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Notes on filling the Tail Lift Certificate Of Test Maxon Lift Corp Uk Limited

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Instruction of Finishing the Tail Lift Certificate Of Test Maxon Lift Corp Uk Limited

since 1957.Maxon has been the leader in liftgate.innovations that deliver higher.reliability enhanced productivity and.lower cost of ownership from the.invention of the first tuck away gate in.1957 to industry-leading achievements.like the BMR a column lik GPT premium.tuck away GPT LR level ride tuck away.and DMD the first direct medium-duty.rail lift to the latest advancements.that make lift gates smarter safer and.more reliable.Maxon helps you surpass your fleets.efficiency goals.hello this video will introduce you to.the operation and features of the max on.BM RA and BM r SD lift gates this course.is broken down into three sections.section one introduction will review the.BMR in its numerous features section two.safety will discuss important safety.issues to be considered before and.during the operation of the BMR liftgate.section three operation discusses.deploying loading unloading and stowing.the lift gate Maxson's.industry-leading BMR column lift lift.gates have been designed to help.maximize the fleet's efficiency the.basic operation of the BMR a and BMR SD.is identical the BMR SD short for severe.duty features additional technology.enhancements such as power down on.demand which allows for optimal.performance in the harshest and most.corrosive environments now let's cover.some liftgate terminology the BMR as a.column lift style lift gate which.attaches to the rear frame of a truck or.trailer the BMR is made up of columns.chain assemblies runner assemblies.a platform name and a fold-over section.the platform features a fixed ramp or an.optional aluminum retention ramp that.functions as a load retention device as.well as around the platform is connected.to runner assemblies that move up and.down within the columns the BMR is.equipped with automatic hydraulic lock.valves at the top of the columns these.valves unlock and lock automatically.when the control switch is activated the.gate lifts hydraulically but the.hydraulic pressure is created by an.electric motor that connects to a pump.this motor gets its power from either.the truck batteries or an auxilary.battery pack which is charged by the.alternator of the truck or tractor there.are two lift gate control locations the.main control can only be accessed when.standing on the ground and enables you.to raise lower fold and unfold the.platform the runner switch is located on.the right hand runner and allows the.operator to raise and lower the platform.while standing on the platform next.let's review the pump box controls a.master disconnect switch is located on.the outside of the pump box if this.switch is in the off position it cuts.the power to the lift gate on a single.pump configuration this switch is either.in the on or off position on a dual pump.configuration which is standard on the.BMR SD and an option on the BMR this.switch provides for selection options.the first option is the off position.this selection cuts power to both pumps.the second option all gives power to.both pumps and the third and fourth.selection options one or two powers.either pump 1 or pump to the latest.generation of BM ARS with dual pumps.features this simplified new master.disconnect switch in the off position.power is cut to both pumps and positions.1 or 2 provides power to either pump 1.or pump 2 in these latter two choices.you also need to make sure that the.selector switch inside the pump box is.in the corresponding.this pump selector switch can be used to.select either pump 1 or 2 to power the.liftgate additionally on BM RSD models.only located within the pump box is the.power down on-demand selector switch the.benefit of having the gate and power.down mode is to maintain an even.platform speed independent of the.ambient temperature the down side is.higher power consumption because the.motor now runs twice as long all max on.lift gates are shipped with an operation.manual this manual should be located in.your vehicle or can be accessed and.downloaded at WWDC lifts calm / products./ column lift this manual should be.located in your vehicle or can be.accessed and downloaded at this website.hard copies can be ordered free of.charge from Maxon customer service at.1-800-750-2723 500 pounds to six.thousand six hundred pounds depending on.the model check the capacity decal of.your particular model for its rated.capacity at no time should you ever.place a load on the platform that is.greater than the rated capacity of the.lift gate always consider the safety and.location of bystanders and the location.of nearby objects when operating the.lift gate.ideally position safety cones on the.outer edge of the loading area be.certain that the area the lift gate will.move through during operation is clear.of all obstacles stand to one side of.the platform while operating.liftgate never allow any part of your.body to be placed under within or around.any portion of the moving liftgate or.its mechanisms or in a position that.would trap you between the platform and.the floor of the truck or trailer body.or between the platform and the ground.when the lift gate is operated you will.also find a series of warning decals on.the lift gate make sure you understand.and comply with all of these warnings.prior to operating the lift gate always.keep these decals clean and legible free.replacement decals can be ordered by.calling Maxon customer service at.1-800-750-2723.visually check that the pump cover is on.securely and undamaged and look for.hydraulic fluid leaking from the pump.box check the hydraulic cylinders for.leaking seals and hose connections.follow the hydraulic hoses from the.cylinders to the pump box make sure that.all hoses are connected at both ends and.that there are no cracks chafing or.fluid leaks in the hoses or fittings.check the hydraulic fluid level through.the sight glass for a correct reading.the gate must be in the stowed transit.position the fluid level should be at.the center of the sight glass if it is.below the center inform your service.center and have the problem corrected.before you go out on your route check.the platform support chains for twisting.in worn-out links check that the main.control switch and runner switch are in.place and undamaged confirm that the.automatic hydraulic safety locks are in.place and undamaged visually check that.all warning and instruction decals are.in place clean and undamaged check for.rust dirt and oily surfaces on the lift.gate if any appear then clean off the.lift gate check all weld surfaces for.cracks or breaks bends or weld fatigue.most importantly you should make sure.that the lift gate is operating smoothly.when the lift gate is moving listen for.unusual noises and look for jerking.motion or uneven movement on either side.of the platform the only noise you.should hear when operating the lift is.the sound of the hydraulic motor if any.of the operation checks reveal a need to.service or repair the lift gate do not.operate the unit until a qualified.mechanic completes the service or repair.also initiate regular quarterly and.annual preventive maintenance checks a.preventative maintenance checklist can.be found in the BMR maintenance manual.and on the Maxon website.please note that there are two standard.control locations the main control.switch is located at ground level and it.allows the operator to raise lower.unfold and fold the platform while.standing on the ground the runner switch.is accessible from the platform and.allows the operator to raise and lower.the platform only the switch remains.within reach when the operator rides the.platform up and down to open the.platform first push the toggle switch to.the down position to lower the platform.until arrow decals are about even this.releases the platform from the locking.wedges on the lift gate columns next use.the main control to unfold the platform.press the two lower toggle switches to.the left or unfold position until the.platform reaches the unfolded horizontal.position and then release both switches.ideally always use both hands during the.platform unfold and fold operation next.lower the platform to the ground by.moving the toggle switch on the control.box to the down position release the.toggle switch when the platform reaches.the ground if the gate is equipped with.a retention ramp there are three.different functions to select from.stowed retention and ramp to unfold the.retention ramp first push down on the.retention ramp to release the tension on.the lock to unfold the ramp for loading.release the lock by pressing on it and.holding it rotate the ramp to the ground.now the load can be placed on the.platform place all loads as close as.possible to the end board edge of the.platform with the heaviest part toward.the truck or trailer body a load should.never extend past the edges of the.platform typical devices to move loads.are mechanical or electrical pallet.jacks and carts and never drive a.forklift on to or across the platform.move loads across the ramp and onto the.platform but never rest or raise loads.on the ramp if your platform is equipped.with the optional retention ramp fold.the ramp to the retention position.before raising the load when operating.the platform with a load make sure to.stay in a safe area away from the edges.of the platform and always maintain.three points of contact use the runner.switch to raise the platform from the.ground level to the bed height release.the switch when the platform reaches bed.height now carefully move the load into.the vehicle when loading is finished use.the runner switch to lower the platform.to ground level if there are more loads.to be put in the vehicle repeat the.previously shown steps when loading is.finished stow the platform for unloading.load the platform at bed level by.pushing the load out of the vehicle to.the correct position on the platform.never pull the load from the vehicle.onto the platform as this can result in.a fall from the platform and serious.injury place all loads as close as.possible to the inboard edge of the.platform with the heaviest part toward.the vehicle body a load should never.extend past the edges of the platform do.not place unstable loads on the platform.and do not allow the load to exceed.lifting capacity of the lift gate while.standing on the platform with the load.always stand in a safe area away from.the edges of the platform and always.maintain three points of contact use the.runner switch to lower the platform to.the ground release the switch when the.platform reaches ground level if your.platform is equipped with the optional.retention ramp push down on the lock.mechanism and lower the retention ramp.to the ramp position carefully move the.load off the platform and then move it.to a safe place where it will not become.a hazard for people and other vehicles.when unloading is finished stir the.platform in order to stow the platform.use the main control.to raise the platform until the decals.on the left-hand column are aligned.prevent damage to the lift gate by.always aligning the arrow decals first.before folding the platform now fold the.platform by pushing the lower two toggle.switches on the main control to the fold.position release the switches when the.platform is completely folded finally.raise the platform all the way up into.the upper locking position now the gate.is securely stowed for transit dock.loading or unloading requires the.platform to be lowered below dock level.the platform can be either lowered via.the main control or the runner switch.until it rests on the bottom stops.release the switch when the top edge of.the closed platform is below bed height.and dock level and in the lower locking.position always use the dock plate for.moving loads between the dock and the.vehicle the dock plate must be supported.by the dock and the vehicle floor it.must not rest on the lift gate platform.now loads can be moved between dock and.the vehicle without using the lift gate.as with any piece of equipment the most.important thing to remember is to follow.all safety precautions always be aware.of your surroundings and make sure you.follow all operating procedures and.safety warnings if the lift gate is not.working properly discontinue any use and.stow the lift gate if possible and have.a qualified mechanic correct the problem.properly conducting your pre and post.trip inspection can help you identify.problems before you get out on the road.keep safety in mind by always using.proper lifting techniques use.three-point contact entering and exiting.your vehicle and while loading and.unloading never jump off the lift gate.platform and always secure your load.keeping these things in mind will ensure.proper and safe use thank you for.choosing a Maxon lift gate.

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