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To Complete Office Of Language Services Contractor Application Form Application State , Follow the Steps Below:

Create your Office Of Language Services Contractor Application Form Application State online is easy and straightforward by using CocoSign . You can simply get the form here and then write down the details in the fillable fields. Follow the instructions given below to complete the form.

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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to key in Office Of Language Services Contractor Application Form Application State

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How Do You Get Office Of Language Services Contractor Application Form Application State and Sign It from Computer?

[Applause].[Music].hey guys welcome my name is Alan from.the contractor licensing program and.thank you for participating thank you.for being a part of our program hey we.really look forward to helping you out.and I'm here today to just let you know.and walk you through how to fill out the.application now you should have received.a copy of the application when you first.enrolled with us and if not there is a.CD provided with with your packet in.that CDR on that CD you put that in the.computer and you can download and then.print the applications and if all else.fails you could always go to the.California state licensing board at WWDC.SLBC a govt okay so when you get this.packet there are a variety of pages here.in fact there's actually about 12 pages.or so that just explain what the.application is about so you can see this.is page 1 and then page 2 and then page.3 and it just keeps going on and on so.I'm gonna go right where the application.is that way you know where it's at it's.actually on page 12 so here you go now.just a couple of things first of all.you're gonna begin to fill this out but.I do want you to note a few things first.this is the address right here notice.where it says here on the second line.p.o box 26,000 Sacramento California.you're gonna end up setting this.application to that address okay now.once you've filed the application you're.gonna send in this notice where it says.right here application fees you're gonna.send in a three hundred and thirty.dollars right there okay and then after.you pass your tests then you're gonna.get a little packet and once you get.that packet you're going to take that.packet fill out the information that.they give you which we cover in class.it's really a no-brainer it's pretty.simple and then you finally send that.packet back with the following two.hundred dollars which comes out to a.total of five hundred thirty dollars so.that's basically it now make sure ladies.and gentlemen when you do fill this.application out that you use black or.dark blue ink that's important now you.can go online.like I said with the California state.licensing board.and you can actually get the application.there on your computer and type and in.if you so desire okay so let's take a.look at this section one right here so.with section one you want to be able to.fill out your full new business name now.if you haven't gotten the business name.yet you're more than welcome to do that.with us we do help out with that and.again we talked about that the very fact.that you're filling out the application.now means you already gone through this.whole process with us you already know.how to get your name your new business.name and those kinds of things.don't forget right here under under.section 1 number 2 where it says.classification requested right here you.want to be able to put the type of.license you're getting so if you're.gonna get an HVAC you would put C 20.right there if you're gonna get a.general construction license you want to.put your B license there okay and so on.and so forth so you know how that works.now you also want to add your business.mailing address right over here and so.make sure you get that all in there just.right now that's all pretty easy stuff.the business number business fax.business email things like that now.here's the next section and once you.look at look at section 2 right here.where it says business entity ok well.you want to choose the kind of business.that you are so if you're a so-so owner.or also known as a sole proprietorship.you want to be able to check there now.if you have a partnership you want to be.able to check that and add the federal.employer identification number for that.partnership ok.and also if you are got a corporation.you can go right here remember.corporations run under their own.corporate IDs so you'll want to put that.there if you haven't received your.corporate ID yet then it's probably not.time to send in your application some.people ask well can I just get it as a.sole proprietor and then switch it over.to a corporation the answer is actually.yes you can do that just remember it's a.little extra time because after you get.your license after everything's in then.you have to fill out a whole new set of.paperwork just to switch it over with a.slight fee to the contractor state.bored so usually the best scenario is to.go ahead and take care of that you know.while you're before you send the.application then it's all done right you.can also do in the construction industry.limited liability now we talked about.that in our 201 class the details and.the differences between sole ownership.partnerships S Corp C Corp limited.liability and those things so make sure.you fill that out alright moving on to.section 3 section 3 talks about the.qualifying individual so that's going to.be you you're the qualifier you want to.be able to put your legal last name.first name middle basic stuff here you.can either put your social security.number if you don't have a social.security number.currently right now you can let me put.that with a tin number I don't know.where that's going to change in the.state of California or if it's going to.change anytime soon but you either put.your social security number or your ITIN.number where can you get an ITIN number.at W WI RS govt and then put your.resident address remember no Pio boxes.that's important look at that there's a.big mistake that a lot of people made.you have to put your actual physical.address where you live okay.put if you've had any qualifiers.existing if you had a previous license.number then put that if you didn't then.don't worry about that right percentage.of new business owned by the qualifier.well probably most likely it's a hundred.percent unless you're doing some kind of.partnership if for some reason you have.questions on that you can give me a call.your driver's license those kinds of.things now notice the title or position.well this is where you would put either.owner now a responsible managing.employee right here that means you are.qualifying someone else's corporation.someone else's company and you're going.to work for them because you're gonna be.an employee and you're gonna qualify.that company so just remember that also.basically most of you are gonna fall in.either owner or a responsible managing.employee or a responsible managing.officer that means you're the person who.is the qualifier for the corporation.whether it's an S corp LLC those kinds.of thing.and you're not putting your title there.okay and then don't forget date and sign.that okay and remember when you do your.certifying under penalty of perjury the.laws of state of California that all.statements answers and representations.made in this application basically all.that stuff is true okay all right so.let's go on to the second page now the.second page is it's a lot of times.people get confused on this if you have.a licensed contractor to sign off for.you you have w-2s not that anybody not.that the California state licensing.board will ask for those it is possible.if your application gets kicked back but.the fact that you're watching this video.means you're gonna get all your stuff.filled out in details so we're not going.to have that problem so I applaud you.for that so basically the second page.you're not going to have to fill out.this is other people that you're putting.on potentially as a license notice what.it says here the following must be.completed by all individuals and.companies that will be listed on the.license so you can do that but you have.to provide the full legal names of the.individuals okay so that come to done.all right so let's go on to the next.page here this is important so we got to.go through a couple of these things.starting off with section 5 required.application questions we're gonna look.here at question number 10 now most of.these have the same answer one of them.is a little bit confusing so so follow.along I'm gonna go ahead and just read.this to you quickly so to the best of.your knowledge is anyone listed on this.application or any company the person is.or was a part of named in or responsible.for any unsatisfied final judgments.liens and/or claims against any bond or.cash deposit pertaining to a.construction project again most of you.are going to be no so you just go ahead.and you check No.pretty simple right has anyone number 11.has anyone listed on this application.ever been convicted or of or entered a.plea of guilty or nolo contendere.contendere to any misdemeanor or felony.in the United States okay.if that is a yes then you'll want to.talk with me because we have an.application for you to fill out and keep.in mind because just because you've had.some kind of conviction or felony that's.not gonna necessarily keep you from.being licensed usually the the standard.is if it's been beyond seven years then.you're gonna be okay but you do need to.send in the documentation that we have.here in our office that you would simply.fill out and send that back to it's a.one-page document it's pretty simple we.can even email it to you but basically.what it is is you fill out a small.portion that and you say something to.the effect of hey yeah so you know that.was beyond seven years ago I was young I.was I was messing around being dumb and.you know I'm past that and so and you.can explain the reasons why you're past.that and that kind of thing but you.really only get a small section to fill.that out in so it's no big deal.but if but if you haven't had any of.these problems or any of these.situations go ahead and check no you.should be fine now let's look down at.number twelve to the best of your.knowledge has anyone on this application.or any company the person is or was a.part of ever received a citation from.the California see Licensing Board or.had a contractor license or other.professional or vocational license or.registration denied suspended or revoked.so again most of you are going to be no.okay if yes then you'll want to come in.and see me and we'll work through that.member it doesn't mean you're not going.to get license it just we need to answer.some questions to the state level okay.number thirteen to the best of your.knowledge has anyone on this application.failed to resolve or fail to resolve any.outstanding final liabilities which.includes something like taxes additions.to tax penalties interest or any other.fees that may be assessed by the.California state licensing board the.Department of Industrial Relations the.Employment Development Department or the.Franchise Tax Board and or finally the.State Board of Equalization probably a.lot of you haven't had to really deal.with any of that so in fact most people.99 percent of people never had to deal.with that so again that would be no.again okay number fourteen this question.must be answered by.qualifying individual memory you're the.qualifying individual so direct.supervision and control over.construction operations includes anyone.or a combination of the following.activities supervising construction.managing construction activities by.making technical and administrative.decisions checking jobs for proper.workmanship or direct supervision on.construction job sites will you as the.qualifying individual perform one or.more of these duties now the answer to.that one is yes you will be doing those.so it changes a little bit there and.here's the one that's also a little bit.confusing just number 14 and 15 really.this question must be answered only if.the qualifying individual is a.responsible managing employee in rme so.if you're not going to be qualifying.another person's company you're gonna.have your own company or your own.business or your own sole proprietorship.if you're gonna have one of those your.own business you do not even fill this.out but if you are going to be a.responsible managing employee then you.would be filling this out and it says.will you as the responsible managing.employee meet the requirements of t16.CCR section 823 cited above and then.your answer would be yes okay pretty.simple pretty much a no-brainer again if.you have any questions give me a call.now the examinations are administered in.English this is an important part right.here if English is a second language you.do have an option to get a translator.and so this would be the time to put.either yes or no if if you don't need a.if you don't need a translator go ahead.and put no you do want to fill that.portion out all right so let's look at.section 6 where it says right here.qualifier education apprenticeship now.have you completed an educational or.apprenticeship program well you don't.really need to fill this out in fact you.would just put know if you've been.working instruction for you know over.the four years that we talked about when.you got enrolled and if you.the four years experience and whether.you've been doing it yourself or working.for another person you're gonna put no.but if you did go through some kind of.apprenticeship program you can put that.there and obviously you put yes and then.put the dates there but most people are.no okay all right so let's continue.number 18 are you licensed in another.state well either put yes or no are you.serving in or have you previously served.in the United States military again.pretty basic put yes or no one by the.way for those of you who have served in.the military I just want to say thank.you we as a company we appreciate you.and we honor you okay number 20 now the.question must be answered only if the.applicant is an individual applying for.a sole ownership business entity license.are you married to or in a domestic.partnership or other legal union with an.active duty member of the Armed Forces.of the United States who is assigned to.a duty station in California under.official active duty military orders and.do you hold a current license in another.state well if that doesn't apply you.would simply put no but if you are then.yes so pretty basic you know just a.simple reading gets you through that.okay so those are basically the.questions that you have to deal with.it's super simple right two pages.basically this next one is basically.explanatory about getting your.certification your certification of work.experience okay basically you could read.through that I'm going to skip through.that because I'm gonna go right here to.the certificate of work experience so on.your application this would be page 17.and notice this part 1 right here where.it says qualifying individual that again.is you you're gonna put your first name.or I'm sorry.last name first and then your first name.and then your middle you're gonna put.your business name of company where.experience was gained or if you were.self-employed then basically leave this.space blank and check this box okay keep.in mind though if you check this box.skip line three and go to line four now.license number of company where.experience was gained so you'll want to.put that right here in the.box note there okay company's business.street address no peel boxes don't.forget one of those common mistakes that.people do you cannot put a peel box.there so make sure you get that in there.all that information now what's the.experience obtained working on your own.property as an owner builder and again.most of you.like I said 99.9% of you are gonna put.no on that that doesn't mean you haven't.been working on your own for many years.that's different okay this is where you.were working on your own particular.property building your own homes or.doing your own remodels on your own.property that you own okay now the.second part is pretty important and.really this is the key where it says.part two work experience and.certification statement so here this is.where a contractor let go down here to.number seven I want to show you see this.number seven where it says my business.relationship to and then your name would.go there because this segment is filled.out by either an employer a past.employer or even a current employer an.another journeyman right someone who is.experienced in the trades and knows that.you've been doing this work for four.plus years or longer and the very best.scenario by the way with what we.recommend is a contractor you click that.button therefore contractor put their.license number right here now if you're.going to have a contractor sign off for.you there's only two contractors that.can sign off for you that's either a B.general construction contractor they can.sign off for everybody or the contract a.contractor who has the license within.the trade that you're getting for.example if you're getting HVAC you know.a C 20 you can either get a general.contractor or you can get another HVAC.licensed contractor to sign off for you.if you're a concrete guy CA you can get.a general contractor or you can get.another C 8 licensed contractor to sign.off for you now again I can't emphasize.this enough having a contractor sign off.for you is the number one very best.scenario for not getting this thing this.application kickback okay you can also.have a foreman or supervisor a.journeyman.said German fellow employee a union.representative and finally another.business associate maybe someone who's.been working at the same business with.you or someone who maybe you've worked.side-by-side with if you were.potentially working out on your own and.you had some other people working in the.same house and they know and they've.known you've been doing this for over.four years they can do that so again.this section here part two is filled out.for by the person who is saying yes I.know that you have been doing the work.for over four years four years or more.and that and.by the way you don't have to have worked.for them because that's always a.question that some people ask they just.have to attest to the fact that you've.been doing it for four years or longer.now those four years can be waived to a.degree if you have a college degree so.and that happened to me I have I have a.bachelor's degree so when I applied I.only had two years experience and they.waived two years with my four-year.college degree so keep that in mind and.if you have a master's degree they'll.waive three years so then you have to.have one year experience now another.question that usually comes up when.filling this out well what if I've been.mostly a supervisor superintendent or a.foreman I've overseen the projects but I.haven't been putting on the belt for.many years and you know working with the.tools I mostly just been supervising the.projects that applies as well if you've.been doing that for four plus years you.are golden no worries so down here we're.on number eight the certifier that's the.person who is filling this portion out.for you is going to put their street.address and all that kind of stuff no.peel boxes before we go well obviously.phone fax they're gonna put their email.let's go back to six cuz I skipped that.this is a place where that person is.gonna fill out yes I know that that.person state your that your name goes.there I know that Joe Alexander Johnson.has done the following work and they.just list all the things filling up each.one of these lines with all the things.that pertain to the trade that you're.trained to get licensed with go ahead.and fill it out all the.to the end that works out best the.California licensing board likes to see.lots of information there okay finally.that person who is filling this out.there called the certifier they'll put.the date the signature and printed name.and that's it ladies and gentlemen.that's how you do that now the last form.here let's say that you actually did the.work as an owner builder member we.talked about number four here your.experience was done on your own property.as an owner builder for all those years.well if you do check yes then you're.gonna skip down to this final page where.it says its page 18 okay now interesting.to note is you don't need to use this.page if you had the other one filled out.by a certifier and a contractor is.certifying that you've done this if.you've been working on your own if.you've been working for a company this.again is only filled out if you've been.working on your own properties and so.pretty simple stuff it's all your.information here no peel box again they.really like that they don't want you to.have a peel box and and fill out the.kind of work you've done the permits.you've done that kind of stuff to get.you qualified so Hey ladies and.gentlemen that's it I look forward to.helping you out again my name is Alan.and I work with the contractor licensing.program here are our main name of our.company's outcome business solutions and.we are more than just a contractor.licensing service we actually help.contractors 80% of all contractors.according to some statistics in the.United States fail and/or go bankrupt.and so what we've done is we come up.with a business type that not only gets.you and helps you get your contractor's.license we provide all the materials the.necessary stuff that you need to pass.your test tests online and all those.kinds of things but we also help you.start your business get your LLC or your.corporation we also do your web design.internet marketing branding your SEO.search engine optimization what is that.good question a lot of people ask that.SEO is what makes your website rise to.the front page of the search engine so.for example when you go to Google and.you type in.contractor school well why isn't our.contracting school on page 4570 - that's.because we've done the necessary search.engine optimization to our website our.marketing and our branding to make it so.that it rises to the front page of.Google and we do that for you we also.handle bookkeeping and those kinds of.things payroll services and so basically.the sky's the limit we desire to build a.long term relationship with you so that.we can both have a win-win business.experience and we can all grow and.thrive in in this great country the.United States of America so hey guys if.you have any questions give us a call we.look forward to helping you out you guys.have a great time and I look forward to.hearing back from you when you get that.license and you pass your test.bye guys.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Office Of Language Services Contractor Application Form Application State online

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