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Youth Football Coach Application Isd 15 St Francis Stfrancis K12 Mn : Custom-make, Finish and forward

find out we'll never hear it says social.ready ranch right Skinner video Motorola.callers beating to order please PLEASE.day with week for the Pledge of.Allegiance stands one nation under God.[Music].alright welcome board a busy day for us.again adoptive agenda of a motion to.accept the agenda some so move mr..Vanderberg our second second second.thank you.all they ever say I opposed motion.passes consideration of visitors we do.have to here tonight we have by Joseph.de Mello power.Joseph come on up well at the podium.there.you.if next we have Robert Bauer the.reference.you.I move on here to dialogue session.one stop in yes ma'am we had two people.stuck in one who had questions about.volunteer background checks and one who.had questions about long-term facility.maintenance and Sandhill so I'll pass.those on to correct people that's all.just if you stop there and say hi to you.all right well thank you very much okay.senator agenda if you see we have a.through H n items be pulled from the.consent agenda key board members if.vandenberg I'd like to pull item G item.G will be pulled then we have a motion.and second to pull that we used to talk.about it yes.standby Chris Ferguson at Misskelley.distilling any more American portly any.letter there was first or a second.people they were don't let the motion.but not me.unless you allow me to be pulled from.the extent agenda if not as I have a.motion to accept a b c d dl and H from.revulsion for swimmer's Vandenberg for a.second consecutive second Thank You barb.all in favor say aye.hi all right Leonard G mr. Ferguson no.force you take emotion emotion game is.Kelly sir a second I'll second that.also all right thank you but janky all.in favor say aye.no well they're just approving your.motion get good discussion okay I just.don't.there wasn't enough information in our.packet for me to understand what this is.so if I could just have some more.information that's all I'm asking.there's a version I hit I hit a feeling.we might use questions so I did call mr..gearing today and got some some.additional background information on.this last year if you recall the middle.school sent 254.for people to Washington you see a.successful historical trip and they're.going to go again this g but the number.went down to 30 to 30 and when it's.under 35 you can't go with this this.group as a this agency kind of as your.own group and you can't customize it as.much as you like to and so they're still.going to do it it'll be a great trip for.the kids but they feed back that guy was.okay this is second year in a row for.Washington DC to visit in order to store.for Sydney so San Francisco is chosen to.see all that the up trash and the Golden.Gate and all the historical sites in in.San Francisco they're going to go to add.a little science to it but most of it is.history based to go to the largest.saltwater aquarium at least in the.United States maybe and they.they want to do it you know get way out.ahead of the game because of.for this takes it takes a year and most.families do a payment plan and so they.would like to meet with those families.before school was out so kids can be.families can start playing.mr. Gearin did ask me to.kudos to the Ramsey line through donated.$3,000 to this cost and.st. Francis Legion.so they're getting some closure.[Music].that it's for seventh seventh and.eighth-graders is this trip if a sixth.grader wants to go they can but a parent.has to get seventh eighth grade parent.scandal but they don't have to compete.for the child history that's the.background that I haven't answered thank.you.yes in further discussion on San.Francisco trip so Road have a motion and.a second going for your discussion if.not all in favor say aye aye opposed.motion passes for G thank you very much.I move on to information I'd report st..Francis High School Robotics mr. Jeff.Fink.they ain't puttin up some information a.year back about FIRST Robotics an idea.of energy but I had a group mr. Grewal.students now to a robotics competition.just so we can see that blackboard is.like is why we let them tell you about.their experience and why.[Music].I.[Music].well I just got them in share a little.pickle.beautiful any issues involving FIRST.Robotics Competition it's a statewide.national competition where students can.take parking building constructing robot.Mississippi build or excessiveness.things.and then they get the Pete mother T's.telecast so we took a group a students.down kind of success what love interests.to his hat and probably we hold it like.to proceed.[Music].enemies out to be not so campus was good.teams with.all kinds of fun activities for actually.building blocks to throw balls.monotonously.[Music].and a Snooper process it has some.football energy gears and cogs around.tasks getting all these people all these.groups of individuals work together to.build so there's plenty of other schools.around area.trying to discuss subject and Audrey.[Music].[Music].[Music].there's.I don't.[Music].blaster.[Music].are.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].I also ever.[Music].[Music].I really.[Music].[Music].aspect.[Music].[Music].Oh.[Music].our leisure.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].like safe.school embrace me.in addition to the more.you.[Music].so we're.Terry.[Music].more searches.[Music].[Music].[Music].thank you.the budget that received from Austin.Parks model about $18,000 to start.here's a $5,000 fee for $6,000 to feed.another 4,000 per second they strongly.encourage that second kid.and I sort of hope it was $19,000.student fees when I sat this group down.their work is about a third.traders who this kind of you.[Music].and the other things.sure is impressive alumni who was down.there with his son who called himself.in it by Businessweek and reached out to.Boston scientific system in China took.place in Brooklyn snow over here to try.to get people in.some really high-skilled.[Music].that's our proposal for robotics.I think it's a great program keen.reaches back from Nashville.campus and they did very well there's a.tournament.this will determine.arrivals crates like a rock concert.these kids are fired up.[Music].instead I'm asleep.board members we should go how many kids.are on the team of the 15.you should definitely operate in a.mountainous you know smaller of smaller.groups so they most people know so to.happen they said the average is about.2014.some have 50 some will have to question.your standard so how many times you.foresee fielding to start off just we're.gonna just one okay bunch universes I.did get to go and see one of their.competitions a couple of years ago and.it's it's it is crazy like you say I.don't know how often this arrived it.there's so much activity and so much.thought going on and as something fails.here these students come over and say.try this and was absolutely fascinating.to me to see it and so it excites me.that we would move forward in this.direction expiry so this is kind of in.the same spirit that we're looking at.partnering with our agricultural commune.and partners both dead.and shades companies and.workers in a.and this is another great example.mr. fig would like tonight is are you.okay with us saying this for the current.leaders.when I was on the board in 2001 2005.their robotic stuff going on and I can.do the board one night night so I can we.don't have robotics in our school other.schools have it now I was told we don't.have a teacher for it.we have no coach for it who's our.coaches for this or is it teachers.coaches directors wood glue with that.music we have wonderful poster job your.head so you both in Mishawaka pose.together interesting yes M that ground.beef is rain or by other teachers that.are area we currently star designs.most have been coming in volunteering.reading some that Chinese equivalent to.the first nights get so we have a to.other status teachers that have been.that.is the middle school they have the kids.for robotics right now it's smaller.right I know right that I've subdued.that one day and the kids are making.stuff with it and they had to learn how.to put together and move down how to.pick up something with it so it's a.minor or a midship to grow your pocket.working with but it is a fantastic.program in that day I was in the.classroom with the kids learning the.Lego robotics system they had it is it.going to eat into this okay miss Kelly I.know.request permission.this is kind of the high school budget.no you know funding that polyphenols.students and these are for other.activities or how is this going to work.this we will look through curriculum.instruction with the high school the.combinations we don't.from several sources and as we.developer partnerships you.instilling the.the initial funny movie.[Music].I don't.so you start out 19 and then it goes.down we get sponsors but you already.have the q-kidz get my new kit every.year then you know.[Music].get the kid actually comes as just.materials which we also have to get some.you're not like okay.Asian process so the kids some of the.pieces get reused use overstream use.certain elements but then they burn out.to none that's or the sponsorships.allocation.those causes.so is this something mr. Romm so the.sponsorship to this something that will.be advertised is part of the t's so they.advertise on the machine itself and is.that school Paul there's actually like a.like NASCAR and then there's signs that.are made to graphics is a team allocated.specifically for sponsoring and build.relationships.[Music].Kelly.all right him.[Music].the investment is.the investment is in the robotic.whatever that comes out so there's just.something we have agreed to tonight and.to come back a second time with another.reading on it could we make approval if.the person is mr. Fink the busy posting.did this possible so you can do that to.your approved by the board and you have.to have a coach on hand and you're a.positions and write a job description.these have been done already.Tommy okay I'm ready to go Kris Kelly.so this holiday umbrella activities.they're the same as you know fire drama.another item here make our nectar.competition where.we're just another afternoon actually.will they prefer body stronger body.Minnesota State High School a sponsors.the tournament so another patch a little.bit jacket wait all right well I samba.de Bourgh's uh is interested in it so I.took miss Ferguson's a 400-mile fourth.okay love it God by giving me which we.take a motion for a second Mitch Kellog.okay so this element motion to excel mr..Anderson accepts is there are make some.Aleutian is there a second second second.miss Vandenberg discussion which mean.haven't already you for discussion.questions issues with robotics planing.will come through the students also.sponsorships in else B's they'll pay for.it okay.in the other discussion issues all right.all in favor of robotics say I opposed.motion pass 100% thank you bring up for.good luck in robotics degree all right.next is East Bethel mini school psych.report.[Music].thank you one from robotics for coming.in tonight thank you very much students.parents let's go to the staff members.yes thank you.[Music].and your last.so.so a.[Music].Oh.[Music].and we talked about the whole time.the competition.stampy.and we talked about how our kids.[Music].um.[Music].I love it.we.[Music].and.[Music].it was nothing.or.[Music].or.but all the a lot.[Music].we also you know anything.[Music].in each other.[Music].we go so.[Music].you're.[Music].I don't.so.model in place.so we want.[Music].trainee.[Music].run.[Music].we run Angie.[Music].Ricci.and we continued refinement.so we did it.examples of.[Music].either both.[Music].building.baby.[Music].our kids the last.[Music].um.within the classroom and the classroom.[Music].Oh.how many.I think that comes before.school without tingly.and so one of the examples.[Music].and.[Music].so the painting.she's.[Music].congratulations.[Music].okay Turtles.[Music].shut up.one of the.images of our well.that.[Music].the last resort and we have what.happened.and I'll give.[Music].[Music].and.[Music].[Music].laughs I've been back.so.now it's floating around it already.[Music].[Applause].[Music].rushon.another piece that were.[Music].and how are we doing.understand.[Music].[Applause].and.[Music].so.[Music].and.[Music].Oh.I know.not that we're not always looking.why are we going.and coloring them.reaching their goals.you're also.Wow.[Music].[Music].thank you for the job you guys.you know just small.for all the communities.[Music].poor guys alive.[Music].you are.[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].you sure.[Music].oh really.[Music].[Music].couple of things that are.[Music].[Applause].[Music].tells the.[Music].yeah.all of our kids.over.[Music].form and they perform twice.so this is.on the 4th and.with us.or performance.[Music].they have the other dancers.students from the throne.they tell jokes.[Music].to cheer each other on seagulls.yeah.[Music].what do you call account it doesn't.cooperate.[Music].teacher.beef jerky go to doctor.you have any question.there's virgin wendy is graduation.[Music].sorry.[Music].last Thursday the first.[Music].I have anger everything Vicki can tell.much I've been fortunate to be asked to.speak yet the last few years.yeah either that's why I asked today for.sure board members questions.how'd the kids feel when you get to go.to the high school stage level versus.the elementary stage level when he.walked in there pretty up the Upton.[Music].a great.[Music].we were watching.and.a lot.[Music].and so they perform.[Music].[Music].anything that the families of the old.school appears to be lecture and it is.[Music].that the first time at the high school.they're good.all right fantastic more members any.other questions well thank you for.coming in tonight and talk to us about.your school.thank you next we have up is mr. Wilton.works the radon testing not only related.to all our eyes vision and have a look.into their jobs so I'm inside of arena.every five years first in district tes.parea.I gave you up to piano.so just now it was the pilot that will.quicken this especially this two-page.summary the highlight of the sixty three.page document I have the vault aspect.also what not seriously.together.the reason we desperate on this is high.levels of radon every lumina cause of.lung cancer risk another man go with.that equator susceptibility to diseases.and the one time you get exposed to.meet in our testing place 202 detectors.throughout Louisville Millions.typically with every other classical.merger classroom in the building and.with us when we were to pick while.hundreds of repeated minutes later we.picked up 166 little detectors Russell.is gone forever zoom every time we ask.people to they have to sit out or.typically sitting on five cameras that.have a happy someplace.customer one us we can't I know we can't.put.and we want them the other.bastard so Tara time to do as we do so.did you lost three sixes time.[Music].neh requires that once we have these.results report them to to the mth and.reported skillet over we look for an.action level of for Eagle carries per.liter which is very very violent.anything that go above that level is.something a mediator to take action on.triana litigated in all my years in.district we've never come close to us we.still haven't the second page shows me.the breakdown with buildings and where.the detectors came in for four levels.fury level.with the exception of one which is on.there's four levels on second levels and.still still along its way to never be in.the action of it but but one one of us.will came up with a 2.0 reading on it.that's very positive this atmosphere so.just every sense so with that we at this.one we really don't have to do anything.you five years from now test against.insurance policy same spot depending on.if they're doing construction rate like.that we might have to go ahead and do.some despot Testaments.open up a foundation or something like.that.[Music].as our 63 baby or if you want to see.that again.it's not happening.bored questions goosh Anderson if the.district were to purchase any buildings.or start using buildings in a different.fashion would radon testing have to be.done at that time about the facility or.my step one yes we would do it now these.tester are long-term tested on six-month.testing for this.but uh this is really a state.recommendation a student recommendation.that we have to report results to sew it.down ocean wanna dated so we wouldn't.have to do it but we could wait on X I.came around at that point I think in the.way I work.something like that.[Music].two or three passes.[Music].the other questions cool thank you sir.appreciated gonna be five years all.right thank you.next up we have mr. Brendan Nelson.insurance rates.[Music].even one sheet..crowds.as.[Music].they have us.that's.[Music].as the.and I restarted.Akers.[Music].so this is an important.board members bridge Kelly.it was.[Music].23 employees our role.and how many the district your voice.will never be what portion.[Music].[Music].visually it's them.[Music].[Music].we got about seven days left for open.enrollment is that looking pretty good.it went brilliant of--can and the.numbers are in order to get in here.attended.Keifer discussion on the board on.insurance or questions all right Thank.You mr. Nelson appreciated.superintendent communications report way.I attended the all shook-up performance.at the High School of Performing Arts.Center on April 30th that was a Sunday.afternoon there's a lot of people there.was I was I thought that there might be.and it was it was great because schools.and completely fact that there was a lot.of folks there just want to say.congratulations to the students and.staff with an amazing production so and.it always is let's see miss Kathy Miller.and this or mr. Kenan's and I are going.to meet with Mark Boal will act the.executive director of ties this Friday.to discuss some concerns we've been.hearing and I'll keep you posted on that.the biggest is districts looking at.leaving ties and so you want to get it.straight from Finland.[Music].proposing changes I'll let you know and.that with officials mr. Austin and I met.with officials from the Napa County.Community College to discuss the.purchase services agreement that we.talked about last February and just just.to recap that that when it was first.proposed it looked like it it would.probably give us a greater portion of.this state funding that we currently.give from our our PSEO students are.full-time PSEO students what.anoka-ramsey was talking about that time.was it was about $1,700 versus nine.hundred dollars well the terms appear to.have changed the bed it's otis that.might not be beneficial for us to do.that at this point in fact if they don't.change anything.and so we are still going to still on.discussions with them I will continue.those talks what they are posted on that.as well.I'm scheduled to talk to them.I attended the MSBA board training with.all of you last time last Monday and.with Katie clamored and Gail Gillman.from MSB I'm sure all of you will have.mentioned that too but I just thought it.was an informative session thanks to.board members and cabinet members who.spent their Monday not or denied it was.a long night with that train wreck that.is beneficial for for all of us so thank.you for that we're very excited that.three of our principals one of them is.here mr. Daley mr. Austin and mr..Manning have been accepted into the.Minnesota principals principals Academy.through the U of M the principal Academy.is the use executive development program.for school leaders focusing on creating.schools where all students achieve high.levels that are engaged in an equitable.learning environment to meet their needs.they'll begin this program this summer.and it's been 28 days with colleagues.over the next two years and we're just.very excited a that they wanted to and.then do they work when they put.application they were accepted so it's a.great it's a great thing for our flag.district to have these these first three.go.I met with the former Oakland.superintendents last week to discuss.further steps we do have appraisals in.on the Cambridge site and we're not.looking for a realtor to market that.property I'm talking still about.sometime this fall.releasing 85% of the fund balance it.would the formula that we established.when we did the dissolution agreement.and then we would have to hold the other.50 until we can't completely close the.books until both properties are sold.I'll keep you updated on that and there.was I just want a clarification that was.that there was a hard nailed out it's.from the vote yes for ISD 15 students.it's about yes committee I just want to.be crystal clear with everybody that the.school board or the school district did.not pay for this did not develop the.content in this cart this was from an.independent vote YES Committee in there.seems to be some confusion about that.there is a so I just want to clarify.that for members of the audience for.members people who may be.for the board that's all I have it this.time any question of the superintendent.any further information from barn and.ranch and recommitted the students and.what's happening there yet.that's look all I can say is that's.looking better all the time.okay good all right move on first.reading policy five three six drug and.alcohol testing did you enjoy that long.information there that is some long.drawn-out information or for legality.stuff on going alcohol unbelievable now.on this behavior mine myself your motion.to accept no you just move ongoing.remembers I have questions and concerns.a lot of legal information in there to.deal with the doorman question I would.have we have a system set up then to do.that ten percent to a computer system.for random draw names or how how do we.run our system.[Music].forgetting how many that.threat went out Minooka they have a.system to reach out and pull the names.in the equal manner for everyone okay.thank you any other discussions on drug.alcohol all right.first reading policy 580 subpoena of a.school district employee would see that.again come up our next group our next.meeting we'll see it again Larry if.nothing else action items we have zero.action items tonight board member.reports will start in the far away and.miss Kelly I was right together.I also tended I Christine last Wednesday.we had a report that was given to us.based on concerns from educational.assistance teachers and other staff.during negotiations they wanted the.safety committee put together some of.the things they wanted the committee to.explore work out of those support staff.and teachers our staff members emotional.well-being weather and how to discuss.student outcomes after.the incident and how to address absences.stress so they did go through there was.very extensive committee and they came.up with recommendations of increasing ei.hours training subs mental health.operates for staff relationship based.interventions Crisis Response.standardizations storage use of a space.usage team Summer Institute and.mentorship programs so those were all.the results of the recommendation and of.course administration whoa look at those.some of them then come up during their.negotiations for contracts as well.[Music].that's all I have.all right Leah give me Sanderson I'm.attended them best beauty for training I.thought it was great training and the.part that was best it was great for our.board development to hear or all of us.thought we were in the development a.sport attended financial policy meeting.prior to this we we went over four.policies so you guys will be seeing.those in the next month or two a month.or so.tenant all shook up on the Friday night.performance and that was really a great.great performance the kids did a great.job I can't say enough and if you don't.ever get a chance to attend one of those.musicals you really should try to.because everyone I've attended in this.district has been phenomenal and I.always bring my mom and she's 78 years.old she always says can't believe these.are high school kids and you really if.you didn't know it you would never guess.it tomorrow evening there's an all-night.party committee meeting and.registrations are coming in which is.good to see and last but not least last.Thursday night we had an activities.meeting and Shaun and I attend Penton.Rob attended along the number of.district staff and it was really.eye-opening a lot of things I had no.idea about on how activities were.managed the position called it paid for.kind of the ranking of positions and I.think we'll be having the last meeting.they had was in 2014 and the current.group agrees that we should be meeting.on more than a every three years basis.like three times a year would be great.so that's kind of where we didn't finish.that for what three and a half hours.we're supposed to be a two-hour meeting.and we're going to have another meeting.in the next up weeks so that's it Chris.shark.I've just been following Jill went to.Officer Cove on Friday night as well.yeah just amazing performance and then.the athletic Advisory Committee and yeah.I just went over a lot of things a lot.more to go over all right thank you is.Genki well I also attended all shook up.so proud again offered the praises for.how well they did and it was excellent I.was just some time I was really.surprised it was long and I was.surprised that to get those kids to do.that for that long it was it was very.very good.also the MSBA training the board.training and although I've been on the.board for a few years I feel like I.learned some things and was also.reminded of some things and one of the.things that's kind of been that I when I.thought about it later I thought about.the whole thing of communications.because much of this was above.communications how we talk to each other.when we talk to each other how our.decisions are made and.it was it was good to talk about it but.I don't know that and so I'm kind of.continuing on something I've been on.here for months but I think it's.important to relay to the public also.how how decisions are made and where.they can have input into things so I'm.hoping to look some more at how we can.maybe formalize that a bit and be.proactive with it because I find it's.really a change in how a person operates.because so much of it so much of what we.encounter in the world out there is.somebody else telling us how to what's.going to happen what we're going to do.so learning to be collaborative and.learning to be participatory and things.is a whole different way of running your.life so that's all I have to say ok all.right.they give me Donna Berger well before I.got hurt in that No.at the middle school track meet I think.that's the first one we posted this year.I think Jeff I think the earlier one got.rained or snowed out remember what it.was but started raining unfortunately on.the students over there I've attended a.couple of professional development study.group meetings and things are my opinion.going very slowly I think some people.are just any kind of goes back to what.Miss Genki was talking about sometimes.it's really hard to make a decision.sometimes it's really hard to know how.to make that decision and use that.information and so we have two meetings.left there's a lot of decisions that.need to be made and so hopefully that.group can come together it's quite a.diverse group quite large.I think there's 26 people on that.committee and so there's some things.that need to be decided and so I'm.hoping that that can continue to.progress and I'm very pleased with this.kind of school we have hired to be in.charge and work as a facilitator and.bringing a lot of good information with.her as she works with our superintendent.and our union president as they bring.the information to the study group each.week I also yes miss Kelly oh I'm sorry.that's good.some of these need to be decided by.yeah some of what is happening is.Celestia getting close to and does any.of a tiny negotiations very much so.respira center yeah.yes very much so much of a so for.instance one of the questions of the.study group was asked last time was.whether or not currently one of the.things that MDE has asked the district.to change is incentive pay because.currently the statute says teachers need.to receive that incentive pay them.little instead of the site receiving it.and so it'd be based on their own.personal step and so their student.they're their own professional.improvement plan and so that one of the.questions was is the current allotment.there's $25,000 currently given to sites.it's not enough yes or no and depending.on what the study group determines then.as you say that amount would then be.determined in negotiations because of.course the group can't determine any.sort of a financial change for the.contract and so a lot of those sorts of.decisions need to be made and the plan.has been that the study group take the.information from the survey that Miss.Geddes put out and with the help of.administration and then come together.and make some of these decisions so when.it's time for negotiations a lot of.these points will be determined by the.the group as recommendations as.recommendation.the 25,000 is that through a few come.yes yes let's queue so there's all.changes that would have to be made to.the home yes abstraction yes yes so.let's say they decide it's not enough.and so then that queue cont money would.have to be reallocated in some way or.they decide it's too much maybe they.decided you know they don't want maybe.they want a dollar I don't know.and so then you know that money then.would be put back into the program in a.different way but as you know that's all.the negotiations item that happens.during negotiations although some of.these recommendations can come from the.study group to the committee actually.and you see the results of the survey.where the large majority of teachers.wanting to have the change made for.individuals.you're spiritually or there's an awful.lot of variables in that and so I think.to make a blink like that I can't but.there was certainly enough there was a.lot of interest in discussing.let's do I.well you the way by August first this.has to be wrapped up well yeah August.31st their house booyah.movement yes I believe him from the one.who went on a dirt so we're negotiating.we're okay.version by the 31st we have to go or we.have to have a can up to evaluation.systems we have to meld it that that's.the hard line for that one we would love.to done everything that so let's stay.optimistic never campaign.and I also attended the school board.training with MSBA last Monday night and.I appreciated what they brought to the.table we had a lot of discussions about.professionalism ethics collaboration.just a lot of a lot of different topics.and management versus governance.just a lot of good good information.shared and it was long it was I don't.know maybe three hours I think we were.there it was pretty long night I also.attended all shook up and then I wanted.to remind everyone that this Thursday.and next Thursday are the plant sales at.Crossroads so this Thursday are your.planters and next Thursday or your.bedding plants yeah right thank you.nobody here is it go around the schools.we have mr. Dooley come in and other.people all the positive things that.happen in our school district that the.kids are involved with the students that.should say the teachers instructors.there's a lot that our people do out.there that just positive all the way.through that many of you also is that.the shook up then the next day lives and.schools of sub and you see some of those.kids in the hallway that you think wow.here he or she was on the stage the.night before and you talked with them it.just wouldn't thing to be on the stage.yet there they are doing their thing on.the stage alternates great tonight is.that the attract me I'm the volunteer.starter form out that's why I'm dressed.the way I'm dressed he always always a.starting guy I'm in line there for one.my racist and we're waiting to get it.going and young girl walks up to me says.you're going to school board tonight.right that was pretty good here at.seventh grade kid asking me seventh or.eighth grade asking me if I'm going to.school board is we obvious cool board.today how come you know about the school.board well because my mother she.shouldn't be there too it says really.whose mother let me spend a burger but.the other kids are they there talking to.they come out to you and everything.and they just got a lot of good kids and.good racers at the 8th grade level.mr. Fink be still here high school man.they got a couple kids coming over from.middle school may have one kick and he'd.like to cuz they'll out there that one.kid he run he's a heck of a runner.coming up north here but we see so many.positive things happen with our kids the.student council the new president we.have a new president a vice president.for high school student council no he's.a member of our church great lady and.just to know the kids and see what.they're doing out that what they're.working on.it's really positive to hear a lot of.things going on within our school.districts all the time please look ahead.here IB we got to set a date here for.the superintendent evaluation and I have.the file folder here on that we need to.pull that together and that's behind.closed door we do our first one correct.so we need to look ahead here and we'll.get a date in between our next meeting.we'll get a date set on maybe our next.meeting during or after you do the.closed session I'll find out how it.what's the right process for it so I.don't allow the in the HR rules and get.in trouble here with evaluations and.I've been involved you like mr. Ferguson.and other members of the staff and.cabinet going out and giving briefings.on the on the bond you're stating form.people what's going on a lot of good.questions out there but what's happening.I was it going I have one tomorrow night.and so we'll be out working now they're.just trying to get the word out to.people and they have questions we're.here to respond to them so thanks for.coming in tonight all the work you're.doing out there it's the busy busy time.graduations coming up and forget June.2nd it's a high school June 1st the.Saints Academy next door.Saints Academy we call that friendly you.know yep miss Kelly.no good good question.[Music].I am I have to.that that came from the gladiators yes.you can only gladiator I got arrested.too.they they put a minimal out Mr.ba-ba-ba-ba neubauer.show me the other end the tag and I hear.about until tonight if the gladiators.put out some information their group.nice jelly not I don't have to ask you a.question just so the public's aware I'm.sure there's lots of different groups.out there whether you're yes or no and.they're giving out information and we've.sucked out you know our informational.act that doesn't tell people how to vote.gives you the information but we don't.have control over.get out the accuracy of either side so.I'll be with Kevin don't have control.over individuals what they're putting.and that's just we talked about that it.is a confirmation please call the school.check our website to get the most.up-to-date accurate information that is.out there so now there's no miss.representation and bad informations.going on the only follow up are doing.that miss Kelly is that there is no plan.B and if there is a plan B maybe I.missed that memo there's a file on that.if someone gets like sue me because to.my knowledge there is no plan B for our.project and so I wish that information.will be squashed out there that is not.true it's false information what we have.today but we need for today and we'll go.from there so no plan B that I know of.unless I miss something out here so.other than that thank you for the job.you do with the busy busy time we'll be.back here in two weeks.questions issues anybody else thank you.I called me at the end at 8:15 a.m. 8:50.

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