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welcome to tonight's workshop before we.have the Planning Commission called a.meeting to order we're going to have.antenna just provide a an overview of.how the your headsets work yes no I'm hi.good evening everyone.yes a TAS my company Alex yeah I put.those for a most part in a collective.axiom until a Los Angeles.I am very and this is my partner Alexia.and together we're part of a collective.called antenna Los Angeles antenna Los.Angeles from a velocity lengua here.provides a Los Angeles and then a.promotes language justice rail Los.Angeles Lamar has alluded to it que todo.mundo DNA they are la disco cherry and.canary melon working Christine Tomas.como como de um language justice is the.concept that everyone has the right to.speak understand and be understood in.the language they feel most comfortable.this is possibly where moms are.penniless Ryuga and Nestle so for the.creation of this bilingual space we are.gonna need your help since cuando viene.la Sol Center pitas a cuando same.incentive a condo at resolve Onesimus.vamos a dos ángeles Parrinello persona.hablando so when you see this.interpreting either here or in the path.you're gonna see us maybe doing some.signals.dr. 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mezcla mezodon el equipo y les.Kamala Vitiello cassia CIN Kotra.pregunta tenemos Foyet Oh Selma Mensa.muchisimas gracias por participar away.por invitamos apoyar s despacio prices.well is this it's just like yes it's on.well let me welcome you all to the.special meeting of the Planning.Commission.it's wonderful to see so many people.here so many people engaged in thinking.about their community in the future and.also people who are protesting they're.all part of our community - and it's.gonna be a long evening so just make.yourself comfortable there is food in.the bag restrooms are on the side and as.they were speaking earlier be sure to.use your machines if you don't.understand what's being said or if it's.being said too softly or too loudly so.now I'd like to actually have a roll.call here and starting at this end.Commissioner Anderson present.Commissioner fresco here commissioner.Lambert here.Commissioner winders here and.Commissioner Perry here chair founder.bernard ET here thank you okay.and now i'd like to turn the meeting.over to our planning director david if.you could come forward.[Music].good evening everybody just gonna turn.over quickly to our city manager Rick.Cole he's gonna give an introduction so.Rick.good evening everyone welcome to the.second zoning workshop this one is.focused on Pico Boulevard it's part of a.project that was launched in January for.a long time going back to the city's.adoption of our citywide zoning code.there's been a shared understanding in.the community and in city government.that the Pico neighborhood is a special.place a place with a rich history a rich.cultural diversity and a special quality.of life and so we made a commitment as a.city to undertake a zoning project that.would re-examine in a more fine-grain.detail and in partnership with the.community the zoning code and land use.regulations in January the council also.said this should be part of a broader.project that looks at not just land use.and zoning but the broader issues of.well-being in our community we're.focused tonight however on the zoning.and the land use piece and particularly.around Pico Boulevard but as the.presence of our friends from the Pico.Neighborhood Association and others who.share their concerns in the community.demonstrates there's another issue that.we ought not to ignore and that is that.there have been.allegations and criminal charges filed.against a now former city employee who.whose those allegations are shocking.heartbreaking I want to emphasize that.they are criminal charges he's not yet.been arraigned we have launched as a.city an independent investigation into.the context for those and other.allegations that have been made if if.you have interest in any of additional.information it is on the table over.there both the what the city is doing.and how if you have any information that.is relevant either to the criminal.investigation or to the investigation.into allegations about what the city.knew or should have known about these.allegations then please pick up one of.these we encourage you to step forward.and talk to either the Sheriff's.Department or to our independent.investigators from the firm of Atkinson.handle s'en lawyer root and Romo.they are Gabriel sound of all and Irma.Rodriguez moisha I also want to note.that this Saturday and there's.information on the table we'll have the.first of a series of meetings in the.community to address the issue of child.abuse and how we can all work together.to prevent that maria what do you what.are you asking.potential cover-up well that's exactly.why we launched an independent.investigation is to find out if such.allegations are correct okay so guys.we're gonna focus on on zoning and land.use tonight and as you know I met with.the president of PNA this morning school.board member Oscar de la Torre and as we.have had Maria since the beginning of.this project we've had some productive.meetings with PA we welcome you back.into this process at such time as you.think it's appropriate all right so let.me turn it back over to the Planning.Commission and to our city staff we hope.that we can conduct this in a productive.way tonight and we can actually make.some progress on things that I think.everyone in the room agrees on which is.we face real challenges of.gentrification and displacement in our.community I think we can all agree with.those are real issues and I think we can.all agree that it's not hard to it is.not easy I should say to solve those.challenges so we're all gonna have to.roll up our sleeves and work together to.solve them all right so mr. chairman.turn it over to you.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].bueno pues muchas gracias por estar aqui.yo soy Cecilia - VAR e trabajo para la.biblioteca de esta serie a vamos a.empezar darlene production he las casas.upstairs.sanika presentatio say que o he is.poquito pardon against us creciendo.cinta Frio pero obviamente mucho gusto.very stressed and participant oh he cast.o ellos van 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of.compassion and that there's a lot of.action being taken and I want to thank.the Park Virginia Avenue Park and pìkô.well-being project for helping us come.together become passionate and to help.our community one of the things that I.want to I'm really excited about is - I.want to talk quickly about the micro.grab well-being micro grant projects.we've had I think about eight members.that were awarded here and it's been.launching since I think September a lot.of projects that have been launching and.it's been really amazing a lot of people.have come out to participate there's.been a lot of community action a lot of.community gathering and.next week this weekend we have a.luncheon for the african-american.community and leadership that's gonna be.led by Benicia Fischer and Shirley.Compton I missed a couple of the other.workshops and I can't remember all of.their names but I think we also have.another one coming up within the.Ethiopian community and the Latin X.community are coming together to do a.project and then in December I have a.project that's coming that's coming up.called desert and dialogue and basically.it's where we as a community pico.community we will get together over.desserts and fruit and we just talk and.have good old-fashioned family fun we're.gonna be playing games and in addition.to that I'm working on creating the.first Pico neighborhood community.cookbook where we have community members.from all over Pico neighborhood.submitting recipes and if you RSVP and.come to the event you can get a copy of.the cookbook but one of the things that.I find really amazing about this project.I've been living here for about ten.years now is I understand what community.means and I understand what diversity.means but I really didn't I really.didn't completely get it until I started.working on this well-being project we.have an Ethiopian family member who's.actually here tonight with her family.her name is Abra head and her recipe is.in the she's eat the opium but it was an.Egyptian recipe that with an Ethiopian.twist and she gave me she said look I.can't I don't have access to the.computer so can you help me I said sure.I'm writing the recipe down but she.couldn't really explain how to cook her.recipe so we went to the kitchen and I.videotaped her making this amazing dish.and while that was happening so just.imagine this Ethiopian woman.making this Egyptian just dish while a.Zumba class was happening at the same.time so it was just so amazing and it's.one of the reasons why I love this.community so much this is such a gem in.a city that actually I wish other people.in Santa Monica really didn't know about.cuz I don't want to share it but it is.it's full of culture it's full of.authenticity.it's full of community engagement it is.a village and she wished and I asked her.I said you know what do you think about.the Pico community and she says well my.family and I moved here from Ethiopia we.left our family and we love this.community so much because this is our.second family.this Pico neighborhood this Park is our.family my family feels safe here I feel.safe here we learn we live we love and.we laugh together and we all cry.together too and that's when I knew I.was so happy that I was awarded this.micro grant to do this project so that I.can share these stories in the cookbook.and so that we can have conversations.about this and so if you guys haven't.really spent a lot of time during the.week in this Park I know a lot of people.I see a lot of familiar faces that I see.on Saturday but if you come here during.the week that's where we have all a lot.of the golden nuggets and the diamonds.here so I appreciate everyone coming out.I thank you for your hard work your.commitment your late nights and helping.us make Pico shine and the way that it.should and so now I'm going to pass it.to this.well we went as much as me nobody's.let's cruise.so in a visa precedented LMS a directive.Akina in his party bohemian akhirin poco.de lo que 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microgram receptor in SU Segundo.oh god yes oh escucha the various bases.producer Mucha gente muchas cosas.sovereignity Nestor parking porque estas.el espacio cane or momenti muchas cosas.maha cos e can be cambia el ambiente no.solamente de de la familia see no la.comunidad Solis Agron hamachi kiss.Tenakee e muchas gracias por su tiempo.[Music].if they will know me when does not.cheese number Sofia Ramirez is the item.inside parte de las vecas que quieran e.vector consists in their classes de.comida.Mukul total purchased a as you know.homey tortillas yes they study.introduced en de los farmers markets are.muy contento victorious in the stack.clase es tan nonetheless bahia palace.frescoes este my class a noise plan.yadda included a la gente que esta.present a los evidence aqui por la.mañana la coka otra seven mrs. - the.anticipation is participant s so many.Bursaspor case on de la comunidad for.American Americanos Latinos he stood and.Onis encuestas but Ibaka pins and mi.clase que les 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messing.color of a pin see knowing that hey hey.call it see who yo esperaba algo bonito.de esto.today is too eager Savino mucho mas a.septa sein de esto farm is Mikayla.rancheros Kate residental estoy Yvonne.don't taco siempre de la receta que yo a.quality comedian este lo que yo si este.and the lollies kiss today's media rooms.todos fresco en la cocina del Parque.stay here bundle listen does a la Senora.es tanto no no he's standing contacts.standing can't are those mega desi dos.hasta McKeon Dharma's Lincoln esta bien.a dado.umber dad me classy simply consistent.Massimino centric in cont personas para.mi da detenido Nephila que de vuelta en.todo y lo que lo que hace lo que algo.con me rosetta load hasta que se acaba.mess a fresca para para ser tortillas.apoyo zucchini casino lo que ce a--.Costales que un me dan me esposo mario.son los que se Mo's esta clase ck y.hasta BN Agra deci de esto esto y muy.positive aqui esta betrayer algo toda be.amazed when no para nuestra comunidad.hablando de Faris cura Blondo de Cultura.hablando de conducción y en lo que tengo.para la ciudad especial mente para.catalina Julie I Becky son las que.siempre man la palabra en esto este.Estrada serie a sacred s a todos para.estar aqui esta noche esto es bien.bonito a la primera vez que tenemos algo.hacia ce que que si el primero de muchos.[Applause].I'm Sharon Townley from the peak or.improvement organization I I think that.we've met many of you before we are a.group of volunteers who manage the.nonprofit corporation that's the.business district on Pico we work to.support the merchants we were to support.the merchants and also to foster great.relationships between the residents in.the neighborhood and the businesses on.the boulevard I'm a resident of the Pico.neighborhood myself and a business owner.along with most of the other merchants.who belong to the Pico improvement.organization some of the projects that.we've done here on the boulevard or the.landscaping on the median strips and.we're getting ready to put up beautiful.colorful banners all along P code so.that when you come under the underpass.you'll see that you're in an amazing.location that's a fun place to stop and.a beautiful neighborhood we also have.we're having a holiday mixer in November.28th that in is inviting everyone in the.neighborhood including all of you and.all the merchants to be held at the Elks.Lodge and we would like to celebrate the.holiday.in the successes I'm pica on the.neighborhood with you we also have we're.planning to take over the music at the.farmers market on December 8th to have a.little holiday celebration there and we.continue to work on ways to improve the.neighborhood and the boulevard one thing.that I would encourage you all here.today and and the planning meeting in.the zoning meeting tonight.since the Planning Commission is here is.to caution you that planning is.sometimes lots of different moving parts.and we all have a vision for what we.would like our neighborhood and our.businesses to be like but sometimes we.don't have the full picture so that's.why we hire people to do that work for.us when we don't have the full amount of.Education that we need to make all those.choices and I would encourage you to.share your vision and and allow the.Planning Commission in our city to do.the work that we've hired them to do so.we're really happy to be here tonight.thank you for including us.[Applause].Sycamore the Heron is the assassin.processor evil kamusta sustained.aprendiendo la ciudad in in el equipo de.peekaboo bimproject am bien estamos.aprendiendo obviamente la sol herencia.que no son.durante proceso en si cuando senecio.hasta este punto Croteam Sen / casa de.decir que hemos tratado de involucre.lows mucho que se puede.tambien compartir tolerances con ustedes.a report our todo lo que usted no sandy.showiness un tiss assess que con esto VA.a pasar ly microphone o compañero peter.que representa so copa de gracia cecilia.how can you both actually actually.follow my lead yeah we blew us good.evening everybody my name is Peter and.I'm gonna switch gears a little bit away.from the beautiful stories that were.just shared to talk about zoning it's my.pleasure to do so but before I dive into.that rich content we thought a really.nice way to kind of memorialize the past.six seven months of activity working on.this project would be to report back to.you how we've tried to collaborate with.the community how we've tried to unearth.some of the golden nuggets as Janine.mentioned and really lift those up and.bring those to the surface for all to.see.so we just put together a little bit of.a slideshow a little bit of a mosaic if.you will of all the different ways.methods techniques that we've tried to.communicate and have a dialogue with the.Pico community the you got to go back.one Jing the community-based.organizations that are represented here.tonight really are the backbone of this.process we're talking about the.neighborhood and the resident.associations the business organizations.those organizations that operate out of.the park guiding the programs and the.procedures here as well as the parent.groups that call this place home that.whose families this park.hosts in a variety of different formats.and through the hard work and the.dedication of these teams they've really.supported us in communicating our.message and getting the word out that we.exist and that we're here to lend a hand.we've popped up at all the various.events and festivals around Pico the.clothesline is the method that we've.been using to ask just basic questions.basic ones like what's working what's.not what are your ideas for ways that we.can improve quality life in Pico and.we've gotten hundreds and hundreds of.excellent ideas that have not gone into.a black hole that a really resurfaced in.this project have led to the creation of.the micro grant program and have helped.us develop opportunities for resident.LED action in the Pico neighborhood we.haven't just worked with working adults.or boards and commissions we've reached.out to the youth to find out what their.vision is for Pico kids have really.great ideas if you give them a chance to.design something so we've spent some.time working with the youth resource.team here at the park we've gone into.the classroom at John Adams middle.school and we've done this modeling.exercise where we've asked people to.really project 20 years later when.they're of age to buy a home to enter.the job market asking them critical.questions about their concerns and the.barriers that they see in the future and.we're gonna try to resolve a few of them.through this project we've gone from the.large format workshop like this down to.the one-on-ones Catalina who's over here.in the corner has been running a coffee.chat series which is a real opportunity.to get down in the details with staff to.have more of a personal confrontation.with the issues we've structured these.largely around the content of our.workshops so right now the coffee chats.are largely focused on zoning and how it.affects people's lives that as.more into housing and displacement in.2019 those coffee chats will take on.those themes as well so I encourage you.to check our website and see where.there's opportunities to get together.with Catalina and a few others to have.those conversations in addition to.working in the community we've worked.inside of our own organization we pulled.staff from every single department at.City Hall to see if they have ideas for.ways to improve the very procedures that.they regulate a lot of the stuff that.has been put in place over time has been.operational for 30 40 years here in.Santa Monica and we have to ask.ourselves is it still working so we.brought your concerns to our staff we've.now talked to over a hundred of them and.have generated nearly a thousand ideas.for how we can make small tweaks.full-scale enhancements to existing.programs to improve quality of life in.Pico of course we're running a digital.platform as well our website it has a.really really tough web address but I.encourage you to write it down if you.can this is the place where we put all.of our information all the pictures all.the ideas that are generated from these.workshops tomorrow morning we will.digitize this workshop and put it online.so if you feel like you didn't get a.chance to get it all out tonight during.the exercise there's another opportunity.to do that online tomorrow and for the.the month of December the web site okay.it is and you have to type in these.exact alphanumeric values HTTP colon.slash slash picot well-being dot SM gov.dot net if you have any problem with.that whatsoever I encourage you to take.my business card and email me and then I.also the link it's a tough one.we've worked both within the community.as well as with the business community.we currently have live merchants survey.and we're.asking them the same type of questions.that we asked the residents what's.working what's not what are your.barriers to success sometimes those.answers come back it's the city the.city's the barrier you're permitting is.too hard your parking is too hard we.don't know the answers to these.questions until people ask them right so.this is what we're doing we're kind of.just trolling to find out if we are the.power we can get out of the way.essentially yeah Chris thank you yes the.web address is at the bottom of the.agenda and lastly the this is the core.piece where we bring everybody together.are these workshops so we began these in.June we started with our launch event at.the end of June that was really an.opportunity to bring the community.together to write a collective history.of the neighborhood to identify some of.the pain points that have happened.throughout time and then to project you.know 20 30 years into the future where.do we want to go as a community so that.we can begin to form a pathway to.achieve some of the great ideas that.residents and members of the business.business community have for Pico we.began the zoning series about a month.and a half ago where we began to educate.on the often Byzantine zoning ordinance.providing some detail on the ways that.the city works and when you understand.how the city works then you can work.with the city and when we understand how.the city doesn't work and we can change.things and tonight's a continuation of.that today we're going to get a little.bit more into land use regulations and.work on a really fun and exciting game.to design the future of Pico Boulevard.now a lot of folks just spoke about the.micro grants which is this beautiful gem.that we have in the program and the.premise is relatively straightforward.it's a small five hundred dollar.monetary award that is given out to.people that in this particular round can.demonstrate a resident led project that.begins to build and support and connect.community members to other community.members it's really it's as simple as.that.so eight awards were given out for a.total of $4,000 we're going to be.launching a new round in 2019 we are.working on what theme that will carry.but again you're welcome to check our.website or reach out to anyone of us.because it's really all about you and.your system photos of all the smiles.that $500 can generate a pretty cool.concept so who wants to talk about.zoning okay good.how many people were at our last zoning.workshop by the way okay.the committed ones great I'm just gonna.go real fast through like a summary.because we have our Planning Commission.here and there's a few hands that didn't.go up of what we talked about during the.last meeting and then Haney is gonna.come in and provide a little bit more.detail dig a little bit deeper into our.regulations over here on this wall is a.depiction of our land use table there's.93 individual land uses on that on that.chart the city recognizes 93 different.land uses each one has different places.that can go different limitations it.gets pretty crazy and we're gonna try to.break that down for you tonight so.without further ado I'll just died and.the question we posed at the last.workshop was what does zoning do how.does it affect my life why do I even.care and we try to make this premise.relatively straightforward you know at.its core zoning protects the scale and.the character of neighborhoods it either.does or it doesn't and it does that.through things like development.standards and setbacks.regulations and lots of technical detail.but there are rules in place that says.you can't just build a skyscraper next.to my house you can't split a gas.station next to my house character is.really a driving force in zoning.regulations it also addresses public.health and safety concerns so getting.back to the gas station example you know.I don't know if you've noticed but.there's probably not a cement plant next.to your house or sewer plant that's.because zoning regulates where uses can.go and where they can lastly it promotes.street life and activity that sort of.pedestrianisation that we've been.working on a lot here in Santa Monica.over the past couple decades it tries to.create active uses on the boulevard in.our downtown it has certain things that.say your storefront windows have to be.transparent so we can see inside to.create visual access and interest and it.also has standards that govern the way.the sidewalk works its relationship to.the street to the buildings so all of.this although it may seem like the most.natural thing in the world when you're.walking down the street someone has.thought very long and hard about how.those relationships are put together one.of the exercises we did at the last.workshop was to build a childhood memory.and we replicated this exercise at our.youth workshops and in some of our.coffee chats and it was really.interesting this is a way that we can.start to think about zoning and land use.regulations in a completely different.manner we think about the things that.touched us the most in our youth things.like visiting the ice cream parlor back.when these were around I remember when I.was a kid we had a ice cream shop named.lipids and you could get a 48 scoop.sundae.which you know was reserved for birthday.parties it wasn't a daily thing but I.remember that and that's something I.hold you know pretty dear and it's gone.now we're gonna try somebody else.mentioned getting a haircut at their.grandma's salon and and just watching.that community that was in that place.that the women came together to get.their hair curled or whatever but you.know it wasn't just a salon it was a.place where people came to gossip and.share stories and and you know talk.about each other and the people that.weren't weren't there somebody else.talked about their first exposure to.dance Nutcracker and they were gone.after that like sold on it that happened.in a local theater down the street and.then lastly somebody else just talked.about the feeling of winning their first.soccer game at a park what these all.have in common these are places these.are places that people go and these are.places that cities across the country.have program they've said there are.certain parts of the city where we're.gonna have parks there are certain parts.of the city where we're gonna have.theaters on our boulevards we want to.have ice cream shops on our Main streets.we want to have hair salons zoning has a.role to play in our memories and how.they're created the all of these are.land uses so how do land uses translate.to something like that well this is the.city's zoning map right we showed this.last time there's 31 different zoning.districts in the city of Santa Monica.so there's 35 zoning districts in the.city of la Santa Monica has 90,000.people LA has four million but that's.how we roll in Santa Monica.okay this is a very detailed zoning map.and there's different colors here.represent where the different uses can.go the yellow is the residential.neighborhoods the purples and the Pink's.are the boulevards and each one of those.districts has a different mix of land.uses that are either permitted or not.permitted or are possibly permitted if.they meet certain conditions in Pico.there's a total of six different.districts there's three residential.districts there's the r1 the single unit.residential which is where the houses.are and then there's two districts where.we have apartments and townhomes and and.actually a lot of single-family homes as.well known as the r2 and the r3 our.commercial districts are split into.neighborhood commercial which is sort of.like a small meant to be more Main.Street E district where we have.restaurants and some offices and very.walkable place the mixed-use our general.commercial I'm sorry is the area that's.down near Lincoln Boulevard and in the.gray here it's kind of like neighborhood.commercial but it permits auto as well.and then there's the mix the district.that enjoys the sexiest title which is.mixed-use Boulevard lo which is akin to.the other districts but it's for.slightly larger uses and it's really.designed to accommodate more housing.which I think we can all acknowledge.we're in desperate need of here in Santa.Monica so that's just a quick primer on.what we learned last time before I go to.you angel I just want to say that we had.an opportunity to reflect upon the what.we designed for Pico Boulevard in our.last workshop and these are some of the.ideas things like ethnic boutiques and.mental health facilities shops.restaurants the list goes on and on and.on but really what it gets to is people.want a complete neighborhood they want.to be able to access goods and services.in a way that's possibly walkable or.bikable or bustable from their neighbor.they don't want things to be too big.they don't want things to be too small.but they had a vision for Pico that is a.really great starting point for.tonight's exercise and so I hope that.the exercise we've designed pulls that.out of you and I hope you have a really.good time and I hope that you open your.imaginations to what could be as opposed.to simply what is right now angel today.like you see certain areas of Santa.Monica residential how did that what.inform that I'm just curious to know.like cities yeah historically yeah okay.well I'll give it a shot I don't know.the full story I don't go back a hundred.years but you know the zoning map is.ever-changing in fact the last time it.changed was just three years ago as we.went through a very elaborate process to.work and negotiate with the community.for where those different colors of the.map fell typically the zoning map.reflects the current attitude of the day.these days you know as we are more urban.as we have more influence brought upon.us by things like the expo light rail.you know the city reconfigures its.zoning map to accommodate more housing.or more jobs they put the car uses on.one street to get them away from the.other streets you know it's just.constantly moving around in the past.there's been a lot of I think what.you're alluding to is redlining and you.know the sort of discriminatory.practices of zoning which is the truth.there was a time when Zona was used.almost as a weapon to keep the haves.away from the have now.there's lots of urban planning theory.that talks about you know the.single-family zones you know that's a.place that's a sacred zone for people.that have the cash to have a pocket of.peace in Santa Monica while the rest of.us are in apartments stacked four floors.high so again I don't have the full.story but it is a very dynamic process.and here we are again at a moment in.time when we're thinking about a change.to Pico Boulevard because the community.has a different set of values than they.might have a decade ago or two decades.ago so that's what it's all about yes.sir yes Oliver zoning maps are available.on the city's website or are happy to.give you my business card and I can.email it to you if you'd like to check.it out.actually my business cards are used to.prop up that projector right now so I.can't give you yes sir for the ice cream.parlors or the cards on the streets and.trees it's also for representation of.the people of different districts and.they understand the three years ago was.passed some laws about changing the.district and till now on that sense of.representation they did was not.implemented I think there may be a.little confusion between the the.neighborhood the political boundaries of.the neighborhood districts and the.zoning districts and the proposed.electoral districts districts you know.the zoning district is is decided and.adjudicated by the City Council it is a.very lengthy process to arrive at a.beautiful mosaic like that the Mezrich.mentioned at the beginning of this.meaning the City Council gave us the.direction to look specifically at Pico.Boulevard and the residential area north.to the freeway to see if there were any.zoning changes that we could implement.to bring relief to.the perception or the or the the felt.awareness of gentrification and.displacement in the area and that's in.fact the work that's in front of us.right now we're simply working on the.commercial piece right now before we.dive into the residential piece well our.focus is really on on working on zoning.remedies that affect people where they.live and by and large the residential.population of Pico is the 10,000 people.that make up this neighborhood exist.between the 10 freeway south to Pico.Boulevard in between Lincoln and.Centinela so we feel that we are serving.the community and the best way that we.can by running this process in this way.we done everything we can to invite them.everything we everything we could do we.we have done they've made the decision.to be outside right now I'm gonna pass.the mic to my colleague Amy who's gonna.spend some time talking about land use.regulations thank you Peter.again my name is Amy Miller also work.with the City Planning Division here and.I'm gonna get into a little bit more.detail about our land with land use.regulations and with some case studies.to see how this happens in reality so.first we have our land use table with.Pete which Peter reference we have copy.over here which details everything all.of the uses and the way this works is we.can see here the different columns for.our different commercial districts mixed.use Boulevard low general commercial and.neighborhood commercial and then there's.the whole list of uses and the table.tells you if it's allowed yes if it's.not allowed no or maybe it's allowed but.with some conditions or.your permits that you'd have to have so.where you see a P that means yes this is.permitted where there's an L with a.number that means maybe you have to go.look at the table note for that number.to see what are those special rules that.apply I don't have to do with location.so maybe it's allowed on the upper.floors but not the ground floor or the.size it can only be up to a certain size.no larger than that and the other thing.you see here is cu P stands for a.conditional use permit this is another.maybe where you might be able to do it.but you have to go through another.process you have to apply for a permit.go before the Planning Commission and.have approval that way or you see a -.that means no so this is just not.allowed however these things change over.time and land use regulations are a.reflection of a community's values.they're always changing and that's what.we hear about tonight to hear from you.about what are your community values and.how should we regulate these land uses.so I'm gonna go over a couple case.studies some places that you're might be.familiar with to see how this works in.the real world so we're gonna start at.angler brothers this was a long time.family-owned business for over 70 years.this is a retail store selling auto.parts when they went out of business.last year looking for a new tenant.somebody came up a indoor playground.called my gym the land use defines this.as a small-scale facility well here at.this location that's a maybe that.requires a conditional use permit which.has a over $19,000 application fee that.they would have to go to the Planning.Commission so it's a very high bar for a.lot of small businesses and the parking.standards are very high for small-scale.facilities they would have needed to.find 37 additional parking spaces so.with that in mind.unfortunately the they were not able to.go in so another tenant stepped up tower.20 interiors this is another retail.store and the way the zoning works if.somebody somebody's coming in and.replacing a very similar business it's.very easy to go in sort of a.like-for-like so that was able to go in.it was a permitted use.any additional parking so next to Whole.Foods 365 this was actually approved.under the prior zoning code and under.that it was categorized as a general.retail which fell into the same category.as the 99-cent store or Trader Joe's and.so this was permitted it was able to go.in now today we have actually some.different uses and this would be.classified as a general market something.that would be a food store supermarket.store and actually under the current.code there's a limit of 15 thousand.square feet the Whole Foods is actually.a little bit bigger than that so if they.were to apply under current standards.they would have needed a conditional use.permit to go in now one thing to keep in.mind with Whole Foods is that we zoning.sees this as a general market it doesn't.see what type of food you sell it.doesn't see how expensive it is it.doesn't see a brand name it just sees.are you selling food and that's.basically it so next we're gonna look.here at 2802 Pico Boulevard this is a.100% affordable housing development has.33 apartments on four storeys and now.because this is on Pico Boulevard it's a.commercial Boulevard and that requires.an active use at the ground floor now.the community corporation of Santa.Monica is very good at producing.affordable housing it's not a commercial.retail operator and so it's been very.challenging to fill that space um it's.been vacant for a while so this opens a.question of should we rethink what does.active use mean how does this work for.an affordable housing development you.know see there's some questions to think.about for our activity tonight okay so.now it's going to be your turn I'm going.to turn it over to Cecilia to explain.the activity that you all have in front.of you.whichever that says.okay allez because olive oil ser en.espanol and imprinted ustedes tienen.poster grande si por favor licks the end.any low pollen ends to Mesa he one mint.opinion Actos ogress Kahului low sobre.spinning o people o equal or tyrannous.or a Rocco Teresa comida de vida con una.soon carries a servicio sociales cuidado.de la salud is a públicos and there then.artists entretenimiento ear a Christian.and Roku oficina yellow Sewell negocios.minister servicio suspect 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most in todos que.tienen el oso breasts okay lo que vamos.hacer el shrinko hair dos información.vamos a regresar Lomas an ELISA pero.esta la oportunidad para ustedes que.bien y platy cannon through studies in.por que quieran vero a supe colva for.SEO porque no it was comentarios grupos.de cada una manera is selection are una.persona que puede on Guinea reporting.quiere CD renacer in a dream the minutos.para completar estate you are given away.real real log.yo y nosotros estamos en los meses por.si tienen algunas preguntas.yes las colonias que tienen ie noses.class a ceremonious as soon as soon but.activity there was some great.conversations happening around I'm.really happy to see everyone was having.fun with the game.I want to thank G garden for the food.and I think it was low cal for the.coffee right for tonight.and so what we're gonna do is we're.gonna go around the room you know we're.if every table chose or appoint someone.to report out what we want to look at is.you know what are the uses you know.what's in your yes column what was in.the no column and what was you know what.are some of the yes okay you know could.be okay with some conditions so we're.gonna start over on right here this n.just right here.yeah so we bring it up I mean can we pin.it up here on the front just everybody.can see what you did.did you want to come up.okay so Laura is going to share with us.you know some of the thoughts that the.table had about land uses um so the.thing we would like to see mostly have.to do with them.small-scale neighborhood businesses um.[Music].Vita mentioned she really would like to.see a bowling alley because the old one.closed and she used to always go with.her family and yeah other than that we.pretty much put in a yes zone all the.small-scale stuff that's creative and.community oriented and put in a no big.big general retail large restaurants.liquor stores auto sale general personal.services hotels and motels some of those.because we have enough of that and some.of them because they just don't fit the.neighborhood scale that we'd like to see.your convenience markets definitely know.and the maybes were well if you need.this fire station obviously we'll take.it but if not it's again like a big.scale kind of not walkable and then the.medium restaurant is it maybe just.depends on the scale and yeah thank you.all right thank you so.I'm at one a lot of focus on small-scale.walkable you know interesting to see.whether that that theme continues would.you guys like to come up and share your.chart okay so we also thought that the.small-scale was important making it.pedestrian friendly we would really like.to see more cafes and bakeries and maybe.things that you could sit outside and.and eat and walk to small businesses.let's see I think I kind of more like.allow more things and then kind of more.maybes here and I hate saying no but.this is mostly because of again like the.like being a really large-scale facility.there's already a hotel and then the.public safety it's just that it seems.like it would require a lot of space.anything else milena I just said it'd be.great to have the whole Boulevard be.cohesive and pedestrian friendly and.conducive to small businesses and.independent cafes and restaurants.thank you all right we come over here.are you the only one left I guess is.here and Chris YES on adult daycare we.feel that people should be taking care.of the elders and definitely yes.and there's social service center and we.put a note to that saying that for small.restaurants no corporate weight of small.restaurants oh that is nope number one.affordable affordable wide range of.services with social service centers we.said yes restaurants we said no.corporate large restaurants already.small ones yes we said a commercial.kitchen and our God's saying have it.affordable for available for the.community to use so they can make stuff.and maybe sell it at the farmers market.we said yes would general market but we.said make it an affordable market you.not real fancy like Rodeo Drive medium.restaurants we said yes.physical training we said yes then we.said make sure that it's affordable.culture facility yes small scale.facility we said yes but make sure it's.affordable for the youth and have it.fund because we have to take care of the.youth too because they're our future.nursery garden center we.yes we said then we wouldn't have a.gardening classes and we went to have.community gardens not individual plots.community gardens so and have fruit.trees there we said yes a creative.office so we send affordable crane each.office and we said yes so an office.medical dental affordable also we don't.want some high-end Medical Center there.we definitely said no join oh yeah we we.go up here we said oh no for the out of.the long-term care because we already.have a couple of those over here we said.no to ride to restaurants because we.just don't want a big restaurant here we.said known to child care education is.where we have plenty childcare education.is in this area we said no convenience.stores we said no more bars no more.hunger stores no more artists sales and.services we said no to general I would.say general retail small scale we said.no to general retail medium skill we.said no to general personal services we.said no hotels we said no business.services no office business professional.but we said baby to large-scale facility.for like a gym or racquetball or you.know some type of bowling alley we said.maybe then we said maybe for public.safety and we said maybe because we.weren't too worried that you know we're.protected like the homeless community.moves in we want to make sure that we.could be perfectly safe here.we said maybe to instructional services.as long as it's affordable we said no we.don't need a grooming.store and we said no we don't need but.is that a walk-in the clientele okay.walk and we don't need them Oh walking.offices we know notes we all says but we.want Pico Boulevard lined with fruit.trees like avocado persimmons as long as.this isn't for as long as everybody can.take home great thank you.I think the theme there was affordable.alright can we come here yep.we kind of first off did an overall did.some overall thinking on what kind of.things we found that were needed what.kind of things we found that we're.needed what kind of of services and.businesses that we felt were covered.either already in this area or very very.nearby so we had a focus on on size.looking at the smaller boutique size.kinds of places looking at small.restaurants looking at small commercial.kitchens since obviously with the grant.program that seems like a very popular.thing right now and a good way to.connect community we changed our garden.center to a community garden again.connecting community and community.gardens are such a wonderful thing and.and it's so hard to get into them.we focused on some retail type.facilities with an art or like a health.kind of focus and what are you oh and we.were really confused why there were no.housing options we felt that there.should be some sort of housing options.this was really interesting even though.Santa Monica as Peter explained has like.an enormous number of land uses because.that's how we roll we found that even.within a single land use category it was.hard to make a decision sometimes.because not every store not every shop.every use is created equal we end up.saying no for liquor store but that was.actually hard because what if there is.just a really cool craft beer store or a.really neat locally owned rare wine.store that could count as a liquor store.maybe but it's it's part of that.category I'm going to say no to you in.general we try to like many of you say.yes to really active uses uses that are.pedestrian friendly we end up saying yes.to office spaces but we put the note.above the first floor so that the ground.floor is reserved for walk friendly.pedestrian friendly active uses and then.our maybe category was filled with uses.that we either just disagreed on because.we found that people have really.different opinions on sort of the same.subject or things that we thought might.work on Pico Boulevard but should should.you know get a harder look either by the.the Planning Commission or somebody else.like a large-scale facility or maybe a.large restaurant.[Applause].whose neck.all right so very similar to other.people we were very interested in.smaller places also places that.activated foot traffic on Pico Boulevard.got people interested so cultural.facilities absolutely social services.you think that's necessary grooming in.pet store we just realized it said.retail sales of animals so we want small.animals no horses in the pet stores.right so fish and birds I think is why.we came up with medium small-sized.restaurants as opposed to large.restaurants a general market small we.wanted more night night like a night.club but we put down live music places.would be nice to have some live local.music available on Pico Boulevard.rooftop community gardens so land use is.very sparse on Pico Boulevard so maybe.some rooftop gardens would be great.affordable public parking we added sort.of our own stuff in here that we thought.that Pico Boulevard might need so.affordable public parking would be.lovely so no on large scale facilities.large restaurants we thought childcare.there's enough on childcare and no more.hotels motels auto sales no no more.7-eleven that kind of thing no more.liquor stores I think that was a common.theme some maybes so some of the.businesses that might need to be on.upper floors like other people mentioned.like the physical training to be on an.upper floor nursery garden center maybe.you know there's a couple of them around.Santa Monica already see walk-in.clientele offices all right you know it.doesn't really activate foot traffic but.you know who knows and I think that is.about it if everybody a break thank you.just come over around this thing saw.some lively debate happening on this one.[Laughter].[Applause].disclosure we looked at the stuff that.we already have okay and that's where we.went from okay of the stuff that we.already have and then we try to go from.there okay.yes - we need a travel agency okay we.need to have commercial kitchens we need.to have medicago Canada we need to have.a nursery community okay we need to have.a dry cleaning place because we don't.have any we need to have adult daycare.we have some programs here but we need.to expand them somewhere else not only.here we need to have elderly long-term.we only have one on Pico Boulevard and.that is so for all of you that don't.know it it is between McDonald's and the.winner schnitzels okay that's the only.place that it is and it's exceedingly.expensive we need to have something that.is affordable we need to have a general.retail medium sales store we definitely.need to have that all of us have been.asking for it here in Santa Monica so if.nobody else wants it in their turns it's.okay we can have it at ours okay we need.a cultural facility aside from the.Virginia Avenue Park this is an awesome.hub but we need to have a theater we.need to have a movie of the theater we.need to have somewhere where we can go.and have fun okay we need to have a.dancing place with variety of life music.we need to have.affordable physical training this one.says that is four five or fewer but.guess what five or fewer is not.affordable we need to have office.creative creative offices yes we need to.do that not only for us but also for our.kids okay and we already spoke about the.movie theater okay movie theater slice.theater yes I know that a lot of you are.probably gonna say there's one at SMC.guess what it's not community okay so.let's let's find something for the.community okay for the nose no large.restaurants no bars we don't need any.more bars we don't need any more liquor.stores we don't need any convenience.markets we don't need any sales cars.places around here small restaurants we.have a few of them on Pico okay no.hotels and motels we don't need any.business services we don't need any.grooming pets sorry we have one already.on Pico some of you don't know where it.is it's it's across the street from the.cemetery okay we okay well then let's.make that one affordable okay all right.push that one to be affordable okay.instructional services we also have a.lot of instructional services here at.Virginia Avenue Park okay and unless.they are affordable anywhere else we.don't want them here okay.office and businesses professionals no I.think we're gonna go for it no with that.one small scale facilities no social.services we have plenty here you know on.Pico we don't really need any more.medical rentals no I think we're good.installations fire stations no I think.that we have plenty around the city okay.and we really don't have the space for.that one okay let's go with the maybes.we got three we have medium restaurants.maybe a scale retail store and childcare.early education must be affordable.anywhere on our city anywhere in our.city okay she's got some others so we.all get all of this together I'm just.going to go through some of the notes of.some of the things that stood out to me.one of the main notes and analysts that.it is can you hear me now okay is the.social services right here this is.something that I have an issue with.because I live behind on 20th and Pico.very close to Eddie's there's a I forgot.the name supportive housing I eat.whatever else you want to call it but.there's one right at the alley and.there's one right behind Burger King and.I have small kids and everyone else does.that has to walk through the alley up.and down the street and there's people.smoking drugs all sorts of things are.happening around by our kids I don't.understand how something like that could.even take place with the big SMC right.there just even that right there it.makes no sense my son walks to John.Adams there's kids walking to all of.these schools grants here.Edison's this way that needs to go.somewhere else it's nothing against the.people is just the wrong place this.place won't.and then what else.definitely the commercial kitchen.anything that's gonna benefit the whole.of the Pico community we need and that's.affordable and that brings out people.that have talents the micro grants is.showing that people have talents and it.could be utilized turned into a business.okay so I had no idea boom I was closing.we need beaumart and but it needs to go.downtown so a lot of these knows just.hop on the 7:00 bus and go downtown if.you want to eat if you want to drink all.of that is downtown it's not far.7-elevens no we don't need any of that.let's see downtown forth yes just hop on.the 7th there's so much restaurants and.stuff down there we don't need anything.else in Pico we need to it needs to be.more of a community we don't need more.stores we need our kids but it's closing.they said it's closing and that's it.yeah we just heard that it was closing I.had no idea until right now so we want.that because that's a nice place to go.with your kids.all righty we coming you know we did.that right we're back here.[Music].[Music].I don't know where my team is okay so.basically we agree with all of that okay.so we pretty much anything in our.community should be affordable.we believe in accessibility so we don't.want to go downtown for everything but.so we did it kind of want you know maybe.a one 7-eleven or something like it you.know for people who yeah well we went.let me just say for y'all start we went.from the perspective that nothing was on.Pico how would we redesign Pico nothing.was here so we went with a lot of your.stuff okay so it was good we agree with.all of that I'll just go with some of.the knows commercial kitchens we thought.okay Business Park we got Business Park.for a lot of business and professional.stuff so we went with maybe.instructional services childcare auto.sales all in at liquor stores maybe you.know we could do with a nice wine or.beer liquor store what's something like.that I just want to say though I really.want to look at this and I get RAND.Corporation for this sometimes I don't.like to call things that I'm.participating in that are real life.situations games this is real to me I.remember 20 years ago doing the same.exact thing when my son was 9 years old.he's 31 now and a lot of stuff that we.had put up on boards and talked to.about did not come to pass it doesn't.make me feel so good it makes me wonder.why I don't have a lot of my community.members here because they fill us a.waste of time but good note I do like.this workshop better than the last one I.think it makes me feel a lot better like.something may happen okay Peter so.basically my group didn't do any notes.darling but we agree with you know most.of what everybody said I mean you guys.know our you know our community we've.been saying the same thing for years.right the same stuff so basically we.just need some affordable stuff some.this stuff we want to just keep our.community well and I can't wait to.participate in the housing piece.thank you saving the best for last.[Music].low voice espanol see though the he was.kisi in los servicios empresario lays.the hymns Casey in mercado general.estaba conectado con mercado Latino.Nicodemus complex's excessiveness the.him Mosca see a los servicios the.medical dental the he most casey centro.de servicio so CL the he mows casey.allah-allah Smythe's Miren audit areas.the he mows Casey a las tiendas they say.oh they mascot us he who token e so the.mean cannot mascot esta me cinta grow a.lugar para internal a los perros city ho.Casey clean telecine citta previa the.most AC hundreds are on pequeño.forgiveness ambos que la mejor alguien.de la comunidad que hacer un restaurante.in ECMO stone restaurant pequeño.kisses de ser estar americano kisses Oh.salvadore a know Jesus unity no kisses.de otra do turn a shonali dad pero.empezamos yep 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places that people can gather.and develop even more memories and I.think that's what we're seeing here in.terms of the overwhelming preference for.these sorts of community gathering.places whether it be restaurants.commercial kitchens you know where.people can come together and sort of.apply their their trade physical.training cultural cafes restaurants you.know that's I think you know we.definitely see a theme emerging there in.terms of the nose you can see the check.marks for clearly no no liquor stores no.auto oriented uses hotels is something.we hear a lot about not a lot of.preference for large scale uses you know.that's that's a another theme that we.saw emerging their business services so.you can see the ones you know that.showed up most commonly interesting list.here of the maybes of.you know we think okay you know that.could be something where you look at but.with special conditions bowling alleys a.public safety I think fire stations we.heard about three four five times across.the boards on their gardening center.childcare liquor but nice liquor not bad.liquor.fancy liquor cat on convenience markets.these are not not unusual in terms of.the zoning ordinance of things that.you'd like to regulate just because of.the kinds of impacts that they might.have on surrounding uses another thing.that I think you know a theme that we.saw is the affordable and you know you.saw in the presentation that zoning is.is blind to the level of affordability.or who that use is and I think that's a.great segue to you know we're really.reaching out to you for your ideas for.future workshops we've sort of program.these first you for the zoning arc in.terms of dealing with land uses on the.commercial Boulevard we're gonna move.into housing displacement and.gentrification but in terms of looking.at affordability you know if you have.ideas if you have ideas for future.workshops as to you know what we can do.for affordability because it can zoning.only has limits on that there are.definitely other programmatic ways that.we can shape you know affordability and.you know what kinds of uses might.actually or what kinds of operators.might show up in their incentives and.the like or even existing small.businesses so you know I want to make.sure that it's it's something that comes.out of there's that you know the uses.here are definitely a great feedback.I'm from the exercise today you know but.these are sort of little qualifiers you.know on there that might go beyond land.use and zoning and that's where you know.we're gonna continue to look to you to.work with you on those ideas any any.does anyone want to share any thoughts.about kind of what you're seeing here.agree disagree should we move some.things from one column to another yeah.Irma you know because it keeps coming up.I think there are ways so that is still.kind of with in zoning apply with an.affordability like for instance there.are certain exceptions that you allow.community Corp.to go ahead and bypass and there's.exemptions so that they can feel that.you know build affordable housing and so.if there's businesses that.come up in the yes I do want to come in.that you all find a way to make you know.if they're gonna go ahead and be.affordable services that you all also do.some exemptions whether it's you know an.application fee like nineteen thousand.dollars for notification if you.mentioned like that's crazy right what.small business a family owns going to be.able to do that so I think you need to.while you're saying oh it that's beyond.whose own name I don't necessarily.believe that it's really all beyond.Zoning I think you need to look at there.ways that you're allowing others to be.exempt and so forth and then applied.those practices to this process as well.yeah thank you thank you for that.comment yeah oh I'm just gonna come here.just observing and hearing everybody's.feedback.I just feel from the first one shot to.today's workshop I think it's consistent.in terms of people just wanting to be.imparted and reflect a lot of who they.are in their culture and that's why.whatever does look like a lot of small.businesses it's also to give opportunity.to our residents who have actually.mentioned through the micro grants.opportu to have opportunities to be able.to even expand if you will or have.access to being able to have businesses.or commercial kitchens or two different.ways that we can really utilize Pico.Boulevard and it is a corridor and it's.definitely.I thought the stats that you guys are.sharing last time but it's reflective of.the Pico neighborhood and if we can have.residents to have whether it's again.small restaurants ethnic boutiques.fitness centers where we had talked.about cuz that's one of the things that.I know and them and the report card a.mention held many people to be clear.neighborhood issues with depression and.things of that nature so if we can be.really thoughtful and really like Burma.said of trying to make exceptions of.ways to be creative and how can we.really mitigate and every and really.practice what we preach that even though.things may be a certain way there's.always room for change and it really.reflective opportunity because I think.that's where when we mentioned earlier.someone mention or the gentrification.piece it's being able to make exceptions.and allow for things to happen to be to.allow for people to feel inclusive and.and part of that's why people feel thank.you Sean you had a question I have a.question for the group I'm looking at.the no and the yes and for example I see.no more social services on one side and.I see yes social services on the other.so while we're all in the room I was.wondering if people had ideas about the.kinds of social services that they.didn't want to see and the kinds that.they did want to see and if there are.any other categories where they're where.they're showing up both on no and yes.just so that we can understand more what.the room what the people in this room.are concerned about so that we as.planning commissioners have clarity from.the community.once again I would say any services that.are going to bring a negative impact.into the community close to where the.schools lie just neat that not that they.can't be in Santa Monica but they don't.need to be in the Pico neighborhood.because there's just too many kids and.things happening and so that would be my.my know.yeah I think there in in my 61 years.here there has always been concerned.about too many so to many of the same.thing in Pico neighborhood everything.that is negative or it seems to have a.negative connotation you dump it in the.Pico neighborhood in our back yard front.yard or side yard or whatever so yeah I.would think too much in centralized in.this neighborhood is not good people.have been saying that for years I have a.little different thought on when I think.about convenience stores as a number as.a college student being able to run to.the store and pick up something before.class not having to go to the student.store or it was much more expensive was.convenient and I remember as a young.mother having been able to run you know.to the corner or somewhere and get some.diapers or something even though it's a.little more expensive than the market.but it was closer so having a market or.I mean or a convenience store something.close in the community is a necessity.I just think too much of anything is.just not good.you know what I agree with Robbie and.Stacy as well I think a lot of times.some of the social services they.saturate our areas with a lot of.individuals that are dealing with a lot.of mental health and stuff like that so.I mean I understand when you talk about.you know it being like in this one area.because I've seen it where I'm somewhat.frightened to even walk past it so I can.imagine a young girl walking past there.or something like that.so I think you know it's okay to have.services but when you have large.buildings that are saturated with you.know individuals that have serious and.we're not talking about sick or I mean.serious mental health issues I mean I.understand where they do have a problem.with it so that's one thing I wanted to.say but also I wanted to say when it.comes to youth and you're talking about.social services I feel like some of our.youth there's just really nothing here.for them and you always want to say oh.there's Virginia Avenue Park but.Virginia Avenue Park does not reach out.to all the kids you know and so in.regards to our youth I feel like.sometimes our youth they have to go out.to other places or they just have to.like relocate and there's just nothing.here for them so I would like to see.more here for them and you know even.with the housing you know as soon as.they turn 18 and get into school they're.just there's nowhere for them to go and.I don't think it's fair that our kids.cannot live in the place that they were.born and raised it's just not right.and yours once again saturating our.cities with people who have not you know.contributed to any of Santa Monica so I.have a problem with that.so I'm going to echo also the mental.health services but there is one thing.that just came to mind and that is is.that you know we have a lot of services.that are provided around in the city but.what we don't have is one central place.where we can provide the information for.everywhere everyone to come and get it.so maybe that might be one of the things.that we could provide okay where we have.a central office where everybody could.come and obtain information on where to.go in order for them to get these.services so thank you some great points.raised there about and it's really I.think seeking into some of our upcoming.workshops on housing we will be delving.quite deeply into the topic of housing.precisely issues like that you know.where the city has a lot of resources.there's a lot of agencies that provide.services whether in terms of housing or.otherwise and you know you're right.there is no sort of centralized place.where someone can go to understand how.all that works together you know we.understand that from the outside it's.just government you know and you know we.need so I think flipped the way you know.that that sort of information is.provided and presented to the community.so look for you know to that invite as.our next event coming up you know beyond.today was about land uses on the.boulevard we'll be looking really.focusing in on the neighborhood at our.next workshop so again thank you all of.you for coming out tonight and I'm just.going to pass them by quickly to Mario.so that he can adjourn the meeting.okay thank you.this was very instructive for the.commissioners we were very glad to be.here and hear directly from you all your.real concerns and I was very interested.in the balance between the nose and the.yeses because that speaks directly to.zoning and so I hope that you will all.come back when we get into the housing.parts because housing really is.fundamental it's really the bedrock on.which everything that we do is kind of.built on in one way or the other so I'd.like to adjourn the meeting and see you.at the next one.[Applause].

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