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The Implementation Guide for Kdhe Kansas Open Records Act Request Form Kdheks

The easy way to fill in Kdhe Kansas Open Records Act Request Form Kdheks online is by using a dedicated tool. While there are tons of it, CocoSign seems to be the most convenient tool online. To use the tool, follow the process given below.

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Instructions regardingKdhe Kansas Open Records Act Request Form Kdheks

Thank You mr. mayor members of the.council my name is Bob leaks the address.is 2 451 Regency lakes court in Wichita.the Kansas open records act law of the.state of Kansas State's it is declared.to be the public policy of the state.that public records shall be open for.inspection by any person unless.otherwise provided by this act and that.this act shall be liberally construed.and applied to promote such policy but.in my recent experience our city's legal.staff has decided to act contrary to.this policy it's not only the spirit of.this law that the city is violating but.also the letter of the law as well.recently I made some record requested.some records from the Wichita Downtown.Development Corporation although the w/d.DC cooperated and gave me the records.are requested the city denies that the.w/d DC is a public agency as defined in.the kansas open records act this is an.important issue to resolve in the future.requests may be made for records for.which the w/d DC may not be willing to.cooperate in this case the citizens will.have to rely on compliance with the law.not voluntary cooperation or other.people may make records requests and may.not be as willing as I have been to.pursue this matter additionally citizens.may want to attend WD DC's meetings.under the provisions of the Kansas Open.Meetings Act furthermore there are other.organizations similarly situated these.include the greater Wichita economic.development coalition and the go Wichita.Convention and Visitors Bureau these.organizations should also properly be.ruled public agencies as defined in the.kansas open records act so that citizens.and journalists may freely request their.records and attend their meetings now.here's why the WD DC is a public agent.agency and subject to the open records.act in depth in defining the Open.Records Act says public agency means the.state or any political or taxing.subdivision of the state or any office.officer agency or instruments in stro.mentality thereof or any other entity.receiving or expending and supported in.whole.or in part by public funds appropriated.by the state or by public funds of any.political or taxing subdivision of the.state and at the Kansas Attorney.General's Office there's some additional.guidelines which conclude it is some.office or agency that is connected with.state or local government now the w/d DC.is wholly supported by a special.property tax district plain and simple.that is the entire source of their.funding except for some private.fundraising done only this year now the.city cites an exception under which.organizations are not subject to the.Kansas open records act and that states.any entity solely by reason of payment.from public funds for property goods or.services of such entity now the purpose.of this exception is so that let's say.if the city buys an automobile the car.dealer is not subject to the open.records act simply because if sold a car.to the city but this statute contains an.important qualifier the word solely and.now in this case the relationship.between the city of which time the w/d.DC is not that as solely customer and.vendor instead the city created a.special tax district that is the source.of sustained czyli all of WD DC's.revenue and the existence of that.district must be renewed by the city.soon the w/d DC performs a governmental.function that some cities decide to keep.in house the w/d DC has only one.customer to I knowledge that being the.city of Wichita and furthermore the.revenue that the w/d DC receives each.year is dependent on the property tax.collected in the special taxing district.the only reasonable conclusion to draw.is that in terms of both funding and.function the w/d DC is effectively a.branch of Wichita city government the.refusal of the city's legal department.to acknowledge these facts and concede.that the w/d DC is a public agency.stands reason on its head it's also.contrary to the expressly stated public.policy of the state of Kansas it's an.intolerable situation that cannot be.allowed to exist mr. mayor and members.of the council it doesn't take a liberal.application of the Kansas open records.act to correct this situation all that.is required is to read the law and.follow it that's what I'm asking this.body to do.ask the city legal department to comply.with the clear language and intent of.the Kansas open records act might be.happy to answer questions if there are.theory is WD DC and the entity of the.city of Wichita no sir it is not the w/d.DC is not a public agency that is.supported by public funds the city.contracts with wdc to provide services.to the downtown Wichita self-supported.Improvement District and the city.provides those has that contract with.what's called the Smith the WD DC is a.private not-for-profit entity and the.city is not the custodian of their.records so mr. weeks as analysis is not.accurate we following are we following.the law as the open the open meetings.law visits itself yes sir in my opinion.the city is in compliance with the open.records law okay wait smear course you.forget now with so what part of the is.there anything within that realm that is.public information there is information.regarding their financials that.information is provided by all.nonprofits they have some connection and.so that information is available from.the w/d DC but it's important to note.the city is not the custodian of the w/d.DC's records and we have not shared any.records that they may have given us with.the City Council's the low floor under.the open records law mr. weeks or.anybody else wanting those records would.go to the WD DC as the custodian of the.records since we're not the custodian.we're not the party that turns over the.records question for mr. weeks is that.have you had any problems with the.financial getting the financial records.have you passed for them the only.request I've made.the the WTC did cooperate voluntarily.yes you have anything else you look to.it well I think you know this isn't mr..Riebe endorse interpretation is only one.that a lawyer could love and you know.that records open records act says this.should be liberally construed that's the.public policy of the state of Kansas so.and you know the WD DC while they may.cooperate voluntarily their position is.will they rely on mr. riebmann stork.interpretation that they are not a.public agency then there's also the.other two agencies that I mentioned as.well so I expect this issue will not die.here today thank you thank you.

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Kdhe Kansas Open Records Act Request Form Kdheks FAQs

Here are the answers to some common queries regarding Kdhe Kansas Open Records Act Request Form Kdheks . Let us know if you have any other questions.

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