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Key Elements of Writing the New Jersey Office Of The Attorney General New Jersey Division Of Njconsumeraffairs

[Music].welcome back to another edition of our.city a few things going around the city.of Elizabeth this week on Wednesday.October 30th at 5:00 in the afternoon.I'm going to bet the annual Harborfest.which takes place in the Bank of America.parking lot on Jefferson Avenue it's a.free community event hosted by the city.of Elizabeth our Department of Health.and Human Services the Department of.Recreation and the Office on youth and.services and Union County free other.Sergio granado's has been extremely.helpful as well this event features free.food hayride games costumes.entertainment music and much more it's a.great event bring the kids out celebrate.Halloween for more information please.call ninety eight eight two zero four.zero five one and that since october.30th is mischief night we ask all of our.concerned citizens to be safe and to be.smart and on Thursday October 31st at.1:30.I'll join students at school eighteen on.cross Avenue it would be a.trunk-or-treat event many of the schools.in the city have these events also.councilman Torres has one in the first.word and then Halloween please be safe.parents make sure you check the candy.bags and look for any open candy and if.it's open and unwrapped please throw it.out on Monday November 4th at 11 o'clock.in the morning a ribbon-cutting for the.new interpretive signs that's installed.outdoors on the grounds of the historic.First Presbyterian Church and burial.grounds on Broad Street it's part of the.crossroads of the American Revolution.and it's a statewide signage program it.features a six-pointed star used in the.original United States flag the signs.are designed to make it easier for.residents and heritage tours to locate.key revolutionary our historic sites and.learn more about the state's deep.Revolutionary War heritage and keep in.mind this building the Snyder Academy is.where both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron.Burr at one time attended college for.more information please call ninety.eight three five five nine seven nine.seven they did not attend college at the.same time however later that evening at.seven o'clock and.artful journey an art exhibit featuring.an Elizabeth artist.Daphne Manziel is on the third floor of.the Elizabeth Public Library please join.me for that exhibition as well and just.a reminder Tuesday November 5th is.election day and whoever you're going to.vote the most important thing is to go.out and vote please remember it is.important to cast your ballot on.November 5th if you need more.information concerning these events or.any other events please call our public.information office at nine zero eight.eight two zero four one two four and for.tonight's show I am pleased to be joined.by the Acting Director of Consumer.Affairs the director of the Division of.Consumer Affairs mr. Paul Rodriguez Paul.welcome to the show thank you very much.so Paul first of all the thing we always.ask our guests to tell us about.themselves where'd you come from.hope you're a Jersey guy I am a Jersey.guy I grew up in Union City okay and I.saw a family and it's some family in.Union City my grandparents are there my.my dad is in in Richfield Park now my.mom is in your family part of Cuban.immigration accordions they were yes.they were because a bo series the.congressman the time he talks awful lot.about the large Cuban immigration that.occurred not only in Union City but also.Elizabeth but Havana on the Hudson yeah.you you're on the Hudson yes yeah it's.next to we all can i mentioned Aaron.Burr which is that's right that's right.yeah I listened for a while did you.visit that site in the water.where Aaron Burr there's a marker um.there is a marker and there's a there's.a bust of him although there's last I.had heard maybe they have found it they.didn't quite know exactly where it was.but yes there's there's a bus there and.a marker so they made up something the.actual duel occurred right the best.guess I guess so you went to school here.college and you go yeah so I went to.winter Grammar School in in Union City I.went to Montclair State University for.college and then I went to law school.yeah yeah yeah Montclair yeah it's a.good trip.so you and some famous people are you.part of that skulls and bones dingo ah.oh I couldn't say if I was yeah exactly.you couldn't save you were.so the division of Consumer Affairs did.you come through state government Paul.or did you get an appointment how did.how did your career go forward after.Yale Law School so I was appointed by.Governor Murphy were four for Attorney.General could be R Great Wall.I was actually weren't used to work for.senator frank Lautenberg and so actually.my first job was was in Newark where I'm.working now Lautenberg was a good guy.who's great yeah he was a fun man to.know I remember when he first ran in.1982 and he was running for the US.Senate and Senator Ray Lesniak our state.senator had an event to meet and greet.Frank Lautenberg.I didn't know who he was and did some.research we became friends the senator.and I and he was a great representative.so when he passed.former congressman Matt Rinaldo and I.were the first to to attend the viewing.and the congressman looks at me and he.says you know Frank would've loved this.that we were the first two to show up at.the at the viewing I'd never forget that.for me so you know one of the things.that that is always inspired me and in.public service is that he would always.say that one of the reasons we were here.was to make people believe that.government could work and to make sure.that when they contact us we help them.as best we can.you were probably not on his staff in.the early eighties but senator.Lautenberg is responsible for the reason.the drinking age in his country is 21.years of age there was a transportation.bill working its way through the Senate.and the house and eventually signed by.President Reagan that said if you want.transportation dollars from the federal.government then you must raise your.drinking age to 21 and a lot of the.liquor industry and everyone else who is.deeply appalled by that however it.passed and the senator Lautenberg was.responsible for it I think the issue was.that people were because there was.different ages in different states.people would go somewhere to get alcohol.and then drive back drunk yeah Staten.Island was in my day that's where.everybody went I was a designated driver.though I know so.so the Division of Consumer Affairs.what's the services that it provides.Paul so we're the Consumer Protection.Agency for the people of new.so we're housed within the attorney.general's office our job it for one is.to do things like this to educate.consumers to make sure that they can.identify scams that they don't pop you.fall victim to unscrupulous practices.but unfortunately if they do fall victim.it's our job than to investigate and.then we civilly enforce so we don't do.criminal cases although we work with.criminal authorities but we will.investigate in New Jersey we have one of.the strongest consumer fraud acts in the.country so we are able to investigate if.there have been if someone has fallen.victim to some sort of scam or.unscrupulous business practice we're.able to get to find the business where.I'm able to then also you know truck.most importantly and we're able to get.sometimes restitution back for the for.the victim but then most importantly.we're trying to change those practices.and either put that person out of.business or make sure that they adhere.to our law so that other people don't.fall victim now you know what you think.about generally is that Consumer Fraud.Act when you think of the Division of.Consumer Affairs but there's a lot of.other things that we do so we also.regulate a lot of occupations and.professions.there's about 49 occupations and.profession professional boards right now.they license three-quarters of a million.individuals in the state of New Jersey.everything from doctors and nurses to.plumbers and architects and they also.will make sure that you know first of.all that's part of that is customer.service getting people licensed who need.to be licensed but it's also making sure.that once you have that license that.people are there you know that they're.there to protect the people of New.Jersey.so if they're there we set rules for how.that up that profession should operate.and if people violate those rules we can.go in and you know potentially take.their license away.so those rules are set up by your office.or they set up by the state legislature.so the it's both so are the state.legislature sets the you know they're.the statutory scheme well Ben X it's the.big picture and then it falls on either.the division or the individual boards to.set more detailed rules and regulations.to you know clear any any questions that.may give me some examples of some of the.scams that you mentioned in some.some of my friends tell me over there.like a hotel me overcharge or a gas.station well we're charging you you're.not getting LED gas or whatever that is.but tell me some of the examples that.you would do in some of the scams so I.mean it's all sorts of things so.obviously you know we'll look into.sometimes it's big picture financial.scam so you're looking at you know.whether a student loan company or a.mortgage company is somehow not applying.payments correctly or searing people to.the wrong sort of repayment thing a.repayment program but there's also.issues where you know individuals will.go a home improvement contractor for.example which we register may take your.money and then never show up or you.might happens a lot it does happen a lot.we have car manufacturer or car dealers.who may do a bait-and-switch.or may sell you something you know a car.that they know you can't afford we.actually took action against a auto.dealer earlier this year that was in the.business of selling people cars.repossessing them and selling them again.sometimes up to five times in a year.same vehicle and then you know we'll do.things like you know there's there's all.sorts of scams in other areas so there's.scams and charities where people will.set up a fake charity take the money.themselves pocket the money themselves.we have issues where you may have a an.auto repair so on that issue with.GoFundMe pages it must be a struggle.sometimes it is it is I mean a lot of.what we do is about educating consumers.so that they can identify some of the.the red flags and you know that's.probably the most important thing that.we can do as an agency because I hear.from people a lot you know FTC has done.some studies on why people fall victim.to scams and who doesn't fall victim you.know a lot of times it's the same people.saying you know each level of education.everything the difference was that.someone had heard of the scam before so.you know you get one of the copycat.copycat well so if you know about the.scam you're more likely to recognize it.and not fall for it so I mean one of the.things that I I can guarantee most of.the the viewers here will have fallen.victim to or at least have a Steve the.call the attempt is you know these these.unsolicited calls on the phone I.of all time I get them all the time one.of the things a lot of times they.pretend to be a government agency in.fact we had some there were people.trying to pretending to be our office.calling up our doctors and our nurses.and saying that there was an issue with.their license and so the most important.thing and most common ones are our.people calling you claiming to be the.Social Security Administration your.Social Security number is going to be.revoked or something like that where you.have to pay your back on taxes you have.to pay taxes it's important to know you.know the government is never going to.call you and demand immediate payment.one of the most common forms of payment.is gift cards to give cards are for.giving gifts they're not for making a.payment to a government agency and.that's one of the most common scams it's.there it's untraceable it's very hard to.get the person so if everybody's.watching this show and wants to know a.scam your advice is don't pay attention.to any phone call that's right there's.there's no way the government in any.agency Social Security Consumer Affairs.law enforcement FBI is ever calling you.they're not going to call you to get.your private information and demand an.immediate payment over the phone what.they try to do a lot of these scammers.is throw you off balance they want to.scare you the other one that's another.similar scam that's not pretending to be.the government is try someone pretending.to be your grandchild and this happens.all time they'll someone who will call.up and claim hey you know my sorry you.know Netta my voice yeah I'm in jail my.voice sounds a little a little different.because I was just roughed up in jail I.need you to send money right away and.they try to scare you and they tried.them or they'll say I found your your.your grandson hit on by a car on the.side of the road you need to send me.money right now so we can we can take.care can you can you actually trace any.of that stuff the calls are very.difficult to trace the technology.nowadays is we work with the federal.government the FTC the FBI the calls.themselves are very difficult to trace.that's why and the method of payment.that's that's preferred though you've.got wire transfers and you've got gift.cards those are also very hard to trace.so the most important thing is that.people understand they recognize that.this is a scam and they not also how.many calls you receive in a given year.get about 12,000 a year just on consumer.protection sort of scans as opposed to.our boards and occupational life and say.hey how do you deal with you got a you.got to sift through those right you.can't go through all 12,000 that's right.that's right so what we do is we we look.at it for we try to see you know with.who are the people that we can help a.lot of the calls unfortunately don't.have enough information a lot of the.calls are you know may be anonymous or.they may not have you know people don't.keep receipts or anything like that the.extent that we're able to find you know.we sift through we look for patterns.which are the areas that people are.affected the most to the extent that we.can send them to someone where that they.might be better suited so if they're.calling from another state we might send.that other state sometimes it's an issue.that another state agency deals worth.and then our some of the counties have.offices here in Union County there's a.there's an office of consumer protection.and if it's a local issue maybe one.store here in Union County we might send.them to that off so you get complaints.out of Elizabeth and you probably can't.talk about it but well a big picture we.get I think in the last year we've got.about a hundred twenty-three complaints.was the number I saw one hundred and.twenty two hundred and twenty three.exactly just off the top of my head and.and you know it matches our pattern so.the number one thing that people.complain about is home problems with.home improvement contractors same here.for the city of Elizabeth we've got the.other most common ones are auto sales.lending and repairs our number two.complaint it's also top here and was.myths padule-- auto repair shops a lot.of complaints against them and it really.matches our well we're gonna take a.break run a commercial I'm going to come.back and talk about the process to file.I just want to correct one thing I said.in the beginning is when it was senator.Lautenberg and I who attended.congressman and all those services.wasn't the other way around.and we walked in together and he said.Maddie would appreciate that you and I.the first two year please stay with us.after these messages back with Paul.Rodriguez in the Division of Consumer.Affairs.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].welcome back to our city where I'm.joined by Paul Rodriguez the acting.director of Consumer Affairs and Paul.one of the things we're talking about.before the break where complaints so if.there's someone in a city or anywhere.for that matter how do they process it.how do they file the complaint the best.way to do it is to go to our website if.you can NJ Consumer Affairs gov there's.a red button on the upper red on the.upper right corner says follow complaint.you can call us to get more information.but we need all the complaints in.writing because we needed in your words.and also we often need receipts and.other accompanying documentation so if.you can do it through the website and if.you can't you can send it to us by mail.do they know do you send something back.to them it says it's being investigated.or it's been forwarded to a investigator.or something like that they can always.check on the on the status of the.complaint but again yet so they'll get.an acknowledgment if they follow it.electronically and then you can also.reach it the complaint gets closed they.know about that yes okay so how it works.in the the list of occupant occupations.that you talked about which was.questioned you said you wanted to cover.in a lot of different areas and I think.you did so do you do outreach to.communities on these issues and what.about different languages especially in.our area sure we probably speak Spanish.do you can see Spanish okay good so that.that that's easy for you but we also.have you know we have in Far Eastern.population or you have a Creole.population we have a Syrian population.coming in how do you deal with those.languages so first of all in terms of.outreach we have it we have an outreach.team they go out and they'll go to.senior centers they'll go to schools.they'll go to to the extent that there's.you know sometimes fairs outdoor/indoor.even career fairs because there's career.scams anywhere you know if you want to.have a career scam so you know today.we'll set up there are scammers that.will set up information so either.they're gonna try to get your personal.information by trying to get solicit.resumes and then you've got your your.name your address your email address.your phone number there and then they'll.try to contact you to get information or.we've seen scams where they'll try to.get you to painted.so oh we've got this job all you got to.do is you pay five hundred dollars for a.background check or something like that.they're not even you know often they.don't even set up an interview they.never see you they claim that you know.this they want to get numbers as many.people as possible I've never heard of.this one so thank you yes education yeah.and so we have we do have most of our.outreaches in English and in Spanish we.do have some people that speak other.languages certainly we are trying to.offer as much as we can in other.languages so on our website all our.complaint forms are in English and.Spanish some of our consumer briefs we.have a language line so that when people.call any language that spoke them it's.an outside translator that will come and.they can do simultaneous translation so.that if people are you know fall victims.and you we can we can help them and it's.something that we care a lot about.because if people are the more that they.feel unconnected to government the more.that they feel that there's not someone.on taking you dancers from the more.likely that they artificial we always.read about stories where your.information is stolen from a major.credit corporation or Saks or Nordstrom.and sorry to mention those companies to.just ones my wife shops I like they.always try to take and they'll say.there's a major data breach cyber.security how do you deal with those two.issues so first of all I mean as we.talked about before education is one of.the most important thing so you know we.do a lot of Education this happens.October happens to be cybersecurity.month okay so we are preparing actually.this month education materials we're.going it's also breast cancer awareness.month in it I think I am I think you got.like everything covered thanks for.noticing we actually have so we're.putting together education materials for.grammar middle you know elementary.middle school and high school on for so.people are aware of about cybersecurity.kids are getting access to the Internet.earlier and earlier these days and so.they're putting information online and.they don't have as good a sensor as good.a census we would like them to have.about how the information they put on.there it's up there forever I just.participated with our acting prosecutor.Lindsay rotolo in a cyberbully.component for a great school the Albert.Einstein's : she and her team went over.there and explained to these kids sixth.graders.seventh-graders what to expect and the.oil they all had a cellphone.fifth-grader island yeah so they all had.access to the Internet.any data cases data breach cases worth.mentioning here in New Jersey yeah so.we've had we've had quite a few we.investigate quite a few we have in New.Jersey I mean big picture to give you a.sense we have hundreds of notifications.a year of data breaches we've settled.some big ones recently so that we had.you know the Equifax breach is one of.the ones that affected the most number.of consumers around the country in New.Jersey there you know millions of a.potentially a penchant potentially.affected consumers that was a settlement.of a hundred and seventy five million.dollars Wow it was set up four hundred.twenty five million dollars as well was.set up as a consumer restitution fund we.had one with premier blue cross as well.and that was for some lack of security.that exposed Social Security numbers and.health information that was settled for.ten million dollars about you know.72,000 what did they get information on.people's prescriptions or something in.that area that it was it was health care.information but also social security.numbers and I mean there's been other.cases I mean last year we had a.settlement with a company that was that.had submitted information about people's.HIV status information that you could.see unfortunately through the window of.the of the envelope so it comes in all.forms I mean interesting the scams that.you talk about what is the consumer bowl.so that scam it's not a scam good a scam.my no charity explain the consumer Bowl.I'm like I wonder if that's a scam could.such a good thing.it's a good thing it's cannabis cancer.and talk about good things it's part of.our outreach efforts so it's it's.basically a a game show format that it's.how we educate the next generation of.consumers we go to high schools we have.and we the high schools will compete.against each other on knowledge about.scams about regulations so make sure.that they're educated consumers when.they enter the the marketplace were the.one you told me about on the under job.program is something that probably.should really be enforced at.my daughter's a sophomore in college.it's something I'm gonna call her about.right away I mean I I never heard of.that one clapper it is it is and I just.want to mention too that there is an.Elizabeth school that's part of the.takes place in the that takes part in.the consumer oh really.it's Thomas Edison Career and Technical.yeah they do a lot of good things over.there and tell me initiatives that deal.with growing crisis of prescription.drugs I mentioned it briefly tell me.more about how your office is involved.so we're involved with it in a lot of.different ways so first of all I should.say Attorney General gray will set up a.new office to handle coordinated efforts.across the the Department of Law and.Public Safety which law on Public Safety.he oversees the State Police Consumer.Affairs the division of law and together.there's there's an office now that.coordinates all of our anti o buin work.that's called NJ cares what we do we.have sue we have brought lawsuits first.of all against some of the drug.manufacturers you know well you know in.the news today there's information about.you know about Purdue Pharma against the.Sackler family we brought lawsuits.against them they we have also what will.bring cases against but there's an.attempt a set of that case but the.Attorney General said he he was opposed.to that settlement that's correct.that's right and what he has said is.that we are gonna bring we are gonna.tackle the opioid crisis in New Jersey.whether it's you know through state.police whether it's people slinging.drugs in the corner or whether through.the division of Consumer Affairs its if.someone who's selling drugs in out of a.doctor's office or doing something.incorrectly in a out of the boardroom.and so we will also bring cases against.indiscriminate prescribers so the.doctors other prescribers who are.essentially just selling drugs they're.selling a script right there write a.script for exactly eleven o'clock twelve.o'clock one I think you keep writing.scripts all day long right and.unfortunately we've seen some pretty.egregious cases of patients coming in.you know you might have some video for.example or testimony we might send an.undercover patient sometimes we work.with law enforcement come in and the.doctor will say what do you want and the.dead patient will say oh you know I'm.gonna sell this afterwards and they'll.to them anyway and so we need to come in.and so the Division of Consumer Affairs.is the one who authorizes prescribers to.prescribe controlled dangerous.substances like opioids but then the.board's licensed them so we can take.away their ability to prescribe and the.board's can take away their license or.suspend them and then also in addition.to that we have a drug take-back program.that the residents here should know.about so if you've got extra extra.pharmaceutical medications that you have.expired that you no longer need you can.bring them in the police departments.have what we call a project medicine.drop it's it's basically a mailbox it's.no questions when I was in police.headquarters.yes exactly yeah exactly it's white it's.no question that when they deal with the.medicine today burn it they do it.actually it's it's burned and it makes.energy it does that's is there one.facility in New Jersey that burns into.you there is yeah there is yeah there's.one facility that burns in and converts.it to energy and it's great because.apparently the the statistic it's.something like 70% of the people who end.up being addicted to heroin first got.addicted because they found prescription.drugs in someone's medicine cabinet was.just too easy to find and sometimes you.know there was a time in which you know.I think doctors have changed their.practices a lot there was a time when.they prescribed for 30 days when they.only wanted you to take four days and so.people just kept them in their mail in.their medicine cabinets that's very very.dangerous you don't want your child or.your grandchild to falter so before we.close you're running out of time we got.to talk about the holiday season I mean.there's always a lot of scams around the.holiday season tell us tell me and our.viewers what to expect what to watch out.for during the holiday season so a.couple things to keep in mind for the.holiday season one is just his charities.I mentioned them before they really see.a lot of scams both in the holiday.season and after after natural disasters.in the holiday season if just think of.charity solicitations the same way you.think of other things that you're gonna.buy online if someone is sending you and.this is just good practice in general.someone's sending you an unsolicited.email or if you're seeing something on.Facebook that's you know don't.necessarily trust that don't click links.and email from people that you don't.wreck it.to give money a lot you can always.unfortunately you see scams for.charities and so you can't scans for.businesses like this it's a fake it's a.fake website sometimes they're very good.at making it look like a real charity.making it look like a real business when.you click on it it will look similar.just go to that website yourself if you.want to find a charity you find a.business that you want to do business.with go to that website yourself don't.click it from the website or from from.an email email.similarly you know because we registered.charities you can check this with us to.make sure whether the charity is.registered in New Jersey no they're.allowed to solicit fonts you know going.into the cold and winter season lasts a.couple weeks ago you had a David freed.our superintendent of we our office of.weights and measures he goes out and he.looks and make sure that you know trucks.that have that carry home heating oil.well are actually that they're meters.are set up correctly and every once in a.while you know you'll find we actually.took we did a sweep when we had to take.some of those vehicles off the road.because you know there were problems.with the meters it's always an.unfortunately in favor of of the company.and out the consumer but we are making.sure that that's happening if you feel.you you know there might there's.something hinky going on you should make.a complaint to us as well well I want to.thank you for taking the time out of.your schedule to join us here today and.educate the residents of New Jersey.about the work that the Consumer Affairs.Division does it's my pleasure very much.for Paul Rodriguez I'm mayor Chris Paul.wage we'll see you next week on another.edition of our city.[Music].you.[Music].

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  3. Open the email with the document you need to sign.
  4. From the sidebar, click 'Sign'.
  5. Type your electronic signatures.
  6. Design them in the document where you need to.
  7. Press 'Done'.

The signed file is in the draft folder. You can easily deliver it to your required mailing address.

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How to create an e-signature for the New Jersey Office Of The Attorney General New Jersey Division Of Njconsumeraffairs straight from your smartphone?

mobile phones are the most effective electronic devices used these days. You must be interested in using e-signature from this most used electronic device.

Also, with eSignature capability on your mobile phone, you can e-sign your document anytime, anywhere, away from your laptop or desktop. You can make use of CocoSign electronic signature on your phones by following these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the CocoSign website from your mobile browser. Login to your CocoSign account or sign up with us if you don't have registered before.
  2. Select the document you need to e-sign from your mobile folder.
  3. Open the document and click the page where you want to put the electronic signatures.
  4. Press 'My Signatures'.
  5. Design your electronic signature and place it to the page.
  6. Press 'Done'.
  7. Load the document or directly share through email.

That's it. You will be done signing your New Jersey Office Of The Attorney General New Jersey Division Of Njconsumeraffairs on your phones within minutes. With CocoSign's remote signature software, you no longer need to worry about the security of your electronic signatures and use our application of your choice.

How to create an e-signature for the New Jersey Office Of The Attorney General New Jersey Division Of Njconsumeraffairs on iOS?

Many softwares have a harder setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can insert esignature on the doc simply with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below steps will help you to e-sign your New Jersey Office Of The Attorney General New Jersey Division Of Njconsumeraffairs from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Place the CocoSign application on your iOS device.
  2. Design your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
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  6. Design your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
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How to create an electronic signature for the New Jersey Office Of The Attorney General New Jersey Division Of Njconsumeraffairs on Android?

In recent, Android gadgets are popular used. Therefore, to make convenience to its customers, CocoSign has developed the application for Android users. You can use the following steps to e-sign your New Jersey Office Of The Attorney General New Jersey Division Of Njconsumeraffairs from Android:

  1. Place the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Press on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to put your electronic signatures.
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  5. Design your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and press '✓'.
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Would you be shocked if reports are true that the New Jersey Attorney General’s office has evidence that President Trump’s New Jersey golf club was handing out fraudulent green cards and social security numbers to undocumented workers?

Trump is completely unfit to be president and may very well be convicted of crimes. even so, I would have to see a smoking gun in his hand before giving credit to this assertion.

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In my opinion, Cape May is one of the most restful places in the civilized world. It is a wonderful preservation of Victorian US. In it’s heyday, it was THE vacation spot for the DC elite, including presidents. I like to go there to relax and do minimal running around (except to the shops and restaurants). Take a carriage ride (if there is snow in December, you can take a ride in a horse drawn sleigh) around town. Other attractions (in no specific order): State Park Whale watch Lightouse Leaming Gardens Cold Spring Village (historic artisan recreation) Nature Center Sunset Beach Not typically on the tourist maps are the concrete freighters (Concrete ship - Wikipedia ). The stripped hull was brought to Cape May to be sunk to create artificial reefs but broke loose and were left where they grounded. S.S. Atlantus: Concrete Ship and Lead Balloon maybe not the most romantic of exciting thing but a fascinating piece of history. Enjoy your stay and let me know what you did, when you get back,

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Business Records Service You will have to know the name of the LLC at minimum. You then may be able to order a previously filed annual report, which will list the registered agent and officers.

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There are two parts to this question - federal and state taxes are calculated separately. For federal taxes, you will be subject to last years’ federal income tax brackets. For 2016, you will owe somewhere around 10% on anything below $9,275. The exact amount will vary depending on your filing status, taxable portion of the income, deductions, exemptions, credits, and so on. For NJ state taxes, you will owe $108 according to the current tax table (your amount falls between the $7700 and $7750 line). See link below for more information (click on Tax Table): NJ Division of Taxation For general infor Continue Reading

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