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it is Sunday mentees that means it's.time for another retro view and due to.popular demand I'm going to be talking.about j SE omnibus not just one not just.two all three of these JSA omni's no.idea how long I'm gonna go but let's see.where this takes us.[Music].now just a little bit of a warning when.I do these retro views some of these.books happen to be out of print such as.the case of JSA vol 2 it's become rare.in the last year hoping that one day DC.ends up reprinting it so let's look at.JSA omnibus vol 1 the one that kicked it.off here and this is what the front and.the back and of course the spine looks.like speaking of spines I figured I'd.show it off better this way here are all.the spines together then of course the.backs here now let's do volume one first.so they all look very similar under the.dust check if they have the JSA logo.here and on the spine and then that's DC.logo back here nothing really on the.back they are very very thick books for.example this one here has twelve hundred.and twenty four pages here are all the.credits and it all kicks off with All.Star Comics number one so the JSA before.I talk about what's included in here.they've been characters that have.appeared all the way back from the.Golden Age and the Silver Age as a.matter of fact the very first time we.see characters interact other than Barry.Allen and Jay Garrick when they meet.each other through different earths and.that is the JSA or the Justice Society.of America and the Justice League of.America had many crossovers during the.pre-crisis on Infinite Earths but all of.that is kind of confusing because then.you think well how are these characters.still alive okay so really quick just a.little little little brief history it's.just everything has been right to him.right since crisis on Infinite Earths.characters that were.originally on earth to are now on our.earth since crisis on Infinite Earths so.in the 90s they had their own little.mini series and then they had their own.ongoing series the ongoing series I.think got cancelled and characters were.kind of aged the way they were supposed.to have been because these characters.are all the way from like I said the.Golden Age and now some of these.characters are back and they form the.Justice Society of America just calling.it JSA in late 1999 and that's where.this series first starts off it kicks.off with that miniseries that I.mentioned the all-stars JSA all-stars.it's an eight issue miniseries.and then it moves on to the ongoing.series and it is done in a way that if.you're not familiar with these.characters you are reintroduced to these.characters or their legacy characters or.their sons or daughters that have taken.up the mantle and all of a sudden you.feel like oh I think I understand these.characters more and really it just takes.like the first few chapters the.miniseries to kind of catch you up to.speed now this particular volume.contains like I mentioned the JSA.all-stars one through eight jala JSA.virtue and vice some just a three-issue.miniseries crossover JSA one through.twenty five that's the ongoing series.our worlds at war one-shot secret files.number one JSA JLA secret files number.one All Star Comics one and two.all-american comics one adventure comics.one national comics one those are just.the one shots.sensational comics one smash comics one.and the star-spangled comics number one.so who started this well that was the.brainchild of James Robinson and David.Goyer of course David Goyer went on to.do movie scripts so Johnny sorrow loved.this character one of my favorite.characters from this run such a badass.and as a matter of fact.honestly before this book came out the.way that it was solicited they didn't.even have the first few issues the first.six issues of JSA because Jeff Jones.didn't write those you see James.Robinson left after the first six issues.so David Goyer even though he was still.writing it and Coe plotting it.was alone so they at first DC was like.nah doesn't have Jeff Jones name on it.we'll just uh you know we'll just omit.those issues and people threw a fit.people like me and we were heard so when.this was reseted they added those first.six issues I mean how are you gonna.start a series leaving out the very.first six issues so yeah James Robinson.ended up leaving and of course James.Robinson you've heard me talk about the.man many times because of Starman he.left after six issues David Goyer was.then joined by this new guy named Jeff.Jones and nothing was ever the same.again at least for me let's move on to.volume two well actually before we do.let's see if there's any extras in the.back I don't think they put extras in.the back okay they put the trade.paperback covers in the back before I.open this up one of the books that I.strongly suggest buying and reading.before you read JSA or our at least.before you read the seventh issue where.Jeff Jones comes in it's JSA presents.Stars and Stripes these two trades are.being collected in the one trade.paperback and it's being reso listed.again it was originally canceled and now.they're bringing it back mainly because.of the TV show star girl I think they're.actually calling it star girl.so yes strongly suggest reading these.these are geoff johns first published.work at DC and it features the character.of star girl who is how do I put it it's.based on his sister who passed away and.I don't know if he tells it in here but.I remember reading an article about that.and she's getting a TV show but yes.don't forget to read these now this is.the one that's hard to find and this.also happens to be my favorite volume of.JSA so this is my favorite thing that.Geoff Johns has ever written was the JSA.and here let's talk a little bit about.this so this contains JSA 26 through 75.the first annual the JSA secret files in.origins the second issue of that and.then Hawkman 23 to 25 which is a.crossover event.and to me this volume right here.contains the best of the best of what is.JSA so just to show you what they do.with the covers they put the cover up.front and then in the back tell you the.name of the issue and what's contained.in here and then of course who the.pencils are in this issue it doesn't.give you an issue number though because.DC's just notorious for doing that so.what makes JSA so awesome to me you have.you know all these old guys that have.been around for a long time since the.golden age.you have Jay Garrick who's the original.flash you have Allen who is now going by.Sentinel but then he comes back to.becoming Green Lantern again you have.Carter Hall Hawkman we got dr. fate you.have all these old characters and then.you have a new generation of the old.characters names like this is the new.mr. terrific right here right and then.you have the new Sandman you also have.the new hour man who's an Android and.dr. midnight so it's like all these.legacy characters and then eventually of.course star man but then star girl so.what is it about these Care God forgot.about my boy Black Adam joining to uh.what is it about these characters that.Geoff Johns gets it right and I will.tell you just this is how I feel about.it.that even though I didn't know any of.these characters before reading Volume.one with JSA even if I had no idea who.these characters were Geoff Johns just.has this talent that he makes you in the.stal jet for something you had no idea.about I'll use this as an example.there's a character that shows up here I.think it's our man 3 left the third our.man who apparently had shown up many.years prior to this and when he showed.up I remember going like hell yes our.man's back who the hell's our man how.the hell did Jeff Jones do that how did.he make me feel nostalgic for something.I knew nothing about and it's the way.that he writes his stories it says in.his dialogue his powerful dialogue.his great moments that make up this run.there's powerful moments in here I'm one.of the comic books in here is one of the.comics that define me in my top 10 list.and damn this is the volume that made me.a JSA fan this is uh I had these in.trade paperback and as I was reading.them for the first time because I kind.of stopped collecting comics back in the.90s and I never really got into JSA.until it was in trade paperback format.but when I was reading them I was a fan.of all these characters I never thought.I would be a fan of atom smasher hourman.Black Adam Captain Marvel dr. midnight.in Jay Garrick Jake Wildcat Wildcat is a.man's man.Wildcats do that you just go out.drinking with and just you know he has.this almost breaking his morality code.about him and it's all duded yeah geoff.johns yes of course David Goyer was.plotting in but my issue 50 David Goyer.was gone and it just became Jeff Jones.after that and once Jeff Jones took over.it was magic in a bottle I mean he was.teamed up with all these great artists.like Don Cramer Keefe champagne Steven.Santa Watsuki buzz Michael Baer Jettas.Moreno Darwin cooked himself Howard.Chaykin all these guys that you know you.hear so often these days.and that's just to name a few there is a.huge lot of talent that went into these.books but for the most part yeah Michael.Clark wasn't some of these two but.really what it comes down to is powerful.characters emotional moments and just.wonderful storytelling that makes the.JSA my favorite work from Jeff Jones it.is perfection now let's look at volume.three here's the final omnibus volume.three and within these pages you'll see.the most changes in the stories and the.characters because something happens.within the pages here and that is well.let's talk about what it collects first.so this collects JSA 76 - 87 Justice.Society of America 1 through 28 Justice.League of America 8 through 10.just the Society of America annual.number 1 JSA kingdom comes special the.Superman and the.magog and then the kingdom special so.what happens.well something called infinite crisis.happens it's a gentleman ghost another.one of my favorites and actually geoff.johns didn't even get to finish out the.series because he was busy writing.something else but it's Paul Levitz I.believe that writes the final few issues.yet Paul Levitz and rag Morales writes.the final few issues of JSA so what does.that mean so when I said JSA 76 to 87.those are the final issues before.Infinite Crisis and Infinite Crisis.happens and then we have one year later.right when the characters come back and.that is what Justice Society of America.is so it gets the title gets renamed and.re numbered so JSA got renamed into.Justice Society of America after.Infinite Crisis that's what happened and.this is also Jeff John slash raw he.leaves the book as of issued 28 but not.before his huge holy trilogy of final.story thy kingdom come.which Alex Ross supplies as the co.plotter like he's Co plotting the story.along with him so it's a return of this.kingdom come characters and as a matter.of fact Alex Ross draws the kingdom.comes special Superman and it's actually.and actually he writes it himself and.it's a damn good story so yes it's this.story right here it's great and it's not.it's not the final story but it's kind.of to me a great send-off for these.characters yeah this is it this is the.kingdom come.Superman special it all led up to this.and then we have the return of Black.Adam all these characters like star girl.it's just nice to see them and honestly.flipping through these pages just makes.me want to revisit these books because I.enjoy them so much reading them I'd love.to do an old reader new reader on them.now let's look at the back here for.extras okay I was gonna say by now we.have variant covers so yeah Jeff Jones.this is everything that he did.the story of Justice Society of America.continued before it was all of course.well actually it all got canceled and.then rebooted because of new 52 and I.don't think these characters even.existed in the new 52 which is so.strange power girl how they don't forget.about the character Power Girl in this I.can go on for hours talking about these.characters it's they're so damn good and.like I said it's not that hard to get.into that's a classic scene it's kind of.a retcon what was it from the it's a.retcon of zero hour but anyway it's not.that hard to get into at all you don't.have to know prior history of the.Justice Society of America to enjoy.these stories I will say one more thing.though if you do feel like continuing on.and reading past the Jeff Jones era.that's where these books come in this is.Jay s Ace or I'm sorry Justice Society.of America the bad seed it's written by.Bill Willingham and Matthew stur just.people that did fables and jaco fables.and then there was another comic book at.the same time JSA all stars written by.Matthew Sturges and drawn by the.phenomenal Freddie Williams the second.but I think the second trait of this guy.cancelled this only went on for a few.more trades but that's it.as far as the binding of the book it's.also inviting and it's it's got a big.eye but it's a pretty big book because.of the paper quality that it has so.sometimes it has a hard time staying.open towards the very beginning unless.you've had a good read through and.you've opened them up properly now if.you're wanting to purchase some of these.books the ones that are still in print.please don't forget to check out our.sponsor cheap graphic novels calm your.online home for brand-new graphic novels.and collected editions up to 50% off the.cover price cheap graphic novels prides.itself on packaging your book so they.arrive safely and in excellent condition.as well as prompt and helpful service.and check out their bargain bin for even.greater deals up to 90% off cover price.and for you mentees cheap graphic novels.is renting a special promotion if you're.a first time customer let them know you.were referred by nietzermann condition.at the checkout and you'll receive a.credit for free shipping on your next.order now this is only for us 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you can do so and all of that.information is in the description down.below more importantly please everybody.stay healthy stay safe and much love to.you all.[Music].

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