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How To Fill Canadore College International Form Demand Assistance

good morning everybody and welcome toour session today we're very excitedthat a little more than a hundred of youhave joined us to spend some timetogether talking about September andbringing some clarity we hope to some ofthe questions you may have relative tothe September start up and coming tostudy with us at Canadore I'm joinedthis morning by a number of experts fromour team we have Elizabeth long in Zassume are from long manga G law firmwho work with us on immigration law andwho are experts guiding us in terms ofensuring that we have good informationand accurate answers for you today tosupport your decision-making in yourjourney I'm also joined this morning byLopez Solana Moya who's an expert memberof our international team allow it hasmany years of experience both as aneducator in Costa Rica and in variouslocations throughout North America aswell as on our team for a number ofyears now guiding on our practice ascreating a good student experience anenvironment here at Canadore collegewe're also joined this morning byJanette meu Nome Jeannette is labeled aslava so I'll get your net two to wave atus here this morning and Jeannette isour director of strategic enrollmentmanagement and registrar at Canadoremany of you will recognize Jeannettesignature name at least from some of thecorrespondence you receive and we'reextremely pleased to have this greatpanel this morning here to welcome youmy name is Sean Charney I'm vicepresident of enrollment managementindigenous and student services of thecollege and our team focuses on servicefocuses on making sure that you're readyto come to the country making sureyou're ready to arrive in North Bay orin Toronto and that your experience is awonderful one from start to finishto graduation and beyond so thank youvery much for joining us today thank youfor considering Canadore and with thatI'll turn it over to Elizabeth to getstarted thank you so much John for theintroduction um so let's let me sort ofexplain how we're going to be doing thistodayso it's a first of all what is a studypermit why do youneed a study permits the study permit issomething that allows you to study inCanada in a program of over six monthsonly designated learning institutionsqualify of course Canadore college isone of these one of the dl eyes and youcan it's not that every dl i will allowyou to get the post-grad work permitonly public colleges and universitieswill allow you to get the post-grad workright afterwards and Canadore is one ofthe institutions that will allow you todo so a lot of people talk about studystudy visa student visa study permitwhat's the difference being a studypermit student visa the study permits isa is a document that you will get whenyou come to Canada and at the airport ifyour study permit approved is approvedyou will get that study permit documentat the airport it's only issued inCanada and what it is is it allows youto study in Canada a student visa issomething that many of you will need itdepends on the country that you're fromsome people don't if you don't need avisa normally to enter Canada but youdon't eat a visa but for those peoplewho do need a visa to come to Canadawhen you apply for the study permit thevisa is granted and placed in yourpassport to allow you to travel toCanada and so the visa allows you totravel the study permit gives you statusand the ability to study in Canadawhat's required for a study permit thereare various government document checklists out there and they have you knowdifferent documents on there dependingon which process you are going to applySDS has specific documents that you needto submit in order to apply under the1student directed stream if you are going1to apply for a read a cipher under the1right1away there is another set of documents1that you need but overall the government1document list may not be everything that1you need to provide so what I'm going to1talk about is I'm going to talk about1some essential elements that you're1going to need so first of all acceptance1into the DLA1you do it needs that acceptance letter1from Canadore in order to apply you1can't apply before you get that letter1you have to show that you intend to1study just because you have applied to a1program does not mean that you intend to1study normally what we do is we advise1people to provide a study plan an1explanation to the officer why it is you1want to study in this program in1Canadore this is especially important1for people who we call mature students1if you're not going directly from high1school to a college a lot of times the1officers may wonder well you know you1haven't been in school for a while why1all of a sudden do you want to study in1Canada what is your intention to study1you also need to show that you have1funds to study for people coming under1the SDS stream that is shown with your1GIC if you don't go through the SES1stream you should show that you have1enough funds to pay the tuition to pay1your and your to pay your living1expenses normally it's at least ten1thousand per for one student per year1but oftentimes what we do is we show1that you have really put your mind to it1and we put together a budget to show1that you have enough funds to pay for1your studies and you've really turned1your mind towards that okay you the1funds not only need to be your bank1accounts you need to show that it's been1in the in the bank account for a while1you know it's not just one huge deposit1if it is one huge deposit then what1you do need to show is where did that1money come from okay if you're getting1support from your parents if you're1getting support from someone else1you need to show that they have enough1income they have enough savings to pay1for you1intention to follow the laws of Canada1and leave when required when we see1study permit rejections this is on the1letter hmm I would say 80% of the time1okay they will say you do not I do not1believe that this person will intend to1leave Canada when they're supposed to so1what does that mean in Canada we have1something called dual intent you can1want to get permanent residents and you1but as long as you and come as a student1which is a temporary resident as long as1you can sure that you will follow the1laws of Canada and leave if you are1required to do so if you can't get1permanent residents what that translates1to however at the visa post is often the1officers may want to show that you have1temporary intent they're not supposed to1but it is sort of translated into that1so what they do look at is they look at1things like do you have long ties to1Canada if you do then there's an1indication you know that you you may1want to not want to leave all of these1things it's not black and white it's not1the end of the world if you have a lot1of ties to Canada but they they do look1at different factors they look at1whether or not you've travelled outside1of your country before and if you have1any ever violated any laws if you travel1to any other country immigration laws we1travel to any other countries they look1at whether what your ties are back to1your home country etc okay so one of the1things that we want to make sure is that1your application process is done in a1timely fashion1so right now because of Kovich you're1not really able to apply to the vac you1know by paper and that's fine because1most of the time the online system is a1lot faster a lot easier to do so to2apply online complete your medicals if2necessary not everybody has to complete2your medicals there's a list of2countries that if you have been in that2country for over six months in the past2year that you would need to complete2your medicals ok it's not about2nationality is about where you've been2complete through biometrics now a lot of2people will say well you know what right2now I can't because my back is closed2and I can't do it that's ok you can2submit your application and as soon as2the back opens you can go and do your2biometrics the biometrics you pay for2the biometrics when you apply and then2the immigration right now they2understand that a lot of the centers are2closed and so what you can do is you can2just just complete your biometrics when2it opens when the center opens submit2your passport if you need a visa and you2submit it if you don't need a visa you2don't need to submit it at the end ok2and then what you're going to do is once2you obtain your study permit study2permit approval eventually you then come2to Canada and get your study permit at2the border now we're going to talk a lot2more about this to talk about what's2going on right now with kovat and2borders being closed ok but this is the2normal process like I said all of the2you know not all the centers are closed2right now some centers may be closed2they may be open afterwards don't worry2if you can submit every document that's2on the list it's ok and you can provide2an explanation the things that you do2need to submit is you need to submit the2application fee properly you need to2submit your forms properly ok2you should have your letter of2acceptance from the school other things2you can just you know you can tell the2officer I'm going to get it I just can't2right now because of such-and-such2reason because of koban etc and I will2update your my application afterwards2the officer will likely not process your2application until you can get the2necessary documents like medicals and2biometrics but you you can always submit2it first for family members and if you2have a spouse they can obtain they can2qualify for the open work permits your2children up to grade 12 can go to public2school in Canada for free you do have to2apply for study permit for them if they2are going to they're at the school age2okay so let's talk a little bit about2working while your study now you in2order to work while you're studying you2have to be a full-time student2throughout the your your attendance in2school and this is I'm talking about2working while you're studying in Canada2of course okay2so there's an exception in the last2semester of your school if you just need2to take one or two more classes the2immigration recognizes that you may be2hard time at that point there is there2is a Kovich exception as well that we'll2talk about later that if you are2part-time because some of your classes2have been canceled because of COBIT2that's okay you can continue to work2part-time as well okay on campus you can2work full-time off-campus you can work2up to 20 hours while taking classes and240 I say 40 hours visits full-time2during school breaks okay2during kovat you can work full-time for2essential services currently this is2until August 31st so people who are in2school right now you can work on a on a2full-time basis only for the essential2services if you have a co-op component2of your program then what you should do2is you should apply for the co-op work2permit together with your study permit2okay this will allow you to work2off-campus normally you can work2off-campus to only 20 hours this will2allow you to work off-campus full time2for your coop a program okay apply for2it together because afterwards if you do2you just get stay from it you can't2start working until you apply a game for3the co-op work permit3you can't start working before you start3your program so if you come to Canada3early you know and you know you have3your approval you want to come to Canada3early you know and you want to start3working three months before you're not3allowed to you have to work after your3classes start and once your program ends3you have to stop working3unless you've applied for your post-grad3work permit okay this program today3we're only it's targeted for people who3are just starting the programs we're3going to do another one afterwards for3people who are you know looking to get3permanent residents and how to get3permanent residents afterwards and how3to get the work birds after all right so3let's talk a little bit about what is3happening nowadays with this COBIT I'm3gonna I'm gonna have a caveat here what3we'd say today is true as far as we know3today okay but things change all of the3time and so you you do need to keep3up-to-date on the laws just before you3come throughout the time we will put3some information at the end we do have a3kool bit update page in the school also3have more information once we get more3information from the government okay3so currently we have a travel ban for3international students who have not3received study permit approvals by March318th what this means is even if you have3a visa even if you have a study permit3approval you can't you're not going to3be able to use those documents to get on3the plane if you didn't get the study3permit approval by March 18th okay3please hold on and don't get discouraged3about this because things are changing3currently in the travel ban is until the3end of this month it may be extended how3long is going to be extended we're not3sure okay so that currently is the3situation but this is bound to change3very soon the second thing is there is a3second layer on top of that in that3currently okay if your classes are3online even though you're allowed to get3on the plane3so whoever screens people it's the3airlines who screaming who are screaming3you to see it let you on the plane3there's another screening which is at3the airport with the CBSA officers and I3just spoke to a supervisor at the3Pearson Airport yesterday and asked them3you know would you be issuing the study3permits at the airport and they told me3that if they feel that you don't3necessarily need to be in Canada at this3point because your classes are online3that they wouldn't necessarily want to3issue this that you permit so you have3to be very careful about what it is that3is the situation if your classes are3have some hands-on component then the3school will be giving you a letter3saying that you need to be in Canada3because you need to attend classes right3and it's not just online that could3allow convince the officer that you need3to be in Canada but if all of your3classes are online even if you can get3on the plane you can get to Canada at3this point it may be that they say sorry3your entry to Canada right now is3discretionary and optional okay now3here's the thing it's still worth it to3apply for your study permit if your3study permit if you get a approve3a letter you don't have to study from it3yet because you haven't traveled to3Canada you get a letter from the embassy3saying that you your study permit has3been approved and if your classes are3online you can still study outside of3Canada just where you are right now3that period of study will contribute to3what your post-grad work permit okay now3the the government right now has said3that the online has to be less than 50%3of your entire studies in order for you3to obtain the post-grad work permit this3is the rule before codit okay so3basically in order to qualify for3post-grad work permits you have to have3over less than 50% of your studies is4online it seems like they're still4applying this to the students who are4outside of Canada we'll see if they are4changing the rules afterwards okay if4you start a semester you have a one year4and if you start a semester for the4first year for the first semester and4you have do it online outside and then4the second semester if the government4still says all classes have to be online4what you could do is you could defer4your studies for the second semester and4then do it when you can come to Canada4and then you would still qualify for4your post-grad work4it seems like right now looking at what4the website is saying that students who4currently hold study permits are inside4Canada it can study online and the4length contributes towards your4post-grad work but even if your class is4online it seems like it says4irregardless of 50 percent that's still4we've asked for confirmation from4immigration and have not heard back from4them yet but it seems like this may be4what the government is looking to do for4students who are inside Canada and who4are studying online like I said if you4are in Canada and your classes are4cancelled or you have to study part-time4you can still maintain your student4status and work part-time unless unless4essential services which means you can4work full-time so let's look at the4process timeline here the first thing4you I would do if I were you is to4collect all your documents that you need4and submit your application if your4medicals are available4do your medicals and you can apply for4SDS if your medicals are not available4you might consider just applying under4the regular stream and then you can do4your medicos afterwards you know SDS is4really supposed to be an expedited4process that's why a lot of people apply4under the SDS because it makes it faster4however in this situation if you can't4submit your application under SD as you4can't do your medicals if you submit it4in the regular stream you keep your4place in line and when as soon as the4center's open it used to make that you4do your medicals4your place online maybe further up ahead4before SDS okay so I I can't say which4one is faster but it's not necessary and4that the SDS now if you can't do your4médicos it's going to be faster so the4biometrics and submitting your passwords4when the back opens you can do that if4the back4don't worry though you can still submit4your application okay4that it's the third thing is you have to4keep up-to-date about when you can4travel to Canada like I said today what4we're telling you today is seems to be4the policy of today but you know what it4could change this afternoon4these rules are changing all of the time4so make sure before you travel to Canada4that you understand what the policy is4on that day on that time okay if your4application is rejected you do need to4contact a lawyer right away4there is a 60-day filing period from the4date of rejections for applications4outside of Canada currently the courts4are closed but as soon as the courts4open the 60 days start counting from4that day and if you don't file the4notice within that time then the court4would likely say oh you you missed your4time period you can't go to the federal4court to have a judicial review of your4case anymore4okay so so that is essentially the4process now let's open it up for some4questions4Ziya are you there oh yes thank you4we've gotten some great questions4Elizabeth um so to start you talked4about reading an acceptance letter for4your study permit application what if4you only have a conditional acceptance4letter it depends on what the conditions4are so you know if it is that the4conditions are you need to get your5study permit that's fine you take you to5submit your application if it is that5you need to submit other things in order5to get the full acceptance then the5officer will say well why didn't you5submit the other things you know and it5may not be the full acceptance you know5there it depends on what it is for the5funds requirement if it's in a fixed5deposit or in a bond is that something5that can be used to show the funds5or the study permit application yes5normally what the officer wants to see5are is that the funds are liquid that5you can pull it out easily if you need5access to it okay5so if it is in a GIC or savings and you5can access it then that should be okay5okay great so if someone's already5applied for their study permit let's say5they're starting their program is5supposed to start in September but they5haven't received a decision yet can they5start their program what are the5implications of starting so if you've5applied for a study permit but you have5not received the approval the school I5believe the policy is that you can't5start studying outside of Canada if5you've received their approval you can5start studying online in Canada you5certainly need the study permit to start5studying if it is I believe the school5policy is you do need to study permit5whether or not it's online or not in5order to study in the program okay and5so for those that do have their study5permit and they start studying online is5there any issues from an immigration5point of view of starting online with5that study permit approval letter um5it's fine the immigration will allow you5to study and you can use that period of5study towards to count towards your post5read work permit so normally for example5post-grad work work permit if you it's a5one year program you can get a one-year5work permit to your program get a three5year work permit and so if you study5part of that time online with the study5permit approval letter you have to have5that approval letter in order for it to5count you can use it to count towards5that period of time the only thing is if5you are outside of Canada it seems like5immigration right now is still applying5the rule of if you can only qualify for5the post grad work from it if your study5online is less than 505okay right now5how has the processing times been5affected by covered um it really varies5what we see a lot of times is people who5have been able to get their biometrics5done and have their medical is done it5seems like these applications are5actually being processed quite quickly5for people who are uh who don't then you5know you do have to wait for the5biometrics and so when the biometrics5Center is open when the Medical Center5is open then you can do it and it might5be a little bit slower if there's a huge5amount of people who are all applying at5that point in time but right now we've5been seeing that a lot of applications5for people who have been able to do5medicals and biometrics are processing5quite fast so medicals is required for5the student direct stream5aha right so if I don't have that can I5still proceed through the student direct5stream um5likely what they'll say is you can5qualify only for the regular stream but5that the student directed stream is5something where you know it's supposed5to be an expedited process right and so5like I said it's right now it's such a5weird time because you know the some of5the centers are open some of the centers5aren't closed but normally how5immigration works is it goes by a queue5so if you get into the line faster and5then later as soon as you get your5medicals you submit this it could be5faster than if you wait until you do5your medicals and then submit the5application because you may be further5down in the line if I've already gotten6my approval letter in my visa does I6mean now I can travel like I'm I can6come to Canada if you have your study6permit and your visa you have to be very6careful like I said it seems like at the6airport and now these kind of things are6changing all the time but right now it6seems at the airport the officers even6though you can get on the plane okay the6officers may say that well it depends on6when your study permit approval was6issued if it's before March 18 you can6get on the plane it's after March 18th6you can't even get on the plane okay but6if you can get on the plane and you come6to Canada if your classes are fully6online and you can explain to the6officer why it is you need to be in6Canada they may not issue you the study6permit even at that point okay okay so6if I submitted my application but I now6want to defer6I want to start later do I need to6update my application um if you've6received your decision then you can you6you can come to Canada afterwards and6let the officer know that you deferred6your decision if you have not received6your decision you can decide whether or6not you want to pull back your study6permit application or I mean you could6tell the if you tell the officer you6want to defer the the the date the6officer6depends on when you're going to start6for January what are we at now almost6your life it might it might be okay to6you just tell the officer deferred they6still can process the study from it if6it's next September they might say it's6too early to apply for the study permit6okay6for IELTS right now if I can't get my6IELTS can I still apply with an expired6Island IELTS you don't necessarily need6the IELTS to apply under the regular6street if you're going to apply under6the SDS you do need to have the updated6IELTS so you know like again if you6wanted to apply under regular stream6it's a lot more flexible okay perfect6and outside of the IELTS is TOEFL or any6other test accepted not for the SDS the6SDS is very specific um but like I said6for the regular stream you don't even6need to necessarily submit your language6exam as long as the school accepts you6then you can apply under the regular6stream okay that's great6thank you so much thank you all right so6I have here our contact information if6you would like to have a personal6consultation about your own individual6circumstances please let us know that6you've attended the seminar and we will6offer you a discounted consultation rate6as well okay I understand that we have6more than what zoom allows under this we6had thought that not that many people6were going to come and it's only up to a6hundred that that were able to come but6we will be recording this session and6putting it online as well absolutely and6so what we'll do Elizabeth once that6link is ready I understand you'll place6it on your website I will make sure the6links are emailed out to all of our6students so for those on the line please6let anybody that you're speaking to know6that they'll be able to watch it and we6do have another one planned in in July6so that we'll be able to update and do6this again so that as things changed6over the next few weeks we'll be able to6get you the most recent information the6most current information so that you can6have your questions answered and of6course as Elizabeth mentioned as iya6mentioned our international team remains6available to you if you go to our6website we do have frequently asked6questions that were updating constantly6elizabeth is helping to guide that for6us and we'll make sure that we do our6absolute best as we're all in this6together to get the information you need6to feel comfortable awesome awesome6thank you so much guys so we're gonna6end our session here but stay safe stay6healthy hopefully we'll see you guys7soon

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I saw this page which is really helpful and will guide you with the correct way to fill the registration form Login • Instagram . The form is applicable for all the colleges and courses under DU except for Stephens and JMC, that have their own form. You can DM them with your other queries too!

Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

What are SPP and non SPP colleges?

NOTE: The Following Views are just an approximation. Please do not refer to this info solely. Make Sure you know what you want and what it is you would like to get into. Also, any mistakes or incorrect info pointed out would be encouraged and appreciated.

Can I get work permit after study in private college in Canada?

Yes, it is! You can apply for work permit even after graduating from pvt college. The only thing important is successfully completed your graduation in canada.

Is Evergreen College provide work permit?

The Canada website has the full list of universities and colleges that are eligible for Post Graduate Work Permits. Evergreen is not one of them. Designated learning institutions list Work in Canada after you graduate: About the process It’s a good thing you checked before you signed up. I hope you get rid of the “agent” that is helping you.

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