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good morning everyone you'd like to.welcome you to bowling green state.university my name is Harry night I am.the chief operating officer for the.division of liquor control and this is.the final day of quite a active Roadshow.group that we've been taken across the.state over the last two weeks meeting.with respective folks from all of the.agencies and we want to try to bring.folks up to date in regard to what's.happening with the liquor modernization.project as well as a number of other.topics that will cover today during this.presentation we are filming this.presentation the folks from Bowling.Green State University media group are.filming this and we're going to be using.this to to show afterwards on the agency.training site for those who have not.been able to attend everybody is giving.me a talk louder okay I got it but.bottom line is that we're going to be.filming this today because there are.some folks that obviously couldn't make.it here to the event so we want to make.sure that we have everybody have an.opportunity to see this moving forward.so I'm going to walk through a little.bit of an overview as far as what we're.going to talk about today I also have.some folks with us as part of our town.hall team that I'd like to introduce as.we as we start off today's activities.Greg Campbell is with us Greg is the.senior project manager working directly.with the Department of Administrative.Services and greg has been actively.involved in a number of projects for the.state for a number of years he's a key.member of our leadership team Spencer.wood is the deputy CIO for the.Department of Administrative Services.again Spencer is a key member of the.leadership team for this project Amanda.Boros in the back sunny is the senior.project manager from the Department of.Commerce and works directly again with.our project team and the Microsoft group.that's working with us on this project.Jerry O'Neil Jerry O'Neil it's a.director of agency operations Jerry for.those of you who don't know remember Tom.kappa who was in this role.previously so Jerry is the director of.operations working directly for me in.the division of liquor control Jennifer.Richardson who has up our merchandising.group jennifer is part of our.merchandising team also responsible for.pricing other elements many of you have.probably talked to Jennifer on a regular.basis in regard to product allocations.and things of that nature Matt Mullins.matt is our communications manager for.the division of liquor control for.crappy to having with us here today I'm.going to see Jason Jaeger one of our.auditors that works for us Aaron Wozniak.another one of the auditors that worked.directly with you folks we've got some.folks that were out in the hall Lorraine.Terry works for jobs Ohio beverage.system she's the stakeholder manager.that works directly with stakeholder.groups on the outside and we have some.other folks come right in we have some.folks here from our liaison outreach.group Ron over turf is here Ron Kohler.is here i know ron was here earlier this.morning but they'll be in they've been.working with you folks in an outreach.capacity and so we're glad to have them.with us here today has have been helping.us across the state so as I indicated.this is the last day of our town hall.tour and so we're going to spend some.time going through a presentation this.morning it'll be about 45 minutes of.slides and then we'll give you an.opportunity to ask questions at the end.we're just going to take the the.presentation itself because that's the.most important thing to be able to share.with those it can make it here today so.just as a point of a point of reference.will be just filming the presentation.part itself so with that let me cover.the agenda the leadership team which we.spoke about just now we'll talk about.the state of business in 2016 and where.we are year-to-date 2017 talk a little.bit about jobs Ohio and jobs Ohio.beverage system most of you probably.understand the relationship and where.jobs Ohio comes into play as it relates.to the liquor enterprise.but we want to make sure that there's a.little bit of clarity in regard to that.relationship we'll talk about the liquor.modernization project status the next.steps in milestones communications and.customer service initiative some of.these things for those of you that had.an opportunity to attend the webinar how.many how many folks had an opportunity.to attend the webinar so some of this.information has been kind of lifted from.that but will expand on that information.a little bit so customer service.initiative and communications warehouse.inventory reduction a lot of questions.have come forth and all of the.respective town hall events we've had so.far so we'll spend some time talking.about that the warehouse and.distribution center update the retail.and wholesale terminal solution and then.a shelf price update so that's the.agenda it's a few slides for each of.those respective agenda items again.we're not talking a 100 slide.presentation we're going to kind of walk.you through a couple of slides on each.of those and then we'll have the QA as I.indicated at the end so we've covered.the the primary leadership team let me.just give you a little background on.myself I spent 30 years with.anheuser-busch and I retired from.anheuser-busch in 2008 when inbev.purchased the company and then I spent a.little time working for the kroger.operation I was one of the senior folks.in the supply chain group and had.responsibility for the distribution.center in Delaware Ohio 1.million-square-foot distribution center.but services approximately two hundred.sixty plus stores in a tri-state.primarily a tri-state region so I spent.some time with kroger and retired from.from kroger in 2013 and then in the.early part mid part of of 2015 around.the May time period I was contacted by.the state they created the position and.they were looking for someone to come in.and try to help supplement and drive.some some improvements if you will know.given the situation that that we've.encountered here within the last.year with the initial rollout so the.timing of that is such that I came on.board in September of 2015 so just.recently passed a one-year anniversary.if you will with the with the state in.this particular position I report.directly to the director of Commerce.Bruce Stephenson the superintendent who.actually retired a few days ago he and I.were I didn't there was not a reporting.structure there Bruce primarily again.the superintendent duties and I was.reporting directly to the rector of.Commerce and I still do so let's talk a.little bit about jobs Ohio Governor.Kasich privatized the business.development job growth portion of the.state a few years ago and it was.privatized and and it formed the jobs.Ohio Company and it's a non-profit.company that's committed to driving job.growth business development sustainment.on any number of different levels and.within jobs Ohio there is a subsidiary.and it's called jobs Ohio beverage.system which it a little confusing but.jobs Ohio beverage system is the group.that we support and they are the ones.that have a 25 year contract and the.business and or the profits that come.from the liquor sales here in the state.are used to fun jobs Ohio and all the.efforts and the initiatives that they.bring forth in terms of job sustainment.growth business development etc so it's.not it's spiritus liquor it's not beer.and wine and that's how the the jobs.Ohio beverage system supports and also.funds jobs Ohio a little bit of the.development success over 23,000 new jobs.54,000 retain and 6.7 billion dollars in.capital investment that's a little.background on jobs Ohio and jobs Ohio.beverage system.talk a little bit about the state of the.business if you look at last year's.total bottle sales over 59 million total.bottle sales for the year which was up.over almost five percent total dollar.sales over a billion dollars the first.time that we had ever crossed that.threshold for a billion dollars and then.total sales fiscal year 2017 181 million.dollars now for those of you that don't.know as we were on a fiscal period our.fiscal period begins July one each year.so as of July first this year of 2016.that began the 2017 fiscal period so the.numbers you see there with 181 million.dollars that's actually just for sales.in July and August September's at the.time we went to press with with putting.together as presentation we didn't have.sep tember numbers but we will be.updating that as we go for future.presentations a little bit of.information that Jennifer Richardson.provided for us tequila in Ohio is still.outpacing the natch of the national.average the patron and other high-end.brands show double-digit growth as does.the small batch whiskies continue to.show double-digit growth vodka Tito's.vodka is outpacing other vodka in Ohio.again double-digit growth these are.things that are probably not not new to.you cognac Hennessy and some of the.other high-end brands are showing.double-digit growth and then also.Jameson is showing double-digit growth.as well liquor modernization project.we're going to talk about current status.next steps and milestones.so the liquor modernization phase two.objectives our platform is a microsoft.dynamics ax and we are moving forward in.phase two with an out-of-the-box.solution with minimal customization now.when we go back and talk about last year.as painful as it is a time for us to.talk about last year and quite frankly.what store we're still living with a lot.of the issues that came about from last.year's rollout we know that a lot of.that was driven with the best intentions.but it was a very very poor rollout in.the sense that we had a tremendous.amount of customization and that has.created some significant issues with us.that we're still having to deal with.today not going to dance around it it's.very plain it's very easy to see every.one of you in here every one of my team.we're all still living with a very.difficult situation and it has to do.with a lot of the customization that was.not executed properly and so we're still.having to kind of pay for that as we go.down the road today and we will not be.able to correct that correct that.meaning where we are going with phase.two is not a fixing of the existing.system there are elements of this system.that we are in right now that cannot be.fixed so therefore when you hear phase.two just want you to understand that.we're not attempting to try to put a.bandaid on this the one point 0.situation that we are in right now we.are rolling out a phase two microsoft.dynamics ax that will be an out of the.box with minimal customization we know.we will have to have some customization.to meet certain business requirements on.both our end as well as you're in but.we're going to try to minimize that as.best we can okay standardized platform.supports the enterprise as we move.forward to the future again we're not.looking for something just kind of get.us through the year or the next year we.have to bring for the system that can.support where we see and where the.trends and where the projections are.showing that will support this.enterprise four five six eight.in 12 years we all know that technology.changes very very rapidly okay but again.don't be misled by being described as.out of the box as it being just a.generic implementation of a program to.support our business we have to make.sure that we're setting ourselves up for.success for the future it's going to.provide near-real-time transaction.reporting it's also going to provide.near real-time inventory visibility.which inventory is a very significant.issue if I've heard it once I've heard.of 150 times it doesn't mean that I.don't take it to heart I understand very.clearly the impact around inventories.out in the field right now so again.that's something that we take very.seriously and as we move forward we will.have a much better and a near real-time.visibility to that as well as a wholly.integrated system view so those are the.objectives those are the objectives of.phase two of the liquor modernization.project just a little bit of a general.kind of show you where we are from a.timeline perspective let me back up for.a minute we have folks with us from.Microsoft that are working with our.subject matter experts and many of us.who are in this room today working every.day of the week at the roads tower in.downtown Columbus we have probably 40.people in total comprised from Microsoft.Department of Commerce Liquor Control.Department of Administrative Services.our IT group all working together.approximately 40 people on the 20th.floor at the roads tower so this is a.very very comprehensive and concerted.effort on a part of many groups and so.we're all working together downtown on.this project the analysis was complete.in the first quarter whoops excuse me.the analysis was complete in the first.quarter design phase was completed in.the second quarter development late.quarter too early three right now we're.in the testing phase testing meaning.that we're going through looking at all.the identified business processes for.all the respective works.dream areas retail warehouse inventory.fiscal we're looking at all of those.ensuring that we've got proper reports.available in the system proper SOPs.being written and validated in terms of.how we utilize this going forward which.will again drive the training that we.will do when we go out you are training.the training will begin in the first.quarter of 17 with a target.implementation around April of 2017 so.that's the present timeline in terms of.where we are with our milestones there's.some things that we're looking at to try.to measure the agency readiness again.those of you that had an opportunity to.attend the webinar that was the first.time that we had anything of that nature.and and quite frankly we got a lot of.positive feedback because it gave many.of the agency folks the opportunity to.kind of get familiar and dial in and de.least have some communication means with.us in a real-time basis without having.to necessarily leave and travel and come.out because everybody everybody has a.busy schedule obviously they're working.within so we're going to continue to do.webinar activities as we move forward up.to and including we may even be doing.one as early as next week when we get to.the retail solutions part lyst.presentation we are working to try to.see if we can put one together next week.that'll be specifically tailored to talk.about retail solutions the first one we.had was a little broad-based covered a.number of different topics like we're.doing the day but as we go forward we'll.look for opportunities to maybe make.those more specific as we go into the.future looking at the attendance and the.feedback from the town hall and roadshow.events we've had very good turnout and.we've had very good feedback from these.events some of the feedback is kind of.hard to take okay I understand that but.again what's important for us is to be.able to get out in front of you and try.to be able to answer those questions and.bring forth information that.keeps you up to date as best as possible.so as you continue to run your business.you know where we are what the timing is.associated with this project and what.the deliverables need to be and then.where we're going to go as we as we move.further down the road we'll need the.submission of the retail sales.integration decision when we talk today.about the retail solutions there's a.timeline associated with where we'll.need the agencies to get back to us as.far as what's what solution path they.want to take okay the completion of a.Wi-Fi assessment and installation with.all of the efforts and such that we are.going forth with right now I've heard on.a number of instances that we've got.just connectivity issues in some of the.agencies so we'll be doing an assessment.there to make sure that as we roll out.this project phase two that we're not.going to have something like a.connectivity issue create havoc for us.after we will begin gonna roll that face.so we're going to be doing an assessment.and installation and update where we're.needed the installation of the wholesale.and retail sales terminal hardware which.we'll talk about in a bit and then the.completion of all the stakeholder.training activities training in the form.of for agency personnel for the auditors.for some of the suppliers for some of my.internal folks for any number of.different groups so we've got a very.comprehensive training plan that will be.rolling out here to support this rule.out.so some of the upcoming key LMP dates.and events October 20th the.communications to the agency's that's.when we had the webinar october twenty 4.2016 that was a technical document.published to the agency's the technical.document is a document that has been.sent out to all the agencies and that.would be what you would need to share.with your existing provider if you.decide to integrate and retain your.existing point of sale or retail.equipment that you have in your agency's.right now and so just as a point of note.please if you have not received this.document if the technical document has.not come to you please make sure before.you leave today that you see Matt.Mullins or Lorraine Terry and make sure.that we have your right email address.because it was sent out well over a week.ago and again this is the road map and.guide that if you choose to integrate.with your existing you'll need to have.this information and share it with your.provider okay town hall meetings across.all four districts last week we did two.in Columbus one in hocking 2 in.Cincinnati two in Cleveland youngstown.Canton today we're here in bowling green.and we finish up in Troy this afternoon.and so this has been our first effort.and initiative to do this because quite.frankly one of the things that I asked.folks when I came on board probably a.year ago I SAT around on I asked folks I.said well what kind of activities do we.have where we engaged the agencies.when's the last time we went out and.talked to the agencies have we ever had.folks from the agency's come in do we.have any committees that any of the.agencies are involved in and when I.asked those questions of the people that.were sitting around the table I got no.response and so that in itself was a bit.concerning to me from from my.perspective and what's important to me.is to recognize that you've got 466.agencies across the state and it doesn't.appear.that we've had any kind of active.communication effort and or initiative.to engage with the folks in these.agencies so understand very clearly that.that is a significant piece of who I am.in terms of what we're going to do as we.move forward and we'll talk a little bit.about that in a bit I want to talk about.the agency representative committee.December one is the deadline for you to.submit your retail sales solution.decision back to us and also in December.will have to go through the procurement.process for those of you that will opt.to take the second option on a retail.solution which is a clover device.clovers a brand name and will speak to.this more specifically in a bit but that.will also be when we have to procure the.clover devices for the agencies that.choose to go that direction februari.through march of 17 is the installation.of the clover retail devices in the.stores and agencies training sessions.will begin and then april we're going to.have a ready date for the agencies.integrating with the web api solution.along with the warehouse / distribution.or bailment center consolidation.complete and we'll talk a little bit.about our warehouse plans here in.another couple of slides with the.cutover occurring April and May of 2017.so those are the upcoming key LMP dates.and events let's talk a little bit about.communications and customer service.initiative many of you in here if not.all of you have met or had opportunity.for some engagement with our liaison.group and when you consider the the.depth and the breadth of the number of.agencies across this state it's a pretty.tall order to be able to get out and.engage and talk to all these respective.agencies so this group has been working.with us to help facilitate and meet.directly with with you folks on a on a.semi-regular basis they'll be going.again starting sometime next week and so.it was very important for them to be.able to be a conduit and help.communicate information out and bring.information back to me and my team as.we're going through this project and.this will be an ongoing process as we go.through the entire liquor modernization.project itself Ron Koehler has been.working in the toledo area so a lot of.you probably have met and no Ron Jen.Tate has the Cleveland area Columbus has.been Luke Paglia Nettie and Cincinnati.was Kevin Myers so they've done a really.yeoman's job getting out in front of the.agencies and I think the actual visits.were almost about 455 that they've.actually been able to reach in their.first wave of activities so they'll.continue to do this as we move forward.and again they are a good conduit of.information coming back from the.agencies and just as another element of.insight I sit down along with my team.members with that group on a regular.basis and get feedback sessions I.understand what's communicated back.through them by the agencies I can't.tell you that there's a lot of things.that surprise me it grounds me it makes.me aware and understand very clearly you.know a lot of the things that are going.on in the agencies today the feelings.that people still have about the.difficult times we live in so rest.assured it's important for me to get.that feedback and I understand it very.clearly and it also provides the guide.and the roadmap for what we need to do.to get ourselves back on track so.they'll continue to be a very integral.part of our communications team with the.next round of visits starting in early.November agency representative committee.so the purpose of this will be it's just.important when you've got so many folks.that are part of this entire enterprise.that you've got some ways or means to.engage them and understand from their.perspective what's happening in the.business along the way the fact that.we've got some very talented folks in.merchandising product selections.from suppliers and such but the one.thing that's been very apparent is that.we haven't taken advantage and I mean.that in a positive sense of the.expertise and the insight of the folks.at the agencies so purpose of the.committee understanding operations talk.about the things that are working well.share some best practices what's working.well what's not working well product.sales and selection in sight nobody can.tell me any better what's happening at.your agency than you you know your.customers you know your clientele you.know it's moving now we do as a control.state we do make the decisions as to.what comes into the state that's part of.the nature and responsibility that we.that we have and the superintendent is.the one who ultimately signs up on any.product in a spirit of slicker that.comes in here to the state but we still.want to be able to as we move forward to.utilize the feedback and the insight.from the agencies so that would be a.very key part of this committee.developing an execution of responsible.growth initiatives we have to be.stewards of responsible growth I think.that pretty much speaks for itself and.then working on improving the Department.of liquor control and the agency.relationship won't happen overnight I.understand that but understand very.clearly that that's an expectation of.mine and we're going to move forward.with the initiatives to make that happen.the benefits more open dialogue.opportunities best practices outreach.programs just general communications.from any of them and understanding a lot.of things about products and categories.again I think we've missed a real.opportunity to take advantage of the.insight that that you folks have as.agency operators and know what products.are moving in what's not moving the.member structure will be statewide.district groups so if we look at Ford.groups or four districts right now I.would say probably four to six members.from each district we would probably.have quarterly meetings in which we.would come to your district.and then at least once a year we bring.everybody together in Columbus for a day.long session to talk about and expand.upon the things that have come out from.the respective district meetings that we.would be attending this is not a.governing committee okay but this is an.insight operations committee that we.need to make sure that we are.understanding and have our finger on the.pulse of the agencies in terms of what's.happening good what's not really.happening very good and the things that.we can strategize as we move forward to.make it better for all of us it'll be a.cross-section of agency size and.complexity a larger agency is not going.to have any better opportunity to be.part of this then someone who has a very.small agency and then the members are.gonna be selected by me and they're.going to be selected by me feedback from.you folks who have expressed an interest.during these sessions meaning you send.me an email you talk to me afterwards.you talk to your auditor you talk to.your liaison personnel and expressing an.interest in what it come on board one of.the things that I try to tell folks is.that in a part of the price of admission.for this is don't come to me with.problems come to me with problems and.solutions so I can understand it better.but also how can you work with us and.how can you help us as we get better.down the road because I think all of us.have identified there's a significant.number of problems but what we have to.be able to do is it work forward is come.up with a way collectively for us to put.those aside and or repair those problems.and then move forward with the important.strategies about how to develop our.business so that's a little bit about.the agency representative committee I.would expect to see that I would expect.to see that probably another six months.before we really kind of get that up and.going it doesn't mean that we will not.entertain you know request or feedback.from folks who have an interest to be.involved in that and if you're not.selected as part of that understand that.I can't have everybody on it at the same.time I want to make sure everybody.understands that I take it very.seriously when somebody does offer that.up meaning that it does mean a lot to me.and I want to make sure that I recognize.those individuals who are willing to.step up and be part of a committee like.this because it's the first time it's.ever been done and in my mind is too.right.thing to do a little bit about customer.service and call center operations we.cover this in the webinar we do have a.new customer service center it's an.operation it's the same phone number.that you use today there is a new email.that you can see on the screen that we.also utilize representatives are.available 24 7 365 and the calls are.going to be assigned priority based on.content and respond to to within a very.designated time frame period now Jerry.O'Neill and the operations team have.worked very actively in providing.information and clarity to the folks.that are the initial recipients of the.call in other words the call center.folks that initially take this call will.be able to disseminate this information.and/or call to the appropriate person to.make sure that we get a timely response.back to it and also make sure that the.person that is ultimately responding to.it is the right person it's really not.going to benefit you at all if a call is.directed to me on a technical problem.you're experiencing because I'm not a.technical person but we've provided.information to the customer service.center representatives so they know who.the individuals are what their specific.field of discipline and expertise is and.then we'll make provisions to get that.information to them once that call or.email comes in to the customer service.center so that's an ongoing process that.we've been using that now for a couple.of weeks it's still in the developmental.stage but we're also want to make sure.everybody understands that depending on.the nature of the call it will receive a.certain priority if somebody calls and.says i'm down i can't get on the portal.I can't process any orders that's going.to be a priority one no brainer if.somebody is experiencing an issue with.maybe a password reset not to say that's.not important but that may not receive.the same priority rating in terms of the.turnaround a response back as a.situation where somebody's got an.inability to process anything to to run.their business so that's an ongoing.process it's been in existence and so if.you have not used that again.the number is the same and then that's.the email that you can utilize for that.so let's talk about warehouse inventory.reduction strategy I'm going to give it.a bit of background right now we've.probably got over 3,000 products in our.portfolio in the state of Ohio and when.you look at the other control states.we're probably in the middle in other.words there's some that have more.there's some that have not quite as many.but another piece of information is that.over the past three years we've.introduced over 800 new products into.the portfolio we have not taken any out.now that in itself does not necessarily.create a problem because to bring one in.you don't have to automatically remove.one in order to do that that's not the.way that works but one of the things.that we have seen and we are seeing it.still to this day is that we have a very.high congestion of inventory of products.that are not moving in both the agencies.and our warehouses right now and as.we're prepping ourselves for this cut.over which will occur in April of 17 we.need to make sure that we have got.product in our warehouses and in our.agencies that is an actively moving.product as opposed to something that's.just sitting and gathering dust okay so.that's a little bit of the backstory on.where we started in terms of how we have.determined where we're going to go and.how we're going to do this if you look.at the number of products that i'm.referring to that fall under this.warehouse inventory reduction list the.average days of inventory in your.agencies to this day on those products.is anywhere from 250 to over in some.cases a year's worth of inventory based.on sales now it doesn't make really good.business sense to keep that product in.the warehouse it doesn't really make.good business sense to keep bringing.that product into the agencies when.you've got 250 to 300 plus days of.inventory of that across the state so we.had to go through a process and it was a.very comprehensive one Jennifer.Richardson with representatives from the.supplier groups with Chelsea Howard who.is the director jobs Ohio beverage.system did a very detailed analysis of.these products and again with the.involvement of the suppliers and so very.honestly I've never met too many.suppliers that willingly want to have a.product taken off the shelf I think.everybody can probably understand that.but we sat down and looked at those.products and after that review there's.approximately 700 of those that are.going to be removed from the warehouse.okay now what about what's out in the.field or what about is what about I.still have a particular customer that.wants some of this product well rather.than continue to purchase it and move it.into the agencies from the warehouse.we're going to utilize what we have in.the field transfers working with the.allocation clerks calling armando or.Beth bill nikolopoulos in some instances.if you need to get to Jennifer or myself.or even Jerry for that matter so we want.to try to in a controlled manner take.advantage of what we've already.purchased and owned in the state versus.continuing to pull it in from the.warehouse so if the sales dictate if.something changes and all of a sudden.something begins to skyrocket these.things aren't finite we can change that.but we don't want to bring any more in.when you're not selling it very honestly.we're also going to suspend new product.listing until the first part of 17.the process that we use for listing the.suppliers will come in on a regular.basis pitch their new product say they.want to go to X number of agencies.they're going to spend X amount of.dollars to promote the product so on and.so forth that will continue but we're.going to have them be a little more.front-end proactive send us the.information at the division of liquor.control let us look at those products on.a more regular basis and then we will.bring the the supplier in if we so.choose to move down the path of new.products when I say new product listing.is suspended until the first quarter of.17 doesn't mean that a special product.new product holiday package or something.we're not going to ignore that piece of.our business okay but as far as the the.regular listing process and schedules.will be bringing that back on board.probably in the first quarter 17 still.working Jennifer and her team are.working on the listing and D listing.process as far as making sure that we.have a best practice approach utilizing.some of the feedback and some of the.data that we get from our association.with napco which is a national alcohol.beverage control association that's an.organization that represents all the.control states here in the United States.it's been in existence since right after.prohibition and they provide a wealth of.information sales best practices.operations listing procedures d listing.procedures legislative issues they.provide a substantive amount of.information for us and so I've had the.opportunity to be asked to be on the.board so I have a chance to engage with.those folks and again try to capitalize.on a lot of things that are happening in.some of the other states that we could.potentially apply here in the state of.Ohio so again they can be a wealth of.information and a great resource to us.and we'll continue to do that as we move.forward.warehouse transportation optimization.initiative right now we've got four.warehouses Cincinnati Toledo cleveland.and columbus and we're going to be.consolidating and or moving from four to.two in those locations will be cleveland.and columbus if you look at the.warehouse operations right now and this.is one of the things that we've put a.very what I would call critical eye and.analysis on since in the time that I've.been here and with Jerry O'Neill who's.the director of agency operations and.Amanda Boros Sonny Boros what I didn't.tell you is that both Jerry and Sonny.worked with me at n Hauser bush and we.were both very all three of us were very.actively involved in the supply chain.elements of that business and so we may.not be the top-end experts but we've got.a significant amount of understanding.and experience in this part of our.business and one of the things that.we've seen since we've we've been here.is that we don't have in today's where.housing and transportation operation a.good set of robust what we would call.KPIs that stands for a key process.indicator so we don't really have.anything in place that measures the.performance of that warehouse in that.transportation group now just as a point.of note that the division of liquor.control does not hold those contracts.okay that's jobs Ohio but we are very.actively involved and as we are moving.forward with potentially with.potentially new providers that would run.these warehouses we are neck-deep in.making sure that we've got identified.kpi's to ensure that these warehouses.are going to meet our expectations but.more importantly your expectations.timeliness of delivery accuracy of.delivery.pick accuracy when an order picker is.picking the product of sin to you turn.around time inventory adjustments.inventory accuracy process loss all of.these elements are going to be built in.to these requirements as we move forward.with potentially potentially a new.warehouse provider or providers so rest.comfortably in knowing that we've got a.very active group and a very very strong.level of expertise in this line of the.business because quite frankly we know.that we need some improvements there as.we move forward with this jobs Ohio will.continue to hold the contracts they'll.continue to hold the contracts for this.warehouse operation the provider the.third-party logistics person who.actually runs the warehouse will also be.responsible for the transportation as.well but again we meaning jobs Ohio will.hold a contract in the lease to the.buildings we're not building new.buildings we're going to existing.buildings but jobs Ohio will hold that.jobs Ohio beverage system will hold.those contracts it'll improve the.inventory accuracy and availability it.will streamline the enterprise warehouse.business processes and also we target.cut over date is April of 2017.retail and wholesale terminal solutions.we spoke to this a little bit earlier in.terms of the different solution or.options that are going to be provided to.you so let's talk a little bit about.that all the terminals are going to have.to be able to integrate with Microsoft.Dynamics AX that's a given we know that.you have to be able to interface with.that when phase two launches the ability.for us to have a much much better much.more accurate inventory is critically.important the transaction level detail.that we will need as we move forward.that you will need and we will need is a.driving factor of our strategy in terms.of what we're going to be providing.transaction level detail improvements to.the current business processes and then.quite frankly it's going to be an.upgrade in technology for some of the.folks that maybe even in this room here.today and we realize that but there's an.element of this enterprise I think it's.important to remember that with.technology changing the way that it does.but also at the same time with the.growth of this enterprise and the way.that it is continuing to demonstrate.positive growth that we have to move.forward and have an operating system and.support mechanism in place to enable us.to do the business the way that we need.to do the business so that's that's the.kind of the preamble for where we're.going to go in terms of the solutions.that we're going to be offering so just.in a very high level the integration.options that we have is the first one.would be integrating with your existing.hardware that you presently have in.order to do that you're going to have to.use your existing provider support to do.that and when we most of you probably.are aware that last summer we we called.every single agency and some on a couple.times to make sure we understood exactly.what is your point of sale or what does.your hardware system look like who is.your provider what kind of equipment do.you have so we we went through a very.comprehensive.you know knuckle down calls to the to.the agencies and still have a list of.all of this information and it was very.enlightening I had to tell you it was it.was enlightening to the point where it.was like oh my gosh I can't believe that.we've got these many providers that are.working with all these folks of these.agencies quite frankly we should have.known it but we did so now we do so you.can integrate your existing retail.terminal or you can use a new clover.terminal that'll be configured and.provided by the enterprise and clover.just as a as a point of note is the.brand name okay and then we'll talk a.little bit more about about the clover.terminal here in a couple of minutes so.those are the two options so how to make.your choice let's look at the option one.column the benefits of continuing to use.your existing one is obviously you're.familiar with it it's running your.system at this point in time it may be.running satisfactory satisfactorily to.to your expectations and of course you.can continue to use whoever your.existing provider is as support for the.ongoing effort there will be some IT.costs to integrate that will be.information obviously that you would.have to get in terms of communicating.with your provider once he or she has.seen the the technical document and.gives gives you feedback on what this.will what this will cost in order to do.that again the cost the cost will.integrated we based on various levels of.your technology and then of course.you've got your ongoing support costs so.whoever your provider is today I'm sure.a number of you probably have a contract.of some sort with those folks and.there's a services agreement or such.that you probably have with them today.in today's world okay so that's the.option one option to you can use a new.clover terminal that will be configured.and provided to you by the enterprise.there will not be any setup needed for.the integration to the Microsoft.Dynamics AX platform it'll be configured.right out of the box and it will be.installed by a vendor that we.we'll provide the terminal can read chip.cards I think we're at a point in time.now where everybody understands where.we're going in the chip card requirement.that we have in today's business so.it'll have the ability to do that it can.be used for non liquor items now you.will have to potentially integrate your.non liquor items into that if you so.choose to do that okay and we'll talk a.little bit more about that here in a.couple minutes it'll have apps that help.you run your business and it's going to.be a reduced merchant services fees.available we'll talk a little bit about.that we aren't I guess the best way to.talk about that is that we are working.directly with a group and trying to what.i would call procure the best rates.possible some of the feedback we've.gotten from some of the folks is they.were questioning as to whether or not.the rates that we would be coming forth.with would be competitive against what.they presently have we'll have some.dialogue about that a little later on.when we get into the Q&A period as far.as the considerations set up would be.required to add the non liquor items the.process is easy and tutorials are.available there are multiple tutorials.on youtube from the company that has the.clover unit and so there's a lot of.information out there available already.that can walk folks through a process of.how to how to integrate elements into.those units the costs there's no cost.for the terminals or installations okay.so that that cost will be incurred by.the enterprise and the liquor enterprise.will also be paying the monthly support.fees for two years if you choose to go.with the clover solution that we are.providing so whatever that ends up being.on a monthly basis fifty to eighty.dollars again that's kind of an.approximate cost but the but the.enterprise will pick up those costs for.a two year period if you choose to go.with the clover solution.this is the picture of the clover.terminal itself again you can go online.and get some information and as i said.earlier in the presentation we are.looking based on some feedback that.we've gotten from a couple of the town.hall event so far we are looking to try.to have a webinar with someone.specifically from the clover group as.early as potentially next week so when.we wrap up these the final town halls.today and we get back into the office.tomorrow we're going to be aggressively.to working and looking to see if we can.put something together that will give.anyone who has an interest in wanting to.to get online through a webinar session.with someone from from clover so that'll.be you know coming soon to a webinar.near you and will communicate that back.to you so the retail terminal solutions.the clover terminals are provided for.the retail sales the enterprise will.give you the number of terminals based.on the more recent terminal audit if.you've got three terminals that you.presently use for liquor and you choose.the clover we're going to provide you.three terminals if you've got four and.use them all for liquor we're going to.give you four okay some folks have asked.well if I want another one because I.want to use it for non liquor items we.can help with the procurement of that.but that would be on your cost and some.of the costs that we've heard as far as.us negotiating for these clover units I.think it's a fair statement to say that.the clover unit themself is right around.a thousand dollars somewhere in that.neighborhood so again if you have an.interest in wanting to have an.additional one because of non liquor.items we will try to help facilitate.that just to kind of give you a ballpark.as to what that would cost the you own.these once you take these you own them.now again we pay the two years of.support after that whatever that is.required and most of that is licensing I.think if I'm saying that correctly that.would that would come on your cost after.the two year period.something happens to the unit after the.two-year period that's your.responsibility to take care of getting.another one or whatever the case may be.okay so some of the key milestone dates.October 24th is when we set out the.technical document and I can't stress.enough the importance of making sure.that you receive that technical document.and are having and providing that.engaging your existing provider to make.sure that that he or she is looking at.it too if you choose the pathway of.staying and integrating with your.existing system you'll need that.December one is the decision is due back.to us which direction you're taking.first quarter of 17 the test for the.integrations will begin and obviously in.April all the changes complete and we go.live if you go with clover again the.decision is still December one the.terminal installation begins in the.first quarter of 17 and again we'll.provide a vendor at no cost to you to.help set it up and fully configure the.terminals and your agency's.okay so let's forget retail for a moment.how many of you have wholesale accounts.okay so quite a few of it the agency is.going to provide a separate terminal for.you for your wholesale business.regardless of what direction you go on.the retail solution even if you choose.to integrate with your existing system.we're still going to provide you at no.cost a whole sale terminal that will.directly interface with the ax system.okay it'll leave for wholesaler order.processing only the configured hardware.will be incorporated it will give you.transaction level data and will be a.much increased efficiency and.effectiveness if you will in the.processing and system response time so.regardless again what solution you go on.the retail side we will be providing a.wholesale terminal for the wholesale.business so we want to kind of switch.gears for a minute and talk a little bit.about price without tax single shell.price and the nickel rounding process.I think it was early 2000 2002 2003.there was a rule change put into place.where anybody who purchases a bottle of.liquor the total price of that.incorporates what is it called a nickel.rounding function or feature and the.easiest way or the simplest way for me.to describe it and I think probably most.of you know it but I'll describe it.anyhow is that the retail price of a.bottle is nineteen dollars and seventy.six cents then in today's world that.nineteen dollars and seventy six is.rounded up to the nearest nickel which.means that it actually would be nineteen.dollars and eighty cents that's in.existence today it's been in existence.it's in your system it's automatically.processed and calculated and so that's.been in existence since the early part.of 2003 that rule is changing it's going.away so nickel rounding will cease to.exist as of februari one okay so that.goes away that was just recently changed.as far as a single shelf price is talk a.little bit about this and then we'll.kind of walk through and give you some.examples of what's going on with this.the the suppliers across the state of.Ohio and many others meaning some of the.support groups the lobbyists the even.some of the legislators there's a very.active desire to want to have what is.referred to as a single shelf price.across every single agency across the.state of Ohio and by that in today's.world because of taxes and counties.being different a bottle of Jack Daniels.and your agency here may cause 21.dollars and fifty cents out the door and.in your agency down on the other part of.the state and maybe 21 dollars and.ninety-five cents based on taxes so I.don't mind telling you I've had multiple.calls at times from from consumers.saying well this is a control state.and you have you set the pricing why is.it different in these agencies so I.explained to them in the most instances.if not all it's the tax okay so it.confuses the customer at times and they.think that maybe somebody's playing.games very honestly with them at the.agencies so we try to educate them to.that but so here's where we're going.with the shelf price single shelf price.as we move forward as i stated currently.the tax and the nickel rounding is.included in the shelf price when you see.it on the shelf and i'll show you an.illustration here in a minute moving.forward the tax will be calculated at.the time of sale so that's the way we.will operate and continue to do the.taxing it'll create some consistency and.reduce confusion as we get to the single.shelf price tag it'll be removing the.prohibitive rounding requirements what I.just referred to as the nickel rounding.and then we'll be using a phased-in.approach to this and i'll explain how.will explain to you why we will be using.a phased-in approach okay this is a.little bit of a busy slide here so let's.concentrate on the current state if you.look right now in today's world if you.go in any one of the agencies across.across the network as far as system.changes none price file changes there.will be none this is the shelf tag in.today's world and if I'm looking at it.correctly I've got to get a little.closer it shows sixteen dollars and.ninety-five cents okay that's what it.says on the shelf shelf tag in today's.world where the tax is calculated Oh.Liam are included in the bottle price.customers see only the final price with.the tax included and so this is what the.receipt looks like to some degree and.then you see sixteen dollars and.ninety-five cents that's what it is in.today's world as we speak okay across.the state.with the transition state where we.remove the nickel rounding okay no.changes in the system price file no.changes the nickel rounding is removed.and so now when you receive the the.shelf tag it's going to show fifteen.dollars and eighty four cents but it.will also show you that with tax it's.sixteen dollars and ninety one okay sale.and other applicable taxes including in.the bottle price customer sees only the.final price with tax included so if you.compare this Center which is a.transition 1691 and 1695 you see really.the only two significant differences is.your four cents cheaper because the.nickel rounds not there but you do see.on the shelf tag what the total price is.as well as what the retail price is.februari first and the reason we're.doing a transition on this because.people have asked the question well why.don't you just immediately go ahead to.the future state and do that because if.we went to the future state we would.have to go in and do modifications to.your system and our system right now.that would cost you money and us money.and it's not worthy to do that so we're.removing the nickel rounding piece first.and then when we do the conversion to.phase two all of that will will be taken.care of in one fell swoop so we don't.want to go through that exercise of.having you to have to go in and make a.numerous changes into your system to.compensate for the Shelf tag pricing.element of this so that's the reason for.the transition state then you've got the.future state we've completed the phase.to roll out the price file format and.the update process change the price tag.will show 1584 just as it did here sales.and other taxes will be calculated at.the register now the customer will see.the subtotal taxes and final price so if.you look here you see the subtotal price.the tax and then excuse me the total.price so it's still sixteen ninety-one.as it is in this transition.well what's going to happen is that the.the consumers is going to see that 1584.so if they go in my agency they're going.to see 1584 if they go in yours are.going to see across the entire state.some people have said well that's going.to confuse the customer well it may.confuse the customer initially but I can.tell you there's been very significant.interest and concern that I've actually.heard directly come come to my office.about well how come it's cost more here.and cost less there so this is something.that the industry has been very actively.looking for for a considerable period of.time and so that's the reason we are.moving forward with that so that's the.price tag without tax single shelf price.initiative that will be doing as we move.forward okay I think the last thing I.would like to say to you before we open.up with a QA is you know over the last.couple of weeks we've had an opportunity.to to have some significant and some.very good engagement with a number of.folks across the state in these agencies.and in the time that I've been here I've.had an opportunity I've talked to some.of you directly in this room on a couple.of occasions I've heard a lot of.concerns that have been brought forth.from folks across the agency enterprise.very valid concerns very tough things to.listen to at times ok very tough things.to listen to at times but I just want to.make sure that everyone understands that.this is kind of the first step in our.process of what I'm responsible for and.what my expectations are as I move.forward in knowing what I have to be as.an enabler to your success ok so I want.everybody to understand in this room.very clearly that I knowingly and.willingly walked into this role and I.know what is expected of me as we move.forward I know the world that we live in.I know the world that you live in I've.tried to tell people and maybe it.doesn't register well but you know I.understand your world so multi.apply that x 4 66 for me because I have.that responsibility and I'm going to.take it I'm willingly walking down that.path and I've put together a group of.individuals who I know are very.dedicated even to a fault quite frankly.we spend more time in this probably than.you would you would imagine not looking.for anything other than for you to.understand that we are committed to.making this right I can't fix what.you're in today the way I can fix it is.i'm having to replace it ok some people.have asked well why don't you just fix.what we've got it can't be fixed I'm.just saying this to you right here today.it can't be fixed if it was or if it.could be we would do it so understand.please that you're going to see much.more of me and my team we're going to.have many more opportunities for a lot.of engagement I am I am very serious.about our customer service I'm very.serious about making sure we have.engagement with these agency businesses.and and the personnel that run them and.and I'm committed to making sure that we.do the right thing as we move forward.with this so thank you for at least the.opportunity to sit down and kind of walk.you through this presentation and at.this time I'd like to open it up for.anybody who might have any questions.you.

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