and cause some of.the states that are doing the barbering.now that have transitioned over to this.new exam we're seeing a full subsection.don't pull the full subsection they'll.get marked off for it it's just.isolating a few strands right we'll talk.about that in a minute.but there's no required wait time it's.not going to process its cholesterol it.takes a long time for cholesterol the.process I promised a lot longer than the.exam so put it on get it off that's what.we're saying okay it's a demonstration.ten minutes five minutes and away we go.predisposition and strand tests are.labeled in English so I brought in my.pre-made color bowl okay just have one.ball mark color or tint either ones fine.not color or ten but color or mark one.tint all right.they're both animal and derivatives.correct that's what we're looking for.I'm going to uncap that bowl I'm gonna.find my swab on the table and my stuff I.cannot use an alcohol prep here.I have to have a cleanser so again these.little hotel bottles come in really.handy because I have a shampoo right I.can use that I can fill it full of water.it says shampoo on it you have to bring.a bottle of shampoo or cleanser for this.section it's already set out on the.station isn't it because I have to.cleanse behind the ear don't I then I'm.going to take a paper towel and I'm.going to wipe it and then I'm gonna take.my swab dip it in my color dava behind a.year and throw it in the trash that's it.that's the predisposition test I have to.cleanse I have to dry and I have to.apply the test don't put a bandaid on it.I've called around to all the different.chemical companies and they said first.of all if you're going to use alcohol.why would you even put the color on.because you've already pre sensitized.the skin you've skewed the test already.so you're you worthless the other thing.is the adhesive on the bandage can.affect the color so don't put a band-aid.over it either or the heesu bandage just.leave it we're done with it cleanse dry.apply throw it away yes ma'am.did we change our gloves or are we.leaving on the same hair great question.I can leave on that same pair of gloves.all the way through this unless they get.a hole in them then I have to reapply.right.so I just get my bag of gloves that get.one pair out and I can sanitize those.just like my hands all right good for.the PT test can they can the candidate.just use water to saturate the cotton to.cleanse the area I would highly.recommend water okay cool.but Marcus cleanser or shampoo because.no they can't use their water bottle.they would have to use something labeled.cleanser or shampoo okay so then we go.into the strand test the strand test is.isolating a small strand of hair.applying the color or tint to that hair.then I'm gonna wash it off and dry it.right so I'm gonna isolate my little.strands of hair nothing more than an.inch right anyway you teach them they.can use a foil if they want they can put.it straight over their glove if they.want I can just apply that color right.on top of my gloves can i all right I'm.gonna apply it I'm gonna spray it down.with some water and wipe it off with a.paper towel throw the paper towel away.and I'm done okay very simple then we.move on to the relaxer section we had.them do quadrants so some random place.they now have a wet strand of hair right.doesn't really matter we're finished.with that section it doesn't matter that.it's wet or not we have a lot of problem.with the relaxer because they say I can.apply it the hairs wet absolutely.correct you would never apply relaxer to.wet hair but in this situation they.don't have any way to dry it so they are.going to apply that relaxer right onto.one of the back quadrants of hair and.they're going to do a full quadrant so.they have 15 minutes they're going to do.one back quadrant either the left back.quadrant or the right back corner one's.fine the relaxer supplies are labeled in.English so now I've I've capped this.color off by this point I've set it off.to the side when I finished my strand.test because I'm going to use it again.the brush that I used needs to go away.because I can't cross contaminate.relaxer with color you make sure they're.taking care of these bowls after they're.finished with them this is the one time.as soon as they're done have them clean.it up okay the implements that supplies.are clean that's what they're going to.miss if they're dirty brushes on the.table alright so make sure everything at.this point it's clean subsections here.for hair relaxer application they're.just going to apply that relaxer just.like they're supposed to they're going.to subsection it off in the you know.proper width they're gonna do a.mid-shaft they're going to come out from.the scalp they're going to do the ends.and they're going to smooth or.maybe the way most of us do it they're.gonna fly a mid-shaft back from the.scalp then pull it through with their.fingers to smooth it through the ends.flip it up they go on to the next one.we're gonna do the full subsection so.it's the application and the smoothing.all at once.okay they can do the whole back quadrant.and then go back and smooth if they want.to they can do it that way but it would.have to incorporate the application from.the mid-shaft into the scalp out to the.ends and smoothing what do they have to.wear gloves correct what does it have to.apply before they do it.protective cream okay.I just want to clarify it's a full relax.or application mid-shaft zone one bring.it through the ends correct and smooth.right the smoothing through the ends.okay.through the end that's what will we get.now is we get this and that's not.correct is it first of all it's cuticle.and you know direction of cuticle right.and moderate tension so they should be.smoothing like this now one time or two.they can use a flat brush if they wish.right back of a comb they can't use the.teeth of a brush or bristles of a brush.or comb at the back right or they could.just use their fingers that's fine too.and you know the way I do it is the.mid-back in zone one what are we going.to call it and then I pull it through.the ends and smooth it all at the same.time flip it up and go to the next.can I start at the bottom work up yes.can I start the top work down yes okay.but they're gonna do that whole back one.back quadrant.it's the smoothing apply for every.subsections are only one every one every.one subsections so they can go in apply.and then go back and smooth every one of.them that's okay.however you teach them to do it's fine.but yes it's a proper application on.each subsection all the way through okay.I'm confirming that you can apply to the.scalp and the ends and smooth directly.afterwards absolutely how most let's do.it.really it's faster okay yeah but but the.textbook teaches it differently so what.I'm saying is either technique is fine.as long as it's coming clear through the.ends a lot of what we're seeing now is.they're not going clear through the end.they're only smoothing as far out as.their hand is and then they stop they.have to go clear through the end of the.hair they can apply and then go back and.smooth yes that's fine so I said they.can do the whole quadrant and then go.back and smooth it all and you said the.protective cream or did you say it just.on the bottom or between they have to.have to protect the cream at least.around the subsection or released around.the quadrant that they're doing okay so.around they can go around the whole head.if they want but don't apply that till.the timing starts okay it's a non-base.relaxer but you still use protectively.okay then I'm going to go back to my.color because that's a color reading.retouch section right and color retouch.hasn't been redefined it's just a one.inch retouch instead of a two inch.retouch all right so they're gonna use.the other back quadrant so if they.started on the left now they're going to.use the right for the color so they're.just going to use the two back quadrants.as all they're ever going to use okay.they have one inch of regrowth this is.the same as cause comes rather than a.cause exam because it's the barbers.agreed they do it the same way okay so.it's it's not a big deal why reinvent.the wheel color retouch supplies were.labeling English influence and supplies.are visibly clean subsections hair so.they're using the proper sub.whit's to apply these subsections.they're also applying the simulated.color so they're applying it out an inch.correct good saturation it's not on the.scalp it's to the scalp right we don't.put color on the skin so if they get it.on the skin same with the relaxer if I.get it on get it off no harm in that but.throw the paper towel away all right but.I have to keep watching and making sure.I'm not getting it on the skin they.don't have to lay a paper towel over the.part they're not processing don't worry.about all that drama.it's just that backdrop I've got that.back quadrant okay mm-hmm they're gonna.play that simulated hair product final.result.we're not never going to walk over and.check any of these okay we're just.watching them apply the final result is.did they go an inch did they go two.inches that would be a note wouldn't it.so don't measure it off don't get all.technical on us here it's about an inch.remember this thing I learned that in.school that's an inch right but don't.measure it off just go out about an inch.is the saturation good.did it come straight from the scalp out.that's what we're looking at the actual.applications okay I'm still maintaining.my chemical drape one of the big.questions is what if I over saturate in.the chemical waving do I have to change.the towel no it's a new section isn't it.we look at that towel is dry when we get.to the relaxer even though it's soaking.wet okay so that's that's your Barbour.exam you're actually doing the blow.style and the thermal curling those are.exactly the way you're doing and now.two-minute setups it comes at the end.rather than incorporates in the interior.of it but they're exactly the same.then the examination will and throw.everything in the kit get out okay I.want to make sure everyone's aware that.we facial service from the barber exam.as of September you'll stop doing the.fascia you'll just do the blow style and.the thermal core yes ma'am.as of as I believe the 20th something.maybe it's October I don't know but I'm.just saying through September you'll be.doing this exam they'll let you know.what it changes it'll change after we.come and talk to you at the at the.school at the test sites that's when it.will change October okay sorry I was a.month off can you use a clip on the.towel yes remember we talked about that.you can secure it with the clip but the.same clip can't be used on every client.it has to be a new clip each time.California is still including the.thermal is that correct or no yes you'll.be doing a blow style and a thermal curl.and it's the same as you're doing now no.difference it just comes at the end okay.so if you think about it because you're.you've already got stuff in the hair.don't you well we thought about that and.if they apply the color and the relaxer.in the back they can still use this a.mannequin head to dry ones front.quadrant and they can still use one to.do two on the side and two on top so.we've already thought about that so as.long as they use the mannequins.correctly they can still perform the.other two sections on the same mannequin.okay because you've got four quadrants.right we only use two of them okay two.on top two on one side two on top two on.one side for the curls you're not doing.seven anymore.the new test is for Chrome it's in the.CIB.I don't have it with me but just read it.it's it's simple if you're a cause.instructor you already kind of know how.that goes so they could be on-base.off-base vertical horizontal slice and.dice and make julienne fries it's fine.going back to the relaxer for the cosmos.is only one section right Brooke okay.what was awesome was the barber said we.asked him about that we said can we just.do what the Kosmos do just one.subsection and every barber said.absolutely not we don't do it like.do if we do it it's once in a while so.you better see what we do a little bit.differently and I agreed with that you.know just because barbers don't do it as.much as a Cosmo desert and that was.their whole perception that's why it was.different and it is the most dangerous.thing we do really is an emergent.application that most things can go.wrong so I think the evaluations really.good in either exam in either situation.and that was their justification as.barbers behind that is no cosmetologist.would do that more than we do so let's.make sure we know it and I had to agree.with it I I tried to argue with them but.I had to agree with it.there the barbers yeah their barbers &.Kosmos yeah and they do it differently.and so yet is a little confusing for the.instructors we just understand the cause.just do one subsection the barbers do a.full back panel they'll do for they'll.have a front quadrant so they'll start.at the top and just do four curls all.the way down and just they can do a.vertical horizontal they just have to.place four curls in that quadrant it's.used to a curling iron right it's not.about the curl and IC is not required a.barrel curl for a hundred years well not.a hundred years but I'm just saying it's.been a long time so don't worry about.clipping them up a ringlet is a curl.isn't it so it's just one and a half.turns on an iron you're using a hot iron.don't spit test it don't tap it to see.if it's hot you know put a comb behind.it the same stuff you're doing now all.right but you're just going to do four.curls in the front quadrant four curls.in the front quadrant it's in the CIB.under thermo curling yeah.okay the base to ends question I knew.that was going to come up let's talk.about base to ends in this instructions.it says you have to curl from base to.ends doesn't it what it's really saying.and there's no other way to put it is we.want the hair on the iron from the ends.clear down to the scalp has nothing to.do with facing the hair and I that's a.very confusing point and I understand.that but what we're wanting to do is.contain the entire hair piece the.subsection wound down on the iron from.the ends so they're not fishhooking.clear down to the scalp so they insert a.comb behind it that's what it's about so.I hope that clarifies that question I'm.glad you brought that up that's true for.cause as well okay there's no basing of.the curl we're talking about rolling.from the ends to the scalp and inserting.the comb between the scalp and the iron.so thank you for asking that that is a.million-dollar question yeah it really.is it's confusing okay well I want to.thank you for your participation today.it's been great having you and great.having people in the room usually we're.here by ourselves and nobody interact.okay thank you very much we'll be going.on to electrology so those of you who.are staying for electrology you're.welcome to stay.otherwise we're going to take about two.minutes and let's a transition to the.hallway so we can get started on that.thank you.okay we're back and with the electrology.sorry for the pause there we just want.to clear the room so we damn.interruptions but the electrology exam.is new updated and I just want to kind.of go over some of the changes with you.and let you know we did stick with the.setup setups or setups or setups so if.you heard the barber setup or a.cosmetology setup or now setup they're.all the same.we're only setting up for some different.things so you'll set up the universal.supplies and equipment you'll use.throughout the examination.you'll also set up supplies for the.thermal assist section of the.examination.you'll be expect to fall client.protection safety infection control.procedures you'll have 15 minutes to.complete this section you'll be informed.rating of 8 minutes remaining do not.demonstrate any procedures until the.verbal instructions are given and you're.instructed to begin and in this exam we.have you raised your hand indicate you.finished so you won't be stepping back.you'll be raising your hand excuse me.that jump forward let me go back so.you'll be disinfecting your work area.completely doesn't want to stay there.for some reason.you'll be disinfecting your work area.completely you'll be sanitizing your.hands then you'll be setting up your.universal supplies labeled in English.your equipment you do need to disinfect.your equipment you need to disinfect.your work surface the tubing any of the.equipment that has been exposed you'll.need to disinfect wires and so forth.you'll also be sanitizing your hands.before you set up any supplies you'll.need your astringent you'll need your.thermal supply set up and then you're.going to go ahead and go on with it that.bits of the a thermal assist section in.the thermal is a section it's two.segments you have a ten minute and a.five minute segment you'll perform.through meiosis you'll demonstrate on.the upper lip you'll be expect to follow.client protection safety and infection.control procedures you'll continue.working for the entire ten minutes so we.have them on a facial table in in.California so you will need to disinfect.that facial table even though you might.be using a sheet or a barrier they do.need to wipe that down with this.infected as well as the work surface but.you're going to set up for your thermal.assist we're going to do that on the.upper lip of the of the live model it.will be applying actual current.we do evaluate the adjustment of the.machine and so forth so it's not a.simulated action tomorrow says supplies.are labeled in English implements and.supplies are visibly clean you're going.to probably prepare your model for.service or you're going to get there.draping in order and you're going to use.their antiseptic you'll demonstrate hair.removal in the upper lip using.thermolysis.demonstrate safe use of implements and.equipment so what we are looking at is.how the tubing is held if it's wrapping.around the neck if it's touching the.client in any way contaminating him.we're also looking at the insertions the.actual applying the current is there.blanching and so forth really the the.process itself is basically the same as.it always has been it just looks a.little bit different in these in the way.that they're evaluating the task lines.but they're they're definitely the same.type of assessment once they've applied.that current they will apply it for the.full 10 minutes they'll be told to stop.working do nothing until the next verbal.instructions are given and then the.examiner will examine the assessment of.the skin after treatment making sure.that the blanching didn't occur that.there's no bleeding or anything like.that.once the examiner's indicated they've.complete their assessment will now.proceed and they're going to conclude.the thermistors treatment and disposal.supplies used in the previous section of.the examination you'd be expect to file.client protection safety infection.control procedures you'll have five.minutes to complete this section you'll.be informed when yep two minutes.remaining raise your hand and the key.you've finished so once you've finished.the examiner has said we will now.proceed they'll read you these.instructions and you're going to go.ahead and you're going to dispose of all.those Tomales of supplies you will need.to change the probe there will be sharps.containers provided that that you can.use on-site do not bring your own sharps.containers but you will change the probe.and you'll be discarding only discarding.not disinfecting not cleaning up any.type of or setting up for any type of.the next section you're just cleaning up.the thermal assist supplied we do.evaluate which container you put those.in again like I told the barbers I would.be very sure that I bring three separate.containers that go on the floor.your soiled linens your trash and your.to be disinfected they just work much.better on the floor because all we.evaluate is what you're dropping that.into what the next process is for that.part of equipment once they stop working.we do ask the model to stand up and step.aside and we're going to prepare for our.second client when we've prepared for.our new client we'll set up for the.universal supplies and equipment for the.remainder of the examination we're going.to set up the blend method galvanic and.catyph resis you'll be expect to follow.cloud protection safety infection.control you'll have 15 minutes to.complete the section be informed when.you have eight minutes remaining do not.demonstrate until we ask you to raise.your hand when you're finished so this.is the section that we're going to.actually look at three different the.blend the galvanic and the catyph rhesus.again those are the same three task.lines or same four task lines excuse me.where you're going to be disinfecting.the workstation you're going to be.sanitizing your hands and setting up.those supplies labeled in English and.and putting things in the right.containers once you get into your.blending section you'll have ten minutes.let me draw it back here.you'd be disinfecting you'll be.sanitizing your hands and going forward.the blend method is ten minutes you.performed a blend method you'll.demonstrate it on the leg that's either.the right of the left leg if you expect.to fall client protection safety.infection control you'll have 10 minutes.be told when you have 5 minutes.remaining you're blending supplies are.labeled in English your implements and.supplies are visibly clean you will.prepare the model for the service so.anytime we're preparing we're actually.applying the antiseptic and draping.we're going to demonstrate her move leg.using the blend method demonstrate safe.use of implements and equipment so we're.actually evaluating exactly the same.things we did before in the previous.examination we're looking for blanching.bleeding insertion and proper insertion.bent needles or probes those types of.things.dimpling of the skin being the probe are.too large and so forth.the examiners will evaluate them as they.are doing the service as well as when.they're finished.please stop working do nothing that tell.the next verbal instructions are given.so they're going to work the entire 10.minutes they need to adjust their.machines don't just tug the hairs out.say mr. Malla cyst make sure your.machines are adjusted properly and.you're actually able to pull the hair.out slide the hair out easily not tug it.out and once we're finished we are going.to evaluate the skin I apologize for the.slide presentation I don't know why it's.doing what it's doing we'll come over.here this way we will walk over we will.evaluate the skin and then we will.proceed the galvanic method you're going.to demonstrate on the arm you'll be.expect to fall our client protection.safety infection control procedures.you'll continue working for the entire.10 minutes again do not and conclude the.treatment until you instructed to do so.your galvanic supplies are labeled in.English implements and supplies are.visibly clean you're going to prepare.the model for the service this does not.say anything about having to change the.probe or disinfect this is on the same.client if you choose to use the same.probe you're welcome to if you were.dropping from an insulated to a.different type of probe make sure that.you're putting it into the sharps.container you're going to go ahead and.prepare that model for service which.means draping and then demonstrate hair.removal on the arm using duct.straight galvanic current so we've now.demonstrated our thermal Isis the heat.treatments we've demonstrated the blend.method and now we're doing the galvanic.method we're gonna demonstrate safe use.of the implements or equipment and then.at the end of that ten minutes we'll ask.you to please stop working so each one.of these sections that were doing are.ten minute sections you'll demonstrate.through the full ten minutes we tell you.when to stop working we tell you when to.start working and then we evaluate the.work that you did so we'll assess that.model skin after treatment and all the.time we're making sure that you're.putting any draping that drops on the.floor any implements or tools that drop.on the floor we're putting them in the.right container so any linens that drop.we've been putting in our soil linens.any of the tools or implements that we.drop we of course would be either.disinfecting if I drew if I drop my.needle holder I could wipe that off with.disinfectant in the tubing and reinsert.a new probe and continue working but if.I drop a probe on the floor of course.I'd need to throw that into my sharps.container sanitize my hands and get a.clean probe that sort of thing just.basic infection control on safety of.being used we do evaluate the insertions.we we as far as a bent needle insertion.because we talk about bending the.needles if you're using a bent needle.method that's fine but we're talking.about bending the needle during the.insertion in other words you're.puckering the skin and the needle bends.but if you do want to bend the needle I.use that method they've been needle.method that's fine as long as you're.using as a method once we're ready to.proceed we go to the Cata phoresis.section of the examination you'll.perform catyph resis again this is on.the same client you'll be expected to.excuse me you'll demonstrate how to free.us on the area previously treated in the.galvanic method section which was the.arm you'll be expect to follow client.protection safety and infection control.procedures you'll have five minutes to.complete this section you'll be informed.we have two minutes remaining raise your.hand indicate you've finished so we're.only going to be doing catyph rhesus on.the arm you have five minutes cata.Freesat supplies are labeled in english.implements and supplies are visibly.clean you're going to go ahead and.demonstrate that cata phoresis.of course there's all different types of.rollers a disinfect aboah could be.actually could be applied to the skin I.know in many cases but we do we do.require that a cotton B or some type of.a barrier be inserted between the roller.and the skin as it's being used so if.you're using some type of antiseptic and.cotton that would be fine on a tissue.that's fine but you do have to provide a.barrier between the skin and the roller.once that's finished you read this.regarding those that that chemically.treated.tissue tissue or cotton whatever you use.into the trash and you're going to be.putting things just back on the table at.this point anything that's not.chemically saturated the next section is.the blood exposure section in our blood.exposure during a servicers client.sustained a minor cut to the back of the.hand the injury sets you can continue.with the service you've not come in.contact with the blood and your work.area has not been contaminated you're.expected to demonstrate a proper.procedure for blood exposure so this is.a new section to this examination we've.talked about the back of the hand maybe.I've done an improper insertion and I.have blood coming out I've hit a.capillary.those types of things perhaps but anyway.there's blood present and I need to take.care of it there's never any set up in.any examination for a first-aid kit we.expect you to put out in the beginning.with your universal supplies you can.make your own first-aid kit I've made.this one your first-aid kit will contain.a secondary bag I would put several in.there in case they do.puncture the skin a they will need to.actually do a blood exposure in any.section of the examination that they.would wound someone so they do need a.secondary bag they need an alcohol prep.and they do need a bandage.those are the three things that we do.need for this section.so I'm gonna have several of them inside.these first-aid kits if you have a.prepared first-aid kit that's fine or.you can make your own like I have but.the main thing is is that I take things.out as I as I use all these supplies I'm.putting everything straight into the.bags so my client has the back of their.hand injured.I haven't affected any of my workstation.at all.nothing is contaminated except that area.so I need to sanitize my hands get into.my first-aid kit I get my secondary bag.out I prop that bag open so that I'm.able to use it on the station let me.walk over here so that I'm able to use.it and drop things straight into it I'm.gonna tear open my my alcohol prep or.use some hand sanitizer in a paper towel.I'm gonna clean off the back of that.hand it's my clients hand not my hand.but my clients hand I am gonna put.everything that when I tear this open.it's going to go in here as I use my.prep it's going to go in that bag as.well I'm then gonna tear open my bandage.that paper will go inside of here I'm.gonna apply my bandage the tabs will go.inside of here everything that I that.I've now contaminating will go inside.this bag I have to apply gloves I can't.touch my clients without gloves on now I.had gloves on when I started the service.I have to wear gloves during that the.the services so I can still continue to.wear that same pair of gloves but once.I'm finished with them I have to take.them off and put them in this bag as.well I don't use any biohazard stickers.this is simply a first-aid kit it's not.a blood exposure kit it's not a blood.spill kit it is simply a first-aid kit.when I finished with these contaminated.supplies I zipped this bag shut and I.drop it into my trash bag so I've now.secured they cut on my clients back of.their hand I've got a bandage on it I've.cleaned it and now everything's into a.bag all contaminated supplies into the.trash remember no biohazard labels no.blood exposure kits and no blood spill.kits it's all first-aid kits.so again I remove those supplies from.the kit I have to sanitize my hands.before I remove those materials my.materials are visibly clean I have to.wear gloves I don't need to sanitize my.hands and stick them in gloves I can put.gloves on and sanitize the gloves please.don't try to sanitize your hands and put.gloves on I could have already put my.gloves on and the way I'd probably do it.is apply my gloves sanitize them get my.supplies out and then start working on.my clients hand would be the best way to.do it mmm it says does not follow.infection control procedures so I'm.crossing tama nating my station I you.know I'm laying things back on the.station and so forth.once the timer's gone off or everyone's.raised their hand weed now excuse the.model and the examination has concluded.so it's it's changed a little bit in the.mechanics we do that the blood exposure.I think it flows very nicely the Cata.phoresis was evaluated in several.different ways but we decided that it.was best just to do it on the galvanic.area it was very popular on the survey.and also with the subject matter expert.so that we do watch the galvanic section.I know I get a lot of questions you know.why are we still doing galvanic that was.actually came back on the survey as.being important from the practitioners.and it also was very important to the.ones in the room when we were developing.the examination so if you have any.questions please go ahead and email.those we'll try to answer them through.email but I do too appreciate your.participation and we'll see you in.September.

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