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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to draw up Lode Mining Claim Location Notice California Bureau Of Land Blm

youtube video

How to avail yourself of The Lode Mining Claim Location Notice California Bureau Of Land Blm ?

hi my name is Chris Ralph and this is a.talk about how to stake and hold your.own mining claims look this is a an.unusual thing that a lot of people don't.know about but you can acquire the.mineral rights to minerals on federal.lands including gold and silver.gemstones and more just by following a.fairly simple procedure and by filing.some paperwork and paying some fees you.can own your own mining claim now I'm.telling you that some people have made.millions of dollars doing that and I'm.not exaggerated many millions I myself.it made more than a hundred thousand.dollars so this is not something to.sneeze at and just ignore it's actually.a real deal and worth investigating now.I'm gonna talk to you about how to stake.a claim under the US mining claim law.but literally this is a topic that two.people specialize there's lawyers that.specialize in mining claim law and I.can't cover everything in this short.presentation this is an introduction and.we'll talk about the basics it'll give.you a good framework for understanding.how you can go out and stake your own.mining claim but this short video will.not tell you everything you need to know.it'll just tell you the basics and.during the video I will give you access.and you point out to you two different.documents that you can read that will.help you learn more and if you read and.study these two documents then you'll.know everything you need to know to.glogs take a mining claim eventually I'm.gonna go out and do a part two of this.video out in the field showing me out.staking mining claims and giving some.just field direction but if you read the.two documents I'm going to give you the.names of you look them up and download.them and read them and study them you'll.know what you need to know to go out and.stake your own mining claim now you have.many rights and under an opportunities.under this law and like I say what you.don't like I say that you need to know.more because what you don't know can't.hurt you you can.literally get yourself in a situation.where you found something really great.and you staked a mining claim but you.didn't do it ride and somebody comes in.and takes your claim away from you.because you didn't follow the correct.procedure so like I say I'm gonna give.you opportunities for further study if.you study this up and do what you're.supposed to do and follow the correct.procedure you'll avoid legal messes and.you'll be in good shape and you'll be.able to own your own mining claims.relatively inexpensively now part of the.whole deal about finding is finding open.land to claim you have to make a.discovery there's all kinds of old mines.and prospects across the western United.States and that's probably the kind of.places that you may be looking at in.your search for some place to stake a.mining claim now the mining law does not.apply in all 50 states it was written in.1872 as a law that states could adopt.voluntarily and pretty much all the.Western states adopted it a few other.ones Florida has it and a couple others.there's reasons for those but you have.to be in a state that adopted the law so.it has mining claim statutes and you.have to choose claimable federal land.now that normally includes land that's.governed by the Bureau of Land.Management the BLM or the Forest Service.you obviously even in a state that has.the mining laws you can't stake a claim.on a military base or in a national park.or in a wilderness you can't do that it.has to be claimable land which is mostly.the BLM and the Forest Service now you.can't stake in the other thing you can't.say because you can't stake claims on.private land or state property private.land is not open to claim there are a.few states that have a provision for.staking a state mining claim on state.property but it's not a federal mining.claim the state of Alaska has a.procedure for staking.state mining claims on state property.but that's a whole separate thing and.I'm not gonna get into that but to just.be aware that Alaska has that procedure.but it also has federal land and so.there are federal claims which is what.we're talking about on federal land in.Alaska you can't stake a claim on top of.something that's already claimed by.another person if they already have the.mineral rights.you can't stake a new claim and take it.away from them it has to be land with.mineral value you just can't stake a.claim on some you know dry lake bed or.something with no value it has to be.something that has a mineral potential.now there are actually dry lake beds.that have mineral potential one of the.things is lithium which is used in.lithium batteries now locatable minerals.not everything is locatable you can.locate deposits of gold or silver copper.lithium as I mentioned gemstones but you.can't locate a claim on coal or sand or.clay or gravel a stone or aggregate that.sort of thing.those are leasable minerals and not.subject to this procedure now a claim.entitles you to mineral rights so it.doesn't entitle you to use it like.private property so you can't go out and.stake a mining claim for the purpose of.building a recreational cabin you might.have been able to get away with that.eighty or a hundred years ago but not.today you must allow multiple uses so if.you stake a claim and there's a river or.stream running through it you'll have to.allow fishermen and hikers and hunters.and etc to go across your claim and to.use your claim for camping and other.things it only entitles you like I say.to the mineral rights.it doesn't inquire you - that doesn't.entitle you to do other things just.things related to minerals and.extracting minerals now permits are.required if you're going to actually do.serious extraction.if you're gonna come in with bulldozers.or backhoes or build some temporary.building there.there's permits that you can get but.then they may or may not be very easy.for you to acquire but anyway it can be.done I'm casual use is allowed which.includes metal detectors or panning and.sluicing digging with hand tools that.sort of thing.exploring around taking samples those.are considered casual use and don't.require any special permit permits may.be required for suction dredging if.you're in a National Forest depending on.the supervisor in charge it's kind of a.decision that some supervisors say yes.others say no there's two different.types of claims one is a placer claim.and those are staked for loose material.like gold nuggets and gravels it's a.placer even if the gravels are cemented.and old it's still a placer if it's.loose materials now hardrock claims or.for materials in place that would be.like veins or mineralized rock zones or.other or bodies of a mineral in place.that's what you'd stake a hardrock claim.for now staking your claim requires.field monuments in addition to filling.out some paperwork paying some fees you.actually have to go out and put on the.ground location or location notice that.says announces hereby you know comes a.Chris Ralph to stake this mining claim.and in Nevada you're allowed 60 days.after staking that initial location.monument to get up all the corners and.you stay corners at the corner of each.claim and here this image shows like the.the west corner of Bob number one and.the South corner of Bob number two.that's wooden posts are a very common.way to monument a claim but you can use.piles of boulders as shown in the.illustration and some place they lay.they allow you to do blazed treat.where you actually cut down a small tree.and mark it in the the Barca or in the.wood of the tree this is uncommon except.for in a few places and I don't.recommend it mostly wood is the way to.go piles of rocks if you really have an.emergency and you don't have any other.option so after you stake the claim.you're putting put the corners up and.that sort of thing you file your.paperwork with the Bureau of Land.Management and local county offices.every state that has mining claims has a.state designated state office where you.go to file your mining paperwork for.Nevada that office is in Reno for the.state of California that office is in.Sacramento so you'd go there for those.states or you can mail it it's you don't.have to go in person and then you also.have to file at the local county office.whatever county that you're in the.County Recorder will take mining.paperwork and charge you a fee is there.as well there are slight variations in.the rules from state to state and if.you're gonna stay stake in a certain.state you should know the slight.variations but they're mostly the same.that what I'm going to tell you today is.the general rule in a lot of states so.in Nevada here's a legal claim stake out.in the field.now PVC pipe was once allowed and once.very commonly used because PVC pipe is.easily visible and it's light and can be.carried all around but this the the they.found that it had hazards it was.actually killing birds would fly into.the PVC pipes so they have gone to these.wooden posts they're inch and a half by.inch and a half but actually when it's.finished wood its inch and a quarter by.inch and a quarter and they have points.on the bottom that they saw on these.things and so you can put a post like.this in the ground hammer it into the.dirt.and put a few rocks at the base like.this shows to help support it and you.now have a legal claim monument you.can't really see very well on this one.but it does have a labeling as to what.the the corner is for this claim corner.another claim monument I mentioned is a.stack of rocks here's a an old clay.monument this is actually from the early.1900's where the prospectors stacked up.a monument for a mining claim and they.got it going out there.that was their monument for their claim.so here's a little bit about say laying.out a Hard Rock claim you can see the.black dots or the the corners that you.would lay out and the discovery monument.it doesn't have to be right in the.middle like that the block X on this one.you can put it closer to the end lines.it's very normal for it to be close to.one end line or the other and you.basically say in your paperwork that you.know it's 50 or hundred feet from the.end line whatever wherever you place it.and then you know you how many feet in.in which direction that you claimed for.your mining claim you can also take a.placer killing according to the federal.survey there's actually a survey that.the federal government did essentially.all the land in the United States and it.is actually this federal survey that.most private property is tied into so.you know if your house is in a certain.city in a certain town if you were to.look at the legal survey of your.property it would state how big the.property was but eventually it would tie.that location into this federal survey.so it would say so many feet from.such-and-such a Monument corner of the.federal survey at such-and-such a place.we're gonna talk more about this federal.survey and how to locate something in it.because it's critical to checking the.BLM's records all the BLM's records of.what claim.are currently in existence and currently.valid he's using this survey method and.like you say it's it's labeled at the.top of this it says mountain Diablo.Meridian so we're gonna talk about the.meridians and baselines and then it says.T 10s are 21 e section 20 so T 10s is.for township tensou 'the r is for range.21 east and then section 20 we're gonna.talk about that detail I'll show you.some maps and you'll get the basics of.what this federal survey looks like but.back to and that's taking your claim.you're gonna have to put your claim.notice that says you so-and-so hereby.claim this land we're gonna talk about.the paperwork in a minute but you have.to enclose it on your claim notice and.here's some various ways of doing it.I've seen a lot of glass jars the.problem with glass jars as if they if.the post falls over and the glass jar.breaks yeah there's no repairing the.glass jar and you may not know and your.your paperwork may sit out in the desert.or the forest and rot away if you don't.see it so cans I don't know I've seen.many like that the plastic wrap in a.drilled hole I've seen very few usually.a lot more common today is a small.plastic canisters little small plastic.bottles that stand up pretty well in the.sunlight and can be opened and someone.can look at your paperwork and put it.back in the bottle and reseal the bottle.and leave your your paperwork the way.it's supposed to be left this folded.aluminum envelope type of thing I've.used that and it works pretty good I put.my notice inside the folded aluminum.envelope then also within that aluminum.inside a ziploc bag so that it's.protected from the rain and then of.course in with your pile of rocks you.can put a bottle or something inside the.pile of.now finally with the BLM in the county I.mentioned that every state has its main.BLM office you have to file certain info.about the claim which includes its.location its owners what kind of claim.it is like hard rock or placer and other.things with the BLM within 90 days that.when you locate your claim and when you.pay it when you go to the BLM you must.pay their their fees and and it's not.cheap but it's not super expensive you.have to file and pay fees at the local.County Recorder also and you must pay.their face the total fees vary from.state to state but it's often in the.ballpark of about two hundred and thirty.to $250 per claim so that gives you a.feel and the claim is is normally about.twenty acres so $250 for twenty acres a.lot of times people stake multiple.claims so so that can add up so here's a.claim map it's just a generalized.example that they did for a book that.I'm going to show you in a second.it shows the Bob number one two and.three claims there's an arrow on the.left hand side that ties it into the.federal survey that the township and.range and sections and it shows you know.where it is and and then it says on the.bottom there that it's when it was.located and it was located by GW snow.and his address and falen and where the.claims are located themselves so this is.an example and honestly an average guy.or you know man or woman could do.something like this easily enough it.takes a little concentration a little.thought but it's really not that hard.now a lot of times there's more than one.claim in an area and you have to deal.with overlapping existing claims and in.the case of overlapping claims the older.claims always get the rights you can't.stake a claim over somebody else's claim.and acquire their rights that way.now in this one claims a B C D and E are.the younger claims and what they're.showing in this illustration that the.location monument on claim a is actually.on somebody else's claims so that claim.is invalid because your your location.monument is actually on somebody else's.claim on claims C and be the location.monument is not on the older claim but.so those claims are valid but only for.the part that's not overlapping.so the stippled part of B and C are.valid and then D and E are valid but.they're noting that E is not actually.continuous with a B C and D now.sometimes claims locations can be really.complex this was a rich mining district.in in the early 1900's in Nevada called.gold feel there's the little town there.though there's still some residents out.there and as you can see from all these.different claims they all overlap and.they're all just you know hodgepodge.together and sometimes that's how it is.but mostly in when I'm staking claims.I'm out in areas where there's not a.huge amount of overlap maybe a little.bit this is just an example of how bad.it can be so keeping your claim valid.once you've staked your claim yeah it's.not just good forever mining claims are.good for one year at a time and you must.file paperwork and fees each year or.your claim will expire and actually.that's how a lot of good claims are.acquired because the BLM has a list of.claims that are valid and people go.through and check and if some good.claims have expired if the owners let.them go then other people will come in.and stake and acquire those mining.rights for acquire the mineral rights.that were on those claims because the.people have not.done their annual work and have let the.claims go annual fees must be played to.must be paid to the BLM unless you use.the small miner exemption there's.actually a federal law that says that.people who have less than 10 claims.tariffs you were actually can apply for.this exemption and your fees are much.much less the exemption requires that.assessment work you still have to file.assessment work paperwork and you must.file this with both the via BLM and.local County so even though the dollar.fees are much smaller you still have to.do your paperwork it doesn't exempt you.from your annual paperwork now part of.the annual work that you have to do is.actually out there on the claim you have.to do a certain amount of labor or have.somebody perform the labor for you you.can contract it out and pay somebody in.order to develop the claim for future.mining efforts you can't just have the.claim and then do nothing with it you're.supposed to actually go out there and do.a certain amount of work now the law.hasn't been changed since the 1800s when.they passed the law $100 worth of work.was a lot of work and now $100 worth of.work is not very much but you have to do.that for each into a individual claim.that you hold your assessment work can.actually be any type of labor or.improvement that will benefit the claim.it includes taking samples mining some.of the or sometimes it can include road.repair and and things like that to.improve accessibility and so there's a.lot of different things that can be done.for assessment work so the real key with.this is finding something good to claim.now you know you can you have to be able.to do research to determine if if you.find something you're interested in you.have to do research to determine if it's.already got a claim on it or not and the.first step of finding out whether or not.there's an existing claim there is to.identify the location of where you are.and that I mentioned is this federal.survey system it's Howland.locations are identified it's a section.which sections each section is a square.mile and then a township and range which.that's a grid system but a township is.six miles by six miles so 36 sections in.a Township most property like I said.most private property is ultimately tied.into this system also the survey system.can be found on USGS topo maps and a lot.of other maps and there are internet.programs that can convert latitude.longitude coordinates into the section.township and range system so here's some.basic information about that you can see.the different colors on the left now for.Northern California and all of Nevada it.all of those are on what's called the.Mount Diablo baseline and Meridian.system and they tie into a prominent.mountain Mount Diablo in the San.Francisco Bay Area and then they count.these six mile by six mile down ships.off from that so looking at the map on.the right that shows Tonopah you can see.below Tonopah there's a line there that.says baseline and counts 38 39 40 41 42.okay so let's look at number 40 where it.says we Paw Hills right above it that is.46 mile square townships east of Mount.Diablo in the Bay Area and that's how.they count that off so they count these.these townships off and then they count.them north and south so there's a line.that actually goes just east of Tonopah.that goes north and south and that line.counts one in and then one s two three.so that's actually the line that goes.through about diablo and one n is one.north so the we paw air we fought hills.area would be in.section one Township one north so it's.on the north side of the wine and range.40 East from Mount Diablo okay and.Tonopah itself is going to be in.Township 42 East range to North you see.how that system works it can tell you so.now you've tied it down to these six.square mile chips the next step then is.to go from the six square mile down.ships to one square mile sections and on.the right you see a little map drawing.out how they lay them out so in the.upper right hand corner is section one.and then one through six seven through.twelve 13 through 18 19 through 24 and.so on all the way down to 36 and these.were actually how the surveyors laid.them out back in the 1800's and early.nineteen hundred's when this survey was.still being done so let's say you were.interested in the bell of Tonopah mine.which is located just north of the city.of Tonopah now we said that that's range.42 East and Township 1 north and if.you'll notice that the way the townships.sit Tonopah kind of straddles one north.the city of Tonopah straddles one and.two north so north of Tonopah is gonna.be two north and you see that just to.the east of Tonopah there's a little red.36 and that's the bottom corner the 36.Township and one North 120 Township.north and one township east or one time.I'm sorry one Township north and one.time sheet West is the belle of Tonopah.mine and so you look on this other.little map you see one north and one.West is section 26 so the belle of.Tonopah mine is in section 26 26.Township 2 north range 42 east.you could go into the BLM system and.look up that designation and see what.claims were in that section if any.here's a little closer in mine or a.local Turin map and it shows you can see.actually 36 25 and then section 26 and.Bella of Tonopah mine which is just a.little bit south and east of the 20 red.26 number so that's how you can research.stuff on these maps to find prospects.and mines and stuff that you might be.interested in so once you find someplace.that's open and available then you have.paperwork to fill out and here's the.form this is one for a placer claim.which would be in the state of Nevada.and you'd fill out all the lines you.know it requires you to know section in.Township and name and address of the.locator and where the markings are and.that sort of thing.forms like this are available on the.internet for various states this.particular one just happens to be for.Nevada we'd put a copy of this document.in your location this would go out in.your location monument and then you.would file another copy with the BLM and.another copy with the local county and.then you would do your annual assessment.work every year and file the necessary.paperwork on time and you could keep.your mining claim for as long as you.wanted as long as you do your annual.work every year it's good for one more.year then you do it again it's good for.another year so do your homework like I.say this is not a complete everything.you ever needed to know about mining.claims it's just an introduction and the.full details and rules for staking.mining claims it's just too much for a.presentation like this however there are.some easy to read pamphlets and they're.listed here below and they give you.information on mining claims and if you.read them and study them and learn what.they say you will need to know together.with this video you'll know everything.you need.to know about how to go out and stake.your own mining claim Nevada is the.Nevada Bureau of Mines and geology.published mining claim procedures for.Nevada prospectors and miners that's.their special publication number six but.it's it's available for free online and.then the BLM also has a similar pamphlet.covering some other things but also the.same topic mining claims and sites on.federal lands like I say you can look.these up online and download them and.read them and study do it right and.you'll be fine.if you don't obey the rules then your.claim isn't necessarily valid it's good.for a year and if you don't remember to.do your your paperwork at the end of the.year you know that's how claims expire.and people do make money off of checking.to see if good claims that some people.own somehow come open and they'll go out.and stake mining claims on the open.brought now open property and try to.sell them if you miss the deadlines your.claim is no good there's not.oops I'm sorry or oh I'm all you know.give you the money next Tuesday because.they don't have it today no that's just.doesn't matter if you miss the deadline.your claim is gone it's no longer valid.you have to start from square one you.can start from square one and restate.your claim and if you beat everybody.else out and you're the first person to.notice that the claim was not valid then.sure you know you can restate your.mining claim but actually the fees are.higher to restate it's cheaper to just.maintain it now I mention here who or.Rochester mining as part of a core.mining there's a big mining company with.many hundreds of employees and they had.a mined in Nevada where they have some.claims that are called patented where.they actually owned the private property.rights of the claim since it's no longer.federal land but they had a whole bunch.of claims literally hundreds that.were unpatented mining claims like we've.been talking about today and through a.mistake somebody that left the company.and nobody that followed up on the guy.that left the company to figure out what.he was doing they let all their claims.go all their unpatented mining claims.and another mining company noticed this.and went out and staked all those claims.back up and claimed it for themselves.well the second mining company was able.to charge core because they who wanted.the property back and so they sold their.newly staked mining claims back to core.they made twenty or something over.twenty million dollars doing that so.it's a very substantial amount like I.say people make huge amounts of money.doing this so like I say if you missed.the deadline you must start at square.one and refile staking your own claim is.not the easiest thing you've ever done.but it's not that hard it really isn't.an average person can do it I've made.many thousands of dollars.staking and selling them to mining.companies you can't do you just need to.be creative um be aware of buying claims.there are people who buy claims and sell.claims to individuals I sell them to.mining companies and the mining.companies they know what they're doing.they know how to evaluate a claim but a.lot of times there are people who buy.Clint Aero state claims and then sell.them to newbies that are unaware of.what's going on and can't really don't.really know enough to evaluate a claim.and they get scammed these scammers do.exist so if you're buying evaluate the.claim very carefully before you buy.better to stake your own claim I think.in my opinion anyway so go out there and.get started.hey you can get the rights to gemstones.gold or whatever other minerals you have.an amazing opportunity as a US citizen.to stake your own mining claim on.federal lands and acquire mineral rights.for a relatively small amount of fees.for a few hundred dollars you can share.in the wealth of the United States you.know.here's some gold that came off of mining.claims and to the right is gemstones.that were done off of mining claims it's.it's worth doing so I suggest you look.into it now if you want some more.information about how to stake your.claim another source of information is.my book I have a book on prospecting and.how to find gold and basically it's an.encyclopedia of everything you need to.know about digging your own goal panning.sluicing nugget detecting with a metal.detector dry washing gold geology.reading maps all this kind of stuff it's.all in my book the book is over 350.pages it's like I say it's an.encyclopedia of gold prospecting and.it's available on Amazon just go to.Amazon and put in Fistful of gold by.Chris Ralph and I guarantee it'll come.up also I have a website and for more.information on gold and gemstones you.can check out my website and that's at.Nevada outback Gems calm prospect Chris.prospect HTM that's the euro for it and.there's gobs of information just many.many hundreds of pages of stuff of.adventures and that sort of thing and so.I think you'd enjoy that as well and so.if you like this presentation and you.want to learn more about finding your.own gold or staking your own mining.claim that sort of thing.there's I've got more gold silver and.gemstone videos coming we're gonna have.both these slide presentations and then.live action videos in the field so click.the subscribe button and then click the.notification bell and YouTube will let.you know when I publish new stuff hit.the like button too and feel free to.comment or ask questions in the space.down below so thanks a lot and that's.the luck to you in all your prospecting.adventures.

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  5. Peruse the document and tap 'Done'.

It takes you a minute to write down an e-signature to the Lode Mining Claim Location Notice California Bureau Of Land Blm from your cell. Save or share your form as you require.

How to create an e-signature for the Lode Mining Claim Location Notice California Bureau Of Land Blm on iOS?

The iOS users would be joyful to know that CocoSign come up with an iOS app to help out them. If an iOS user needs to e-sign the Lode Mining Claim Location Notice California Bureau Of Land Blm , deploying the CocoSign system right away.

Here's key write down an electronic signature for the Lode Mining Claim Location Notice California Bureau Of Land Blm on iOS:

  1. Include the application from Apple Store.
  2. Register for an account either by your email address or via social account of Facebook or Google.
  3. Upload the document that needs to be signed.
  4. Pick the sector where you want to sign and tick the option 'Insert Signature'.
  5. Create your signature as you prefer and place it in the document.
  6. You can foward it or upload the document on the Cloud.

How to create an electronic signature for the Lode Mining Claim Location Notice California Bureau Of Land Blm on Android?

The enormous popularity of Android phones users has given rise to the development of CocoSign for Android. You can add on the system for your Android phone from Google Play Store.

You can write down an e-signature for Lode Mining Claim Location Notice California Bureau Of Land Blm on Android following these points:

  1. Login to the CocoSign account through email address, Facebook or Google account.
  2. Access to your PDF file that needs to be signed electronically by picking on the "+” icon.
  3. Get to the sector where you need to write down your signature and produce it in a pop up window.
  4. Finalize and adjust it by picking the '✓' symbol.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Save and share your document, as desired.

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