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Utilize CocoSign's wide array of templates and create your own Eyelash Consent Form a process simple as follows, curtailing turnaround time tremendously and streamlining your workflow like no other.

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  1. in the beginning, choose on the wide collection of forms available at CocoSign for the desired file.
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  3. Next, enter the the data needed in the blank customizable fields.
  4. Examine the form again making sure you haven't missed anything.
  5. When you have certified that everything is correct, you can sign it by clicking the "Sign" instruction.
  6. Write the form by appending your digital signature.
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  8. You can then print, save, download the document or send it to other recipients.
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youtube video

Eyelash Consent Form : Custom-make, Finish and forward

hey babe my name is Jessica and this is.my youtube channel thank you so much for.clicking on this video I really hope you.enjoy and if you do don't forget to.subscribe down below and hit that.notification ball so you can be notified.the next time I upload a new video so I.have a lash artist here in Memphis.Tennessee as everyone knows and any time.I post a picture Mike in some forums or.anything of that sort I always get a ton.of questions from all my friends and.their mamas asking me what happens at.what is it did it and I'll like reply.but I don't give them a full.demonstration cuz as you can see on the.video it's a pretty long video and I.don't go fully in-depth I'm just like go.purchase from here and use this app and.call it a day you know but I'm gonna.show you guys the tips and tricks of how.I made my own consent forms so if you.guys find it very informative don't.forget to share it with a friend let's.share the lab and yeah let's jump right.in this is the good notes app for where.I have all my consent forms it's about.ten dollars on the app store but once.you download it it's forever yours.there's also a good notes 5 so you could.download that one that one's a little.bit newer I also have it but I just I've.been so used to this one so I'm gonna.show you how to use this one when you.download it it comes like this when.categorized and trash you can't delete.those what you want to do is you want to.push a plus and create a master category.I'm gonna name it cf4 consent forms so I.have a Jessica right here where I have.like my notes I have my agenda in there.I have a lot of different stuff personal.stuff that I have my consent forms this.is how it's gonna look once you start.building your consent forms up here I.have like a little dash and it says at C.F so it can be the first thing when you.click it it's my actual consent form I.have the original one from maven Pro and.then I have add Marie's I've been.meaning to play with that one I just.haven't I am gonna upgrade my new new.consent form yeah it's not gonna look.like this but it's a good idea so you.guys can learn how to make your own.consent forms so let's go back back so.we just made that right C F now it's.empty what you want to do is push closed.and of course you want your concept'.form that you're going to duplicate all.the way at the top so you're gonna name.it whatever you feel like your heart.desires.and push okay then you could add a plus.sign and then let's say Jessica that's.gonna be for her consent form then you.have a client named Maria right mom.that's gonna be her consent form so.let's start with CS and you want to push.a plus you want to create a notebook and.then you can change the papers I always.keep it at plain there's also a ton of.different papers so if you go here to.add a page below you can see these are.the ones that I stick to it's called III.standard there's essentials it's like.yellow graphs you can do a ton of.different stuff with this app so I keep.it at a link so this is our original one.from me then I want to show it to you.guys real quick you can download it and.use it automatically it's like already.made for you exactly like this.I took parts it's bits and parts of it.and made my own consent form but like I.said if you guys want to just download.it and use it the link will be down.below but I'm gonna quickly show you.guys how it looks and then it says to.not to not sell it so I'm not selling it.to you right I am showing you guys how I.meet my own so this is mine my first.page I literally use the originals the.original consent form I just used the.first page and I kind of kept it with.these little with her design because I.thought it would look so cute and.cohesive when I'm going through it with.my clients I always set aside about 30.minutes on my full sets to go over.everything with my clients so I'll show.them like volume classic with the.different touch-ups if quite of your.lashes damaged and I just talked to them.about everything before we get to the.consent form.I kept at these exactly the same so your.style guide your lash maps your a.natural lash health and I change this up.so to change it up and to create your.own you start with a plain piece of.paper to do this I use another another.app that's called pages so in pages it's.so cool you can do it.ton of other stuff so you create a.document a blank one that's how I start.but there's a ton of different ones this.app is actually free it's on your.iPhone's when you buy them and it's on.your tablet's if you deleted it you can.just go download it from the App Store.it's totally for you but look they have.already some some style guides that you.can like just use you can use letters.you can do business cards on here you.can do Flyers posters I actually did my.I did brochures like this you can also.if you guys don't want to keep these.digitally like your concept forms you.can make them through your iPad and then.just be printing them I'm not sure why.you would want to do that and use so.much paper but you definitely can you.could go in and make your own consent.forms and then just print them out so to.do this one right here as you can see it.has like my logo what I did was I just I.just cut one of these out will not cut.them but screenshotted it you want to.make sure you're cropping it and you.could do whatever your little heart.desires you don't have to download.curves but it's so much easier if you.want to like keep it as is so safe to.photos then you want to go into the over.app and you want to click white.transparent whatever you want no you.know what you want to click image so.here it is your concept form and you.want to cover this because you want to.put your logo you want to UM you want to.put your logo you want to put whatever.you your little heart desires on there.so you can go in and do graphic shapes.and this one.so let's resize it so it won't block.anything off you push the yes duplicate.duplicate duplicate and their so now all.of yours are going to be cohesive but.this is exactly how I also did the sign.and date one because hers didn't come.with one of those that's how I did the.damage I just what literally went on.this covered that and then with text you.can actually purchase this app and get a.ton of free apps but it's kind of like.you pay monthly and it's pretty.expensive so I just use the original.let's say it's my logo you can also.import other pictures and just have your.logo there so that's how I start off.let's say we are doing wait what are we.doing again I kind of got confused where.we are sign a date let's just say sign.and date because we are going to be.doing that one I'm going to show you.guys how to do that one too let's do a.sign and date boom you can change it up.change the colors do whatever your.little heart desires so to do let's.first start off with this one so to do.this one of course you import photo or.video camera roll your sign into let's.pretend it's my logo and then I just.wanted to ask my clients for their name.date of birth email phone number as a.start so you go here you go to text and.then you do whatever text you want so.I'm gonna put name and then you want to.do a line for them to sign so you go do.as many lies as you think is good and.then you can also change the font you.can change the size you can change the.color into whatever your heart desires.I'm going to keep saying that because.you can totally customize them and.that's what I'm telling you I've been.using the consent form this one for.about two years and I am ready to change.it up so that's how you do that you do.name there.for email phone or whatever you want to.ask for my consent form I use turbo to.do consent form and then to do this is.literally I took what I felt I needed.from her consent form that was gonna.work for my business well you can also.do guys is go online and Google consent.forms and then get a rough draft and see.what you feel like your consent forms.need um what you want to do is you want.to go underscore and then initial let's.make this a little bigger so you can see.here we go you can copy and then let's.make it into the center perfect.here we go and then again oh not delete.but copy and then paste when y'all.that's how you do your initial and then.they initial for their consent so you.want to make sure you're asking them to.arrive early you don't want you wanna.chart you want to make sure you're.telling them that you will charge them.if they don't cancel you want to discuss.everything like that you're gonna apply.lash it to their natural lashes whatever.you feel like you need to consent you.need this so they're on the same page as.you are and you guys need this so you.want to add a text and let's say arrive.early you need to clean your lashes you.know you do everything that you feel.like your little heart desires that.you're in business you also want to make.sure that they're not gonna say it's.your fault if they have an allergic.reaction all that stuff so you want to.do that and then you want to make sure.their initials initially and then date.inside but for this to holds up in court.if anything were to happen you need a.sign in and date you can't just say well.they dated this but then they're like oh.yeah but that appointment nothing.happened it happened this appointment.you have their sign and date and you're.making sure that they're aware of what.is going on to save your ass to save.their ass so you guys are both on the.same page so let's delete this.and let's do sign and date so to do that.I use this as well I go here and I just.deleted it I just made it into two and.then I just added more Oh Lord I can't.really see from over here guys so I just.dip that so every time my clients are.coming in they're signing and dating and.then on my square appointments it also.shows the exact date and the time that.they're coming so everything matches up.your butt is saved there but is saved to.save this you go here like I said you.can print these out or you can just save.them share um and you want to do safe.file you want to save wherever add and.then what you can do is because this one.I don't really save on files I did and.then I deleted it I mostly only have.these two saved on no no no I only have.this one and this one saved on file.because this one of course my clients.are constantly coming back so when they.fill out a sheet I just add a different.one and to do that you want to add you.want to import below your iCloud and.here it is your new one and this is my.original one so let's go to this one.notes and I'm not sure what that means.content so I kept it from the original.again from events I screenshotted it and.what I did was I went into you here.again two pages let's delete this let's.delete that.[Music].there we go.and what I did is I didn't want to be.constantly like on the original one you.would I you need to make sure you are.keeping notes of humidity temperature of.all this stuff felt right for my.business when I felt like I needed to.keep notes up and instead of writing.here humid and then writing humidity and.you know I felt like it take it took so.long so what I did was I strain shot at.that and I added like my little template.so all I could do is let's say humidity.for you oh that is thick let's say the.humidity 40% temperature 69 degrees yes.I missed it adhesive phantom from me an.appointment it was a volume weeks from.last visit let's say three no let's say.four okay.let's say four weeks I need a changer.because some of these products I don't.use so let's just say we primed we'd.give her lash bath yes she had eye.makeup on does she have less than 50% of.the lashes let's say she did and then.imma show you how I did that so I went.in here I push Plus and again it's very.repetitive I go in and write humidity I.did the little dash and underscore so I.could write on it boom what else do I.need to add temperature what whatever.you feel like it's right for your.business to keep notes of do that to use.for products what I did is I did a.little box go here do you fill color.there we go white.add a border so it could be a little.square so you could just like check.things off once you get it to the shape.the size copy again paste and then.that's how I made these little squares.then for this I actually screenshotted.is that like you guys already know this.is repetitive screenshot in this part.because I want to make sure every time.my client is coming in I am adding the.lash map I did to them just so it could.be more consistent if we ever want to.change anything or if we just want to.keep everything the same I can see.exactly what we did.pictures photos video camera roll and.then just made it big made it small put.it wherever I felt like I needed.what else did I need these lines so.these lines are very very helpful so.what I do is I have to because sometimes.I use two different lash curls so I'll.put here a top layer I use C 15 or.whatever bottom layer I use D D plus.point 15 or point 7 everything that I.keep is the curl the diameter and the.length so let's say we did six.millimeters seven a nine ten we did.seven we did nine eleven and then I.could over here if I did a Cateye.whatever I need to keep notes up so i.zoom in and I could literally see my.client what I did to her and copy it so.next time they come in I could do the.exact same thing on it I can little.highlight it if I want so I can see the.difference what do they call it.quadrants or whatever and do that so I.could put right here I did 12.millimeters 11 whatever I need to keep.notes up so that's how I do that and to.do the lines again you go here you go to.text it's super simple you guys I hope.you guys are getting a lot from this.and creating your own little consent.forms you go here and of course you make.it longer and then again cup a and paste.everything is like copy paste copy paste.copy paste copy paste you know.SuperDuper easy and just add fonts at.whatever you feel like you need up here.I like to put exactly what day they came.in so let's say today January 18th and I.also like to say what time they came in.so let's say 5:15 and let's say no let's.say her appointment was at 5:00 but.let's put on the notes that she came in.15 minutes late and Oh her son is sick.or whatever you feel like you need to.keep notes up keep notes up so you can.have a better relationship with your.client or so you can just save your but.if anything were to happen so to the.other page that I use all the time.that's not here because I custom make.them all the time is I add a page below.and I just add a plain paper then I add.the image I'll airdrop it from my iphone.to my iPad.[Music].okay guys so these are like the four.pictures that I like to take of my.client let's see this is a touch-up.because she came in four weeks ago let's.pretend she has that's how she came in.with makeup on with less than 50% of her.lashes and this is how she's leaving so.I'll copy this map and do it here I'll.put in all the notes and all that stuff.I also like to have this here just so.everything again could look more.cohesive I go here I do copy I want to.make sure you're keeping the notes with.the day and the photos with the day so.you want to make sure you are keeping.all of this let's say she calls back a.week later and says hey hi all my lashes.are falling out you come back here and.you say oh she hasn't came in for a week.so I did what I could she have almost.had no lashes on she had less than 50%.she also had makeup on and she was 15.minutes like so you can talk to them and.let them know hey you know we went over.the consultation you signed the consent.form saying that you have to be here.about five minutes early so we can start.right at your appointment time if you.want to give them a free touch-up you.can if you don't want to you have this.to save your but just to make sure like.they're on the same page as you and you.can also keep going over it with them.okay so let's say now your consent form.is already you made it exactly how you.wanted it you're like this is my concept.form I love it I have everything that I.need in it you go back and what you want.to do is again you have it saved on.under a CF or whatever I like I said I.like to do a little - don't be all the.way at the top you want to edit click it.duplicate it you could probably.duplicate it three times so you don't.mess up your original one like I said I.have mine as new new so I just already.kind of know not to write on that one.then what you want to do it's.highlighted you had already duplicate it.you want to move it you want to add the.button let's just do a little - with me.all the way at the top and let's say.dress.there's your alphabetically order you.start adding your clients - you do that.and you push done and now her consent.form is ready you want to make sure.you're changing that name as well so.when you have different pages open like.this you don't get confused from what.client is what client so her name will.be right there.but that's how you make your consent.form okay that was a lot of information.if you're still here I'm pretty sure.you're very committed but if you're here.and you do not want to do those steps go.into the description down below and just.purchase them from maven or Emery they.are already made for you you just buy.them and you could just start using them.printing them if you want or just using.them digitally and if you are more.creative like me you can use all these.tips if you guys have any more tips.don't forget to share them down below.come on let's share the love DM me on.Instagram if you guys make your own I.definitely want to get some more.inspiration I've had my for about two.years now and they need a major upgrade.so I really want to upgrade mine so I.want to get inspiration from you guys.then I hope you guys enjoyed if you guys.did please get a thumbs up if you guys.didn't like the video give it a thumbs.up check you know so straight down below.and hit that notification ball so you.can be notified the next time I upload a.video and until then bye nuts.[Music].

How to generate an electronic signature for the Eyelash Consent Form online

You must be keen on a useful solution to electronic signatures for Eyelash Consent Form . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Seeking, a single online program that does not need any additional installation.

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Locate answers to listed questions about Eyelash Consent Form . Get the most frequently topics and more.

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